How It Works

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The Starting Line

  • Authors sign up between 8/1 and 11/30. Artists can sign up anytime until 2/28.
    • We use the same schedule every year.
    • An account will be created for you after you sign up.
    • Details of your account will come via email. (If your email address has changed, you’ll need to let the team know. We don’t validate this.)
    • With your account, you will have access to the communication system and the forum.
    • Returning participants will receive a confirmation email but there will not be a new account.
    • Drop out is assumed when you don’t submit a story.
    • There is no penalty for dropping out unless you went through the art claims process.
    • See Author or Artist Q&A/Rules for detailed information about dropping out after art claims.
  • There is no penalty for dropping out before art claims so it can’t hurt to sign up in case it all works out for you. Penalties after the art claim are case by case depending on the situation.

The Writing Phase

  • Start writing, or dust off an old idea and breathe some new life into it.
  • Use the Fixer Forum to get support and interact with other challenge participants. (Only available to members)
  • There will be monthly check-ins for authors (and artists after art claims)
    • They are not mandatory but encouraged.
    • You will receive a site announcement with a link to a new topic on the forum where check-in/updates can be posted.

The Throwing Down Phase

Shit gets real. This is where you have to put up. (Or throw down. Whatever.)

  • Authors need to have most of their rough draft done, and then it’s time to get matched up with an artist.
  • Authors submit their rough drafts through the submission form on the site no later than 3/15. (Instructions are posted ahead of time)
    • Rough drafts must be 80% of the expected story length. A 100k story needs 80k. A 50k story needs 40k.
    • Announcements about when and how to submit will be posted on the Fixer forum.
    • That announcement will likely be around 3/1.
  • If you can’t make the rough draft submission on 3/15, you can use what you’ve got for next year. Consider it a great head start. We have no concern about when you start your story, only when you finish. (As of 2023, we no longer have late submissions.)

The Collaboration Phase

It’s time to let those creative words inspire some creative images.

  • An anonymized list of stories will be posted to the site before 3/20 for artists to peruse and select their top 3-5. (You’re only committing to do art for one, but we need a range of choices in case your first pick is taken.)
    • The list will include fandom, pairing(s), genres, warnings, and a short summary.
  • At a pre-announced time on the Saturday after 3/17, a form will go live allowing artists to submit their top 3-5 stories for art claiming.
    • Stories will be assigned on first-come, first-served basis.
    • The claiming is anonymous in that no one but the admins will see the claims.
    • Art claims are usually substantially done in 10 minutes, as a result, starting in 2023, art claims will close after 30 minutes and all remaining stories will be assigned to pinch hitters.
  • Author/Artist pairings will be notified via the communication system or direct email of their matchup within 24 hours of close of art claims unless we’re having a coordination issue, and then you’ll be informed of the delay.
    • Authors should send what they have of their story to the artist right away unless the author and artist make other arrangements.
    • If one party has chosen to be anonymous, please discuss with the admins ahead of art claims so we can inform both parties how to proceed.
    • Collaboration goes through 5/14 but may be completed at any time prior to that date. Final art is due 5/15. Final stories are due 5/20.

The End Game

This tends to feel frantic for participants, but slow your roll and take a deep breath. Over the course of the month of May, all stories and art will be finalized.

  • We no longer accept late submissions.
  • Late rough draft submissions will be accepted up until 4/15 provided the story is finished except for editing.
  • Final art is due to the site admins and the author by 5/15.
    • If an artist is working anonymously, the art will be submitted to the site admins only. This should be disclosed well in advance of the due date.
    • Procedures for how to do everything will be posted in the forum well in advance of any deadlines.
    • Submissions for art usually open around 5/1.
  • Final stories are due to the admins no later than 5/20, with submissions opening on 5/15.
    • Stories will be submitted by email. Instructions will be provided well ahead of the deadline on the Fixer Forum.
    • If an author wishes to have comments turned off on their story post(s), they will let the admin know with their story submission.
  • The posting schedule will be announced no later than 5/31.
  • If you’re panicking at any point, reach out for help.

The Climax Phase *ahem*

  • Admins and Moderators will prepare all the story posts to ensure consistency.
  • You will be directly contacted (email, communication center, or DM) when your posts are ready for you to review and approve.
  • All stories have the same due date so no-one is getting an extra week or two to work. Yes, even the admins and moderators post their stories on time.
  • After it goes live on the site, authors may post elsewhere if they so choose.
  • All stories will be posted by 6/15 6/20. (The date may adjust depending on how many submissions we have)
  • If there are a large number of participants, there could be multiple stories per day.
  • A wrap-up post will be on the site after the last post goes live.

The Recovery Phase

Revel in your accomplishment and consider joining us for the next challenge. After all, there are so many things in fandom that need fixing.

Signups will begin on 8/1 (go back to the top and start again!)

Detailed Q&A is available through the FAQ section. After reviewing that, additional questions can be directed to our contact form.

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