Devil’s Cry – 1/2 – Dark_Nights_Syn

Title: Devil’s Cry, Chapters 1-4
Author: Dark_Nights_Syn
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Genre: BDSM, Crack, Family, Fantasy, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Het, Romance
Relationship(s): Dante/OFC, pre-Vergil/Dante/OFC
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, Discussion-Torture, Discussion-Rape, Dub-con, Biting/Blood kink , Mentions of twin-cest, Violence-Canon-level (or less), Violence-Sexual, Explicit Sex, No Beta
Author Notes: Devil relationships, Pack dynamics, Devil Instincts, Author Pantsing Everything, Screw the timeline, Canon gets the axe, OC character is the Fix. Future F/M/M Ménage. See Notes Tab on Summary Post for additional notes and thanks yous.
Beta: Arete and YMFaery
Word Count: 51,600
Summary: Growing up, Vergil and Dante Sparda had a best friend. Her family and theirs had been tied since time began, and as children, the three were all they knew. Now as adults, Dante and his best friend navigate the world as they know it, searching for their missing half. Sometimes it’s not the Knights that save the Princess, sometimes it’s the Princess that saves the Knights.
Artist: Fashi0n

Chapter 1:

Aislynn Mackay couldn’t help but laugh at Kain and Ifrit as they roughhoused all over the place as she entered Devil May Cry after her five-mile run. The two had been playing hard the entire time, she wondered where they got their energy. She looked around the lower floor, wondering if anyone had arrived home before her, but didn’t see Dante, Lady, or Trish, so she assumed they were still out.

She sighed as she viewed the interior of the lower floor, it had been mostly stripped as they tried to figure out if it was worth fixing what Dante and Trish had destroyed in their epic first meeting, or if Dante would finally cave and let her build the compound that she’d been begging to build for the previous five years. There were still signs of the fight, some debris hadn’t been hauled off yet, Dante was supposed to be doing that today, or at least said he would.

She shook her head, thinking of that man. He probably forgot and went out on a call and didn’t leave a note. She knew he was always forgetting to let her know when he was going out; if it wasn’t for Morrison handling most of their contracts along with Enzo, she’d never know where he was.

She climbed up the stairs, her faithful female Hellhound Kyra beside her. She let out a whistle and Ifrit and Kain joined them on the run up the stairs. Ifrit taking time out of his play to land on her shoulder, giving her a nuzzle. She stopped as always at the picture resting at the start of the stairs from the upper floor.

The picture held pride of place, and she’d threatened Dante with bodily harm many times when he’d make remarks about taking it down. She knew he never would, it meant just as much to him as it did to her, but he made the comments to rile her up just the same. It was a picture of happier times, innocent times when the world was a wide-open adventure, and their family hadn’t been torn apart.

Taken at her sixth birthday party, it was a picture of Dante, Vergil and she dressed as two knights, Dante in red and Vergil in blue, and her as a princess. Even Azul, her father’s favorite hell hound was in the picture, dressed up as a favored steed. She smiled at the picture, placed a kiss to her finger and rested it on Vergil’s face.

“I miss you so much, Vergil. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Wonder if you’re out there somewhere. Missing us as much as we miss you. I dream of you sometimes; I don’t know if they’re just dreams, or if they’re DREAMS. You know my gifts have never been stable. I wish you were here. You’d help me keep Dante in line. We’re not complete without you. After all, your father did say us three would be together until death do us part.” She sighed. “Now, I wish I’d asked him to say something different that day we played House and I demanded you two marry me. Maybe… maybe if he’d said the three of us would remain together forever, what happened wouldn’t have happened.”

She shook her head, her amused mood returning slightly as she watched Ifrit dive-bomb Kain and fly to the back of the hall; “I think… I hope you’d be pleased with how I turned out. I love you; I miss you. I wish you were here. But I better get ready. Loki is ever such a cranky witch when he/she doesn’t get lunch on time.”

She had about two hours before she was supposed to be meeting Loki in town for lunch and coffee, and she was dripping sweat from her run. She made for the bedroom that she’d been sharing with Dante since the store below her apartment caught fire and it had been easier to just let the apartment go and move her stuff into Devil May Cry. Kain and Ifrit were chasing each other up and down the hallway, and Kyra followed her into the room, jumped on the bed and made herself comfortable. Aislynn shook her head with a smile. “Good idea Kyra, keep yourself out of trouble. Kain and Ifrit get in enough trouble as it is. Wonder where everyone is? I had expected that at least Alastor would be around. Unless Dante needed his weapon form for some reason.”

She stripped from her outfit and headed into the bathroom, bending down to pick up the towels that Dante had once again left on the bathroom floor as she went. It was his last clean one, his loss. She’d hit him if he tried to use hers. She was glad that she’d decided to take an early run; even if she’d had to spend ten minutes speaking to Old Man Bailey because he was concerned that she’d been working too hard keeping that young fella’ Dante in line. He’d invited her in for tea, as usual, and she’d had to decline.

That old man was a character; he knew full well what sort of person Dante was, he knew more than it appeared, but he enjoyed being the crochety old man in the neighborhood. It was almost a game to him and to the kids in the neighborhood, every time his dogs would bark if kids were running by, he’d come out yelling for them to get off his lawn.

The early run gave her time for a long shower, something she enjoyed, but usually didn’t have time for, especially when there was the chance that Dante would come barging into the bathroom, forgetting he was sharing it with someone else; well he said he forgot, she had her doubts.

Aislynn stepped into the shower and let the hot water flow down her body, standing in front of it, letting the heat and the pounding of the water slam into her shoulder blades, releasing the tension in her back. She tilted her head back and wet her hair; closing her eyes and letting her mind wander; her hands knew what to do, and she absentmindedly washed her body and hair. She was just rinsing off when she heard a very loud crash come from the hallway and Kain and Ifrit’s response. She shook her head, “There better not be any property damage you two! I am so tired of this place getting beat to hell and back.”

She’d always been gifted with being able to understand beast verbalizations, she heard them and understood them as plain as a person speaking to her. Her father, Arawn, believed that it was the one gift she’d been granted from her locked devil blood and her mother’s magical heritage. All she knew, was that she was grateful for it.

She got out of the shower, grabbing her towel and quickly drying off. She looked at her wet hair, frustrated with the weight and length of it; she’d been meaning to get a haircut for ages now, but hadn’t found the time to go in. She quickly braided her hair and walked back into the bedroom. Kain had joined Kyra on the bed, and Ifrit was peeking out from behind her pillow. She shook her head at the two of them pretending they’d done nothing, “You two, I swear. You’re like bulls in a china shop sometimes.”

She grabbed her clothes that she’d laid out on her desk and dressed; then walked out into the hall to see what damage they’d done. She’d only taken two steps out of the bedroom door when she froze, frowning at the sight in front of her. There had always been a cloth wall decoration hanging across from the bedroom door; it’d been there for as long as Dante had the shop. He’d hung it the first day, said he’d treasure it because it had been a gift from her; a picture of a red knight standing next to a horse, which transitioned into a guy dressed in red leather with a helmet on standing next to a custom-built bike. The cloth was now on the ground, laying under a door. A door that shouldn’t have existed, hiding the entrance to a walk-in closet, which should have never been there.

He’d hidden something from her. She didn’t know if she wanted to walk closer, to see in that closet. Something inside her told her she didn’t want to know, but Aislynn had always been curious, always pushed the button and the issue, so with a deep breath. She moved to the closet and looked inside.

Aislynn knew Dante. She’d known him all her life. But now, standing in front of a previously hidden closet, staring at weapons that he had that she had no knowledge of; Devil Arms that she did not know, ones that had been locked away, she wondered just how well she knew him, how much he’d hid from her.

She knew it would be crazy to confront him. If he’d wanted to tell her about them, he would have. Their relationship had always been strong; a deep and abiding friendship. They’d seen each other through the darkest nights, and the brightest days.  With the death of his mother, father, and older twin brother when he was eight years old, he’d come to their family, and been raised with her; using the name Tony Redgrave to keep the devils from finding him, just like she used Aislynn Mackay, a name that was not her true name; keeping her devil heritage locked away until her Name Bearer, who ever that was, felt she’d deserved knowledge of her name. A female cambion, for that was what she was, was a rarity. One that had to be protected, and the Name Bearer Vow ensured that protection, locking all knowledge of a female cambion’s true name away from everyone, except for the Name Bearer until the Name Bearer released the seal by telling the cambion her name.

Hiding a cambion’s true name also worked for the males, it resulted in hiding their power from everyone around them; leaving them with just certain gifts, mainly enhanced senses, quicker reflexes, and fast healing. But once released, the devil blood could and sometimes did take over entirely. Each time a cambion was injured enough to bleed, it was the human blood which was lost, the devil replicating quickly to replace it and make more room for itself.

Dante had not used the name Tony Redgrave since he was seventeen; he’d taken back the name Dante Sparda one year while she was in Ireland, her father and mother having decided that she would spend a year with her grandmother finishing out her high school education overseas.

When she’d left, she had been Dante’s only friend, the only person Dante could rely on for anything; when she came back, Lady was partnered with Dante. Dante claimed that they’d run into each other working the same job and hit it off as friends; but now, she had to wonder, just what sort of job it was, what sort of friends they were.

She’d known of Lady, the woman was her age, and before she’d suddenly disappeared, she’d even gone to the same private school as Aislynn. While Aislynn was usually very protective of her place at Dante’s side, she found herself quickly accepting Lady, and now considered the other woman one of her best friends.

And that was only the first time the situation had happened. Six months ago, while Aislynn, Lady, her father Arawn and her mother Caderyn were in Ireland dealing with the death of Caderyn’s father, a woman looking like Dante’s mother Eva appeared. In an epic first meeting, she and Dante managed to destroy the entire lower level of the building; she had been seeking Dante’s help and leading him to Mallet Island where he defeated Mundus, the ruler of Hell. That woman’s name was Trish; and just like Lady, Aislynn had accepted her place in their lives, and considered the woman a very good friend; even if the resemblance to Eva was startling.

Aislynn knew Dante cared for her, she knew that. But she also knew that he would never love her as she loved him; as a mate, the other part of her heart and soul. She knew that no matter how many times she had proven herself in the field of battle, no matter how many devils she had taken out, or how hard she had trained, he would never see her as an equal. He’d always consider her a liability, somebody to protect at all costs.

She stared at the two scimitars, the guitar, the nunchucks, the gauntlets and greaves, and the medallion and wondered where they came from. She heard a sound from behind her and turned to see Ifrit flying towards her, slowly followed by Kain and Kyra. Ifrit landed on her shoulder, nuzzling her cheek and giving a chirp.

She looked back at the Devil Arms, “Do you know who they are?”

Ifrit gave a negative chirp, and Aislynn nodded. She heard the office door slamming shut and figured that Dante might have returned. Ifrit volunteered to go down and get him.

Aislynn shook her head, “No, I’ll go down to him.” Gently, and reverently she picked up the guitar and began to carry it to the stairs, intending to speak to Dante about hiding things from her and demanding to know just what else he had hidden.


Standing in the middle of the debris still left in the office, Dante heard her coming down the stairs. He knew Aislynn had been right, it would honestly be cheaper to raze the entire place to the ground and let her build the compound she’d been begging him to build for the past several years. He couldn’t help but grin when he remembered the wrath Aislynn had rained down on both Trish and him when she saw the destroyed office the first time. Now, several months removed, it was hilarious to think of it. When it happened, however, not so funny then.

“Hey Ais, you’re right, we should just rebuild, what do you th-” He turned around to look at her and noticed what she was carrying, “Where did you find that? What the hell are you doing with it?” He growled.

“I found the hidden closet. What the hell Dante? Devil Arms? Who are they? Why hide them?” Aislynn set the guitar on the desk and crossed her arms, glaring at Dante.

“What the fuck were you doing snooping around?” Dante growled again, going over and grabbing the guitar from the desk and starting back up the stairs.

“Snooping around? Snooping around?” He wondered if she realized her heritage was showing. Her Irish accent was stronger.  “Kain and Ifrit were playing a bit too hard and knocked the door of its hinges. I walked out and found it. I wasn’t fucking snooping around. I was walking out of the fucking bedroom we both share. What the fuck, Dante. I’m your partner, your best friend. Why have you never told me about them? What the fuck else are you hiding!” She followed him.

He swiftly turned around, pointing a finger at her with a frown on his face. “You should have just fucking ignored the damn room. You didn’t need to stick your god damned nose in it again. Hell Aislynn, there are some parts of my life I just don’t want you sticking your fucking nose in! It’s none of your business where I got them, or when. Just back the fuck off and leave me the fuck alone for once in your life!”

He knew that he was going overboard with his reaction, it didn’t take a genius to see the hurt in her eyes as he yelled at her, but he didn’t want to discuss the Devil Arms, he didn’t want to remember that night, Temen-Ni-Gru, the fight with Vergil, letting Vergil die only to discover six months ago that Vergil didn’t die, but he’d been enslaved, he’d become an enemy, and once again Dante had lost his brother; once again Dante had killed Vergil. He didn’t want to remember; he didn’t want to talk about it.

