The Ache for Something More – 9/9 – DarkJediQueen

Reading Time: 73 Minutes

Title: The Ache for Something More
Author: DarkJediQueen
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Genre: Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Menage or More, Slash
Relationship(s): Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Haley Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Haley Hotchner
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence – Graphic, Canon Drug Use Discussion of Canon Typical Cases Canon Torture
Author Notes:
Beta: Alpha-greeneyesblue, Beta-ScarsLikeVelvet
Word Count: 244,735
Summary: After rescuing Spencer Reid from the hands of Charles Hankel, Aaron invites him to live with him and his family. It starts a journey that none of them were prepared for but none of them want to let go of either.
Artist: Starkindler

Chapter 25

Aaron looked at himself in the mirror. He was just in a pair of purple boxers. They were a pair that Spencer loved to see on him. Today was the day. It was going to be a fun day with little stress. It was a tiny affair that had all of the friends and the family that they wanted there. For Haley, there was just Jessica. Her parents were still not over her going into WitSec and then coming back to stay with Aaron even though the job was dangerous. It wasn’t nearly as dangerous as other jobs were in the FBI and it had been one bad apple. Hell, Aaron was in more danger than Haley on any given day, and as Spencer was happy to spout, there was more of a chance of any of them dying while driving or crossing the street in the city than Aaron or Spencer dying while on a case.

Pushing those thoughts away, Aaron reached out for his pair of pants. None of them were going to be all that dressed up for this. It was Halloween, and while Spencer would have loved them to be in costume, they weren’t. Haley had vetoed that one. Aaron was kind of glad that she had been very not into it as he wasn’t, but he would have done it to make Spencer happy. Haley had a lot of sway in being able to push Spencer into doing things or put her foot down. With her pregnancy hormones, they all tried to tiptoe around her so that she didn’t burst into tears. It was early in the day so that they could still take Jack trick or treating after it was all done. That had been something that Spencer wanted, really it was the only thing that he had made an opinion on.

The wedding plans had been mostly done by Haley with help from Aaron. Spencer had been there for every single step, but he had just agreed with everything. It wasn’t something that Aaron knew he was doing to not start a fight, but just that he really didn’t care about the color of the flowers or how long the song was that was going to walk him down the aisle toward them. He didn’t care that he was the one doing the walking either. It wasn’t just that Haley was pregnant. It was that Haley made a good case that they were already married, so Spencer was the newbie to this, and he should have that memory of walking down the aisle toward them. Jack was going to be at the front with them as well or walking with Spencer. The boy hadn’t decided yet. Jessica was getting him dressed in the purple shirt that he had fallen in love with while they were shopping, so Aaron had been unable to tell him no.

Aaron looked at the vase of flowers that were in the room with him. It was full of carnations in purple, orange, and black. It looked pretty good as the orange wasn’t a bright one but a deeper, almost burnt color. It was a little creepy, but Spencer loved them when he had seen them a few weeks before in a book of Halloween collections of flower arrangements. The rest of the decorations were softer in colors but still no less beautiful. Aaron kind of loved the flowers after he had seen them. Aaron’s boutonniere was black, Spencer’s was purple, and Haley’s bouquet was orange. It all worked, and Aaron was more than pleased with it all.

“Hotch?” Morgan called out from the other side of the door.

“Come in,” Aaron said. He had only his pants on. A pair of soft black slacks. His shirt was stark white and worked well with his chosen colors. Spencer’s pants were also black, but his shirt was another color, and no one allowed him to see it. Morgan opened the door and slipped inside before looking at Aaron. He had a grin on his face. “I thought you were supposed to be keeping Spencer company.”

“I was, but JJ’s got him well in hand while he’s getting dressed. I just wanted to tell you that he’s not freaking out.”

“I didn’t expect him to be. I figured that out of everyone in this, it would be Haley that would be worked up. That’s why her doctor gave her a mild sedative that won’t harm the baby.”

“Still, you know the kid, and you know how he does with things. He’s not even worried about being up there in front of everyone and being bound to you two. He wants this. I’ve never seen him so calm.”

“If he’s as calm as I think that he is, I’ve seen it. Twice. Both times he saved my life.”


“Yeah, the case with Dowd.” Aaron waited to see Morgan’s head dip in recognition. “And the second was that time that we did a custodial and the UnSub was doing it just to kill one of us to extend his life before he was given the needle.”

“I never heard of that one.”

“It was just him and me, and while I filed most of the information on it, I did fudge a little bit of the truth. I read over his report as well and found that he kept it to the straight facts and left out that I was an asshole who kept on making everything worse. He was calm and did what he needed to. To Spencer, he wants this, but he would be fine with it just being us up there, and Jack. He doesn’t care about this part, he just wants the bond with us, even if it’s just something that’s essentially meaningless to his mind.”

“Yeah, I remember him doing a research spiral after he got back about various wedding ceremonies from across the globe. I didn’t ask at all and just let him babble. I really missed those, and I think I let him talk too much at the start, but after a while, he got better. He’s been getting good about cutting out things that are not fully needed for a case.”

“He just had to get his head around what was needed for work and not academia. While yes, many might like the little things that he adds, there isn’t a lot of time for it. There have been a few deputies and LEOs that have come up to him afterward to ask for more information on some things. He’s doing really good with talking to them like that.” Aaron grabbed his shirt and started to put it on. His watch caught on a part, and he pulled his hand out, but all that did was start to turn the sleeve inside out.

“Reid’s growing into a wonderful man. You are a huge part of that. You and Haley. I never-” Morgan smiled at Aaron and walked over to help him with the shirt sleeve that was messing with him. “I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time. Really I don’t think that I ever have. He was happy before but not happy with everything in his life, and none of us noticed until he was truly happy.”

“He learned how to hide when he was a child. There is no fault in any of this. None of us had ever dealt with anyone like him before, so it took some time to learn things about him. We learned, and now we understand.” Aaron looked down at his hand, where the tattoo sat. They had gone to get them done the week before so that they were open and visible and partially healed for today. It wasn’t like they were going to be doing anything that involved paperwork for this. Aaron and Haley were married in the eyes of the law, the three of them were only doing this as part of a ceremony to show their families that they were serious. It didn’t matter when they had gotten their tattoos.

Aaron heard the knock on the door that said it was time for him to get ready to head up to where Haley would be waiting on him. She was going to sit in a chair for most of the whole ceremony, and Aaron and Spencer would be on their knees so that they didn’t tower over her.

“Ready?” Morgan asked.

“Never been readier for anything in my life.”

Aaron heard Haley’s laughter as he entered the room where the reception was taking place. After pictures had been taken, Haley had been ushered off while Aaron and Spencer talked to the people who needed to be paid for their parts before they left. Aaron had the checks on his person during the whole ceremony.

Inside the reception hall, there were Halloween decorations all over. Haley had the time of her life running Spencer all over DC and the surrounding environs for anything and everything that she wanted for the reception hall. They had the hall book for the entire day as well as the morning of the next so they could stay as late as they wanted and had plans for the team to clean up the next day while they slept in. There wasn’t going to be a honeymoon, not while Haley was pregnant. That would come in the spring after she had given birth, and the baby was a little older.

Haley had been the only one to protest that, but the doctor was already worried about vigorous activity with Haley, and a week or even a weekend away was too much. It didn’t matter when they did as long as they were together in Aaron’s eyes, and he had made Haley see that. Spencer didn’t have strong feelings either way on what they did.

Spencer was nowhere to be seen, but then Aaron wasn’t that shocked. He had disappeared with a kiss to Aaron’s lips as soon as they had arrived at the reception hall after handling the rest of the business needed at the park where they had got married. Aaron looked at the tattoo on his finger. It felt weird to not be wearing his wedding ring after wearing it for so long with Haley, but the reminder that was the tattoo was enough if Aaron looked at it.

