The Ache for Something More – 6/9 – DarkJediQueen

Title: The Ache for Something More
Author: DarkJediQueen
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Genre: Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Menage or More, Slash
Relationship(s): Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Haley Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Haley Hotchner
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence – Graphic, Canon Drug Use Discussion of Canon Typical Cases Canon Torture
Author Notes:
Beta: Alpha-greeneyesblue, Beta-ScarsLikeVelvet
Word Count: 244,735
Summary: After rescuing Spencer Reid from the hands of Charles Hankel, Aaron invites him to live with him and his family. It starts a journey that none of them were prepared for but none of them want to let go of either.
Artist: Starkindler

Chapter 16

Aaron had never felt so damned nervous. Or at least he was pretty sure that he hadn’t, other than maybe the day that Haley walked down the aisle toward him in a small church with their friends and family. He looked at the time on his desk and sighed. The morning was creeping along, and he hated it.

A knock at his door pulled him out of his thoughts. Aaron looked up to see that it was Morgan. Aaron waved him in. Morgan entered and shut the door behind him. He stopped and looked out the window at where Spencer’s desk was. Aaron was very intimate at the angle one had to look to see Spencer from every single point in the room.

“Hey,” Morgan said as he looked away from the window and went to sit on the couch. “Finish up what you are doing, and let’s talk.”

“Ten minutes.”

“Sure.” Morgan grabbed one of the books on the table up and started to read.

Spencer had brought in the books, and nearly everyone on the team had one that they picked up and read when they were in there for more than a few minutes, waiting on Aaron to have time for them. A pile of bookmarks had come in with them as well, and no one else messed with where someone else. Prentiss and JJ were reading the same book, so thankfully, the bookmarks were all different. Aaron was pretty sure that Spencer had bought them with each person in mind. Aaron’s had a calm woods running path on it and a quote about the calm of the woods from some author that Aaron had never heard of. Aaron loved the bookmark, though, so he kept on using it. Sometimes just staring at the image on it when he was supposed to be reading and eating lunch.

Aaron knew that he had changed in the months since everything with Spencer had started up in full. He was more approachable when he was in his office. More human, almost. Aaron knew that it was that his demeanor had cracked a little, but he was okay with that. Garcia had stopped acting scared around him, junior agents from other divisions were coming into his office more. The kind of scut work that was not as much it, as the other division heads and various people never wanted to deal with him. He wasn’t upset about that as he knew that his no-nonsense demeanor never sat well with other people. He didn’t smile a lot, but he was never mean to anyone. Still, Aaron smiled more now while at work, and he was pretty sure that it was the thing that made people want to talk to him.

There was one person, though, that Aaron really wished never talked to him again. Linda, in accounting, had found a reason to come and talk to him every single day just before lunch. She tried to stay for lunch yesterday, talking about ordering in, but Spencer had brought in something for everyone on the team to eat, and they were all eating in the round table room. Linda had been pissed. If she was coming, she would in about fifteen minutes. That was why Aaron had been going through his work as much as possible so that he could escape before she got there. But now he had Morgan to deal with.

Aaron finished up his paperwork in eight minutes, and he grabbed his cup of cold coffee to take a sip. He frowned, though, when it wasn’t cold. It wasn’t the hottest, either. He looked at the time, it would be stone cold by that point.

“Pretty Boy came up and swapped out your mug about half an hour ago. You never even looked up at him. I know I was standing at the door. Cost me fifty bucks.”

“Fifty bucks?”

“Oh, yeah. Rossi started to talk about your situational awareness around Haley his first time around in the BAU. So Prentiss asked Reid about it, and Reid just shrugged. Someone else might have made a comment about how it would be really with him. So he said that he wasn’t sure but that at home you never really pay attention when he moves around. The kid was snowing me. He made it seem like it was a big thing that he wouldn’t be able to, then he flounced right in here, picked up the other mug, set down the new one, and left. You never even paused on your writing. He won a little over three hundred from everyone.”

“He’s a Vegas boy, Morgan. When are you going to remember that?” Aaron asked. He smiled as he stood up from his desk and walked over to where Morgan was.

“He just looked so…” Morgan trailed off and smiled. “Earnest. I think that’s the part I need to learn how to ignore. He’s too good at bluffing all of us. I heard a few guys on other floors talk about how he’s got us snowed.”

“He’s harder with the others in the building, especially after he was taken hostage. He does play up the little kid thing when he wants something from someone, but he’s not looked at horribly. Like the little brother that everyone indulges.”

“Yeah. That fits. The thing is though that he’s acting weird. Or he’s acting more like himself. I can’t tell, and that’s what I want to talk to you about.”

Aaron had wondered who was going to be the first to want to talk to Aaron about this. He assumed it would be JJ or Prentiss, not Morgan.

“I think that he’s been…trying to be unnoticeable for a long time in life. There are things that you know that others don’t, and there are things that I know that others don’t. He’s never been good at blending in when he was younger, so he started to learn to do it better in college. High school sucked. He’s surer of himself now, I don’t know if that’s because of going through what happened in Georgia or it’s having Haley and me supporting him through everything afterward. I want to say it’s our relationship, but it was before that fully started that he began to change, so I can’t say that it was it.”

“He healed in your guys’ house more than he would have anywhere, and yes, it started as soon as he had recovered enough to not be skittish around everyone. He grew up, and I can’t believe I am saying those words. He was an adult before it, but he was…still childlike in a lot of his way of being. He was…I don’t know how to put it into words.”

“He had to raise himself and care for his mother, but in social interactions, he was very stilted. He didn’t know how to act around anybody, so he just echoed what they were doing without an understanding of why. I think being forced to interact with Jack and Haley as well as his therapist during that, all pushed him to grow up the rest of the way then. I never looked at how he acted as anything other than being socially awkward from being a genius. Then the Fisher King case and everything kind of just fell into place on how he acted. It was strange to see him talking to the officers at the station two cases back. He was laughing and joking and hadn’t once had a conversation with any of them before that.”

“Yeah, that was when I noticed it all. He was happily talking to them about the weirdest things he had ever seen on cases that had nothing to do with actually catching the UnSub.”

Aaron remembered that day well. It was the one time that Aaron had broken their unspoken rule about touching intimately while on a case. It had been late May, and the first case they had gone on after Spencer had stayed with Aaron and Haley in bed after New York. The first time they had sex. So far, it had been the only time that the three of them had but paired off, sex had happened a few more times. There had been frottage as well as some oral on Aaron’s part, but it had been good. It didn’t need to go further than that before Spencer wanted it. Aaron and Haley’s sex life was more than adequate for Aaron’s needs.

Spencer, after Aaron had gone down on him though, was something that Aaron wanted to see time and again. Aaron wasn’t sure if oral had ever come up before in Spencer’s trials in sex, but it seemed that if it had, it hadn’t been the best. Aaron had never done it before, but he had done his best based on what he liked that Haley did. Spencer had been more than happy with it, pulling Aaron on top of him when it was done and jerking him off onto his body. Despite the mess on Spencer’s stomach and chest, Spencer had wanted to cuddle afterward. Haley had been upstairs with Jack while Aaron and Spencer had recovered from their run that ended up being sex.

“I just wanted to tell you that he’s been happier. I mean, he was always happy seeming before, but now his eyes are bright, he smiles at things that are not science and math, Hotch. We did the training course the other day, and he did well. I talked to the guys who trained him for the first time, and most of it was confidence. They couldn’t get him confident in anything. He’s doing well on running scores and distance. His shooting has vastly improved, but you knew that already.”

“He’s always had his mom in his corner for anything and everything academic, but this kind of stuff isn’t that. He hated sports as a kid because his father forced him to take part in them and not anything that he might be interested in. Boys love baseball; it’s the All-American sport, so that was what he had to do. Outside of the stupid whistle that you gave him, you’ve supported him as well, Morgan.”

“Yeah.” Morgan smiled, and it was a fond one. He looked really damned happy for a few seconds. Until the door to Aaron’s office opened, and Linda from accounting came inside without even knocking. She gave Aaron a smile, but it dropped as soon as she saw Morgan.

“Agent Hotchner, we still have paperwork to go over.”

“And you just entered an office without knocking,” Aaron said.

“You weren’t busy.”

“I was going over a performance evaluation with one of my agents. That is why the door was shut. That is why you are supposed to knock before coming in.”

“But we meet at the same time every single day. You are supposed to be ready for me.”

“Why?” Aaron asked.

“Why?” Linda asked, looking like she had no understanding of why he was questioning her.

“Yes, why am I supposed to be ready for you for a meeting that I don’t even need to be a part of. It should be going through my Section Chief and not me.”

“But I thought you were…” Linda trailed off, looking like someone had kicked her puppy. Her eyes darted down to where Aaron’s hand was, where his wedding ring sat on his finger. It was just as shiny as it had been the day that he had put it on. He cared for it well.

“I was what?” Aaron asked. He knew that there were a lot of rumors going around about him and Haley. That they had got divorced, that Aaron was cheating on her with half of Quantico, the female half that wasn’t married that was. It was not a secret to those who needed to know about the triad relationship that he and Haley were building with Spencer. The whole of Quantico though, knew that Spencer still lived with him and Haley. There were not any rumors, at least not that he had been told by the few gossips who gave him the scoop about anything he needed to know about himself and his team that was going around, that Haley was cheating on him with Spencer.

“Looking for a new lover to replace Sarah.”

“Who is Sarah?” Aaron asked.

“Sarah over in the corner offices, the ones opposite us,” Morgan said.

“What about her?” Aaron asked, looking at Morgan.

“There was a brief rumor that you and she were lovers before the next rumor was that she had run off with another man, and you were out of your mind looking for a replacement. Sarah did go off and elope with her lover as his family was trying to ruin the wedding, they are on their honeymoon.” Morgan was glaring at Linda.

Aaron looked back at Linda, and he tried to figure out just what Linda’s angle was.

“Aaron?” Haley called out just a second before Jack came running into the room.

“Dada?” Jack asked as he stopped and looked at where Aaron’s desk was, but there was no Aaron.

“Over here, buddy,” Aaron said as he crouched down.

Jack spun around on his heel and in a move that would put Spencer to shame on his awkward dodging, but recovering from nearly falling, he bounced around Linda and ran to Aaron to jump into his arms.

“You are dismissed,” Aaron said to Linda just as Haley entered the room.

Haley’s eyes were only for Aaron. She glanced at Morgan with a smile on her face, but the rest was all for Aaron.

“Haley, this is Linda. She works in accounting and was just congratulating me on how long we have been married with the BAU trying to put us asunder.”

“Thank you, Linda,” Haley said, and there was a sweetness to the tone that Aaron knew well. It was just like the old ladies in the south that said ‘Bless your heart’ to someone. It was a backward compliment with a heavy helping of pissed off in it.

Aaron adored her when she was like that. One of Aaron’s great aunts had taught her all she knew about that tone and how to speak kind words that were anything, but before she had passed a few years back. Haley had been a diligent student.

“I’m going to go.” Linda looked very upset, and Aaron was happy.

“I’ll walk you out,” Morgan said.

Haley turned to look at Aaron as Morgan passed them both and shut the door behind him.

“Hey, buddy, why don’t you go and talk to Spencer?” Aaron asked. He walked to the door and opened it up. Spencer was at his desk with his head buried in a book. It was the newest psychology book that had come out on deviant sexuality, and Aaron had made sure that the FBI bought it to have in the BAU library. “Reid.”

Spencer looked up before Aaron even had half of his name out. Aaron pointed down at Jack, who was walking over toward the stairs. Jack took them carefully as step walking was high on the list of things that Spencer had been teaching Jack lately. Aaron was thankful for it even if the baby gates were still going to be staying up for a long time if he had a say in it. Spencer swapped his book that he was probably chomping at the bit to read for another book that had pictures in it. It was pulled from the row of texts that Aaron knew were comfort books for him. Aaron hadn’t noticed the kids’ book tucked in there before. Jack climbed up into Spencer’s lap with help and then was being read to by his favorite person in the world to do it because he did good voices. That was at least what Aaron was telling himself about it, given that Jack had gone to Spencer for the last week for his bedtime readings.

Aaron watched Linda looking at Jack in Spencer’s arms and saw the way that she looked pissed off. It was another woman who wanted him mainly because he had a kid. That he was still married was nothing to her. Aaron was going to make sure that her boss was warned about it. Nothing would be done as nothing had been done, but it would be looked for as part of a pattern of behavior.

“Really?” Haley asked.

“This place is a rumor mill, and shit gets way out of hand.” Aaron turned to look at her. Haley didn’t look pissed, which was good.

“No, I mean that she tried it while you were working, and Morgan was around. She’s…she pisses me off.”

“It’s fine, Haley.” Aaron wasn’t sure what had her upset. He knew that it wasn’t that he would be unfaithful. Haley looked out at Spencer, and Aaron understood. Haley was worried about Spencer having to fend off women and men more and more. Aaron had already seen a small uptick in the people who made passive offers that Spencer didn’t catch. He was more confident without being an asshole, he was dressing better.

There was nothing wrong with the way that he had dressed before that, but he was dressing to complement his body and was looking less and less like a geek or nerd college student.

“He’s never going to stray,” Aaron said as he stepped up behind Haley, pressing into her body. “He loves wholly, and while he’s not fully sure of how he feels, he’s never been one who is built to stray. His sexuality isn’t made for that kind of thing either, looking.”

“Someone else is going to see how wonderful he is and want him.”

“Yes, and I’ll be there to make sure that no one else gets him unless he wants it. You’ll be there as well. Quit worrying about things.” Aaron turned Haley around to face him. “So, why did you stop by?”

“Oh, Spencer texted me to bring your guys’ outfits so that you can change here before driving to meet. You said no alcohol, and I need to drop off Jack. I think I’m going to leave my vehicle with Jessica. She’s dropping hers’ off at the car shop today, and she can use it for the weekend, and she can come and get me before picking it up when it’s ready on Monday.”

“So, we are picking you up from Jessica’s?”

“Yes.” Haley smiled at him before pulling him into a kiss. It was quick and chaste, but it was good for Aaron. “I was going to head over and do lunch with her.”

“How’s she settling into the new apartment?” Aaron asked.

“That’s part of why I am going over for lunch. She works Sunday through Thursday right now, so we are good for all of us going on Friday or Saturday night dates.”

“Saturday nights?”

“Sunday is a later shift as long as we pick up Jack by ten; she’s good.”

“Ah.” Aaron cupped the sides of Haley’s face and drew her into another kiss before he let her go and opened the door. The team was working at their desks, except for Spencer, who was still reading to Jack. Jack, though, was sitting on the desk now and looking around, but he zeroed in on Spencer every single time that Spencer paused to turn a page. It was obviously a book that Spencer had never read before.

JJ walked over to where Spencer was and smiled at him before she laid a hand over her stomach.

“I think JJ’s going to ask Spencer to be the godfather,” Aaron said.


“Look at her. She’s enthralled by him sitting with Jack. She knows that she can trust Spencer with her son or daughter if something happened to her and Will. Will’s family takes that kind of thing very seriously. It’s not just a name to get better presents to him; it’s the person that will make sure his kid is raised well and loved.”

“We never named anybody like that for Jack. I mean, both of our wills have Jessica, but should that change?”

