The Charming Gardener by SASundance

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Title: The Charming Gardener
Author: SASundance
Fandom: NCIS
Genre: Crime/Drama, Episode Related, Romance
Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Jeanne Benoit; Jenny Shepard/ Ziva David
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Discussion – Child Abuse, Character Bashing, Discussion – Murder, Genocide, Infidelity, Violence Canon Level, Explicit Sex, Voyeurism, Permanent Injury, Mental Illness, Delusions, Adult Language.
Author Notes: This is a fix-it for the seasons 4-5 La Grenouille Jenny Shepard revenge arc. The warning about genocide relates to a canon character who is an illegal arms dealer. The primary relationship is between Tony and Jeanne and is a romantic one. The secondary one between Jenny and Ziva is not – more one of convenience.
Beta: Grammarly
Word Count: 134,300
Summary: Gibbs resigns from NCIS and heads down to Mexico. Jenny sees the perfect opportunity to realise her plan to make her father’s killer pay dearly and DiNozzo is key to her dangerous undercover mission.   The only problem is, she has no idea that Tony is already good friends with Jeanne Benoit, the daughter of her nemesis.
Artist: Penumbria



In this fandom, it’s fair to say that the pairing of Tony and Jeanne Benoit is generally unpopular. This story starts with the premise that Tony met Detective John Carson, Jeanne’s former fiancé before they ended their engagement, not after they split up, in canon. Consequently, he also knew Jeanne too and they became good friends, therefore the whole Tony DiNardo undercover mission never took place.

I’d like to thank Aress and Frakking Toasters for their help with the storyline when I first raised this story idea several years ago. Their help in ironing out the kinks was invaluable especially as neither was a fan of the pairing either. Merci Trippies.

Thanks To Jilly for all her patience assistance as I tried to get my head around the mysteries of posting here.

To my artist Penumbria, thank-you so much for your wonderful artwork and support.


  • Au revoir (French) ~ goodbye
  • Bella (Italian) ~ a feminine adjective meaning “beautiful” or a feminine name meaning gorgeous
  • bon vivant (French) ~ a person who is social – the life of the party, and who has cultivated and refined tastes especially with respect to food and drink
  • de rigueur (French) adj. ~ socially obligatoryproper, or required by custom
  • doudou (French) noun ~ my blankie or my cuddly thing
  • drek (Hebrew/Yiddish) ~ worthless thing
  • Faire Amende Honorable (French) ~ to make amends
  • Je suis désolé (French) ~ I am sorry
  • Je suis profondément désolé (French) ~ I am profoundly/ deeply sorry
  • je t’aime (French) ~ I love you
  • joie de vivre ~ joy of life
  • ma chérie (French) ~ my darling (feminine)
  • ma petite truffe (French) ~ my little truffle
  • ma puce (French) ~ my flea
  • Madame (French) ~ married woman, madam or Mrs
  • Mademoiselle (French) ~ unmarried woman, Miss
  • Maman (French) ~ Mom, mommy, mama, mum, mummy
  • mea culpa (Latin) ~ ‘through my fault’ – a formal acknowledgement of personal fault or error.
  • merci (French) ~ thank you
  • mon chéri (French) ~ my darling (masculine)
  • mon cœur (French) ~ my heart/ sweetheart
  • mon trésor (French)~ my treasure or my precious
  • non (French) ~ no
  • oui (French) ~ yes
  • Papa (French) masc. ~ dad
  • patientezz s’il-vous-plait (French) ~ (please wait a moment)
  • qui appelle (French) ~ who’s calling
  • raison d’être (French) ~ rationale
  • sotto voce (Italian) ~ under voice, in an undertone, in a private manner
  • tokus (Hebrew) ~ buttocks, bum, butt
  • très bien (French) ~ very good
  • yafeh nefesh (Hebrew) ~ a sensitive person


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