He’d never told Aislynn about his run-ins with Vergil, as far as she knew, Vergil had died with Eva on that day. And he thought it was better that way. He turned away from her, stepping towards the stairs once again. He feared she’d not let up; but he hoped she did.


She flinched at the venom in his voice, but she had always been stubborn; she’d had to have been to keep up with him.

“Who are they, Dante? Where did you defeat them? When did you defeat them? And why in the hell did you never tell me about them, introduce me to them? Why did you lie about them?”

“Fuck you Aislynn,” Dante growled, looking down at the guitar, his mind appeared a million miles away. What she didn’t know what that it was currently atop the tower of Temen-Ni-Gru, on a rainy night, watching Vergil fall.

She knew she had tears in her eyes, she knew she should back off before they both said something they’d regret, but she couldn’t. She wanted, no needed to know why he hid things from her; especially when she’d never hidden anything from him, well nothing important anyway. Sure, she’d never told him just how much and in what way she loved him, at least not when he was sober, but anything else; everything else she told him, and she told him the truth. So, knowing it was a mistake, she pressed one more time.

“Damn it, Dante! Just tell me!” She reached to grab his shoulder, hoping to prevent him from walking away from her.

Dante seemed to snap. He spun around and grabbed her wrist, holding it way too tight. She could feel the bones grinding against themselves and felt several of them crack.

“Fine! You want to know where I found them. I’ll tell you. I found them in the tower of Temen-Ni-Gru when you were in Ireland that year. When you left me! When you weren’t here with me when I found out Vergil was alive, when I found out he survived that gunshot I put in him when he masqueraded as Gilver the year before! When Lady and I teamed up to prevent Vergil from opening a fucking portal to Hell; that’s where I found them!”

Aislynn gasped, and cried out at the hold, tears falling down her face as she took in the utter anger and devastation on Dante’s face, but her heart broke, and her anger and hurt flared at his words, “What? You knew Vergil is alive, you knew all this time, but you never told me? Why would you do that?”

“Was alive, damn you. Was!” Dante reached in his inside pocket and grabbed the amulet that he’d found in the space that he’d last seen Nelo Angelo in on Mallet Island, the twin to the one he wore around his neck, the one he never removed. “He’s dead now, I thought I killed him at Temen-Ni-Gru but turns out he lived, only to be enslaved to Mundus. I killed him before I knew. He’s dead now because of me!”


“Dante…” The name is whisper soft, Aislynn reached out her hand to caress Dante’s cheek, only for him to fling her enclosed wrist away, causing her body to stumble back and impact the wall behind her, and turn his back on her. He couldn’t handle her sympathy, not now.

“Don’t even, Aislynn. I don’t want your fucking pity. I don’t want anything to do with you right now. I never told you because it’s none of your damn business. You are not family.”

The sound she made at his words broke his heart; the rage that’d consumed him died down as he realized exactly what he’d said. He turned around; reaching out for her too late. Much too late, for she’d already run to the door; he tried to call out to her, but he couldn’t speak. He started towards the door, hoping to reach her before she walked out of his life forever.

He couldn’t lose her, couldn’t live without her, and he knew it. He knew he loved her, soul deep and wanting… he didn’t, couldn’t lose her; but he feared he just did. He was too late; she’d grabbed her trench coat, her swords, and her guns and was already out the door. He heard the engine of her bike fire up and the tires squeal as she took off. He ran out of the door, his voice finally unlocked as he yelled, “Ais! Come back, please!”

But all he could hear was the sound of the engine getting farther and farther away.

He didn’t know how long he stood there hoping that Aislynn would come back, that he’d see the bike coming back towards home, towards him. Hell, he’d not even mind if she was coming back just to run him over or run him through with her swords like she did that time he’d gotten drunk and ruined her first time to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her parents. He didn’t even notice Trish and Lady pulling up, both getting out of the vehicle and looking at Dante strangely. He came back to himself when he heard a questioning chirp and felt Ifrit land on his shoulder.

He reached a hand up, lightly petting the little dragon and turned around, finding Lady, Trish, and Alastor standing in front of him. He ignored Lady and Trish, addressing Ifrit as he walked back into the office; ignoring the others following him. He walked up the stairs and to the closet, frowning at the Devil Arms remaining in there. He sighed, gathered them up in his arms and with a nod, walked back down the stairs. He placed the Devil Arms next to the guitar, knowing that with his signature so close to them, that all the Devil Arms were now waking up.

“How much did you hear?”

Ifrit chirped and Dante sighed. “All of it then.”

Dante groaned. “I fucked up, didn’t I?”

Ifrit gave an affirmative chirp and nodded his head. Then he chirped some more, and Dante had to have hope. “You think she’ll come back after she cools off?”

He had to believe that Ifrit was right. Any other thought was just too much to bear. He turned his attention to the Devil Arms that started it all. He looked at Cerberus, Beowulf, Nevan, Agni and Rudra, and Geryon, and decided.

“Ok guys, time to wake up. I’m sorry I kept you all hidden for so long.” He sounded defeated, even to his own ears.

Nevan was the first to awaken; taking her devil form and calling her siblings, the bats to her. “Oh Sugar, I’m sorry.”

The funny thing was; Dante was pretty sure Nevan was sorry, that she cared that he fought with his best friend. He knew she’d realize it was more than that; Nevan would probably be the only one other than Trish, who’d been the one to point the obvious out to him, to realize just how much he felt for Aislynn. How much he wanted her and needed her in his life.

He shrugged his shoulders, noticing that everyone else had taken their forms, Geryon in a slightly smaller version of himself, minus the hearse. He nodded to them and indicated they follow.

“I’m sure you guys are hungry; pizza sounds good to you all?” Dante shook his head when he looked to the door and saw Trish and Lady standing by the door, both looking at him strangely. Lady let out a gasp when she saw who was standing around him.

“Nevan?” She looked at Dante again, “Oh man, Ais found them? How mad is she?”

Dante shrugged, “I don’t know. I fucked up, royally. I think she’s more hurt than mad. Lady, can you set Nevan up in the spare room, Alastor’s got the living nook already, and Beowulf, Geryon, and Cerberus can just stay on four legs and sleep wherever, Agni and Rudra are fine as swords, at least for sleeping, right?  I seem to remember you saying you preferred that form anyways.”

The two devil brothers nodded, and Dante sighed, turning around and heading back towards the stairs and to his room, he wanted to be away from people, but before he went up the stairs, he went to the fridge and got out a few cases of beer.

“Look, just leave me alone for right now. I’m not in a sociable mood, nor would I make good company.” He left everyone’s company, not even acknowledging Trish’s comment of “He’s never good company when he and Aislynn fight.” He knew it was true.

He got to his room, placed the cases in his mini fridge, next to the other two that were already there; opened his first beer and went over to his cell-phone and hit the number two on speed dial. He knew she’d not answer, not yet anyway, so as soon as her voicemail picked up, he left a message, “Ais, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was a complete jack-ass bastard, and I know I don’t deserve forgiveness. But come back, please. Or call me. I just need to talk to you; to apologize.” He paused, and then breathed out. “Please, please don’t leave me. I can’t do this… I can’t live without you in my life.”

He knew, by the time things were all said and done, he’d probably leave over 40 messages on her voicemail.

But, he’d keep trying; and if his fears came to life, he’d deal. For right now, he was just going to kick back in his recliner, watch some TV, get shit-faced drunk, and call Aislynn every hour. He could hear the conversation going on downstairs…and was glad he’d vacated the room; he couldn’t deal with the questions.

“Someone want to fill us in on what happened? We’ve been asleep for a long time. Where’s Sweetness?” Nevan’s voice.

“Sweetness? Who was that again?” Lady asked.

“Vergil, Dante’s brother. Where is he?” Nevan again.

“Dead, we thought he’d died back on the tower, but apparently, he didn’t. Dante and I didn’t know that, and Dante never told Aislynn that Temen-Ni-Gru happened, which is why you guys were never woken up. About six months ago, Aislynn and I were in Ireland with Arawn and his wife Caderyn. Aislynn is Arawn’s daughter with the human woman he married, Trish crashed into the office and destroyed the whole damn thing…”

“It needed redecorating anyways,” Trish commented.

“Anyways, she sought Dante’s help in taking down Mundus. So, Dante went. And one of the Devils that Mundus threw at him was Vergil. Dante killed him and didn’t realize it until it was too late.”

Nevan again, “Devil clone of Eva, aren’t you?  Mundus created you?”

Trish’s voice sounded firm; he was glad of that. “Yes, I am and yes, he did, but I turned on him at the end and helped Dante. I’m with the good guys now.”

Nevan “How much of a chance is there that Vergil lived?”

Shit; he’d not thought of that. He couldn’t, not right now…he blocked the rest of the conversation out, deciding to call Aislynn once again. He had to put it out of his mind.


Aislynn tore down the road on her bike, she didn’t want to go to the Preserve, didn’t want her father and mother to know about the fight with Dante. She needed her wrist looked at and needed an orb. Dante had broken a few bones; and they’d probably have to be rebroken to set right, because she could feel them healing already. She’d normally go to Loki, but she could barely see as it was, the tears hadn’t stopped yet. Loki’s place was in the city, and she really didn’t want to go into the city…too much of a chance of getting attacked, something she did not need right now. She’d been riding without thinking again, she realized this as she came to a stop in front of Ares’ apartment building.

Shit, she hoped he was in a decent mood. If he were pissy…she’d just turn around and leave. She’d not be able to deal with his attitude today. She loved the smug son of a bitch, he’d always been there for her, but even if he were doing it with the best of intentions…she couldn’t deal with him trying to get her to drop Dante. It just wasn’t in her to turn her back on Dante, it never would be.

She parked the bike next to his car and walked up to the entrance.

“Evening Miss Aislynn.”

She tried to smile at the doorman Hector, but she knew she didn’t quite get it right.

“Hi Hector. Is Anthony in?”

“He is. Does he know you’re coming over?”

“I hadn’t called him. Apparently, my bike decided for me?”

Hector laughed, “I’ll buzz you on up.”

“Thanks.” She waited as he buzzed her in and then took the elevator up to the top floor. Ares always did love luxury and had a top floor penthouse. By the time she arrived, he was standing at his opened door waiting on her.

“Shit, honey what’s wrong?” She started crying again as soon as she heard her big brother’s voice. And she didn’t care if they never really had the connection between the two of them confirmed. She didn’t care if Hera never confessed that Ares was Arawn’s son from their fling ages and ages ago…she knew in her heart, just as she knew Ares knew, that they were siblings. He’d always been her big brother, he’d always been someone she could go to when she couldn’t go to her dad, Dante, Sparda when he was alive…or Vergil.

“My Blue Knight is gone…” And just like she knew he would, he wrapped her up in his arms, bodily picking her up and letting her hang on him as he moved into the penthouse, kicking the door closed behind him, and settled her on his lap as he sat down on the couch. He didn’t talk, didn’t offer her useless platitudes, and that’s what she needed now. She just needed to be held as she cried. As she came to terms that she may never see Vergil again; that the dreams she’d been having of him, the dreams of all three of them together again, were just that dreams and she’d never see her Blue Knight again.

When she was cried out, Ares silently let her up and she walked into his bathroom, throwing cold water on her face and cleaning herself up. She checked her wrist, testing if there was any pain when she moved it, and moved her hand over it, to make sure that it didn’t need to be rebroken to heal right.

“What happened to your wrist? You’re checking to make sure it’s not broken anymore.” Ares asked as he was leaning up against the bathroom door.

“Dante and I had a fight. I pushed him too far, and he grabbed my wrist.”

“Fuck, Aislynn…”

“Ares, I love you…but I swear to the gods…if you say one word about me dropping Dante, I will hit you.”

Ares snorted in amusement as he moved to her and wrapped her up in a hug, bending his head down to rest on her shoulder as they looked at each other in the mirror.

“I may tease you about it, but I honestly wouldn’t try to get you to drop the idiot. You’ve grown up, kiddo. And filled out.”

“Ares…stop checking out my boobs. I’ll hit you.”

He laughed, “And you’ve got your mother’s temper to boot. I swear, the only thing you share with your dad is his face and his fighter’s build. Although, you are getting a bit curvier…think you need to step up the training some?”

“I will get out the fucking step stool and stand on it just to have the pleasure to smack you in the face.” She snarked, but she was smiling…and she knew the smug bastard had done it purposely.

“Hah, about the only way you can smack someone’s face, standing on a step stool.” He hugged her once more before backing away, “You know I’m kidding.”

She nodded, “Thanks, I needed the laugh.”

He nodded, “Come into the living room, I’ll check your wrist for you. You know someone else would be better at it anyways. I’ll get you an orb too. Stupid of you to not have one on you.”