Aaron rolled his hand over and thumbed at the location of the tattoo. It wasn’t healed enough really for the kind of attention that Aaron was giving it, but he needed it. He needed to remember what the tattoo was and why his ring wasn’t there. It was in his pocket. He hadn’t wanted to be without it even though he hadn’t worn it anywhere but at work since the tattoos had been done.

Spencer had spent the entire time from when they had got home to when they had gotten the tattoos to find the best place. Aaron had just thought that Haley would do henna until she was able to get a tattoo. There wasn’t a lot of risk to the baby after the first trimester, and the ink wasn’t toxic in any way. It was really good ink from a place that was as natural as possible. Spencer had even checked out the place and declared that it was just as clean and as safe as a dentist’s office. It had been an interesting day as the tattoo artist who had done theirs had been more than happy to hear about their story, and Spencer hadn’t been able to shut up.

Aaron had just been happy to listen to him, the sound was good. In fact, Aaron hadn’t been upset with Spencer talking at all since the rest of his family had come home. It had been a good sound, a wonderful sound. Hearing Spencer talking. Hearing Jack running around. Listening to Haley bitching about how much her feet hurt.

Spencer hadn’t slept anywhere but their bed since they had come home. Aaron had been in the middle for the first week, and then after that, it had been Haley. Yet, Aaron had never slept better. He had never felt better. It was good. It was a good life, and Aaron was never happier.

“What’s on your mind?” Dave asked as he handed Aaron a glass of sparkling grape juice. There was no alcohol in the place in deference to the fact that Haley couldn’t drink.

“Just remembering what got us here. How much we have all changed. How happy we all are.”

“That’s good. I was afraid you were already regretting it. I mean…two spouses and one of them younger. You are going to be ruled over in your own home. A wife, a husband, and two kids. You’ll love every single second of it, though. You were made to be in a relationship. Not sure I ever thought you would be in one like this, but you were made for this.”

“I do love it, and I have for a long time. I was dying inside without them home. That they came back just as healthy as when they left and Haley pregnant after we tried for so long, it was the best present in the world.”

“Yeah, I heard Reid talking about them being worried how you would take it.”

“It might have been different if she had given birth while in WitSec, but I assume they would have gotten word to me if it had gone that far. Still, I’m just pleased that she was able to get pregnant. She could drop into menopause at any point.”

“I’m shocked she didn’t think of it first.”

“I am as well. Her mind, according to her, went right to pregnancy.” Aaron looked around to see that Haley was still talking to a bunch of people from work, one of whom was Jack Garrett. It was nice to see her laughing. She had been beautiful during the ceremony, and even now, she still looked put together. Aaron had stripped off the bow tie that Spencer had insisted that he wear since regular ties made him think of work. Aaron hadn’t even worn a jacket. He felt a little underdressed, but he was just that used to wearing suits for work. No one had dressed up all that much, which was what the invitations said. Hell, most of the guys were in jeans and then a few in slacks. The ladies were all in dresses or skirts. It was nice to see that everyone was having fun, despite there being no alcohol.

“Where is your husband?” Dave asked.

“I don’t know. He and Jack are both missing, and most of the time, that doesn’t mean a good thing at all.”

Jack’s laughter came from somewhere, and Aaron tried to look around to see where it was coming from just in time to see Spencer coming out of the kitchen area with a plate of food in his hand. Aaron laughed as he saw Jack holding onto his pocket as they walked. They bypassed everyone and sat down in a corner where Jack crawled into Spencer’s lap and started to eat food off of the tray. Most of the food that was amuse-bouche were things that Jack didn’t like, so Aaron had made sure that there were things that he liked from the caterers.

Aaron gave Dave a nod and walked over to where Spencer and Jack were. He looked at Haley to see her smiling at them.

“Hungry?” Aaron asked.

“Starved. Breakfast was so long ago, and I was talking to mom at lunch and kind of forgot to eat.”

“How is she doing?” Aaron sat down in the chair beside Spencer and waited to see if he stayed where he was or leaned closer. As soon as Spencer started to lean, Aaron picked up the chair and moved to where they were pressed together along their sides.

“She’s doing good. She’s looking forward to the album that JJ is going to do. She’s been taking pictures that are more candid, and with some from the professional, she’s going to put together a step by step thing. She got pictures from a few other people as well who were with you and with Haley.”

Aaron nodded. Dave had taken a few shots of Aaron before he had left the room with Morgan to head up to the altar. He figured that Jessica had got many of Haley. Aaron and Haley’s wedding day had been full of stress with her parents trying to rule the roost as it were with everything. So instead of a lot of good candid shots, Haley had hated every single one of them. The only images in their wedding album were professional ones that were taken.

“It’s going to be a good present for her.” Aaron hadn’t brought up the fact that Spencer didn’t even seem to ask his mother if she wanted to fly out for a visit. She was still able to check herself out for short trips without a nurse, but even if she needed one, Aaron would have made sure it was paid for.

“Yeah. Mom has not left Bennington for even short trips. Doctor Norman tested out a day trip with a nurse a few weeks ago. She freaked out seven miles out, so we put a kibosh on her coming.” Spencer reached down and plucked up a cracker. Jack made a protesting noise, so Spencer bit off half of the bite-sized food and then gave the other half to Jack. “He’s got good food and doesn’t like sharing.”

“Mine,” Jack said with a pout on his lips and a twinkle in his eye.

“You can be nice and share,” Aaron said.

“Only with Papa.” Jack stuck his tongue out at Aaron but lifted up a cracker that had cheese and pepperoni on it. He acted like he was going to hand it to Aaron but moved his hand at the last second to eat it himself.

“You little-” Aaron cut himself off and grabbed the tray of food from Spencer’s hand with one hand and tickled Jack with the other. Jack screeched out his laughter before sliding off of Spencer’s lap and taking off running toward Haley. “Let’s go join her.”

“Yeah,” Spencer said as he took the tray back and snagged two of the things that Jack wouldn’t eat and shoved them into his mouth in one go. He chewed happily as they made their way back to where Haley was. There was a chair on either side of her, set up for Aaron and Spencer. Jack crawled back into Spencer’s lap as soon as he sat down and grabbed more of the cheese and pepperoni snacks.

“How are you feeling?” Aaron asked.

“Tired but good. Hungry. Looking forward to dinner.”

“Same,” Spencer said after he swallowed the food in his mouth.”

Aaron laughed and reached out to grab something from the tray before Jack could catch him.

“You happy?” Haley asked, her head turned from Aaron back to Spencer again.

“Yes,” Aaron and Spencer said at the same time, with smiles on their faces.

Aaron was damned happy.

Spencer heard Jack pushing people to sit where he wanted them as they all filed into the sitting down area of the reception hall. It was a massive place with two large rooms and several smaller ones. They had rented out the entire building so that they could be alone. There were cards with names in a few spots, but that was only for the four of them. Instead of them sitting at the head of the table, they were along one side in the direct middle. The table wasn’t overly large by any standards and would fit them perfectly. Many who were at the wedding were not at the meal part, some of them leaving to get ready to trick or treat or to head home. The table felt small and intimate.

“So, the guys are taking Jack trick or treating, what are you going to be doing?” JJ asked as Jack pushed her down into a chair that was across from Haley. Morgan was pushed into the spot across from where Spencer was going to be sitting, and Rossi had already been forced to the one across from Aaron. Jack would look at people and then pick there they were going to sit. Everyone was laughing, and no one seemed upset at all. Jessica sat down beside where Jack was to sit on the other side of Haley.

Spencer walked up behind them, giving both Aaron and Haley kisses on their cheeks before he took his seat.

“I’ll be at home with Jessica passing out candy. Spencer passed out candy last year, so this year it’s my turn. I really am not good for walking much at all. The doctor has already limited me in the hopes that I can stay like this and won’t have bed rest come January.”

“Spence said you are due in the middle of January. So that’s just over two months from now.”