“We can change it when things get more serious. On Spencer’s part, that is, Hales. I don’t want him to be pressured into it.”

“I don’t either.” Haley let out a soft sigh at the look of Spencer and Jack together. “I’ll let you get back to work. The outfits are hanging in the round table room since it’s closest to the bathroom I know you use to change in.”

“Thanks. That saves some time in case traffic is more of a nightmare.”

“See you later.”

Haley walked out of the office and over to where Spencer and Jack were. She waited for Spencer to finish the book before she picked up Jack. Haley kissed the top of Spencer’s head, making JJ laugh, and Spencer blushed. It was something that Haley could get away with that Aaron couldn’t in the middle of the office. Spencer looked back at Aaron with a grin on his face. Aaron figured that Spencer would come up with a file and give Aaron a kiss.

Aaron was looking forward to it.

Spencer wasn’t sure how he was driving still. He kept his eyes focused ahead, but every single light was a fucking tease. Haley’s hand was on his thigh, higher than it should be because they were kind of in public. Anyone could look into the car and see what she was doing. Spencer had been hard since the make-out session pressed against Aaron’s car. They had all traded off kissing for nearly half an hour before Aaron had told them they were going to get in trouble for public indecency.

Then the torture started. Aaron had handed Spencer the keys. No alcohol was drunk at Spencer’s insistence. He didn’t want anything ruining the night, and even the slight feel of any of them being a little impaired was something he didn’t want. Instead, they were all clear-headed, outside of lust that was.

Aaron was behind Spencer, his hand on Spencer’s other thigh, higher than Haley’s, making sure that Spencer’s cock stayed hard. Spencer wanted so much to find a dark corner somewhere and get this part over with. To fuck and rut and just get the nerves gone. He understood what the two of them were doing, and he was happy about it. His brain was the issue a lot of the time from them going further. To full-on penetrative sex. Spencer didn’t want to fuck up things, so he kept pulling back.

There was no issue this time. He didn’t care if he was the worst in the world, he was going to have full-on sex with his two lovers if it was the last thing that he did. Spencer turned onto the street and tried not to speed even though his foot just wanted to press down onto the pedal and get them there as soon as possible.

Pressing the button to get the garage open was maddening as Spencer had to let go of the wheel. He had to release what little control he had to do it as well. It also seemed to make Aaron and Haley bolder. Both of their hands moved, Aaron’s cupping Spencer’s cock and Haley’s brushing against his balls. He had his foot he was using for the pedals sitting normal, but the other was pressed against the door to give them both room. He knew that if he had asked, they would stop, but he didn’t want that.

Spencer put the car in park and pressed the button again before shutting it off and jerking the keys free. He tossed them into the backseat to give Aaron something to do. Haley laughed and let go of him just before he dove out of the vehicle. His messenger bag was in the trunk along with the case where his and Aaron’s guns were. For all, he cared it could all stay there. He wasn’t going to put himself as a target for Aaron, crowding him against it just to get his bag. He dug his keys out of his suit jacket pocket and rushed to the door. He was inside in seconds and made his way right for the stairs. He didn’t want to take his chances on getting tackled to the bed.

The sound of feet on the stairs as Spencer cleared the bedroom had him grinning. He worked his tie off and his shoes, but that was it. He turned around as Aaron and Haley entered the room. Aaron had a predatory grin on his face, but he mimicked Spencer in getting the things in the way off before he advanced on Spencer. Aaron turned them around and sat on the bed, He pulled Spencer down into his lap at the same time he worked on the buttons of Spencer’s shirt.

Spencer returned the favor, kissing Aaron as he did. They met in the middle on the shirts and then swapped who was going up and down. Haley slipped behind Spencer, and as soon as Aaron had his buttons undone, the shirt and jacket were both coming off. Haley kissed down Spencer’s back before she disappeared. Spencer broke his kiss with Aaron to see her walking into the bathroom.


“Shush, she’s just going to get a rag.”


“You said you were willing to do what we wanted tonight, within what you liked. And Haley has something she wants to do.” Aaron scooted back on the bed and crooked a finger to get Spencer to follow him. Spencer did with a grin on his face. He straddled Aaron’s body and wasn’t shocked when Haley got right on the bed when she was done.

Aaron tugged Spencer back down to him, kissing him soundly as Haley worked on getting Spencer naked, it seemed. Spencer felt her own naked skin on his when he was down to nothing. Aaron was still mostly dressed, his shirt open, and he looked relaxed, watching as Haley did whatever she was doing behind Spencer.

“Ready?” Haley asked after she had used the rag to clean Spencer in a way that left no chance of Spencer mistaking what she was going to do to him.

“Yeah, he’s ready, just tongue-tied,” Aaron said as he gripped Spencer’s chin to bring his face down to where they were kissing.

Spencer braced himself on his arms as Haley spread his cheeks and licked over his hole. He couldn’t keep up with the kissing, though. No one had ever done that to him, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. Aaron seemed to get it as he just cupped the sides of Spencer’s face and kept his eyes trained on him.

“How does it feel?” Aaron asked after Haley had reduced Spencer’s brain to mush with just a single simple act.

Spencer shook his head, he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t answer. He pushed downward, burying his face in Aaron’s neck, changing the angle of his hips a little bit. Haley’s fingers slid inside of him, and Spencer moaned loud enough that he felt the way that Aaron’s body shook with it. Aaron’s hands started to touch, and every single place that they did was like a spark of electricity on Spencer’s skin, followed by warmth.

Aaron had only asked that Spencer do a single thing that night, and that was enjoy what they were going to do to his body. Spencer knew that they were both going to have sex with him, but how that happened was up to him. He promised himself that he was going to just go with the flow. He didn’t want to push anything, and he did want to just enjoy what they were doing. Given how hesitant he had been about starting anything sexual until he was sure that he wasn’t going to freak out. The make-out sessions had been perfect for that.

This night though, had been building all week. Spencer wasn’t sure that he wanted to stop after tonight, either. He knew that this wasn’t some game where there was a winner and a loser, but Aaron and Haley knew each other so well that they could do everything without a single word. Like when Haley pulled off of Spencer’s hole with a finger gentle lick before pushing into him with two fingers at the same time that Aaron grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks more than Haley had been. He was being manhandled by Aaron, and it was more erotic than Spencer thought it was going to be. He pushed down into Aaron a little more as he sat up as well. Aaron’s hands held him tight, but Haley’s angle of her hand changed, and Spencer cried out as his prostate was rubbed.

Haley pushed in with three fingers seconds later.

“Who do you want first?” Haley asked.

“You,” Spencer said, and he ground down into Aaron’s cock before Haley pulled her fingers free.

“Yeah? Do you care how I get your cock into me?”

“No.” Spencer didn’t have enough brainpower to understand that. Until he realized that Haley meant position. Did he care what position they had sex in. Spencer shook his head to tell her that he really didn’t mind.

“Good.” Haley pressed a kiss to Spencer’s neck and wrapped her arms around him. They were clear of lube as they skirted down his chest. “Then lay down on your back, and I’m going to ride you.”

Spencer felt Aaron’s hand on his cock, stopping him from orgasm, and Spencer was thankful for that because he would have come without it. The image of Haley on top of him, riding his cock, was nearly too much. He had never had sex like that before.

Haley grabbed a condom from the nightstand as she got off the bed. She handed it to Aaron as he slipped off the other side. Spencer laid down and turned his head to watch Aaron strip out of his clothes finally. Aaron was beautiful to Spencer. It wasn’t the standard term, but his muscles were nice and his face handsome. He moved like he was happy in his skin, and that was all that Spencer cared about. He was learning to be okay in his own skin, and it was nice to have someone around that was a good role model.

As soon as Aaron was naked, he crawled into bed and laid along Spencer’s side, giving Haley room to slip on Spencer’s hips. She opened the condom wrapper and slipped it down Spencer’s cock. Just that feel was too fucking good to him. Haley braced her hands on Spencer’s chest, and he grabbed her hips to help steady her, and there was a hand around his cock, Aaron’s holding him still as Haley slipped down on him.

Spencer pressed his lips together to stop himself from nearly yelling at the feel of her hot wet heat wrapping around his cock. It felt too damned good, and Spencer held her down on him when she started to act like she was going to move. If she did, he was going to orgasm, and no one wanted that. He didn’t want to do that. He wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

Sex had never felt like this before. There was a feeling of just too much but also not enough like it was never going to be enough. Emotion was the link that had been missing before. He had been able to get it up to fuck whoever it was, but it hadn’t felt nearly this good. It hadn’t felt anything like this ever. He wanted to down in the feeling of her around him.

Aaron’s hand on his chest, rubbing, brought Spencer out of his haze. He opened his eyes to look up at Haley to see that she didn’t look worried or upset at all. She looked fond. She looked like she wanted to stay where he was until Spencer was ready. Spencer let go of her hips and grabbed Aaron’s hand with one and drew Haley down into a kiss with the other. He had to strain his back a good bit with how much shorter she was than them, but it was good.

Haley’s pace was slow and steady on him, elongating it all for him as much as possible.

“I never thought,” Aaron started to say in Spencer’s ear as he pressed a kiss to Spencer’s neck. “That seeing her on another man’s cock would ever arouse me as much as this does. I’d be happy seeing this every single day for the rest of my life. I would be happy just watching you two fuck over and over again. Taking her over the back of the couch. Making love to her on the kitchen table.”

“You both fucking me, one in my mouth and the other in my cunt,” Haley said.

“Please,” Spencer said. He was too overcome with everything.

Haley’s pace picked up, and she leaned over him more, her breasts hanging and temping Spencer. He braced an arm on the bed, letting go of Aaron and leaned up to lick at her nipple. Haley’s pace on him stuttered, and she moaned before grabbing the back of Spencer’s head and pushing him into her skin more.

Spencer could very much admit with a straight face that he had issues and those were Haley’s breasts. Spencer had never thought that he would be attracted to a single part of a woman’s body, but he loved the sounds that Haley made when Spencer worshiped her nipples. Aaron had told him that she had been more sensitive since she had been pregnant and that he had made her orgasm once just from sucking and playing with them. Spencer wanted to do that one day, but he wasn’t where he was ready for that kind of single-minded purpose. He could see it, though, getting her off like that and then either fucking or having Aaron fuck him. Fucking Aaron would mean that after that, he could have Haley.

There were so many things that Spencer wanted to try, and he knew that Aaron and Haley would be up for them as long as they were safe. He wanted to keep going on trying them, but he was also finding that he was finding what he was liking as well, and that meant that he wanted to do those over and over again. Like this. Haley riding him.

Swapping breasts, Spencer felt Aaron slide closer, and he took over where Spencer had left off on the other. Haley’s hips stuttered again, her muscles clenching on Spencer, and Spencer was gone.

“Fuck,” Spencer said as he thrust up into Haley a few times as he came. She rode out his erratic thrusts, and when she was settled on him, she came as well, her muscles clenching tight on him and milking Spencer for the last bit of his release. Haley slumped down, Spencer’s cock slipping from her, and she crashed her lips into his, scooting up to where she could. Spencer could feel her wetness on his stomach, and he moaned at that. She was on birth control, but Spencer still liked the condoms for his own peace of mind. They had discussed all of that over the week before they had gone on the date that they were was going to end in full-on sex.

One day, he would be fine with coming inside of her and feeling his release mix with her wetness and spreading all over. Or even just watching Aaron get in her right after him and fucking her until she came again. Spencer’s brain had turned onto a myriad of sexual fantasies since he had started to feel desire for them. He had tried porn again, but there had been nothing but hearing Haley and Aaron going at it one morning while he had made breakfast had got him so fucking hard that he had stopped to go jerk off before finishing the food. It was them and only them.

“You okay?” Aaron asked as he settled in at Spencer’s side, his head on his chest, his cock pressed to Spencer’s hip, and he was rutting against him a little bit.

“Ask me when I can think again,” Spencer answered. He knew that Aaron was checking on more than just Spencer having survived the orgasm. He wanted to make sure that everything was fine for the next part. He hoped that his answer was enough.

“Sure,” Aaron said.

Haley kissed Spencer again, low and deep before she slipped back on him, rubbing her wetness on him, on his oversensitive cock. She moved down and grabbed the condom and slowly slipped it off before she licked him clean. Spencer wrinkled his face at the taste of latex, but Haley didn’t seem to mind as she got him clean and then slipped off of him to sprawl beside him. Spencer turned onto his side and wrapped his arm around her to get her close enough to kiss. He felt Aaron slide up behind him, slotting his body in close, his cock slipping between Spencer’s cheeks. It was erotic as fucking hell at the moment. He knew that he didn’t need to be anyone but himself, but he really hoped that tonight was a good night.

“I wanna be in you all of the time,” Spencer whispered when he pulled out of the kiss with Haley. “All weekend. My cock pressed into you as a thrust and thrust over and over again.”

Aaron jerked against Spencer’s back and his arm around and pulled Haley even closer.

“Soon, we can have you fucking her and me fucking you,” Aaron whispered into Spencer’s ear. His teeth nipped. “Or me fucking her, and then you fucking me. You on your back and her riding you while I fuck her ass.”

“Dear me,” Spencer said as he felt his cock getting hard. Just the visuals of that were enough to start to get him going again, which was what he figured Aaron wanted.

“We have all of tomorrow. Jessica said she was more than willing to watch him as long as needed before she drops him or one of us goes and gets him. We can get a few new things tried out,” Haley said. She pulled back to where Spencer could see her whole face. Spencer reached out and brushed his finger over her cheek. He smiled at her and leaned in to kiss him.

“Here,” Aaron said, and he tugged Spencer until he was sitting across his hips. He sat up, though, and scooted back on the bed until he was pressed against the headboard, and Spencer was in his lap. “Like this, okay?”

Spencer nodded his head. This position would allow him to control everything, and he knew it was why Aaron wanted to do it that way. He felt Haley behind him again, her body pressed into his. Fingers were down at his hole, and he felt her being tentative. Easy on him given it had been a little while since she had lubed him up the first time. Spencer wanted this, he wanted to feel it, but he was also worried that he wouldn’t like it. He knew that Aaron didn’t care if they didn’t do this, if he didn’t like it, Aaron was more than willing to have Spencer do him instead. There had been a discussion of Haley loving to use a dildo on him. There were more than enough ways to have sex between the three of them.

The knowledge that not everyone was into every single sex act and that not liking one didn’t mean that he was lesser or thought more of himself than he did of Aaron. The feel of Haley’s fingers inside of him was fine, but when she got up to four of her petite fingers, Spencer was feeling a little wrong.

“Ready?” Aaron asked when Haley’s hands slipped out of him.

“Yes.” Spencer slipped backward just a little, he felt the brush of the cock on his cheek, and he raised up. Haley was there holding Aaron still just as he slipped down on the cock. The feel of the three of them together like this was good. That Haley was there and helping, not just watching but taking part in the way that she could.

Spencer felt Aaron filling him up, and where there had been pleasure at sliding inside of Haley, there was nothing really at the feeling of Aaron inside of him, until his cock’s angle changed a little as Aaron moved just a smidgen. Spencer felt the cock over his prostate, and he wasn’t sure if he liked that feeling or not. He pressed all the way down, though, and tried to figure out if this was something that he liked or not.

