Authors – Rules and Q&A

Note: Instructions for how to submit art and stories will be provided well in advance. Those details are not covered in the rules or Q&A. Please do not ask an admin questions about how to post before those instructions have been released on the Fixer Forum. You’ll know the instructions are available because an announcement will be made on the site.

General Rules

  • The first rule is don’t be an asshole. It’s the golden rule. You don’t have to like everyone, but you do have to be respectful and civil.
  • Plagiarism is, of course, against the rules and will result in you being banned from the site. Probably every site any admin has access to.
  • Starting in 2021, we opened up to novella series and novel series in addition to the stand-alone novel. After our experiences in 2021, we’ve refined the rules for these for upcoming years.
  • The minimum length is 50,000 words for stand-alone novels and novels in a novel series.
    • If you’ve finished your story and aren’t quite at 50k, please use the contact form or communication system to contact the admins and see if your story is eligible. We don’t want to exclude people who were only a couple k short.
  •  The minimum length for novellas is 17k, provided the whole series is at least 50k, and the maximum length is 40k.
    • There will be no minimum length exception for novella series. Each part must be at least 17k and the series must be at least 50k in total.
  • To participate in art claims on 3/15, your story needs to be 80% complete. That means at least 40k, or 80% of your projected total, whichever is larger.
    • If you’re writing a series, you need to be at 80% of your projected total for the series, so the first story (or stories) should be at 100%. For instance, if you write a 3-novel series, with each story being 80k, you’ll need to have 192k completed to submit for art claims. That means, the first two stories need to be at 100% and you’ll need 12k on the third story.
    • Alternately, you could be at 80% on each of the 3 stories if you write in parallel (gah!).
  • All stories must be complete by 5/20 to be eligible to be posted on the site.
  • The maximum length depends on the type of story you submit.
    • You can submit up to 2 stand-alone stories at up to 250k each.
    • You may submit up to 3 connected novels with a max of 150k each
    • You may submit up to 5 connected novellas with a max of 40k each.
  • Sequels/prequels or works related to another story are allowed provided they stand on their own and satisfy the fix-it element.
  • You may post the story wherever you choose after it has been posted to the Bang Archive.
    • Please do not post it anywhere else prior to your posting date on the site.
  • The art claim is anonymous, so please do not discuss your story publicly until after the art claim in March. That means, do not reveal identifying information such as title, fandom, or pairing.
  • All story art on the Quantum Bang site should be made by your artist or one of the site artists in a pinch-hit situation.
    • If an author does not have a story banner, a banner with the title and name of the artist will be provided. This will not cross the line into story art.
    • If the artist does not provide chapter banners or a chapter spacer, the author may provide their own simple banners/spacer provided it doesn’t cross the line into art.
    • Cast collages may be provided by the artist or author or created by a third party. Artist-created collages will be included in the artist’s gallery.
    • We do not allow any art or images as scene separators because they interfere with accessibility tools like screen readers for the visually impaired. Chapter banners and spacers are fine, scene separators are not.
  • Do not post any portion of your story publicly prior to the go-live date on Quantum Bang.
  • There are no restrictions on genre or rating, but you must warn and rate appropriately.
  • If you wish to provide your own art for your story, you still must meet the deadline dates of 5/1 for completed rough draft, 5/15 for finished art, and 5/20 for final draft.
  • Check-ins are optional, but please reach out to the community if you need help.
    • The March 1st check-in is strongly encouraged because we need to know how many people will likely be submitting a rough draft for art claims.
  • RPF or fandoms that focus on real people are not allowed, including: bandom, reality TV shows, or the RPF version of any standard fandom.
    • You may use real people as minor characters in their real-life role. Meaning, you can use the president, reference a known reporter, talk about getting an autograph from Michael Jordan, or be interviewed by Oprah. But none of these people can be significant characters in your story.
  • You can participate anonymously if you wish.
    • The admins/moderation team will have access to your name but you’ll be given an anonymous account name for posting and to use on the Fixer.
    • You can designate that you wish to be anonymous when you sign up. If you need to switch to an anonymous account after signup, you’ll need to contact an admin