“Yes, and I’m looking forward to meeting Sprout.”

“We all are,” Rossi said.

“What’s it like being back at work?” Jessica asked.

Spencer tuned out Aaron’s response as he watched Jack seat the last few people before he came over to sit in his chair. Spencer was glad to be back at work, but just like a routine change, it had taken him a little to get settled down into it again. He had not exactly enjoyed not working with the BAU, but he had gotten used to it. There wasn’t a lot that he could as a librarian at a college at night to keep himself entertained.

“And of course, Spencer wasn’t exactly subtle in what he was doing when he decided to stalk us from another state online,” Aaron said.

“What? You guys needed me,” Spencer said with a smirk on his lips as he looked at his husband. The word stuck in Spencer’s brain a little. He was happy to be married. To have a wife and a husband, but the words were strange in his mind and on his tongue.

“What did you do?” Jessica asked.

The servers came with their food, saying the name of the person that they had the food for. Spencer knew that it had taken a little extra work on the caterer’s part, but everyone’s meal was to what they wanted, including what sides they had. Since the number of people eating was so small, it was easy to do.

Spencer waited until everyone was eating before he answered. “I followed the team a little. University computers are good computers to use to mask yourself online, so I used that as well as a few tricks I picked up from some of the hackers there. I then checked in on the team to see where they were. There is always news articles about the team when they arrive, or at least a mention that the team is in a certain place.”

“Hotch had me follow the trail, and it ended in a cafe in DC that I frequent,” Garcia piped up.

“Yes, I did that on purpose. But I would give the team tips on various things, and after the first one, I didn’t really make it known that it was me.”

“How did you do it the first time?” Jessica asked.

“At one point in time, on a case a few years ago, I was taken captive by the UnSub. I was filmed, and the team saw it. I used a wrong quote from the bible to tell Hotch where I was. I said the passage name that I wanted him to read but said a different phrase afterward. The only person who would know that would be someone on the team as from what I read of the files that it was just that I said the passage and Hotch looked it up, not that I had said the wrong passage afterward. That part was probably just kind of forgotten, and my own report was spotty from the drugs I had been given as well as the head injury before I was drugged.” Spencer felt the hand on his thigh from Aaron and knew that he was proud of him for speaking of his issues. Most everyone at the table knew that he had been drugged against his will, but that was different than just never mentioning it.

“That sounds all very cloak and dagger,” Jessica said with a laugh.

“Yes, he did it four times. The fourth time I had already landed on what he was telling us, but it was nice to get a confirmation of something that I remembered him saying in passing once about a study into gangs.” Aaron was smiling as he said the words before he leaned over and kissed Spencer on the temple. “It just showed everyone above us that when he came back he wasn’t going anywhere but where he was. There was a little talk about how he would not want to come back with his life being threatened. You don’t go through that much trouble and don’t want to come back.”

“I thought that you hated computers?” Garrett asked from a little further down the table.

“No. I don’t read nearly as fast on computers and other devices, and I don’t retain nearly enough information of what I do read. So paper is better for that. I had to learn how to use computers to their fullest for my degrees at Caltech, especially my engineering degree. I have learned a lot about many parts. Hacking I had just never got that interested in as I didn’t need to do it since we had someone who was dedicated to it on the job. I’m usually the one who goes through computers when we don’t want to risk them being connected to the Internet to allow Garcia on them. I just don’t need to broadcast it. I have fudged the truth when talking to someone about a case, usually to get them a little more open about things or just get them talking. You can get a lot by letting people ramble, either they calm down if they are a victim or they slip up if they are a suspect.”

“We’ve used Reid and his ability to ramble on to get suspects to give up more information than they want to. It’s kind of awesome,” Morgan said with a laugh.

“Not to mention to talk a known killer into not acting on his urge to want to kill him and tell him lies about why he killed like he did. nearly fifteen minutes of talking later, and the guy hadn’t realized that he was being played, and the back-up arrived.”

Spencer felt his cheeks heating up at that because he had done that, and he knew exactly what Aaron was talking about with that. He also knew why Aaron had been the way that he was that day. It was something to see. Aaron looking at him like he was something special for bluffing.

“See that the Vegas boy in him, he can bluff like no other,” Rossi said, and he held up his glass of sparkling juice, and everyone at the table held theirs up as well.

Spencer looked down at his food, getting ready to cut up the steak that he had on his plate. He felt Aaron’s hand leave his thigh and drop down onto his shoulder instead. The talk at the table turned away from heady topics and turned into a discussion of Haley’s pregnancy and how it was faring, how sports teams were doing, which Spencer helped with talk of hockey. Which shocked a few people at the table who didn’t realize how die-hard of a fan of hockey he was. It was nice to just talk to people.

After the meal, there was a little bit of dancing, Haley doing a quick spin with each of them before she sat back down again. Spencer didn’t like the eyes on them, so he tucked his face into Aaron’s neck before the others joined them on the dance floor.

“You are doing good,” Aaron said into his ear.

“I know. It’s a lot of attention on me, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

“Well, from here out, there isn’t anymore. We are opening gifts at home tomorrow with Haley on the couch so her feet can stay up. The registry was pretty much empty, so at least we don’t have to worry about too many people getting us things we didn’t want.”

“I still wish we would have just asked for them to donate to charity.”

“And then we would have gotten things we didn’t want at all. A few did that, I already got the letters from various places. It’s fine. Most of it is kitchen toys for Haley. The other things were dinners to places using gift certificates. Like that new restaurant at the edge of town. I think that Dave did that one. And I am sure that it’s going to be for much more than we asked.”

Spencer laughed at Aaron’s words. Rossi had been there throughout the whole thing, making sure that they got what they wanted and offering to pay for it. Spencer knew that it was how Rossi showed he cared, but he had been happy when Aaron had told him to back off and just get them a good present, or two. Spencer wouldn’t be shocked if Rossi had gone through the list and bought everything that hadn’t been obtained at the end of it all.

The song ended, and Spencer started to pull back, but Aaron’s hand on his waist kept him right there. The song turned to something a little more upbeat, and everyone around them began to move faster, but Aaron kept them basically rocking back and forth in place, spinning just a little.

“I wanna hold you,” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear.

Spencer nodded his head up and down, keeping his eyes closed. He didn’t want this part to end. He really didn’t.

“I forgot how cuddly you were,” Aaron whispered as the song ended, and Spencer started to pull away again. He smiled at Spencer before pulling him back in for a kiss. It stayed chaste given who was around them, and Spencer reached down to find Aaron’s hand, linking both of them.

“My turn!” JJ called out, and she tugged on Spencer’s arm to pull him along.

Spencer laughed as he was passed off from person to person no matter their gender as they all danced.

“Okay, it’s time for everyone to head home if they want to get ready to trick or treat with their kids!” Aaron yelled out a while later.

Spencer looked away from Jessica, where they were dancing and talking. He gave her a little bow, and Jessica laughed before hitting him on the arm. She was blushing. Spencer pressed a kiss to her cheek. “You were a good dance partner, kept me away from Prentiss. I don’t think that I can sit down well at all with how she pinched my ass cheek.”

Jessica just shook her head and kissed his cheek back before letting Spencer go all the way.

After that, it was a flurry of everyone saying goodbye before the team helped pack up the gifts into the back of Haley’s SUV. Jessica drove Haley home since there was room in the back of her car for Haley to sit. The SUV was packed with gifts, and with Jack needing to sit in the back, there wasn’t really room for her. Spencer listened with half an ear as Aaron made plans with Morgan and Prentiss about cleaning up the hall the next day and what to do with the decorations when they were done. There was a spot in the garage ready for them to be pushed in until Spencer was able to add them to the collection of growing Halloween decorations in there.

“How are you feeling?” JJ asked as she hugged Spencer tight.

“I don’t know yet. I don’t think it’s fully set in yet.”

