Artists – Rules and Q&A

General Rules

  • Just like for authors, the golden rule is don’t be an asshole. You don’t have to like everyone, we don’t even ask you to be nice, but you have to be respectful and civil. If someone is being less than civil to you, take it to an admin. Don’t engage in asshole-esque shenanigans.
  • It’s rare, but we have seen instances of what amounts to art plagiarism. It’s hard to define what that really is, but make sure it’s your work, you manipulating images or creating something. Don’t take someone else’s work and minimally modify it.
    • If this is at all unclear, contact an admin for clarification.
  • One piece of art is the minimum, but you may supply your author with as many pieces as you wish.
  • Monthly check-ins are for authors, but artists are encouraged to participate in the check-in on May 1st.
  • If you sign up, you do not have to claim a story. If nothing appeals to you, don’t claim. You’ll be effectively “dropped-out” of the challenge, so there’s no need to officially drop out.


  • Primary art must have a long edge of at least 700 pixels. The maximum for any edge is 1200 pixels. (an exception to this is ebook covers, in which case the long edge may be up to 1600 pixels)
  • We will compress the art before uploading it to the site.
  • Videos should be posted on YouTube, Vimeo, or whatever public service you use and a link provided to the author and admin.
  • If the art is a video submission, the minimum length is 90 seconds. There is no maximum length provided the hosting service allows it.
  • Un-retouched photos with a title on them are not considered art unless they’re part of a mood board/collage. Taking a photo from online and adding text would not be considered manipulation or “art” for the purposes of the challenge.
  • Basic collages may not be acceptable for the challenge. Please contact an admin if you’re in doubt about your collage.
  • Someone may claim for you by proxy, but you’ll need to arrange it in advance with the admin team.
    • We will arrange for someone who is not an admin but who has a site account to submit for you.
    • An admin cannot be your proxy as it would fundamentally be unfair.
    • Any admins participating as an artist will use a proxy and will not claim in the first 10 minutes.
    • If you’re an artist and author and you signed up for the hidden quantum bang author support group, you will have a 5-minute delay before you can submit a claim. This was warned when you signed up for that channel, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.


  • Art must not contain trigger content.
  • No images of abused children, animals, violent acts, etc.
  • Make sure the author is okay with this kind of content if you want to include it in supplementary art that will be hosted off-site.
  • No art with this content will be hosted on the Quantum Bang site so do not submit it with the art for the story. That should be handled by the author directly for their posting on other sites.
  • Adult-themed art (nudity) is fine, though we recommend checking with the author if they are okay with nudity as they may have limitations that the site does not. Such as where else they plan to post it.

Drop Out?

  • If you’ve claimed a story and you’re unable to fulfill the commitment, please contact an admin immediately via the Communication Center.
    • We will need time to get a new artist, so please be considerate of this if it seems you are not going to be able to complete the challenge.
    • We do not currently have any penalties defined for dropping out, but if it’s close to the deadline, we may choose to ban you from future challenges.


Q: What kind of art is eligible?
A: Any sort of digital manipulation, drawing, video, etc. If the rules above don’t cover your question, please leave a comment below.

Q: Does the art have to encompass the entire story?
A: No. You could capture a moment, scene, character, etc. The point is to be inspired by the story.

Q: What should I do if my author hasn’t replied to my email?
A: If it’s been more than a week without a response, please contact the admin team via the contact form or communication system.

Q: Should I read the story?
A: In general, plan to read the story you’ve claimed so that you can make art based on the story. However, if there’s a reason you find you cannot read the story, communicate with the author or reach out to the admin team so we can facilitate getting you a detailed summary. We require warning for major triggers, but there can be individual triggers that make it impossible for you to read the work.

Q: What if the author didn’t send me the story?
A: If you haven’t received the story from the author by 4/1, please let the admin team know. Unless you’d prefer to work from a detailed summary and that should be worked out with the author.

Q: Are collages/mood boards acceptable?
A: Probably. Some collage preparations might be too basic to qualify. If you need guidance in this area, please contact an admin.


  1. Am I reading correctly that mood boards, banners, and collages are acceptable? I don’t draw but do a lot of work with graphics digitally and collages.

    • Yes, any type of digital art is accepted. I personally only do digital art—banners, covers, mood boards, and collages. When it comes to drawing, a good stick figure would be a stretch for me 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if this has been covered somewhere already, is artwork submitted just to the QB site or to the author or both? I’ve never done a bang before so this is all a huge learning curve.

    • It’s submitted to the author and the site. For the site, there will be an upload form some time in May with instructions on how to name and submit everything.

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