An Aurelian Court – 1/2 – T.K. Benjamin

Title: An Aurelian Court
Author: T. K. Benjamin
Fandom: Angel/BTVS
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Slash, Crossover, First Time, Paranormal/Supernatural
Relationship(s): Angel/Xander Harris/Spike
Content Rating: NC17
Warnings: Canon level violence, Vampirism.
Author Notes:I hadn’t planned on writing this. I had planned on something completely different, then Xander stuck his metaphorical hand up and told me he had stuff to fix. Massive and major thanks to my cover artist. Thank you so much. Mizu Sage, thank you so much. You’re truly talented.
Beta: none
Word Count: 51,400(ish)
Summary: The injustice of it all ate at Xander, until one night he got the chance to change things. He grabbed Spike and ran. That one moment changed everything for him and quite a few others.
Artist: Mizu Sage




“Someone has to take Spike. I can’t have him here. Who’s going to take him?” Giles had asked, more like demanded really. And between one breath and the next, Xander had found himself with an armful of tied, bleached blonde and ticked off vampire. He’d put up a token fight before huffing, and grumbling how not happy he was about it. Then he’d pulled Spike out of the Watcher’s place and shoved him into his ice cream truck. It was after dark already but Xander had unceremoniously thrown Spike into the back of the van and shut him in ensuring the customer window was secured and locked from the outside as he walked past it. Then he got in behind the steering wheel and shut his own door behind him.

He turned around in his seat and looked at the vampire glaring at him from where he was leaning on the ice cream freezer.

“Something you wanna tell me? Like why I’m stuck back here, instead of sittin’ up front with you?” Spike’s voice was hard and brittle.

Xander winced. Spike had been sounding more and more brittle. He’d also been looking more and more fragile, if a vampire could look fragile. Xander bit his lip and made up his mind. He sucked in a breath. “I’ve got a few errands to run. I don’t know how long I’m gonna take, so, since I can’t leave you alone, you’re stuck coming with me. There’s a seat back there for you so might as well get comfortable.”

Spike turned his head to look at the old armchair. “That thing even going to hold me?”

“It’ll hold you. It’s even comfortable.” Xander told him. “Look, ah, I’m not sure how long this is gonna take me. I’ve got a bit of driving to do, but don’t worry about it. I’ve got a black out blind set between the driving cabin and the back of the van, and, and the canopy over the sales window won’t let any light in either, I promise. I’m not gonna get you dusted or anything,” Xander said quickly, before Spike would say anything.

Spike looked around him. He tapped at the window and peered around the sides of it, trying to see it he could see anything through the sides. Then he walked to the armchair and flopped into it. Digging around he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He sucked in a breath and blew it out again, his gaze never leaving Xander’s. “What are you really planning, pet?” He asked quietly, head cocked quizzically to the side.

Xander scrubbed his hands through his hair, then shrugged. “I’m not really sure. Just a gut reaction maybe?”

Spike just kept looking at him, eyes narrow and smoke twirling lazily around him. He finally pointed his cigarette toward the windscreen. “Well then, off we go,” he grinned and said, almost flippantly.

Xander chuckled and turned forward. He slipped his key into the ignition and pulled out into the street. “Oh Spike? There’s a refrigerator under the bench on your right hand side. There are a couple of blood bags in there for you.”

“Bloody hell pet,” Spike exclaimed as he opened the small door and pulled out one of the bags there. “I could kiss you,” he said then Xander heard the sound of quiet drinking and figured Spike had quickly slid his teeth into the bag and was feeding.

“Yeah well. You can keep your lips to yourself blood breath,” Xander said weakly, then cleared his suddenly husky throat.

Xander drove through the night, watching as the street lights slipped past. He flipped through the radio stations. He glanced at the rear view mirror. Spike was still sitting in the armchair, but had pulled out a book from somewhere and was quietly reading. It was dark in the back so Xander wasn’t too shocked at seeing Spike in game face. He obviously had better senses when utilizing his vampire strengths.

Xander looked at his watch and judged it was just over an hour from sunrise as he sped past the ‘Welcome to Los Angeles’ sign. Hopefully he’d reach his destination before long. He didn’t want to try to get Spike out of the van in sunlight.

He checked street signs and road signs carefully as he drove ever closer to his destination, taking turns carefully. Spike couldn’t afford Xander getting lost. He cursed silently and reviewed his mental map. He didn’t want Spike you know what he was up to. Didn’t want to talk about it, argue about it, give Spike a chance to worry about it. So he kept driving. Hoping he wasn’t lost and keeping a close watch on street signs and names. Turn left here. Cross the intersection there. Stop at the stop sign. Oh look red light. Stop.

Now another right hand turn, the sky just starting to turn pink and yes, yes there it is. He drove past it. Then did a highly illegal u turn and parked right in front. He heard an almost subvocal growling coming from behind him and slowly, oh so slowly turned his head. Spike was standing almost within arm’s reach. Hands clamped tightly to bench and hand strap. His game face partially in shadow. Yellow eyes bright and deadly.

“You know. It’s only knowing you have a chip that’s keeping me from pissing my pants,” Xander squeaked.

“Don’t let that stop you,” Spike said softly.

“Ahh, yeah, right, but the smell you know. It would seriously stink up the place and then driving this bucket of bolts would be even more unfun.” Xander knew he was babbling. He bit his tongue to stop himself.

“Well if you’re not gonna piss yourself, you can turn us right around and drive home.” Spike said. But his face was changing back into his human form.

Xander breathed and relaxed. Turning more to face the vampire behind him. “You have to try Spike. You can’t live like this. It’s wrong. And yes I know how stupid I sound. You with the chip is safe for humans. Safe for me. But it still feels wrong. Maybe. Maybe he can help you. You brought Drusilla to him when she needed help. Maybe he can help?”

Spike slumped to the floor where he stood. “He won’t want to help pet. He can’t rightly stand me. Would dust me as soon as look at me. And I. And I can’t exactly fight him off right now. I’m too weak. Not enough blood. Too hungry. I’m a sorry state for a vampire. In that right Peaches?” Spike asked looking at the window behind Xander.

Xander gave an unmanly squeak and turned around. Angel stood at his drivers window.

Angel looked worried. Stressed and worried. He glanced from vampire to human and back again. Confusion practically written on his face. Then he huffed. Reached a hand through Xander’s window and unlocked his door. He pulled it open and motioned Xander out.

Xander scrambled out then turned to watch as Angel shook out a large, thick black blanket. “Come on Spike. We don’t have much time left. Get under this blanket with me and we’ll get inside.”

“How do I know you won’t just take the blanket and leave me to the sunlight?” And even to Xander’s ears that sounded like a terrified yet petulant three year old.

Angel growled softly and said one word. “William!”

Xander heard scrambling and in a second Spike was out of the van and under Angel’s arm. Both vampires were under the blanket and it looked to Xander that Spike was curled into and around Angel.

Xander followed the two as Angel hustled them into the large building. He stopped just through the large doors and stumbled forward when the door hit his ass as it closed behind him. Xander has an impression of marble, black and gold. 1920’s at it’s glorious Hollywood best. He saw beyond the shabby and right into beautiful history. “Wow. What I wouldn’t give to restore her,” he breathed.

“You could give your time, body and knowledge. But don’t expect us to pay you.” That voice cut through Xander’s thoughts and he looked across the foyer.

“Cordy,” he smiled and walked forward. Cordelia Chase. “Beautiful. Glorious. Queen C.” He said jogging up to the woman now rounding the desk. He didn’t stop. Just jogged right up to her and pulled her into a hug. She didn’t fight him either. They may have history. It may have been heartbreaking. Breathtaking. Emasculating and social standing destroying history. But. It was history. So she didn’t fight. And Xander held her gently and they rocked together for a few seconds.

She pulled back and threw her hair over her shoulder. “What are you doing here?” She demanded.

Xander shrugged and looked for Spike. He and Angel were standing feet from each other. “I brought the bleached wonder to see if Angel can help him,” he said.

Cordelia nodded once. “Okay, well. It’s almost Angel’s bed time. I’ve got an audition in a few hours and Wesley is out with Gunn tracking a book dealer. So I’ll leave you boys to it. Great seeing you Xander.” With that she bent over the desk, grabbed her bag and strolled to the door.

Xander shuffled his feet as he watched her go.

“This way Xander,” Angel called over to him

“Coming Dead Boy,” Xander said quickly, looking over at the two vampires standing at the foot of the large staircase. He chuckled and jogged over to join them. Angel had his eyes narrowed at him. “Ha ha Angel. You know I had to say it at least once.” Xander said when he stood in front of the stairs.

Angel grumbled something under his breath and headed up. “Come on both of you. Follow me. My rooms are upstairs.”

Spike blew out a breath he didn’t need and followed. Xander a step behind him.

Angel was sprawled out in an armchair when Xander entered the room. Spike leaned beside the door. Chewing on a thumbnail and trying to look nonchalant about it. Xander stood in the doorway. He stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets and shuffled his feet uncomfortably.

“Umm, well, maybe, I, I should go now?” He asked tentatively.

“What? You can’t-“ Spike exploded.

Angel just pointed at a chair in front of a desk and said “Sit.”

Xander swallowed and crossed the room. He sat.

“Somehow there have been things happening in Sunnydale I’m not aware of,” Angel said softly. “Xander, start from the beginning. Leave nothing out. Spike, William. I’m going to give you a choice. There will be no recriminations whichever choice you make. You have the choice of where to sit. You can sit on the bed. Or. You can sit at my feet.” Angel said seriously.

Xander gaped at the choices. There was no way Spike would sit at Angel’s feet. They’d be lucky if Spike even sat or at least sat still for five seconds.

Not surprised Xander watched as Spike strolled confidently to the bed. He fingered a lush red velvet pillow. Eventually picking it up and turning it over and over in his hands. Then he tossed it to Angel’s feet. He walked to it. His steps wary. Wary of what? Then he sank onto the red velvet so gracefully that Xander’s throat went dry.

Xander looked between Spike and Angel. Their gazes were locked to each others. Silent communication flowing back and forth. Then Xander saw Angel’s eyes crinkle slightly in a half smile and Spike simply melted and leaned his full body against Angel’s leg. Angel placed a hand on Spike’s head. His fingers digging into the heavily gelled strands until they parted for him.

“Welcome home William. I’m glad you’re here, where you belong.” Angel whispered.

Xander watched amazed as Spike rubbed his face against Angel’s leg, like a giant cat. “Thank you Sire.” Xander heard the words leave Spike’s mouth and thought he’d never heard the vampire sound so content.


Xander didn’t know what to think, but he knew this couldn’t be bad for Spike. For him? The rest of the Scoobies? People in general? He sighed quietly and hoped he’d done good. He pulled his gaze from a content looking Spike and saw Angel watching him. He swallowed nervously. He couldn’t remember ever being the center of Angel’s attention. It unnerved him, but he couldn’t deny it also gave him a shiver of excitement flying up and down his spine.

Angel’s eyes held his demand for knowledge. He wanted to know what was going on. He wanted to know now. He expected to be told and he was not about to ask again.

Xander cleared his throat. “Wow, you’ve ahh, you’ve changed since Sunnydale,” Xander mumbled. Then stifled a crazy giggle when Spike snorted. “Okay, well, where to start. Yeah. Okay the Buffster and Willow are off at College right? Anyway they meet this guy, only he’s not a guy not really. He’s ahh, he’s some sort of army type dude. His group, the call themselves the Initiative. They have a bunker under Sunnydale. They catch Demons, Vampires anything that’s not human I guess. They’ve been helping Buffy patrol. She and Riley that’s the army dude, right yeah, you know? Anyway, yeah, so, they catch non humans and do stuff to them. They caught Spike. They did something to him…” Xander stopped at the sound Angel was making. The Vampire was growling. His face had changed, brow ridges were exposed, his fangs were well past his bottom lip and his eyes appeared crazed and feral.

