The Ache for Something More – 5/9 – DarkJediQueen

Title: The Ache for Something More
Author: DarkJediQueen
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Genre: Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Menage or More, Slash
Relationship(s): Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Haley Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Haley Hotchner
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence – Graphic, Canon Drug Use Discussion of Canon Typical Cases Canon Torture
Author Notes:
Beta: Alpha-greeneyesblue, Beta-ScarsLikeVelvet
Word Count: 244,735
Summary: After rescuing Spencer Reid from the hands of Charles Hankel, Aaron invites him to live with him and his family. It starts a journey that none of them were prepared for but none of them want to let go of either.
Artist: Starkindler

Chapter 13

Aaron laughed and pulled Haley close as she came around the front of the car. Haley gave a little bit of token resistance as Aaron kept on pulling her toward him. He braced himself on the car and pulled Haley into the space between his legs. Aaron kept his arms around Haley, but he didn’t try and pull her in for a kiss.

“Soon?” Aaron asked, finishing the conversation that they had while eating dinner.

“Today?” Haley questioned back.

It had been the sticking point between them. Aaron wanted to wait until Thursday night since the team had Friday off. Morgan, Prentiss, and Dave were flying to give evidence in a case, so the others had just taken the day. Aaron knew that all of the files were going to get taken care of before everyone left on Thursday, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Haley, though, didn’t want to put it off anymore. Aaron understood why she didn’t want to put it off anymore. Aaron wasn’t sure that it was something good to talk about on a Sunday afternoon when Aaron and Spencer were back to work the next day. The three-day weekend was going to be a better time so that Spencer could take it all in. It really would work better. Aaron knew Spencer, but so did Haley.

Aaron was so lost on what they should do. He didn’t like being lost, but there wasn’t that much more that they could do to figure out anything else that would work to help them snag the man that they both wanted. Over the past three weeks since the revelation, Aaron had just fallen a little more in love with Spencer. Though Aaron was also sure that there was a healthy dose of lust there as well. Especially since Haley and his sex life had jumped up to higher than it had been. Most of that was oral between them or making out in bed with hands pleasuring each other, but it was still more than they had been. Especially the night that Aaron had given Spencer the massage.

That simple massage had changed the way that he thought about Spencer in several ways. Spencer was wonderful, and he had made a few noises during it that would have been considered sexual. Yet when Aaron had carried him like a monkey, Aaron had noticed that Spencer wasn’t even a little hard at all. The term demisexual was fitting more and more with Spencer, and that was Aaron’s biggest worry.

“Hey,” Haley said with a smile on her face.

“Hey,” Aaron said as he looked at her.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m scared.” Aaron swallowed around the lump in his throat.

“I am as well. We are never going to know if we don’t do it, though. The longer we wait, the longer we will keep on putting it off. He’s happy right now and Aaron, I can’t think of anything except for the fact that he’s happy living with us. He might not realize anything, but I think he feels it.”

Aaron could agree to a point on that, but he wasn’t that sure that really Spencer had a lot of feelings for them. Unless he had been actively not letting himself get aroused. He might have been too tired and too sore to have that was well. There were too many unknowns on it all, but Aaron agreed that it was time. It was time to lay it all out.

“Let’s do it. Hopefully, Jack is down for a nap as I have no clue how this is going to go.”

“I’m scared too. I’m scared of him leaving and never giving it a try. I’m scared of falling all the way in love with him, and he doesn’t feel the same. I’m scared of a million and one things, but the biggest one is that I’m scared I’ll never know.”

Aaron looked to Haley’s side to see Spencer standing there in the window, looking at them. His face was unreadable but not angry. Aaron didn’t think that he had ever seen that look on Spencer’s face before. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what that look was on his face. “We are being watched, and I kind of feel like we were caught making out in a car by our parents.”

“Jack or Spencer?” Haley asked. Her eyes darted toward the side where the window was, but she didn’t look at Spencer.

“Spencer. I think that we are going to get a talking to given the look on his face. Though really a little talking while sitting on a car is not a bad thing.” Aaron looked again, but the window was empty. Aaron wasn’t sure why he felt like that was a bad thing.

“Maybe he was perving on us.”

“HALEY!” Aaron cried out, seeing the laughter on her face, though that did little for the thought of Spencer getting aroused while watching them. Aaron had never thought that it would feel good, the thought of someone watching him have sex with Haley. Aaron willed his budding erection to go away. He didn’t want to walk into the house with an erection to start this conversation.

Aaron didn’t just want sex with Spencer. He did want it at some point when Spencer was willing, but he wanted more than that for the rest of his life.

“You know we are going to need a bigger bed, right?” Haley asked as she stepped back, and she grabbed Aaron’s hand and tugged him along with her. The door was unlocked, and Aaron opened the door for Haley, ushering her into the house in front of him. He locked the door after he shut it. There was no reason to leave that unlocked with the heavy conversation that was coming up.

This was one of the only times that Aaron had ever gone into a situation where he had no idea what to expect. He usually worked through at least a few outcomes that he could see, but Spencer was a big question mark as he didn’t respond to things the way that Aaron thought that he would. Aaron hadn’t narrowed that down to his upbringing or his genius, or if it was a perfect mixture of both of them together.

Spencer was sitting on the couch with a baby monitor in front of him on the coffee table. Spencer used that when Jack was napping, and he was home with him and moved around the house from place to place. Aaron and Haley didn’t use it nearly as much as Spencer. Aaron hoped that one day, Spencer would feel like he didn’t need to use it. It was kind of sad that Spencer was still so overcautious about watching Jack. He made sure he couldn’t miss if Jack woke up, even if the boy had gotten good at yelling down the stairs to be picked up and carried down when he woke up.

“Have fun?” Spencer asked. His eyes didn’t leave the paper that was in front of him on the coffee table.

“We did have a good afternoon out. They didn’t have tiramisu on the menu, or I would have brought you some home,” Haley said.

“We need to talk,” Spencer said as he finally looked up at them. His eyes were hard, but it didn’t seem like he was angry.

“Sure. I need to use the bathroom,” Haley said. She gave Aaron a look before she slipped down the hall toward the bathroom.

Aaron settled in on the arm of a chair and looked at Spencer. Spencer was looking at the papers in front of him again, and there were no notes on the pages, which Aaron found odd. Spencer rarely ever read anything that he printed off without making notes on it. Aaron tried to lean forward to read it, but Spencer sat back on the couch with the paper in his hand.

“What do you want to talk about?” Aaron asked.

Spencer raised a finger as he flipped the first page of the set of papers over and kept on reading. Aaron knew that finger, the way that it was. It was a Spencer who was so focused on reading that he wasn’t able to stop. Aaron waited.

Haley entered the living room again, and she settled down into the chair that Aaron was sitting on the arm of.

“Spencer,” Haley said.

Spencer’s head popped up, and he looked at Aaron and Haley like he was profiling them.

“You know I tried to figure out for half an hour what this was about. I tried to figure out who you were researching this for, but then I started to go over it all. There is not a third person in either of your lives that you talk about all that much.”

Aaron wasn’t sure what Spencer was talking about. Spencer held out the paper that he had been looking at and saw that it was an article on a website that he had been reading that morning. Aaron barely remembered seeing Spencer going into his office when Aaron had been getting ready to go out with Haley. He hadn’t paid any attention to what he had been looking up before breakfast.

Spencer was waiting, and Aaron could see it. He could see the fear in Spencer’s eyes that said that he was waiting for Aaron to yell at him.

“I really should delete my history when I look up things I don’t want you finding since we share a computer.” Aaron handed the papers to Haley and listened to her gasp. “What do you want to know?”

“When was I going to be clued in on the whole dating thing?”

Spencer listened to the sound of Aaron talking to Jack as they got ready to head out into the backyard to play before Aaron and Haley went on a date. The date was make-up on from where the team had got called out on a case. Spencer had met Haley and Aaron at the edge of the city with Jack, and they all swapped around to get Aaron and Spencer to Quantico as quickly as possible. He grabbed his few folders full of information that he had before he headed up the stairs to the kitchen. He checked the coffee pot to make sure it was done brewing so he could prep the carafe to take with him into the office.

A larger workspace was needed for what Spencer had planned for the morning. He looked out the window to see Jack being spun around in the circle like an airplane at the hands of Aaron. It was wonderful to see. Aaron loved his son so much, and it was wonderful to see him being like he was with him.

Spencer lost time watching the three of them in the backyard where Jack was trying to teach Haley how to use the stick to get the puck into the goal at the end of the yard. The puck wasn’t a real puck, it was a ball since a puck wouldn’t go anywhere on the grass. He wanted to be out there, but this was family time, and Spencer hadn’t been invited to go out with them. No matter what some people thought, Spencer knew when he wasn’t invited to something. He had never gone to something that he was even iffy on being actually invited to. It had caused issues in college with a friend who assumed that talking to him about the party was inviting him to it. It hadn’t taken long for them to start to invite him to everything that they wanted him at.

Absentmindedly, Spencer reached out and turned on the computer. He watched the Hotchners outside while the computer did its thing. Since it was Aaron’s, it went right to the desktop, and there was no log-in. If Aaron wanted secure, there was a different log-in to do, but only after it had booted up. Spencer knew it well and could get into his account for the FBI from there as well, but he didn’t need that. He just needed the usual bits of information that he could find on the Internet.

As soon as Spencer sat down, he opened up the browser for the computer and hit the keys that would take him to the history. He had forgotten to bookmark a site the day before and needed to go back to it. He stopped, though, as he read the first article that was up.

Spencer’s mind flashed back to the conversation about triad relationships that Aaron had got him into weeks before. He frowned because he wasn’t sure it was something that Aaron would normally be looking up. Spencer clicked it out of curiosity and waited to see what it was about.

The article was half read before it really dawned on Spencer that he was reading a well thought out and very detailed guide to adding a third person to an already established marriage. Spencer’s brain kind of blanked at that moment, and he tried to finish the article, but he couldn’t. He looked toward the window to look at the tops of the trees in neighboring yards.

Spencer wasn’t sure what was breaking his mind more, the whole adding a third to any relationship or the fact that it was Aaron looking it up, to begin with. Spencer looked around the desk. Still, there were no sheets full of notes scattered like Aaron was looking at it for information for anything to do with something for the Academy or any of the other publications that he put out articles for. There was nothing. Spencer tapped the keys to bring up the history again, and he looked through it. He could see that the one today was the only one but that it also was a bookmark hidden in a little in a folder on the bookmarks bar that had to do with triathlons. A perfect place to hide it where Spencer wasn’t going to go looking.

That also meant that Aaron was hiding it. Haley never got onto the computer. She had her own in her office for her work. Aaron was hiding it from Spencer. The history was full over the past near month of articles about triads and healthy open relationships.

Spencer’s head was spinning with the information that he was finding that Aaron had looked into. Including one site that suggested sex positions for male-male-female triads. Spencer looked at that with a keen eye because while Morgan talked about sex positions on occasion with Prentiss, it was never this detailed. Spencer wondered exactly who Aaron wanted to add to his and Haley’s relationship. It was obvious that it was another male. There were a lot of questions in Spencer’s head. He looked at a few of the diagrams, but there was nothing inside of him. There was a twinge of arousal.

Porn had never done it for Spencer, so he wasn’t sure why he thought that this would do shit for him. He hadn’t even been good with reading erotic novels either. None of them ever did a thing for him. He thought that it might be because he liked the written word more than he liked to see things in person. There were movies that Spencer had never seen because he didn’t want the vision of it on the screen, destroying his love of the book. Spencer closed that and opened up another article. He spent nearly an hour looking at everything that was on there before he just stopped.

Spencer got up from the computer and looked outside at where Aaron and Haley were still playing with Jack. Haley was sitting and watching mostly, but she had a smile on her face. She looked at Aaron with such love, and Spencer felt his entire body start to feel weird. She had been looking at him like that.

There wasn’t some random person that Haley and Aaron wanted to add to their relationship. It was him. Spencer watched them for a few more minutes before he walked to the cabinet that held two bottles. One was Aaron’s preferred scotch, and the other was brandy. Spencer hadn’t drunk from either one of them, but it was something that he had known was there and had been offered drinks from before. Spencer poured a single finger into the glass beside it, and as he lifted up the glass, he paused. It was a new set of glasses since the last time that Spencer had seen them. There were four glasses, and each of them was clear, but with different colored swirls inside. The one that Spencer had. The one that had been sitting beside the brandy was purple.

Taking a sip of the brandy, Spencer felt a strange feeling that had nothing to do with the alcohol and everything to do with how his life was now. He was not even aware of how much Aaron and Haley had made sure that he felt at home there in ways that had nothing to do with him living with them for the time being and everything to do with wanting to make sure that he stayed there.

They had been moving toward this since the day that Spencer had agreed to stay with them.

Spencer wasn’t sure when he had stopped thinking that he wanted to leave. Still, it was over the last few weeks that he had really started to feel like he was at home for the first time in his life since his father had left him and his mother. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was going to feel about all of this, but it was bizarre to know that they were both moving around him in ways that he hadn’t been aware of before. Spencer took another sip of the brandy before he walked over to the window.

Aaron looked up at Spencer and waved at him, a smile on his face. They would be heading inside soon. It was warm for the season but not so warm that Jack could be out for long times, even with him moving around like he was. Spencer waved back and tried to put a good smile on his face, and from a distance, it must have worked because Aaron grinned a little brighter before he turned back to his family. Spencer had no clue what he wanted to do about it all.

Pushing it all from his brain, Spencer closed all of the websites after finding the one that he had come to the computer to look for. On a whim, he printed out the first one that he had seen, one that Aaron had gone to many times according to the browser. He needed to get this paper put to bed so that he could relax the rest of the day while he watched Jack while Aaron and Haley went on the second chance date they were getting ready to go on. He typed as fast as his fingers let him, getting the words out of his head, checking the resources, and citing them the correct way. He was lost in it all until he heard the knock on the door to the office. Spencer turned to see that it was Haley, and she had a cup of something in her hand.

“I told Aaron that you had the carafe. He was looking for it to bring you up some coffee.”

“Yeah, I’ve got a full pot here.” Spencer reached out and touched the carafe. He saw Haley’s eyes go to the glass with scotch in it. He didn’t even attempt to hide it from her and just picked it up and took a drink to finish it off before he walked over to the cabinet to grab the wipes that were in there for use on the glasses. He wiped it out and then settled it back into the cabinet and shut it. “Did you need something?”

“Oh, no. I was just checking on the carafe for Aaron.” Haley took a sip of her cup and smiled. There was a chocolate ring on the top of her lip. Hot chocolate to help warm them up, Spencer was pretty sure. Haley loved to make it, and she gladly did for any reason. “And to see if you want a cup of hot chocolate.”

Spencer looked at the screen to see that the paper he had been working on was all sent to where it needed to be. He closed down everything and shut down the computer before grabbing his coffee cup and the carafe. He looked around to make sure that he hadn’t left anything behind beside the folders with papers. If Aaron was up there before he got to finish up the second thing he wanted to do, he would slip the files into a spot where they would be safe along with the rest of Spencer’s things in there.

There was so much in the room that was Spencer’s. It was like he was a person who lived in the whole house instead of the basement. He knew that he was welcome all over the place, but this felt a lot different. This felt more intimate in a way that Spencer hadn’t noticed at all before. Haley turned as he walked to the door, so he followed her down the stairs and into the kitchen. Aaron was at the stove, pouring out some hot chocolate into a cup for Jack. It had to have had some milk added to it to cool it down. Jack was standing there with his hands outstretched before Aaron finally handed him the mug. Jack’s hand gripped it tight as he tipped to his mouth for a drink. Jack smacked his lips after he took his first sip, and he noticed Spencer. Spencer barely had time to set down the carafe in his hand just in case Jack came running at him.