Bracing a hand on the headboard, Spencer lifted up and pressed down again. He did it a few times, the feeling was too much and not in a good way. Haley’s fingers on his prostate had been fine, but this was too damned much. Aaron’s hands caught Spencer’s hips and lifted him up. Spencer felt his cock slipping out of him, the warmth of it leaving was something that Spencer did miss. Aaron kissed him, hard and long as his arms wrapped around him. Spencer did not tell Aaron that he was sorry. He didn’t even want to try and apologize for something that he didn’t like. That wasn’t what this was about.

“Do you want to do me?” Aaron asked.

Spencer nodded his head as he pressed his check to Aaron’s. Haley was there with a rag. Spencer hadn’t even felt her move away from him. The rag was warm and cleaned up Spencer before she was hugging him from behind, a match to Aaron in front of him. Spencer sought out Aaron’s mouth again and kissed him hard. He wanted to let Aaron know that he was happy about Aaron being willing to not push things that Spencer didn’t like and that he was so fucking perfect as he was.

Aaron scooted down, manhandling Spencer to where he wanted him over top of him, never breaking the kiss for more than a second. A little move moving, and Spencer was between Aaron’s legs. Lube was tossed over from where Haley had picked it up again. Spencer smiled at her and drew her in for a kiss. Spencer kept on kissing her as he worked Aaron open with fingers. Aaron was relaxed in a way that made Spencer marvel. It was heat and softness, and Spencer just loved it.

Haley laid down on the bed just like Aaron had when they had been going at it. She watched as Spencer pushed into Aaron. Just like with Haley, Spencer had to stop when he was all the way inside of him because he didn’t think he would be able to hold himself off. He had orgasmed less than an hour before, and still, he felt like a teenager playing with his cock for the first time. It should have been easier, but Aaron was hot and soft, it was so different from Haley and yet at the same time just as fucking good. Spencer wanted to do what they talked about, both of them taking her at the same time, ass, cunt, or mouth; he didn’t care where he was.

Spencer lost track of everything as he pushed up to where he could kiss Aaron as he thrust into him. Aaron was making the best sounds, begging a little if Spencer slowed down enough to move his legs or something. Every little bit, Spencer would lift up so that Haley could kiss one of them, and he loved watching them kiss as he fucked Aaron.

Aaron was the first to orgasm, and Spencer tried to pull out of him, but Aaron locked his legs around him and shook his head. “No, keep on going. Fill me up.”

Spencer shuddered at the words, and it was what tipped him over. He slumped down onto Aaron as soon as his body was his own again. He slipped off to the side that Haley wasn’t on and just stayed with his legs tangled. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling, but he was feeling something.

“Come here,” Aaron said, and he pulled at Spencer until Spencer was between him and Haley. Spencer laid his head on Haley’s chest, licking at the top of her breast, making her laugh. Aaron spooned up behind him. “Shower in a few minutes. Cuddling is good.”

“Yeah, it is,” Spencer agreed. He knew that whoever was first out of the shower was going to be the one to make the bed again and change out everything. He voted that it wasn’t going to be him tonight.

Haley slipped out of bed, where Aaron was still spooned around Spencer’s back. Spencer had taken the pillow just fine in replacement for her. She grabbed her cell phone and checked it. She had turned off the sound before they had even got out of the restaurant. She looked at Aaron and Spencer’s phones and plugged in Aaron’s. Spencer’s was still at half battery. She knew that unlike Aaron and her, he didn’t charge his until it was needed. His work phone was something different, but the personal, he was very OCD about it.

There was a message on her phone from Jessica about Jack having got to bed early so she wouldn’t be shocked if he woke up early too. There wasn’t anything else there, but then Haley counted that as good. Jessica hadn’t been that sure about the relationship, adding someone else into it. Another profiler at that, but she agreed that the heart loved who it loved.

Breakfast was already made; it just needed to be cooked. She prepared it the day before. It was a meat and cheese-laden potato casserole that she had found the recipe for online. It had been easy to make up before going to Jessica’s the day before. They had a few plans for the day, but Haley wondered if maybe those shouldn’t be pushed to the next day.

Haley made up a cup of instant coffee, so the smell of it didn’t draw Spencer downstairs. She really wanted to just get back in bed with them, but her mind had been spinning, and she didn’t want to wake them up with fidgeting. Instead, she had just got up to start her day.

The night before had been good, better than Haley thought it was going to go, even with the small hiccup in the middle of Aaron and Spencer having sex. Haley had read that some men were too sensitive for anal sex as far as the prostate went or didn’t like the feel of something in there. She knew that, but it was just another thing that made Spencer a little different. Haley had never had an issue taking Aaron, and so it wasn’t like it was going to be that much of a hardship if Aaron wanted that.

Haley was just worried about Spencer. To find what seemed like it might be a hard no so quickly after Spencer had just started to get his feet under him when it came to sex, Haley just hoped it wasn’t going to set him back on that. It had been easy to swap over to Aaron being the one taking, and Haley had watched it, watched her husband getting fucked, and it had been good. Haley had been too satisfied, or she might have gotten aroused again.

Settling in at the kitchen table, Haley thought about what she wanted to do for the day that kept them around the house. She texted Jessica to call her when she was awake that it wasn’t an emergency or anything like that. Seconds later, the phone rang. Haley smiled.

“Hey, Jess.”

“How did last night go?”

“The date was great, but afterward, we had a minor hiccup, and I think that maybe just being the three of us today might be the best thing for us.”

“I’m more than happy to keep Jack around today. We don’t get to spend enough time together.”

“Good. I’ll have someone pick him up when we go out for dinner. I think that something a little more unhealthy for us might be good. They can pick up Jack and then the food.”

“Sure. That sounds great. Is anything wrong?”

“No. Nothing’s wrong, and really I don’t want to talk about it that much as it’s not my story, but we found something that Spencer doesn’t like, and he might be a little worried about Aaron’s reaction to it, even though Spencer can’t help what he likes sexually. I don’t want to have Jack around and us not talk it out.”

“Poor guy. Well, if you need Jack earlier, just tell me. I can always bring him over. Thank you for letting me use the SUV for the weekend. Jack’s not awake yet, but I figure he’ll be up in an hour, and then he and I have a date at the grocery store and then the toy shop.”

“You spoil him,” Haley said. She was smiling, though. She knew that Jessica really didn’t want kids. She didn’t mind watching Jack and taking care of him on occasion, but she didn’t want a kid to bog down her life. She was happy the way her life was. Jessica was the more wild one even though her brand of wildness wasn’t going out and doing stupid things.

“It’s my right as his aunt to buy him all of the horrible toys that make noise and will make you hate me for them.”

“Oh, don’t even. Spencer bought him drums the other day. They are small and electronic, but he at least bangs on them with the volume modulated instead of dragging the pots and pans out now. That at least makes it worth it.”

“Drums, huh? So I need to get the guitar. Gotcha.”

Haley heard soft voices talking. “They are awake and heading this way. Thank you.”

“Always, sis, always.”

Haley hung up and looked at the doorway just as Aaron and Spencer came in. Spencer was still mostly not awake, and he looked adorable like that. Aaron shuffled him to a chair as he moved to start a pot of coffee. Spencer reached out and tugged at Haley’s arm that was on the table until she moved around to plop right down into his lap. Spencer wrapped his arms around her stomach and just held on tight, his chin dropping over hers.

“He’s cuddly,” Haley said, and she felt Spencer shake a little with laughter.

“Yeah, he didn’t want to stop cuddling upstairs, but I needed to go to the bathroom.”

“Don’t like being alone in bed,” Spencer said.

“Yeah, it sucks,” Haley said. She laid her hands over Spencer’s and watched Aaron as he watched the coffee drip down into the glass carafe. It was lovely to see him so focused on something else, and she could just watch him. There was the elephant in the room, though, and she really needed to bring it up. Aaron had caught on so quickly to how Spencer was feeling the evening before when Haley hadn’t noticed a single thing, she hadn’t seen his face though.

“I’m fine,” Spencer said before Haley could say a single thing.

“Fine?” Haley asked.

“So I don’t like anal. I didn’t mind doing it to Aaron, but I don’t like it being done to me. We will adjust and go from there. It’s fine. I’m fine.”

“You guys already talked, didn’t you?” Haley asked with a mock glare in Aaron’s direction. He wasn’t looking at her, though, and was just getting the coffees ready for all of them. Aaron set the three mugs down on the table a few minutes later and took Haley’s instant and dumped it down the sink. He pulled a chair over to where he could sit down beside Haley and pull her legs up into his lap. She was dressed in a pair of sleep pants and a T-shirt, and the guys were dressed the same, only Haley was pretty sure that Spencer was wearing one of Aaron’s shirts again.

“Yes. We talked before getting out of bed, which you did wake us up by the way. So we talked. We are fine, and Spencer is more than fine. He enjoyed last night. When do we go and get Jack?”

“I was thinking we could have a kid-free morning and afternoon. Jessica plans on getting him some new toys for her place.”

“You want more sex,” Aaron said.

Haley just smirked at him. She did, and she didn’t care which guy she got it from either. She was more than happy to just have fun with whoever was up the rest of the day. They had plenty of condoms for Spencer. They were all clean, but Spencer just didn’t trust to go bareback with her at the moment. Aaron was more than happy to go with whatever Haley wanted. Haley took her pills on time every single day, and if she even thought that anything was going to mess that up, she didn’t even allow Aaron’s cock inside of her without a condom. They could work up to that with Spencer.

Getting pregnant wasn’t that big of a deal to Haley, but she knew that unless it was Aaron’s kid, there would be issues at the moment. They all needed time and distance to deal with things before approaching Spencer about her having one of his kids if he even wanted that. He doted and loved on Jack, but that was very different than knocking up the wife of another man even if they were in a very committed relationship.

“Sex is fine with me,” Spencer said after a few moments of silence. He hadn’t moved to get his coffee yet.

Haley laughed and leaned so that he could let go of her enough to get it. He drank nearly the entire thing in one long session. Aaron just laughed.

“So sex in bed or sex in the living room?” Spencer asked. He gripped Haley’s hip and wiggled a little, and Haley felt that he was hard.

“I think we made a mistake,” Haley said.

“Yeah?” Aaron asked with a smile on his lips.

“What were we thinking, taking on a lover so much younger than us?” Haley started to laugh as Aaron’s eyes widened in comical shock. Spencer started to laugh as well. It was nice, feeling this kind of giddiness when it came to sex and being in a relationship again. She turned her head, and Spencer was there for a kiss. While the full-on sex was nice, Haley wondered if Spencer was up for just getting on the couch and rubbing off on each other. Or him using his fingers on her while they kissed. There were a lot of things to do that the living room was great for. She knew that well, and she wanted to do them all again.

Chapter 17

Aaron was not sure about anything at the moment. He looked around his office to check and make sure that every single bit of paperwork was actually done. He hadn’t thought that he was going through anything too quickly, but it seemed that he had been. He had finished up every single bit of paperwork that he had over the last few hours. It was a Monday. Mondays, he never ran out of paperwork.

There was nothing really left to do in his office, so Aaron walked out to Spencer’s desk and grabbed the files that JJ had put on there. He carried them back up to his office. It was a simple consult for LEOs across the country. Some of them were very much in Spencer’s wheelhouse as they were odd and strange and just confusing. Aaron put those aside to take back out, but there were a few that here interesting. He took the ones he wasn’t going to touch out to Spencer’s desk and then got himself a second cup of coffee before returning to his office to work.

The rest of the morning passed with Aaron making notes and calling the detective who had sent the case to him. It felt good to do that. He wondered if he could get Spencer to give him one or two a week. He got the ones that were delicate and needed a very political hand, even if he hated politics. JJ gave Spencer the fun cases if there could be something that could be considered fun when it came to consults.

Aaron jumped when his cell phone rang. He glared at it and then picked it up.


“Aaron, where did you say that Spencer was going?” Haley asked.

“Colorado,” Aaron answered. He looked at the time. Jack was still awake but getting ready to go down for his afternoon nap. That meant that Haley was watching the news or reading. Possibly she was working on getting things ready for dinner.

“La Plata county?” Haley asked.

“Yes.” Aaron hadn’t told her that. Neither had Spencer. It wasn’t something that was needed for her to know. The case wasn’t a secret, but it was the subject matter that Aaron had kept from her until it was over. Spencer and Prentiss were going into a place that wasn’t safe, but it was made as safe as it could be.

“Aaron.” Haley sounded scared as hell.

“HOTCH!” It was Morgan who was yelling.

Aaron got up, taking his cell phone with him. He looked at the TV where Morgan was pointing. He knew exactly what that place was, and now he knew why Haley was calling and asking about it.

When the phones all around the office started to ring, Aaron also knew what it meant.

“That means we are the lead on hostage rescue and support.”

“Aaron?” Haley asked.

“I’m going to bring him home, Hales. Just please don’t work yourself up. JJ will keep you informed on everything. I promise.” Aaron sought out JJ, and she nodded her head.

“Be safe, Aaron. Please call me when you land just so I can hear your voice. I’ll not bother JJ that much.”

“You bother her as much as you need. If she doesn’t respond, it’s because she is busy. She’s not going to mind you bugging her. You don’t worry about that. I love you.”

“Love you, too,” Haley said. She hung up the phone first, and Aaron wished he could be there with her, holding her close while they both worried about their lover, but that wasn’t going to happen.

“Dave, I need you to take command on this.”

“Sure. I am still going to have you talk to everyone else because I refuse to do that part.”

“That’s fine, as long as you are making the decisions.”

The drive to the airstrip where the Jet was taking forever in Aaron’s mind. He knew that it was no longer or shorter than any other time, but it was hell on him. The FBI did not have the best track record with this kind of thing, and now it was not just two of Aaron’s team in there but also Aaron’s lover.

“Hotchner,” Aaron said as he answered the phone an hour into the flight. He knew that it was Strauss even without looking at the caller ID.

“Aaron, how are you doing? I was just told what happened. I’m working to find out exactly what happened and to make sure that whoever is responsible is going to be taken care of.”

“Get ahold of JJ. She knows who and what happened.”

“I hate it when politics gets in the way,” Strauss said.

“Yes, well, if I lose either of my agents over this, Erin, I’m going to make sure that someone pays as much as they can. JJ checked. There was nothing in the pipeline. Then when our guys were there, a jumped-up asshole tried to slide in under the wire to take the credit.”

“I’ll make sure. I need to go and start digging into all of this. You make sure that you rescue them. Is there anything else that I can do?”

“Not at the moment. After, depending…”

“I’ll do what I can.”

Aaron hung up when the line went dead, and he looked out the window. This was the hardest part of the flight. They had discussed what they needed, and now everyone was just trying to stay calm and learn as much as they could. The only thing that Aaron could think about was if he lost Spencer. It hadn’t been that long, not really, but still, it was painful as hell to think that he might not have Spencer anymore. That Haley and Jack could lose him. The cats would be heartbroken, and it wasn’t like he could tell them that he was gone. They would just keep waiting for him until they stopped.

Spencer didn’t sleep in the same bed as them every single night, but when he did, they always woke up with the cats in bed with them. Wherever Spencer was, the cats were there. One time, Midnight had been asleep half on top of Aaron’s head. She still slipped into the bathroom to watch him shower, and it was still creepy, but it wasn’t so bad that Aaron chased her off anymore.