Xander whimpered in the back of his throat and it seemed as if the sound had snapped Spike out of his doze at Angel’s feet. Xander saw his head whip up and around then he was climbing into Angel’s lap and crooning at him. Angel lulled the smaller Vampire against him and, it looked to Xander like Angel was smelling Spike. Running his face and hands all over the blonde until both of them relaxed slightly. Angel pulled away a little and looked back at Xander. “Tell me what they did to my Childe,” he demanded, then pulled Spike’s head to his shoulder all the time rubbing the other Vampire’s back soothingly.

Xander swallowed hard. This was so not going to be good, he thought. “They put a chip in Spike’s head. It fires any time he tries or thinks about attacking a human. Its stopped him from hunting. Even looking after himself. He, he came to Buffy and Giles for help. They sorta try, but not too much. He can’t hunt. Has to rely on Giles and Buffy for everything. It’s wrong, but they won’t do anything about it. They think it’s okay, what they did to Spike. I got Spike to tell me about the cells under the Initiative, they are keeping Demons under there that even Buffy let’s slide. I didn’t like any of it. So when I got a chance, I grabbed Spike and brought him here. I thought maybe you could help him.” Xander stopped talking and started to wring his hands. He’d sat on them all the time he’d been speaking but they had somehow escaped in the final few seconds.

Angel was just watching him. Face frozen with no expression. Body inhumanly still. Then he tried to drive himself out of the chair, only to find Spike clinging like a limpet to him. He tried to shake the smaller vampire off but Spike held on tightly. He wouldn’t be shaken off nor removed from Angel by any other means. Finally Angel threw himself back in his armchair and glared all around. “William, get off me,” he growled in exasperation.

In answer Spike wrapped himself tighter until Angel huffed a sigh and relaxed under the weight. Xander relaxed the too tight grip he had on his own hands when Angel relaxed. His heart was beating a million miles an hour. His mouth was dry and his fear response was screaming at him to get the hell out and away from the crazy Vamp, yet he hadn’t left and felt like he couldn’t have left. Not for a any reason. Yes Angel was furious, but a tiny part of Xander knew he was still safe.

He listened hard and finally heard Spike whispering to Angel. “Not the boy’s fault Sire. He tried to help Sire. Not his fault. Not my fault. Not your fault. Not his fault. Not your fault. Not my fault.” Spike kept repeating the mantra until finally Angel just wrapped his arms around him again. He nodded for Xander to keep going.

Xander swallowed again. “Not that much more to tell. G-man needed his own apartment tonight. So Spike couldn’t stay tied in the bathtub. I got volunteered to be on Spike sitting duty. So I threw him in my van, took off his, you know, things that keep people tied up, ropes, yeah ropes and drove here. I figured, he brought Drusilla to you to help her when she was in trouble. So maybe you could help Spike?”

Angel nodded slowly. “We’ll talk more about this Initiative later. You were right to bring him to me. He’s very thin. His skin even feels brittle. He’s not feeding enough. How much blood have you been getting?” He asked Spike.

The blonde vampire shrugged, then answered reluctantly. “One maybe two bags every couple of days. Cow blood mainly. Sometimes pigs blood.”

Angel’s face did that morphing thing again, but he shook it off in seconds. Then he sighed and his hands reached for his shirt buttons. He slowly undid them. Big fingers being careful of tiny buttons. He pushed his shirt open and cupped his large hands around Spike’s face. “Feed Childe. Feed on Sires’ blood. Let my blood restore you to health.” Angel said almost reverently, soft and low.

Xander could see both Vamp’s faces. Both gazes were searching and questioning. There was some serious history between these two. He almost got up and left them in privacy, but knew Angel would have told him to leave if that was what he wanted. So instead he stayed. Stayed quietly seated on his desk chair and watched in complete fascination.

Spike’s face was a mixture of emotion. Fear, want, need, distrust all flirting over it. Angel in contrast just sat. His face calm and impassive. He watched Spike’s face with quiet eyes. When Spike appeared to relax he gave a tiny grin and raised his eyebrows. Spike chuckled and slowly leaned into the larger vampire.

Xander waited and watched, sure he was about to see Spike bite into Angel’s neck. Instead Spike licked the long neck. Then sort of scootched down. He fastened his mouth on Angel’s pectoral muscle and Xander knew the exact moment the blonde bit into Angel.

Angel moaned and arched. His back lifting off the back of the armchair they were both seated in as his arms pulled Spike further to him. Angel’s eyes were closed and his mouth open. Xander had never seen pure ecstasy on someone’s face. Well not until that moment. But he knew what he was seeing and gasped at the scene he was privy to. He doubted many mortals had ever seen something like this.

Xander swallowed, feeling his throat hitch at its sudden dryness. He watched fascinated at the pair. There was so much happening between them. Angel’s face took on a happiness and content he’d never seen on him. His hands had slowly released their hold on Spike and were running smoothly up and down the blonde’s spine. Spike seemed to press into the touch, like a cat, wanting and needing more. His head didn’t lift from Angel’s chest, yet he arched into the caressing touch. His hands moving restlessly from Angel’s chest to stroke at his neck and throat, into his hair and back again in a non ending circuit.

And Xander just kept watching. His head tilted to the side. And then something occurred to him. He should be finding this horrible, disgustingly bad bad bad, wrong on so many levels. But he wasn’t and that threw him for a loop. He found himself dissecting that little discovery. Why was he not finding this bad bad bad. In fact he found himself liking what he saw. There was a closeness, a need in these two that finally seemed to be fulfilled. Somehow. The act of feeding was healing not just Spike, but Angel too. And finally things shot into place in Xander’s head. Angel needed Spike as much as Spike needed Angel. When Angel had gotten his soul back, he’d lost his family. A toothy, creepy, violent, blood sucking and completely crazy homicidal family, but family nonetheless.

Now though, now Angel had Spike. For now at least. And Spike had Angel. Something shot into place for Xander too. Vampires in general lived in groups. A pack? Coven? Whatever it was. He couldn’t really remember vampires living, unliving alone. All except Angel and later Spike after Drusilla had walked out on him. Walked out and left. Just like Darla had walked away from Angel. He snorted then as the correlation made a point in his brain.

The noise however gained him the attention of the two vampires he’d been avidly watching.

“Yes Xander?” Angel’s voice was soft, but with a hard edge to it.

“Somthin’ to say, pet?” Spike asked, voice a soft and dangerous purr.

Xander blinked fast and swallowed hard, trying find something to say that would leave him alive after it left his mouth. Then he thought, fuck it, and decided to say what he’d been thinking. He cleared his throat. “I was just thinking that you two a kind of like twins or something,” he said.

The blank looks he got made him try to explain. “Okay, Angel. You got souled and Darla left you, high and dry. And Spike, Drusilla got well and walked out on you. You and Angel got left behind after all that time and everything you did for them. You two who have girls throwing themselves at you, you know gorgeous and sexy, you still get left behind, what the hell kind of chance do the rest of us have? Me especially, Zeppo, donut boy. Between Cordy in high school and Anya jumping me when she got non demonified, well the writing is on the wall for me. Demons, ex demons, Cordelia Chase, who could and has scared the living daylights out of demons, I’m so on loves screw you list,” Xander babbled and would have kept on babbling if his brain had not just caught on to what his mouth was saying. “And I so did not mean to put myself in with you two there, nope, nope, nope, so definitely not in your league there. Okay, I’ll, just leave now and pull my feet away from my mouth. Here’s me going…”

“Stay where you are,”Angel sighed.

Xander bit his lip and pushed himself back into the seat he’d been about to stand up from. He could feel he was blushing. His face was all hot and his chest felt hot inside his jacket. He suddenly couldn’t stand it at more and struggled out of it, eventually having to pull the damned thing over his head when the zipper got stuck. He balled it up in his hands and glued his gaze to it refusing to look up at the two others in the room.

Soft chuckling eventually made its way into his brain. He looked up to see both vampires grinning and chuckling at him. They were still wrapped around each other, but their gaze was on him. “Alright pet, you’re not wrong. Angel and I are both bitches for those we love or family. Same as you really. And actually, you’ve got worse luck than either Angel or I do. But we both admit you got balls, Angel and me would run a mile before even thinkin’ about dating Cordelia Chase. You not only dated her, you stepped out on her and lived to tell the tale,” Spike said admiringly.”

“What else were you thinking about?” Angel asked.

“Um, well. Vampires really and how you two are the only ones I’ve seen who live alone. Its like most of them live in packs? Is that the right word?”

“Yes and no,” Angel answered. You’re right, most Vampires don’t live alone. It’s very hard for us to be solitary. We live in groups. But their not packs. They’re Courts. Vampires live in a Court. A Vampire Court usually consists of the Master, the Right Hand or enforcer. The Consort if the Master is lucky. The Consort of the Right Hand, and the Master’s other Childer and their Childer. All the way down to minions. Between Childer and Minion there are the Specialized. They can be Vampire or human, all of whom have specific roles in the Court. A Court can be as formal or as relaxed as the Master wants it to be. Each Court makes up its own hard and fast rules for the most part.”

“All exceptin’ the respect of hierarchy that is,” Spike chimed in fingers stroking his bite marks on Angel’s chest absently.

“True,” Angel said, relaxing back in his armchair again.

“So, back in Sunnydale. The Master? That was his Court?” Xander asked.

Angel nodded. “The Master ran his Court like that for centuries. That was the last court of the Aurelius line be that I know of. In America anyway. Darla was the Master’s eldest remaining Childe. I’m her oldest remaining Childe. By all our laws I’m the rightful head of the Aurelian line. But, well my circumstances being what they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the other Childer set up Court somewhere else. In Europe maybe?” Angel said thoughtfully, his hand now absently stroking through Spike’s hair.

“I don’t think so,” Xander piped up. “The Watchers tend to keep an ear open for that sort of thing. No ones mentioned anything about a new Court or anything about a new Aur-Aurelian Master.”

Spike scoffed. “What them Watchers don’t know would fill libraries, pet. They didn’t even know vampires held Courts.”

“That might not be them, Giles could have easily said something but I was maybe sleeping and not doing the listening thing,” Xander said, shrugging self deprecatingly.

“Xander. You listen. You pay attention. You care. Spike wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. But there are many things we don’t let the Watchers know. Yes we’d make sure they knew about a new gathering or a new Master. We use them without their knowing it. They keep amazingly accurate records of genealogy if nothing else. But we don’t tell them everything. We keep certain things private. Like the fact we call our formal groupings a Court.” Angel said patiently.

“Why a Court?” Xander queried.

Spike chuckled. “Always thought it was some ponce trying to make himself sound grand.”

“You would,” Angel said indulgently, pulling on Spike’s hair a little.

Spike looked back at Angel and grinning, snuggled into him. “The story I was told, was that centuries ago, probably before the Middle Ages, maybe even before the Pharaohs, a Queen was turned. She turned her favourites, she and her King kept ruling as usual. Before being turned they had a Royal Court and kept it afterward. The term stayed after that. Eventually only a Master would form a Court around them. Gather Childer, Advisors, Acolytes, Minions, Slaves and so on. Vampires don’t do progress well, so it’s basically stayed that way ever since.”
Angel told them.

“Huh. Makes sense I guess. Okay so. If everything is good here, maybe I should leave? Head back home?” Xander suggested. Not that he really wanted to go, but he didn’t feel comfortable hanging around like the proverbial third wheel. “You guys have each other now. You don’t need me around.”