“Cheers!” Jack cried out, but he didn’t move. He was good at staying still when he was holding grown-up cups. Spencer walked over to him and tapped his coffee cup against Jack’s. Jack frowned at him and looked at Aaron. “Chalk.”

“Yes, Jack, I’ll give Spencer his hot chocolate.” Aaron emphasized the word chocolate before he handed over a cup to Spencer. He even used his own cup to clink it off of Spencer’s. Jack pouted until Spencer reached down and did the same with his. Spencer settled his coffee cup on the counter. Jack made a pleased noise and started to drink his hot chocolate at a pace that was as close to chugging as the boy could get. Spencer felt that twinge his stomach at the feelings he had for Jack. He couldn’t delude himself any longer that they were just feelings like he would have for the child of a friend. There was something more there. Something that was just deep enough that Spencer was actually a little upset about it. He hadn’t meant to feel like this at all. About Jack or even about Haley and Aaron.

“Done, Daddy,” Jack said as he handed the cup up to Aaron. He hugged Spencer around the legs and then ran to Haley to do the same to her. “Thanks, Mommy.”

“You are welcome, Jack,” Haley said. She reached down and ran her fingers through Jack’s hair before Jack took off to the living room. There was the sound of a few toys being dragged out of where they lived.

“Haley and I won’t be gone but an hour. Two at the max.”

“Jack and I will be fine. I’ll get him something for lunch. I was thinking about sandwiches and chips. Haley got that really good bread that I love. I’m sure that I’ll find a sandwich we can both eat.” Spencer’s stomach didn’t want food at the moment. It didn’t even want the hot chocolate in his hand, but he drank it down.

Jack was at least easy to fool if Spencer didn’t eat. The boy wouldn’t be paying that close attention to Spencer while he was eating. Jack would gladly munch on his food while Spencer moved around the room. Spencer could act like he was eating if Jack were watching him closely. There were ways, and Spencer had learned the best of them while working with the team. They all had learned ways of hiding things from each other.

“Take your time being out. I got the first article done, but I need time to work on what I have in my head to get it all laid out before I get to putting it down on paper. I can do that in the living room while Jack plays with his toys.”

“Eh, we need the meal out together, not the day. We will be back in about two hours at max. Well, after we leave, that is,” Aaron said. He gave Spencer one of those smiles. Spencer felt his stomach lurch. He wasn’t sure if it was a good lurch or a bad one.

“Sure. Holler down when you are leaving, and I’ll come up and watch the tiny monster.” Spencer smiled as he drained his hot chocolate and picked up his coffee cup again. He took a drink of it and found that it was just about too cool for him to want to drink, so he drained it before getting another cup from the carafe. He felt Aaron and Haley’s eyes on him, but they didn’t do anything to stop him from going down to his bedroom.

Spencer settled into the chair that Haley had gotten him. She’d seen it in a store and sent him a picture while he was on a case. When he said he loved it, Spencer had come home to find it there. It was a great chair, comfortable to Spencer. He tucked his legs up and turned to the side as he laid his head back to just stare off into space.

A relationship with two people, a married couple. It kind of broke Spencer’s brain as he thought about it. It wasn’t hard to extrapolate that if he did start something with them, it was going to be a loving relationship. It was already like that, and he wasn’t in the relationship in that way. There were a lot of cons, though to the whole thing. If it didn’t work out, he was going to lose a lot. Two friends and Jack as well as a home that he loved to be in. It was wonderful to live where he was.

Yet there was the fact that if Spencer didn’t want to be with them like that, it was going to be awkward.

“Spence?” Aaron called down the stairs.

Spencer looked at the clock to see that he had been down there for nearly a half an hour, and his stomach was growling. He looked at it with a glare before he got up and started up the stairs. Haley was at the stove. She turned the burner on after adding a little bit of something to the saucepan that was in front of her. Spencer was intrigued by what she was doing if she was leaving only to see that it was water. The stuff was laid out for macaroni and cheese with broccoli in it. Spencer’s stomach growled again.

“Here,” Haley said, and she handed back something without even looking.

Spencer took it and unwrapped the paper towel from around it to see that it was a bacon and bread sandwich. Spencer took a large bite of it, and his stomach began to calm down.

“I heard your stomach growl from up here,” Haley said.

Spencer gave her a glare because there was no way that she had heard it from up the stairs. Haley gave Spencer a big smile, and she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before she walked around him.

“I have the water on low. Jack was begging for it for lunch, and I know that you love it as well.”

Spencer was stuck where he was. He heard the front door shut after a few minutes, and only then did he press his hand to his cheek. His hand came away a little sticky, and he knew that she had left some lipstick or something like it behind. He grabbed a napkin to rub off the lipstick to find that it was red in color.

“Pen,” Jack said as he came into the kitchen. He was holding out his hands, and Spencer picked him up. “Mac and Chee.”

“Yeah, we are having mac and cheese.”

“Cheese,” Jack repeated with a grin.

Jack loved Haley’s recipe for it, and it was really easy to make. Spencer was more than willing to make it for him. It was simple compared to a lot of other things. The water wasn’t going to boil for a little while; still Spencer turned it off and looked Jack in the face.

“Why don’t we watch an episode of Doctor Who and then we can see about making mac and cheese.”

Jack started to make the sounds of the TARDIS as he grinned at Spencer.

The lunch hour passed very quickly with Spencer focused on Jack, and then the boy wanted to play with his cars on the road in the kitchen. So Spencer set himself up there to finish his own work. Spencer loved doing these kinds of things, and it wasn’t like he did do his fair share of goofing off at work.

Jack yawned, and his toys started to make less noise as they were crashed together.

“Ready for a nap, buddy?” Spencer asked as he set down his pen and looked at Jack. Jack was leaning against Spencer’s leg, already more than half asleep. Spencer carefully picked him up and carried him into the living room. He settled Jack down into the chair and propped up the leg part. Spencer did not even have time to brush the hair out of Jack’s forehead before Jack’s eyes were closed, and he was asleep.

Spencer turned the TV back on and put on a channel that didn’t make a lot of noise, was just talking heads about politics and such, so there was noise in the background. He grabbed his things from the kitchen and spread them out on the coffee table before sitting back with the notepad in his hand. He started to scribble a few articles he needed to look up for citations and a few that he remembered seeing but not reading and needed to before he wrote this paper.

All of that did not take up as much time as Spencer thought it would. He cleaned up everything and slipped it onto the table beside the stairs to take it up to the office. Sitting down on the couch again, Spencer looked around before he remembered the article that was shoved into his notes. He looked at Jack before deciding that he needed to grab that and read it when it wasn’t on a computer screen.

No words on it had changed after Spencer read it again. He dropped down onto the couch a little harder than he usually would and apologized to the couch.

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway had Spencer startling a little. They were back early, really early. Spencer knew that Aaron had said two hours at max, but they were well under it. It was like they wanted to get back to him. Spencer knew that he could be making a very wrong assumption on that, but he didn’t think that he was. Spencer frowned when the front door didn’t open, so he walked over to the window and looked at them. They were talking.

Spencer turned around and picked up Jack before taking him up to his bed. The crib toddler bed was new to the room, and it still felt weird to settle Jack down into it. He grabbed the monitor and turned it on before grabbing the other part to make sure it was on as well. He set the barrier up so Jack couldn’t fall down the stairs.

Aaron and Haley were still talking, and Spencer couldn’t help but look at them. Aaron was relaxed, sitting on the corner of the hood of the car. Spencer knew that Aaron saw him but was ignoring him. Spencer did wonder what they were talking about. He turned away from the window when it seemed like Aaron and Haley were about done. He walked over and unlocked the door, and then sat on the couch again with the article.

The next little bit was a blur to him that culminated in a realization on his part.

“When was I going to be clued in on the whole dating thing?”

Aaron opened his mouth and shut it again. And then he did that a few more times. Spencer knew that it wasn’t because Aaron and Haley thought they were trying to keep it from him. They really hadn’t been doing a lot different. It was the awareness that Spencer now had about all of the interactions over the past few weeks. He knew that they weren’t trying to hurt him. It was a big fucking step. The first thing that every single article said about adding a third to a relationship was that the couple had to be sure because it could even break them up if it failed.

“Today,” Haley finally said.

“We’ve been discussing it over the last week.” Aaron found his voice, it seemed. He stood up and walked over to Spencer.

Spencer was so focused on what Aaron was doing that he missed Haley sitting down beside him. He turned to where his back was to the couch so he could see both of them. The hand on Spencer’s knee felt warm, and Spencer looked down at it. Haley’s hand settled on his shoulder. Aaron didn’t move his hand from Spencer’s knee, though.

“We are sorry that this was how you found out.”

“I don’t know. I think it was the best. I tend to freak out when things are thrown on me. I had a while to think.”

“When did you find it?” Haley asked.

“When I was upstairs before you came up to get me for hot chocolate.”

“I assumed that you were in your head with the paper you were working on,” Haley said.

“I was in my head, but I was going over everything. Every single interaction between us over the last while to figure out when it changed. I’m not uncomfortable with it.” Spencer rushed to put that out, and he looked at Aaron and smiled before he turned to look at Haley again.

“We are sorry, though. You should have said something before we left.” Aaron sounded sorry like he did when he was talking to victims.

“I didn’t because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I didn’t want to bring it up if I decided that I didn’t want to try for this.”

“Do you?” Haley asked.

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Spencer asked, shrugging his shoulders.

“You are here, and that just means that you might not have decided, but you figured that it was better that we all were on the same page,” Aaron said.

“I do want it. I want to try.” The words just rolled off his tongue. Spencer wasn’t sure why he said them. He meant them, and he didn’t want to take them back. “I trust you both so much.”

“And trust is big with you,” Aaron said. He turned a little more toward Spencer, and Spencer couldn’t help but turn toward him as well. Haley’s hand stayed on his shoulder, a soft, warm weight that felt good. Aaron touched Spencer’s cheek and drew his entire attention to Aaron. Aaron’s hand was warm on him, both on his cheek and on his knee. He pressed his cheek into Aaron’s hand more.

“Trust is very big with me,” Spencer agreed. He was lost in Aaron’s eyes. This wasn’t something that Spencer had ever thought would happen. He hadn’t been harboring a crush on Aaron since he had joined the team. Spencer didn’t really get crushes. He had something with Lila Archer, but it was more that he was trying to be normal, and it had just ended. He was good friends with her. They write letters back and forth. Lila liked having a friend more than she liked having someone who liked her for who she was instead of who they thought she was with her fame.

“How do you want to do this?” Haley asked.

Spencer jerked out of the hold that Aaron’s gaze had on him, and he settled back again, hating when Aaron’s hand dropped from his face. He liked the touching. He had never been big on touches. His mother didn’t touch him a lot, and his father never had. The most he got was cuddles while his mother read to him. Aaron and Haley had got him used to being touched, though.

“I have no clue.”

“Do you want to think on it more?” Aaron asked.

Spencer nodded his head. It wasn’t like he wanted to jump into bed with them, but they were both very affectionate to each other, and they would want to do that with him. He wasn’t ready for sex. He needed to talk to Doctor Freya about it all. Or John.

“Oh, God,” Spencer said. He leaned forward and dropped his head into his hands, his arms resting on his legs. There was no way for him to talk to John about it.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked. His hand moved from Spencer’s knee to his back, rubbing. Haley’s hand joined it not long after.

“I can’t talk to John about this.”

“You can,” Aaron said.

Spencer shot up and looked at Aaron. Aaron just raised an eyebrow back.

“I’ve got to talk to Dave about taking over your paperwork, and John is good enough that at most, he might talk to me about not being an idiot. There is not a single person who has met me that would think that I would force you into this or that you would allow it.You’ve grown so much as a person since you’ve joined the team. You push against Morgan, against JJ, when they try and talk you into things you don’t want to do. That’s from knowing your place on the team. You are a strong man, Spencer. If you want, I’ll talk to him first, John to Aaron so he can get his surprise out on me.”

“You can call him?” Spencer pushed up against the hands, and he was allowed to sit up so he could look at Aaron. The hands didn’t leave his back, though.

“Spencer. I have his number in case I think you need him, but you’ve never hit that point. I’ve heard you call him a few times from the kitchen. I usually slip out and go away, so you do have your privacy as soon as I figure out who you are talking to.”

“You eavesdrop on me?”

“You’ve been going out more, and I wanted to make sure that you weren’t dating someone.”

“No. Well, I wasn’t dating anyone that I was aware of. I do seem to have two people stealth-dating me without telling me.” Spencer put a smile on his face as he said the words so that they knew that he wasn’t upset. Just a little weirded out but in a good way. He felt happiness inside of him. “Though I do have to wonder if it’s something to do with us just living together like we have.”

“Well, the only thing we can do about that is have you move out,” Aaron said.

Spencer looked at him, and he saw that Aaron meant it, but the thought of moving away made Spencer feel like he needed to throw up. Spencer shook his head.

Aaron smiled and moved over to wrap his arms around Spencer and hug him. It felt different. It really wasn’t any different than any other hug that he had gotten from Aaron. Still, there was something different to it that Spencer couldn’t put his finger on. He settled in and hugged Aaron back, tightly. Spencer tipped his head to the side, letting his face get buried in Aaron’s neck. This felt a lot different than their regular hugs. There were hands on him, turning him away from Aaron’s hug and into Haley’s.

Spencer knew that this was worth trying, no matter how much it scared him.

Haley could hear two sets of voices talking. Aaron, in the hallway on the second floor, pacing from one end to the other as he spoke to Dave about what was going to be happening over the next week as far as work went. It seemed that Dave was going to be the only one told about the budding relationship until it was something that was a little more concrete. Haley could understand that.

Spencer was down in the basement, but he wasn’t that far into his bedroom, or his voice wouldn’t be carrying up the stairs and across the kitchen. Spencer had been in the basement since about ten minutes after the hug ended. He said that he needed a little bit of time, and Haley had been more than willing to give it to him. He had come up to eat dinner, and the conversation had flowed like normal.

Haley had been happy that Spencer was at least comfortable with it all to go with the flow with them.

Jack was now down for the evening. Aaron had taken him up, and then his phone had rung. Haley knew that he had left a message for Dave to call him back as soon as possible. That had been after he had got Jack down to sleep for the night. Or at least Haley hoped it was for the night. He was pretty good most of the time, but he would sometimes wake up just after midnight alert as if it was seven in the morning, and he was a bear to get to nap the rest of the day.

Haley looked at the glass of wine that she had poured before she capped the wine and stuck it back into the fridge. If the guys wanted a glass each, they could pour it themselves. It was better than it sitting out and getting warm waiting on them. Haley tuned out Spencer’s voice as she walked to the living room to get settled in on the couch to wait for one of them to join her.

Aaron had gotten a promise from Spencer that he was going to come back up to talk to them once Jack was down for the evening.

The sound of Spencer’s voice stopped, and then there was the quiet thud of his steps on the stairs. He was in socked feet, but he was still gangly. Haley wondered just what Spencer was doing in the kitchen until she heard the fridge door shut. There was no other sound. Haley was tempted to go and check on him. Make sure that he was getting everything that he needed. It had been chili for dinner and rolls. The rolls had been good.

“Hey,” Spencer said as he came into the living room. He was looking around at each bit of furniture. He had a glass of wine in his hand.

“Hello,” Haley said back. She tucked her feet up onto the couch and got her legs underneath of her. She leaned against the corner of the couch so she could watch Spencer as he picked where to sit. He walked over toward the new recliner but stopped and turned around to look at the couch.

Spencer was sitting down on the other end of the couch as Aaron entered the room. Spencer looked like he wanted to shoot up again, but Aaron quickly pushed him down into the couch. His hand stayed there on Spencer’s shoulder, thumb rubbing before he let go and walked to the kitchen.

“So, how do you feel right now?” Haley asked.

“Good…I think,” Spencer said.