“You look happy. Your eyes are shining, and you’ve not stopped smiling all night long.”

“I feel happier than I have in a long time but also a little…shocked.”

“You’ll get over that soon, I bet. Don’t worry about that. I kind of felt like that after finding out that I was pregnant. You’ve already done the deed to get your wife knocked up, so you don’t have to worry about that pressure.”

“JJ!” Spencer cried out. He looked at his friend and shook his head at the mischief that was there.

“What? It’s the truth. You did put the cart before the horse a little.”

Spencer laughed and hugged JJ before walking over to pick up Jack, who looked like he was more than ready to get the next part of the evening going. Jack was super happy that he was getting to trick or treat at home instead of in Arizona, but Spencer didn’t think that Jack had figured out how cold it was going to be. It was something that Spencer was missing about Arizona even though his body had mostly adapted to winters in DC, he still got colder than everyone else.

“Ready?” Aaron asked.


Spencer looked at Aaron, who was carrying Jack. They had ended up much further away from home than any of them thought that they would. In fact, it was taking them over half an hour to walk home. Spencer had started out with Jack in his arms, but that had changed about ten minutes before when Spencer knew he couldn’t hold him any longer. Jack was traded for the candy, which thankfully, Aaron had thought ahead and brought a backpack to stick it in. Jack had come back with a vast collection of candy.

Aaron shuffled Jack to his other arm, his now tired one bracing Jack against his body instead of being under his butt. It was nice, going out trick or treating with them. Spencer was looking forward to the next year when they went out with Jack and the baby. Spencer was going to carry the baby, and hopefully, that helped turn them in before they got this far from the house. Or Haley and Aaron could take Jack out, and Spencer would stay home and hand out candy. He could think of a lot of costumes for the baby to wear, no matter the gender. It was something that Spencer was looking forward to.

“He was a hit with his costume.”

“I don’t think that they are used to seeing kids in hockey outfits, even with the Caps being in the area.”

“Yeah, I bet not.” Aaron laughed and looked down at Jack, who had shoes on that looked like skates but didn’t have the blades on them. There was, however, art that looked like blades on the sole. Spencer had found them online when Jack had declared he wanted to be a hockey skater. He had most of the costume already really with the jersey that he had and a few other things. The pads had been easy to find at a store that sold used ones for kids his age, given the breadth of hockey that was in the area, it was pretty cheap.

“Still, he was pretty adorable.” Spencer reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the small bit of candy had snagged from Jack’s haul. The peppermint patties that Jack hated. He gladly gave them over to Spencer to eat. Spencer offered one to Aaron, getting it unwrapped. Aaron made a delighted humming noise and chewed his prize.

“It’s a good thing that Jack is picky with is candy. He’ll eat only about a third of what he got this year from what I saw,” Aaron said when they rounded the block toward home. There were a lot of other families still on the streets, having gone far and wide it seemed to get the haul their kids wanted.

The lights were off on most houses, and it was a good thing as Spencer could see a few older kids still wandering around. They would take advantage of homes with lights, Spencer was pretty sure.

“Yeah, and lucky for us that we all like the stuff that he doesn’t.”

“So, how was your wedding day?” Aaron asked.

Spencer dug his keys out of his coat pocket and slipped them into the lock on the house. He opened the door and waved Aaron inside. The alarm wasn’t on, which Spencer knew that it wasn’t going to be. Jessica met them in the hallway, making a shushing noise with her finger on her lips. Spencer nodded his head.

“My wedding day was the best that I ever thought it could be,” Spencer said when Aaron turned around to face him.

“Yeah?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah. I’m pleased by everything and love that I got to go trick or treating. It was my favorite part of the night. I think though maybe next year, Sprout and I are going to stay home and hand out candy.”

“You can do that, and you can come out with us. Jessica likes to hand out candy, and with being in an apartment, she doesn’t get nearly enough. She’s come over some years when she doesn’t have to work and handed out candy with us. The house won’t go without someone handing it out, I promise.”

Spencer nodded his head and yawned. He slipped the backpack off of his back and hung it up so that Jack couldn’t slip down in the night and break into it. In the morning, they had plans to divide up the candy and then put up Jack’s share and let him have a few small pieces a day, usually right after a meal. Spencer remembered how it was done the year before.

“Ready for bed?” Aaron asked.

“Yes. So much, yes.” They had all been up with the rise of the sun to get things going for the wedding. They were all tired and ready to go to bed. Haley was asleep on the couch already, on her side. She looked tired but no more tired than she usually was. Having her sit through most of the day seemed to help with not wearing her out for the extended day.

Spencer was looking forward to cuddling his spouses as they all slept in the night. He looked down at his finger at the healing skin and was happy to see the mark they had all decided on for their rings. It was beautiful and simple but held a lot of meaning. It would give Spencer a lot of comfort over the years, he was sure.

Haley rolled onto her back in bed as she heard Jack starting to move around in his bedroom. She could hear him chattering away at a stuffed animal. He was telling it all about the wedding and then the trick or treating afterward. It was something soothing for Haley to listen to. Jack had been talking a lot more since they had come home. His vocabulary was growing by leaps and bounds. He was going to be tested by New Haven to see how he would fit in. The school had given them until the beginning of November to get settled, and then they would call to set up the testing. Jack would then start in January for his classes. Then pre-school would start that fall and then so on and so forth. Unless Jack was doing really well in the other schooling and then he might start kindergarten early.

Jack was growing up so fast, and Haley knew that it was just going to get faster as he started school and even faster with the little one around. Haley rubbed at her belly. Sprout was hungry, and it was something that Haley loved and hated. Haley missed coffee, but at least a few of the herbal teas were something that she enjoyed. Spencer loved picking them out for her, and even if she hated something, she at least tried them all. Spencer would take the ones she didn’t like into work to a young man named Monty. He was new and did something that Haley wasn’t sure that she understood what it was as it was too technical. While Spencer was usually good about making sure that everyone understood, Haley was sure that no one could really understand it.

The sound of the shower starting up, told Haley where her two husbands were. She lifted her hand and looked at the tattoo that was there on her skin. Her wedding ring to Aaron was sitting on the nightstand with a chain around it. She wore it around her neck during the day and only took it off at night, so it didn’t break the chain or get wrapped around her neck. She heard laughter from the bathroom and the sound of something hitting the floor. Haley chuckled and got up out of bed. She got dressed in a pair of sleep pants and one of Spencer’s T-shirts. It was supposed to be a lazy day, and other than the maternity bra that she would put on in a little bit, she wasn’t going to wear much that was restrictive. Her sleeping bra would do for now.

Haley walked to the bathroom door and opened it to look inside. Spencer had Aaron pinned to the wall of the shower, and they were kissing. The water was hitting them both, but neither looked like they had actually tried to get clean yet. “Have fun, boys!”

“Love you!” Spencer called out.

“Love you, too,” Aaron said before he pulled Spencer back in to kiss him.

Haley laughed as she shut the bathroom door. She knew that none of this was normal. She didn’t like not being to have penetrative sex, but at least she could get Spencer and Aaron to eat her out, usually with the other making sure that she didn’t thrash too much. They had all been too tired, and now Haley was too sore to even think about it. But the afternoon, when Jack was down for a nap, seemed like a good time to do it. It wasn’t like last time when Aaron had to jerk off alone all the time. There would come a point where she couldn’t give either of them oral, but it wasn’t like it was a big thing, really.

Sex wasn’t the biggest part of their life, but it was good stress relief for the guys, and Haley was glad they would have each other for that, and it wasn’t like she shouldn’t watch and then get herself off with her hands or their mouths.

Haley made her way from the bedroom to the kitchen to get the coffee started for the guys. If she left them to do it, they would just drink tea, and Haley knew that they preferred coffee. She was willing to let them sacrifice some things for her, but coffee was not one of them. She liked the smell, and it would be enough to get her through. She wasn’t going to be all that upset that they were drinking it. It wasn’t like just because she couldn’t have it the world couldn’t. Though she knew that some people were like that.