“I’d just gotten home from a run, and fuck…”


“I was supposed to be meeting Loki for lunch. My phone is on the bike, can I use yours?”

“It’s on the table. You know he’s going to be testy. He’s always testy if he’s missing lunch.”

She waved him off as she went to his phone and called Loki’s number. Ares headed into the kitchen and started making some coffee. She could smell it from where she was, he was making her favorite blend. She couldn’t help but smile.

Loki answered after two rings, “Ares…what are you doing calling me? This better be freaking important.”

“Wow, you’re still pissed at him?”

“Ais…what is going on? Why aren’t you here sitting in front of me at our favorite restaurant and staring at the hot waiters and waitresses with me?”

“Man, I’m so sorry Loki. Dante and I had a huge row, not epic destroy a lower level of a building row, but big enough that…well I needed Ares. I completely forgot about meeting you for lunch.”

“Are you ok? Do you want me to come over? I can bring food. I’ll just get our usual to go and get something for asshole.”

“I wouldn’t complain if you did…but isn’t Hela and Fenrir with you?”

“No, they’re with Nell and Nico right now. They wanted to hang out with Nico and Nell said they could all just stay with her at the shop. I’ll get our usual to go and I’ll get asshole his favorite sandwich. I’ll be there soonish.”

“Thank you. I’m blessed in the friends I have.”

“Pfft. No thanks needed. I expect a full explanation when I get there…and probably talked down from beating Dante over the head with a clue by four.” Loki hung up and Aislynn couldn’t help but laugh at his last comment.

She put the phone back on the table and went to sit on the couch again, Ares joined her shortly with two cups of coffee.

“Loki coming over?” Ares asked as he sipped his cup.

“Yeah, he’s bringing food for us. Said he’d even get the asshole his favorite sandwich. Just what did you do to piss him off so much?”

Ares looked away from her, “It wasn’t intentional. I swear. And I did apologize. But, well I pulled a Zeus level move on him. He’s gorgeous, you know that right? In any form, he’s gorgeous. Well, I might have hit on him a bit too hard…and didn’t take well to being rejected…you know my temper, I mouthed off and said something that I shouldn’t have.”

Aislynn groaned, “Ares…what did you say?”

“I called him a tease, and said that the reason he can’t find someone that will accept him in all his forms is because he doesn’t want to have anyone…I regretted it immediately and I did apologize, but he’s not wanting to listen to me right now.”

Aislynn reached around behind him and smacked the back of his head, causing him to spill the coffee he’d just taken a sip of, He hissed when the coffee hit his crotch, “Shit Ais!”

He sat the coffee down on the end table and stood up, stripping out of his clothes on the way to his bedroom, “I’ll be right back.”

Aislynn palmed one of her throwing stars and waited until he was almost to his room before she threw it and pegged him on his bare ass. “What the fuck!”

“You deserved it.”

He turned around, pulling the star out of his ass and tossing it back towards her, “I know that! But I said I apologized… and I didn’t mean it in the fucking first place. He’s got this image of me in his head, and I can’t do a damn thing about it. Zeus’ reputation has fucked me over way too many times. He looks at me and sees Zeus…not me. I’d fucking treat him like royalty, and I’d love whatever form he took, but he won’t even give me the time of day.”

She frowned as she stood up and walked to him. Not even caring that he was nude, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, “Damn…I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you were serious about wanting him…you play your cards pretty damn close to your vest.”

He sighed as he accepted the hug, she could feel how tense he was, wound up as tight as a coil, she hugged him tighter, “Do you think it might help if we tell him what we suspect? I…well we both’ve agreed that we wouldn’t interfere in relationships, but I could talk to him? I know you aren’t like Zeus. But…well the twins did fuck your reputation over when they spread that story about Aphrodite and you being lovers; just to get to Heph. I know we dealt with that, but your son and daughter really didn’t do you any favors.”

“I don’t know if it would help.” He pulled away, “I’m going to take a shower. Can you throw those clothes in the hamper for me? If Loki gets here before I’m done, yeah…I guess talk to him if you think it would help. I…well fuck, if I can’t be in his life as a lover, I’d like to at least get my friend back.”

She nodded and picked up the clothes he’d pulled off, “I’ll see what his mood is when he gets here, if I think it will help. I’ll talk to him.”

She heard the bathroom door shut and the water turn on as she walked over to the laundry room and placed the dirty clothes in the hamper. She’d just come back into the main area when the door opened, and Loki came in carrying a bag and a drink tray. She stopped and stared, “Uhm…did they buzz you up and I didn’t hear?”

He sighed, “No. Well yes, but no. I was going to tell you today when we had lunch…but Hela, Fenrir and I moved from the city. Hela and Fenrir, well you know how cruel some kids can be, right? They weren’t happy at their school; and about the only friends they have are Nico and some of the other neighborhood kids; so after a long family conversation, we all decided that I’d hire a few people to run the store in the city and we’d open another branch here in the neighborhood.”

Loki moved to the dining room table and set down his burden, “I didn’t know until after I signed the agreement for the penthouse across the way, that asshole lived here.”

Aislynn snickered in amusement, “Small world.”

Loki pointed his finger at her, “Don’t you start. Now… sit down with me and tell Loki all about what happened. It’s been ages since we talked last.”

She sat down across from Loki, somewhat surprised to see him so comfortable in his male form. Usually when he was agitated, he fluidly shifted form, it wasn’t deliberate on his part, he just did it instinctively.

“Dante and I had a huge fight. I’d just gotten back from my run and was in the shower, when Ifrit and Kain, who were playing chase in the hallway crashed into something. When I got out to see what damage they’d done, well I found a hidden closet and in the closet were several Devil Arms who I didn’t know about. I confronted Dante…I pushed too hard.”

She closed her eyes, “He got pissed and first,” She sniffed, trying to fight the tears, she didn’t need to get weepy again, “He told me that Vergil had been alive all this time…and he never told me that; what’s more…Vergil never sought me out. Then he told me that he’d killed Vergil six months ago, when Vergil was under Mundus’ control as Nelo Angelo…Dante didn’t realize what he’d done until it was too late.”

Loki reached out and took her hands, “Ais…honey I’m so sorry. And I’m sorry to ask this; but is Dante completely sure he killed him? Did he see the body fade?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to ask him. He flipped out and said that I’m not family.”

“I’m going to hit him with a clue by four. I swear to whatever I am. Pissed off or not, he shouldn’t have ever said that to you.”

She flinched as he caressed her hand, he’d hit on a still tender area of her wrist. He caught on, “Did he grab you?”

She nodded, “Yeah…he broke my wrist. I don’t think he meant to…but he was so mad, this was the worst fight we’ve had in forever.”

“Honey, I hate to say it, but Asshole might be right…”

“Don’t finish that sentence… I’m not going to leave Dante, even if I’m only his friend. I can’t, it’s just not in me to leave him.”

Loki nodded and sighed, “I figured. And honey…Vergil is a Sparda, Sparda’s have ways of beating the odds. You know this.”

She grinned slightly, “Yeah, my DREAMS have never been wrong, well not in the end game…now when they come about is another story.”

Loki nodded with a smile, “There you go. That’s the positive outlook I’m used to from you. Now, where is Asshole? I was nice enough to get him his favorite sandwich and he’s not here?”

“I caused him to spill hot coffee all over himself, then pegged him one in the ass with a throwing star. He told me what happened.”

“Ah.” She could see Loki was torn, and she knew the other well enough to know Loki wanted to hear Ares side of it. Maybe, just maybe there was hope that her best friend and the brother of her heart could get together. She knew that Loki could handle Strife and Discord when they visited their father. Although Ares was damn sure that they’d be spending at least a century with their adopted mother; hopefully that would teach them some manners. Athena had always been a stickler for the rules and would drive them into the twin’s skulls.

“Ares honestly didn’t mean to be so cruel Loki. But you look at him and you see Zeus. And, he’s not his father. He’s so far removed from Zeus it’s not funny. The truth is…” She took a breath, what she was going to share was only known and speculated between a few people; Ares, Arawn, Caderyn, Dante and herself.

“The truth is, we’re almost positive that Zeus isn’t Ares’ father at all. Zeus did raise him as his son, but Ares was born during a time that Zeus and Hera weren’t even in the same continent. Hera was in Ireland visiting the Morrigan…she had an affair with my father. Ares was born shortly after that affair and before Zeus and she got back together.”

“Wait…Ares is your half-brother?” Loki’s eyebrow arched in shock and he transitioned into his female form.

“Yeah, well we think so anyways. Dad’s never asked, Ares never pushed Hera to confess, and Hera’s keeping silent on this. Zeus did his best to raise Ares…but well you know the history. Ares chose to ask Dad to be his mentor and lived and trained with my father for most of his childhood. He hates being compared to Zeus because there is one thing that Ares holds above all else. If you love someone, you are to be committed to that person.”

Loki nodded, “I see.”

Aislynn grinned, “He was serious about his advances on you Loki. And honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better man at your side. He’s serious about you, and he adores the kids.”

She looked up as Ares walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a comfortable pair of sweats. She grabbed her drink and her sandwich and stood up, “I’m going to go into the living room…and let the two of you talk.”

She walked into the living room, leaving the two men alone and turned on the TV, making sure the volume would drown out whatever was going on in the dining room and ate her lunch as she absentmindedly channel surfed.

Chapter 2:

A few hours later Aislynn arrived back at the office. She still had a slight smile on her face, when she’d left Ares’ place; she’d walked into the dining room to tell Loki and Ares she was headed back, just to see the two of them had vacated the dining room and were most likely in Ares’ bedroom. She’d not checked, just shouted out that she was headed home, and she’d call them both later.

She’d called Nell as she was leaving and asked Nell to tell the twins to just head home whenever and let themselves into the penthouse. That Loki and Ares were talking, but to make sure they called their dad’s cell phone and let him know they got home all right.

She slid into her parking spot and leaned up against the bike. She took out her cell phone, snorted at the amount of voice mails that Dante had left…she’d put her blue-tooth on as she was riding and had listened to half the voice mails before he started slurring his words so badly she couldn’t understand him. She knew he’d once again gotten drunk. She shook her head, she really wished he’d quit drinking to excess to deal with shit. She’d have to once again try to get him to stop.

She dialed Trish’s number and waited. The other woman answered quickly. “Aislynn, where are you? Lady and I have been trying to call you. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. I’m outside. I went to Ares’ place. I’m sorry. I left my phone on the bike, I didn’t want to hear Dante’s constant stream of phone calls. He left me fucking forty some voicemails. I saw your messages. Can you come out? I need to ask you a few things.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Aislynn looked up at the window that was in their bedroom, wondering what she was going to find when she went in. She glanced at Trish as the other woman joined her in leaning up against the bike. She shook her head and smiled. “He’s passed out by now; it’s been an hour since he last called.” Aislynn looked at her phone, the turned it towards Trish so she could read the number of voicemails. There were 48 voicemails on Aislynn’s phone, all of them from Dante.

“I listened to probably half of them; until his words started slurring so badly that I couldn’t understand him. I think, well I think this fight really freaked him out. He’s never gone to this extreme when we’ve argued. Even drunk, he’s never been this crazy with needing me to come back. He acted like I’d just finally had enough and left him. I’ll wait for him to wake and sober up before I talk to him again. I just have some things I need to get cleared up first.”

Aislynn pondered the look in Trish’s eyes as the other woman watched her. She saw worry, confusion, and fear. But she didn’t understand why Trish feared, not at first. Then she nodded, she’d figured it out, Trish spoke. “I’ll help as much as I can, but Aislynn, I really don’t know much.”

Aislynn nodded and sighed. She didn’t want to open with this, but it was something that had to be asked. “Just how instrumental were you in Vergil’s torture? And Trish… I’m not blaming you; I’m not accusing you. I may not be the most knowledgeable about Devil affairs, but I understand megalomaniacs, and I understand psychology. Mundus had to have ordered you to practice on Vergil; especially with how closely you resemble Eva. Mundus did not know what Eva looked like, or at least I’m sure he didn’t. He had to get the image of Eva from somewhere…and Vergil’s memory of his mother would have been powerful enough to give him the information necessary to create you to resemble her so closely. You even had me almost convinced that she’d returned from the dead the first time I saw you.”

Trish stared at her; she’d clearly not expected that question first. “He was already mostly broken by the time I was created. But yes, I did have a part in his continual torture. Mundus was not kind to those in his service, you’re right, he was downright cruel. As I said, Vergil was already broken by the time Mundus wanted me to use Vergil to practice on.”

Aislynn nodded, “I figured he would have done that, knowing how much you resemble Eva. I’m not going to ask what kind of torture it was; I’m assuming Mundus wanted you to learn all you could. My question is if you knew Dante would face Vergil, why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you prepare him?”