Heart in his throat, Aaron worked on making sure that this was put away. That this was all where it needed to be so that he could do his job. He needed to be Hotch when they landed. He needed to have that, or he was going to punch the hell out of the asshole who had got his people taken hostage. He just wanted to take Spencer in his arms and hold him tight. Never let him go, but that wasn’t possible, in any way, shape, or form. Spencer loved his job, and he was never going to give it up, and Aaron understood that because he wouldn’t either.

Aaron held it together because of the team. They made sure that they did what they needed to do. That they were the ones who talked to him, and they made sure he wasn’t alone for long. Even if it was just them in a room and silent.

It was all good right up until the building went up, and Spencer wasn’t free of it.

Spencer had been happy to see Aaron like this one other time. That time it had been Aaron helping him out of a grave. This time it was him holding him close after nearly getting blown up.

“I need to sleep,” Spencer whispered into Aaron’s ear as he was hugged within an inch of his life. He wanted more than that, but if he kissed Aaron, he wasn’t going to stop. And out in the open like they were was not the time or the place for that.

“After we get you checked out. You and Prentiss. Morgan’s getting her into a bus now. You need to come with me.”

“I don’t want to leave you,” Spencer whispered. It was the only thing that had got him out of that. Knowing that he had Aaron, Haley, and Jack waiting for him.

“I’ll go with you. Dave’s in control of the scene, and I need to debrief you.”

Spencer snorted, despite where they were and the fact that there was nothing sexy about this at all. He kind of hated it. He hadn’t been that interested in sex, but now that he was getting it on a regular basis and loving it, he was near obsessed with it. He made sex jokes and comments when they were all alone that he never would have before. They made Aaron and Haley both smile. That was the part that he loved. They smiled at him and laughed with him, not at him.

It was perfect, and for a few hours, Spencer had thought that he was never going to get it again. When the explosion had rocked him, he had s single thought, and that was getting out. He didn’t care how injured he was, he didn’t care what his life would be like afterward. He just wanted to live. He had something worth living for, and he didn’t want to lose it. He didn’t want Aaron and Haley to lose him.

Spencer was barely aware of Aaron shuttling him off to the ambulance, where two EMTs were waiting on him. He allowed himself to be hoisted up into the back of it by Aaron and then pushed down to the gurney that was waiting. The standard check was there. His blood pressure was up, but given what had just happened, he wasn’t that shocked. He was also not shocked that the EMTs thought he was going into shock.

“Are you going with him, Agent Hotchner?” the first EMT asked as the other walked around to get into the driver’s seat.

“Yes, I need to get his statement and keep an eye on him just in case there were members of the group who were not there and might be looking for revenge.”

Spencer kept his thoughts to himself on that because he was pretty damned sure that no one was going to be coming after him. Everyone else who was left behind was in danger if anyone was. He would take that lie though because he really didn’t want to be alone, and he knew that it would take a lot to get him away from Aaron for any period of time until Aaron knew that he was fine.

The trip was longer than Spencer would have liked. Being strapped on the gurney made his stomach act up as they were bounced around the country roads on the way to the closest hospital. The gurney was only a little bit of help in it all. He knew that it was all amplified because of how much in pain he was from the explosion, but he hated it. He just wanted to be at home in bed with Aaron wrapped around him and him wrapped around Haley. He wanted to hear the jingle of the cats as they ran around and Jack chattering while playing in his room over the baby monitor. He wanted to be home, and it was the first time in a long time that he felt anything like that about any place.

Spencer answered every single question that the ER doctor asked him and didn’t balk when he was ushered into test after test. Aaron made sure that he had a room inside of the ER instead of just the bay, and when he was back to the room after his last test, he was allowed to sleep. There was no concussion.

Falling asleep with Aaron holding his hand was good for Spencer. He enjoyed it a lot. He loved waking up like that even more. He looked over to see that Aaron was asleep in the hard plastic chair that was beside the bed. The door opened, and before Spencer could get his hand free of Aaron’s, there was the doctor standing there. He had a soft smile on his face as he shut the door.

“Get everything in?” Spencer asked. He didn’t drop Aaron’s hand, but he shook it until Aaron woke up.

“Yes, Doctor Reid.”

Spencer looked at Aaron, who looked a little sheepish. The constant bit to call him Doctor Reid had been mostly dropped since Gideon had left. Mainly since Spencer’s ability to actually endear himself to the LEOs, they worked with had gotten a lot better.

“You are fit to go home whenever the team takes off. Agent Prentiss is eating breakfast now, and she’s free to go as well. The rest of your team camped out in one of the doctor’s lounges to sleep. I promised them all breakfast, and one of the nurses is getting trays for you all. There is enough room in here. I’ll be back to get Doctor Reid started on discharge and go over everything.”

“Sure,” Aaron said as he sat up all the way and gave the doctor a smile.

As soon as the doctor was gone, Aaron lifted up Spencer’s hand and kissed the back of it. He then got up and sat on the edge of Spencer’s bed to lean in to give him a proper kiss. That kiss felt wonderful. Spencer tried to keep it on the chaste side, but he was too eager.

“Hey,” Aaron said when he leaned back.

“Hey. Did you call Haley?”

“Yes. We need to call her now, though, because she wanted to hear your voice. She knows you are fine, though.”

“You didn’t know that.”

“The doctor came in a few hours ago to tell me that you were not going to need to be kept. I let JJ know, and she’s coordinating with the locals to see if they need us. I got your report filed, and if they need to ask more, they can from DC. Strauss would like us home as soon as possible so that she can figure out exactly how much ass reaming needs to be done.”

“For what?”

“Spencer, we checked to make sure that no one else was moving in on the ranch around this time. The guy who wants to be governor lied to JJ, and then when no move had been made, jumped the gun and raided the place. He didn’t check with us that anything was going on, and that’s how you got caught in the crossfire. They were not aware you were agents until later. I’m going to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. It’s not just because it’s you. We can’t have that happen at all. If it wasn’t for your fast-talking, according to Prentiss, you three would have all died. The death toll of the area could have been more as well. You saved as many as you could, and that’s the only thing that matters.”

“Politics?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. I hate that it stops us from doing what needs to be done sometimes, and this time is no exception. I’m going to make sure that it’s taken care of. Strauss is pissed.”

“I think I would like to see that.”

“I’m sure you will. When we land, I’m to take you and Prentiss, and we are going to have a meeting about this. I have no clue who else is going to be there. JJ has filed her report, and since she was calling from a work phone, there is a recording. She always makes sure those are recorded, just in case.”

“Yeah, she said her trainer on that made sure she understood it was for the best. Cover all asses in the situation so that it’s not hers that gets hung out to dry.”

“Yes. I made sure she did it as well.” Aaron looked at Spencer. His eyes were taking in every single inch of Spencer’s face.

“Hey, I’m fine.”

“I know. I know that, but my heart nearly leaped out of my chest when the bomb went off Spencer. I didn’t want to have to go back and tell Haley you were dead, and I know that it’s the issue with dating you, having you in our lives. I know that, and I want it, but it was sobering for me. I need to make sure that things are up to date and that Haley has the control she needs. No one in my family is going to care what happens to Jack. I have distant relatives that probably don’t even know I have a kid. Sean’s not going to want a thing to do with him. I just need to make sure that if something happens to both Haley and me, you get Jack and everything.”

“Aaron,” Spencer said. He didn’t know what else to say. He just looked at Aaron in shock. “No.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty much been done since before this. We never named godparents for Jack. Not really. Jessica has never wanted a kid, and she would take him in. She would totally take in Jack and love him but you…you want kids. You love Jack. Jessica wouldn’t fight you on custody as long as she got to see him. The money and everything else of ours is to make sure that Jack’s able to be cared for.”

“You are serious,” Spencer said. It was the only thought in his mind. That Aaron was serious about all of this. He was so damned serious that Spencer wasn’t even sure he could crack a smile at the moment.

“Yes. Haley and I were going to talk to you about it together at a later point, but today…I just felt like I needed to do it now. She’ll forgive me. I know that she will.”

“Yeah, she loves you. She’ll forgive you for almost anything.”


“Well, most things she wouldn’t you would not do anyway, but there are other things I’m sure that she wouldn’t. Like taking the last of the coffee after she’s kept up all night with fun things.”

Aaron laughed as he always did when Spencer brought up fun things instead of saying the word sex. He didn’t mind saying it when at home, and they were alone, but there was something about being caught saying it, especially by the team. Sex was private to Spencer. He didn’t like going into work, and Morgan making comments about how he looked like he got laid.

Seventh time of Morgan drinking coffee that tasted like salt had put a stop to that. Hacking Garcia’s computer and making her have to enter in a code to get to her pretty pictures of cute animals had stopped her chatter about it. Englund from cyber had made a single comment and then apologized after Spencer had made sure that his computer only typed words in Russian. After that, others had caught on and stopped bugging him about it.

Of course, that brought up with a few of the others that he was a prude. Spencer had gone on a long rant about how much it wasn’t that he wasn’t a prude but that he thought that the person he was having sex with deserved more than being locker room or water cooler talk but that everyone else was more than happy to talk about sex all they wanted. He just wasn’t going to take part. Just like he wasn’t going to talk about the Broncos and how they did in the game the night before because he didn’t like football. He was more than happy to talk about hockey but not football.

“Hey, where’d you go?” Aaron asked as he brushed a finger down Spencer’s face.

“Just lost in my head for a few minutes. That’s all. I should get dressed so that I don’t have to face the team in this.”

“I had Morgan grab your sweats from your bag. He brought them by when he came to see Prentiss before heading out again.” Aaron waved to the sink that was in the room. There was a pile of clothes and a spare pair of shoes.

“Thanks. I’ll just…”

“You can shower.”

“Oh, thank God.” Spencer slipped off of the bed, taking his time as he got used to his feet again. He had been unhooked from the IV while he had slept, it seemed. He slipped the pulse OX off of his finger and headed to the bathroom and a shower.

The water felt good on his skin. He had been a little off with the debris and dust, and everything else from the explosion all over his body. He stood there and let the barely pressured water sluice off his body before he started to wash his hair. He felt everything that had been stuck in his hair, dislodging and running down him. He washed his hair and scalp three times before moving onto his face and then down his body. It felt good. Weird but good to be alone for a few minutes.

Spencer wasn’t too worried to admit to himself that he was a little freaked out. Yeah, he knew when things had started between them that it wasn’t something that would be easily stopped. He knew that Aaron and Haley were in this for keeps. He knew that. Yet that had never gone down to its inevitable conclusion that he was now a third parent to Jack. That he was going to end up with the boy if something happened to Aaron and Haley. That he would step into one of their spots if one of them died. That it was something that was meant to last.

What didn’t scare Spencer though was that he wanted it. He wanted to be with them forever. He wanted to make a full family with them, even if that meant another kid that was younger. That he would be there for every single step of the way. He knew that Aaron and Haley weren’t fully trying to have a kid, but they were also not that worried if it happened. He would be the third parent to that one as well.

Parenthood had been something that Spencer had thought of on and off again. He hadn’t ever not wanted kids, but he had been scared. So damned scared of fucking them up, giving them his genetics or just not being a good parent to them. Jack, though, had opened his eyes. Having Aaron and Haley around to show him how he wasn’t horrible with kids was great. He had been able to slowly get there. There had been no pressure when Spencer had been living with them as a guest. There had been nothing at all about it all. Jack had gotten used to him, and he to Jack with no pressure about Spencer being another parent or potential parent.

Spencer got dressed slowly, taking his time to get used to how his body was feeling now that the shower was over. He had bruises in a few places, and not all of them were from the explosion. Prentiss had taken the brunt of it all, but Spencer was incapable of keeping his mouth shut. Spencer knew that Prentiss has the training from her job before to withstand torture. He knew why she had done what she had. He also knew that he had been the one with the best chance of getting through, and he had. He had saved more than just him and Prentiss.

“Hey,” Aaron called out from the other side of the door before it opened.

Spencer looked at him. Aaron didn’t look worried. He looked like he was more amused. “I’m okay. I just got a little lost in my head.”

“Yeah, you had taken a little longer than you normally do to get ready even when sore, so I wanted to make sure you weren’t freaking out.”

“Nope. The team out there?”

“In the hall, waiting to come in with breakfast. I think you’ll be pleased. The food looks pretty good. They didn’t want you coming out and seeing them all in there.”

“I’m good. Let’s eat.”

Spencer waited for Aaron to turn and head out before he slipped out of the bathroom. He took a seat on the bed and waited for the team to come in. Aaron took his seat in the chair he had been in, and Prentiss dropped down onto the bed beside where Spencer was. Her thigh was pressed against his. Spencer smiled at her. They didn’t need to say a damned thing about what had happened. Spencer knew that he wasn’t weak, and he knew that wasn’t why she had stepped up and done what she had done. They were both playing to their strengths.

“How are you feeling?” JJ asked as she waited for Morgan to drag the two chairs over to where she was. Rossi was standing and eating what looked like pancakes as Aaron passed out the rest of the food.

Spencer was handed two different boxes, and he frowned. Everyone else had one. Spencer raised an eyebrow at Aaron, but all he did was grin. Spencer cracked open the first lid and smiled as he took in the huge waffle that was covered in nuts and banana slices. There was a little plastic cup of syrup there and what looked like cinnamon sugar in another. He closed the lid on it and looked at the one underneath, it was eggs, bacon, and hash browns. He dug into that one first. The eggs were scrambled, which was a good thing considering how they were eating.

There wasn’t a lot of talking until the food was mostly consumed. Spencer started on his waffle last, enjoying spreading the cinnamon sugar around on it and then making sure that the syrup was even throughout the whole thing. He looked around for where to stick the cups and saw that everyone was looking at him.

“What?” Spencer asked.

“You know I have never seen you eat like that,” Morgan said.

Spencer felt the blush creeping upon his face. That was because he had always made sure not to do that in front of the team. He had gotten used to it around Aaron, though, and it seemed to have slipped up.

“It’s okay,” Aaron said, laying a hand on Spencer’s knee, his thumb rubbing.

“I used to make myself not do it,” Spencer offered up.

“Well, don’t,” Prentiss said.

Spencer nodded his head and started to cup up the waffle, making sure the squares and triangles were as precise as one could get with a waffle. He spread the nuts and banana slices around to the way that he felt was a good order and then started to eat. He looked up at Aaron to see that he was looking at him. Spencer nudged over a slice that had a large pecan and banana slice on it. Aaron took it with a grin and ate it. He hummed in happiness a little.

The warmth that spread from that made Spencer blush a lot. His face felt hot, and he was a little worried about what the team was going to say.

“Well, that right there clenches it,” Morgan said. The eyes in the room all turned to him, and he laughed. “You don’t share food. Especially not what would be the perfect bite of food. You are in love.”

Spencer shoved his bite of food into his mouth and nodded his head. Aaron laughed. Everyone finished eating their breakfast, just as the doctor came back into the room. Behind him was a nurse with two trays in her hand. Only it wasn’t food trays, it was coffee carriers. Spencer counted six drinks. That meant one of them was for him. He felt Aaron’s hand keeping him on the bed and didn’t even try and hold in the pout.