“It’s okay to not feel over the moon,” Haley said. She leaned over on the couch and grabbed at Spencer’s hand before she squeezed it.

“That’s what Doctor Freya said. He’s not the happiest about this, but he’s agreed that I’m in a good headspace for this. Though I think that part of it is not understanding threesomes. There are even those who deal with the head that can’t get past their own prejudices and biases when it comes to non-standard relationships.” Spencer sounded so clinical as he said it.

Haley looked at Aaron as he entered the room again with the last of the wine in his hand. He smiled as he walked around the couch again and settled on the arm behind Spencer. Spencer turned his head to look at Aaron but closed his eyes as Aaron’s free hand settled down into his hair. He made a noise that Haley had learned meant that he was content.

“Can I hold you?” Aaron asked.

Haley looked up at Aaron to see that he was looking at Spencer. Aaron only wanted to hold Haley when he was upset.


“Here on the couch. Let me sit behind you.”

“Sure,” Spencer said. He scooted forward, and Aaron slipped behind him. Haley scooted closer to the pair. She pressed her leg along the side of Spencer’s just as Aaron’s arm came around him. It stayed well above his waist, but it was intimate. Haley liked the look of them together like that. Aaron moved just a little more and got a leg behind Spencer so that he was sort of sitting in the V of Aaron’s legs, but Aaron wasn’t pressed to him.

“This okay?”

Spencer nodded his head up and down. He looked a little shocked to be like he was. Haley watched Spencer tuck a leg up onto the couch, and she moved so he could and then pressed her leg along his. Spencer looked amazed at how they were. He took a large drink of the wine.

“Aaron likes touching, he likes hugging. I’m sure you have noticed all of that while living with us. He’s going to do the same to you. He was so affectionate when he and I got together. I’m sure that he’s going to be the exact same way with you, but you can tell him no.”

“I know.” Spencer turned his head a little to look at Aaron. He got a doe-eyed look on his face as he looked at him. “He’s never done anything that has ever made me feel uncomfortable. So how are we going to do this?”

“What did you find on the deep dive you did into my research?” Aaron looked into Haley’s eyes, and there was such happiness in them.

Haley loved that look of happiness in his eyes.

“There was a lot of information, but some of it doesn’t fit with us. Some of it contradicts the rest. There was too much that was just off and wrong for us. So there wasn’t a lot to gain from it besides the fact that you were researching it a lot. I can’t read your mind, no matter how good a profiler I am.” Spencer leaned back into Aaron a little more, and Haley saw him relax down into the hold.

“Did you do any looking for yourself?” Aaron asked.

“Not really. I was processing too much and then trying to figure out how I felt about it all. I grabbed some brandy to drink to help settle my nerves a little, so I didn’t go down and demand to know what was going on. It wasn’t hard to piece it all out when I thought through how both of you have been acting around me. It was a slow and subtle slide down into it. If there were a single malicious bone in either of your bodies, I would say that you guys tricked me or manipulated me.”

“No. We didn’t.” Haley knew that Spencer knew it, even without his words. “You are going to set the pace.”

“Good because this is a lot. I don’t…I don’t think that I like sex.”

“You’ve talked about that with me,” Haley said. She gave Spencer a soft smile. “Aaron and I have a very active sex life. If we wanted a boy toy to have sex with and build nothing else, there are places around that we could go for that kind of thing. We don’t need you for sex. Would sex be good down the road? Maybe, but we can find other ways of being intimate with you.”

Haley watched Spencer and Aaron’s eyes grow wide as she talked. She knew that sex would be an issue between them with the way that Spencer talked about it and the way that he felt when he heard them having sex. While they tried to keep it down, unless Spencer was in the basement, it was hard to keep it all quiet. Especially when Aaron was in a mood. It would be nice if one day, Spencer handled Aaron when he was in those kinds of moods. Haley loved multiple orgasms, but there were nights that she just wanted to sleep. Having Spencer around to help with Aaron when he was randy was a perk, as far as Haley was concerned.

“I know about non-sexual intimacy, but even it is very…strange to me.”

“You look tired,” Aaron said.

“I had a very emotional day, and while Jack was as good of an angel as he ever gets, I’m worn out.” Spencer yawned. He turned his head a little and smiled. “What did Rossi say?”

“Dave was shocked as hell, and I have to have dinner with him tomorrow if we don’t have a case to discuss everything. He’s more than willing to take over the paperwork for you and be your boss on paper. If it comes down to it or I do something that he thinks is putting you before the case, outside of what we all do when one of us is hurt.”

“And John?”

“You and John are going to dinner tomorrow night to talk. He just wants to lay eyes on you, Spencer, and talk. What did Doctor Freya say?”

“He wants to meet with me. If he finds that everything is fine, he wants me to meet with a friend of his who counsels couples that are not in standard heteronormative relationships. He feels that she might be better qualified to handle me if we go forward with this.”

“That sucks, you’ve got a good rapporteur with him.” Aaron’s hand on Spencer’s sternum started to rub like he was soothing him.

“I’d rather find someone new than to have my therapist be negative about my lifestyle. Doctor Freya thought my reticence about relationships to be an underlying condition from my childhood. Now, he thinks it’s something else.”

“What?” Haley asked.

“I’m not ready to talk about that yet.”

“Sure,” Haley said.

“So, what do you want to do?” Aaron asked.

“Isn’t there usually kissing?”

“We’ve not even gone on a date,” Haley said with a laugh. She saw that Spencer wasn’t taking her laugh to be a bad thing.

“Between meals out with the three of us, the meals I’ve done with each of you alone, and even the more intimate meals here at the house, we have gone on a collective of about one hundred dates.”

“About?” Aaron asked.

“Fine. One hundred and twenty-three and a half, if we count the one where Aaron and I left before we got to eat all of our entrees.”

“I say we count it. I’m sure there will be other half dates in there for the rest of our lives. Cases happen all of the time. Do you want you a kiss?”

“Yes. I do. I think I’ve been dreaming about the two of you for a while but never saw faces.”

“Two people?”

“Two sets of hands, one male and one female.”

Haley leaned forward and braced a hand on Aaron’s thigh and the other on the back of the couch so she could kiss Spencer. She felt one of Spencer’s hands settle on her hip, it was a very casual touch, with no real intimacy to it. Still, Haley knew that he was probably unsure of where to put his hand. Haley left that alone for now. She tilted her head to the side just enough to press her lips to Spencer’s. He pushed back, going into the kiss with full force. The hand on her hip curled just a little, and then the other touched her cheek.

Haley pulled out of the kiss to see that Spencer’s eyes were closed. It looked good on him. The look of enjoying a kiss. He was going to be dangerous when he was sated and post-orgasm. Probably during too. She understood why Aaron said certain people they talked to on cases had an interest in him.

“Aaron’s turn.”

Spencer, though, leaned forward again and moved his hand to the back of Haley’s neck to keep her close. Spencer kissed her with passion this time. Haley had to grab onto the back of the couch harder so that she didn’t topple backward. Spencer kissed like it was a job that he took seriously and that he loved. If this was as far as intimacy got between them, Haley was okay with that. Haley thought that it would be strange for her to kiss Spencer, but it seemed that she was okay with that. Having Aaron right there was helping her feel less like she was doing something wrong.

The kiss ended, and Haley was breathless. She watched as Aaron pulled Spencer toward him, turning the younger man to him and kissing him with passion. Spencer’s hands left her, dragging like they didn’t want to.

It felt strange to see Aaron kissing him. Though it seemed like Spencer was just as enthusiastic as he had been with Haley, there was also more to it. They were both fighting for dominance in the kiss, and it didn’t seem like either of them was going to give it up. Haley wondered if this was how it was going to go for them.

However, a few seconds later, Spencer’s hands moved on Aaron, gripping at the shirt that Aaron was wearing, and his body went soft. Aaron groaned into the kiss, and one of his hands snaked around Spencer’s body to pull him just a little closer. Haley got onto her knees on the couch and pressed her body to Spencer’s. Spencer shuddered when she did that. She snaked a hand between where Aaron and Spencer’s bellies were pressed together. She felt the inhalation that both of her men did with the touch from her.

It was the three of them together that was going to make it.

Aaron moaned, and it caused Spencer to pull back sharply. Aaron’s eyes snapped open, and he looked at Spencer with a frown forming on his lips.

“I can’t.” Spencer inhaled and exhaled like he was dragging the air into his lungs like he was dying.

“Shush,” Haley said as she pulled Spencer back to settle into her. Haley could see the erection that Aaron was sporting.

“That’s not yours to deal with,” Aaron said. He reached out and cupped the side of Spencer’s face. “It’s not even Haley’s. It’s mine. I’m probably going to have reactions every single time, I can try and keep them from you, but I do want you to know that I will have them. Especially since I really like you two kissing.”

“I like it as well,” Haley said. She wrapped her other arm around Spencer to hold him tight. “I liked you kissing me, and I liked watching you two kiss.”

“Do you want to kiss more? Either one of us?”

“I like kissing,” Spencer said. He bit at his lip, and Haley couldn’t help but reach up and pull the skin free of the teeth. She traced his lips and felt how warm they were. It was fun to watch Aaron’s face as his eyes tracked where Haley’s fingers were on Spencer’s lips.

“Kissing is a lot of fun,” Haley said. She felt Spencer nod his head.

Spencer inhaled, and Haley felt the way his shoulders moved. She touched his body more out of a want to see what he felt like. She didn’t go anywhere near the belt so that he knew that she respected his boundaries, but she did want to touch.

“Who do you want to kiss?” Aaron asked.

Spencer swallowed, and Haley could feel it because they were pressed together.

“Aaron’s a wonderful kisser, I won’t be upset if you want to kiss him. I love kissing him.” Haley pressed a kiss to the skin of Spencer’s neck as Aaron leaned in to give her a quick kiss before diverting to Spencer. Spencer was hesitant at first, more than he had been when he had first kissed Haley.

Haley watched, though, as Aaron coaxed him out of the shell he was in. They were stunning together, and Haley could very well see them doing this more. If Spencer liked kissing, they could all do a lot of it. It made her look forward to dinner nights where Spencer would sit on the counter and keep her company. She could walk by him and kiss him or watch Aaron and Spencer kiss if Aaron was in the room with them.

There was a lot to look forward to with learning more about Spencer. He was the new one in this, so it felt wonderful to be around him. There was the fact though that Aaron and Haley still needed some time to themselves, just like Haley and Spencer and even Aaron and Spencer would that wasn’t work-related.

“Kiss me, Spencer,” Haley said as she laid back, letting go of Spencer. Haley moved her legs to where both were off of the couch so Spencer could turn onto his side to get to her lips. She scooted up the couch when she realized that Spencer’s height was going to put her and him at too much of an odd angle.

Spencer cupped her cheek and kissed her, his tongue brushed at her lips, and Haley opened up willingly. It felt good to feel Spencer sort of on top of her and enjoying himself. The couch shifted a little, and then Haley felt fingers exploring a little. A few touched Haley, but she was pretty sure that it was Aaron touching Spencer now that he was allowed. Haley knew that she was going to enjoy that part herself. Even if it meant a few more cold showers than usual or slipping away with Aaron to work it off.

It might take some time, but they would figure this all out.

Chapter 14

Aaron grabbed the messenger bag off of the coat rack, where he had seen Spencer slip it before. He knew that in a few minutes, Spencer would be coming up to find it and dig his things out of it that he was going to need for the date. Aaron dug out Spencer’s credentials as well as his wallet. Aaron also checked that he had cash in his wallet before slipping it into his pocket. Spencer didn’t mind letting Aaron pay for dinner, but anything else that they did, Aaron would have to live with Spencer paying for himself. Aaron had learned in the last month that Spencer’s dating routine and the routine they had come across by habit in the year he had been living with them were very nearly the same things. Aaron wasn’t even sure if Spencer realized that at all.

Haley walked from the kitchen to the living room with Jack trailing behind her. He had a small bowl in his hand. Aaron wondered what they were doing for a meal because he had been up getting ready for his date and hadn’t come down until just now. Aaron watched as Jack set down his bowl, but it was in front of where Haley was sitting on the floor to eat. Aaron saw that the bowl held fruit in it while the two bowls Haley had were the actual meal. Aaron tried to figure it out by smell but couldn’t. Jack settled onto the floor because it was his favorite way to eat outside on the kitchen table. Both of which were Spencer’s fault. Aaron came into the kitchen one too many times to see the two of them sitting there with their legs crossed and breakfast in hand. A bigger table, sturdier as well, had been bought because of that so that Aaron and Haley had room to eat as well.

Sitting at the coffee table and using it as a table and sitting on the floor was something that Aaron could get behind, though. It felt cozy, even if it was just Aaron and Spencer eating lunch there while Haley took a nap with Jack.

“Is that spaghetti-o’s?” Aaron asked. He tried to keep a smile off of his face as he knew what kind of look he was going to get from Haley.

“It’s what Jack wanted for dinner,” Haley said.

“There is nothing wrong with spaghetti-o’s,” Spencer said as he walked into the room. He looked down at the coffee table and grinned. “Oh, Jack, you make me so happy. It’s not just spaghetti-o’s. It’s spaghetti-o’s with meatballs. You are awesome.”

Jack lifted up his spoon with a meatball on it and ate it very aggressively.

“You ruined him,” Aaron said. He was an asshole for continuing the small fight that had started last Sunday when they had gone shopping as a family, but Aaron found it kind of hilarious that Spencer’s go-to comfort food as canned spaghetti-o’s and not the name brand but the off-brand from one single store in the area. Aaron found it funny as hell, and he saw no reason that every once in a while, Jack eating something from a can like that was going to hurt him. Aaron had eaten far worse for longer before he had learned how to cook in college. It wasn’t like he was allowed in the kitchen at home growing up, not for something like that.

“Excuse me? I ruined him? He eats oatmeal most mornings with juice because it’s what your mother made for you. I was fed this a lot as a kid. You can’t knock my meal choices without me going after yours.” Spencer stuck his tongue out at Aaron after he finished speaking. Like it was the end of the discussion, but Aaron figured it was going to be brought up again and again.

Aaron looked at Spencer, seeing really for the first time. He was in a pair of jeans and a sweater. He looked like he was comfortable, and it was a good look on him. Aaron was in a pair of jeans as well and a polo. It wasn’t that cold out, but Aaron knew that Spencer still had Vegas and California in his blood and hadn’t fully adjusted to DC, even after being here for years. Aaron found it adorable. He wondered if he could talk Spencer into wearing some of his pullovers. Haley had always been too small to wear Aaron’s clothes outside of a shirt that hung to indecent levels on her body. Aaron loved her like that, but it wasn’t something that she could wear in public. Even on Spencer, he wouldn’t fill out the shoulders of most of Aaron’s shirts, but he could at least wear a few things that were more one size fits most for men of their height.

“-ready?” Spencer asked.

“Huh?” Aaron questioned as he looked up. He had not heard everything that Spencer said.

“Are you ready?” Spencer repeated.

“Yes.” Aaron nodded his head to go with it, and he leaned over to kiss Haley’s cheek before he ruffled Jack’s hair and pressed a kiss to the crown of his head.

Spencer waved at Haley and ruffled Jack’s hair before he looked at Aaron with a smile on his face. Aaron ducked in and kissed the side of Spencer’s cheek. Spencer started to blush like he always did when Aaron did things like that, and it was part of why Aaron continued to do it. Spencer loved it, he told Aaron that he didn’t want him to stop. He wanted the little bits of affection.

Aaron thought that he could handle everything to do with Spencer agreeing to be in the relationship, but he had found that it wasn’t all true. He wasn’t ready for the way that Spencer was more vulnerable around them. He came upstairs, half asleep, and trying to make coffee. He hadn’t done that before. He was usually at least mostly awake before he came up to the kitchen. Now he was half asleep and in Aaron’s eyes fucking adorable. He had also fallen asleep on either Aaron or Haley twice each while watching movies. Aaron found it to be just great.