Breakfast was going to be bagel sandwiches. Spencer had cooked up enough sausage and bacon to store in the freezer the weekend before to make sure that they could make their own breakfasts for weeks. Haley was back to mainly taking care of Jack. Aaron had a lady come in and clean for them every day. She was the wife of a retired FBI agent that Aaron had worked with, and she did that kind of stuff and had since her kids had gone to school. It kept her busy during the day, but if she missed a day due to the kids being sick and stuff, it wasn’t the end of the world. The kids were having kids of their own now, but she still liked to do it.

Haley really liked her, and she was very kind and wonderful to be around. Lenore was her name, and Haley was glad that Aaron had found her. It made it so much better for all of them. She would be staying through when Haley was fully released back to do everything, and Aaron made sure that she was paid well. Once the baby was there, the laundry would be horrible, and while Haley could easily fold the clothes, the rest of it was nearly impossible. She couldn’t carry the basket anywhere, and the washer was top load, and there was no way that she would be able to get those items out of it. It was a tag-team effort now, and that made it at least a little bit good. Lenore would bring her the items in a basket, and Haley would fold them up and then stack them back into the basket. When the guys got home, they would put them up.

“Good morning,” Aaron said as he came up behind Haley and wrapped her in a hug.

Haley laid her head back on his shoulder and sighed in happiness. Aaron’s hands dropped to her belly, framing the rounded shape.

“Where’s Spencer?”

“Getting Jack dressed for the day. I have a feeling it’s going to be hockey-themed as Spencer is wearing his Caps sleep pants and a T-shirt with the logo on it. I won’t be shocked if we end up watching it too.”

“Fine with me. Don’t ask me why but the game has been calming Sprout down.”

“Really? I guess we know it’s Spencer’s then, huh?” Aaron pressed a kiss to Haley’s neck before letting her go and starting to work on breakfast. He pulled out an entire bag of bagels and dropped them into the toaster. Haley was glad for the large toaster with having two grown men and a growing boy to feed. It held all six bagels easily. The eggs, bacon, and sausage were pulled out next and put into the microwave to warm them back up. Haley had set out enough for six sandwiches the night before. Spencer would have two bacon ones, Aaron one of each, Jack liked both types of meat on his right now, and Haley was just going to do egg and cheese just double the egg.

It worked well for them for breakfast and was filling, which was good enough for Haley. Spencer still handled most of the evening cooking, and if they were on a case, there were things in the other freezer that she could warm up for her and Jack.

Settling down with her cup of tea, Haley inhaled the herbal chai blend that she used in the mornings to wake up. The smell of coffee helped, as well.

Spencer and Jack came down not too long after in matching shirts while Jack was in jeans. They were both wearing mismatched socks, but at least one was blue and the other red so they at least matched the rest of their clothes. Spencer would probably change into jeans later. They were adorable right there, though. The perfect picture of a father and son. Haley knew that they loved each other that way, but it was still a little rough with getting Spencer to claim Jack as his own.

“The paperwork go through?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. The lawyer texted me this morning that he got all of it back late Friday but was out of the office, so he went in late yesterday when he got back to look at it all. On paper, Jack is going to be going to you if anything happens, and the paperwork to set up Sprout that way is already going through.”

Spencer hummed as the toaster popped. It was a flurry of everyone making their sandwiches, and then Spencer was cutting up Jack’s into two-bite pieces. Aaron got out the orange juice and poured him and Spencer more coffee from the carafe. It was a well-oiled machine.

“And the paperwork about Haley’s…” Spencer trailed off.

“That went off just fine. If something happens to all of us, it’s ironclad that Jessica will get both children.”

Haley knew that the paperwork to get Sprout claimed as Aaron’s child had been a little tricky without giving up Spencer’s rights to the child if something were to happen. It had been a good bit of legal maneuvering, but Aaron’s family lawyer was more than up to the task, Aaron had said. Haley just signed where Aaron told her and made him promise he wasn’t giving up their firstborn.

Most of the papers signed before weren’t valid anymore, with Jack having a half-sibling. The main part of the paperwork would need to be filled out when Sprout was born. But getting what they could done now was going to make sure that nothing really bad went on before Sprout was born.

“Caps have a game today at five. I thought maybe we could go?” Spencer asked.

“Sure. Who are they playing?” Haley asked.

“Columbus Blue Jackets, one of the newer teams to the NHL. Sometime I wanna go to a game at their place.”

“They have the cannon, right?” Aaron asked.


“Cannon! Cannon!” Jack started to chant and he bounced in his seat before taking another bite of his sandwich.

“Cannon?” Haley asked.

“They fire it off to open the game and then after each time that they score and then if they win.”

“And which mascot is theirs?”


“Ah, the bright green bug.” Haley laughed. She knew most of the teams by their mascot more than anything else. He enjoyed the intensity of watching the games live and liked to see them on the TV as well, but she wasn’t interested in names and such. Or memorizing points and players and everything like that.

Breakfast passed with Jack talking about what he wanted to do for dinner, which was going to be eaten out before the game. Lunch would be light and early so they could eat their fill for dinner, and then all of them would get a pretzel during the second intermission. It was their usual for early games that took place on weekends. Haley loved the matinee games better as they could eat lunch and then get a big dinner afterward.

“I can get our tickets swapped for accessible seating if you start to have issues, Haley,” Spencer said after he refilled Haley’s cup with tea. She looked over to see that Aaron was drinking some as well, and it looked like he had made a pitcher of it. Haley knew that Aaron liked it, but she hadn’t thought that he liked it enough for a pitcher. Aaron picked up the pitcher and slid it into the fridge. It would be the iced tea for the day it seemed. Even though it was cold out, it was nice to have something cold to drink, especially for Haley when she got warm.

“Anything special you wanna do today?” Spencer asked as he pressed a kiss to Haley’s forehead.

“Hang with my guys.”

Spencer nodded his head with a smile on his lips. “I think we can do that.”

The arena was crowded, but they got there early enough that Haley was able to be ushered right to their seats and dropped there before the guys went to walk around and talk to people. Haley was wearing a T-shirt that she knew hadn’t been in the house before unless the guys had been hiding it from her. It had the alternate Caps logo on it as well as the words Future Capitals Fan, spread across Haley’s belly. It fit her well, so one of the guys had to have gotten it the week before after she had bought her newest set of shirts. The team store was open for several hours a day, even on non-game days, so it wouldn’t have been hard for one of them to snag it. Aaron had been in DC for meetings all week, so it was probably him. Spencer had been driving himself to Quantico those days.

“Need anything?” one of the ushers asked as he dropped down to stand at the end of their row.

Haley looked up at him. He was smiling.

“No, I’m good. Thank you, though.”

“If you do, just wave. I know your two guys are usually out and about until warm-ups, and Hotch gave me some cash if you needed anything. I have a runner who can get things.”

“Thank you.” Haley turned to watch the man walk up the stairs, and she realized that part of the seating up at the top of the area was the ADA seating. It made sense of him having a runner who could get things for people.

Haley pulled the book out of the bag that had been brought with Jack’s toys and other things that he liked for during the game. He usually didn’t get bored, but he liked to make stuffed animals dance when the Caps scored. Or boo when the other team got a penalty. With them being in glass seats, Haley had a little more legroom and was able to not have to get up and down nearly as much. They were all the way in, so the guys always put her right at the end of the row. She didn’t have to get up for anything at all, except going to the bathroom.

“Mama!” Jack cried out, and he rushed over with a new stuffed animal. It was a rather large bear that would fit nicely in Jack’s lap when he was sitting down. “Can you hold him until game time?”

“Sure.” Haley looked up at Spencer, who was standing there with Jack. He had a bottle of water in his hand that he dropped down into Haley’s cup holder.