The doctor went over discharge instructions for both him and Prentiss before the drinks were passed out. Aaron had both sets of papers with him, and he tucked them into his coat. Spencer knew that both he and Prentiss were in good health, and there weren’t a lot of worries, but there was that slim chance that something was wrong that wasn’t able to be caught by scans until later. Spencer figured that he would have two sets of eyes on him, and Jack wouldn’t leave him alone for love or candy.

Spencer was wearing out, even though he had slept well, by the time that they made the airstrip where the jet was. He dropped onto the couch and grabbed a blanket to wrap around himself as he buckled in for the takeoff. No one talked to him and gave him plenty of space. He listened as everyone found seats and only opened his eyes when he heard the chime that told him they were getting ready for takeoff.

Aaron was sitting at the table across from him with Morgan and Prentiss there as well. JJ was in the seat at the other side closest to the couch while Rossi was on the far side. He already had his paperwork out and was working on it. Spencer figured that he would work on his in the office at home tomorrow. He wanted today to relax. He knew that he would need to do it as soon as possible, but right now, he felt like he could pass out, and he wanted to make sure that he had typed out everything and wouldn’t be able to do that if he was mostly asleep while working on it.

When the jet was leveled out, and they were allowed to move around, Aaron only turned in his seat a little bit. “You both have until Monday off. Reports in as soon as possible. Have meetings with the psychologist as soon as you can. Either bureau or personal. Haley’s made yours already, Spencer for Friday or Saturday. She has openings in both and understands that you might not be up to it Friday.”

“Friday is good.” Spencer knew that today was Wednesday. He knew that, but still, it felt like it should be longer than that. He felt like it should be a lot longer than that. He knew that time moved differently when one was being held hostage, but it still seemed like it really should have been longer than that.

“Good. I’ll text Haley. JJ made sure that your things were retrieved from the hotel room, so we have your work and personal phones as well as the clothes. Your weapons are secure.”

Prentiss nodded her head, and she looked at Spencer with a smile on her face. Spencer smiled back at her with a grin on his. He stuck his tongue out next, and that made Prentiss laugh. “We good, Reid?”

“Yeah, we are. I wanna nap.” Spencer pulled the blankets up further on his body and closed his eyes after he unbuckled himself. He was nearly asleep when he felt his feet being tugged on.

Opening his eyes to look, Spencer saw that it was Aaron and had sat down on the other end of the couch. He kept on tugging until Spencer was lying on his back with his legs over Aaron’s lap. JJ was there with the pillow Spencer brought and laid his head on it. He reached out and snagged JJ’s hand in thanks. He didn’t feel like talking at all.

Aaron spread the blanket around Spencer more, and then his hands disappeared under. After a few seconds, Spencer felt the laces on his shoes being loosened, and then they were off. Aaron’s hands went right to rubbing the arch of his foot. It felt fucking wonderful. Spencer closed his eyes, knowing that he could fall asleep to that with ease.

The plane hitting some turbulence woke up Spencer. He looked around to see that the rest of the team was still absorbed in what they were doing, so he didn’t feel too worried about the little bit of bouncing the plane did. Aaron was reading a book; it spread over Spencer’s legs while his other hand alternated between rubbing the arch of each of Spencer’s feet. It felt comfortable.

Spencer looked to see that Prentiss was looking at them with a fond look on her face. He knew what they looked like, and while it was normal for at home, it was new for them at work. Prentiss gave Spencer a smile before she turned back to what she was working on. Spencer saw that Morgan was listening to music, looking out the window of the plane. There was a cup of coffee or tea in front of him. When he lifted it up to drink, Spencer saw the tea bag on a napkin on the other side of the cup.

Morgan looked at Spencer like he knew what he was looking at him. Morgan smiled before he sat up more and took off his headphones. “Want some tea?”

“Sure. Early Grey?” Spencer asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ve got.” Morgan slipped out of the seat while Spencer fought with the blankets. He sat up but left his legs in Aaron’s lap, turning just a little, so the back of the couch propped up his back. He smelled the Earl Grey before Morgan even got the tea close to him.


“You are welcome.” Morgan sat down again, and his eyes darted to Aaron and back to Spencer. He gave a big grin.

Spencer knew that Morgan was still a little hesitant about the relationship. The joint party that had been held the week before for Spencer and Jack, Spencer’s idea and Jack had been more than happy with it, had put a lot of the team’s hesitance to nothing. It had been a good day outside, so they had cooked out on the grill. Spencer had popped between cuddling with Haley and standing beside Aaron at the grill. They had not stopped their touches or looks at all around their family.

Jack had claimed Spencer as his birthday buddy, so they had done everything together, including blowing out the candles. There had been three for Jack at the front of the cake and twenty-seven for Spencer. It had been the best birthday Spencer had ever had. He had been happy throughout it all, and even the call to his mother that evening hadn’t put a damper on it.

“Hey, Reid,” Morgan said.

“Yeah?” Spencer asked as he forced himself to look at Morgan. He could see Aaron out of the corner of his eye and knew that even enough, he looked like he was reading, he wasn’t.

“You look good and happy.”

“I feel good and happy.”

Morgan held out his cup, and Spencer clinked his off of it, taking a sip of the still not cool enough to really drink tea. It wasn’t too strong yet, he liked the blend on the jet as he could just leave the bag in and it didn’t get nasty. He smiled at Morgan before looking at Aaron, who was smiling as he finally flipped the page in the book.

“I really like being happy.”

Haley knew that she was wearing a path in the carpet in the living room, but she couldn’t stop pacing. She had not been able to stop watching the news either. No matter how many times Aaron told her to stop watching it. She knew that Spencer was fine. She knew that, Aaron wouldn’t lie about that. He would never lie about that at all. Still, though, she wanted to have her hands on Spencer. She wanted to touch him and hold him. She wanted to know with her own eyes that he was fine. She had done much of the same to Aaron when he was badly injured when on SWAT. That job had scared her a lot when it came to Aaron’s safety.

The BAU was safer in that he wasn’t running around kicking in doors, but it was more dangerous in a lot of ways that Haley thought she was ready for. She hadn’t been, and it was better now. Aaron didn’t go places alone anymore. He always had at least one team member with him. She liked the whole team thing instead of him going alone or in a pair to a case.

“Mama,” Jack said as he got into her path.

Haley looked down at him to see that he was tired. She picked him up and rocked him back and forth in her arms. He was three now. Her baby boy was three, and he was getting so tall for his age. Taking after his father. Jack knew that she was upset about something, but he wasn’t sure what. He was too young to understand it, so Haley didn’t even try.

“Wanna nap, baby boy?” Haley asked.

“Pen’s bed.”

“Sure.” Haley turned to head to the kitchen and then down the stairs to the basement. Spencer’s bed was still made like it had been from the last time Spencer had slept in it. Jack wiggled to get down as soon as they were in the main room. Haley set up the gate to stop him from getting on the stairs and walked over to the bed. Jack had already wiggled under the blankets and was smiling up at her. Midnight was walking across the bed to lay down alongside Jack’s body. Haley flicked on the monitor that was there and set it to broadcast instead of receiving it. Jack was good on the stairs, but if he was waking up, he wasn’t the steadiest. She would rather have him yell for her than to fall.

“Love you,” Jack said as he turned onto his side, and Midnight got even closer to him.

“Love you too, Jack” Haley pressed a kiss to his head and backed away. There was light coming from the windows down in but not enough to keep Jack awake.

Haley went right back to the front door to look out into the yard, but there was no car. She huffed, and then she heard voices. Haley turned toward where they were coming from. The garage. She hadn’t even heard the garage door open. Haley stopped, though, because she had it open so that in case Jack was asleep, it wouldn’t wake him up. Haley rushed back to the kitchen and opened the door that led to the garage to see Spencer walking toward her.

Hesitating, Haley watched as Spencer realized she was there. Haley had no clue what kind of bruises he had, and she didn’t want to hurt him that way. Spencer opened up his arms and held them wide. Haley didn’t even try to stop from running to him. She hugged him tightly. Haley felt Aaron come up behind them, his hand falling on Haley’s neck, and then when Haley opened her eyes, she saw his other on Spencer’s. The silent sentinel that was watching over them. Haley loved it.

After a few minutes, Haley was ushered into the house with her arms still wrapped around Spencer. The two men more or less pushed her where they needed to go, which ended up with Spencer sitting at the table and Haley sitting in his lap. It was good. Haley watched as Aaron started to get things ready for something to eat. Breakfast seemed like it had been a long time before.

“Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yeah. Aaron got me a cinnamon, banana, and nut waffle. As well as eggs, potatoes, and bacon. It was good. Hungry now, though.”

“Good.” Haley pressed her forehead to Spencer’s neck, enjoying watching Aaron cook them a quick lunch. There was a bowl that was set aside of the spaghetti for Jack when he woke up, and then two were set down in front of them, and Aaron pushed his closer as he sat down, getting as close as he could.

“You kept on watching, didn’t you?” Aaron asked. His tone was soft and gentle, despite Aaron telling her not to.

“I couldn’t not. I just…” Haley rubbed her face into the skin on Spencer’s neck.

“I know, Hales. Spencer’s on light duty for a few days and is off of work, but he can’t lift around. A few of his muscles are a little strained, and they don’t want them getting worse. Jack’s going to hate it, but he can’t pick him. I go into work tomorrow and make sure that everything is in order for everyone who made the decisions to go in like they did to be dragged over the coals for what they did.”

“It never would have got that far if we had known. We would have been out of there. Never gone or made sure that nothing else happened.”

“It just sucked,” Haley said in response to Spencer’s words.

“Both sides sucked,” Spencer agreed. He wrapped an arm around Haley’s middle and started to eat.

Haley pulled away from Spencer far enough to eat, but she really wanted to get him naked to look at his wounds. There was nothing sexual about it. She just wanted to see him. Aaron was used to that with her. Spencer had never had it happen before.

“How long has Jack been down for a nap?”

“Only since a few minutes before you guys got home. He’s in Spencer’s bed.”

They were silent again as they all finished off eating. Haley watched as Spencer picked at the last of his food.

“Let’s go get you in a shower.”

“I showered at the hospital.”

“Yup, and you smell like it, and I’m not going to sleep in bed with you smelling like that.”

“I’m not-” Spencer stopped talking, and his whole face split in a yawn. “Okay, I am tired.”

“Good. You and I are going to go up into the bedroom and shower and then sleep. I need sleep, and the least you can do is keep me company even if you don’t fall asleep. I need so much sleep.”

“I can do that. Not naked, though.”

“No, we can wear sleep clothes.” Spencer was smiling, and even though Haley couldn’t see his face right then, she knew that he was smiling.

“Then let’s go. Aaron will clean up.”

“Of course,” Aaron said.

Haley looked at Aaron to see that he was grinning. Haley leaned over and gave him a big assed kiss. Aaron moved to give Spencer a kiss as well. It was good, and it felt good. Aaron stood up and grabbed the plates from the table. Haley watched him for a minute as he set about getting water ready to wash the dishes.

After a few minutes, Spencer pushed at Haley’s back, and she stood up. Spencer moved with a slowness that Haley didn’t like. It wasn’t horrible, but she could see that he was stiffening up. Haley stayed in front of him, knowing that if he fell, she wouldn’t be able to stop him. She just hoped that he didn’t.

Spencer went right for the dresser where Aaron’s sweatpants were and grabbed a pair as well as a T-shirt. Haley dug around for one of Aaron’s longer T-shirts. She liked to sleep in them on occasion. Them and a pair of underwear. She liked it, Aaron liked it. She just had to see if Spencer was going to like it. It was something fun to try while they were getting cozy in bed.

Haley found what she was looking for. It was a bruise balm that she used on Jack when he had bumps and bruises. It helped the skin heal up and got rid of the blood that was under the skin. She turned and looked into the bathroom, where Spencer was mostly naked. There were bruises all along his body from the explosion he had been a part of. Haley reached out and touched his back, touching the first bruise she saw. It was not very big, but it was deep, given the darkness of it. She traced all of the bruises she could see.

Spencer stayed still as she touched him, his skin shifted and ripple some like he was trying not to freak out or not run from her. This was a different kind of intimacy than they had before. The last time he had been hurt, he hadn’t been around them. It was good to see them now, though. Haley stepped up and pressed a kiss to the worst bruise that she could see. There was a minor scratch in it as well. She brushed her thumb over that. She would make sure to get some cream on that before they went to bed. Haley walked around Spencer and got the water started in the shower before she ushered Spencer to sit down on the toilet. Spencer frowned as he and Haley just smiled and rubbed her hand on his chin.

“I can do that,” Spencer said.

“Let me?” Haley asked.

“Sure.” Spencer relaxed more on the seat and watched Haley with a vaguely interested eye as she grabbed Aaron’s things to give Spencer a shave.

Haley knew that Spencer didn’t like the scruff all that much, and she could understand him having it after being held hostage for as long as he was and then being in the hospital while his tests were done. It didn’t take too long to get Spencer clean-shaven, and he looked a little punch drunk when she was done. Haley leaned over and kissed him.

“Aaron always lets me do that when he’s injured. Even after New York this summer, he let me. I love doing it for him, and I’d love to do it for you.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” Spencer said. His voice was low and a little emotionally wrecked.

The shower was steaming, and Haley waved for Spencer to go in first. Haley looked back at where she knew Aaron was standing in the doorway. He smiled at Haley and reached out for her. Pulling Haley in close, Aaron started to kiss her. It felt good, it felt right and kind of perfect.

“Go take care of him. I’m going to go be in the office working on stuff. If you need me, just holler. I’ve already grabbed the monitor and will listen for Jack waking up.”

“He slept badly last night. He knew that something was up and I couldn’t exactly explain it to him, so he was up nearly every hour. Don’t be shocked if he sleeps for a long time.” Haley leaned in and pressed her lips to his one more time before she moved to get naked and get into the shower with Spencer.

Spencer was just standing under the stream of water from the showerhead. Haley saw that he had washed his hair already, but she wanted to make sure that he wasn’t injured there.

“Head’s fine, Haley,” Spencer said when Haley’s hands settled into his hair. “That’s why my arms are messed up. When I washed it at the hospital, stuff fell out, but there was no pain.

“Okay.” Haley let her hands drop down his neck, and she rubbed there, feeling the tension slip from his body as she did so. It felt good, it felt right, taking care of Spencer. It was damned good, feeling Spencer slowly settling down and getting less tense.

Spencer had his own body wash and shampoo in the bathroom, from where he showered there after sex. Aaron had bought them after the second time that Spencer had used his stuff. Aaron didn’t mind, but Spencer always looked a little off when he caught a whiff of his body after it. Spencer’s things were on the sink as well. He was in their life, a little more each day. Haley loved it. This type of relationship wasn’t one that she had ever thought she would want, but she wanted it so much now. She knew that it was something that had to be a little bit hidden due to Aaron’s job. The FBI was better than most about people who lived alternate lifestyles as long as they didn’t hurt someone, but even this was a little more on the non-standard side. She had no clue what she was going to tell her parents. So far, the roommate thing was working. Her mother loved it, knowing that Haley was willing to help Aaron’s friend. Her father hated it because it had to do with Aaron.