Trish flinched. Aislynn had learned enough about Trish to understand that she was glad that Aislynn wasn’t asking her to recall just what kind of torture she practiced on Vergil. She probably hoped she was never asked, since awakening to her emotions, what she had done to Vergil haunted her, Aislynn could tell by the look in her eyes whenever she passed by the picture of the younger Vergil.  “By the time I really started to question if Mundus was right in all he said, and to question his decisions; it was too late. I remember we told you we got separated. What we didn’t tell you was that it was intentional on my part. The entire thing was a set up. I didn’t begin to question Mundus until, well Dante spared my life when I betrayed him. And then when I was punished for failing, Dante saved me again. Then, when he thought I was as good as dead when I betrayed Mundus, he placed Force Edge, Vergil’s amulet, and the two-sided coin you’d given him, his worry-stone on me to protect me. I knew then, I couldn’t continue as I had been. I wanted to be something better. But it was too late to warn him about Nelo Angelo being Vergil; he’d already found out.”

Trish chuckled. “Do you know he spent most of that plane ride back talking about you? Telling me all about you, I didn’t know if I should be jealous of how much he feels for you or awed at the prospect of meeting you.”

Aislynn ignored that comment. She’d deal with her feelings about it later, in private… when she could process better. Aislynn sighed. “I believe you. What do you think the chances are that Vergil survived?”

Trish glanced back up at Dante’s window, but Aislynn saw the tears in her eyes. She knew what it must feel like. Trish felt that in that sentence, she’d been forgiven for all her many sins. Aislynn believed her. What’s more, Aislynn believed in her. Aislynn knew full well what the power of belief could do for someone. “Not good. I don’t know, maybe a forty-five percent chance, and even if he did, well he’d not be the same Vergil you knew; he’d be feral, broken and mindless.”

“The Vergil I knew was an eight-year-old boy, I’d hope he wasn’t the same.” Aislynn sighed. “Now that I think about it, I think I’ve always known Vergil was alive. There were times I’d be in a tough spot, or even sometimes when I’d be out with other friends that I’d feel a presence close to me, someone protective, cold but protective. I always made a joke to my friends that I had a secret guardian. Now I believe that was Vergil. My heart and soul never believed he was dead, and I still don’t.”

She looked at Trish and in Aislynn’s eyes there was determination and faith, “You said a forty-five percent chance, if anyone could beat the odds, it’s a Sparda.”

Trish sighed. “For everyone’s sake, I hope so. But the question remains, how are we going to find him?”

Aislynn shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll find a way.”

She stood up. “Thank you, Trish. I’m going to go upstairs and wait with Dante, maybe catch a nap before he wakes up.”

Trish nodded, “I don’t envy you.”

Aislynn laughed as she started walking away, but stopped and shocked Trish into utter stillness with her next words, “Oh, and Trish?”

Aislynn turned her head to meet Trish’s eyes, making sure Trish saw understanding and friendship gazing at her from Aislynn’s bright green eyes, “When you’re ready to talk about your experiences under Mundus’ control. I’ll listen, I’ll listen, and I’ll not judge. We’ve all got our own crosses to bear, but when you want to share yours; you’ll find only understanding in me.”

Trish was shocked silent. She could only nod. Now Aislynn knew Trish understood she’d been forgiven. With a slight smile and a nod of her head, she proceeded Aislynn into the building.

Her intention had been to go inside and right up to Dante’s room, but when she followed Trish inside, what she saw stopped her in her tracks. It wasn’t often that you saw a destroyed living room full of people and creatures, one of them being the cutest miniature black and blue pinto horse. A miniature horse who just grinned at her, showing off a wicked set of fangs. Aislynn closed her eyes and opened them, “Nope, not going crazier.”

She took a deep breath and leaned her arm against the wall, “You are extremely cute, even with fangs.” She walked farther into the room looking over the assembled people. Ifrit flew up to her and settled on her shoulder cuddling against her cheek and chirping away at her. She was getting more proficient in understanding him when he chirped slowly. He wasn’t now, but she got the gist of the message, “Of course I wouldn’t have abandoned you all, Little guy. I love you guys, I just had to get away and deal with something. It’s not the first time Dante and I’ve had a row. At least we didn’t destroy the lower level of a building completely.”

She couldn’t help but laugh when Trish commented, “I still say it needed redecorating.”

“I agree with Trish. It did. But still!” Then she turned to Lady and Trish and grinned, “Oh, by the way. Before our row. Dante admitted I was right, and we should just raze the place to the ground and rebuild.”

She held her hand up in the victory salute, “I get my compound!”

The two women laughed.

She turned back to their new family members, for that was what she considered the entire group, and the new Devil Arms, whether they wanted it or not, was now part of that family. Ifrit chirped in her ear, seeking attention and she scratched him under his chin, his favorite place to be scratched. The green succubus with red hair chuckled, “I’ve never seen Ifrit so taken with someone. I’ve known him forever.”

Aislynn chuckled, “Ifrit and I hit it off, I guess. He blew fire at me the first time I met him, I called him cute, he tried to fry me, and I told him I wasn’t scared of him, he was too cute. Then I surprised him by scooping him up and scratching him under the chin. He’s liked me ever since.”

She turned to look at the other beings in the living room, starting with the miniature horse, “And who are you, cutie?”

The two men who looked like twins, one with red hair the other blue started laughing “Well we’ve never heard anyone call Geryon cute. He’s Geryon, We’re Agni and Rudra, the black panther is Beowulf, the white wolf is Cerberus, the beautiful succubus is Nevan and the bats that are flying around making pests of themselves are her siblings.”

Aislynn smiled, “It’s nice to meet all of you and I hope we can talk more soon, especially if you have good stories about my dad and Sparda. I like having blackmail material on good ol’ dad.” She gazed at a few of the bats that had been curious enough to fly closer to her, “Hi there. Do you guys have names?”

She reached out and scratched the one closest to her atop its head, “You guys are awfully cute as well.”

She was drawn from her cute animal spaz when she heard Nevan chuckling, “They don’t have names. I find myself surprised at you. Is your reaction typical for a human surrounded by Devils?”

She shook her head as she could hear Trish and Lady laughing in amusement at the comment, she turned around and pointed her finger at the two of them, “Don’t you two start. It’s bad enough that Dante teases me about my love of all creatures whenever he gets the chance.”

She turned back to Nevan with a smile. “No. Of course, I’ve not had interactions with many humans that are used to being around Devils. Well I should say tolerantly around Devils. There are only a few of the other Hunters that realize that just like humans, Devils can be both good and bad. I think, in this instance, I must take after my mother. She and I, well we have a love for all beings. We like being surrounded by the extraordinary, I guess. She reacted the same way as I did when she met Ifrit for the first time, word for word. Except Ifrit had been on his best behavior and didn’t try to fry her.”

Everyone chuckled and Aislynn scratched Ifrit once more before waving him off, “If you’ll excuse me. I need to go upstairs, make sure Dante hasn’t done something even more stupid in his drunken stupor and change. Have you all eaten?”

Nevan shook her head, “No, Dante said something about pizza? Yes, I think that was the word, pizza for dinner. But we’ve not eaten yet.”

Aislynn frowned and turned to Lady and Trish. “Did he really say that?”

They both nodded and she huffed. “And he’d have probably ordered from that joint down the street and had them eat subpar pizza on their first night with us and turned them off of pizza completely.”

The two women snickered and Aislynn shook her head in amusement, then turned to go up the stairs. “I’ll cook dinner here in a few. I love to cook, and if you all want to be introduced to pizza, we’ll do it right. He can get his own ass out of bed and come down.”

When she got upstairs and entered the room that she shared with Dante, she found Dante passed out buck naked on top of the covers. She sighed. “Oh Dante, why the hell do you do this to yourself?”

She hung her swords and guns up on the hooks next to Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, removed her trench and took off her work clothes, she moved to the dresser and rummaged through her drawer before finding a pair of her yoga pants and a tank top. She walked over to the desk chair and grabbed a blanket then moved to the bed and threw it over Dante. Once that was done, she sat down beside him and just watched his face.

She loved this man, faults and all and it killed her when he did this, got drunk off his ass because he was always overly affectionate. She knew what he would do when he woke up, and while she usually looked forward to it, it hurt to know that the only reason he acted that way was because of his being drunk. It was always the same. She wished, oh how she wished that everything in her life were different; but it wasn’t, and she needed to put on her big girl panties and deal with it. She sighed, nodding to herself and her decision to stop the destructive cycle before it began. With a kiss to his cheek, she stood up and left the room heading back downstairs.


Dante came out of his drunken sleep feeling very warm, very naked, and with a pounding headache. He looked blearily around the room, wondering what woke him up when Ifrit dive-bombed his head again, chittering at him and pulling his hair.

“Damn it Ifrit! What do you want? Go bug Ais!” With those words, everything that had happened came rushing back, “Shit! Is Ais back? Did she come home Ifrit?”  He looked at the little dragon as he climbed out of bed, noticing a blanket falling off his body that he didn’t remember putting on. He looked at the rack for weapons and sighed with relief when he saw her guns and her twin swords. “She’s home.” He sighed, before stumbling to the bathroom to take a cold shower to sober himself up. Not even realizing that with his job done, Ifrit had flowed out of the room.

Once he felt he was alive- and with a chuckle to himself as he thought this- human enough to function he got out of the shower and threw on a pair of red sweat pants. He headed out of their bedroom and started looking through the various rooms on the upper floor, wanting to find Aislynn, needing to see her with his own eyes, to make sure she had come home.

She wasn’t on the upper floor, so he made his way downstairs and into the destroyed office, only to find it was abandoned as well. With a frown, he stopped, closed his eyes and centered himself. He started inhaling, hoping to pick up her scent. The scent of strawberries and vanilla with just the slightest hint of chocolate. Aislynn had always smelled of his favorite dessert, a strawberry sundae. He started filtering through the noises he heard, hoping to hear her voice, or someone speaking her name. Her voice, an angel’s voice that always called to him and soothed him, even when she was berating him for once again leaving dirty towels on the bathroom floor.

There! He heard her voice and smelled her. She’d just said something to Nevan about putting it in the oven and baking it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. She must be in the kitchen.

Dante grinned as he suddenly realized what she must be doing, “Hell, she must be teaching Nevan how to cook. Awesome” he mumbled to himself as he walked to the kitchen.

He had to stop as he got there, for not only was Aislynn and Neven in the kitchen, but Agni and Rudra were hanging on the wall in their sword forms, so they could be part of the conversation but not take up too much space. Cerberus and Beowulf had joined Kain and Kyra in their favorite spot, all of them chewing on a bone the girth and length of his forearm. Ifrit was, as usual sitting on Aislynn’s shoulder, cuddled in as close to her as he could get, but he’d been joined by three of Nevan’s bat siblings. Geryon was following Aislynn around, like a puppy after his favorite person, and seemed to be munching on a jerky stick. Alastor, Trish, and Lady were all sitting around the beaten and battered table, all of them nursing glasses. He knew, even without smelling them or looking in them that Aislynn had made Alastor his favorite tea, Trish would have an Appletini, something that she’d deny until she was red in the face that she adored, but when Aislynn made it for her, she’d savor every last drop, and Lady would have, depending on her mood, either a Virgin Shirley Temple or a normal Shirley Temple, her favorite drink that Aislynn always made sure she made for her.

It was at that moment that what his words, spoken in anger and grief, had almost cost not only him but his friends as well hit him. He had almost been the reason Aislynn left. The knowledge felt like a sledgehammer to the gut.  When he finally looked at Aislynn, flitting around Nevan who appeared to be holding a glass with a Bloody Mary, and who knew if it was tomato juice or actual blood that was giving the drink its red color, explaining something about how she made the pizzas even while she playfully shooed a few more curious bats away with the playful quip of “I only have so much shoulder space, little ones. You’ll have to wait your turn.” and noticed Aislynn’s wrist, the one he’d grabbed so hard, he grimaced in self-hatred and guilt, even as a whine of pain unknowingly slipped through his lips. A whine loud enough to draw everyone’s attention to himself.

When Aislynn turned to him, her eyes cautious, even as she smiled her usual smile at him and attempted to joke, “Look who the cat drug in.”, he didn’t even think. Just moved to stand in front of her, collapsed to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head against her abdomen.

He didn’t know why he had just done that, but it felt right, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I thought you’d left. I thought I’d finally driven you off. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He mumbled against her stomach, not quite ready to look at her face, and honestly not caring what anyone except she was thinking of his over-emotional display.


Aislynn looked at Trish and Lady dumbfounded; she’d never seen him react like this. Not in all the years that Aislynn had known him. Not even during those years that they’d spent apart, hardly ever speaking because he’d decided that he didn’t want to train anymore and instead wanted to go become a mercenary and he didn’t need a little girl tagging along behind him, disregarding the fact that she was only one year younger than he was.

That time, after that argument, when he’d finally decided he’d missed her, he’d just shown up at the Preserve one day and with a shrug said that he’d decided that she wasn’t so bad after all and he’d tolerate her, and everything had been forgiven.