“Xander no.” Angel said sharply

“No Pet.” Spike said half a second after Angel.

Xander blinked at the fast response and felt himself fall back into his chair.

“What we mean to say is, you drove all night. Why don’t you get some rest. You can drive back later.” Angel said smiling.

“Okay,” Xander said slowly.

Angel turned his attention back to Spike. “You haven’t drunk enough William,” he said, indicating the now healed bite marks on his chest.

Spike grinned and leaned forward a little. Then he stopped and using one hand pulled Angel’s face around so the light hit it at different angles. “You need to feed proper before I can take any more,” he said seriously.

Angel shook his head. “I’m fine. Keep drinking. You need Sires’ blood.”

“I need my bloody Sire healthy, so I can keep drinking Sire’s blood you great big ponce,” Spike snapped back.

“William-“ Angel began sharply.

“Don’t William me. I’m a Master in m’own right. Made me own Childer and all. So I know the signs of a Childe taking too much from his Sire. And you’re showin’ ‘em. So I’ll drink after you’ve had someone to drink.” Spike said, his voice calm and determined.

Angel huffed. “Fine. I’ve got some blood in the fridge. I’ll warm it up.”

“Nope. Bag blood won’t do for this. I’m beefing too much. You’re gonna need a livin’ donor. Preferably young. Strong. You don’t have to drain ‘em. If it’s a live meal and their healthy. They’ll be fine losing a few pints.” Spike said, almost reasonably.

Angel sighed and scrubbed his fingers through his perfect hair. “William, if you haven’t noticed it’s daylight. Not like I can head off for a walk and just find someone willing right now. So bagged will have to do.”

“Ah, well, what about me?” Xander said, then clapped both hands over his mouth, mortified at what he’d said. “Ah, That is…” He trailed off. Looking at his sneakers.

“You’d do that, Pet?” Spike asked getting up from Angel’s lap carefully and walking over to Xander. “You’d let Angel drink from you?”

“Umm, yes?” Xander squeaked. “But I don’t really know why,” he sounded confused and like he was grumbling, even to himself.

“What? No!” Angel exclaimed, jumping to his own feet. “No Xander, William, I won’t do it. I can’t drink from Xander. I won’t.”

Xander suddenly found himself furious. Furious at himself. Furious at Angel and furious he felt hurt at the rejection. He surged to his own feet and strode right up to Angel. Only stopping when they were plastered chest to chest. Xander gave an internal fist pump when he saw Angel’s eyes widening in surprise. His anger however had the reigns and his mouth was going for gold. “So I’m not good enough? Some random stranger off the street, that’s fine. Some random that makes blood donations that can’t be used because the guy was sick or something, and the blood has to be thrown out, that’s fine? But me? Oh no no no Xander isn’t good enough. I’m cool, broody guy, I’m too good to drink from Donut Boy, I might catch nerd cooties from his blood.” Xander was talking and couldn’t stop. “Oh look at me the strong, handsome, silent Master Vampire, I’m Angel, I was Angelus I’m too good to drink from Xander. I’m-”

A hand was suddenly over his mouth. The arm and body it was attached to was behind him and Xander could feel and hear Spike chuckle softly behind his ear. The feel and strength in that body, the sensation of Spike chuckling softly had Xander wilt into the blonde vampire and the fight left him. “Now look what you did, Peaches. You got the boy all flustered and upset. He’s feelin’ rejected and all. Angel didn’t mean to make ya feel bad Pet. He’s just an idiot that don’t know when to say yes to someone when they offer him a gift. A gift that he’s never offered to anyone else. Cause let me tell you Peaches, this boy didn’t even offer his virginity, that was taken from him. Not that he’d be complaining ‘bout that. But offer? No. This boy, well he ain’t no boy now. Not really. He doesn’t offer easily. Even his friendship and loyalty have t’be earned. So for him to offer you his blood, he must find you very important.” Then he turned his head, his mouth speaking directly into Xander’s ear. “Do you find Angel important, Pet? Is he important enough to you to make such an offer? Do you even know what yer offering here?” Spike asked.

Xander breathed. That was all he would make himself do. Breath in, around the hand covering his mouth. Breath out against it. Breathe in around it. Breathe out against it. It wasn’t even that Spike was holding him hard or tight. Xander knew he could have pushed out of the hold and moved away. But he couldn’t make himself do it. He was held there. Limbs locked. Brain frozen. He wasn’t afraid. No this wasn’t fear. He was confused however. Why had he made the offer? Yes he wanted Angel to help Spike. Yes he was willing to help Angel, help Spike. But why had he offered his own blood. Blood and biting were icky and bad. Always. So what the hell was wrong with him? Only it hadn’t looked icky or bad when Spike drank from Angel. It didn’t look painful. It looked like both vampires had enjoyed it even. And there lay the rub, there lay the center of Xander’s confused mental flailings. There had been joy and pleasure on Angel’s face. And a tiny part of Xander wanted to feel something like that.

“Xander? Are you sure?” Angel’s voice was soft. His hand was slowly removing Spike’s from over his mouth. Xander was dry mouthed, so all he could do was nod and swallow. Then Spike was pushing him gently and Angel was pulling him in slowly and soon Xander found himself straddling one of Angel’s thighs while leaning back on Spike who still stood behind him.

“Are you still sure Xander?” Angel asked again.

“Yes. I’m sure,” Xander croaked. Then he swallowed again and said. “Yes Angel I’m sure,” his voice strong and clear.

Angel nodded and looked up at the still standing Spike. Spike ran his hands over Xander’s chest until his fingers found the buttons of his Hawaiian shirt and followed them down, undoing the few that were done up as he went. He pulled at the hem of Xander’s T-shirt and inch by inch pulled it up until Xander had to raise his arms so Spike could slip both garment off over his head. Angel at some point had wrapped both large hands around Xander’s waist, just keeping him still.

Xander was breathing hard by now. His breath heaving in and out of his lungs. His brain was doing circuits like a gerbil on speed and getting nowhere fast. All he could fathom was that he was in Angel’s lap. Spike was behind him. He was naked from the waist up. He was alone with two predators and somehow he had never felt safer in his life. He wanted Angel to drink from him. He wanted a lot of things that he wasn’t about to even try to make sense of right now.

“Xander, Pet. Listen to what Angel is goin’ to explain t’you,” Spike said gently as he moved away from Xander’s back to straddle Angel’s other thigh.

Xander made to nod but his mouth had other ideas. “Aren’t we too heavy for us to both be on your lap?” he blurted out.

Angel smiled and huffed a soft chuckle. “It’s fine Xander. Vampire here. Stronger than I look. Now listen to me carefully. A few things can happen when a Vampire drinks from a human. Even when we drink from each other, but right now I’m going to explain what can happen between a human and Vampire feeding. The Vampire can make the human experience certain things and emotions. The most prevalent and easiest is of coarse fear. But lust is far more powerful and makes the blood stronger and sweeter. When a Childe and Sire drink, then lust is a natural state for us. What I’m trying to say is that there are going to be some very obvious reactions to this feeding and I don’t want you to be afraid. Do you understand?”

Xander had his face furrowed in confusion.

“Oh you great big ponce. Even I had a hard time followin’ that and I actually know what the hell yer talkin’ about. Let me try. Xan, I’m just gonna say it straight. We’re all gonna get turned on and hard over this. There’s nothin’ wrong with that. Peaches and me just need to know how you want us to handle you. At some point during this, Peaches and me are gonna be fuckin’ like bunnies. Its natural for us. Even when I forced him to help Dru. It happens.”

“But if that’s frightens you Xander,” Angel broke in. “If that worries you, William and I can take it somewhere else. You don’t have to be involved. You don’t have to see it or be a part of it.”

“Not that you joining us would be a hardship, right Sire?” Spike purred, running his finger tips over Xander’s bare shoulder.

“Definitely not a hardship,” Angel purred back, he gaze following Spike’s fingers as they mapped out the shoulder, then his gaze dropped to Xander’s flat stomach and back to his face.

Xander swallowed at the look of admiration in Angel’s eyes. Their depths a molten fire. He quickly glanced to Spike, his eyes a virtual mirror of his Sire’s. Xander blushed again and looked away. “Umm I’m I, oh God I-” he cut himself off and thought about it. Was he scared? Was he worried people might think him gay? Was he afraid of how it might be, would he like it? Would he like it better than straight sex? Was he afraid of being with two Vampires? Was he afraid he was a hypocrite, after all he’d been a jackass to Buffy when she’d been crushing over Angel. He quickly came up with several answers. Hypocrisy thy name is Xander, but he could live with that. He’d been a kid after all and so had Buffy. No, he wasn’t afraid of Angel and Spike, though he probably should be. And finally, straight sex or gay sex, who gave a fuck as long as good sex was good sex and between consenting adults. Mind made up he looked back at the two Vampires and met their eyes individually.

“I’d like to go along for the ride if you don’t mind,” he said with a shy smile.

Spike and Angel looked at Xander, then at each other, grinning.

“Well if you’re sure, Pet,” Spike said, running his blunt fingernails down Xander’s spine, making the human arch. Then Angel had his large hand was in the middle of Xander’s back and pulled him in.


Angel’s face nuzzled into Xander’s neck, gently licking and mouthing at it, first on the left, then slowly moving to the right side. Xander was held close, chest to chest. His arms were wrapped instinctively around Angel’s neck as he hung on, head thrown back and gasping for breath. He was hot and hard already and didn’t know how the hell that had happened. When the hell had he started liking being manhandled?

“You’ve always liked bein’ manhandled, Pet,” Spike chuckled and Xander pulled his head up to look at the blonde.

“Huh? How?” He finally got out.

“Thinkin’ out loud boy,” Spike grinned. “This is one hell of show. Boy looks good gettin’ ravished.”

Xander had a fleeting thought about being indignant, then he felt Angel’s face shift and fangs slowly slide into his throat. It should have felt painful. Should have felt wrong. Instead Xander clung harder to Angel. Pushing himself further into the larger Vampire. His breath was coming in pants and slight groans. There had been a fleeting pain, then pure unadulterated pleasure had rolled over him and he wanted, no needed more.

Xander moved his head, stretching his neck further. Inviting Angel deeper. He could hear sounds, moaning and eventually realised the sounds came from his own throat. He felt a soft stroking on his cheek and fought his eyes open. Spike was watching him. His face soft and peaceful. Tilted to one side, inquisitive almost. Spike’s hand lifted to Xander’s cheek. Fingers slowly stroking back and forth. Xander pushed his cheek into the touch. Rubbing his cheek against the caressing fingers.

Spike smiled back at him. “You’ll do just fine, Pet,” he said softly, then Xander saw his face shift and in a second he had his fangs embedded in Angel’s chest again.

Xander felt and heard Angel groan against him. The vibration causing Xander to moan. He arched further into the cool body holding him close. Xander’s eyes were half closed, head thrown back, but he had both Vampires in his vision. He couldn’t seem to look away and didn’t want to. No matter how much he had always argued and fought with Buffy about it, about how disgusting he thought a Vampire feeding was, this, this was beautiful, this was amazing and, dare he say it, he found it sexy. So, so sexy.

He moved his arms languidly. He wound one into Angel’s dark hair. The other one slid over Angel’s shoulder and found its way into Spike’s hair. The fingers working through blonde hair until he could run his blunt fingernails over Spike’s scalp. He scraped the blunt fingernails of his other hand over Angel’s scalp and relished the feel of both Vampires as they shuddered and trembled under his hands. He did it again. They shivered against him, and this time he felt and heard them moan.

“Good?” He whispered.