Haley had thought her father would warm up to Aaron over the years, but he never did. He seemed to hate Aaron more and more with every single passing year. Haley didn’t understand it, and she really didn’t want to. It was like he hated Aaron for not failing in his regard for Haley and his job. Like he was waiting for the relationship to fail. It nearly had, too. Haley knew that. She had been so self-absorbed that she had nearly wrecked the best thing in her life. She hated that.

Pushing those thoughts away, Haley focused on Spencer again, her hands on his body as she used the loofah to clean him. The smell of the hospital went away, and she was left with just the scent of him, and his body wash. It was a good scent, one that she was used to. She pressed a kiss over his heart just as he was pulling her in close to him. It didn’t take long at all for Spencer to get her against the wall of the shower. His hard cock pressed into her belly. Haley reached out to touch, but he caught her hands and pressed them into the wall of the shower.

Seconds later, those hands are gone, and he dropped to his knees. Haley only had a few seconds to get her head around that before Spencer pushed her back to settle on the small bench that wasn’t quite big enough for her to sit on. Then her legs were being wrapped around his head to support her the rest of the way. Fingers traced her folds, and then he was licking up her slit. Haley grabbed his hair and held on as he ate her out. It wasn’t soft and gentle like the last few times that he had done it, learning what to do with Aaron there to help coach him. Haley swore the last time she had nearly died of pleasure overload.

“Spencer,” Haley gasped as he got his tongue inside of her more than he ever had before.

Despite how tired she was and how on edge she had been all day, Haley came quickly. Her legs pressing against the sides of Spencer’s head as she rode out her orgasm. Spencer spread her legs and slipped up to kiss her, the taste of herself on his lips. Haley reached down, but all she found was a limp cock. She forced her face away from his and looked at him.

“I’m fine. I don’t want that right now. I just want to cuddle.”

Haley nodded her head as she thought about how Spencer was like that sometimes. He had gone down on Aaron once and never got hard. He wasn’t always up for sex, but he was more than happy to pleasure them if he felt like it. Haley never pushed him to take pleasure, even if she didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t reciprocate. She was more than happy to just cuddle with him. He liked that, and today was all about what he wanted.

Getting dried off and dressed took little time, and then they were sliding into bed. Haley let Spencer wrap himself around her and hold her tightly to his chest. It was good, the feeling of him wrapped around her. It was too damned good. She didn’t hate it, but she did hate how quickly it put her to sleep. She couldn’t savor the feeling.

The sound of laughter was what woke Haley up. She looked around and saw that it was still very bright outside. Spencer was still asleep at her back, his arm wrapped around her but limp in sleep. She looked around and saw that Aaron was sitting on the floor with his legs stretched out and files all around him. He was working, but he didn’t want to be away from them. He used to do that when she was pregnant, he brought home files and worked on them while she was stuck in bed. Sometimes in bed with her and sometimes on the floor like this. It was a throwback to when they had been mostly happy. Jack had saved the marriage but by only giving it a little more life until this had come along.

“Hey,” Haley said.

“Hey,” Aaron said back. He finished writing something on the notepad on his leg and then looked at her. “I have dinner in the oven. Jack’s playing in the hallway and the cats are on a murder spree in the living room with the new stuffed, catnip-filled mice that we bought them. The last count was five deaths. Seven more to go.”

Haley laughed. She knew that it was morbid as hell, but after watching Midnight rip one of those down to nothing before going onto the next, there was no other way to look at it. The stuffed mice never lasted the day, ever. It was kind of interesting to watch. She figured that was what had Jack laughing. It was echoing down the hall like he was at the end of it. The sound of a thump told her that one of the cats ran too hard, too fast to stop before hitting a wall. It was a typical morning in their little home of chaos that she never wanted to trade in for anything else.

“How’s he sleeping?” Haley asked.

“He started to wake up with a nightmare once, afraid for Prentiss, but I got him back under pretty quickly. That’s why I stayed here. Not really that hard, considering I had the office door open anyway. I have just a little more work to do. Want to swap out?”

“No, I’m fine here right now. I don’t want to get up.” Haley threaded her fingers through the hand on her belly and tipped her head to where she could hear Spencer breathing directly into her ear. There were moments where Haley wondered how they hadn’t done this before now. Spencer fit into their lives like he was made for it. It finished out the rough edges of her’s and Aaron’s relationship that they had ignored for years. The way that they had pushed away the other issues to try and focus on other things. It hadn’t worked, but with Spencer there, it seemed like none of them were blissfully ignoring things that they shouldn’t.

“Jack’s been in a few times to watch you sleep. He even gave Spencer his cop stuffed doll.”

“What?” Haley turned onto her back, Spencer’s arm moving, but he didn’t wake up.

“Yeah. It’s on the other side of the bed.”

“Really? He doesn’t even give that to you when you are sick.”

“He told Spencer that it would help him with his bad dreams. Spencer had just woken up with the one. I hadn’t got him settled down all the way. It was adorable. I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t been fresh up from a nap, he might have wiggled between the two of you and demanded that I do the same on Spencer’s other side.”

“He loves Spencer so much.”

“He really does. I talked to Spencer about our plans as far as the will goes. Wanting him to take Jack. He seemed a little overwhelmed but not scared. It was good. I think.”

“You gave him something other than the hostage situation to think about.”

“He’s slept a lot. I think part of that is the shock, and the other is that he’s safe. I don’t think that he slept at all while he was in the hands of the man who took him. He might not sleep tonight unless we get him up soon.”

“I know. How long until dinner?”

“An hour. I just got it into the oven. I made that thick lasagna that he likes. With the cheese and meat and no cottage cheese or ricotta in it.”

“I remember when I was pregnant, I had so many issues with textures. It was horrible. I know that he has a few with softer things like that.”

“Yeah. He’s good about telling us, though. Or just getting peanut butter and jelly.”

Haley laughed, and she felt Spencer moving with intent beside her. She looked at him to see that he was waking up, but not in a good way. There was a crease to his forehead that told her that he had slipped into where his dreams were not good. Haley turned as she heard Aaron getting up as well. Papers falling, pen tapping as it dropped, the notepad sliding around on the carpet. Spencer’s eyes snapped open as Aaron got on the bed on the other side of him. He didn’t look scared. He looked like he was just waking up after a regular night of sleep. His breathing was still a little erratic.

“Spencer?” Aaron asked.

“I’m fine. I just…I got myself out of it.”

“How?” Haley asked.

“I remembered that I had gone to sleep in bed with you and that I wasn’t in that grave being buried alive.”

Haley knew then that it wasn’t being taken hostage that had made Spencer dream. It was before. In Georgia where he had been digging his own grave before he had saved himself using the distraction of Aaron and the team coming for him.

“Yeah, you are here with us.” Aaron’s voice was soft and gentle, a caress on Haley’s ears.

“I counted my fingers while in the dream, and it woke me up. I knew I wasn’t there, and I counted them.”

Haley knew that it was a tactic that Aaron had brought up while Spencer had been healing from Georgia, getting over his mental dependence on the drugs he had been given.

“Good.” Haley turned onto her side and wrapped her arm around Spencer. Aaron was there on his other side, both of them hovering a little closer than they would with someone who wasn’t part of their relationship. It was good. It felt really damned good. Spencer rolled to his side and laid his head on Haley’s chest as he forced her onto her back again. Haley laughed as Aaron cuddled into Spencer’s back.

“I want to sleep up here tonight.”

“Good. We wouldn’t want you anywhere but where you want to be,” Aaron said.

It was the standard response to Spencer’s words about where he wanted to sleep on any given night. Just as it should be. There would come a day where they could all sleep in this bed every single night, but it was still too early. Haley was looking forward to that day, though.

Chapter 18

Aaron knew that Spencer hadn’t slept well the night before, but as he had slept in bed with Aaron and Haley, he still got a good bit of sleep. He also knew that the bouncing of Spencer’s leg was from the fact that they were going to Vegas for the case. They had done the case review as soon as possible, and in a feat that Aaron knew from years of being around Spencer, Spencer fell asleep with a pair of headphones on. That part was new. Aaron looked at the headphones to see that they were plugged into his phone. That was also new.

When Spencer’s leg stopped bouncing, Aaron walked over to look. It was a connected call to Haley’s cellphone. Aaron smiled and called the house phone.

“Hotchner residence,” Haley answered.

“Hello, you are talking to Spencer?”

“Not really. I have my cell phone on the coffee table, and Jack is babbling and talking his way through telling Spencer everything that is going on in the car town. He said he wanted to nap on the flight, and he would call after the case review was done. So I’m working on housework, and Jack is making sure that Spencer’s asleep by chattering at him. Why?”

“He doesn’t wear headphones a lot during cases, so I wanted to see what he was listening to. Saw it was connected to your cell phone. It’s kind of adorable.”

“Night before he fell asleep in the living room like that, remember. Has he talked to you about what the dreams are?”

“Something about finding a baby at a crime scene. It started as soon as he heard JJ telling me about a possible case in Vegas.”

“Has he been home since that case?”

“No. He calls his mother and still writes to her.”

“And his father?”

“Nothing, and no, I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole using someone else’s hand.” Aaron looked up to see who was near, but it seemed that everyone knew that Aaron and Spencer wanted space as they were all on the other side of the Jet or in the case of Morgan close, but his headphones were in. Morgan gave him a thumbs up, his eyes not opening. Aaron knew that Morgan was good at figuring out when Aaron was looking at him, but seeing it like that, it made Aaron’s heart warm a little bit.

“I understand. It’s his to tell, just like your father is. I just…is that why he’s upset about going back?”

“I have no clue, Hales.” Aaron looked at Spencer to see that he was still dead asleep, his leg still in the way that it only was when he was asleep. “Plug in your phone. Spencer’s was at full charge, and I’ll see about getting it plugged in when it starts to go low enough.”

“I will. Love you. Tell him I love him when he wakes up.”

“I will. Love you too.”

Aaron hung up and looked at Spencer before he fully sat down on the couch, lifting Spencer’s leg to settle them into his lap. JJ was there a few seconds later with his book and a stack of files and his favorite pen. “Thanks.”

“You are welcome. I roomed you with Spence. I figured that no one else is going to really care about that given that you and I are about the only ones to be able to help him when he’s like this, and I’m rooming alone. Morgan is shacking up with Prentiss and Rossi paid for his own room. He offered so that I could be alone with the bathroom trips and everything.”

Aaron nodded his head. He knew that last case, it had bothered Prentiss with JJ’s near-constant up and downs in the night. Aaron was glad that Dave was stepping up a little bit. The budget was tight, and Aaron tried to get funding for JJ to have her own room, but that had been nixed. If it was a small town, Aaron could swing it. He could usually talk the people who owned places into letting her have a room free. Vegas was Vegas, and nothing was cheap.

Deciding that paperwork could wait, Aaron dove into his novel. He braced it on Spencer’s shoes and laid his free hand down on Spencer’s knee. Every few pages, Aaron looked at Spencer’s face. He was sleeping well, not even a twitch happening at all. Which was better than he had been the night before. Aaron wondered what it was about Jack being around Spencer that helped him sleep. He wasn’t going to knock it, though.

When they were half an hour from landing, JJ motioned at Aaron to tell him now. Aaron nodded and started to shake Spencer awake using his knee. Spencer slowly roused himself and blinked a few times as he tried to figure out where he was and probably how the sound of Jack was getting to him. Prentiss had been the one to plug in Spencer’s phone when she had got up to use the bathroom.

“How are you?” Aaron asked when Spencer popped the headphones out and ended the call.

Spencer tapped away at his phone and then laid it on his chest as he kind of took stock of the way that he was. Aaron was used to that. The few minutes of silence after that question was asked.

“Good. I’m…really good.”

“I’m glad.” Aaron smiled at Spencer and texted Garcia to remind him about getting a good quality recorder from the office to take home. He was sure that she would made a recording that Aaron could put on an MP3 player for Spencer to help him get to sleep when he was having trouble. “We are about twenty minutes from landing.”

“Thanks. I’ll get a cup of coffee and see about the bathroom.”

Aaron nodded and let go of where he was holding onto Spencer and lifted up his book. Spencer slipped off of the couch, but before he got away from Aaron, he leaned over and kissed the top of Aaron’s head. Laughing a little, Aaron watched him head to the galley. Spencer made his cup of coffee using the last from the pot and then slipped into the bathroom. When he came out, he downed the entire cup before washing it out as well as the carafe. It was soothing to see. It was ordinary and straightforward and just a part of their everyday life.

The law office that William Reid worked at was not precisely how Aaron thought it would be. Aaron looked at Morgan as they waited for William to get out of the meeting that he was in. Spencer had gone to the bathroom.

“I think the kid’s still angry,” Morgan said.

“Morgan, he never got over being angry, he just shoved it down into a box that he hasn’t touched in a long time. I think it’s about to burst open.”

“Rossi said he was willing to stay back, but I’m kind of glad it’s you. Even before you three started the relationship, you knew him better than anyone else.”

“You from the FBI?” a man asked as he walked up to where Aaron and Morgan were standing.

Aaron took a few seconds to look at the man. He could see a little of Spencer in the face, but Spencer’s face was more Diana than William, or at least more her family than his.

“Yes. My name is Agent Hotchner, and this is Agent Reid.”

“Hotchner, as in…” William trailed off.

Aaron knew that his name was different, but the only reason that William would know it was if he was keeping tabs on Spencer.

“Is this about the city council investigation?” William asked like he was trying to cover for something else. That he knew who Aaron was. He didn’t want to admit it.

“No, it’s more of a personal matter,” Aaron said. He looked back but didn’t see Spencer. “It concerns your son.”

“My son? Did something happen?”

“Let’s go to your office.” Aaron looked at the receptionist. “Can I borrow a pen and paper?” It was handed over. Aaron wrote out a short note to Spence and then folded it in half. “Can you give this to the other agent with us? And then bring him back to Mister Reid’s office?”


Aaron followed William to his office. The door was shut, and Aaron took a stand behind the chair that Morgan didn’t take. Morgan didn’t say a single word even though William did. Aaron thought about it. It might be best to have Spencer standing at Aaron’s back.

“What do you know of the Riley Jenkins case?” Aaron asked.

William looked startled at that and afraid. He did know something. Aaron walked around the chair and sat down, he knew how to sit to upset people, put them on edge, calm them down, and even to make himself small so that he didn’t upset kids and other victims. He sat this time like he used to as a prosecutor. William mimicked him. The door opened behind them, and Spencer entered with no word spoken. He walked to stand behind Aaron, his fingers brushing Aaron’s back as he grabbed the back of the chair.

“That was a long time ago. The person who did it was never found.” William kept on glancing at Spencer as he talked like he knew who he was but was afraid of bridging that. Or that he knew him. Aaron knew it had been nearly twenty years since Spencer had seen his father, and Spencer was following Aaron’s lead.

“Yes, there was someone who came forward with information about the killer and a few of the indications from that point to you.”

“I mean…” William looked right at Spencer as he said that, and he looked hurt but not angry. Yeah, Aaron was pretty damned sure that William knew that it was Spencer behind him and wasn’t saying a single thing. Aaron wondered if it was pride. He had left them and yet was keeping tabs on Spencer.

Aaron was pretty sure that William wasn’t the killer, he hadn’t been the one to hurt Riley Jenkins, but it seems that just maybe he knew who the killer was or knew where the killer was.

“We want permission to look through your records and files,” Spencer said.