Content Guidelines

  • Theme
    • The theme of the Quantum Bang is Fix-it. That could be as minimal as a canon interrupt where you change an event to get the desired outcome or as major as time travel.
    • If you cannot discern if your idea qualifies as fix-it, please use the contact form.
  •  Beta
    • We prefer that the story be beta read, but it is not required.
    • If you cannot get a beta, please use spell check and a grammar checker to ensure basic quality. Stories that are obviously not spell checked will be returned to the author until this is done.
    • We recommend Grammarly, but Microsoft Word’s built-in grammar checker is fairly robust. Using both can’t hurt.
    • Even if you have a beta, spell check and grammar check is required. Final stories submitted that have obviously not been spell checked will be rejected.
  • Warnings
    • You must warn for the following triggers: Rape/Non-Con/Dub-Con, Major Character Death, Incest, Cannibalism, Bestiality, Hate Crimes, Slavery, Torture, Graphic Violence, and Domestic Violence. Note: Incest for our purposes is defined as first cousins or closer. We do realize that first cousins aren’t considered incest in all regions, but they are in some.
    • Any other warnings are considerate and appreciated.
    • Do not warn for slash/het/ace or any type of preference. It’s offensive to make sexual preference a warning.
    • A list of reasonable warnings will be made available as we near the posting date.
    • Please take giving warnings seriously. This is about warning the readers what might upset them. Gag warnings about fluff or excessive cuteness or cat videos are not acceptable. Put it in your author notes.
    • While we don’t prohibit any kinks on the site, the following kinks must be disclosed in the warnings: golden showers, scat, erotic asphyxiation, daddy/mommy kinks, felching, knife play, cock/pussy torture, and any other kinks that could be considered edge play.
    • A note about bestiality. Bestiality is sex with an animal, not a sapient being who happens to have fur or tentacles. Han/Chewie is not bestiality. Timmy/Lassie is. Fred Kwan banging Laliari in her natural form is not bestiality. Beauty/Beast fics are not bestiality.
  • Forbidden Content
    • On-screen necrophilia is not permitted, and your main characters cannot engage in this activity. But if your story is about prosecuting someone guilty of this crime, it can be mentioned, but you should warn for it. It cannot be presented as an acceptable erotic act.
    • Snuff is not permitted. That means a character being killed as part of a sex act or for sexual gratification. Unless it’s not graphic and it’s being presented as a crime. If it’s being presented to titillate the reader, it’s a no-no.
    • Racism, sexism, discrimination, or hate crimes cannot be presented in a positive light by the main characters. Having a villain be a racist isn’t an issue, but you should warn for racist speech and/or actions.
    • Sex with characters under 16 is not permitted. Can one of your characters mention they lost their virginity at 15? Yes, but no flashbacks and no graphic description of it. If you need clarification of this policy, please use the contact form.
  • Note: Most places in the world set the age of consent at 16, but that’s not all places. Generally, adulthood is considered to be between the ages of 18-21. The admin team’s preference is that 16 or 17-year-olds be in relationships with people no more than 5 years their senior, but it’s not a rule. However, if you have a character who is 16 or 17 and their romantic partner is over 21, you must warn for an adult having sex with a 16-17 year old.

Getting Help

  • Artist not replying to emails:
    • If it’s been more than a week without a response, please contact the admin team via the contact form or use the communication system.
  • Artist can’t read your story:
    • The intention is that the artist who claims your story will read it and provide art inspired by your work. However, various things can prevent an artist from being able to read a story completely. If this should occur, you may be asked to provide a more in-depth summary of the story so they can complete the artwork. The artist may approach you directly or ask an admin for help. This not a slight. The nature of the mostly-anonymous claims makes it impossible for an artist to ensure they’ve selected a story that’s suitable for them to read. For instance, a warning for miscarriage isn’t required, but it may be a trigger for an artist and they may not want to read the story as a result.
  • Deleting the story:
    • The site is intended to archive all the Big Bang stories together. However, if, after the publication, you decide to take your work offline, contact an admin to have your story deleted.


Q: Can I write a crossover?
A: Yes, as long as the crossover fandom(s) meet the fandom criteria. You will be asked to pick a primary fandom when you submit your story. All other fandoms can be listed in your header.

Q: Can I write original fiction?
A: No. You can’t “fix” something that’s original.

Q: Do I need to use more than one fandom?
A: No. Multi-fandom means the bang isn’t restricted to any one fandom. It doesn’t mean you need to use more than one.

Q: Can I write more than one story?
A: Yes. Please see the guidelines about second stories and novel series above. However, at least one of the stories must be on time, meaning it was submitted in the 3/15 Rough Draft Submission. You cannot submit two in the “late submission” period.

Q: Can I submit a story I posted somewhere else?
A: No. If your story was posted on another site, it’s not eligible for the Bang.

Q: Can I submit a story I’d already started?
A: We don’t care when you started your story as long as it hasn’t been posted online already.

Q: The Bang I was participating in imploded, but my story fits this theme. Can I sign up?
A: As long as you never posted the story, we welcome you to the Quantum Bang. Sorry your other challenge didn’t work out. If you revealed details publicly about your story, please don’t advertise that you switched bangs until after the art claim.

Q: Can I submit this to another bang after the Quantum Bang?
A: We don’t care, but the other bang probably will. It’s kinda bad manners.

Q: Can this be my NaNo project?
A: Yes, as long as you aren’t posting your NaNo project online at a site such as Rough Trade.