“Mmmm,” the muffled sound came from twin throats.
He smiled and alternated scrapes and strokes, enjoying the feel of the different hair around his fingers. He felt Spike jolt under his hand and focused his gaze in him. He just watched Spike, he saw and felt the next jolt. It was a touch weaker than the last one.

Xander licked his lips and searched for his voice. “Spike? Spike, you okay?” He asked.

He felt Angel retract his teeth and move away from him enough to look at Spike.

“William?” He whispered. “Is it the Chip? I’ve felt you jolt as you feed, but I think the jolts are getting weaker? Am I right?” Angel asked.

Spike withdrew from Angel with a sigh. He licked his lips slowly, eyes closed. Face unreadable. Then he shrugged.

Angel sighed and chuckled softly. He used one arm to pull Spike into him. Xander watched as Angel smiled then carefully brought their faces closer until their lips met. Xander could see everything from his vantage point on Angel’s other thigh. He saw when lips met. He saw as Spike opened his lips and Angel’s tongue swept in. He saw as Spike melted into the larger Vampire, his Sire. Angel pulled him in closer, bending him backwards and claiming the blonde completely. Angel pulled back slowly, leaving Spike looking dazed.

“You are mine, William. I’m not about to send you away, or throw you out. Not now. Not ever. You’re my Childe. Drusilla might have chosen you, but I consented to your turning and it was my blood that brought you over. So William the Bloody, whether you are healed, whether you eventually heal or not, you, are, mine. To train and train with. To care for, punish and cherish, until the time you leave me or leave your unlife. Do you understand me William? Mine,” Angel told him softly but firmly.

Spike nodded, then shyly rubbed his face against Angel’s collar bone. “I understand, Sire. Thank you,” he said quietly. Then he took a deep breath and sat back up. “Something is happening to me. ‘M not sure, but, the Chip feels, muffled? Maybe? The stabs of pain aren’t as painful as they were. And it fires at weird times. It started feeling off when I started drinking Sire’s Blood. Almost from the first mouthful. At first the pain was sharp, but a couple of mouthfuls into it’s and the pain got less and less. Now I can barely feel it when it arks up. I think it’s the jolt more ‘an anythin’ else.”

“I thought it didn’t activate if you weren’t trying to drink human?” Xander asked.

Spike shrugged. “Can’t explain it, Pet. Just tellin’ ya what its feelin’ like.”

“Hmm, so, what’s so special about Sire’s Blood then?” Xander asked.

Angel hummed for a second, then rubbed his cheek over Spike’s shoulder, before doing the same thing with Xander. “Sire’s Blood causes the first turning. Takes a body from mortal human to immortal demon. A Childe drinks almost exclusively from Sire for as long as the Sire let’s him. Until a Childe is strong enough fend for himself. William drank from me for more than a year after his turning. Yes he drank from humans, but he took from me as well. Perhaps. Perhaps drinking Sire’s Blood now is re-establishing those ties. Strengthening his blood. I don’t know, but if it works, then I’m not going to complain about it. I’m no scholar. William was more of a scholar than Liam ever was. Anyway it doesn’t matter now. If Sire’s Blood works, it works.” He looked back at Xander, eyes critical. “How are you feeling, Xander? Are you light headed?”

Xander shook his head. “No Angel, I’m fine.”

Angel ran a fingertip over the area he had bitten before. “I haven’t taken too much?”

Xander grinned at him and pulled himself toward Angel, angling the Vampire’s head to fit into the curve of his neck. “There’s plenty more where that came from,” he said cockily, then groaned when he felt Angel’s fangs sink into him again. He saw Spike watching them, grinning, then he turned back to face Angel and oh so slowly sank his own fangs into his Sire and drank.

Xander let himself sink into the feel of it all. The sensation of having blood drawn out of him. The feel of Angel’s mouth on his skin. He licked his lips and adjusted his position slightly. Only then noticing something. His pants were feeling a little tight. Around the crotch. Once he realised he couldn’t not pay attention. He was more than a little turned on here. His blood was pounding through him and his cock was hard as stone. He panicked and gasped.

He heard Spike chuckle and glanced at him. “Looks like our boy’s finally noticing somethin’” he said, one hand making its way to Xander’s knee. Xander blinked at him, his throat gone dry. He felt a huff of breath on his skin and Angel withdrawing his teeth from his neck. He almost whined in protest and only stopped as Angel’s hand dipped under his belt at his back.

“He’s been getting more and more turned on as I drank,” Angel said, his lips still against Xander’s skin. “His lust taste absolutely incredible. Addictive. Like strawberries and wine and sunshine. I wish you could taste him, William. You’d come just from drinking from him. I’m so hard it’s painful, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Between feeding from Xander and you feeding from me, I can’t remember ever being this ready.”

Spike’s hand moved further up Xander’s thigh. “Maybe we should move this to the bed then? What’d ya say, Pet?” Spike crooned at him.

“Yes, Xander. Do you want us to take you to bed now? Do you want us to make you feel so good all you’ll want to do is scream? We could. We would. We’d show you so much. Give you all the pleasure you’d ever desire. We’d kiss you. We’d touch you. We’d lick every part of you. We’d worship every inch of your warm skin until all you could do was shake apart and orgasm for us. Over and over again until you pass out from it all. Do you want that Xander? Hmmm?” Angel asked into his skin.

Xander was shaking apart already. Shaking in the Vampire’s arms. Did he want all of that? Angel made it sound like he’d be cherished and worshipped. He knew he didn’t deserve that, any of it, he was the Zeppo, the donut boy, he didn’t deserve what Angel appeared to be promising him. Deserve it no. Want it? Oh hell yes. He wanted all of that. He wanted it selfishly. Craved it even. Despite having no experience with men and especially no experience with Vamps. He still wanted. So mind made up, he looked at the two vampires and nodded. “Yes. Yes I want it,” he croaked out from dry throat and mouth.

“Good boy, Pet. Good boy,” Spike whispered. Xander watched Spike move out of Angel’s lap, graceful as a predator cat. He moved behind Xander and mouthed at his shoulders. His hands worked slowly around Xander’s ribs, to eventually play at his nipples. Xander groaned and somehow arched into Spike’s hands and mouth.

“Beautiful,” Angel whispered and picked Xander up off his lap, standing with him. He pulled Xander flush to him and Xander wrapped his legs around his waist. The larger Vampire walked them to the large bed and kneeled on it. Kneeing them forward until he lay Xander down slowly.

Xander felt the cool of the silk comforter against his back and moaned again. “God, this feels decadent,” he sighed, running his arms up and over the bed.

He felt the bed dip and then Spike was on one side of him. Spike wrapped his fingers around Xander’s chin and tugged gently. Xander turned his face slowly. Then his lips were being delicately licked at by the blonde. Xander shivered and opened his mouth to gasp in a breath. Spike took the move as invitation and sealed their mouths together. Kissing Xander with lips and tongue. His tongue moved sensually over Xander’s. Stroking and touching lightly and carefully. Spike’s lips pushed and pulled at Xander’s. Xander wrapped an arm around Spike’s neck, the other sliding hungrily over Spike’s chest.

Xander felt hands at his ankles, then his shoes and socks were gone and he heard them hit the floor. Then hands were at his belt and jean fastenings. Soon he felt his jeans and briefs sliding down his legs. He wondered if he should feel shy or worried. Years in locker rooms had not left him feeling great about his body, but the attention Spike was giving him didn’t leave any room for shyness.

Xander almost giggled when he felt lips at his instep. They kissed his foot and moved up. His ankle was licked and nibbled at. Soon his leg was being lavished with attention and Xander groaned into Spike’s kiss, while he arched into the attention Angel was giving him.

Spike pulled away from Xander’s lips and trailed kisses interspersed with licks and tiny nips along his jawline. The attention was sending Xander into spasms of trembling pleasure. He arched and moaned. When hands slip over his thighs, his legs spread all by themselves and his hands clenched into the bed covers.

Spike licked down his chest and latched greedily onto his nipple. The surprise of the suction made Xander buck on the bed. Then strong hands were on his hips and he felt himself pushed back to the bed and held there.

He fought to open his shut eye lids and looked down at himself. The sight almost had his hard cock blowing his load. One blonde head was moving hungrily over his chest. A darker head was moving over his legs and four strong hands were keeping him on the bed.

Then both heads moved and greedy mouths were attached to his hips. A Vampire claimed each hip and lavished attention on it. Xander moaned louder. His legs shifting all over the bed as much as he was able.

“William,” Angel said.

Spike reluctantly released his claimed hip and looked up at Angel. Then as if a light bulb went off in his brain, Xander watched him as Spike practically flew off the bed and headed to the bedside table. He pulled the drawers open and rifled through it. He slammed it shut and jumped over the bed to get to the other bedside table. Pulling that drawer open too. “Argh Peaches!” He exclaimed.

Xander looked from blonde Vampire to the brunette one. Their faces both a study of what the fuck. “Huh?” Xander asked, brain sex fogged.

Angel finally blinked and shook his head and snapped out of it. “Bathroom. In the shower or under the sink.”

Spike was a blur. They heard stuff moving in the ensuite, then Spike was back and handing Angel a tub that looked very similar to a tub of butter, while keeping a tube in his own hand.

Spike pulled Angel’s face to himself and the two kissed hungrily for a few seconds. Then Spike climbed back onto the bed. “How you feelin’ , Pet?” Spike whispered kissing Xander softly for a second.

“Ah,” Xander tried, not having any words.

“You ready for more?” Angel asked, hands stroking up and down Xander’s legs.

“Ah,” Xander lifted his head and let it drop back to the bed a few times. “More. Yes. Need. Fuck. More. Please!” He finally managed to gasp out.

Spike grinned at him and Angel smiled. Then Spike flipped the tube open and squeezed some clear gel onto his palm and Xander could see Angel dip his fingers into his tub. Then Spike was kissing him deeply again and Xander felt a slick hand wrap around his hard and aching cock. Xander arched fully off the bed. He was pushed down again carefully but then there was slickness at his entrance and his throat locked. His eyes shot open. Suddenly afraid. He shook his head. Pulling away from Spike’s kiss.

“Hush Pet. It’s okay. You’re fine. We won’t hurt ya. Ever Pet. Promise.” Spike whispered.

“Trust us Xander. Please. Trust us.” Angel soothed. His finger just touching Xander’s entrance lightly.

Xander sucked in deep breaths. Trying to figure out why he’d freaked out. He wanted this didn’t he? Didn’t he? Yes he did. Decision made. His body relaxed back into the bed. He smiled and used one foot to rub along Angel’s thigh. A very naked, turned on and rather endowed Angel. Xander gulped then grinned. “That for me?” He asked.

Angel chuckled, stretched over and kissed Xander breathless, then he pulled back and before Xander could blink, Angel had pushed a finger into him. As far as that very slick finger could go. Xander’s breath hitched and caught. He couldn’t breathe. Didn’t know how. His mouth hung open. His eyes huge. Then Angel moved his digit a little and Xander’s body released its stasis lock. The moan that worked its way out of him was long and loud.

“Like that, Pet?” Spike purred in his ear before he nipped at it almost sharply.

“Oh God, yes,” Xander sighed.

“Thinkin’ we should let him come like this Sire?” Spike asked Angel in a close approximation of a casual tone, until you noticed the husky undertone.

Angel hummed and kept sliding his finger in and out. Then he added a second and Xander bucked. His arms automatically reaching out. Spike moved into them. One hand still wrapped firmly around Xander’s hard cock, still stroking in a slow rhythm.