Spencer wasn’t shying away from physical affection as much as he did even before the dating began. He was very affectionate to Aaron and Haley as well. He touched when before he wouldn’t have. It was good, but it was also hell because Aaron kept on getting erections, and while he held firm that it was not Haley’s or Spencer’s to deal with, using his hand as much as he was was a little disheartening. He wanted more but wasn’t going to push that with Spencer, and there were only so many times that Haley could go even with multiple orgasms.

Aaron felt like a teenager again. He felt like he was too young and stupid to be able to make a decision when it came to Spencer. Yet he knew that he was. He didn’t want to fuck this up. He didn’t want to fuck it up at all, and he really hoped he was able to keep that from happening. He knew he could be intense and that even sometimes it scared Haley a little.

“So, where are we going?” Spencer asked as he got into the passenger seat of the car. Aaron quickly got into the car as well, putting the key in the ignition and getting it started so that the heat would kick on. Spencer turned his vents toward him for over half of the car, and Aaron was okay with that. He never minded and actually kind of loved that Spencer was that sure of himself that he knew that Aaron didn’t mind.

“I was thinking that pasta place over by that tea shop you like.”

“Pasta place?” Spencer asked. He leaned forward and fiddled with the radio before turning on a station that was playing jazz. It was normal for date nights that Spencer was in the car. There had been a few two of them paring off while the other watched Jack, Spencer had insisted on Aaron and Haley having a good date night just them. Aaron loved that Spencer wanted to make sure that Haley and Aaron were still very solid.

“There is a newer place that does nothing but pasta dishes. They cater to those who can’t do gluten, as well. Haley’s not the biggest pasta fan outside of just straight spaghetti, so she’s not that interested in eating here, but she found out about it at some meeting she went to last week and offered it up for us.”

“Oh, yeah, her meeting with other spouses of those in law enforcement in the area probably. Her book club doesn’t talk about food that much.”

Aaron looked at Spencer when they stopped at the next light. It had just turned, so Aaron had more than enough time to look at him. Haley told him that she had a meeting, so Aaron and Spencer had stayed in for a date. It was one of the times that Spencer had fallen asleep on him with Jack asleep on top of Spencer.

As if sensing Aaron looking at him, Spencer turned to look at him. “She knows that you care, Aaron, but she also knows that you don’t care what kind of meeting she goes to, and she doesn’t want you to think that you have to remember.”

“I don’t care that she has a meeting. I know when she started to go to them I guess with everything with you, I forgot that it was that day. The first little while after you asked me to get you help was a little blurry. I know things happened, but the day that it happened is a little…off.”

“I get that. My memory of that time is a lot off;the days kind of blended together until I came to stay with you guys. I marked days by your work and Haley’s schedule, and it helped a lot.”

“So you okay with pasta?”

“Sure. I like pasta.”

Aaron knew that Spencer liked pasta. He would eat it for most meals if allowed, and there was enough variance in what he was eating with the pasta. Aaron had looked up the sauces and meats that were available at the restaurant. It was a very different place than usual, and Aaron was looking forward to what they had. There was a ginger sesame dressing over rice noodles that sounded really good with the blackened chicken. Aaron hoped that Spencer liked the offerings as much as Aaron liked the sound of them.

Despite being new, Aaron knew that the place was not always full at capacity, given it was something new in the area started by two guys who just loved pasta. If Spencer liked it well enough, it could go into rotation for their date nights. Aaron was okay with going to the same place over and over as long as the menu varied enough that he didn’t think he would get bored. Years before, when he had been dating Haley, they had gone to the same place over and over because while their regular menu was great, there was rarely a night where they didn’t just order a special of some kind. It made things interesting as they never knew what they were going to get until they got there, but they always found something. That place had closed down when the owner died, and the kids didn’t want to take it on, and the person who bought the building didn’t want that kind of place. Aaron would love to have a place like that for him and Spencer.

“Oh, this looks interesting,” Spencer said when Aaron pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. It did look interesting. Very interesting, and the crowd didn’t seem to be that bad for the time of day that it was. Aaron had called about a reservation, just to be safe, and was told that they would, but they usually didn’t think it would be an issue. Aaron agreed as he opened the door for Spencer to enter the restaurant. It was a very low scale place, going more for food than the decor. The art on the wall was recreations of various famous paintings made with different colored macaroni and other pasta. It looked interesting as hell to Aaron, and he looked at Spencer to see that he was enthralled with the art that was everywhere. Aaron looked for the hostess to see that she was seating someone else, so he laid his hand on Spencer’s back, feeling his body thrumming as he looked around.

“It really does.”

“Jack would love it here.” Spencer nodded his head to a table, so Aaron looked that way to see that it was a small family of four and that the two kids were eating macaroni and cheese. The little girl had bacon in hers.

“Mister Hotchner?” the hostess asked after she looked down at something at her stand.

Aaron knew he was glaring a little.

“I saw you on the news a few weeks ago talking about one of the cases that had gained national attention that your team had worked on. When you walked in, I recognized that I knew you from somewhere, but I wasn’t able to place where until I walked up and saw the reservation under Hotchner.”

“You have a good memory for faces.”

“It’s part of why I do so well at this job. I love it because I get to meet people, and I don’t have to deal with the food part.”

“You don’t like the food part?” Aaron asked as they were escorted to their table.

“Oh, I love eating the food part, I can’t remember the damned menu for the life of me. We have pasta, we have sauce, we have toppings, and we have meat, that’s about as good as it gets. I have a better visual image memory than visual word memory or something like that.” The hostess gave them a smile and left them there with their menus.

Aaron watched as Spencer’s eyes took in the menu with a few seconds of concentrated darting of his eyes, and then he flipped it over. The back had the drinks, appetizers, desserts, and kids menu. Aaron let Spencer look at that side while he kept to the front where the main food was. He found the dish he wanted to try and picked his vegetables and sauce before he looked at the appetizers. There were a few things there that were not pasta, and he saw the salads that were part of the meal as well. There were no side dishes like a regular restaurant, as most of the vegetables were added to the dish. Each meal came with a salad, though, of the person’s choice.

“What do you want as an app?” Aaron asked as he laid down the menu. Spencer was already looking around again, his eyes drawn to the pasta art on the wall. Spencer looked back at him with a grin on his face.

“I thought the veggie platter sounded good.”

Aaron nodded his head. It was four skewers of various vegetables that were each coated in a different sauce or spice mixture. It did sound really good and was the one that Aaron thought that Spencer would want. It really wasn’t hard to pick what Spencer would probably like at nearly every single place they went to. Aaron kind of liked that. Spencer would literally eat anything that didn’t have things in it that he hated, but he also was very simple in his preferred likes and cravings as far as food went.

The waiter came over to the table for their drink order, and Spencer ordered their appetizer with a grin on his face as he did.

“I saw you were absorbed wholly in that book series that Haley picked up for you at the library.”

“Yeah, it was very interesting. I do love fantasy stories, and the young adult section has some good stories in its halls. The writing is aimed more for teenagers, and I fully understand that. Especially the sex scenes for the books that are aimed at the older set of teens. It’s like reading a kid’s book and being aware that it’s aimed at kids.”

“Yes, I heard you talking to Haley about the griping that one woman did online about the sex in the one book. While I don’t find that stimulating, I can see why it’s in the book like it is. I don’t think that the more natural terms for the organs used in sex should be in a book aimed at seventeen and eighteen-year-olds. They don’t need erotica.”

“Most adult books don’t need erotica, but it’s a very valid genre for the women and men who don’t want to read Harlequin romances and similar books.”

“Have you read Harlequin books?”

“Yes. They take me minutes really to read and can be quite entertaining. I wrote a paper on the psychological effects of them. For the full scope, I went to the library and read every single one that they had, which wasn’t a lot, so the librarian told me to check out another library that was close that had a section of honor books, which were ninety-three percent those romances and that there were a few ladies she knew that collected all of the ones that they read. I spent six months reading them and getting the formula down as well as a few other things.”

“And where was this published?”

“Not that kind of paper. It was for an extended class that I did in college. I had a year to work on it as it was part of back to back to back courses for my degree. I rocked it by the way. Best grade in the class.”

“Really? Did anyone ever get better grades than you on anything?”

Spencer laughed, and for once, when they were discussing him and school, he didn’t seem to be shying away from talking about it. Aaron knew that college had been better for him, but it still hadn’t been all a walk in the park.

“There was one time, and the professor did it not because her paper was better than mine but because he was sleeping with her. After I took my exam for that class, I made sure that the photos of them that had made it around campus were given to the dean. No one knew it was me, and I didn’t care to have anyone know it was me.”

“Haley used to read the Harlequin novels when she was laid up in bed during pregnancy, even before she was on bed rest. I used to go out every Tuesday, and on the way home, pick up every single one of them that the local store carried for the last four months of her pregnancy, then I dropped them off when she was done with them at local shelters and such. They were always happy to have books, no matter the content of them. So I just kept on doing it. She did read for a while after Jack was born, but it was mainly because she was too tired for anything else, and then she told me not to worry about it anymore. She went back to her normal books. I think she was not as tired and could focus on more detailed plots.”

“Or her brain was fried from that much romance.” Spencer was grinning as he said it.

“I’m going to tell her you said that.”

“Yup, and I’ll find my drive with the paper I wrote, and she can read that.”

Aaron laughed at the defiant look on Spencer’s face, and he reached over and covered Spencer’s hand with his own. They were alone in their area. Spencer looked down at Aaron’s hand, and for a few seconds, it looked like he was going to pull his hand back, but he didn’t. He did turn his hand over and curled his fingers into Aaron’s. It was a good hold, and Aaron liked it. He kept his hand there through their drinks being dropped off and only pulled away when the appetizer made it to the table. Spencer grabbed the one that was coated in Cajun sauce, and Aaron nearly slapped his fingers down until he saw that Spencer wasn’t taking the whole thing for himself but was just getting the vegetables free. Aaron grabbed one to do it to, and in short order, they had them all moved off.

The rest of the dinner went pretty much the same with them bouncing from topic to topic and just having a great time.

“I had fun,” Spencer said as they entered the house. The whole thing was dark as far as Aaron could tell, so Haley was probably asleep. Aaron wasn’t that shocked. They were out a lot later than Aaron had thought they were going to be. They had sat and talked for a long time even after dinner and then moved to a coffee shop to talk more before finally heading home.

Aaron reached out and snagged Spencer’s hand after he toed off his shoes. Aaron smiled at him and drew him close for a kiss. “A gentleman always walks his date to his door, and since we live here, that means down there.” Aaron pointed with their joined hands toward the floor. Spencer’s eyes widened but crinkled in happiness. Spencer led the way down, and when Aaron was about to press him to the shut bedroom door, Spencer took advantage of Aaron wondering why the door was shut and pushed Aaron into it. Aaron gasped and grabbed Spencer by his hips as he walked closer. Spencer pressed his lips to Aaron’s, moving them with intent before he nipped at Aaron’s bottom lip. Aaron parted his lips and allowed Spencer to take the kiss to deeper territory. Aaron kept his hands where they were as Spencer tangled his into Aaron’s shirt. It was Spencer’s favorite place to stick his hands when he was making out with Aaron.

There was nothing really that Aaron liked better than kissing Spencer at this moment. He loved the way that Spencer kissed like he was learning all the time; like he was trying to make it the best but also learn at the same time. It wasn’t something that Aaron had ever thought that he would find so damned adorable. Aaron could already feel the difference in the kisses that Spencer was getting into with him. It was heaven, and it was hell at the same time, and Aaron fucking loved it.

Aaron pushed back, pressing his body to Spencer’s. Aaron stopped kissing back as he felt that there was no reaction from Spencer. Aaron knew that he wasn’t all that hard, but he had a little bit going on, and he could feel it pressing to Spencer’s hip. Yet, there was nothing, and given how hard Aaron was pressed to Spencer, if there was a reaction, Aaron would feel it, no matter how Spencer dressed that morning. Aaron slowly pulled back out of the kiss, and just as he did, Spencer yawned, a deep one that cracked the bones in his jaw.

“Sorry,” Spencer said. He ducked back and kissed Aaron on the cheek before he pulled his body all the way away from Aaron.

“It’s fine. We are both tired.” Aaron could feel his tiredness creeping in his body. He waited for Spencer to take another half step back before he pushed off of the door and opened it. Curiosity took off running out of the door, and a second later, Midnight was right behind her.

“They have been playing behind the door lately and get trapped when they push it all the way shut. I was trying to keep it propped open all the way, but they still get behind there, and playing over the course of the day means it gets closer and closer to being shut. Haley checks it when she can, but this probably happened after the last time she checked.” Spencer waited for Aaron to move out of the way of the door before he slipped into his room. It was dark in there, but Aaron knew that Spencer knew the layout of it perfectly. Aaron did too. “I had a lovely time tonight, Aaron. I hope we get to do it again soon.”

“Me, too,” Aaron said, and he waited for Spencer to disappear into the dark before he turned to go to bed. His mind thrumming with thoughts on exactly why Spencer hadn’t even got a little hard and hadn’t been subtly rocking into Aaron’s body while they had been making out.

Spencer put the finishing touches on the meal. Aaron had left work and texted him and Haley that he was on his way home, so Spencer had got dinner started. Haley and Jack had been out for a few appointments for Jack and them some kind of shopping trip. She had also headed home at the same time.

The sound of the front door opening told him that one of the two of them were home. Jack wasn’t babbling away, so Spencer assumed it was Aaron. Then there was the sound of running feet that were not adult sounding, and Spencer turned around just in time to drop down and catch Jack as the boy flung himself at Spencer like he hadn’t seen him just under twelve hours before.

“Pen!” Jack cried out as he wrapped his arms around Spencer. He was crying. Jack was crying.

Spencer looked up at Aaron and Haley, who was standing in the doorway. He raised an eyebrow at Aaron, but Aaron just shook his head. It wasn’t something that it seemed they wanted to talk about with Jack or just not with Spencer at all.

“I’ll finish dinner,” Aaron said as he stepped up close to Spencer and helped him stand up.

Spencer followed the tug of Aaron’s arm as he pulled him from the area in front of the stove. Aaron nodded his head after a few seconds of looking at what was there on the stove. It was burgers with french fries in the oven. There was also some squash and zucchini that Spencer was cooking like fried potatoes. Spencer kept Jack’s body in his arms as he walked down into the basement to see what he could get into that would help stop Jack from crying. It would also give Aaron and Haley a chance to discuss whatever it was. It was obvious that they had met up in the driveway.

Laying back on his headboard with Jack in his lap, Spencer grabbed the book he was reading and opened it up. It was a fantasy book, so it wasn’t something that would bore Jack too much. He was at a part about what the forest looked like and the creatures that were visible. It wasn’t too anything for Jack, so Spencer started to read over the words. Jack settled down onto Spencer more and more, and Spencer was able to read ahead enough so he could finish at least a page without holding the book. He used that to get Jack’s coat off of him. It was a very light coat since it wasn’t that cold out, but the wind had a chill to it. That was when Spencer saw the bandage on his elbow. It was a Power Rangers band-aid. Spencer had seen the toys in the toy section at the store they went to. There wasn’t a band-aid-like it in the house, Jacks’ were currently superheroes. So that meant it was from elsewhere. Spencer carefully removed the rest of the jacket before he took a break to read over three pages so he could take his time with Jack.

Jack didn’t like being pulled back from Spencer’s body, but he did it, and it was when Spencer saw the mark on his face. It looked like a scrape, something that had mostly just roughed up the skin, but there were three small dots of dried blood where those sections had gotten a little deeper. Spencer took in the torn jeans and the ripped section of his shirt, and he wanted to know who hurt him. The anger flared hot and bright inside of him, and he nearly forgot where he was in the story. Jack lunged forward as soon as he was free of the jacket and wrapped his arms around Spencer as well as he could.