This fight must have really shaken him up, she’d assumed it’d hit a bit closer to home when he kept calling her, but for this reaction? She wasn’t sure what was going on.

She arched her brow at Lady and Trish, wondering what she should do, when Nevan laid a gentle hand on her back and whispered quietly in her ear. “If you forgive him, run your hand through his hair and cup the back of his neck, then tell him he’s forgiven.”

She looked at Nevan with an arched brow and found Nevan watching Dante with an intrigued look on her face, when Nevan noticed her looking at her she grinned and whispered. “This is pure devil reaction here. He’s apologizing to his equal, he’s alpha of us. The Alpha male, he’s apologizing to his Alpha Female for hurting her with his temper.”

Her eyes shifted to Trish, “Something that Mundus wouldn’t have explained or ever thought to teach Trish. And something that I doubt her instincts had come across, considering she’s crossed with succubus, and we don’t normally have that sort of instinct.”

Her eyes went back to Aislynn, “If you forgive him, do what I say. Can you hear his whimpers?”

Aislynn shook her head, her hearing wasn’t as enhanced as a Devil’s, but she could feel the shaking in his body, and mouthed. “I can feel him shaking.”

Nevan nodded “He’s so deep in instinct right now he can’t see or hear us. His entire focus is on if you’ll forgive him. Aislynn, your father’s done you a great disservice in not teaching you basic communication between the type of devil Sparda and he are. Even though you’re mostly human, Dante is more devil than human now, in a few more years, he’ll be mostly devil. Arawn should have been training you in how to survive when that happens. Devils are notorious in reacting based on instinct and emotion, and if a being that was born half-devil who has triggered before and has lost a lot of his human blood, become more devil than human would happen to go into a rage, there would be no guarantee that he’d remember his human family or those he cared about, and he could and likely would attack, hurt, or kill someone he cared about if they didn’t know how to speak to him at a level his devil side could recognize.”

Aislynn frowned, her eyes on Dante, observing as he instinctively pressed himself closer to her, his eyes closed and body shaking harder as he waited for her response. “I’ll speak to him. He called me the other day asking when I’d have time to get away for a week or so. Said there were a few things that he and Mother needed to talk to me about, before my birthday. Until then, if for some reason Dante has another episode that’s pure instinct, can you help?”

Nevan nodded, “Yes, I’ll do my best. Cerberus and Alastor would also be advantageous.”

Aislynn nodded and ran her hand that he had broken through Dante’s hair and cupped the back of his neck, “Dante, it’s ok. I forgive you.”


And just like that, whatever had caused his reaction let go of him and Dante frowned down at the floor. He’d known what he’d done, but he wasn’t entirely sure why he’d done it. Aislynn’s hand was still on the back of his neck, so he tilted his head up to find her staring down at him, the question if he was himself, if he was ok in her eyes.

“You’re ok, Ais? How badly did I hurt you?” He felt guilty as hell for hurting her, something he’d sworn to himself he’d always try to avoid.

“I’m ok. It’s ok, Dante. I know you’d normally never do something to hurt me.”

With a nod, Dante stood up, his arms still wrapped around Aislynn’s waist. Something pushed him to act, and for the life of him he couldn’t find it in himself to fight the compulsion, and he pulled Aislynn into his body and tucked his face into the space where her neck met her shoulder, in that space where her scent was strongest, well in the most publicly acceptable space her scent was strongest. Then he inhaled deeply, letting her Strawberry Sundae scent soothe him.

He idly wondered what she’d do if he started calling her Strawberry, then decided against it when he remembered how fast she could run, and that her swords and guns were just upstairs in their room. He’d be lucky to make it out of the building before she was tearing after him.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he stepped back.

She shrugged one shoulder, a half grin on her face and amusement in her eyes, “Hey, not the first time we’ve had a row of epic proportions. At least, unlike your spat with Trish, we didn’t destroy an entire lower floor of a building.”

“And I still say it needed redecorating,” Trish said in amusement. Trust Trish to help her add humor to the situation. Aislynn knew how emotional moments made most of them uncomfortable. After all, most of the group were just learning how to deal with their emotions.

Aislynn nodded. “Speaking of before our row.” She turned back to look at Dante, poking his chest twice. “Did I or did I not hear you admit that I was right, and we should just tear this old hunk of junk down and build the compound that I’ve been wanting to build for the past five years?”


Dante backed away, a half grin on his face and his hands in the air like he was trying to declare peace. “Ah, well you see.” He started to back up, jokingly trying to escape the situation and avoid having to admit that he had indeed said that she was right.

“Dante, don’t you dare try to escape. I’ll sic Cerberus, Beowulf, Ifrit, and Geryon on you if you do.” She laughed.

He looked at the Devil Arms that she’d named to see that at least Beowulf didn’t seem that happy with even possibly being ordered around by a human, the other three, on the other hand, he pointed at Cerberus, Geryon, and Ifrit, “Hey I’m your Master, you’re supposed to be on my side.”

Cerberus just snickered and went back to munching on his bone, Geryon shook his head with a neigh, and Ifrit chittered at him from his spot on Aislynn’s other shoulder so quickly that he could barely understand him.

Agni and Rudra started laughing. “Well guess they sure showed you.”

Dante waved his hands. “Thrown over for a woman just because she feeds you!”

He grinned and sat down in one of the open seats at the table, “Yes, Ais. I did admit you’re right. If you want to call that contractor friend of yours and schedule a meeting to discuss what you want to create, go ahead and do it.”

He frowned. “We’ll just have to come up with the money to do this somehow.”

Aislynn sighed. “Dante, I know you’ve said no in the past.”

He shook his head, “No Aislynn I don’t want charity or”

“Damn it, Dante! It’s not charity! I’m an equal partner in this business, what little we get from our jobs is split between us. I have the money. Not only what I’ve saved over the years, but also from Loki’s enterprise, and selling him the red orbs and stuff that we don’t use.  My mother and father and any siblings they might give me live on the preserve and hardly need money, so of course I have what extra they’ve given me.”

She pushed at his chest, and when he sat back farther in his seat, she plonked herself down right in his lap and tapped his nose as she did when she was a kid and trying to prove her point, “Please. It’s not charity, but making sure the business, the same business that I have equal shares of, gets off the ground with a strong backing. The compound will have room for all of us, we can cut expenses because we can all live here without stumbling over each other, which means we can get rid of our individual apartments. The compound will have office space, separate from living space, so the two aren’t in danger of being destroyed at the same time if you and Trish ever decide to redecorate again. I have the money to help, let me help, let me contribute what I can. There’s more of us to support now; we have our family, our pack to look after.” She grabbed his face in her hands, forcing him to gaze at everyone gathered in the room.

She frowned. “We all know that while I’m good, I’m not as good as the rest of you. I’m not as strong, and I can’t rely on my devil blood like the rest of you can, nor do I have the power that Lady has. I’m not even half as powerful as she is.  Hell, I can’t even depend on my mother’s legacy, the magic of my maternal line unless I’m in dire straits. I know my faults; I know what not knowing my name has done to me; and its shortened life expectancy as a Hunter. Which means that when I do go out, I must be doubly careful. But I’m also good at balancing a budget, advertising, working with the public, working with technology. I already handle the communication between our contacts and those of authority that are in the know. The compound could even have space for Enzo to use as a workshop, maybe even rent a room out to him. We both know he’s been looking for a place to have an actual workshop. We could offer that to him, and I could help him with that also. We could provide a safe place for our neighbors in case of attack. Morrison could have an office headquarters. Hell, Nell’s been wanting to move out of that place she has; and she’s got Nico to worry about now as well. Let me do this, let me help our people.”

She sighed, and when she met his gaze, he could see resolution and realization in her eyes. “If you let me do this. If you let me support our family in my own way, it will mean I’m hardly ever out on calls. I’d be last resort. I’ll handle the running of the office and maintaining communication with our contacts. I might even be able to get ahold of some of the other Hunting groups and finally start talking about getting everyone somewhat unionized. Get everyone connected via a communication gateway, possibly a webpage or something of that sort. Let me do this, and I’ll bench myself.”

He frowned in thought. He didn’t like to think about how vulnerable Aislynn was if she were out on a call. He hated it when she insisted that she pulled her own weight and went out on just as many calls as they did. He absolutely hated it when she went out without back up, something that didn’t happen often, because he knew he, Ares, and her father as well had people/creatures watching out for her. But it did happen. And he always felt a tightness in his gut when he knew she was out on a call, a tightness that didn’t let up until he knew she was safely back home. He also knew that she did it because she hated to feel that she wasn’t pulling her own weight. Which he thought was stupid, she did more than pull her own weight, she was the glue that held everyone together. She made sure that they were fed and cared for, loved. She even made sure that their contacts and the other hunting groups that were scattered around their area had supplies and back up if they ever needed it.

He realized if he let her invest in the compound the way she wanted. The way she’d been begging him to let her do for over six years now, she’d be doing everything she already was doing, but she’d be taking herself out of the field entirely unless it was a dire emergency and they had no one else to call on.

It was that realization that sealed the deal for him, the realization that she’d be out of the field. And if she was in the field, that meant it had to be a bad situation, and he’d most likely be there to watch her back. He nodded, but he felt he had to stress a fact before giving in. “You do so much for us already, what with being the person to supply the food and cook most of it, you’re also the one that usually has to supply the first aid when we do come back banged up.”

“And with the new compound, I could have the kitchen of my dreams and an infirmary where I could have the stuff we usually need.”

He looked at her. “You’re sure?”

She nodded. “I’d raise my hand if you want me to.”

He laughed at the joking reference to an old deodorant commercial. “You’re seriously ok with footing the bill for the Compound until we start bringing in more contracts and can start turning a profit?”

She nodded again, “I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t.”

He sighed and nodded. “Set up an account at the bank for Devil May Cry. I want you to take what’s in my account and put it in as well as whatever amount you’re wanting to put in. I can’t contribute much, I know, but at least I can contribute something. Set it up like you’ve said in the past you wanted to set it up and call your contractor friend to set up a meeting for some time this week and then let us know when it is.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek. “I’ll do that tomorrow morning, I promise. Right now, there are another ten minutes to wait for the first pizza we just made.”

And just like that, Dante’s mopey mood disappeared. “Pizza? Did you teach Nevan how to make your homemade pizza?”

She nodded and laughed when Dante’s grin widened, “Yes, we’ve got four prepped, and the first one we made is in the oven, so that’s a total of five of my homemade pizza’s done.”


Chapter 3:

Several busy weeks later, filled by meetings with the contractor, choosing building supplies, approving layouts, more and more calls daily, and several more unexplained instances of Dante zoning out and going pure devil in his instinctive response to certain situations, namely anything involving Aislynn’s health and happiness, Aislynn sighed as she stood at the fence to the pasture on her father and mother’s preserve.

She watched with a grin as Ifrit, and Geryon in larger form and Cerberus in his real three-headed form chased each other over the pasture. Kain and Kyra were spending time with their parents and enjoying the new litters of hellhounds to play with as well.

She was glad that Dante had suggested she take the three of them, even though at first, she felt that he was treating her like she was made of glass, and it irked her that he still believed that she needed someone to watch over her. At least it had until Nevan had taken her aside and explained that his instincts were pushing him to make sure that his Alpha Female was protected when she wasn’t in their home, when she wasn’t going to be within his sight.

She’d accepted that and didn’t make the usual fuss when Dante got heavy-handed when it involved her health and happiness. She’d done it because she could see he was becoming confused and frustrated with his own instincts. She’d quietly spoken to Nevan and asked her to, once she’d left approach Dante and help him understand what was going on; or at least understand that it was his Devil Blood forcing his instincts to cause him to act such.

Knowing that after speaking with Nevan, Dante would quit thinking he was going insane. Nevan had said that once she’d left, she and Alastor would sit down with Dante and tell him what was going on. Maybe try to pinpoint what had first started his Devil Blood’s awakening.

From her last conversation with Trish and Lady, Dante wasn’t settling into the fact that she was gone as well as he usually did when she left for her parents’ place for her two weeks stay as she did twice a year every year. She’d had more texts and phone calls with Dante during the few days of her stay so far than she’d had in all the previous two week stays combined. Ever since she’d moved out at eighteen, she’d always returned to the Preserve for the two weeks around her birthday, and the two weeks around the one holiday that her mother said they would always observe, which was Beltane, her parent’s anniversary.

So, she spent the last week of October and the first week of November with her parents, then came back and spent the last week of April and the first week of May with her parents. She’d done it for 11 years now, but this time things felt different; she was here earlier than usual for one. Her father had called a few days after her row with Dante and demanded that she come out around the first of the month, instead of the last.

She chuckled. Her father had taken her aside when she’d first arrived and told her that he’d had quite a conversation with Nevan, who had apparently asked Lady how to use the telephone so she could call him and berate him for not training his daughter in how to protect herself around devils that did not involve killing them before they attempted to kill her, so he’d given her a crash course in everything he could think of with nonverbal communication with the kind of devils that he and Sparda were.

