Devil’s Cry by Syn

Title: Devil’s Cry
Author: Dark_Nights_Syn
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Genre: BDSM, Crack, Family, Fantasy, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Het, Romance
Relationship(s): Dante/OFC, pre-Vergil/Dante/OFC
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, Discussion-Torture, Discussion-Rape, Dub-con, Biting/Blood kink , Mentions of twin-cest, Violence-Canon-level (or less), Violence-Sexual, Explicit Sex, No Beta
Author Notes: Devil relationships, Pack dynamics, Devil Instincts, Author Pantsing Everything, Screw the timeline, Canon gets the axe, OC character is the Fix. Future F/M/M Ménage. See Notes Tab for additional notes and thank yous.
Beta: Arete and YMFaery
Word Count: 51,600
Summary: Growing up, Vergil and Dante Sparda had a best friend. Her family and theirs had been tied since time began, and as children, the three were all they knew. Now as adults, Dante and his best friend navigate the world as they know it, searching for their missing half. Sometimes it’s not the Knights that save the Princess, sometimes it’s the Princess that saves the Knights.
Artist: Fashi0n



This story has been a long time coming. It was started years and years ago when I met Ratha in the LiveJournal community Sages of Chaos when we both role played. I have to thank her for feeding my Devil May Cry addiction and helping me with the story and bouncing ideas.

Thank you to Arete and ymfaery for acting as the beta to this giant.

And to fashi0n, thank you for creating the wonderful art for it.

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38 year old aspiring writer who is finally deciding to come out of retirement. I've not written and published fan fiction in years. I used to be active in the LiveJournal Role Play days, and in assorted forums, Mediaminer/FFN/AoF and such, but quit. This is a resurgence and a resurrection.

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