Spencer picked up the book again and caught up seamlessly and kept on going until Jack was sleeping on him. Spencer laid the book down and looked at the boy. He looked so worn out like he had been having a very tiring day.

“I love you,” Spencer said to Jack’s sleeping form. The words caught in his throat a little, and Spencer knew that no matter what happened with him, Haley, and Aaron, if things didn’t pan out, or they turned sour, Spencer’s heart was going to shatter at not seeing Jack. He knew that he had no right to it, and usually he would say that neither Haley nor Aaron would keep him away from Jack but the pain of losing someone you were intimate with or that relationships turning sour did strange things to people. Spencer had worked enough cases to know that.

Spencer trailed his hand up and down Jack’s back to help the settle the boy down into sleep. He was emotionally overwrought, but Spencer had no clue why Jack wanted him. Jack went to Aaron when he was hurt around Haley, he went to Haley when he was hurt around Aaron. This time it seemed that he wanted Spencer, which explained the looks from Haley and Aaron. Spencer felt like shit that their kid wanted him for comfort instead of them.

There was a sound on the stairs, and Spencer wasn’t all that sure what it was. He heard something hit off of the wall and frowned. Spencer wrapped a hand around Jack’s back to hold him close in case he had to stand up to deal with whatever it was, but after a few seconds, the noise stopped, and then the sound of the baby gate being set up filled the room. Aaron popped into the room a few seconds later with a fond smile on his face as he took in Spencer and Jack on the bed.

“Well, that clears up one thing,” Aaron said as he walked over to settle on the bed at Spencer’s hip.

“What?” Spencer croaked.

Aaron frowned for a few seconds before he grabbed Spencer’s bottle of water and took off the cap before handing it over. Aaron had confused Spencer’s emotional croaking for his croaking from reading to Jack. It was a good guess, though, on Aaron’s part. He just really hoped that Aaron didn’t press him on it.

“We weren’t sure how Jack really felt about you. This clears it up nicely. Even when he’s hurt, and Jessica is around, he doesn’t want her. He wants one of us. I was the one that pulled him from the SUV, and he was crying and had been after Haley got him cleaned up. He was running down some stairs and hit a slick point, rolled the rest of the way down. And EMT was there off duty but checked him out. He has no bumps on his head, and his eyes were fine, according to him. He’s just scuffed up and has a few interesting scrapes and bruises. Haley’s already called his doctor and talked to him to make sure that he didn’t think that he needed to come into their office hours tomorrow. If he’s stiff in the morning, yes, if not, no.”

“He’s okay?” Spencer asked. He had thought something more happened, but then there was a reason why Jack wasn’t allowed on the stairs still. The boy was too much energy, and he didn’t watch where he was putting his feet.

“Yeah, he’s fine. It scared him and bruised him more than anything. I’m sure that when he’s stripped to get into bedclothes, we are going to find bruise after bruise.”

“He bruises so easily.” Spencer looked down at him to get away from the fond look that was still on Aaron’s face. It was strange to see it after Jack had refused the comfort of his parents. Yeah, when Jack was sick, he bounced between all of them, but he loved Spencer reading to him because when he did, laying on Spencer on the couch, Spencer’s hands could touch him, rubbing up and down his back, playing with his hair because the books were in his head. Spencer understood that, but this was different. Jack had refused his parents and went to Spencer.

“He takes after Haley and she bruises when she barely touches anything.”

Spencer knew that was an exaggeration, but he had seen bruises high on her hips sometimes that looked a little like hands. Usually, that followed the two of them slipping away for some time alone while Spencer watched Jack. Spencer wondered if that was going to happen when things turned that way with Spencer. Two of them slipping away to have sex while the third watched Jack, or were they going to use a baby monitor in Jack’s room and keep him in there playing while the three of them slipped away. The thought didn’t arouse Spencer as it should, but then he had an injured child in his lap who was sleeping on him, and getting an erection wasn’t exactly something that was kosher for him to do at the moment.

“Dinner is ready. Why don’t you just slide him down onto the bed? I have the gate up, so he can’t get up the stairs, and the door to the other room is shut.”

The door had been added so that Jack could have free reign without having to shut Spencer’s door and worry about the cats. Spencer nodded his head and started to move Jack. The boy’s hands tightened on the hold that he had on Spencer’s shirt, but Aaron helped loosen those fingers and put the boy down on the bed. Jack let out a noise of pain, but he didn’t wake up.

“Haley’s got a little bit of Tylenol out upstairs and ready to be taken when he wakes up and eats. He’s tired, and even if we have to stay up part of the night with him, I’d rather he sleep now than we wake him up, and he has issues and starts to cry again.”

“Sometimes, even for this sleep is better. He’s worn out from the emotional toll of going down the stairs. He’ll be better when he’s not fighting that as well as the pain.” Spencer knew that Aaron knew it, but sometimes it was better to just hear it from another person’s mouth. Spencer slipped off the other side of the bed and walked around it, he darted his eyes back to look at Jack who Aaron had covered up before snagging Jack’s jacket from the bed.

The baby gate was indeed there at the bottom of the stairs, and Midnight was waiting on the other side of it to attack whoever was coming. Spencer slowed down and slipped out of the way of the door so that Aaron walked out. He darted his eyes to look at Spencer with a small frown, but Spencer just waved him forward. Aaron stepped over the gate and started up the stairs only to stop when Midnight attacked, climbing Aaron’s jeans with ease before playfully hissing and jumping off of him to hit the wall and run back up the stairs.

Spencer laughed, covering his mouth, so the sound didn’t wake Jack.

“Really? You just let me walk into that?” Aaron asked.

Spencer shrugged his shoulders while they still shook with silent laughter. Aaron pulled his leg back over the gate and quick as a snake had Spencer penned to the wall and kissed him. It felt damned good, and Spencer enjoyed kissing, but he knew that Aaron and Haley were both a little frustrated with Spencer’s lack of response in a lot of ways. It was why Spencer had cooked dinner for them, he wanted to explain everything. He knew that they wouldn’t push him for more than what he was comfortable, but he also knew that the lack of reaction wasn’t seen as a good thing if things were all normal.

“Midnight loves you, and it’s not my fault that your situational awareness at home with stealthy cats sucks so much that she can actually do that. I mean, that’s three times this week, and we’ve not been home all that long, really.” Spencer slipped between Aaron and the wall to get up the stairs before Aaron retaliated.

Haley was sitting at the table where their food was laid out, the toppings for the burgers sitting on the same plate that Spencer had put them on when he had cut them up. Each of their burgers had their preferred cheese already on top. Spencer’s stomach growled, and like Aaron’s heard it and wanted to be louder, his did as well.

“Well, then, boys, let’s sit down and eat.” Haley reached out for the glass of tea that was in front of her and took a sip before she picked up her burger and started to eat. Aaron slipped over to his seat, and Spencer dropped down into his as he grabbed a ring of onion to settle on the burger. He wasn’t in the mood for much more than that, so he picked up the top bun and laid it on top before he picked it up to eat it. Spencer hummed in happiness at the spices. His and Aaron’s were the same, while Haley’s was not nearly as spicy hot but was just flavorful with the spices. Spencer wasn’t shocked that Haley was able to figure whose was whose in the pan. It was a hell of a lot better than Spencer thought it was going to be as well. The spice blend had been a new one that Spencer had found in a spice store when he had been going to get a mortar and pestle for a blend that Garcia had given him to try on food, but it was whole and had to be ground down.

The meal was mostly silent, and for a few minutes, Spencer thought that was because of him, but he watched Haley and Aaron to see that they were both inhaling food at a fast pace. Spencer was eating slower, so when they were both near done, he set down his burger to work more diligently on his fries and vegetables. Spencer grabbed his fork and speared one of each vegetable and chewed them while he looked at Aaron and Haley.

“We need to-” Spencer stopped when both sets of eyes at the table looked up at him at the same time with a little wariness in them. “We need to talk a little bit about me.”

“Okay,” Haley said before she pushed the last bite of her burger into her mouth. Aaron’s was long gone, but the vegetables were a massive pile on his plate, and he was slowly demolishing his fries.

“I’m still in this. I know that we had the talk about me being demi, but I just…I know you both have been a little frustrated with the whole no reaction thing. I love kissing, and I love being close, but if it’s too much, we can put a hold on that until my feelings have caught up.”

“No,” Aaron said. He reached out, his hand dropped the fry that was in it, and he covered up Spencer’s hand that was holding the fork. “As always, Spencer, our reactions to you are not yours to deal with. Things are going-” Aaron stopped, and he looked at his food for a second before exhaling deeply.

“Slower than we thought. I mean, I looked up stuff on demisexual, but there was no cookie-cutter way of a timeline, and I totally get that, but it’s…” Haley stopped and looked at Aaron.

“Arousal is a perfectly natural show of a very compatible relationship. You’ve both used it to gauge where you both are physically in the whole dance. You are used to that and reacting to it, and I’m not responding like you think I should. You guys are responding like I think you should given what I know of your sexuality. I feel good when we kiss. I like it, and I want to keep on doing it. I don’t want to do it though if you keep on being upset at something that none of us have control over.” Spencer watched as the words sunk in on Haley and Aaron’s faces. They both nodded.

“I didn’t think of it like that,” Aaron said. He dragged a fry through ketchup and ate it. His vegetables were gone, and all that was left was a few fries.

“No, you know what it is, but you don’t have that experience. I don’t…erections happen yes but not in response to someone grinding on me or kissing. Yeah, I have deep feelings for you both, but I’m stilling getting my head wrapped around all of this. We are all a little wound up in each other, but it’s just not….what I need right now.”

“Need?” Haley asked.

“That was the wrong word. I need you both, but sexually, I don’t have that urge. I don’t have that need right now. I want to have that need at some point, and as soon as I do, I will let you know.”

“It’s not…” Haley trailed off and looked at Aaron.

Spencer knew what she wanted to ask. What she wanted to make sure of.

“I don’t know what you are fully thinking, but your arousal doesn’t upset me at all.” Spencer rubbed at the back of his neck. “I kind of like it, actually. It’s nice to know that you are reacting to me like that, that it’s me that’s doing it. You are reacting to me, and I don’t think anyone has reacted that strongly to me before. Aaron feels good against me, and the scent of your arousal is nice. If your arousal become too much, I know that neither of you would be upset with me for stopping what was happening. I know you both so well, and I trust you so much. Don’t think that your sexuality is a burden on me. It never is, and it never will be.”

Haley nodded her head, and she looked like she believed him, but Aaron was looking at him like he finally understood him all of the way. Aaron probably did understand Spencer better now. He was good at that, figuring out Spencer when no one else could. Spencer wasn’t sure if that was because of who Aaron was or how good of a profiler he was. Either way, it was good that Aaron did understand because he was probably about the only person in the world that got Spencer as well as he did.

Haley watched as Spencer read over the menu. After a case had put off their Monday night date, Haley had made plans for the full day that he and Aaron were back, which was a Friday. They had got in late the night before and had gone into the office to finish up what was needed for the case. It had prompted the picture that Haley had saved on her phone now from Aaron’s cellphone. It was Spencer stretched across the couch in Aaron’s office, asleep after he finished up his work and had gone up there to help Aaron with his only his sleepless night had caught up with him. The case had set Spencer off a little, and the only reason that Spencer had given was that the UnSub had been in a manic state for schizoaffective disorder. It had hit too close to home.

The want to invite him up to their bed had been strong. Yet Haley wasn’t sure if that was something that would make him freak out or not. Aaron had been dead asleep after worrying about him for as long as he did. Haley would talk to him tonight after the date before they approached Spencer.

“See a dessert you like?” Haley asked.

“Oh, uh, yeah, I did.” Spencer laid the menu down and smiled at Haley. He was still a little more klutzy than he was when he was on dates with Aaron or when they were all three at the house, and it was a date more than just a regular dinner where Jack was around. Haley knew that while she had a good bond with Spencer, that he still knew her the least. There was something to be said for Spencer and Aaron bonding under fire at work.

“Good. Is it enough to split?”

Spencer nodded his head as his eyes darted to the menu again. Haley knew that he had it in his head, but she had learned that Spencer had picked up that kind of thing as a way to blend in. Haley reached over the table and laid her hands over the top of both of Spencer’s, where he had them clasped there together.

“You don’t have to do that. I know that Aaron said you don’t do it with him, and you don’t when we are all eating out together like a family. I’m not gonna be freaked out.”

“It’s a hard habit to break. I still do it in front of the team most of the time. Especially if we are ordering something that is going to be delivered to the station when we are on cases. Especially there.” Spencer took a deep breath. “I was mocked for that most of my life, no matter where I went. It’s a very hard habit to break.”

Haley nodded her head and looked around the room. No one was focused on them. “You don’t ever have to be anyone but who you are here with me. I’ve seen you at your worst, Spencer, and I still love you.”

“Haley,” Spencer breathed. He looked a little scared. No, Haley corrected, he looked a lot fucking scared.

“What are you scared of?”

“That you are both so invested in me, and I’m still stumbling along. It feels strange to have that feeling inside of me.”

“You’ll be fine, Spencer. You’ve adapted to worse.”

Spencer laughed, and it looked good on him. Aaron got him to laugh more than anyone else that Haley had ever seen. Haley was glad that she got him to laugh at least once.

The dessert came and was eaten much too quickly for Haley, but it was good, and Spencer shared it well. They drove home, and Spencer parked them in the driveway. It was a simple thing, but Haley didn’t want to get out of the SUV right yet. The downstairs was dark, but she could see the glow from the curtains of the guest room to see that the master bedroom’s main light was on. That meant Jack was down for the night, which was a good thing, and Haley was more than interested in just looking at him sleep for a few minutes.

“Haley?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t want to go inside yet,” Haley answered.

“Do you want to drive somewhere?”

“No. Have you ever made out in the back of a vehicle?”

“No,” Spencer said with a chuckle. He turned to look in the back and grinned at Haley. “But I think that it’s something that everyone should do at least once. If we hadn’t taken the car last time, I wouldn’t be shocked if Aaron had talked me into it. His car is not big enough to have both of us in there.”

“It’s not big enough for Aaron and me,” Haley pointed out. She unlocked the doors and climbed out of the front seat. She slipped into the back seat. Spencer followed her a minute later. His eyes were a little wary but not like he didn’t trust but because he wasn’t sure what to do. Haley had learned that it was a typical look for him when he was unsure of everything.

Haley turned him around and pushed him into the seat before she climbed up onto his lap. Spencer’s hands went right for her hips and pulled her a little closer. He kissed the base of her throat. Haley hummed in pleasure at the feeling as he breathed over her skin. Spencer had grown so much in a very short time with them, it was good to see him going after what he wanted.

Spencer kissed up her neck before he found her lips and coaxed her to open her lips right away. He kissed with passion, and the finesse was slowly growing. It was a good feeling that they were teaching him things that Haley was pretty much sure most people learned long before his age. Spencer was different than most people, though, not even just his sexuality that he was more than open to talk about even if he didn’t have the words needed that were clinical.

Moving just a little, Haley gasped when Spencer spread his legs, and it nearly upset Haley. Spencer chuckled into the kiss a little, and Haley knew that what he had done was on purpose. Haley laughed as Spencer deepened the kiss. A few more minutes of that and Haley jumped when she felt hands drifting up her body some. It felt good, but Spencer normally didn’t do that kind of stuff. His hands didn’t wander too much usually.

Haley turned the tables on that. She reached out to untuck the shirt that Spencer was wearing. He had opted for a dressy Henley that day, something that she had never seen him in. Haley was also pretty sure that it was Aaron’s. It had looked good on him, and he was filling it out a little more than he probably would have months before. He had picked up more than running, and when he could at work, he slipped away to work out a little with trainees and other FBI personnel. With the confidence that he was getting from being secure in his person as well as his friendships and the building relationship he had with Aaron and Haley had come a confidence in his ability to do other things. Like, take down an UnSub they were chasing.