Spike licked Xander’s collar bone. He stopped at the hollow between bones and nuzzled there. Just licking and sucking greedily. Then he looked up. “What do you say Pet? Do you want to come just like this? With Angel’s finger deep inside ya, and my hand around yer cock? Just jackin’ ya in time with Angel’s fingerin’? Yer cock sliding in and out of my hand while Angel’s finger slides in and out of you? Huh, Pet?”

Spike’s voice, soft and husky. His hand carefully stroking up and down his shaft. Angel’s fingers, now a slick three inside him. Xander arched into the burn those fingers gifted him until he was arching into building pleasure and mounting pressure. His hands fluttered around, not knowing where to land, what to touch or grab hold of. His breath coming in fits and starts. Spike leaning over him, his weight on him, just enough to feel. Angel between his legs. One hand clenched around a hip, keeping him from moving too fast or too far, the other deep, deep inside. Two strong bodies keeping Xander from flying away on any little breeze. Spike’s voice, sexy and seductive. Angel giving occasional rumblings of pleasure and approval.

The question finally penetrated Xander’s sex addled brain. The words and voice coalescing into not just a sentence or question but a sexualization of the English language. Then Angel twisted his hand and fireworks exploded behind Xander’s eyes. And Angel did it again and again until Xander couldn’t breathe. He flailed both hands upwards and they were caught in a cool strong hand and held tightly. Then Xander couldn’t take anymore. His eyes flew open. His mouth opened gasping for breath. His body arched and thrashed as much as he was able and his orgasm was flooding through him like waves breaking on shore during a storm, leaving him gasping and groaning, weak and boneless.

He fell back to the bed. Destroyed and absolutely useless for anything. He could just barely open his eyes and what he saw would have left him speechless had he been capable of speech. Both Angel and Spike looked as wrecked as he felt. Both were nude. Both were hard and ready. In fact they were so hard it looked painful to Xander.

He blinked a few times then managed a whisper. “You two?”

“Are you ready?” Angel asked, voice raspy.

Xander nodded and Angel pushed his legs over his shoulders and in a single stroke had his cock buried inside Xander, even deeper than his fingers had been. Angel moaned and Xander joined him. He looked over at Spike, still beside them and saw his gaze was riveted to the point of joining. His lips parted, pupils dilated. His tongue occasionally licking his lips. Then Angel moved. He swooped forward and in a blink had Spike’s hard cock in his own mouth. He sucked and bobbed over Spike’s cock while fucking into Xander. The moves were synchronous from what Xander could see and feel.

Spike’s hands had instantly flown to Angel’s hair and buried themselves there. Not directing nor demanding. Just holding on. Xander watched, too spent to move. Too far gone on pleasure to do anything more than breathe and watch. He felt incredible from his own orgasm, but what was happening now was just as incredible. The feel of Angel slipping in and out of him, moving over his already sensitive prostate and past all the nerve endings at his entrance was sending Xander into spasms of pleasure. He could feel his cock getting hard again. The longer Angel fucked into him. The longer Angel sucked on Spike, the harder Xander’s cock was and the closer he came to another orgasm.

Xander watched Spike closely. The smaller Vampire was breathing hard, even though he didn’t need to breathe. His chest was straining. His hips were bucking in short, sharp bursts. His hands were getting tighter and tighter in Angel’s hair. Angel himself was having a similar reaction. His hips were beginning to stutter. His thrusts, were getting erratic. He was moaning louder and louder around his mouthful. He had one hand now clamped on Xander’s hip and the other on Spike’s. He was holding on to them both and not letting go.

With a sharp inhale, Spike’s back went rigid. His body stiff and straining, then he collapsed slowly forward. As he stiffened, Angel groaned and started to swallow fast and hard, all the while his hips pushed tighter in Xander. He stopped thrusting and ground himself further into the pliant body under him. His body hard, his hips straining, his throat working. He collapsed on Xander as Spike toppled over on him. Their combined weight on Xander’s lower body.

Xander sighed. The added weight felt good on him. Made him feel protected even. He knew he should feel trapped but really didn’t and couldn’t scrape the brain cells together to try to figure out why. His cock gave a valiant try to get some attention, but Xander knew none would be coming right now, so he told himself to relax. He’d come once already, harder than he could remember ever having come, so he had no reason to feel left out, he’d come first after all. So he lay back and enjoyed the weight. Then a tongue licked at him, quickly joined by another, and soon two tongues were sharing him and in seconds he was coming again. His spasms held down by the weight on top of him.

Xander’s hands went to the blonde and brunette heads, his fingers twining into the strands there. Each spasm that wracked his body would tighten or loosened the hold he had on Spike and Angel. He opened his eyes and looked at them when he felt them pushing against his hands.

Both Vampires looked thoroughly pleased with themselves as they started crawling up his body.

“Happy, Pet?” Spike asked.

Xander nodded with a dopey smile he felt plastered on his face. Then they both looked at Angel.

“Happy, Sire?” Spike asked Angel. The dark hard bobbed in a nod, then his eyes widened, and just before Xander fell asleep he could be sworn he saw Angel’s eyes flash a brilliant white.


Xander woke to a bed moving slowly from beside him. He opened his eyes and was terrifyingly confused for a quick second. Where the hell was he? How? How? Why did his ass hurt? Kinda nicely too. Then remembrance of the previous day flooded him. He felt himself blushing when he remembered everything he had done with Spike and Angel. Well that examined why his ass hurt at least. The he noticed the soft sounds and movement beside him and turned his head. He moaned at the sight. Spike was in Angel’s lap, slowly riding his Sire. His face was buried in Angel’s neck, obviously drinking, while Angel drank from Spike’s wrist. Both Vampires were naked and very obviously interested in what they were doing.

Xander wondered if he should feel jealous. Were they deliberately excluding him? Should he leave them alone? But they looked so damned beautiful as they moved together that he couldn’t find any jealousy in himself, and if they’d wanted him gone they would have pushed him off by now, he had no illusions about that. So instead he watched them both slowly. Spike rolled his body in Angel’s lap, while the older Vampire thrust languidly up into that willing body. The sight was entrancing and additive. It called to him and Xander sat up and lifted his arms. He ran one hand smoothly down Spike’s back and the other into Angel’s hair. His touch caused the lovers to shift and look at him. Desire and heat filling their gaze. Xander got to his knees and got closer.

Angel disengaged from Spike’s wrist and after licking his lips thoroughly and swallowing he lifted his mouth to Xander who willingly gave him the asked for kiss. It was slow and sweet and lazy, just like what he imagined lazy morning sex would be like. When Angel pulled back, Xander sighed and let him. But his lips weren’t alone for long as another set were there immediately. Spike’s kiss was a little different. He pushed into Xander’s space, making Xander shift or lose his balance.

Xander’s hands flew to Spike to keep upright. One hand clenched his shoulder and the other wrapped around the back of Spike’s head. He felt a strong arm around his waist and knew Angel was steadying him. He leaned into the arm and let Spike control the kiss. The blonde’s tongue invaded his mouth and claimed him. His mouth tasted of copper and blood and Xander thought that should disgust him but really, it didn’t. The intensity though reminded him of desperation and he slid his fingers through Spike’s hair in an attempt to gentle him. While the sex might have looked lazy and leisurely it appeared that Spike was desperate for connection.

Xander opened his mouth further and kept carding his fingers through the short, blonde tresses. Then he felt something rub against his finger. It was hard and sharp in a way. It didn’t feel like it belonged in Spike’s hair, it most definitely wasn’t a part of Spike’s hair. So while Xander was being kissed he let his fingers search for the object, eventually finding it and drawing it out.

With a final lick to Xander’s lips, Spike drew away. He had a satisfied grin on his face.

“Mornin’, Pet. That has to be one of the best ways to get things going. With Sire’s cock in my arse and my tongue in your mouth. There are other ways for that combination of course, whenever you’re ready for ‘em.

Xander just grinned, then looked at what he was holding, while Soike went back to riding Angel. This time however Angel decided he was done waiting and flipped them over to pump his hips into Spike hard and fast.

“Guess the kissing made ya a bit crazy,” Spike said laughing and wrapping his legs high around Angel’s waist, just hanging on for a wild ride.

Angel growled and dragged a wrist near Spike’s lips. Spike bit into it happily. As he sucked, Xander could see the pleasure increase on Angel’s face. On an impulse Xander worked his hand between the two. Angel looked at him quizzically then nodded and made room for him when he realised Xander wanted to wrap his hand around Spike’s cock. He heard Spike mewl at the touch of his hand and made a tight tunnel for the Vampire to thrust into. In seconds Spike was throwing his head back and moaning loudly as his cock pulsed wetness into Xander’s hand. Then Angel’s thrusts went erratic and he thrust faster and faster until he buried himself as deeply as he could into the willing body under him. Falling forward Angel trapped Xander’s hand between them making Xander chuckle and resign himself to waiting a while before he could have the use of both hands.

He felt something in his free hand and realised he had closed his fist around it. He looked down at that hand and slowly opened it. “Oh my god,” Xander breathed out.



Two sex slurred voices asked him.

Xander carefully raised his hand and showed them his find.

“Xander, what is this?” Angel asked taking the small squarish item from his hand.

“I-I think it’s some sort of computer chip? It’s definitely an electronic chip of some type. But, the thing is, where I found it. Spike. The chip. It-it was in your hair. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before. Umm maybe-“ Xander stammered to a halt at the look on Spike’s face.

Spike was running his fingers through his shortly cropped blonde hair, ruffling it every which way in his rush. Then he dropped his hands. Gave a shrug. “Only one way to find out,” he said and shifted into game face.

Xander didn’t even have a chance to gasp as Spike lunged at him. Then a quick sharp pain at his throat and he felt glorious sucking for less than a second before Spike was gone.

Xander forced his eyes to focus on Spike who was running his tongue over his fangs before showing his human face again. “Always knew you’d be delicious, Pet and no pain. Looks like Sire’s Blood did the trick then. Gimme that thing,” he said holding his hand out to Angel.

“What are you going to go with it?” Angel asked.

“Smash it o’course,” Spike said.

“No William. I don’t think so. I think we’re going to let it be known that there’s a group out there that has tried to put a leash on us. Demons, especially the non violent or lethal need to be careful. They haven’t come here yet. And if they come to my town I’ll deal with ‘em but the local Demons need a heads up and to protect their bairns at least,” Angel said calmly.

Xander cocked his head at the occasional Irish lilt he heard but let it go, wondering if Spike would argue. But the smaller Vampire just shrugged and smiled a dazzling smile. “Anythin’ y’want. I’m just glad I can go after Happy Meals again.”

“Already done with Sire’s Blood?” Angel asked softly.

“Not a chance. I’ll take it any time it’s on offer, yeah. But I don’t wanna be a leach. Don’t wanna be sent away again. Or left behind,” Spike said slowly.

Angel reached out and pulled Spike to him, holding him close for a second before pulling Xander in too. “No ones being sent away or left behind. Not now. Not ever. Not happening. Now you’re mine, I won’t let you go,” Angel told them seriously.

Xander leaned into the cool strength. A grumbling had him groan and bury his face in Angel’s chest, mortified.

“I think someone’s hungry, Sire,” Spike chuckled, then he leapt off the bed before Xander could land a punch.

“Right. Breakfast for our human then. Everyone find some clothes. Kitchen’s downstairs and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn are already here,” Angel said already looking for his own jeans.

They had just set foot down stairs when, “For you!” came at them.

Xander looked up from where he was trying to dodge a suddenly grabby Spike to see Cordelia sitting at the front desk, eyes looking at a magazine but with one hand raised imperiously in the air and holding out the telephone to them.

“Oh who is it Oh Queen of Couture?” Xander couldn’t help calling out, before Angel could take a step toward the desk.