How, since some part of Dante considered her his Alpha Female, and boy was she surprised when her father had explained that with their type of Devil, if a Female was the Alpha of the pack, she was the mate to the Alpha Male, and the Alpha Male would only have one mate, she needed to learn how to act like the Alpha Female, so she’d know what to do in any kind of situation that involved Dante’s Alpha instincts. He’d teased her and told her that if she was insistent on forming a pack with one of the Sons of Sparda and his Devil Arms, then he’d teach his daughter how to be the best Alpha female there was.

Those lessons had ended a few days ago and her dad had told her that he and her mother needed to talk to her tonight about something very serious. That she needed to know something before her birthday, and that he was sorry that they’d not told her sooner, but her mother, gentle soul that she was, had worried that Aislynn might hate her for what they had to tell her.

Aislynn glanced at her phone when it beeped, sure enough, there was another text from Dante, a happy face, a frowny face then a how r u?

So, in Dante speak, he was ok, he missed her and wanted to know how she was. She grinned and shook her head as she responded that she was ok and that she had dinner with her folks in twenty minutes, that they needed to tell her something. That Geryon, Ifrit, and Cerberus were enjoying themselves, and she’d text him tonight and let him know what her parents had told her. She missed him too and told him to tell everyone hi. And scratch Beowulf behind his ears for her, because she knew the fact that she knew Beowulf’s one weak spot and could get him to let her touch him and pet him if she started behind his ears first, drove Beowulf nuts. He didn’t even try to hide his dislike of humans but tolerated her shenanigans because she scratched behind his ears.

Well, that and she’d sort of taken to making an idiot of herself by reading anything she happened to be reading out loud, and engaging Beowulf in conversations about intellectual topics whenever she could. She couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking of Beowulf. They’d all agreed to just not mention his blindness, but she’d found ways to help him feel included… she was proud of the fact that she’d been able to do it without him realizing she was accommodating him. She’d overheard him grumble to Cerberus that she was the first person who scratched his ears, and she did it well.

She looked at her phone and saw that it was nearly time for the meal. She gave out a whistle and watched as Ifrit turned, mid-dive bomb, and flew her way, Cerberus, who had been about to pounce on Geryon, adjusted his jump and started bounding towards her, transforming into the form he took most often, that of a one-headed wolf, and Geryon started galloping behind the both of them, slowly shrinking down to his miniature pinto form. She had to smile; she loved her friends. She loved all three of the Devil Arms, and knew, even though they didn’t belong to her, that they loved her as well. Dante grumbled sometimes that his own weapons preferred her to him, but he said it with a smile, so she knew he wasn’t mad about it.

Once the three had reached her, she opened the gate, accepting Ifrit on her shoulder, his favorite perch, and hugging Cerberus and Geryon as they went through the gate.

“Well come on you three, let’s go see what my mother has made for dinner. I’m hoping she made fried potatoes, for some reason those sound really good with some malt vinegar and maybe a pork chop.”

They trooped up to the main house and once inside, followed their noses to the dining room. Sure enough, her mother Caderyn had made pork chops, fried potatoes, green beans and home-made bread for their meal. She’d set aside a huge bone for Cerberus, Kain, and Kyra’s dessert and had a plate of uncooked pork chops for their meal. Geryon had a huge serving bowl full of pork in his favorite eating spot and sitting on the table next to Aislynn’s plate was a platter of cube cut raw pork for Ifrit to eat however he wanted it. Aislynn shook her head, her mother, fully human that she was, adapted quickly to having devils in the house, and always made the effort to make them comfortable.

Geryon and Cerberus moved to their spots, and Aislynn started to sit down in her chair when her mother and father entered the hell hounds following along in their wake.

“I see you all enjoyed your bounding around.” Even after all these years, Caderyn’s Scottish accent sounded just as if she’d arrived.

“Yes, mother.” She moved to hug her mother and bowed her head to her father before he hugged her. Arawn had been a stern father, but he’d also been the one that instilled Aislynn’s sense of fun and fair play in her. He’d always been the one she could go to for any problem, and when he began training her, he trained her as if nothing else was more important. She’d spent her entire life knowing she was loved.

“My daughter.” The three sat down and proceeded to eat.

Silence during dinner was sometimes normal, they all had things on their mind. Sometimes there would be a conversation, especially as she got older during the first few days of her visit, but sometimes there was just this comfortable silence. The silence that seemed to sit on them like a heavy dense fog during this dinner was not normal, it wasn’t comfortable at all, but felt tense, forbidding, and Aislynn didn’t like it. She didn’t like the fact that she could somehow sense her mother’s trepidation and her father’s resignation.

She knew they worried about telling her whatever it was that they had to tell her, they worried what her reaction would be. But she didn’t think they could ever do anything that would make her hate them, not like her father had told her that her mother feared would be her reaction.

With a sigh of frustration, she put her fork down and looked across the table at her parents, “I’m not liking this silence. It’s dark, forbidding, and you two are worried. You’re more worried right now than you were when I was ambushed and kidnapped by that group of Ga’enks. When Dad had to go ask an old friend for a favor and they sent that mercenary Gilver to rescue me.”

The look on her dad’s face caused her to pause, it was as if he’d known something, something that had been kept from her. Something more than what they’d wanted to talk to her about. Her face went white when she realized that the only secret, she’d not been let in on had been the fact that Vergil was alive. Vergil, Gilver. “Son of a Bitch!”


She shook her head. “Sorry mother. Gilver was Vergil. Why in the world didn’t I draw the connection?”

She paused, remembering the two times that she’d interacted with Gilver. The first the day he came to rescue her from the Ga’Enks, the second, the time he’d infiltrated a costume party she had attended, telling her she needed to listen to her father and go to Ireland for the year. She remembered that part clearly…but she’d been so pissed at Dante that she’d gotten drunk, she couldn’t remember the rest of the night. She wondered what would have happened if she did remember? Wait… holy shit, what if… no, no that had been a dream, just a dream, hadn’t it?

She looked at her father. “Did you tell Dante about the Ga’enks?”

He shook his head, “No, I never told him. I thought you had?”

She arched her eyebrow, “Yeah Dad, like I was really going to tell Dante while he was off being Tony Redgrave and ignoring me entirely that I got pissed off and decided that if he was going to play at being a mercenary that I was going to go out with my friends and forget all about him, and the first time I did, I got kidnapped?”

She sighed. “You knew all this time that Vergil had been alive? You know, now that this has come out. His ripping me over the coals for being stupid enough to get kidnapped makes a hell of a lot more sense. He chewed me up one side and down the other. He must have been so worried.”

“Aislynn, there are things dealing with Vergil that I can’t speak of. I’m under oath. Yes, I did know he was alive, but until it was discovered by Dante and yourself, I couldn’t speak of my knowledge. I found out he was alive the night you were kidnapped. He’d broken into the Preserve in search of a book.”

“Did you try to bring him home, once you found him?” She took a drink of water.

“I tried to convince him to return to us. To come home, but he was insistent that he could not. Your mother came into the room then; and once she found out…she made a request of him, one he agreed and did, shortly before Kain and Kyra appeared. Aislynn. Vergil is your Name Bearer.”

And that water was just spitting out on her mother’s clean table as she jumped to her feet and started to pace, “Dad! That was the stupidest thing you could ever have done! What in the hell were you thinking! Even as a kid Vergil hoarded knowledge and loved showing that he was smarter than Dante and me! And now, we don’t even know Vergil is alive!”

She paused, that thought shocking her, according to the Name Bearer’s vow, once the true name was given, all knowledge of the true name was taken out others’ minds until it had been unlocked when the Name Bearer told the female cambion their true name. If the Name Bearer died before the true name was spoken, then the knowledge of the name would return. She turned to her father, “What’s my true name?”

He shook his head, “Aislynn you know the law.”

She nodded, eagerly “I do. I swear I do, and that’s why I’m asking. Dad, what’s my true name? Mother, do you know?”

It hit her parents at the same time, why she was asking. They’d be the two that the knowledge of her true name would return to in the event of Vergil’s death. If they could speak her true name, then their fears were correct, and Vergil was dead. But, if they couldn’t speak it, then Vergil was alive out there somewhere, most likely in Hell and once again a prisoner, but he was alive, and there was a chance that they’d find him and bring him home. Aislynn bounced on her toes, “Please, please tell me that you can’t tell me my true name.”

Her parents looked at each other, and she could see the confusion in their eyes when they tried to recall her true name. It was her father that confirmed her hope. “I can’t speak it.”

“Yes! He’s alive! I’ve got to tell Dante and the others!” Aislynn turned to run out of the dining room and to her suite, but her mother’s voice stopped her.

“Aislynn, sit down. There’s more we have to tell you.”

And just like that, her mad dash was halted, she returned to her seat and sat down. She grabbed a napkin and cleaned up the water mess she’d made after her father’s latest bombshell.

“What’s going on?”

Caderyn sighed, “You know on our maternal line we hail from a long line of magic users.”

“Yes, I know the magic that I can call on sometimes is from our maternal line, but I thought that the devil blood was the reason my magic isn’t as strong as yours?”

Caderyn shook her head, “We let you think that. We are magic users not just on my maternal line, but my paternal as well. My father and his line were Mages. High Magic Art users.”

Aislynn lowered the glass she’d just picked up to take a drink, there wasn’t any need for two spit-takes at one meal, “I see. What is going on Mother?”

Caderyn looked at Aislynn, her eyes, the same eye color that Aislynn herself shared were hard, “You are the last of my father’s line. While I have cousins and aunts and uncles on my mother’s side. You are the last of my father’s line. Every other relative from that side has passed. You are the last. With his passing, you’re also the one who’s birthday comes first out of the two of us.”

Aislynn shivered, her mother was stressing this being the last of the line quite a bit.

“My father’s gifts didn’t awaken until the birthday after the ancestor who held the power before passed. Until the exact second of his birth. You are the last of my father’s line. On your birthday, at the exact second of your birth, not only will the gifts of my father’s line, all the gifts of my father’s line, awaken in you, but so too will those powers have gifted to you by my mother’s line.”

Aislynn shook her head, disbelieving, “What?”

“Aislynn, my daughter, the powers of your maternal grandmother’s line have always been in you, but because there was a power struggle between your devil blood and your mother’s blood, the magic had a harder time manifesting. But, with the gifts of your ancestors awakened, on your birthday, at the exact second of your birth; you’ll receive two massively rich and strong lines of magic. You’ll be more powerful than your mother. You’ll be the most powerful Magic user in the last hundred or so years.”

She looked at her father. “But I don’t know how to control that power. I don’t know anything; I haven’t been trained. What the hell am I going to do? That much power, hitting me at once, it could drive me insane!”

He nodded, “The awakening of the powers will knock you out for several days, I’ve made arrangements for you to go to Vii Du Mari and train with the wise woman there. Her name is Matier, she’s an old friend of mine and Sparda’s.”

She frowned. “That’s not that far away. How long will I be gone?”

Arawn shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Timing would depend on Matier. It could be several months to a year; it could be more.”

Aislynn shook her head and leaned back in her chair. “Dad, I have responsibilities.”

“And they can wait, my daughter. You will need training, and you will go and remain there until Matier releases you.” Arawn frowned at her. “We don’t have a choice. I will not see you fail. I will not see the light of my eyes, my daughter, fall.”

She looked at her father, really looked at him and could see the fear in his eyes. “Ok. I’ll go.”

Arawn nodded, “And?”

She sighed, “I’ll stay until Matier says I can leave.”

She stood up and Cerberus, Geryon, Kain, Kyra and Ifrit took their places beside her, places that they knew they’d have no matter what.

“If I only have a few days before I have to be there, and you’re wanting me there before my birthday, right?”


“Then I need to return home. I need to say goodbye to everyone, to explain what’s going on and tell them the news about Vergil. I also need to decide and speak to Nevan about the building of the Compound. You’re still ok with everyone bunking here after they tear the old office down?”

Caderyn smiled. “Of course, they can stay. We don’t mind having more people around.”

Aislynn nodded. “Well, I was hoping that you two would work on giving me a sibling. I mean I’m not getting any younger here. I’d like to have a sibling.”

She gave them a cheeky grin before heading to her room. “I’ll head home in the morning, but I have to at least call Dante and let him know I’m coming home early, I just won’t tell him the reason why until I can tell him face to face. He’s definitely not going to like this.”

Not liking it was an understatement, Dante would be furious she was going to be away from him for so long. She sighed as she walked to her room. This had been a hell of an evening.

Chapter 4:

When she walked into her room, she texted Dante telling him she’d be home tomorrow sometime in the morning, and she needed to talk to him. He sent message back saying he’d be out on a call in the morning, but he’d talk to her as soon as he got home that afternoon. He missed her and would see her when she got home.