Spencer’s skin was warm, and he inhaled sharply when Haley ghosted her fingers over the skin of his stomach. She could feel the hard muscle under there and enjoyed it. Aaron was like a rock sometimes when he was training for a marathon as he did full-body training a lot of the time. Spencer’s body was softer but no less hard under that. Haley loved how Spencer felt compared to Aaron. He was softer, and it was just enough that Haley would know them apart from anything.

Haley moaned as Spencer went back to kissing down her neck before he found her pulse point there, and his teeth and mouth left a hickey there. Spencer had been leaving more and more hickeys on her person and even a few on Aaron in places that were easy to hide for work. Spencer had taken to wearing his suits a little more after Haley took him shopping for some more. The dress shirts allowed more of Aaron’s marks to be hidden well. Aaron loved to mark him, more than Haley did, but those marks were still arousing to Haley.

It was a whirlwind of emotions, as Haley learned that she loved watching them together. She never thought it was something that would get her going like it did.

Spencer yawned into a kiss minutes later, blushing when he pulled back out of it. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. You guys have been going strong for days with the case. Let’s go inside and upstairs and go to bed.”

Spencer nodded his head, and he did look tired. Like he was dead weight on his feet. Haley watched as he opened the door before she slipped off of his lap. Haley grabbed her purse from the floor of the front seat by leaning over the driver seat. Spencer waited for her, using his key to open the door and let her in to disarm the alarm before Spencer turned it back on as soon as the door was shut. It was a regular routine, no matter who was coming in. It was something that Haley loved to witness, Spencer’s easy acceptance of the routines they were building.

The sound of Spencer not following her had Haley stopping at the end of the entryway. Haley felt her lips curling in a smile.

“You can wear a pair of Aaron’s sleep pants.” Haley held out her hand, and Spencer looked at it, then up to where the bedroom was, and then down to his room. He was wearing his glasses instead of contacts, so he didn’t need to get and get a case. The cats had been fed before they had left. There was nothing stopping Spencer from sleeping in bed with them unless Spencer wasn’t ready for it. Which, Haley understood if he wasn’t.

“I-” Spencer bit at his bottom lip before he nodded his head and reached out to take hold of her hand.

Haley tugged Spencer along with her.

The master bedroom door was still open from where Aaron had gone to at least relax in bed. Haley stopped at the sight of him sitting up against the headboard reading a book. He was dressed in a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt. It was old and nearly threadbare, but Haley loved him in that shirt.

Haley slipped into the room to the closet to get clothes for herself and Spencer. She handed Spencer his and shuffled him into the bathroom. Aaron was still reading his book. He was either good at being coy about Spencer being there or he hadn’t noticed at all. Haley was voting for that as when she slipped into bed after getting into her sleep pants and shirt, he didn’t look up, but he did smile.

Spencer came out of the bathroom, and Haley watched Aaron’s face as the younger man turned off the light before walking toward the bed. Haley was on the far side of where she usually slept so that Spencer could fit between them. Aaron didn’t look up until Spencer kneed onto the bed. Aaron looked up at Haley, expecting her to have moved or something. Then Spencer got fully on the bed. He was sitting on his knees with his back straight. His eyes were locked on Aaron and his reaction.

Aaron turned his head to look at Spencer with the start of a frown on his face. Haley felt her stomach start to churn in worry about it, meaning that Aaron didn’t want him there. It was only a split second later that Aaron’s face turned from a frown to a grin. He held out his hand as he used the other to put his book on the nightstand. Spencer held out his hand and allowed Aaron to pull him close and tuck him onto his lap. Aaron cupped the sides of Spencer’s face and pulled him in for a kiss. It was chaste, and Haley was glad of that. She didn’t think that Spencer was up for more than that, and she didn’t want to scare him.

Haley realized that she didn’t have to worry at all about anything as Aaron pulled out of the kiss and patted the bed beside him. Spencer curled in a little before he laid down beside Aaron, slipping under the covers that Haley had freed when she had slipped into bed. Aaron laughed and slipped off the bed to get under the covers. He left the side lamp on but hit the switch by the bed to plunge the room into mostly darkness.

Spencer was stiff and wasn’t moving, but Haley could feel that he was a little stressed on how he wanted to do this. Haley settled on her side and pulled at Spencer until he was on his side as well, Haley kissed him softly as Aaron wrapped himself around Spencer’s body, spooning him. Haley pulled out of the kiss and tucked her face into Spencer’s chest. Spencer draped an arm over her body and let her get comfortable.

“Good?” Aaron asked.

“Yes,” Spencer said. His tone was light. “I’ve never…”

“We know,” Aaron said. Aaron moved, and Spencer gasped.

Haley could just see his face in the dark before she reached out and turned off the light that was left in the room. It plunged the room into darkness. Haley knew that Spencer had a few issues with the dark, but so far, he seemed fine. Haley figured it was that he wasn’t alone. It was something that they could figure out with time together.

“Okay?” Aaron asked.

Haley wondered what Aaron was asking about as she had just asked him if he was okay.

“Yeah, it’s fine. It’s a natural response to being around someone you are attracted to, in love with, and in bed for the first time.”

Haley knew then that it was that Aaron was at last partially hard there pressed to Spencer.

“And when you rut on me in the morning, I’ll forgive you as well,” Spencer said. The tone of his voice was teasing and light.

Aaron laughed, and the bed moved a little before he settled again. Haley felt his hand brush over her belly before it found her side entirely and settled there. Aaron was getting comfortable before he settled into sleep. Haley knew that Spencer would take a while to fall asleep, but the best way to combat that was for her and Aaron to go to sleep so he could process alone without worrying about them. It was the first of many, Haley hoped of them sleeping in the same bed.

Chapter 15

Aaron really hated New York. He was looking out the glass of the SUV door and watched as Morgan talked on the phone to someone. The rest of the team was flying home while Morgan drove Aaron back. Aaron would rather have Spencer drive him, but he knew that Morgan had probably been the one to win whatever game they played to see who “won” the right to drive him home. The whole team knew about them, while not all of them understood the relationship at all, they believed Aaron when he told them that he had not pressured Haley or Spencer into it.

Things had been a little rough this case, the fact that Aaron was friendly with Kate Joyner and the little bit of stress about the relationship. The case could have gone smoother, but in the end, they had figured it out without a lot more loss of life. Kate, though, had died in the middle of the road with no one around as Aaron had tried to get a gurney to get her out of the area. He had promised Haley years before that he would do everything that he could to get home to her. That hadn’t allowed him to stay in the blast zone.

Aaron going after the gurney had allowed the team the time needed to figure out what was going on and when a random ambulance agreed to transport Kate out before it was known that she was dead, Aaron’s red flags had been tripped. The team had been able to take the terrorists inside of it into custody, and everything had worked out. Outside of Aaron’s eardrum being nearly fully blown out. Aaron already had the doctor’s orders on how long he was supposed to be out of work. Though that timeline probably didn’t match up with the only doctor that mattered in his life. Aaron found that he didn’t care, though.

If taking a little extra time at home to get over his injury was what Spencer and Haley wanted, he would do it. Aaron knew that Spencer had talked to Haley for a long while the night before, but Aaron hadn’t been good enough to talk for long at all. He had told Haley that he loved her, his voice cracking a little with emotion while he had been waiting to be checked over. After that, he had texted her a few times before she had finally gone to bed. Aaron had texted her again as soon as he woke up so that she knew he had made it through the night. Aaron knew that Spencer had been texting her as well. He would need to see about starting up a group text between them on their personal phones so that they could have a three-sided conversation instead of relaying things back and forth.

As if by magic, Spencer appeared near the SUV, carrying Aaron and Morgan’s bags with him. Aaron smiled at Spencer as he opened the back driver’s door and slipped them inside.

“Hey,” Aaron said.

“Hey,” Spencer said. His words were static, compared to how he usually was.

Aaron didn’t want to push that right now. It was the first time that Spencer had been around for Aaron getting majorly hurt while they were in a relationship. Aaron’s not sure how Spencer is reacting to it. Aaron knows how he is, but that’s very different. Haley had been in Aaron’s life for a long time, and she knew how to react to everything. Though she hadn’t taken to Spencer stepping in front of a gun, even if they had discussed what they were doing first.

“Thank you,” Aaron said when the silence had stretched across the space between them like a living person.

“For what?”

“Bringing my stuff,” Aaron said. He tried to catch Spencer’s eyes, but the younger man was fiddling with the strap on Morgan’s go-bag. That drew Aaron’s attention to it, and Aaron saw that it wasn’t Morgan’s. It was Spencer’s. Spencer had ended up buying the same go-bags as Aaron a few months before, so Haley had bought cute luggage tags for Spencer after he had nearly made it out of the house with one of Aaron’s bags full of Aaron’s clothes.

Haley had a better idea of some patches to stitch into each one, but Aaron had only heard her talking to Jessica about it, so he hadn’t brought it up. It was a little gift, Aaron assumed, to both of them.

“Why do you have your bag and not Morgan’s?”

“Because Morgan’s not driving you. He cheated at the game.”

“Does Morgan know this?” Aaron asked. He looked at where Morgan was still talking to someone on the phone.

“He will when he gets off the phone.” Spencer stood up out of the SUV and shut the door before he walked around.

Aaron reached over to turn on the SUV enough to where he could roll down the windows. It’s May in New York City, it’s more than warm enough to have the windows down for any length of time. It was a nice feeling, too, to feel the wind on his face. Spencer was leaning against the vehicle, and Aaron knew without having to ask that he was watching Morgan with a keen eye. Morgan finally got off of the phone, the smile on his face telling Aaron that he had been talking to his mother. It was the same indulgent smile he always got when he talked to her.

Morgan raised an eyebrow at Spencer, and Aaron was focused on him, so he didn’t look back at Spencer to see what his face was doing. Morgan laughed and raised up his hands just in time for one of the other SUVs to pull up with JJ in the front drivers’ seat. Aaron reached down and touched his own belly as he thought about her. About what she was going through at the moment. Aaron was going to make sure that she had time off so that she could talk and visit with LaMontagne and figure out what they were going to do.

Haley was going to be happy to have someone else on the BAU who was going to have a kid. While Haley would have no issues hanging out with LaMontagne when the kids wanted to play, Aaron wasn’t sure if LaMontagne was going to feel the same way. Aaron had not got to know him that well on the case, and he was a little put out about that. Yeah, the whole team had known about how JJ had been sneaking around on them, but none of them cared. They understood wanting to have something that was untainted as much as possible.

Morgan walked over to them.

“So, you figured out that I cheated?” Morgan asked.

“Yup, so you get to go back with the team, and I’ll drive Aaron home. Don’t be shocked if we take more than four hours to get home.”

Aaron laughed but regretted it as soon as he did. His body ached, and his head hurt. He closed his eyes and leaned back into the seat. He knew that Morgan and Spencer would understand him not taking part. He listened as they talked, Morgan making sure that Spencer was okay to drive. Aaron just snorted at that because Spencer was one of the best driver’s on the team. His ability to drive while under fire was nearly the best on the team. He beat Aaron in some ways and Morgan in others and came down just below them in score.

The person who had taught Spencer had been shocked as hell, but Aaron hadn’t been once he had figured out that it was all part of Spencer’s brain. It was his ability to just figure shit out and get it done. His scores had only gone up after Aaron and Morgan started to train him on it as well. Especially over the last six months when firearms training had been added in. Haley called it date nights for the two of them when they stayed over at Quantico and worked on the ranges when they could be alone. Aaron just enjoyed it. It would be a while before he could do that though with his ears. He hoped that Morgan was okay taking over. It wasn’t going to be as fun as it had been the last little while, but then Aaron was okay with Morgan keeping his hands to himself and not touching Spencer more than he had to.

“Ready?” Spencer asked.

Aaron turned his head toward the voice and looked at Spencer, who was giving him an indulgent smile. Aaron smiled back, but it made his head hurt. He groaned.

“Yes,” Aaron said. He really just wanted it all said and done with. He wanted to be at home in his bed.

“So you’ve taken your pills and everything. I know that you ate. You shouldn’t have this much of a headache now. So I looked through all of the paperwork that you had in your bag.”

Aaron tried to remember when Spencer could have done that, but he also knew that he had woken up with the headache, and that was the only reason Spencer would need. Aaron was entirely in Spencer’s life when it had come to his mental health and getting better. As a friend and Unit Chief, he was more involved in Spencer’s life than most others. Aaron had never shied away from letting Haley read over his things, and at his last check-up, he had handed Spencer the papers after Haley was done reading them. It wasn’t that weird that Spencer had seen them in the hotel room and read them. They shared rooms, always a two bed, but never slept in the same bed until the night before. Spencer had slept curled around him on the bed, hesitant to touch but too scared to be anywhere but where he was.

The smell of chocolate pulled Aaron out of his thoughts. He looked at what was in front of him, and he saw that it was a cup from a coffee shop that Spencer had fallen in love with.

“What’s this?”

“Large mocha with no whip and only a single shot of espresso. There is nothing in your papers that says you need to limit your caffeine, so that could be part of why you have a headache. So drink that down as quickly as you can without throwing up. I have muffins in the back as well, so we can snack on them while driving. I have reservations at a restaurant in DC as tonight is our normal date night. I’ve already called and told Haley we are going for a quick meal and then will be going home. It’ll be early, but I’m sure we will be hungry by four.”

“Sounds good.” Aaron glanced at the clock; it was barely nine. That was seven hours from then. It only took four hours to get home. There were three extra hours in there. He figured that Spencer would want to stop for breakfast. Aaron had eaten some dry toasts two hours before to take his pills while Spencer had eaten a full meal. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to turn the trip that long.

Aaron sighed as Spencer got into the driver’s seat and followed JJ in the other SUV until it was time for them to head to the airport and for Aaron and Spencer to turn toward home. Spencer had his cell phone in a holder that was affixed to the dashboard, and he touched it to check for messages at every single stoplight. It was kind of calming to watch. Aaron had no clue what he was waiting on, but he knew that Spencer wouldn’t tell him until he was ready or it came in.

Just as they were hitting the edge of the city before the highway that Spencer wanted to take, the message came through. Spencer pulled off into a parking lot and settled down. He plucked the phone from the holder and read over something. His eyes moved faster than his fingers could scroll on whatever it was.

“What’s up?” Aaron asked.

“I asked for a paper to be sent to me. Garcia found it on the type of damage you have to your ear. She’s finding the best doctor in DC right now that our insurance takes.”

Aaron shook his head and leaned over to watch the traffic leave the area they were in. He knew that Spencer researched before doing something. It was endearing and at the moment, made Aaron feel loved. He figured that most would hate it, but Aaron knew that it wasn’t Spencer trying to make Aaron do what he wanted or wasn’t that he thought Aaron couldn’t take care of himself. It was Spencer arming himself with knowledge.


“Haley will call and make the appointment as soon as she looks over who is the best and makes a decision.”

Aaron nodded his agreement to that. Haley was good at picking out doctors. Aaron trusted that she was going to figure it out and make sure that he had the best. Aaron watched Spencer as he read over the rest of the article before he put his phone back and got into traffic again. Aaron knew that Spencer had the entire route mapped in his head. There was going to be no need for GPS in the car or on their phones. He was going to go all off of the list in his head. Aaron had never felt safer in a car.

They stopped several times during the trip, to let Aaron get out of the SUV and walk around. The coffee did help with his headache, so when they hit a nice city, Spencer drove until he found a shop and got more for himself as well as Aaron, less sweet and more coffee in it. They also grabbed a sandwich each and ate them in the SUV while parked in a park at the edge of town. There were too many people around and too much noise, or they would be outside.