She looked up, a smirk on her face. “Sunnydale.” Then her smile grew and Xander noticed her press a button, then Buffy’s voice could be heard.

“Look Cordelia, I don’t care what Angel is doing. Spike has done something to Xander and I need Angel’s help to find him. I swear when I find that beached menace I’m going to dust him so hard Darla will feel it.”

Angel was already striding to the phone, his Vampire showing and growling before Buffy had finished. “Y’ll not be threatening me Childe y’hus-”

Xander practically jumped on Angel’s back and clamped his hand over his mouth to make him quiet down. “Hi Buff,” he sang out cheerfully.

“Xander? Xander? What’s going on? Are you in LA? Why are you in LA? Who was that? They sounded like they were growling but with an Irish accent, what’s going on?”

“Whoa, whoa, Buff. Yes I’m in LA. Yes everything is fine. I don’t know about any growling, must have a crossed line maybe. And I ah, I brought Spike to Angel. Angel is gonna keep him here for now at least. It’s all good, promise,” Xander almost tripped over his own tongue as he tried to get it all out. It hadn’t helped that Spike had grabbed him from behind as he’d hung on to Angel’s shoulders and maneuvered him enough that Angel could turn around. Xander suddenly found himself with his legs wrapped around Angel’s waist, while a wet tongue was licking at the nape of his neck. He prayed for strength and control as one set of strong hands massaged his ass, and another set swept over his thighs, inner and outer. He was hanging between the two Vampires, holding onto his self control by a steadily weakening thread.

“Xander? Xander, why would you do that? We could have used Spike here,” Buffy said and that was a bucket of cold water thrown over his rapidly rising libido.

“That’s just it Buffy. We had no right to use Spike. Yeah he could be an ass. He could be a Royal pain in the ass actually, but he’s not a toy or a tool. He needed help and we couldn’t give it to him or wouldn’t. It wasn’t right, I made it right. I brought him to Angel. He’s Angel’s responsibility anyway. So yeah, that’s what I did,” Xander finished a little on the lame side.

“Xander, Xander, when are you coming home? Tonight?”

“Hey Willow. I was wondering if you were there. No I’m not coming home tonight. Might stick around for a bit and take in the sights, you know,” Xander told her. He really had no desire to return to his life in Sunnydale. The basement and dead end job having absolutely no appeal for him.

He heard a short argument then Giles’ voice was speaking. “Xander I hardly think that Angel and LA are a safe place for you. You should come home. Rather soon actually.”

“The boy’ll come back to you lot when he’s good an’ ready an’ not before, so you can all shove off,” Spike yelled across loudly. His hands now wrapped around Xander’s middle tightly while Angel crooned softly into his soft human neck.

Xander noticed Cordelia watching the closely. With a sharp nod she picked up the receiver again placing it to her ear. “Well now you know where he is. You can stop chasing your own tail. No I will not put him back on the phone. And you can keep out of LA too, you’re not needed. Xander is an adult and can make up his own mind. He’ll come back when he’s good and ready. After he’s taken me shoe shopping. Good bye,” and Xander watched her hang up. She looked back up at him. “Have you told your parents you’re in LA indefinitely?” She asked, hand hovering over the phone again.

Feeling like a ragdoll, Xander tapped Angel’s shoulder and wiggled, trying to get down. Twin growls met his efforts and Spike and Angel just closed him in further. With a sigh he nodded, then shrugged. “Sorta. I left them a note that I was heading to LA. You know my parents, you can never be sure of anything.”

She nodded and lifted the receiver, dailing from memory. Xander steeled himself to speak with his parents. They were not going to be happy about any of this.

“Hello, Mrs. Harris? Hi this is Cordelia Chase, a friend of Xander’s. I’m in LA and he’s come over to help me with some stuff. Just thought I’d let you know he was here and okay. No he didn’t say when he’d be back home. Hope you don’t mind. Yes, yes I’ll tell him and no I’m not pregnant. No he’s not likely to get me pregnant. You can tell Mr. Harris that’s not a problem. Goodbye then.” She hung up quickly and without looking away from the magazine again said. “You’re welcome. Angel I’ll need your credit card later. Giacomo is having a sale. I’ll take Xander with me. I’ll get him some decent clothes too.”

“Right then,” Spike said. “Kitchen? He’s not gettin’ any less hungry.”

Angel pulled his face away from Xander’s neck, the Vampire well under control again. He hefted Xander a little higher around his waist and walked off, Spike a half step behind.


“What you up to, Pet?” Spike asked, draping himself over Xander’s shoulder and nuzzling his neck.

Xander gave a tiny shiver ad stretched his neck, letting Spike lick at his tiny bite marks.

“Just going through the adds in the paper. Can’t keep mooching off Angel like this,” he said, an absent quality to his voice, a spoonful of cereal along its way toward his mouth slowly.

“Oi what?” Spike demanded, spinning Xander’s chair around and straddling him.

Xander chuckled. “You going to sit on me to keep me here?”

“Darn right, if I have to. Oi Peaches! Get yer arse in here. Boy’s gone crazy!” Spike yelled.

Angel sauntered into the kitchen, carrying an old thick book under his arm. “What’s going on?” He asked.

“Boy’s searching the want adds. Says he needs to stop mooching or some shite,” Spike groused.

Angel furrowed his brows. “Xander? You’re not happy here?” He asked, sounding a little hurt. “Has anyone said something?”

“No, no Angel. I’m really happy here. Really. But I feel like I’m taking advantage, you know. I live here. I eat your food. You paid for my new wardrobe which Cordy chose for me. I just feel like I should be contributing more, that’s all,” Xander hastened to say.

Angel set his book on the table and pulled out a chair, sitting beside Xander who still had Spike seated in his lap. He ran his fingers through Xander’s hair, then through Spike’s. “Xander,” he said softly. “William and I like you here with us. There’s no reason for you to find work. I can afford to keep you.”

Xander shifted a little uncomfortably. “I-I don’t like feeling helpless Angel. I guess it comes from feeling helpless my whole life, or at least until the Buffy Years. Not that I wasn’t helpless then, but, well you know. And getting a job would mean I’m sorta grownup.”

Angel sighed. “What sort of job are you looking at?” Angel conceded, ignoring the protests from Spike.

“No idea really. Just looking to see what I’m qualified for. So far I’ve got shoe delivery, water boy and ice cream man.” Xander said.

Angel smiled softly, his hand still patting between Spike and Xander. “Let me rephrase that. What would you like to do?”

“What would I like to do? I don’t know. Haven’t really thought about it.” Xander demurred, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.

Spike huffed and stood up getting out of Xander’s lap. “Don’t know why he has to do anything. I’d be happy to just keep him a’bed all day long, I would,” he said wiggling his eyebrows and giving Xander a comical suggestive leer.

Xander couldn’t help laughing and swatting at Spike’s hip as the blonde Vampire moved to take another chair. “As much as I really and I mean really, love all the sex we have, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it all day, every day, you know?”

Spike just shrugged again and leered. Then he reached out and carefully picked up Xander’s wrist. He brought it to his mouth and bit into it gently, sucking up a small mouthful of blood. He swallowed slowly, savouring the flavour then licked the bite clean until it healed over.

Xander looked at his wrist then at Spike. He turned to Angel again. “You guys kinda do that a lot. You take about a mouthful of blood from me a few times a day. You both take more when we have sex, but you don’t really drink, you know? Why? Is it because you don’t think I can take it, or are you drinking more animal blood or bagged because I haven’t seen you do that. Umm, yeah,” he finished, letting his words trail off weakly.

After a few seconds of silent communication it was Angel who finally answered. “It’s sort of complicated. Taking a little from you throughout the day means that Spike and I don’t have a chance to get hungry. A mouthful here and there is enough. We take more during sex because we love the way you taste when you’re turned on, its exhilarating. When we drink from you at other times, your blood is full of your emotions, your happiness, humor, content, even your emotions for us. It all means that we are more satisfied and don’t need the amount of blood we would otherwise from bags or pig or even from a random guy off the street. Blood holds more than a life source for us. It has all the components of someone’s life in it and because you give it to us willingly we get to share it all with you. Its fulfilling in many ways. So yes Xander, in this case, it’s definitely you.”

“Huh, ahh, okay wow,” Xander said as his mind stumbled over what he’d been told. “So you know my emotions like? Like how I feel?”

Angel nodded once smiling softly. “Yes Xander, we know how you feel. For us.”

“So um, no need to tell a Vamp you love them, cause like they already know?” He asked shyly.

“Exactly. And we love you too,” Angel said still smiling the same soft little smile.

“Now enough of the soft mushy stuff, tell us what you like to do,” Spike demanded from his other side.

“Fixing things and building things,” fell out of his mouth before he could even think about it.

“Right then, let’s look for buildin’ classes and some such,” Spike said, pulling the news paper away from Xander and looking for schools. He shut it abruptly. “This paper is useless. We need that huge book with the listin’ of everything.”

“Yellow pages?” Xander hazarded a guess.

“Yeah, that.” And he stood up. “Oi Chase, where’s the Yellow Pages, you smart bint.”

“One day, she’s going to dust him,” Xander said.

“Yep. I think the only reason she hasn’t yet is because you like him. He’ll be a pile of dust in a blink if you ever break up with him,” Angel agreed.

“What’s the likelihood of that ever happening?” Xander asked, grinning.

“If William and I are really lucky? Never” Angel said.

Xander blushed and looked down. “Hey, ahh, why do you call Spike, William? I mean everyone always calls him Spike.”

“He’ll always be William to me. From the day I turned him. Doesn’t matter what other people call him. I tasted William all those years ago and as much as he tried to change himself to please me, he’s still my sweet William,” Angel said.

“Sweet? Can’t say as I’ve ever thought of Spike as sweet anything,” Xander wandered.

“He’s out there looking for the Yellow Pages so he can make a list of schools for you to study construction. He had a bar fridge put in our bedroom and keeps it stocked with snacks and drinks for you. He threatened to eviscerate Cordelia’s credit card if she didn’t stop treating you badly. Gunn was worried he should stop training with you because William kept watching him every session.

“William coddled and cared for Dru for over a hundred years. Pandered to her every whim. He was the type of young man that invested everything he had and was into whomever he loved. Even once turned that aspect of him hasna changed. He’ll love and protect with everything he has. That’s William, when he loves, he doesn’t have any limits.” Angel said softly, a smile curving his lips.

“Wow. I guess it didn’t click just how much of a romantic Spike is, William is. Ah, should I call him William too?”

“He’d sit on ye if ye did. He’s my William and submissive to me, in the Sire/Childe Bonding. But his demon won’t allow him to be anything but Dominant with you. You’re human and his Demon needs to feel powerful about you. You’re his to love, cherish and protect. His to possess. Even if you were changed he’d still need to be Dominant over you.”

Xander frowned. “Does all that Dominant crap mean I’m gonna find myself cuffed and chained one day? Cause I tell you. I’m not that kind, you know.”

Angel laughed. “Don’t knock till you try it. I’m pretty sure between us William and I could keep you chained and satisfied.”

Xander spluttered and felt himself turn red, the heat sheeting up over him from toe to hairline. Angel just kept laughing, then stood from the kitchen table and left the kitchen. Xander stared after him then down at his forgotten cereal. “Well, crap,” he muttered then adjusted himself on his seat and set about finishing his breakfast.


“How long do you think it will be before one of them gives up?” Xander asked Angel. They had been watching Cordelia and Spike argue about paint color all morning. Spike wanted the hotel rooms painted in shades of cerulean and cream. Cordelia had decided on shades of azure and off white. “Do they even realise they’re arguing for the same colours?”