She sighed and decided to pack her bags. She’d just grabbed her bag from the closet when Ifrit, who’d been flying around her room chirped a question.

“What book, Ifrit?” He answered her and she frowned, “I don’t know. I don’t remember hiding a book up there. Can you bring it to me?”

Ifrit brought her the book, and she sat down on her bed and opened it, a letter, yellow with age, fell out.


I wish things could be different for all of us. You’re now laying down beside me, and for just a moment I can pretend that I will be beside you when you wake up. That when you wake up and see me laying beside you, that you will react with joy, and that we can continue what we started last night. Before you freak out, no we did not go all the way, but things did get out of hand. And I apologize that I wasn’t strong enough to stop it. But I’ve loved you for so long. I’ve loved both you and Dante for so long that the chance to hold you was just too much. I know once I write this, once the morning gets closer, and the sun starts to rise I will leave your side once again. It is the last thing I want to do; but there are things that I must do. I need to get stronger; I need to survive. And I fear, that for a while longer, I must do it without you by my side.

I will deal with Dante; he’s forgotten that you are the most important part of our lives. You are ours, and we are yours. Please, remember that. Please forgive us for being fallible and leaving you on occasion. Know you are our heaven and our salvation. Know that he may deny it, he may hide it, but he loves you. He loves you just as much as I do. I know this, for he’s my twin.

I’m a coward, Aislynn. I’m a coward, because I know you deserve better, you deserve to know that I am alive…but I fear I’m not strong enough to deny you if you ask for me to stay, and I can’t. Right now, I can’t.

Go to Ireland, be with your Grandmother for the year. Hopefully, when you return, I can see you once again, face to face and you’ll remember this night. And you’ll still love me; you’ll still need me in your life. Please need me.

Please love us. Please forgive us our sins. Please watch over Dante, and love him as much as you can, even if he does stupid shit. We both know he’s impulsive.

With my heart in your hands, I leave you this book. I know you’ll remember it; you’ll remember the day you gave it to me.


She clutched the letter to her chest and sobbed. That night, it hadn’t been a dream. He’d been here, in her room, holding her and she’d forgotten. She’d thought it was all a dream… he’d been here. Once she’d calmed down, and believed that she could handle the next shock, she opened the book, and the tears fell again. Indeed, she remembered the book that was now in her hands. She remembered finding the book in a second-hand book store and knowing that Vergil would love it. She’d paid for that book with her allowance, written Vergil’s name inside it, and written what she’d thought at the time was a very grown up message, To Vergil. My Blue Knight. May dreams always be our playground.

That night, she slept clutching the letter and the book in her arms, tears staining her cheeks.

When she woke up the next morning, she was still holding the letter and the book. She moved from her bed, placed the letter back in the book and undressed as she walked to her shower. She had to get back, there were things to be handled. She couldn’t afford another break-down. She showered, dressed and made sure everything was packed away. Ifrit flew to her side, resting himself on her shoulder and nuzzling her with a questioning chirp. She was thankful that he and Geryon and Cerberus had left her alone most of the night, after she broke down.

“I’m fine now buddy. It was just a shock. Thank you so much for finding the book. Are you ready to go home? We’ve got a lot to take care of today.”

Ifrit chirped once again and she smiled, “Ok, let’s go see what Mom has made for breakfast.”

After a breakfast with her parents, she packed everything into Dante’s precious. His 1969 Jaguar e-type red convertible. She’d honestly been surprised that he let her take the car this time… of course, he’d had to give in when he was the one who’d demanded she take Geryon, Ifrit and Cerberus with her. While Kain and Kyra could just ‘shadow’ to her, the other three would have to expend too much energy to portal to her, and there was too much of a chance that something bad could happen.

“Ok guys, ready to go home?” Everyone clambered into the car, and she hopped in, waving goodbye to her parents and started towards home. She waited until she was passed Red Grave City before she made her first phone call, using her Bluetooth headset. It didn’t take long for Loki to answer.

“Aislynn, darling! I did not expect to hear from you today.” Loki’s female voice sounded and Aislynn couldn’t help but laugh. She’d forgotten that Loki had invited her to join him/her and Aphrodite at the spa that day, “I’m actually on my way home. Is Aphrodite with you?”

“She is, my love. What can we do for you?”

“I’d like you two to get ahold of Heph and Ares and come to dinner tonight. I have some news that needs to be told…and I’d rather tell everyone at the same time. Can you do that?”

“No problem. I’ll let them know. We’ll see you tonight.”

She hung up and shortly after was pulling back into the garage at the back of the lot they owned. They exited the car and she grabbed her bags. When she walked into the kitchen, she found Nevan, Agni, and Rudra obviously just walking in from some ‘play time’. She laughed.

“Hello, I see you three are happy.”

“Spice!” Nevan laughed. “I see you are home. How was your visit?”

“Revealing. We’re going to have company for dinner. Nell and Nico, Morrison, Enzo, Loki, Hela, Fenrir, Aphrodite, Heph and Ares. I think, its such a nice afternoon, I’ll ask Dante to set up the grills tonight and we’ll have a cook out. I have things that need to be shared.”

“Is everything all right?”

“Not really, but… I’ll explain tonight. I need to tell Dante first. Is he home yet?”

“No. he’s not. Lady and Trish are also out. Alastor has disappeared once again, and Beowulf is laying in the library.”

She nodded, “I think I’ll join Beowulf then. I’ve got a book that I want to read. Let Dante know where I am when he gets back if you see him please?”

When they agreed, she walked into the tiny library to see Beowulf laying down in a sliver of sunlight, he raised his head when she walked in and sat down in her favorite big overly-stuffed chair. She opened her book and started to read out loud. She didn’t pay attention to Beowulf at all, they’d both gotten used to this routine. He moved from his spot to lay down closer to her, and she casually draped one of her hands down from the book and began to scratch Beowulf’s ears. They continued that way, her reading out loud and scratching Beowulf’s head when she didn’t have to turn the pages.

She lost track of time, honestly, and was surprised when she heard a cough from the door. She looked up to see Dante standing in the entrance, a smile on his face. She stood up, placing the book on the coffee table and moved to him, wrapping her arms around his waist, and resting her head against his chest.

“Hi. I missed you.”

“Hey, Nevan said you needed to speak to me.”

She nodded against his chest. “Yeah.”

She didn’t want to move yet, soon enough she’d have to tell him everything. About her having to leave, about the kidnapping, about Vergil being alive… but right now, she just wanted to be in his arms, and he had wrapped his arms around her, and he was holding her as tightly as she was holding him.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

She nodded, stepping away and taking his hand and pulling him to the chair. She pushed his chest until he got the picture and sat down in her favorite chair. She sat down on the coffee table so that she’d be directly in his eyesight. She had a feeling that she’d have to watch his reaction. If he started to devil out, she’d have to stop him from over-reacting and the best way to do that would be face-to-face.

She looked at Beowulf. “Hey. Can you leave us for a while?”

Beowulf opened his mouth to snark at her, but she stopped him, “Beowulf. I don’t ask much from you ever. I know this is your favorite room, but I need to speak to Dante alone.”

She sighed. “Please?”

With a snort, Beowulf left the room, leaving the two of them alone.

She turned back to Dante and gazed at him, she saw the curiosity and concern in his eyes, and she grinned, “I’m not dying.”

“That isn’t funny Aislynn.”

She sighed. “No, it’s not. But that is the truth. I’m not dying. But there is something, well to be honest, there are several somethings that I need to tell you. And you’re not going to like any one of them.”


“I need your promise that you’ll stay right there in that chair for this entire thing, Dante.”

He frowned at her. “Ok, I promise I’ll stay in this chair.”

She nodded and reached out and took both his hands. “Mom and Dad had a good reason to ask me to come and visit before I usually did. You know my grandfather died; we went to the funeral while you went galivanting off to Mallet Island. I didn’t know my grandfather. I had no idea of his history and Mom, well she finally confessed to me what his history was. He was a Mage.”

She waited, watching Dante process the information. Everyone knew about Mages. Everyone knew the stories that there was only one Mage born into a family, and the powers of the Mage travelled down through the generations, when one died the relative that had the next birthday would inherit the gifts. She could see the gears in his head turning as he figured things out.

“Aislynn…” She interrupted him, “That’s not all Dante. I’m the last of the line. My mother, she already had her birthday, but even if she hadn’t…I’m the last of the entire line. He had no siblings, no other kids. On my birthday I’m going to inherit not only the Mage gift, but I’m going to get bombarded with all the power of his line, and all the magic of my grandmother’s line as well.”

She could feel him tensing up, his eyes going bluer and bluer as she spoke. “Dad said the awakening of the gifts, there’s no way for me to get passed it. He said that the awakening could destroy me. I’ll be the most Powerful magic user in the last several hundred years. He’s contacted an old friend of his and Sparda’s. I’m to travel to the island Vii Du Mari and train with the wise-woman Matier. I have to leave a few days before my birthday.”

“You’re leaving me again?” He growled.

“I have to, there’s no choice… and you know I don’t like leaving you, I never have. Hell, I fought with my parents over going to Ireland so much, until…” She paused. “There’s more.”

“What more?”

“Dad knew Vergil was alive.”

And, right then his eyes flashed red, and she could see he was getting ready to get up from the chair. She did the only thing she could to stop him. She scrambled into his lap, the skirt of her baby-doll dress hiked up as she straddled him, holding him in the seat with her body weight.

“Dante.” He didn’t respond to her voice, so she had to get his attention back on her, get him to calm down. She did the first thing she thought of. She ground herself down onto him, reached out and pulled the hair at the nape of his neck, and when he focused his attention on her, she angled her lips over his and kissed him.

Fire exploded between them in that kiss. It was as if all the years of her wanting him just bubbled up to the surface and decided to erupt. She ground against him again, feeling his response to her kiss, to her presence. The feel of him, how hard his body was, how tense, and how big and hot his body felt between her legs, caused her to become wet and she whimpered against his lips as he started to dominate the kiss.

She let him, ceding to his wishes, going pliant in the kiss. Reveling in the feel of him under her, but still so dominate. When his lips moved from hers, and attached to her neck, and bit down she threw her head back with a moan. He’d bit hard enough to draw blood and was currently suckling at her neck. His hands, already half clawed, raked down her back, then grabbed the bunched-up dress and started pushing it up, his claws drawing marks on her body, leaving trails of blood down her back.

She didn’t fight him, she eagerly participated when he tore her dress off her and he captured one of her nipples in his mouth, biting down hard enough to break skin. His fangs raking over the sensitive tip. She clutched his head to her, wanting, needing more of him. When he shifted his arms and raised her up just enough to tear her panties off her and unleash his cock, she moaned. And when he impaled her on his cock she whined. He was so big, so hard…and she’d been ready but, he was bigger than any toy she’d used, and she’d never had a cock in her before, so the stretch was so beautifully painful.

He stilled, and she knew he was coming down from his rage, she didn’t want him to stop. She couldn’t have taken him rejecting her, not now. So, she started to ride him, and when he pulled away from her breast to look at her; she kissed him again. “Please…” She didn’t know quite what she was wanting, but she hoped he’d continue.

“Ais…” Dante gasped out.

“Dante. Please. Don’t stop.” She kissed him again, tightening her inner muscles around him.
He groaned. “Aiis… are you sure?”

“I want you; I’ve always wanted you.”

His eyes went glacial blue and his clawed hands dug into her hips as he started guiding her movements, thrusting up into her. He captured her lips, biting them, drawing blood and she whimpered. She loved feeling dominated by him. To know he was strong enough to literally break her in two, but he was more insistent on giving her pleasure.

He moved his mouth to once more bite, suck and kiss her breasts, one of his hands sliding down to rub against her clit. She dipped her head and bit into his neck, sucking on the bite and drawing blood. She could feel how tight his body was, his thrusts speeding up and she started moving in tandem with him. Her climax hit her out of nowhere and she moaned as her entire body shook and her walls tightened around his cock.

She had no warning, suddenly, she was feeling herself move and slamming into the wall behind them. He’d tightened his grip on her legs and stood up, moving with his inhuman quickness. She leaned her head against the wall, her hands clawing at his shoulders as she just let him have his way with her. She opened her eyes, still lost in pleasure, but wanting to…needing to see his face, watch him. She could feel his body vibrating with his animalistic growls, his devilish side obviously at the forefront. When he pulled away from her breast, and looked up at her, she could see his eyes flashing from glacial blue to yellow-gold. But she didn’t fear he’d trigger. She trusted him, always had. And he would know that while she could stand up against rough sex…she’d be vulnerable if he triggered and fucked her. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss which was surprisingly gentle in contrast with how hard he was fucking her.

“Mine…?” He growled, and she heard the question in his statement.

“Me for you and you for me.” She said right before biting into the spot where his neck met his shoulder, licking at the blood that she’d drawn; he bit into the same spot on her, his fangs lodging into her neck as he started to cum, thrusting into her the entire time.