“How are you feeling?” Spencer asked as he drained the last of his hot coffee drink and reached around to set his iced tea in the holder between the seats. His sandwich was long gone, his chips as well. Aaron was halfway through his sandwich and was saving the rest of his chips for last. Aaron was only halfway done with his coffee, but he also had a tea in the back.

“Good. Not nearly as nauseous as I was before but nowhere near better. We might have to stop a little more frequent until my stomach settles down.”

“I know. That’s why I added three hours to this trip.” Spencer turned in his seat and just watched Aaron eat. It was a little weird, but Spencer had been doing it for so long now that Aaron was used to it. Haley was less so, and Spencer knew it, so he didn’t do it to her. It was another new quirk of Spencer that had come about. Aaron wondered if the quirk wasn’t so much that as just learning the face movements of them. Pleasure and the like. Aaron just liked being under his gaze all of the time.

It should have felt horrible, getting into the SUV again after another stop at the rest stop, but it really didn’t. Aaron hated taking things slow, like this. He didn’t mind some things slow, and the thought of slow and in bed with Spencer was something that appealed to him a great deal, but that was still a ways away from where they were.

Dinner wasn’t even in DC but a little area that was just on the outskirts, which explained why they had never been there before. It was a bit of a hike for them to travel on a work night and the weekends were always so damned busy. Still, the place was very enjoyable. It was mostly filled with an older crowd, eating early in the day. Aaron didn’t mind at all, even when a few of them gave them looks.

“We didn’t talk much about West Bune last month,” Aaron said as he picked at what was left of his dinner. Spencer had already ordered dessert, so it wasn’t like he needed to finish this. Aaron was looking forward to the dessert as well as going home and getting into bed. Even with two one hours naps while they drove, Aaron was wearing out fast, and home was still an hour away with traffic.

“What else is there to talk about?” Spencer asked. He looked confused. The crinkle of his face was adorable. “We saved a lot of people.”

“Yes, and you came to me. You trusted that I wasn’t going to turn down your idea of getting Owen talked down. The person you were before Georgia would have just stormed in and done what he thought was best without telling me a single thing. You trusted me and made sure that I was able to protect you while still doing the job that I need you to on the team. You have the heart to keep on doing that and push me into doing the right thing.”

“I just did what was needed.”

“I saw a killer, but you saw a victim who had been pushed too far. You made sure that he was going to pay for his crimes, and no one else was killed. You did more for that case than any of the rest of us. You were the reason we were able to push past the notion that just because he was a killer, he needed help, and it was more than he had got before that point. You made sure that we saw what he was, and you fought for him. You never once told us that he didn’t need to be taken in, but you made us protect him as much as his victims.”

“You supported me and made sure that I talked to you when the bullying aspect came up.”

Aaron knew precisely what Spencer was talking about, and Morgan had been part of that. Spencer had opened up to him, and Morgan had gone to Aaron to tell him to make him talk more. Morgan knew that Spencer trusted Morgan but that there was a lot more to it all and that he would probably only open up to Aaron. He had thankfully made sure they were alone for it, and Aaron had learned that while he had done well at training Spencer using harsh tactics, that anything close to bullying was going to get Spencer to do something fucking stupid. Aaron could see him just lying to Aaron if he had been less than supportive through that part and going against Owen Savage with no vest and putting himself between Own and the rest of them. Especially after seeing two teenage boys gunned down in cold blood not too long before. Spencer had been going to the Beltway Clean Cops group a little more lately.

Haley had not been happy about it at first, but once Spencer was settled enough, he did talk to them. That was all that Aaron asked for. Aaron had even done something that he hadn’t done before other than to Haley and opened up more about the abuse that he had suffered at the hands of his father and tangentially, his mother. It wasn’t exactly the best thing in the world to have in common, but it made Spencer open up more.

Spencer had been kissing them like he was desperate lately, and Aaron was pretty sure that the last time, just before this case, Spencer had started to get hard while doing it. Aaron hadn’t brought it up, and he hadn’t touched Spencer in the region his underwear was with his hands, but he was pretty sure that he had a bulge in his pants. It was all still going at Spencer’s pace as Aaron knew that he was good at accepting that they wanted him to be less better at figuring himself out mentally. At least once a week, he slipped into bed with them, the bed was just big enough for all three, and when Spencer was sleeping with them more, Aaron already had a California king picked out and paid for. It was just being held until the renovations he lied about were done. Aaron didn’t feel a single bit upset at lying about it.

“I’ll always support you, at least in private, with things like that.”

“You’ve been listening more to everyone on the team when something reads a little wrong.”

“Well, I learned my lesson about understanding everyone on my team in the wake of Georgia.” Aaron didn’t like to say the name even though Spencer had no issue pointing out that it wasn’t entirely Tobias that had been the one to hurt him. Aaron understood it as well, but he was less ready to just forgive the man who had nearly wrecked Spencer’s life in more ways than one. He had been so angry for a while after he had accepted that he was falling for Spencer.

None of this, the relationship, the feelings, wouldn’t have happened without Spencer getting taken, and sometimes Aaron felt like a piece of shit for being happy about that. Yet, it didn’t stop Aaron from wanting it. He wanted it so fucking much, and he knew that Haley felt the same. Spencer was getting there, and every day, it was like a gift had been given to Aaron when Spencer sought him out in the morning for a cuddle before they got dressed for work or in the evenings when he was tired but didn’t want to go to his room. It was heaven and hell, letting Spencer go to his room at night.

A wave of tiredness washed over Aaron as he watched Spencer finally finish off the dessert. Aaron had eaten about half, but he didn’t quite remember it. Spencer’s face was soft, and he looked at Aaron fondly. It was an excellent end to a horrible case.

Spencer pulled into the garage and sighed as he looked at Aaron, who was half asleep in the passenger seat. Even with the nap, Spencer was shocked that Aaron had made it as long as he had. Aaron was injured, Spencer knew that, but he had no clue what to expect when they went inside. That was what Spence dreaded more than anything, and he had since about halfway through the trip home. He had kept his happiness up to make sure that Aaron didn’t spend any part of the trip worrying about something that he didn’t need to. Instead, it had been just Spencer worrying about it and covering it up horribly.

If Aaron had been at full mental capacity, he never would have bought half of what Spencer had done, including only eating half of his dinner. Aaron hadn’t noticed that at all, and Spencer was glad. He was too nervous. The dessert still felt like it was sitting like a lead ball in his stomach. He really hoped he could make it down to his room before he threw up. He really just wanted to go to bed already, and it was barely six. No one had got good sleep on the case, and even last night, Spencer had slept like shit with Aaron breathing in bed beside him. Spencer had checked on him several times during the night.

“Home?” Aaron asked, startling Spencer some, but Spencer kept it under control.

“Yeah, we are here. Let me get our things.”

“I can get my bag,” Aaron said, his voice a little gruffer than usual.

Spencer swallowed in response before he begged to help Aaron. It wasn’t like Aaron didn’t let him help in other ways, but Spencer wanted to take care of him, and that didn’t include just walking away. The bags were on Spencer’s side, so he slipped out of the SUV and opened the back door so that he could grab the bags. Aaron was slipping out of the SUV with ease that belayed how tired he had to be. Spencer slings both bags over his shoulder and walks around the front to meet Aaron. Aaron grabbed his bag handles as soon as he was able to and didn’t even try to catch the shoulder strap when it landed on the ground.

Looking up, Spencer saw Haley at the door. She looked worried, her gaze entirely on Aaron. She looked like she was too tired to even run to Aaron and hug him. There was no tiny shadow at her legs, and Spencer had to wonder where Jack was. He was probably in a playpen or barricaded into the living room, so he didn’t rush to Aaron and knock him over.

Aaron made it a few more steps before he sighed and held the bag out again to Spencer. Spencer grabbed the shoulder strap and slung it over his shoulder. Aaron’s look of fondness helped to melt some of Spencer’s feelings on the subject of Aaron, not wanting his help to get him to the door. Spencer offered his shoulder, but Aaron didn’t even stop to say a thing. He just kept on going toward the door.

“Aaron,” Haley said as she pulled him into the house.

By the time that Spencer was through the door and shutting it, Haley was wrapped around Aaron, and his head was buried in her neck. They had their own little ritual for Aaron getting hurt on a case, and Spencer didn’t need to intrude on that. He stepped past them and headed toward the area where Aaron dropped his bag to be taken care of later. He set his by the door to the basement in the kitchen before he got a glass of water to take a drink. He hoped adding something to his stomach would help it calm down. When he had drunk half, he set it on the counter by the door and then walked out to make sure that Aaron got up into bed just fine, and the alarm was set. As soon as he got close, Aaron reached out and tugged him into the hug that was still going on. Haley moved to where Aaron was hugging him mainly and just had a single arm around Haley. Spencer wrapped his arm on that side around her, and the other buried itself in Aaron’s hair to hold him tight.

Spencer felt the hitch in his breath at the feel of being hugged by Aaron finally. Aaron muttered something against the skin of Spencer’s neck, where he had his face buried. It was something kind of short, but nothing really fit what Spencer thought he heard. He frowned and tried to pull back, but Aaron wasn’t having any of it. His arm tightened around Spencer, and there was no way he was moving, even if he thought he could fight out of that hold.

“I wanna feel you both,” Aaron said finally when he pulled back some time later. His face was full of want, and Spencer wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He wanted to feel Aaron as well, sleeping in the same bed again was the best way to do that. He had planned on sleeping in the chair in Aaron and Haley’s bedroom and taking up the title of creeper just to make sure that Aaron was fine. He wasn’t the greatest at asking for what he wanted yet; he was getting better with smaller things, so working up the bigger wasn’t that big of a deal to him. Aaron and Haley were wonderful with letting Spencer do everything in his own time.

“Sure,” Haley said. She squeezed Spencer’s side a little before she turned her face to look at him. “Why don’t you go ahead and feed the cats. I kind of forgot and then grab some clothes and meet us up there?”

“Sure. He can’t shower alone today, but tomorrow he can. They don’t trust his ability to stay on his feet right now, and even tomorrow is based on if we feel he can do it without pitching headfirst. I did not tell the staff that he had more than enough people to help him do what he needed to do in the shower and not be alone. I didn’t think that it was needed.”

“Oh, that one nurse totally figured that part out,” Aaron said with the first real smile on his lips.


“She was checking me out, and you caught her and glared at her until she stopped.”

“You have a fucking wedding ring on your finger. She had no right to do that, especially since you were naked to get changed into the hospital gown and injured.”

“I liked you defending my honor.” Aaron had a tired but indulgent smile on his face then, and Spencer couldn’t help leaning in to place a kiss on his cheek. Aaron slumped down into Spencer’s body, and after a second, his weight was fully on him. “Bed, please, Spencer.”


“I’ll set the alarms.”

Spencer nodded to Haley’s words and then started to get him and Aaron up the stairs to the bedroom. When they passed the living room, Spencer saw that Jack wasn’t in there. He didn’t hear the boy either. It was nearly impossible to get Jack to be this early in the day, so Spencer made the assumption that he was with Jessica. A night for Aaron to sleep before he was bombarded by a child who didn’t like to be too far away from him when he was injured enough that it was visible if Spencer remembered Aaron’s words correctly. Aaron still had the gash on his head that was glued shut, but still, it wasn’t that bad of an injury. The screeching of Jack might be enough though to really give Aaron some issues, and so it was really good that he wasn’t there.

Getting Aaron up into bed and stripped wasn’t that hard. He helped but didn’t hinder. It was a good thing as Aaron was nearly fully asleep by the time that Spencer had him down to his boxers. He had slept in the same the night before, citing his bruised body as the reason. Spencer hated seeing the bruises on his body. Getting Aaron into the middle of the bed, Spencer pressed a kiss to each bruise that he found. He hadn’t done that when they had got him back from the hospital the night before. He had been too scared to do it. The wetness on his eyelashes that made seeing a hardship was the reason why. He really didn’t want to start crying while still in New York, but here in the comfort of his home, he could. Curling into Aaron’s side, Spencer let his tears fall at watching Aaron getting thrown in that explosion.

Spencer hadn’t been treated with kid gloves after that, not by anyone on the team, which was a good thing as he probably would have gone off on them. It also meant that those they were working with didn’t treat him that way either. Spencer had taken five minutes to settle down in the bathroom, getting his emotions under control after finding out that Aaron was alive, and then he was back to work. He had been able to compartmentalize everything right until now.

The sound of Haley coming into the room and then the sound of her changing didn’t pull Spencer from his thoughts and his comfort. He was pretty sure that Aaron was fully asleep now, his arm tight around Spencer’s body. Spencer didn’t move at all. He just settled there and tried not to act like he was awake. He didn’t want to be, but he couldn’t get it out of his mind, seeing Aaron on that screen. He needed to get a grip on it, of course, but he needed to work through it.

Sleep came long after Aaron was fully asleep, and Haley was as well. Spencer stayed on Aaron’s side while Haley took the other when she laid down. It was strange to not have to worry about Jack, and even the cats stayed away from the bedroom even though the door was open.

Spencer woke up, and he wasn’t sure what woke him up as he looked at the wall in Aaron and Haley’s bedroom. He felt Aaron pressed along his back and his arm thrown over Spencer’s stomach. It was a repeat of the way that they woke up each time. Sometimes Haley was in front of Spencer, and then others Spencer was wrapped around Aaron, and Aaron was wrapped around Haley. It was intimate in a way this time, though that Spencer couldn’t put his finger on until he felt Aaron moving behind him. It was a subtle movement of his hips but it felt damned good.

Letting the gasp in his throat escape, Spencer tried not to move as Aaron rocked into him more. He shuddered, and his cock dragged against his sleep pants. His hard cock. Spencer gripped the bedding in front of him as he tried to figure out what he was feeling right then. He hadn’t got an erection at all while sleeping in the same bed as them. In fact, it was kind of the opposite. He had them when not sleeping in bed with Aaron and Haley.

There was a lot to unpack in that. He just stayed still, kind of enjoying Aaron rocking into him at the same time he was thinking about how he felt about it all. Aaron had to be at least mostly asleep as he usually would have stopped by then and moved away or gone to the shower. There was the one time that Spencer had talked him into jerking off there in bed with him. Haley had been somewhere else in the house, and it had been good.

Aaron had stayed under the blankets and jerked off, gasping as he did. Spencer hadn’t been able to hold himself in, and he had slipped up to kiss Aaron, but he hadn’t touched him anywhere below the neck. Aaron had enjoyed it though it seemed as he had been more than into it. Aaron gasping out his orgasm into Spencer’s mouth had made him feel really good. He had done that, even without touching Aaron, he had made him feel good. Feel pleasured.

Spencer had even watched Aaron and Haley once. He had come up to talk to them and found them engaged in sex. He had tried to back out, but Aaron’s eyes had caught his. Aaron told him he could stay and watch or leave, and neither would upset them. He had watched and felt something in his body, but he hadn’t felt aroused. Aaron hadn’t got off first but pushed Haley toward it first before coming himself. It had been pleasurable to watch in a way that porn had never been for him. He had enjoyed it, and after Aaron and Haley had showered, Haley pulled him into the bed. Spencer had been sandwiched in the middle of them and felt good about that. Aaron had held him like he was special, precious, and it had felt wonderful.

Aaron’s body moved, finding a better angle, and his cock was pressed between the cheeks of Spencer’s ass, and it felt so much fucking better. There were still their layers of clothes between them, but it was hot and hard. Spencer wanted it to keep on going, Aaron to go all the way to the end, coming all over himself. It felt fucking great, to be honest. Aaron wanted him, and it was like he had said before, the knowledge that they thought he was pleasurable was enough to make Spencer feel great. He didn’t want them hiding from him, even in this case.

Spencer’s cock was aching, and he wanted to reach down and touch. To take it into his hand and stroke himself to orgasm, but he didn’t want to pull Aaron out of his dream that he was in. He didn’t want to break whatever spell he had going on at the moment.