“You seriously think that I killed Riley Jenkins?” William asked, but he wasn’t looking at Aaron or Morgan. He was looking at Spencer. “Why would you think that?”

That wasn’t an ask of why the FBI thought that he would be the killer but of why Spencer would think it.

“I’ve been having dreams about him lately, and when we got to Vegas, for the other case, the dreams changed, and it was you. You were the killer.”

“People used to say that you looked like me. You don’t anymore.”

“I grew out of it.”

“Get a warrant if you want to look at my files.”

Aaron hadn’t thought about how it would go, the meeting between Spencer and his father, but that was not it. Spencer just nodded his head and turned away from William before leaving the room.

Morgan was on his heels, and Aaron gave William a nod before he stood up.

“Agent Hotchner,” William called out as Aaron got to the door. Aaron looked back at him. “I made mistakes.”

“You made them, and then you never did anything else to correct them, Mister Reid. I am not the one that you should be talking to about this. You need to talk to your son.”

“I know that.”

“I know that you knew exactly who I was when I gave you my name. That means you knew exactly where your son was. He’s not seen you in nearly twenty years, and that’s not a divide I can be any part in bridging. You have to do it on your own. I suggest that whatever is in Doctor Reid’s mind that is connecting you to this case, it’s better if you come forward now instead of later when it’s going to look like you were hindering this investigation. It will look better for you in the long run.”

“I’ll have to talk to his mother.”

“You know where she is?”


“Good. Go as soon as possible.” Aaron turned and left before William could say another thing. Aaron caught up with Morgan and Spencer at the elevators. There was nothing said as they went down and then out of the building.

Aaron didn’t miss the way that Morgan kept on looking back at Spencer in the rearview mirror as he drove. Aaron, though, was paying more attention to the road. Spencer being silent like this, wasn’t good. It was never good when Spencer was quiet, and it had to do with himself.

“There is something else going on,” Spencer finally said when they were parked outside of a diner that Spencer had talked about before that Aaron had directed Morgan to.

“I get that Reid, but we have no clue what this is,” Morgan said.

“Be ready for your father and mother to show up,” Aaron said.

“What?” Spencer had been in the process of getting out of the back of the SUV, and he stopped.

“Your father said that he needed to talk to your mom. I don’t know what’s going on, but I would assume that something happened that was more than what you thought it was.”

“It was right after Riley Jenkins was found that things got even worse between mom and William,” Spencer said. He slipped out of the SUV. Aaron got out right after him with Morgan trailing last. There were not a lot of people inside, and Aaron had to wonder what the waitress was going to think of their subject matter.


“And I don’t…” Spencer trailed off as he looked down at the menu, but Aaron knew that he wasn’t looking at it. He was in his mind thinking about things.

When the waitress came to take the order, Aaron rattled off his as well as Spencer’s. Aaron knew two things that he would want, and so Aaron got both, Aaron would eat either and be happy. The waitress left the carafe of coffee and the three cups as well as three glasses of water. Aaron doctored up Spencer’s coffee and pushed the cup closer to him.

“There is something I can’t focus on,” Spencer said after a few minutes. He picked up the coffee and took a drink before smiling at Aaron in thanks.

“About what?”

“My childhood.”

“Let’s focus on that later,” Aaron said.

“He knew exactly who I was,” Spencer said.

“Yes, and he knew who I was by name.”

“So cyberstalking. He knows what I am doing and everything to do with my life. He didn’t react to Morgan’s name, but then again, Morgan is a common name. That doesn’t mean a thing. He also wasn’t shocked that I was in the area, so he knew that the BAU was here.”

“Yes, he did.”

“Gah,” Morgan said.


“You know this really sucks.” Spencer picked up his coffee and took a drink.

“Look, we will go over whatever we can find out about it.” Aaron waited for Spencer to nod before he leaned back to let the waitress in.

“Oh, thanks.” Spencer grabbed up the hamburger that was set down in front of him, and he took a large bite of it.

Aaron watched him nearly devour the thing. He hadn’t been eating well at all over the last few days while working the case, but it seemed that his hunger was. Aaron dropped a few onion rings down on the plate where the burger had sat. He devoured those as he did the french fries.

Morgan was looking at Spencer like he wasn’t sure if what he was seeing was what he was seeing.

“Reid, I don’t think I have ever seen you eat that much in that short of a period of time.”

“You haven’t seen me eat at home then,” Spencer said.

“No, no, I really haven’t. Why is that?”

“Because we haven’t really had a big team get together since he’s started to eat that much. It’s gone up a little bit as he’s been training and running more.”

“Ah, yes, your mostly every day runs with Hotch and sometimes guys from other units. It’s been brought up a few times. A few of those guys have commented on how ripped you are getting.”

Spencer laughed, and even though it didn’t reach his eyes, Aaron was glad of it. It meant that he wasn’t so much in his head.

The discussion died down as they finished eating. Spencer drank nearly an entire carafe of coffee by himself, leaving Aaron and Morgan to get their own. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it was what was happening. Aaron figured that he would have to cuddle Spencer to get him to sleep that night anyway.

Aaron’s phone rang as they were finishing up dessert, and he saw that it was a number for the station that was the hub of the case for Riley Jenkins.

“Hotchner,” Aaron said as he tugged out his card and handed it over to Spencer along with the bill. Spencer nodded his head and waited for Aaron to get out first before he headed up to pay.

“Agent Hotchner, I have two people here who would like to talk to you about the Riley Jenkins case.”


“William and Diana Reid.”

Aaron looked at Spencer, who laughed a little as the waitress said something as they were rung out. Spencer added the tip and then signed the receipt before handing it over. The copy for Aaron was given over next, and Spencer added the tip to it as well. They had been in the diner long enough that it seemed that Diana was willing to discuss the case. Aaron knew that Spencer had talked to her about the other case and that’s how the medications had come up. Aaron wondered if he had talked about his nightmares to her as well.

“We will be there as soon as we can. We are a diner across town.”

“What’s up?” Morgan asked after Aaron hung up the phone.

Aaron waited until Spencer was close before he started to talk. “The station called. Your parents want to talk about the Riley Jenkins case.”

“I was thinking about hypnotism,” Spencer said.

“What?” Morgan asked.

“If we don’t get what we want from Mom and William, maybe I can go under and see if I can follow the dreams to their end.”

“We will discuss that as soon as we are done. They might have it all. Maybe just talking to them about it will help you.” Aaron stood up and laid a hand on Spencer’s shoulder. Spencer gave him a weak smile, but it was a true one. He nodded his head in agreement.

Aaron didn’t figure that this was going to go well at all, but he was going to be there for Spencer, and the look on Morgan’s face said that he would be as well.

Spencer tucked his legs up to his chest as he looked around the plane. The case was wrapped, Riley Jenkins’ case was laid to rest. The body of the man who killed him was found, and the man who killed him was laid to rest. He wasn’t sure what he wanted right now, and he could feel the eyes of Aaron and Morgan on him. Morgan was sitting in the aisle seat while Aaron had taken the middle. It was strange to fly commercial, but unless they had wanted to wait, they couldn’t wait for the jet.

JJ was in labor, and Spencer wanted to get there to see the baby. He knew that it wasn’t the reason for him being as excited as he was. He was processing the last few days and everything with his mother and father. It was a lot to take in, and he wasn’t sure that he was ready for it all. He was angrier at his father than he had been in a while. Pretty much ever since his father had left. It was horrible that Spencer could only fault him even more for why he had left now that he knew why the man had done so.

“Hey, try and sleep,” Aaron said.

Spencer just shook his head. He knew that he was scaring Aaron right now, but Spencer only had a few things on his mind at the moment. He wanted to go and see JJ at the hospital, and he wanted to get home to Haley and Jack. He wasn’t sure what he felt about that one, and it was what was scaring him. He just wanted to be around Jack and not leave him for a long time. Spencer had known that he loved Jack, but he was feeling something else, and he wasn’t sure what that feeling was. It wasn’t like Spencer was good at a lot of shit like that. It had taken a long time for him to figure out that he was in love with Aaron and Haley and even longer to accept it. Yet, what he felt for Jack was strong as hell. It wasn’t so much stronger than what Spencer felt for Aaron and Haley, but it was a lot different.

Keeping his legs tucked until he couldn’t anymore, Spencer was just off in his own little world as he thought about what he was feeling about everything.

“Ready to head to see JJ?” Morgan asked when they were asked to put their seat belts on.

Spencer just nodded his head.

Getting off of the plane was a little longer than normal flights since they had to wait for their guns to be released to them by the TSA and then make their way out of the hell that was the airport. There was a black SUV waiting on them, and Spencer looked at Aaron. An agent that Spencer didn’t know was waiting with keys in hand and held them out to Aaron.

“Have a good day, Agent Hotchner, and welcome home,” the agent said before he spun on his heel and left. There was another SUV up the way, and he got into it, and it left.

“Since we have guns and a lot of stuff, I talked Strauss into sending a car, just to be safe. We can lock the guns in and not have to worry about taking them into the hospital. You wanna drive?” Aaron held out the keys to Morgan.

Morgan nodded. They all shoved their stuff in the hatch area of the SUV before Morgan climbed into the driver’s seat. Spencer slipped into the back of the SUV, buckling in and drawing his knees to his chest again. Spencer was doing that because otherwise, his knee was going to bounce a lot. He did not want to have Aaron or Morgan get upset at him about that either. Aaron was good at blocking it out most of the time, but things had been tense since Spencer had decided to stay in Vegas. He knew that Aaron had stayed because he wanted to, but it had still been a shock.

Spencer must have zoned out because the next thing that he knew, they were pulling up to the closest hospital to where JJ lived and where her OBGYN had rights to practice. Spencer looked at the foreboding doors as he tried to unbuckle. He kept missing the button, though. Suddenly, he was free. He looked to see that Aaron was smiling at him.

“Come on, big guy, let’s go see a lady about a baby.” Aaron was smiling at him, but there was a hint of worry in his eyes as well.

Spencer tried to smile to stop Aaron from being worried, but he didn’t think that it worked. Spencer felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder before it slipped down to his waist and across his back. It felt good to be tucked into Aaron’s body.

Spencer settled in on the couch with his phone in his hand, and he looked at the image that was on there. He was holding Henry, his Godson. The smile on his face was radiant, according to Aaron. Spencer thought that he looked a little goofy, but Aaron said he was handsome. Haley wasn’t home, so there was no way to get her opinion on it, but Spencer was pretty sure that they were both biased.

“Here,” Aaron said.

Spencer turned his head to look at Aaron, where he was holding out a class with a single finger of what smelled like Aaron’s good whiskey in it. Spencer shook his head, and all that Aaron did was sit down on the couch right at Spencer’s feet and rest the glass on his knee.

“Spencer, you are not going to get addicted to this. You’ve not touched a single drop of anything harder than wine since that day where you holed yourself up in the room and researched everything. I won’t let you, but you’ve been strung as tight as a guitar string since we left the hospital, and before that, it was the entire trip home. I know things aren’t good. I know that you need to talk, but you aren’t, and sometimes a little of this helps loosen your tongue.”

“I…” Spencer reached out and took the glass before he downed it in one single gulp. It burned all the way down, but there was a warmth to his stomach after that. He wasn’t sure what to say. Aaron had a glass in his hand, and it had more than a single finger inside of it. He eyed it. Aaron drank about half of it before he handed it over. Spencer downed that as well in another uncouth swallow and then shuddered as the feeling went through his entire body. He sighed and looked at Aaron with a frown on his face. Spencer shrugged.

“Well, it’s not like it’s magic.” Aaron smiled at Spencer, and it made Spencer feel a little better. He looked at where Aaron was sitting with one leg bent on the couch, and then the other was on the floor.

Spencer couldn’t put into words what he wanted. He just wanted to feel everything and yet, at the same time, nothing. It was a strong feeling, and he didn’t like it. He wasn’t sure that he had ever felt it before.

“He left you,” Aaron said.

Spencer nodded his head.

“He left you partially because of what your mother did. He left you and never told you anything. He lived twelve miles away from you for all of those years. How pissed are you?”

Spencer looked at Aaron and narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to answer that.

“Haley’s keeping Jack out of the house until you’ve calmed down. I do not think you would ever do anything that would harm either one of them, Spencer. That’s not what this is. This is giving you space where you can get pissed, you can scream, yell, cry, punch a wall, hit me with a pillow, do whatever you need to do to get this out of your system and then you can cuddle with Jack all night long and watch some hockey. Haley DVR’d a few games from some teams so you can watch it however long you and Jack want to.”

Spencer nodded his head. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Cuddling with Jack and watching hockey sounded good.

“Haley’s getting Thai. Text her what you want,” Aaron said after his phone chimed.

Spencer moved his phone to where he could text, moving the picture of him and Henry off of the screen and texting Haley. He brought the picture of him and Henry back up and then dropped it again to find the picture that Aaron had sent him that Haley had taken of him and Jack asleep on the couch. It was his phone background, but that was covered up by things that were on the background, so Spencer liked to look at the image without the issues.

“I don’t understand how he could just leave. I can understand my mom. I mean, I hate it, but I can understand it. But for me? He could just leave his son in the hands of a woman who was slowly going out of her mind. That’s just ridiculous. He’s a horrible man, and I hate that I just want to beat his face in. I’m not a violent person, but just learning everything that I did over this last trip, I just…how could he leave Aaron?”

“I don’t know how he can just leave. I will never understand men who just leave their children, women either. Just like I will never understand the men and women who beat their children, who starve them. The people who rape children. Kill them. He obviously wasn’t ready to be a father at all if he left like he did. It’s nothing on you. You were a child, and he brought you into the world. He didn’t leave when you were a baby. He waited until it was the worst possible time for it to happen.”

“He never loved me.”

“I can’t answer that, but given every single bit of evidence that I have, he has some kind of affection for you. I mean, he does have all of your articles for various journals on his hard drive. He has your dissertation. I know it’s nothing like the same, but he at least followed you in some way. I am not saying that you should take him back or anything like that. He wasn’t your father when you needed him, and so he doesn’t get to be your father when your life is stable.”

“He wanted me to let him know when I get married. It seems that Mom told him I was seeing someone. I’ve told her that and that it’s a married couple, but I’ve kept names out of it, just to be safe. I don’t need anyone reading one and then trying to cause things. I told him that I will try and remember to let him know that he’s a grandfather.”

“He didn’t have a right to ask that, but then you know that. He’s just trying to hold onto whatever he has left. He’s looking at old age with no kids around to help do anything. He’ll go into a home and be forgotten. And that scares him. He’s looking at his life and what he has, and he has nothing besides a sick cat.”

“Yeah, Garcia texted me everything she found out about him like it was going to matter to me. She seemed like I should care about him because he’s my father. I really don’t care about that. He wasn’t there when I needed him.”

“He’ll regret everything, and one day he will apologize, or he won’t, but the only person who gets to make the decision on what happens is you, Spencer. You get to forgive him or not and fuck anyone else who thinks that they have the right to an opinion on it. You take care of yourself, and that’s all that matters.”

Spencer nodded. He knew that. He knew that he didn’t owe his father his forgiveness at all. He owed his father nothing at all. He really just didn’t want to deal with anything at all that had to do with him for a long time. He knew that he needed to work through everything that had to do with him, but he was kind of at his limit for the day. He just wanted to relax and enjoy the nights with his lover and Jack.