“Don’t worry, Mister Cap will be staying at home for him to squeeze during games we watch on TV,” Spencer said before he pressed a kiss to Haley’s temple as he pulled out of his bending over.

“That’s good. Where’s Aaron?”

“Getting him and me a cocktail each. The line was already long, so he stayed there, and we are going to go back and join him. Jack wants to go make a sign to hold up. So we are going to do that and then come back.”

“You guys don’t need to keep me company.”

“Oh, we aren’t. We are dropping Jack off. There is a group of people Aaron wants to talk to, and it’s not gonna be good for little ears.”

“Ah.” Haley knew who Spencer was talking about. It was a group for LGBTQ+ fans, and they met up before games and sometimes during the intermissions if there were enough of them. Spencer had found them at the end of last season and hadn’t been around to meet up before this one. This was the first game of this season that Spencer had been able to go to.

Pregame was fun, and Haley loved watching the fans as they talked to each other, some greeting as friends even though they only ever hung out during games. Jack played with his toys and ran up and down the area when there was no one else moving around. Kids from a few rows back and him played together at the glass when warm-ups happened, trying to get the attention of the players. A few would skate by and tap on the glass or make funny faces.

Given that it was kind of an early game, there were a lot of kids there all over, so Jack had more than enough entertainment. No one showed up in the row with them, so a few kids stayed down with them during the first period. It wasn’t a packed house, and their section actually had more empties than average, probably people who had partied too hard the day before and well into the night.

It was a good game, Haley enjoyed it and got up to pace a little when the guys were gone during the intermissions. It gave her enough freedom to move but kept her in her seat when she didn’t need to. Someone, whether it was Aaron or Spencer or even the usher escorted Haley up and down the stairs when she needed to go to the bathroom.

Haley was dead tired when they left and was glad it was bedtime for Jack, or they would have gone out to eat. She was going to sleep well that night.


Aaron loved waking up in bed with his spouses. He loved the feel of whichever body was pressed against him. Lately, it had been Haley who wanted to be in the middle, but sometimes it was Spencer. Aaron was rare just because he didn’t want to take anything from them when they wanted it. Aaron was fine, just holding one person. Raising his arm up, it was three in the morning according to his watch, and Aaron had no clue why he was awake. It was something nagging as it was still kind of in Aaron’s mind. He moved a little on the bed and realized precisely what it was. The bed was wet underneath him. Not just a little damp but majorly wet.

Reaching out, Aaron shook Haley. She started to wake with a grumble, and that started to wake up Spencer as well. Aaron removed his arm from Haley and rolled over to turn on the bedside lamp. He was kind of afraid to look to see what it was. He figured that if it was Haley’s water breaking, she would have woken up. Aaron grabbed the blanket and removed it from all three of them. There was not the bright smear of red that he had feared, but the sheets just looked darker by a little bit. Aaron opened his mouth to speak when Haley groaned in pain. That was the first contraction it seemed.

“I’ll get the bags and text, Jessica,” Spencer said as he walked away with his phone in hand.

“Yup, and I’ll call the service and text Strauss.” Aaron slipped out of bed, leaving Haley where she was for the moment. Aaron changed himself out of his sleep clothes and into the pair of jeans hanging over the chair and dug around for a shirt that he felt like he would be comfortable in for the long wait at the hospital. He had a go-bag packed with his and Spencer’s things, and it was beside Haley’s. Aaron grabbed a pair of his basketball shorts next and a worn t-shirt. It was what Haley wanted to wear to the hospital. None of it would cling like her things, and if they got ruined, it was no big deal. Aaron would give up more clothes than that to make sure that Haley was comfortable. Aaron texted Strauss and hoped that it didn’t wake her up.

“I made it to the last day,” Haley said with a smile on her face. She sat up in the bed slowly and edged toward the end.

“Yes, you did. That’s a good thing. I’ll text the cleaning lady, and she can come over and take care of the bed. I’m just glad we picked up those waterproof sheets and have been using them.”

“Same!” Spencer yelled from the direction of the bathroom. Spencer had been the hardest to adapt to the sound of them on the bed. Especially with Haley moving around a lot more than usual. Yet it had happened, and things had turned out just fine after about three days of Spencer sleeping a little less better than average.

Aaron wondered why Spencer wasn’t freaked out, so after helping Haley get dressed and getting her sitting on a chair to the side of the room, Aaron went to check on him in the bathroom. He was shaving, and that was how Aaron knew that he was freaked out. Spencer hated scruff on his face most of the time, so he was getting rid of a distraction as a means of a distraction. Aaron leaned in the doorway and looked at his husband.

“I’m nearly done.” Spencer darted his eyes to Aaron and then back to his face as he dragged the blade down his neck. His short hair was mostly styled, looking like Spencer had literally just run a comb through after getting it a little bit wet. Aaron stepped in to look at his hair, and he used the slightly damp comb that Spencer had to get his hair under control. It wasn’t going to last at all, but it was better to show up looking put together than to show up looking like shit. The looking like shit could come a few hours into labor.

“I’m going to get Haley down to the first floor and call the service. Join us when you are ready.” Aaron watched Spencer for a few more seconds before he walked over to press a kiss to his temple. “I know you’ll freak when Haley’s in the room just try not to freak too much. She’s in the best hands in the world. She’ll be just fine. Both of them.”

“I know. I just worry, and you know it. I’ve not really done this before. The only other pregnant person I have been around has been JJ, and we were still in Vegas for the end part of her pregnancy.”

“That is true. Well, just do what I do.”

Spencer laughed, and it was what Aaron had wanted. He pressed another kiss to his forehead and then walked away. Haley was still in the chair with a pair of thick socks in her hands. Aaron walked over to grab them and slipped them onto her feet as well as the slippers that had a good sole on them. Aaron had bought them just for this. If it was snowing, there was a pair of boots for them to use that he had used the stretchy cord to make sure they didn’t fall off of her but so that they didn’t have to be tied. They had learned their lesson with Jack’s birth on that. The weather was thankfully just warm enough that no snow was happening and it wasn’t raining at the moment.

“Let’s get you downstairs, and I’ll call the service to let them know we are on our way in. I’m sure that once they figure out how dilated you are, they will update the service.”

Haley nodded. Her hand was rubbing her belly. She wasn’t much larger than she had been with Jack at the end, and she really hadn’t put on a lot of weight at all outside of what was at her belly, which was a good thing. She had been on full bed rest for a lot less than she had with Jack as well. Aaron put that all on Spencer, who made sure that Haley had good tasting food that was really good for her and the baby through every single step so far. It was something that Spencer could do, and he was happy to do it. It left hands to handle the physical stuff like back rubs and lately a lot of foot rubs.

The drive to the hospital was quick, given the time of day that it was. Even Jessica getting to the house to watch Jack was quicker than normal. Once Jack was awake, Jessica would join them at the hospital.

It would take a while to get Haley checked in, and everything squared away on that front, so Aaron and Spencer took over a waiting room in the maternity ward. There was no one else there.

“You okay?” Aaron asked as Spencer hadn’t moved from the window that was looking out toward the rising run. Spencer didn’t answer, and he didn’t even react like he had heard Aaron at all. “Spencer?”

“Huh?” Spencer turned to face Aaron, and his eyes darted around the room a little. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m nervous. I know this is the best place and that she had the best doctors. I also know from other research done years ago for cases, that infant mortality and even mother mortality is still higher than it should be.”

Aaron got up from where he was sitting and walked over to wrap his arms around Spencer and hold him tight. They both looked out into the barely awake city.

“It’s going to be fine.”

“I know that. But you also know the way that my mind works. When I can see her, when I can be with her, things will get better.”

“I love you,” Aaron said into Spencer’s ear. He pressed his face into the side of Spencer’s head to comfort him. “I love you because of the way that you love Haley and Jack. You love them like I do, and that makes all of the difference in the world. You love me like it’s the only thing in the world that you want.”

