General FAQ and Schedule

Schedule for 2022 Quantum Bang


8/1 Signups Begin for Authors and Artists
10/31 Author Signups Close
12/1 First Author Check-in
1/1 Monthly Author Check-in
2/1 Monthly Author Check-in
2/28 Artist Signups Close
3/1 Monthly Author Check-in
3/15 Rough Drafts Due
3/17 Anonymized List of Stories Posted
3/19 Art Claims – 4 PM UTC, match-up emails sent out within 24 hours
4/15 Late Story Submission Deadline
5/1 Artist and Author Check-in
5/15 Final Art Due (may be submitted early)
5/20 Finalized stories due and drop-out deadline (if no story submitted, you’re dropped)
5/25 Story promo posting begins
5/31 Posting Schedule Published
6/1 Posting Begins
6/15 Posting Ends


General FAQ


Q: What is a Big Bang?
A: A Big Bang is a writing challenge featuring long stories and pairing of authors and artists. Read the history of the Big Bang on Fanlore.

Q: What is the theme of the Quantum Bang?
A: The Quantum Bang is about fix-it stories. Anything from time travel to writing an AU that ignores an undesirable element in canon. If you need clarification if your idea qualifies as fix it, you can leave a question below or use the contact form if you need to reveal your plot in-depth. (Hint: Aside from a couple of things that do not qualify, it’s mostly up to the author to determine if their idea qualifies as a fix-it. See the Is It a Fix-It? page.)

Q: Are comments moderated?
A: All comments on the Quantum Bang are moderated. Additionally, authors may choose to have comments turned off for their posts.

Q: Is constructive criticism (con crit) allowed from readers?
A: No. If you’re okay with con crit, you’re welcome to allow it wherever else you post it, but we want the challenge site to be a positive environment. We will allow respectful, polite questions that are not thinly veiled critique, but please never feel like you must reply to a question. It would be helpful to have your author profile info filled out with where else your work can be found as that is the most common question.

Q: Will the schedule ever change?
A: Generally, no. We might tweak dates by a couple days or weeks, but the overall schedule is designed to avoid conflict with other challenges. Dates like the art claim shift slightly year to year so that it always falls on a Saturday.

Q: How do I drop out of the challenge?
A: Use the contact form or communication system to let an admin know, but you don’t need to drop out. If you don’t submit a story, you’re dropped from the challenge.

Q: Can I participate anonymously?
A: Possibly. We used to offer this as an open option, but the nature of the anonymous sign-up was often misunderstood, so we pulled it. It’s easy enough to create an extra gmail account for fandom and create a new username. However, if this feels like something that’s too difficult, you can use the contact form and request an anonymous account. Please explain why you need an anonymous account. The admin team will have to have your actual email address, but we’ll assign you an anonymous username and contact with participants outside of the mod team will be through the comm center..

Q: Can I participate as both an author and an artist?
A: Yes. Select both on the sign-up page.

Specific information about rules and content are on either the Author or Artist FAQ/Rules pages.

Note: We will try to not impose new rules during the challenge period, but we may not have thought of everything. In the event that a situation arises, for the current challenge, we will do our best to accommodate things in the favor of the participant(s)—provided that doesn’t penalize other participants.

Some rules may need clarification and we do not consider that changing or adding new rules. If you’re uncertain about the rules or requirements, please ask.

New rules may be implemented before a new challenge begins. We will highlight any new rules.


  1. so i wanted 2 subscribe 2 the site in order 2 read (not much of a writer but many of my fav authors mentioned participating)
    i went to every site on here but the – in the main post mentioned – box on the right side is not there
    so this could be an issue with just me but im using Firefox and thats pretty common so im left to assume its cause the site is in beta
    but just in case thats not it, i wanted to ask if there´s an other way 2 subscribe


    • Turns out I somehow removed the subscription widget from the main page! Oops. Can you try again? If the subscription box isn’t there for you, let me know and I’ll subscribe you manually.

      • Hi Jilly still unable to join

        • Hi Lori, In what capacity? Are you trying to signup as an alpha/beta reader or as an artist?

          • I’d like to sign up as a reader as well but when I tried it wouldn’t work for me either it told me to page didn’t exist. 🙁

            • Angel, Are you trying to sign up to alpha/beta read? If so, I’ll get you the link. If you mean to just read stories on the site, you don’t need a login. We only have logins for participants. All stories will be available to the public when they go up in June. You subscribed to a thread that was about someone subscribing for site notifications, which is on the main page. So, I’m not clear which issue you’re having.

  2. Can you sign up as both an artist and a writer?

    • Yes.

      • Hi, just a quick question, since the 2019 sign ups will be starting soon:

        What is the hosting plan for these stories? Is the a new archive, or will the 2018 stories get wiped at some point, just as with Rough Trade?

        The last few months have been crazy, and I want to make sure and read everything ASAP if they’ll be coming down August 1st!

        Thanks in advance…MQ

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