“Thanks,” Spencer said. He pushed his legs down, getting them behind Aaron on the couch. He told Haley to head home soon because he was hungry and needed cuddles. He wasn’t sure who he wanted cuddles with.

“I’m proud of you,” Aaron said.

“Why?” Spencer asked. He looked at Aaron. There was a lot that Spencer felt like Aaron could be proud about, but he wanted to make sure that he knew which one Aaron was proud of.

“You with Henry today. I can already tell you are smitten with him. You weren’t scared of anything when you were holding him. You were confident, and I loved it.” Aaron moved again and smiled at Spencer as he leaned forward for a kiss. There was the clink of glass on wood, and Spencer only reacted by inhaling when both of Aaron’s hands settled on his face to hold him close for the kiss. It was good to feel. Spencer pulled Aaron closer by grabbing his shirt and pulling, he was quite happy with it all.

“I love you,” Spencer said. Aaron’s soft support through everything over the past week had been something that had just made Spencer feel like he was special. Aaron had shown that he trusted Spencer’s instincts both as his lover and as his boss. It had been good, a good test for their relationship. “I just wanna cuddle.”

“Sure. It’s going to take Haley a little while to get back with food as she’s across town, and then she has to pick up the food. So why don’t we get into comfortable clothes, and then we can cuddle on the couch?”


Spencer waited for Aaron to get up first before he tried to get himself off of the couch. He laid his phone down on the coffee table. He went down to his bedroom to get changed while Aaron went up to the master bedroom. Spencer had more than enough clothes up in the master bedroom, but he wanted something that he hadn’t slipped up there yet. He wasn’t even sure that Aaron knew that he had it. Sometimes clothes got lost on a case, and no one batted an eye at it. This long-sleeved shirt had been given to Spencer for him to wear when the weather on a case had taken a turn for the worst. It was more faded than what it had been when he had been given it, but the shirt was still soft. Spencer hadn’t even noticed that he had never given it back until long after that case, and then it was just better in his mind to never bring it up. Spencer had made sure that it never made case rotation as a shirt to wear to bed, but outside of cases, it had been used a lot. It had long since stopped smelling of Aaron.

Going through boxes in his storage to figure out what he wanted to bring with him to the house was a slow process. Spencer didn’t hate doing it, he would just rather spend his time doing other things. He was already planning things to do to make sure that he could get his books to the house as soon as possible. He knew that talk had been made about getting the stuff out of the other section of the basement and getting it finished off. The laundry room/bathroom could be put into a third section, and the newest could be his library. Spencer hadn’t finished the plans for that yet, so he hadn’t broached the subject with Aaron or Haley yet.

Spencer found his soft and warm pair of sleep pants that Haley had gotten for him not too long ago and a thick pair of socks to keep his feet warm. It might be an unseasonably warm November for the area, but after being in Vegas, his body was screaming for the heat of the desert again. He wanted it so much, but he would get used to Virginia weather again. Spencer pulled on the long-sleeved T-shirt and turned off the lights in the bedroom. He walked through the dark, listening to the sounds above him.

Aaron wasn’t in the living room, yet when Spencer got in there, so he grabbed the remote and found something interesting to watch before he sat down on the couch. His phone was blinking, so he grabbed it to check whatever message he got. It was from Will, and it was a picture of JJ and Henry together. JJ was feeding Henry from a bottle, and it looked like Henry wasn’t all that pleased with any of it. A text came through next, saying that Henry was already a fussy eater. Spencer also saw that the message was just to him. It hadn’t been sent in a mass texting. It made him feel warm.

The sound of feet on the floor had Spencer looking up. Aaron was in a pair of sleep pants as well and a short-sleeved T-shirt. Aaron’s eyes looked down Spencer’s body, and with the look in his eyes, Spencer knew that Aaron knew that the shirt had been his.

“You know I wondered where that had gone for a little while, and then I remembered giving it to you when that cold snap hit on that case. I figured that something had happened to it, or you had just forgotten that it wasn’t yours.” Aaron sat down on the end of the couch that Spencer wasn’t at and crooked a finger. Spencer moved over to him and let Aaron turn him around to where he wanted him.

Spencer just let himself be put where Aaron wanted him. The TV was still playing, but the volume was turned up a little. The closed captioning was still scrolling across the screen, and Spencer focused on that more than the words.

“You liked it?” Aaron asked.

“It…made me feel safe,” Spencer said. He hadn’t let himself think about those words before. How the shirt made him feel when he slept in it. He usually wore it after horrible cases. He had never put his thoughts into the fact that it wasn’t the shirt as much as the person who technically owned it. Aaron had always made him feel like he was safe as a member of the team.

“I’m glad. I knew you were a little off on the case and that it didn’t have to do with just being cold when it dipped down like it did. So I thought that something to wear that wasn’t yours was a good idea. It’s helped other people before, even just a jacket that a cop was wearing over their shoulders. We’ve all done it when someone needs it, you less so because if you are wearing a coat you don’t do well without it, but I know that you understand the psychology behind it. I just never even thought about the fact that it wasn’t in my bag when the case was done. I didn’t even look for it for about two months after that.”

“Why didn’t you ask for it back?” Spencer asked.

“If you had kept it on purpose, I didn’t want to make you feel like you had done something wrong. I have more than enough shirts, and if I had an attachment to it, I never would have given it to you.” Aaron’s hand moved under the shirt. It petted at Spencer’s stomach for a few seconds before Aaron was moving them to where their legs were tangled, and then they were cuddling on their sides. It felt good, especially when Aaron’s hand moved up to cover Spencer’s heart. “I like seeing you in my clothes. Just like with Haley.”

“I like wearing them. Too bad we can’t fit into her things.”

Aaron laughed, his face pressing into Spencer’s neck. It was a near full-body laugh, and he gripped Spencer tightly to him.

“Haley likes wearing my things, and I know she’s snuck at least one of your shirts out of your things and started to wear it to sleep on the nights you aren’t with us.”

Spencer hummed a little. Aaron wrapped around them as they laid on the couch, making him sleepy. He felt like he had slept so much over the last day, but he didn’t fight this. He just let himself drift off.

Haley saw that the porch light was on with the darkness creeping in ever slower as the weather turned colder. Jack was in the back seat, talking to the new toy that he had. It had been at the register left there by someone else, and Jack had fallen in love. He had asked please when he held it out from where he had grabbed it to show her. Haley had never been one to deny him things when he asked nicely, and Spencer had been doing wonders on that. Jack never really threw fits, but Spencer was doing well at getting him controlled and if he didn’t stop, getting him out of the store and into the car.

The memory of the look on Spencer’s face when she had finished shopping the one time he had taken Jack out to the car was one that she was never going to forget. Spencer had sat in the front seat with Jack strapped into the car seat, screaming his head off. The noise hadn’t seemed to have bothered Spencer at all. It was strange as hell, but Haley wasn’t ever going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Aaron had just laughed and told her that he was able to block out Morgan’s voice on the jet as well and ignore the man for a long time. Haley wondered if it had something to do with bullies in school. She never asked, and she wasn’t going to. She was going to take Spencer with her everywhere, though.

“Home,” Jack said.

Haley looked at him in the rearview mirror and saw that he was looking up.

“Yup, little man. Let’s go see Daddy and Pen.” Haley got out and moved to where she could unhook Jack before she grabbed the food. Jack ran up to the porch and knocked on the door. Haley figured that she would get there before Aaron to get the door open. The last text she had got was a badly done picture by Aaron of them on the couch, cuddling. Spencer had been asleep in it. Haley got the food looped around one hand and shut the door to the hatch on the SUV and then walked around to see that there was no movement in the living room. Haley hurried as fast as she could to the door to get it open. When she got to the door, Aaron was opening it up. He looked worn out but in a not that horrible way. Like he just needed to eat and go to bed, not that he needed to sleep for days on end.

Jack darted inside, and Haley was worried that he was going to run and scream and wake up Spencer, but when Haley had pushed past Aaron and looked into the living room, Jack was getting his shoes and coat off and crawling up onto the couch to touch Spencer’s arm like he was petting him.

“We can get the food dished up, and then when it’s ready, we’ll wake him up, and we’ll eat in there.”

“Sounds good.”

Haley followed Aaron into the kitchen to do what he suggested. It didn’t take long, and it only took two trips for both of them to get their food into the living room along with drinks. Jack dropped down onto the floor, right at Spencer’s head. Haley figured that he was going to end up in Spencer’s lap when she got him awake. Haley settled on the couch beside Jack and rubbed at Spencer’s stomach. He was lying on his back, probably from where he had been leaning against Aaron for the better part of an hour while Haley made her way home.

“Hey, sleepyhead, wake up,” Haley called out softly as she shook Spencer’s body.

“Hey,” Spencer said as he fluttered his eyes as he adjusted to the light in the room. The TV was still playing, but Aaron turned it down.

“Wake up, hungry!” Jack said just loud enough for them all to hear it, but thankfully not yelling.

“Yeah, I’m pretty hungry,” Spencer said. He waited for Haley to remove her hand before he sat up. He pressed a kiss to Haley’s lips before reaching down to grab Jack and slot him into his lap before he slid down to the floor. Haley laughed and got up to walk around to sit beside Aaron on the other side of the coffee table. Haley pushed Jack’s plate closer to Spencer, and Spencer grabbed it and set it down where Jack could eat. He had a fork in his hand before Spencer even picked up his and started to eat on his vegetables and rice. He offered Spencer a rather large mushroom, and Spencer ate it. Jack did well with them in small bits, but the larger ones were a texture he didn’t seem to care for.

Spencer made a humming noise as he chewed the mushroom, and he picked up a few smaller ones of his off of his food and dropped them onto Jack’s plate. The boy dove for them. The food that Haley had got for Spencer wasn’t that heavy with spices so Jack could eat it, unlike Aaron’s. Haley’s had a spice in it that Jack didn’t like, so when they got Thai, Jack usually only ate off of Spencer’s plate. Jack snuck a bite of carrot from Spencer’s plate a few minutes later, and then Spencer took a pepper from Jack’s. Back and forth, they both went until plates were cleaned, and Haley wasn’t even that sure that Jack ate even half of his with how much of Spencer’s he stole. Still, he ate more than enough as he was full, Haley knew the look on Jack’s face when he took that bite that was just a little too much.

Haley laughed as Jack draped himself across Spencer’s lap and looked up at him. He grinned as he wiggled to get comfortable.

“Comfy?” Spencer asked.

Jack nodded his head. “Puck?”

“Yeah, we can watch some puck when I am done eating.” Spencer grabbed two of the egg rolls. He took a bite of one and plucked out a little of the cabbage that was left and held it down for Jack. Jack opened his mouth and chewed on the bites while Spencer consumed the two of them.

“I’ll do dishes,” Aaron said.

Spencer looked up and seemed like he was about to get up, but Haley waved him down. There was a dishwasher for a reason. A rinse of each plate, and it would be good. Aaron could handle that. Spencer didn’t even try to get up again. Haley handed him the remote so that he could change the channel and bring up hockey on the DVR. She had started to record games that she knew that he would like so that he didn’t have to miss anything that he might want to watch.

The pair of them stayed right where they were, but Jack got up again and plopped fully into Spencer’s lap and mimicked the way that his legs were crossed. It was always adorable when that happened. Jack had his moments with Aaron and his moments with Haley, but Haley adored the ones where she got to see Spencer giving him affection without realizing it.

“How is he?” Haley asked as she got settled in the kitchen with Aaron.

“He’s healing. He’s a little shell shocked about what the things he heard as a kid means, but he’s doing fine, really. He did not take me up on the yelling and screaming, but we did talk. I have no clue if he’s going to blow up at all over this.”

“Well, we will be there if he does. We aren’t going to let this break him.”

“JJ offered Henry as his Godson,” Aaron said when he rinsed the last plate and slipped it into the dishwasher. He shut it. It wasn’t full yet, but it would be after breakfast, and that would be a good time to run it.

“You said you thought that she might with how close they have got, especially after she became pregnant.”

“Yes, I did. He’s pretty happy right now, and I think that he’ll be happy with Henry in his life like that. The issue is going to be back and teaching him to share his Spencer.” Aaron looked toward where Spencer and Jack were. It was cute, even from behind and to the side. They were an adorable pair.

“I don’t know,” Haley said. “His father and mother are both built to share. I think they will be fine. Jack shared us just fine with Spencer and Spencer just fine with us. He’ll be good. He likes babies.”

Aaron laughed, and he shook his head. “He was adorable with that. He didn’t want to let the baby go.”

“No, he didn’t, and he was upset when he had to give her back. Spencer was adorable when he tried to make Jack stop crying when he had to give up his baby.”

“Yes, and he was adorable when he went to the store and bought that baby doll for Jack as well. Jack still tucks her in at night, you know that, right?”

“No.” Haley laughed. She hadn’t seen Jack doing that. She knew that he went upstairs just after dinner, but the doll was always in bed when they put him to bed, so Haley had assumed that the baby was left in the rocking bed all the time.

“Yup. He goes up and checks on her from wherever he left her and then tucks her in.”

“Ah, so that’s why he’s playing in his room after lunch.”


Haley looked at the two of them again, but they weren’t in sight. Haley frowned and then heard steps above.

A few minutes later, Spencer came down, carrying the baby doll while Jack had a blanket in his hands. It was one of the ones that he had snagged from the box of them that had been used when he was a baby. Spencer sat down, and then Jack sat in his lap, and the baby doll was settled in Jack’s lap with the blanket wrapped around her.

“So he named her,” Haley said.


“Ellie,” Haley said.

“Ellie? Where did that come from?”

“I have no clue, but I’ve heard him call her three times in as many days, so I assume that’s her name. Jessica finds the two of the adorable, and she’s taken a lot of pictures. Mom and Dad don’t understand it, but he loves playing with her, and I’m not going to tell him no. He still blows up cars by crashing them, and he loves to play with a doll. He’ll be a good brother when we have our second kid.”

“He would be, no matter what. We would never let him be anything other.”

Aaron reached down and slipped his hand into Haley’s and drew her into the living room. He ushered her to the couch while he waited for her to slip behind Spencer to get up there as well, Aaron pulled Haley’s feet into his lap and started to rub them. It felt good to Haley and helped her calm down a little more as she worried about Spencer. It wasn’t that Haley wanted to talk about it now. It was that she hated that Spencer wasn’t ready to talk about it to her. He probably really hadn’t been fully ready to talk to Aaron, but all of them knew how it was and how much Jack listened in when he wasn’t supposed to when they all talked. The only time they all got to talk well enough for Haley’s liking was when Jack was asleep.

Haley looked at Aaron before he looked at Spencer. As if he felt her gaze on him, Spencer looked back at her. His eyes were shining bright, and he looked happy. He wasn’t nearly as happy as he usually was, but he at least looked pretty damned good. It would take time. Haley hated seeing him that night after he had come home when it had been mentioned that a case might be taking them to Vegas. Haley had wanted to talk him into staying back, but it seemed he had been instrumental in solving not just the case they went out there for the other they picked up as well. Still, him in pain was never going to sit well with Haley.

They would be there when he was ready, though, ready to make sure that Spencer knew that he wasn’t alone.


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