Q: Is there a penalty for dropping out?
A: Probably not, but it depends on whether your drop out results in the wasted effort of an artist. And it may also depend on extenuating circumstances. The penalty could be being prohibited from participating the next year. Assholery could get you banned for life. So if you’re going to drop, don’t drop like an asshole. Please note that there is no need to drop out. If you don’t submit a story, we’ll consider you dropped out. If you go through the art claims and drop. that’s when you might get barred from future challenges.

Q: Does the story have to be completed by the rough draft due date?
A: No. You need to have completed 80% of your story by the rough draft due date. That means 80% of 50,000 words OR 80% of your projected word count, whichever is larger. If your story is looking like 100k, you need to submit 80k. If your story will likely be 50k, you need to submit 40k.

Q: Can I submit a story in another language.
A: No. We wrestled with this and, at one time, agreed to it, but have decided to restrict the site to English only. The issue being if we can’t read it, we can’t assure the content meets the guidelines we’ve set forth. You’re welcome to post the English version here and any translations on whatever archive site you use. You may also link to your translations.

If you have other questions, please leave a comment below. Avoid asking detailed questions about your plot in a public comment. If you need to reveal your plot to ask the question, use the contact form.


  1. Thank you for your ideas, story and work.! I’m pregnant over 14 months with the idea of participation with your roughtrade-challenges, but time there is too short for me and I can write my Story only in German? Is this possible/allowed? best wishes swi

    • Yes, you can write and post in any language.

      • Hi, I have half finished story that I never posted before but it is written also in my native language. I would like try to finish it and translate it into English before posting it here but I am not sure if there is enough time for me to do that. Would it be possible to post the story in Czech but also eventually if I manage to translate it into English both or do I have to choose which version I want to post? Some of my friends can´t read English at all so does it count as posting one story?

        • As long as your first version is on time, we can add a second language post for you at a later date. So you can post your Czech version first and then contact us when/if you have the English version ready. Even if you wanted to post a Czech and English at the same time, that’s fine. It’s one story no matter how many languages, but we’d put keep them in separate posts so people can use translation tools and stuff.

  2. Would anti-fixits count? Like, instead of something occuring so some shitty canon thing doesn’t happen, something occurs so something good doesn’t happen. I.E. the hero gets in a car accident & isn’t able to stop the neuclear bomb in time. Or going back in time causes worse things to happen.

    • No, the goal would be to fix an undesirable element of canon, not anti-fix. Depending on the type of fix-it, there could be negative repercussions, but something still needs to be fixed. For instance, when employing time travel to stop a bad thing, it may unintentionally create a new bad thing. Or when trying to employ consequences for a character who didn’t get any in canon, another character may die. Fix-it doesn’t have to mean sunshine and roses, but what you described would be the opposite of what the challenge is about.

  3. Is Cowriting acceptable?

    • That’s fine. Both authors would need to sign up within the signup period and one of the pair send a note through the regular contact form letting us know you plan to submit together. If either plan to participate as a solo author, that would be good to know. (doing a co-written work would count as one submission, which means you could still do one solo work if you wish. Or you could do two co-written works.)

      We’ll work out the logistics of posting as we get closer since we’ll need to experiment with plugins to give both authors access to the content.

  4. If a fandom like Highlander has their characters interacting with real historical figures is that allowed in terms of mentioning real people?

    • In general, yes, that’s fine. The only time it would be an issue is if a fictional character were in an on-screen relationship with a real person (historical or otherwise). That would cross the boundaries into RPF. If someone were to mention in passing that they’d been the lover of Alexander the Great, that’d be fine. But for the story to be about an immortal in a relationship with Alexander the Great…that’d be pushing the rules.

      Relationships aside, the rule about how to use real people would generally apply to historical figures, though it’d be a bit more lax. Meaning, they should function in the story as they functioned in real life. The farther back in history you go, the less that is often known and so conjecture is all you have.

      The Issue with RPF is that it treads the murky legal area. We definitely don’t want people crossing the line into defaming living people. Use good judgment when it comes to historical figures.

  5. If you wanted to use characters from another fandom but keep the story line of the main cannon used for the fix it would this be okay? Can you use them as plot points to propel your characters on even though the other characters set would be changed completely from their original timelines? Example: Using characters from one MI6 in another worlds MI6?

    • I can’t quite decipher your example because I don’t know that fandom(s?), but based on just the question, that’d be fine. For example, I wrote a story where I used a character from a whole different fandom to fix the canon stuff in Teen Wolf. That’s already posted and obviously not for the QB, but is the example I have that sounds similar to what you’re asking. So, yeah. You’re good.

  6. Hi, I have half finished story that I had on my computer for a while and decided to finish it and post it here. But it is in Czech and I am not sure if I will have enough time to translate it into English after I finish writing it. Is it possible to post Czech version, and if I manage to translate it then post English version eventually later or can I post only one version of the same story? I seriously doubt that there will be more than five people on this site able to read the Czech version and even that is pretty generous.

    • I answered this question further up the thread, but you can post both languages and it would only count as one story.

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