Artist Showcase: Fashi0n for The Holmes Factor

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A wannabe artist and author who is currently very much enjoying learning how to photoshop.


  1. Your art is just gorgeous!

  2. These are outstanding! You capture such a mood/vibe with every piece. It’s amazing to see. Thank you for being part of the challenge. And all the extra cookies for jumping in as a pinch hitter and taking on another story. You’re amazing.

  3. Your art moved me to tears when I first saw it, and I’m still blown away by how you were able to bring my story to life. Thank you again, Fashi0n! You’re amazing!

  4. Writing Hitsuzen

    Your art was just perfect for this story. I actually went squee when I saw the first piece after the cover and saw the quote, and later started crying when I saw that you chose to focus on Eurus’s quote. Your gift for capturing the feel of the story is simply amazing!

  5. Oh wow, they’re all so great! They go great with the story!

  6. These are really great at setting the mood. Excellent job!

  7. I enjoyed your art with tidbits of the chapters. Very nicely done!

  8. I really loved your art. It captured the essence of the story. Thank you so much!

  9. This are really beautiful pieces of art.

  10. Phenomenal Art!

  11. The artwork is just fantastic for each area it represents.You catch mood, the life of each transition in these pieces. They are quite beautiful.

  12. Wonderful story. Didnt want it to end!

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