Dante wasn’t sure how long he stood there, he’d just had the best orgasm of his entire life, and he’d had it with Aislynn…his best friend, his partner, one part of his soul and heart and mind. He was still inside her, his head resting against her neck. He could feel her shuddering as she calmed down. Hell, he was still wound tighter than a screw, and was still as hard as rock even though he doubted there was anything left to come out. He tried to step away from her, to let her take her feet again, but she tightened her legs around his waist with a little moan and he sighed. “I kind of left the chair. Sorry.”

She laughed against his neck, “Yeah, well you fucked me so well, I think I’ll forgive you… if you carry me back to the chair and sit down. There’s still more to tell.”

Shit…what? More to tell. More than her leaving him for some training at a place that he wouldn’t have access too. More than her father, a man he respected above his OWN father knowing his twin brother was alive and not telling him? Or hell, not telling Ais… the one woman who should have known; what the fuck more needed to be said. He groaned and backed up, falling into the chair and making sure she was secured and comfortable. If she honestly didn’t want him to pull out of her, who was he too complain. He loved this woman, probably had half his life. And she fit so well against him, and his cock felt right at home inside her pussy.

“Ok…I’m not going to like this am I?” A snort of amusement was his answer, “How long had your dad known he was alive?”

“Ah, you see… I’ve kind of unintentionally kept something from you for years now. I honestly thought Dad had spoken to you about this and you’d just not brought it up to me.”


“Ok, like the last year you were on the streets as Tony. You’d promised me twice that you’d come to the Preserve and spend the day and night with me. Just visiting and hanging out; but each time you would say you were going to come, you bailed. Kept telling me that there was stuff you needed to take care of.”

Shit… He knew back then; especially towards the end of his time on the streets when he was busy dealing with Vergil as Gilver and all that shit that happened, that he’d ignored phone calls and texts from Ais… and broken promises to her, and then she’d suddenly quit talking to him at all.

“Ais, I’m sorry. I never told you what was going down because I…Vergil was posing as a mercenary named Gilver. He’d been around for a few months, and… at first, he was a damn good mercenary, and we’d gone out on a few calls and shit together. I didn’t even know it was him… but then one day he disappeared for a few days then when he came back, it was like a switch was flipped or something; because he started pulling all kinds of shit… and people died, so many people died, and Nell was almost killed. I didn’t want to tell you about that, I didn’t want your memory of him to be tarnished.”

She pulled her head away from him, and he could see confusion in her eyes, “When was all this?”

“Ah, probably right around the time that you quit contacting me at all… yeah I think the first of the deaths happened around that time.”

“Dante, it couldn’t have been Vergil.”

“I found out Gilver was Vergil shortly before I killed him…or at least I thought I killed him.”

“Dante, whoever you killed might have looked like Vergil, but it couldn’t have been him.”

He tilted his head, “Why do you seem so sure?”

She sighed. “Because when you were dealing with that shit, Vergil was tracking my ass down because I’d been ambushed and kidnapped.”

He froze, his body vibrating in fury, she’d been kidnapped. What the fuck? No one had told him.

“Repeat that?”

She cupped his cheeks in her hands, “I need you to calm down, please. I’ll explain, but Dante; there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it now.”

“Fuck, Ais…Just repeat what you said. What the fuck? You never told me?”

She shrugged one shoulder. “The last time you bailed on me when you didn’t even call to tell me you weren’t going to come over. I got a call from Marissa and she said that they knew this guy that would be perfect for me. I let them set me up on a blind date, thinking that they’d at least know what kind of guy I liked. Well, long story short. The guy took me to this fucking party, and I got tired of him hitting on me and trying to be handsy; so, I left. Idiot that I am, I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving, and I hadn’t been the one to drive, so didn’t have my bike or a car with me. I was on the way to the bus stop to take the bus to the terminal and then call for a ride home when I was ambushed by a bunch of Ga’Enks and kidnapped.”

“Fuck Ais… you…” He would have said something about how she should know better; but she didn’t know… well not everything; she didn’t know just how rare she was, a female cambion, especially one as powerful as she was, even without her name; she’d be quite a temptation to other Devils. It was the reason they were always so protective of her.

“I was gone for two months. They didn’t hurt me, but I couldn’t get away. Kain and Kyra, they’d come when I was attacked and tried to help but they were so young back then… they had to leave me.”

He couldn’t help but tighten his arms around her, he didn’t want to know more, but he also needed to know more, “Ok… what more?”

“I found out from Dad last night, after Mom had gone to bed what happened. Kain and Kyra ‘shadowed’ home to get help. What we didn’t know was that Vergil had known I would be out, and he’d chosen then to try to break into the Preserve to get ahold of a book in the Archives. He got caught by Kaz, and Kaz sat on him and sent out a warning call to Dad. Dad hadn’t known until then that Vergil was alive, he’d heard rumors, but at the time he was so busy trying to track down these devils running a human trafficking ring that he’d not had a chance to investigate. Anyways; Vergil, Dad and Mom talked, and Vergil…”

She sighed. “I know Vergil is alive.”

“You know?”

“Vergil is my Name Bearer.”

Vergil? Aislynn’s Name Bearer was Vergil? That…made sense, he’d always wondered why he’d never been approached to be Aislynn’s Name Bearer; a part of him having been hurt that he wasn’t chosen. He’d honestly believed, even when he was mad at his father, that a Sparda should be the Name Bearer for Aislynn. Their families had been tied together for eons, after all.  If it wasn’t him, then he was glad that it was Vergil, but that still brought up the question, “Just how in the hell did that come about?”

“Have you ever known my mother to not get her way if she wanted something badly enough?” Aislynn huffed, and Dante couldn’t help the chuckled response. “Well, you and your mother are a lot alike.”

She smacked him and groaned. “Dad said the same thing. Anyways…Mom has always known it should be a Sparda that would be my Name Bearer…but she for some reason had kept waiting. She’d had a sense that she needed to be in the Archives that night and it was then that she asked Vergil to be my Name Bearer and he agreed. He’d just finished the vow when Kain and Kyra ‘shadowed’ into the room, both injured and told them of my kidnapping.”

She sighed. “Dad said that Vergil went all quiet and then went to start tracking me down. It took Vergil two months to find me Dante. Apparently those Ga’Enks had been part of that human trafficking ring. Dad said that Vergil completely decimate the ring before he found me and brought me back. I didn’t know it was him; he hinted at it, he called me Princess…but I didn’t know it was him. Why didn’t he tell me he was alive?”

He could hear the tears in her voice, he frowned. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Anyways, he found me and brought me home, you came back about a week later. It couldn’t have been Vergil that was causing all the trouble. But who’s to say that it wasn’t someone who looked like Vergil?”

“Clone? Like Trish?”

“Trish did say it wasn’t the first time that Mundus had done crap like that.”

“True.” He sighed. “Ok, so we know Vergil is alive….and we know that you apparently have to leave me again.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I know. And you’re right, you do have to go. I just… fuck Ais. This just happened.” He pointed back and forth between the two of them. “I have just had some of the best sex in my entire life with the person that I’ve realized I want to spend the rest of my life with. And… that person is leaving me in what? A week? A few days?”

She kissed him, and he returned it. She moaned as she adjusted herself on his lap and he hissed in a breath as she felt her slide up and down on his half-hard erection.



Aislynn loved how he moaned her name. She’d love nothing more than to ride him again, but there was still more to talk about…and now that she’d acted so impulsively, well they really did need to talk about them. She grinned at him, and cupped the sides of his cheeks, making sure that his eyes were locked with hers. “There’s more. Just a bit more, and for this I’m sorry…I kind of knew he was alive as well.”

She felt him still, felt the growl working its way up from deep inside and she hurried to finish, “I didn’t know for sure, I honestly thought it had all been a dream…or a drunken hallucination. I swear Dante, if I’d known… If I’d had any clue that what happened that night happened, I would have told you.”

“What night?” His body was loosening up, she could feel relaxing little by little and she watched as his eyes settled on their normal bluish/grey color that was so unique to the Sparda line.

“That Christmas party that Jake Towner threw when his parents were out of town. The costume party one.”


He tensed, he only had vague memories of what happened that night, he knew he got lucky…he couldn’t remember who with. What he did remember, was that he’d bailed on Aislynn once again; this time even worse, he had promised to go as her date, and dress up as Dread Pirate Roberts to go with her Princess Buttercup. He’d bailed on her and, if his math was right…it’d been the first time she would have attended a party since her kidnapping; and he’d bailed on her.

“Ais… I was such a fucking stupid kid… I’m..”

She cut him off. “Dante, I know I’m just the afterthought. I’ve almost gotten used to it now.”

His head shot up, and he stared at her, he couldn’t believe he’d just heard that. “Ais…what did you just say?”

She tried to look away, but he was so not going to allow it. He thrust up into her once, and cupped her head forcing her to look at him, “Ais. I’m asking you one more time. What did you just say?”

Her eyes were shadowed, and he didn’t like it. He’d never thought she’d think she was an afterthought. He knew he’d been an asshole when he was younger, still was in a lot of respects. But he had never thought he’d made her feel like an afterthought. She wasn’t. She was the first thing he thought of when he woke up, and the last thing he thought of when he fell asleep. Sure, he had been a womanizer; but he’d not played the field at all since shortly before Mallet Island, shortly before he realized, with Trish’s helpful observation, that he was honestly in love with her.

“It’s fine Dante. I know what I am to you, to everyone. Like I said, I’m getting used to it.”

“No, it’s far from fine. I can’t believe…” He sighed and leaned forward to kiss her, “Don’t you know how much you mean to us all? How important you are to all of us? Honey, you’re the glue that holds the rest of us together. I know I’m an asshole, I know I’ve fucked up in the past… but never did I think that anything I’ve done would have you thinking that you were just an afterthought to me.”

Still cupping her cheek, he frowned, “Ok, I’m utterly serious about this, so fucking pay attention.”

She nodded, and he finished, “You have never been an afterthought to me. You will never be an afterthought, and if I’ve ever done anything to make you believe that; then I’m sorry. Are we clear on that?”

She smiled but he could see she wasn’t quite believing what he said then. And he knew she was just as stubborn as he was, and it would take time before she did believe it. He sighed, “Ok, so you were saying? I know I was an asshole… I know I left you that night, and you left for Ireland like a week later without much of an explanation, just that you needed to go.”

“You’d gone off, and well… I got pissed off at that and decided that if you were going to party and forget about me, then I was going to do the same. I ended up drinking that night. Vergil was at the party. Apparently, he’d been the one to go to my dad and tell him that there was stuff going down soon and that I needed to be well away from the situation. When I kept fighting my parents on going, he decided to hunt me down and try to persuade me to go to Ireland. He was dressed as Dread Pirate Roberts and found me when I was well over tipsy and leaning into drunk territory. I only remember vague parts of the conversation… I do know that I hit on him a lot, and when I discovered he was the same guy that rescued me, well I hit on him even more. He brought me home and put me to bed, but I surprised him and tore his mask off.”

She chuckled, “Apparently he hadn’t expected that or my reaction, we ended up making out most of the night until I passed out… He stayed with me, wrote a note and placed it in a book then the butthead hid it in a place that I’d never look.”

“You made out with Vergil?” He snickered. He couldn’t be mad, not at her for something that she’d done while drunk… he couldn’t even be mad at Vergil. He’d already guessed that Temen-Ni-Gru was what Vergil had hinted at to Arawn, and Vergil was right, she hadn’t needed to get caught up in that mess.

“Apparently. Like I said, I’d thought it was all a dream.”

“Was it good?”

She laughed and leaned forward and kissed him, “It would have been better if you’d been there to join in.”

And cue the intrigue, “Wait… what?”

She arched her brow and deliberately lifted and slid down on his cock, reminding him that he was a) still inside her and b) hard once again. “I know you swing both ways, don’t think you have ever hidden anything from me. And…now that I remember and remember how hot Vergil was at eighteen…I think it would have been fucking sexy as hell to have the both of you. And to watch the both of you together. After all, your dad did marry all of us together, not just you to me and Vergil to me… but all three of us as a trio.”

He groaned as he stood up, still holding her and started walking towards the door.

“Dante? What the hell?’

“You put that fucking image in my head. I’m taking you to our room so I can properly punish you!”

She tilted her head back and laughed, “Are you going to put me over your knee and spank me?”

And wasn’t he just intrigued by that thought. He knew she obviously had no problem with his biting and blood kink, but would she be into BDSM? After all, she did have devil blood, and he knew from experience that they liked a little pain with their pleasure. Well, more than a little. He leaned forward and bit into her throat again, licking the bite to soothe it after.

“Hmm…tempting, would you let me?” He started up the stairs, finding the motion of walking up the stairs doing interesting things to his cock inside her.

“Maybe.” She laughed. “If you make it good for me.”

“Baby, I always make it good.” He walked into the room with both laughing. He had never been so thankful to have her in his life as he was at this moment. She honestly did get him.

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