The Holmes Factor by ProfFrankly

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Title: The Holmes Factor
Author: ProfFrankly
Fandom: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Genre: Crossover
Relationship(s): James Potter/Lily Evans, Tim Holmes/Wanda Evans, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Dumbledore/Grindelwald
Content Rating: T
Warnings: Dark Themes; Discussion-Sexual Abuse (Non-Graphic, Blink and you’ll miss it); Discussion-Other Trigger Topics (Mental Health)
Author Notes: My thanks to Fashi0n for all the amazing art on short notice.
Beta: Greeneyesblue
Word Count: 46,700
Summary: Petunia Dursley might not want her nephew to live with her, but she did care about what might happen to him, and she had other resources. That made all the difference. When Harry Potter is left at her doorstep, Petunia calls her cousin, Wanda Evans Holmes. In doing so, she changed the course of more than one future, throwing Albus Dumbledore’s plans awry with the Holmes Factor.
Artist: Fashi0n

Art by Fashi0n


I’m an old nonfiction writer trying to learn how to write fiction. I enjoy many different fandoms, but was drawn back to writing fan fiction by BBC's Sherlock. I'm a total Holmesian.


  1. Sounds good

  2. This is one of my favorite stories. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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