In the Dark…

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The Quantum Bang site was designed with a dark background for ease of reading for most people.

However, if you prefer a lighter background, Keira did the research to find you alternatives so that you may read in comfort.

P.S. If there’s a problem with the color scheme, such as dark text on a dark background, we need to know. But we won’t be changing to a light background based on one person’s preference, so please don’t hassle us.

Google Chrome Extensions:
Just Read OR Minimal Read Mode.
Psst. If you use Chrome on an Android device, there’s a hidden reader mode.


Firefox has a built-in Reader Mode.


Safari has a built-in Reader Mode.

Microsoft Edge:

Edge has its own Reader Mode as well. (Edge?! Come on now. Though if you’re on IE, don’t even tell us. We want to believe everyone who visits the QB is nominally with it.)

Note: Most reader modes are customizable to allow you to select a background color, font color, font face, and font size that you’re happy with, though capabilities vary to a degree. Extensions come and go and sometimes are very limited in what they can do.

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