Aaron sought out Spencer’s hand, his thumb rubbing up and down the main knuckle of Spencer’s ring finger. It was a comforting move that they did a lot to each other. Aaron had found Spencer doing it while they slept too when Haley was between them, and their hands were linked over her body.

“I will love you until the world ends until there is nothing left in the world but ash and rubble.”

“Agent Hotchner, Doctor Reid, we are ready for you to join Haley,” the nurse said from behind them.

Aaron turned and looked at her, smiling as he did. Spencer’s body went lax in Aaron’s hold. Not enough to drop him but enough to know that he was pleased to be heading into Haley’s room.

“You’ll be in with her in the delivery room.”

“What?” Spencer turned in Aaron’s hold and looked at him.

“It’s your baby, Spencer. It’s your turn to be in there. You can do it. I believe in you.”

“Oh God,” Spencer said, and he allowed Aaron to tug him along as they walked behind the nurse toward where Haley was. Aaron figured that it was the perfect time to drop that on him. Now Spencer would be thinking about that and not anything else. Aaron was going to be the one in the waiting room, worried as hell about his wife, husband, and Sprout, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spencer looked up from the bundle in his arms to Aaron as he came into the room. Haley was awake, but she wasn’t going to be for long. The birth had been more prolonged than anyone would have liked, and she was worn out. Aaron walked over to where Spencer was and reached down to touch the baby’s face. Spencer offered the bundle up to him, and Aaron just shook his head and pointed at Haley. Aaron walked over to her next and pushed the hair back from her forehead. He smiled down at his wife, and Haley gave him a smile back.

“So we have a daughter,” Aaron said.

“Yeah.” Haley sounded so worn out from that simple word.

“Sleep,” Spencer said. He gave Haley a little glare and then looked back down at the baby. They hadn’t named her yet. There was a small list in his head of the names that he liked, but none of them seemed to fit the baby once he saw her. Haley was leaving it up to him to name her. Spencer went through the list of top baby names that he had read the week before for last year. There were a few that he was never going to use, but a few were interesting.

“Thought of a name yet?” Aaron asked.

Spencer looked up at him again to see that he was seated on Haley’s bed with a grin on his face. She was asleep, and her head was tipped toward him. One arm was laid across the top of the bed to help him balance, but the other was on her stomach. She looked happy, tired, but happy.

“Addison? We can call her Addy.”

“You like that name?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, I do. I like it a lot.”

“Good. Good. The team is still out there, and they want to see her. Why do you go and show her off while I make sure Haley naps.”

Spencer stood up, his daughter in his arms. He walked over to Aaron to let him give her a kiss.

“Addison Marie Hotchner,” Aaron said.

“Yeah.” Spencer had wanted the middle name of Marie for a girl since nearly the beginning. It was a simple enough middle name, and if Addison hated her first, she could go by it. Addison wasn’t nearly as bad as some names that Spencer had heard before but was also unique enough for Spencer. The last name didn’t matter to Spencer at all. She was theirs, and that was all that mattered.

Thankfully, the team had taken over a waiting room. There were enough of them that no one else really wanted to be in there. Spencer watched them all as they talked, and Jack and Morgan played a very tame version of poker that Spencer had taught the boy. Jack won.

“I see that your Papa is teaching you well,” Morgan said with a laugh as he handed over the pack of gummy bears that was the prize.

“You know it.” Spencer laughed as every single head popped up to look at him. It was a race to get to him first, but Jack won that as well, dancing between legs to try and climb Spencer. Before Spencer could say a single word, Jack stopped and just held onto his pants.

Spencer looked at the people around him, and they spread apart to let him walk over to the bench seat so that Jack could climb up to see his sister.

“She’s asleep.”

“Being born is hard work on the baby and on the mommy,” JJ said.

“Did you sleep a lot after Henry was born?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I did, and so did Henry. So Spence, what kind of girl is she?”

“Addison Marie.”

“She looks like an Addison.”

Jack pushed close, and Spencer pushed her out from his body so that Jack could see her. “Can I hold her?”

“Sure.” Spencer looked at JJ, who nodded and slipped onto the bench on the other side of Jack and held Jack brace his body and his arms as Spencer laid Addison in his arms. They were adorable. The sound of cameras going off told him that he didn’t need to take one himself, and he just enjoyed his son holding his daughter.

“Is Haley okay?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah. You can go back and see her. Two at a time outside of Jack for now. She’s tired and sleeping, but you can see her. Aaron’s making sure that she’s fine.”

“Of course, he is.” Jessica leaned over and kissed Spencer’s cheek before she slipped out of the room.

When Jack was done holding her, JJ took Addison next.

Addison was passed around the room with Morgan taking her last, probably so that no one would take her from him. Spencer was going to disapprove that thought after a few minutes.

“Can I go see Mommy and Daddy, Papa?” Jack asked.

“I’ll take him and drop him off, Spence,” JJ said.


As soon as JJ was up, Will was sitting down with Henry. Henry cuddled into Spencer’s side.

“A little jealous, huh?” Spencer asked. He pressed a kiss to Henry’s forehead and then scooped him up to lay him in his lap.

“Just a little bit. It’s nothing big. I remember Jack being the same way, and Jack was older.”

“So, Pretty Boy, how was watching a woman give birth?” Morgan asked.


Everyone in the room laughed.

“I am not sure that I want to see it happen again. At least that up close.”

“Everything went fine?” Garcia asked as she looked over Morgan’s arm at Addison.

“Yeah, it went just fine. Doctors were happy, and Haley is resting just fine. I figure that she’ll be home as soon as possible as she’ll rest better there.”

“Erin gave you both two weeks off, and then you have another week after that, Reid. It’s the best that she could do at the moment, but she’s more than willing to let you guys work from home if there are no cases, one at a time.”

“Good. Jessica can help as her new position allows her to work from a laptop. It’ll work for now. Jack’s going to be a big help as well. He’s already promised that he’ll help Haley pick up anything that he can pick up and even change diapers. I have a feeling that part is going to change as soon as he smells the first one.”

Spencer held out his hands to Morgan, but Aaron clearing his throat, stopped Morgan from handing her over.

“I think it’s time I finally get to hold her.”

“You took her away before he could hold her?” Morgan asked.

“I told him to head out to see you guys while I sat with Haley. I knew I wasn’t going to let her go, and I wanted you guys to be heading home. It’s been a long day for us all.” Aaron slipped his hands under Morgan’s and took Addison from him. Will got up from the bench and Aaron took his spot. Henry tugged on Aaron until Spencer moved them both closer. Henry’s hands touched Addison gently for a few seconds before he pulled back and buried himself in Spencer’s body, pouting.

“Oh, this is going to be interesting,” Aaron said with a quirk of his lips.

“He’ll grow out of it.” Spencer knew that Jack was a good kid, but even he would have issues of jealousy for the next while. Haley wasn’t going to be able to cuddle him like she usually did, and while he had got used to not being like he was with her as her pregnancy progressed, Addison was going to be held by all of them a great deal of the time. It was going to cause issues. They were ready, though. Or at least Spencer hoped that they were ready.

The team said goodbye until it was just JJ and Morgan left in the room. Will had taken Henry to get some pudding before they left for the day.

“She looks like you, Spence,” JJ said as she hugged Spencer. Aaron still had Addison in his arms.

“Yeah, but I can see Haley in her, and that will help with not confusing people later. There is enough of Haley in her and in Jack.”

“You happy?” Morgan asked.

“I really am.”


“I just have a question for you both before you leave,” Spencer said. He looked at Aaron, who gave him a supporting smile. “You guys will be Godparents, right?”

Spencer had thought long and hard about it, and while it was a religious thing years before, it was just something that a lot of people did. There were a few people between them and the custody rights, but Spencer wanted to make sure that if something happened to him and to Aaron, that Haley would have the support she needed. There was a long list of people because there was a chance that everyone on the team would be taken out at the same time. Will alone was after, and that was something that Aaron had talked to him about. Will helping Haley if something happened, even as far as moving in with Haley just to help.