Angel shrugged. “Probably. I think they just like arguing. William hasn’t had anyone to argue with safely for years. He likes it. At any other court he’d be jostling for position, but Cordelia is human. William’s position is secure.”

“And Cordy gives as good as she gets. She can eviscerate someone at twenty paces without even looking up from her nails,” Xander commented, a grin on his open face. “By the way, if you or some other Vampire ever decides to turn Cordy, warm me first. I’d need all the warning I could get so I could hop a plane to China.”

“The day she becomes a Vampire, is the day America gets her first Mistress of a Vampire Court. And that Court will take out every other Court, no exceptions. And she wouldn’t stop with just America, she’d go world wide. If I wasn’t the one to turn her, there would be dust in my future and most likely William’s too. She’d be viciously efficient, scarily competent and if she was turned without her permission and knowledge her first victim would be her own Sire. I’d even feel sorry for the suffering the idiot would go through before she was done with him I, or maybe her. But they’d get off easy in comparison to what she’d do to the rest of the Courts, Fledges and Childer,” Angel stopped speaking and Xander tore his gaze away from a happily quarreling Spike and Cordy to look at him. Angel’s face was almost slack and his eyes wide and staring.

“You can see it happening, can’t you? World domination?” Xander whispered.

Angel nodded for a few seconds. “Always keep your passport up to date and accessible. She wouldn’t be able to travel during the day, so take advantage. And we’ll get you some fake ID’s she won’t know about, just in case. Keep moving and stay ahead of her. The Vampire ya are is an exaggerated version of the human, remember that. Who and what we were as human just becomes more prominent as Vampire. If she’s scary now, she’d be terrifying then.”

“You sound like I’d be running alone?” Xander said quietly.

“Mo grá, William and I would do all we could to protect you and her from being turned against your wills. So, if Cordelia were turned and she wanted power, William and I would be dust either before her turning or very shortly after.”

“Angel, you’d be safe from me,” Cordelia called over, as if she’d heard every word of their conversation. “Spike on the other hand would have to grovel so hard. Of course I’d give Xander the choice of what he wanted, until I decided what would be best for him. Actually I might keep you two losers around just to keep Xander happy. He rest of the world? On my ever increasing to do list. Now as for you Spike, you know what I want. Now get off my desk and help your boyfriend make it happen. I’m a busy woman, shoo,” she scolded and pushed the bleached Master Vampire off her desk like he was a recalcitrant kitten.

Spike chuckled, dropped a kiss on her head and sauntered over to Angel and Xander on the sofa. He pushed himself onto Xander’s lap, straddling his thighs and stretched over until he could kiss Angel. Xander watched his Vampires kiss passionately for a few seconds, then Spike’s lips were on his and he forgot how to breathe. Hands were running through his hair and he knew one was Spike’s and the other was Angel’s. One hand larger than the other. Both hands strong, powerful and possessive. Both hands could and had killed, humans and demons. Both hands had vicious pasts that should terrify him. Both hands could inflict untold horror and pain.

Xander knew and understood all this, but these hands, these hands gave him unconditional love. These hands gave him incredible pleasure. These hands meant safety and home for him. So he trusted these hands and he trusted the men attached to these hands.

“We should take this upstairs,” a pair of lips whispered into his ear, then Angel sucked his earlobe into his mouth to play with it and Xander shivered, arching his body into the multiple touches wantonly.

“Oh my God, Spike? Xander? Mom!” The squeak of shock then indignation had the three men pulling apart.

“Lil’ Bit?”
“Joyce? Joyce Summers?”

Xander, Spike and Angel questioned in shock.

“Mommmm,” Dawn whined, trying to pull her mother’s hands off her eyes. “I wanted to see that.”

“I don’t care if you wanted to see that. You are too young to see that. I think I’m too young to see that. Ahh, hello Angel, Spike, Xander. I hope we’re not interrupting. Even though we could tell we were interrupting. Ahh. I think I’ll shut up now,” Joyce said floundering and flustered.

Dawn finally managing to remove her mother’s hands off her eyes looked at the three men still sitting where they had been. “Aww darn, shows over,” she pouted.

Xander recovered first. He shook his head and pushed at Spike, who reluctantly slipped off his lap. Xander stood and walked over to the mother and daughter, smoothing down his clothes as he went.

“What are you two doing here? Did Buffy come too? Willow? Is everything all right?” He questioned quickly.

Suddenly Dawn’s face crumpled and she threw herself at him with an “Oh Xander. Everything is just wrong.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and sobbed on him.

He looked helplessly around him. Angel and Spike looked back at him, just as confused as he felt. It was Joyce who came forward and gently pulled Dawn away and into her own arms.

“She’ll be fine in just a minute. Perhaps there’s somewhere private where we can sit and talk?” She asked.

Angel nodded and stood from the sofa. “Of coarse Joyce, just follow me. We can sit in the kitchen. Did you want a tea or coffee? Something cold maybe?” He led them all into the kitchen. Cordelia bringing up the rear.

They all settled around the kitchen table, each nursing a drink between their hands. Angel and Spike sipped carefully from warmed blood while the humans drank from teas or coffee. After a few minutes of silence Cordelia asked what was on all of their minds.

“Okay. I don’t have all day. Is it the end of the world or has Buffy just chipped a nail and needs help?”

Xander stared at her, wide eyed. “Geez Cordy. You know you just said that to Buffy’s mom right?”

“Joyce knows how I feel,” Cordelia said matter of factly.

“Yes I do, however…” Joyce sighed and let it trail off.

“However,” Dawn picked it up. “However, Buffy has lost the plot! She’s letting those stupid army boys run the show. It’s like she’s being drugged or something. The stupid Initiative are taking over. And Spike, Spike. They-they’re coming after you. They keep saying you’re dangerous. Telling Buffy she has to catch you. They’re making plans to come after you here. That’s why mom and I are here. We had to warn you. Oh Spike, you have to get away. Run. Hide. Don’t let them get you again,” Dawn was almost hysterical. She curled into her mother’s arms, tears running down her face.

Xander felt Angel stiffen beside him. He glanced from one stiff Vampire to the other. Spike looked somewhere between confused and terrified. It wasn’t a look he liked on his blonde. Angel, beside him had gone from stiff to vibrating and growling.

“William, come here,” he ordered and Spike vaulted over to them. Angel pulled him into his lap, a sub-vocal growl vibrating from his throat. “No one is going to hurt my William. Who are this Initiative? What do they want with my William? Why is the Slayer listening to them?”

Joyce sighed, her hand running over Dawn’s hair, trying to calm her youngest daughter.

“They’re the ars- ahh, their the blighters that chipped me. The soldier boys, remember?” Spike burst in.

Angel reached a hand up and thwacked Spike on the back of the head. “Stay. Calm. William. I remember what they did to you. I’m asking about who they are. What they are, objectives. That sort o’thing.”

Spike burrowed deeper into Angel. “I don’t like ‘em is all,” he muttered.

Xander reached over and found Spike’s hand, twining their fingers together. Spike looked over and gave him a sad little smile. “Thanks Pet,” he whispered then gently kissed Xander’s knuckles.

“It’ll be fine Spike. Angel will deal with this, right? Maybe we should call Buffy or-or Giles and talk to them? What do you think Angel?” Xander asked, worried at how quiet Angel had become.

“I’ll make phone calls, don’t ye worry ‘bout that. Maybe just not to Sunnydale. Tell me what you can Joyce. I know we havna been on th’best o’terms, but you wouldn’t be here now if ye weren’t worried,” Angel said softly.

“I am worried. It all feels very wrong to me. These ah, Initiative people seem very one sided. One dimensional even. Humans are good and if you’re not human you must be,” She floundered for a second. “I don’t even know what happens to the non humans. Neither does Buffy really. I just don’t like it. And Buffy is all Riley this and Riley that Riley Fin Riley Fin Riley Fin or else it’s “this is what Dr Walsh thinks, this is what Dr Walsh said. Riley Finn, Dr Walsh Riley Fin, Dr Walsh. It seems that’s all she can talk about. She trains with them all day every day. It’s a miracle she’s not failing out of school. She hardly even sees Mr. Giles anymore, not that that’s a bad thing necessarily, but it’s like her entire world is revolving around these soldiers,” Joyce huffed out a breath after blurting everything out.

“Well, tell us what you really think Joyce,” Cordelia said getting up from her seat and going over to the freezer. She pulled it open and removed a bottle. She poured a small amount into a glass and handed it to the older woman. “Vodka, I think you need it.”

Joyce looked at the glass for a second then downed the drink quickly, nodding once to Cordelia in thanks.

“Ha, right well. I can tell ya what they do to non humans down in that bunker of theirs. Experiments. They experiment on us. They chipped me ‘n I got off lightly. Some others weren’t that lucky. Poor sods,” Spike told them.

Angel nodded slowly, his fingers tapping lightly on the tabletop. His eyes half closed. He looked to be thinking and he didn’t seem to be enjoying any of it. Finally he sighed deeply. His face resigned he looked back up at them, then his gaze turned to Cordelia. “Call Wesley and Gunn home. We’re going to need them. And get me a phone. I have a phone call of me own to make.”

He patted down his pockets and finally pulled out his wallet. Spike got off his lap and went over to Xander’s chair, pulling the human up, he sat down then pulled Xander into his arms.

“Angel? What are you going to do?” Dawn asked in a small voice.

“I’m going to call in some favours, Sweetie. Then we’re going to pay these soldiers a visit and shake up their world,”
he said smiling.

“Are you going to kill them?” She asked.

Angel’s smile didn’t falter. “Kill them? No, no, no. But they might be lucky to survive a court martial.”

He took the phone Cordelia handed him. Rifling through his wallet for a few seconds, then pulling out what to Xander looked like an old business card that had been laminated.

“That looks kinda old,” Xander said his curiosity getting the better of him.

“It is. I’ve had to replace it a few times since it was given to me,” Angel said a little distracted as he dialed. Gaze flicking from card to the phone in his hand.

They all fell silent while Angel put the handset to this ear and waited.

“This is Blood Redeemer, please put me through to the relevant General. Yes that’s correct, Code name, Blood Redeemer. Thank you, I’ll hold.”

“What? Who?” Xander began only to have Spike put fingers to his lips and shush him. Xander looked at Spike, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Afternoon General, yes this is Blood Redeemer. I have a few questions for you. Yes it is really me. No your records are probably correct. Okay read me a few things and I’ll tell you if it’s accurate or not,” Angel said, his voice showing how much he did not want to be having this particular conversation. Angel listened for a few seconds then sighed. “Yes that’s accurate.” A few seconds later. “Yes. To all of those. Is that enough? Do you need anything else? No? Good. Now I need information about an operation you have running currently in California, Sunnydale, to be exact. The operation is apparently called The Initiative. Very well I’ll wait for your information. I trust your people have already traced my location? Good. Don’t keep me waiting long General, otherwise I might have to take matters into my hands. My family is in danger and you don’t want to see how I react when my family is in danger.” Angel hung up and tapped his finger on the table. “They’ll get back to us soon. Cordelia?”


“Did you get in contact with Wesley and Gunn? Are they on the way home?”

“Yes, they were already heading back. They found the books Wesley was after. They bought them and managed to stay under budget too,” she said absently. Then she reached over and pushed at the phone with the tip of her index finger. “Anything you want to tell us?”

Angel smirked at them. “I’m old and have had many adventures?”

“Ha! Good one.” Spike grinned. “So ya think yer General will come through?” He asked, voice somber.

Xander felt Spike wrap his arms around him tighter. He reached a hand into Spike’s hair and tugged his head down, kissing him gently, trying to impart some calm. When he pulled back Spike smiled at him slowly.