“Want you,” Aaron said breathlessly against Spencer’s neck, but the tone was still very much dreamlike. Aaron spoke in sleep very rarely, but it was usually when he was going down or coming up. That meant Aaron was closer to waking than Spencer thought that he was.

Spencer rocked back into him, and it made Aaron move more. The arm that had been around Spencer’s stomach was moving downward, the hand grabbing his hip and holding him in place as Aaron rutted against him.

“Please,” Spencer said. He pushed back into Aaron more, and he knew the second that Aaron woke up all the way. The hand on his hip tightened so much that Spencer was sure there would be bruises there. Aaron’s mouth rubbed up and down Spencer’s neck, where he had been the whole time. The hand stopped gripping him tight and moved down to brush over his cock.

“Fuck,” Aaron said, his voice sounded wrecked. “How far do you want to take this?”

“Rubbing,” Spencer answered without a second thought. He wasn’t ready for more than that but them rubbing on each other or jerking each other off, that sounded really fucking good.

“Okay.” Aaron cupped Spencer through his pants and rocked his hips up into Spencer’s body.

“More,” Spencer begged. He wanted more; he just wasn’t sure what more he wanted.

Aaron moved, and the world spun a little until Spencer was there in the middle of the bed, and he was looking up at Aaron. Aaron was braced above him, leaning down to kiss. Aaron kept his body up away from Spencer’s as they kissed. Spencer reached up to try and draw him back down, but Aaron fought that for a few seconds before he just pulled all the way away from Spencer.

“Aaron?” Spencer asked. He worried for two seconds until he realized that Aaron was getting his underwear off. Spencer used that time to try and work his sleep pants down. He got them to his knees before Aaron was blocking him getting them down further.

Aaron helped him by pulling his legs up to where they were bent at the knee and then swept the pants down his legs. They were both naked in what felt like seconds but had to be longer than that. Spencer glanced at where Haley had been sleeping to see that she wasn’t there. He wanted to find her, ask her if this was okay, but Aaron was on him again, kissing like he was drowning. Spencer let that feeling sweep him away.

Spencer pushed up into Aaron’s body, trying to find friction for his aching cock. He wanted this so much that he wouldn’t be shocked if this was a dream, but he wasn’t going to pull back and do any of the things that he knew to figure out if things were dreams were not. If this was a dream, he didn’t want to know until it was the last second. Until it was all done and he was cuddling and counting his fingers.

Aaron lowered his body until they were grasping at each other, and the slick slide of cock on cock was nearly too much. Spencer clenched down to stop himself from orgasm. He didn’t want to come already. He needed to hold on a little longer. Get Aaron a little closer before he did.

“You feel so good,” Aaron whispered into the skin of Spencer’s neck when he broke their kiss and then pressed kisses down the side of Spencer’s neck.

Spencer moaned in response, not able to form any other sounds other than that. He drew his legs up again, feeling Aaron’s thrusts rubbing on the inside of his thighs. It felt good. Really damned good. He wanted to keep on feeling it for a long while. If sex was like this every single time with Aaron and Haley, he was going to get addicted to it. Aaron’s body was getting slick with sweat, and Spencer couldn’t grip his shoulder blades all that well anymore. Aaron thrust down into him harder when Spencer tried to hold on tighter but ended up scratching his back up a little.

Aaron braced himself on an arm and rutted into him harder, watching his face. Spencer let his hands hold Aaron at his waist and pulled him down with each thrust. He wanted more and less, and he never wanted this to end. Spencer felt powerful in a way that he hadn’t in a long time. Aaron wanted him, wanted to have sex with him, make love to him, fuck him, do everything with him.

“Not gonna-” Spencer stuttered before he came, warmth getting between them with his release. His cock rubbing alongside Aaron’s between their stomachs. Aaron groaned seconds later, more warmth adding to what was already cooling between their bodies. Spencer tipped his head to get his lips back on Aaron’s.

“I love you,” Aaron whispered into Spencer’s skin.

“I know,” Spencer said, and he heard Aaron’s chuckle against his lips. It was about as good as it got with Spencer. He felt a lot of emotions for Aaron and for Haley, but he wasn’t ready to put words to it yet.

Aaron nuzzled the side of Spencer’s face before pushing harder with his nose and cheek.

Spencer followed what Aaron wanted, and he gasped when he saw Haley at the side of the room, her hand down inside of her sleep pants. She was flushed with arousal.

Haley opened her eyes and smiled at the sight of Aaron wrapped around Spencer. She could see Spencer’s bony hip over Aaron’s. She figured that she was the one with the most sleep over the past few days, so she rolled over to let them get some more sleep. Getting out of bed without waking up Aaron was simple, it was Spencer that woke with movement, still so very unused to having someone else in bed with him.

The bathroom was calling, so Haley took care of that with the door shut, so no sound woke the sleeping men up. She walked down to the kitchen to get a drink of water before looking outside. It was still dark, no peeking sun on the horizon. She wasn’t going to make a pot of coffee as that was sure to wake up the guys.

Checking on the cats was her first order of business. She made sure their water was where it should be and refilled their food. Midnight was right there for some cuddles, and Curiosity was behind her before Haley got up. Both of them ate like they didn’t already have some food left in the bowl and were starving. It was easy to love them both. They loved Spencer to the point that they both moped if he was gone on a case longer than four days. Haley understood that a great deal, she lost both of her guys for days on end. The cats couldn’t understand that, though.

The litter pans needed to be taken care of, so Haley did that so that Spencer didn’t have to do that. She thoroughly washed her hands afterward, feeling happy at being able to do that for him. She knew that the case had been hard on her, but she had found out about Aaron’s injury afterward after he had been to the hospital. Not seeing it happen on a camera and not knowing until it was over if Aaron was alive.

Haley had known when she stuck around that she could lose him like that. The threat was never entirely gone. Now she had two, but she wouldn’t change that for the world. She didn’t want to lose either of them ever, but she would take what time she could get with them and hold it in her heart for the rest of her life.

Jack was still dead asleep, according to Jessica’s text, and the night had been fine. Haley set her phone down on the stand in the hallway that held decorations. She slipped back into the master bedroom. She saw Spencer’s eyes were open and was about to say something when she realized that while she could see him, he wasn’t seeing her. He had his thinking face on, and it was one that was full of the fact that he really wasn’t cataloging anything around him unless it was happening to him. He was lost in his head, and Haley wasn’t sure that it wasn’t a bad thing. She stayed where she was, watching him.

It was a few minutes of looking for Haley to realize that Aaron wasn’t still, and he was actively humping Spencer’s ass. Haley took a step forward to see if Spencer needed help, but she stopped when she saw the bulge in his sleep pants. He was hard. He was there in bed, hard with Aaron rutting against him.

Haley had gotten him mostly hard once while they were making out, but it had faded before Haley had been able to draw any attention to it.

Spencer was trying to figure out what he wanted as he laid there in bed. Haley didn’t want to make up his mind in any way, so she just watched him and didn’t move at all. There was nothing to do but watch him as he figured out that he liked it, that he wanted it to keep on going, then as he moved back into Aaron. Aaron woke up, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out the moment that he figured out what was going on.

Aaron checked in with Spencer and then kept on going, touching now that he was awake and knew what he was doing.

Both men were fully invested in each other by the time that Spencer was on his back and Aaron over him, so Haley moved to the corner of the room and the soft chair, and she settled into it. She had gone to sleep in sleep pants and a T-shirt of Spencer’s over her sports bra. She made sure not to move too much and didn’t make a single noise as she settled into the chair to watch her guys as they rutted against each other. It was hot to watch them, and when she was aching too much, her sex wet, she dipped her fingers down to gently rub. She didn’t want to get off too quickly and gasp aloud to let them know that they had someone watching. She knew enough not to break the spell of sorts that was going on between them.

Haley gripped the edge of the arm of the chair as Aaron thrust down harder onto Spencer. They were both not afraid of pushing too hard, and it showed.

“Not gonna-” Spencer stuttered before his hips shoved up, and Aaron bore down. Aaron came just seconds later.

Haley wanted to keep that image in her head forever, the look that Spencer had when he came as well as Aaron’s matching at the sight of it. She listened to their whispered words of affection before both guys looked at her. Aaron pushed Spencer’s face to where he was looking right at her.

“Take off your shirt and join us,” Aaron said as he sat up.

Haley did as Aaron asked, letting the words pull her toward him. She started to drop the shirt off the edge of the bed after balancing a knee on it, but Aaron snagged it and used it to clean up the two of them. Haley watched, their cocks both soft, but Spencer’s eyes were on her, and he looked hungry. Haley leaned over and kissed him, finding his mouth more than willing. She braced her hands on the bed so that she didn’t fall into him but kept the kissing up.

After a few minutes, Aaron pulled at her. Haley went with him willingly. Aaron helped her saddle Spencer’s hips as his hand slipped down, and his fingers slipped between her folds.

“She’s wet from just watching us,” Aaron said more to Spencer than her, but it still made Haley gasp.

Spencer’s eyes darted down her body, and he watched as Aaron fondled her sex. It was just a few minutes that of before Aaron’s other hand slipped between their bodies and under the edge of her bra. It didn’t stay there long and moved around to the front to cup her breast. His fingers found her nipple and tweaked it a little before using his hand to pull her bra up, and her breast fell out.

“Aaron!” Haley gasped. She moved to fix it, but Spencer was there, his lips closing over her nipple.

Haley watched as he tasted the skin all around her nipple before using his hands to get her other one free. Aaron used that to get the sports bra off of her all the way. She was down to her sleep pants, and that was it. She wanted more. She wanted to feel one of them inside of her. Haley ached for it. Aaron’s hand was still rubbing over her hole and playing with her clit but never going inside.

“Why don’t you and Spencer swap? Spread your legs for me, and I’ll tongue you to orgasm.”

Haley shivered at the words, and she felt Spencer’s moan where it reverberated down his body. She nodded her head and hated that it made both of them stop touching her. Aaron slid back, pulling her pants down as he went. Haley laid down and rolled to her back, moving at the same time as Spencer, so they were opposite how they had been. Spencer leaned over and started to kiss her. It was fucking wonderful to feel; he lost his hesitancy and was going bang for the buck.

Aaron’s hands on her thighs had Haley moaning up into Spencer’s mouth. She wanted to keep on feeling that, but Spencer needed to move so that Aaron could get his mouth on her. There were a few seconds where Haley nearly broke their kiss so that she could tell him that when she felt him moving on his own, off to the side. He sat on the side of the bed, his legs thrown out, and he leaned over again to kiss her.

Only Spencer’s mouth didn’t go to Haley’s. It went right back to her breast. He licked up the underside of it before going right over her nipple. Aaron made a frustrated noise, and before Haley could look to see what was wrong, she was being dragged down the bed to where her ass was just at the edge of the bed. His thumbs spread her open before he licked over her hole.

Haley lost herself in the pleasure of Aaron between her legs and Spencer alternating between kissing her mouth, playing with her breasts, and a few times his fingers slipping down to play with her clit when Aaron directed him to. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, but both men stopped, and Haley groaned in displeasure. She looked at Aaron to see him coaxing Spencer toward him. Spencer got off the bed and walked over to where he could get between Aaron and bed.

All it took was Spencer slipping two fingers inside of her and licking at her clit for a few minutes for Haley to come. She felt her muscles clamping on Spencer’s fingers and then twin groans from both of them. They both looked aroused. Haley scooted up the bed and curled a finger a few times to get Spencer to follow her. His cock was hard between his legs as he crawled up onto the bed.

Haley reached down and took hold of Spencer’s cock. Despite coming not too long before he was hard and leaking again. “This okay?”

“More than,” Spencer said as he thrust into her hand at the same time that she stroked him.

It felt good, feeling his cock in her hand. Haley hadn’t really imagined it all that much, how different he would feel compared to Aaron. Haley pulled Spencer close to her, able to kiss him again, and she enjoyed it a great deal. It wasn’t long before his cock swelled, and she felt his orgasm on her. She reached up and felt for Aaron’s hand, but he didn’t take it. Haley broke her kiss with Aaron to find that he was jerking himself off on Spencer’s back.

Aaron came with a groan a few seconds later.

“We are all sticky,” Spencer said with a laugh as he pushed himself up to look down into Haley’s face. He reached out and ran his fingers down the side of her face with his free hand.

“I guess we should shower then, huh? How do you want to do it?” Haley pushed up to sit on her butt on the bed. Spencer leaned back, right into Aaron’s chest. Haley knew the second that they realized the error of their ways and mushed the release between them. She laughed at the look on Aaron’s face, and it turned into a full giggle-fest at Spencer’s look. She knew that this was a lot for the first time with him, but it was pretty tame.

“Can I shower with you guys?” Spencer asked. He didn’t look as hesitant as he usually did. In fact, he looked pretty confident in asking and not getting turned down.

“Of course. We can all get dressed and pick up Jack afterward,” Haley said. She cupped the side of Spencer’s face and kissed him before grabbing the opposite side of Aaron’s and doing the same. It pressed their cheeks together, and Haley couldn’t help wanting to take a picture of it. “Stay.”

Aaron chuckled as Haley laid back to grab her phone. It wasn’t there. She looked over to the nightstand where Aaron and Spencer’s phones were and grabbed the first that she could get. She unlocked Spencer’s phone.

“Hey!” Spencer moved, his hand darting out, but Aaron caught him and pulled him back, wrapping his arms around Spencer’s body and holding him close.

“I’ve known your code for months. You don’t hide it when you are on the couch and unlocking it.”

Spencer pouted a little at the camera when Haley took the picture, but Aaron was smiling radiantly. It was cute as hell. Haley turned it around to show them both. It wasn’t the best image in the world, but it was pretty good for a phone camera. Spencer’s pout was dangerous, so Haley took a shot of just him, his pout taking on epic proportions as he looked at Haley and was being held in place by Aaron. He wasn’t fighting hard at all to get away and seemed content even though he was naked.

Haley knew that Spencer had sex before, but by his own admission, it was never something that he had enjoyed. Given what he figured out about his sexuality, it was a given, but still Haley kind of figured he would have a small freak out. He could still, and it might just be at a later point in time. There was a lot of daylight left and another night to go. Haley texted the images to herself and to Aaron so that they could do something with it. She started a text chat with it, and she opened up Spencer’s image gallery instead of the camera on accident and saw that Spencer had a picture of Aaron and Haley on there. She hadn’t seen him take it. She grinned and made that the image for the chat background.

“Take one of us, Aaron,” Haley said as she grabbed the blankets and tucked them around her chest a little and then sat in Spencer’s lap. Aaron moved to take one with Spencer’s phone of the two of them. Haley approved it and smiled as she added it to the group chat. She knew that things were still a little strange between them all. Not enough time together to be fully okay with intimate things but more than just the friends they had been before. Hopefully, now that this little hurdle was out of the way, Spencer would calm down some and allow more intimate touches and cuddle time.

“You’re beautiful,” Spencer said when Haley finally gave him back his phone, and he looked at the picture of her and him. He was adorable in it, and Haley wanted to get used to seeing him like that more often. Soft and sated from sex with either one of them. It was wonderful to see him like it now. She knew that sex wasn’t always going to be between the three of them and that for a while for her and Aaron, it was going to be with whoever was up for it. Just because Spencer had sex with them this morning didn’t mean that a switch was flipped, and he was going to want sex every single second of the day. Yeah, he was younger than them, but he was still figuring himself out and the stress of that as well as a new relationship, a new relationship with two married people was going to be enough stress that it could kill his want of an erection.

They all had the kissing stuff down, so it was just down to going further than that. It was all good, though. Haley would wait for him for forever if it was needed. She didn’t need sex with Spencer to be happy with him. She just wanted him there with them in whatever way that he wanted.


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