Knowing that there was a plan for the custody of Jack and Addison was the biggest worry that Spencer had. Having it settled meant that Spencer could enjoy his time with her and his family more.

“Yes,” JJ and Morgan said at the same time.

“Good. Good.” Spencer swallowed, and before a second went by, he was being hugged by them both. Spencer looked at Aaron over JJ’s head and saw that he was not unaffected as well.

This was their family, and there was nothing more important.

Haley took the stairs slowly. She could hear Jack playing in his room, and then there was nothing else. She wondered where her husbands had gotten to. She had been reading on the couch when Aaron had left to go upstairs and do something. Spencer had just wandered off at one point with Addy. It had been a week since they had come home with Addy, and Haley was finding that she was really enjoying having both guys and Jack around to help her with things. By the time that Aaron and Spencer went back to work in one and two weeks, respectively, Haley was going to be doing well on taking care of Addy with Jack’s help. They were showing Jack everything that he could do to help and then figuring out workarounds on other things. Haley was healing slower than she had with Jack, and she knew it was typical given her age. It was a Monday, and the weekend had been full of visitors who had stayed away while they were adjusting to being home. Other than Jessica, who stopped by each day and brought anything that the boys had texted her to pick up.

None of them had left the house at all since getting home. They had picked up Haley’s pills while they were driving home after the hospital called them in, and then Aaron used his new baby in the car as the reason to get the pain medication run through as it was the only one that couldn’t be faxed over.

Addy was a good baby so far, yeah she had her moments where she didn’t stop crying, but between the three of them, they got it figured out what she wanted. Jack was pretty good, too, but he was still adjusting to having her in the house. He really hated it when her crying in the night woke him up. Jack was super excited to have the baby monitors out of his room, though he also knew that meant that he had to tell them if he was going up to play in his bedroom instead of waiting on them to hear him up there playing. It was for his own safety, and so far, Jack was doing really good at it. He even told them when he was going up to grab a toy.

Haley looked at Jack, who was playing away with the rug with the city that was on it. It had been set up in his bedroom recently since he didn’t need something to distract him from other things going on in the kitchen. Jack looked up and smiled at Haley before he went back to playing.

The master bedroom door was shut. Haley pushed it open and laughed as she took in the sight of the boys on the bed with Addison on Spencer’s chest. She was in one of the carriers that she was a little too young to use when it was on a body correctly, but there it made for a perfect way to keep her on Spencer. Spencer had no shirt on, and Addison was naked outside of a diaper as well. The carrier was doing well at covering her body. Her legs were covered by a blanket. Aaron was on his side with his arm thrown across Spencer, and it looked like it was just under Addison’s legs. They were a picture of beauty to Haley. Aaron was still dressed, and Spencer’s T-shirt was hanging off the end of the bed, so it was evident that he had taken it off just to give Addy skin on skin time. Aaron had been doing it the day before, and Haley had hers with Addy every single time that she fed her. It was a good way of doing it in Haley’s mind.

Haley walked over to find the pump that she was using to expel milk so that the boys could feed her when they wanted. Addison didn’t like the bottle nearly as much as she did Haley’s breast, but once she realized that it was Haley’s milk, it was better. There was a second bottle in the fridge, but Haley wanted to start getting some to freeze so that they had some on hand if Haley started to have issues with her milk coming in. The milk could be frozen for six months at best and up to twelve if really needed. Spencer had tape ready to label each of the bags so that they found the oldest date easily in the freezer.

Pumping was calming to Haley as she watched her guys sleep. So far, they had been hesitant to even touch each other over the last week, but Haley was going to make sure that they made time for themselves. She had her time with each of them and with both of them, but they were too focused on her and Addison. They needed time with each other. Even if that didn’t end in sex.

When she was done, she carried the pump to the stand to have it taken down and cleaned out and left to air dry when she went back downstairs. She put the bottles in the small fridge that was in Addy’s room. The guest room had been taken over and turned into a room for her. If Jessica stayed over, she was going to be staying in Spencer’s room in the basement or on the pull-out couch in Aaron and Spencer’s office. Haley wasn’t sure which one she would want. Hell, Haley wasn’t sure which one she wanted her sister to do. Jessica had stayed with her for the first three cases after Aaron had gone back to work at the end of his paternity leave, but Spencer was getting an extra week, so Haley figured that only two cases was going to be needed.

Addy starting to fuss had Haley rushing back to the bedroom to get her before Aaron and Spencer woke up, but when she got there, Aaron was already lifting Addy off of Spencer, and Spencer was reaching for his shirt as soon as he could.

“Hungry?” Haley asked.

“No, she just didn’t like being trapped. I think she’s just awake and wants to move around,” Aaron said. He got up off of the bed and walked over to Haley, letting her nuzzle at the side of Addison’s face before he took her out of the room and down into the living room. Haley watched Spencer as he slipped the sling off and then his shirt on. He was moving slow, but that was normal when he slept in the same position for what had to have been two hours.

“You two wouldn’t be all that tired if you let me take care of her at night at least once or twice.”

“No, you need sleep with healing, Haley. You know that. You’ll hurt less if you sleep better. We want you healed up as much as possible for when I go back to work. It’ll be fine. We’ve finally got a good pattern for it.”

“Okay, but I mean it, if you both are too tired, I’ll take one or two.” Haley knew that they were worried about the toll on her body, and it was why she wasn’t fighting it as much as she should have been. She helped with Addison during the day a little more than she probably should, but the boys had the whole night after Haley went to sleep, and she went to sleep really early.

“We will.” Spencer got up off of the bed and walked over to her. He cupped her face and tipped it up to where they could kiss. Spencer had been a lot more affectionate the last month, even more than he had after they had got home from Arizona and got married. It was a strange feeling. She wondered if he was just growing into himself fully, or he had been slowly adding in more, and Haley hadn’t noticed. He was a good man, and he was a wonderful husband to both her and Aaron.

“So, how do you really feel right now?” Haley asked.


Haley frowned as she touched his arm. His body was trembling. “Why?”

“I tripped coming up the stairs last night after I had cleaned the bottle after feeding Addison. It’s why I slept on the far side of the bed. I’m a huge ball of hurt.”

“Why don’t I take care of Addison and walking around the house, and I send Aaron up here to give you a massage. He can see if it’s just sore or tight muscles.”

“Take Jack down with you, just to be safe.”

“I will.” Haley leaned in and kissed the side of Spencer’s face as he bent down enough for her to do it. Haley turned around and gathered up Jack and a few toys before heading down. It didn’t take much at all to convince Aaron to hand over Addison and him to head up to take care of Spencer. Aaron knew about his fall but not about how stiff Spencer was. It did explain why Spencer had been so worn out that morning. He had probably slept like shit last night.

An hour later, Haley walked up to put Addison down for a nap in her crib, and she stopped at the door to the master bedroom and opened it. Spencer was asleep on his stomach, and Aaron was nearly all the way on top of him, the sheet that was over their body wasn’t enough to hide that they were both naked. Haley grinned as she walked away. It hadn’t taken much at all. Spencer nearly always got hard when Aaron was giving him a massage, and it seemed they had taken advantage of Haley having Addison and Jack down on the ground floor.

Haley looked forward to when she was cleared for sex again, she missed having them inside of her, but she could wait as she did not want to hurt herself. She would be cleared for oral quicker, and she was going to take advantage of that. Until then, she would content herself with a lot of cuddling and making out. The boys could slip into the shower after and take care of themselves, or each other and Haley would sleep, the lull of low burn arousal sending her drifting off.

This was her life, with her husbands and two kids, and it was more than enough to keep her happy for the rest of her life, and this was all that she needed.

The End


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