“Thanks, Pet. I’ll always appreciate yer kisses.”

“We both do,” Angel said. He reached out and ran his fingers through both Spike and Xander’s hair. “William, we’ll deal with this. No one is going to come after you. I promise, I’ll keep you safe. I’ll keep ye both safe. You’re mine n’I’ll no let anyone hurt ye”

“Ah Angel?” Dawn spoke up.

“Yes?” Angel turned his attention to the girl who had finally left her mother’s arms.

“Umm, have you noticed that sometimes you speak normal and sometimes you speak with an Irish accent? Umm, how…” she trailed off softly.

Xander looked around him them down at the table top. He’d noticed the same thing but hadn’t wanted to ask about it, worried a little about the answer.

Angel shrugged. “It’s nothing special, Dawn. Gaelic is a beautiful language, especially the endearments, or at least I think so.”

“Oh okay,” she said.

Xander looked up again, yeah, that made sense, Angel had been using non English words alot lately. He hadn’t realised they were Gaelic though, but now he knew.

As if proving a point Angel turned to him. “Mo grá, why don’t you order some food for everyone. I’m sure Joyce and Dawn are hungry and I know you and Cordelia haven’t eaten yet.”

“Food, yep, I can do that,” Xander said and scrambled off Spike’s lap. He grabbed the phone and headed to the refrigerator, plucking a take away menu at random getting ready to call their order in. “All right, pizza all around? Be here in about twenty minutes? Angel, card me,” he said holding out his hand for Angel’s credit card. It got handed over but as Xander reached for it he was grasped by the wrist and pulled into Angel’s arms, finding himself quickly kissed breathless and distracted. When he was set back on his own feet again he blinked owlishly until he felt someone take the credit card he still held from his hand. He glanced around to see Cordelia leave the kitchen waving the card over her shoulder.

Angel sighed and slumped “There goes my limit again.”


The pizza was nothing but crust and boxes and Xander could see Angel was losing his patience, his pacing around the lobby had gone from strolling around to stomping and growling. Spike had even placed himself strategically in a way that he could pounce on Angel before Angel could pounce on anyone else. Xander knew the older Vampire wouldn’t hurt any of them, but having Spike ready to run interference seemed to relax everyone else.

“So Dawny, how’s school?” He asked.

“Sux-ah,” she stuttered to a stop, glancing at her mother’s stern face at her choice of language. “Ah, okay I guess. No detentions for a few weeks anyway. What are you doing? I mean here in LA. Anything cool?”

“I’m really enjoying my Construction and Design classes. I’m really getting into it, you know? I can’t mooch off Angel forever. Besides I really want to do a great job of restoring this place. There’s stuff I can do without classes, but this old lady deserves the best I can do,” Xander told her, all excited about the prospect.

“Yer doin’ a great job, Pet. In that right Sire?” Spike called across to the other Vampire.

Angel stopped in his stomping and smiled. He walked over to them and gently kissed Xander’s temple. “Yes, mo chroí, a wonderful job.”

Xander smiled around at them happily.

“Is this the Hyperion?” A voice asked from the front doors.

They looked around. A man in an army uniform stood there. Men in army fatigues trooping in after him.

“This is the Hyperion. Who are you?” Angel growled. Spike strode forward and put himself between the soldiers and the humans. Angel strode over to him and set himself in front of Spike. The impenetrable wall between what was his and any potential threat.

“My name is Colonel John Casey. General Henderson sent me and my team to you. Are you the Blood Redeemer?”

Angel nodded once. “Call me Angel.”

Colonel Casey walked forward and offered his hand. Angel shook it then stepped aside and Spike was suddenly all in the Colonel’s personal space. He stalked round him, eyeing him and overtly sniffing him.

Xander could see the other soldiers tensing, ready to move and tensed himself. “You’d better tell your men to stand down Colonel, or this will be the bloodbath you and your men won’t walk away from,” Xander told him quietly.

Casey turned back to his men. “You heard the man, stand down. The General placed us under the Blood Redeemer’s orders. We do what he says. When he says jump we ask how high. If you have a problem with this you can march your asses back to base and explain your issues to the General. Understood?” He snapped.

“Sir, yes Sir!” Came from twenty strong voices as they first stood at ease then eventually relaxed.

“We’re going to need more pizza,” Cordelia murmured, grabbing the phone and dialing quickly.

“You’d better explain to me what’s going on,” Angel said softly.

“Yes Sir,” Casey said, turning back to Angel. “General Henderson has put you in charge of this operation. Myself and my team are at your full disposal. We have everything available about the Initiative. What happens to them is up to you. They are unsanctioned. The ones in charged have superseded their brief and orders. You have been awarded the rank of a full bird Colonel. In most respects I command the troops, you command me. Can I assume that the blonde is William the Bloody, Spike?”

Angel nodded. “William is my Second, my Enforcer. You’ll listen to him the same way as you’ll listen to me. He’ll also takeover your training. If you’re going to run with my Court, we can’t have you making us look bad. Think of him as your new drill sergeant. Your mean and blood thirsty drill sergeant. Actually your men can go with him now. William, run them through their paces. I want to know your opinions before sunset.”

Colonel Casey looked like he would object for a second, then thought better of it. “One request? Don’t kill any of them. The government has put a lot of money into my people and I don’t really want to face a Senate Review Committee to answer why a number of them died at one time outside of a war situation and on home soil. They can get really invasive with their questioning. I’ve got a few skeletons I’d like to stay in their closet.”

“William?” Angel asked.

“Yes Sire, no killin’ th’ happy meals. Got it. If they can’t keep up though I’m not carryin’ em,” he warned.

“Wouldn’t expect you to, William. Take them down to the basement. Colonel Casey and I are going to discuss all things Initiative.”

Xander started to turn, “I’ll just show the army boys the way to the basement.”

“No, ye’ll stay up here with me,” Angel ordered.

Stunned at being commanded Xander just stared at Angel.
Angel sighed and rubbed at the back of his neck. “Xander, chuisle, my pulse, come here,” Angel said opening his arms.

Xander didn’t hesitate and walked right into Angel’s arms. “William will need the time to establish his place. His position over them. As my second he’s my voice and my fist. He don’t kill any of them. He will however make them think bootcamp was a kindergarten.”

“Okay, well of that’s his position in all this, what’s mine gonna be,” Xander asked. “I mean when it was just us, Cordy, Wes and Gunn, I never worried about it. But now with soldiers around, I can’t really afford to look like your toy, you know? Does that make sense. I mean I shouldn’t even be hugging you in front of the Colonel. It does nothing for my manly points.”

Angel huffed. “Your manly points and general manliness might have taken a bit of a hit for now. But today, William will put the boys through their paces, they’ll be crying and throwing up. Questioning their fitness and abilities. They’ll probably try to annoy you, even push you around. Stay out of their way, but play up the helpless sex toy thing. Get them to underestimate you, William will enjoy that. Then tomorrow, William will let them sit in on your training session with him and Gunn. Once they see what you can do they’ll leave you alone.”

“Angel what are you on about? Those soldiers are not about to respect me. I foresee much humiliation in my future,” Xander sighed.

Angel pulled away from him enough to look Xander in the eye. “Alexander Lavelle Harris, you train with William, Gunn and myself on a daily basis. In no way, shape or form do either of us take things easy on you. You can take Gunn down in seconds. And hold your own against William and me for long enough to get away if needed. So don’t think you’re an embarrassment or humiliation. You are an exemplary fighter and they will see that tomorrow and respect you. Besides which, some of their training will be to try and hold their own against you. After you make them bleed a few times, they’ll get the message.”

Colonel Casey cleared his throat, getting their attention. “If I may, if any of my people get out of line, feel free to educate them. There are civilian women and children here and they know that I don’t tolerate bullshit or discrimination of any sort. Your relationship is none of their business. Your status within this Court is as their superior. If they can’t get on that page they need to be educated. If they’re too dumb to learn then I need to know because they need to go. I’ve worked with these men and women for a while though and I’ve yet to be disappointed in their ethics. Having said that don’t hide it from me if they fuck up or step out of line. I’ll need to know about it and deal with it.”

Angel gave his full attention to Casey. “I hate to tell you this Casey, if your people step out of line and fuck up, William won’t leave anything for you to deal with. It’s his job and position to protect the family, in any way he sees fit. I won’t ask him not to and I won’t sanction him for what he does, not in the protection of my family. Is that understood, Colonel Casey?”

“Yes Sir, understood. I’ll tell my people not to fuck up. I’ll wait until Spike has already given them an object lesson though. It’ll make it stick better once he’s already handed them their asses.” Casey said grinning.

“Oh god, he’s going to fit in around here, isn’t he?” Xander asked, a tiny whine in his voice.

Angel chuckled. “I think he will at that, Xander. I think he will at that.”

“Huh, okay, okay. You need to get to getting some information on the Initiative. Casey can give you what he’s got and I’ll tell you what he might have missed. But right now, I think I’d better go help Cordy get some rooms ready. I assume you and your people will be staying here for now? I don’t think Spike will want them out of his sight until he’s happy with them. So that means doing up some rooms. And Joyce and Dawn need a room too. It’s too much for Cordy. Not to mention she’s been giving me the death glare for a while now, so I’d better get going,” Xander said. He quickly stretched up and kissed Angel’s cheek before running off to follow Queen Cordelia Chase.

“Come on Dawn, let’s go and help. Angel doesn’t need us here right now,” Joyce chuckled and the mother and daughter followed Xander as he followed Cordelia across the lobby.

“So Colonel Casey. What do you have for me?” Xander heard Angel say. Then there was rustling and soft voices, but Xander didn’t have time for any of that. Cordelia had pulled out a ledger from God knows where and was slowly sliding her finger down one column, and writing down corresponding numbers on a small notebook.

“Okay,” she began, getting all of their attention. “I’ve got about fifteen rooms that are unrenovated but in good condition. We’ll put the soldiers in them. They’re all twin rooms so they can double up and be fine. Joyce, Dawn, you can have one of the renovated rooms. You can give us a customers’ review of the work Xander has done. See if we need to do anything else. I’ll show you up and to your room first. You don’t have to help us. You’re our guests. You came here to tell us something we needed to know, we can’t ask you to work.”

“Nonsense,” Joyce began. “Dawn and I would love to help. Besides many hands make light work and I’d like to get a look at your rooms, before and after. Now point me to the linen and the rooms.”

An hour later and Xander did not want to see another sheet, and that really sucked because being between the sheets had become his favorite place to be recently. But they had all fifteen rooms made up and Colonel Casey could decide who slept where. He could even award himself his own room if he wanted.

Between Cordelia, Joyce, Dawn and himself they had beds made, rooms dusted, towels folded on the beds, tea and coffee stations ready and stocked in each room. Currently he was in the process of carrying every spare mug they had in the place. Cordelia had ordered him to put two mugs in each room. She was still trying to figure out the food situation. Did they need to provide meals for everyone? If they did, someone had to get to shopping.

“Xander!” He heard Angel call for him. He dropped off the last of the mugs and made his way to the staircase. Looking down he saw Angel looking up at him.

“Hey, you called for me?” He asked, starting down the stairs.

“Yes, I did. Are you done?”

“For now. Cordy is trying to figure out the food situation and Joyce and Dawn are freshening up in their room. Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine. Casey and I would like an evaluation from you of Riley Finn. What do you think of him?” Angel asked as Xander finally joined him.

“What’s Casey said about him? His opinion?” Xander asked carefully.

“Casey read his file. Nothing remarkable. A good soldier. But he hasn’t met him, so he can’t read anything beyond the paper reports. You’ve met the man. You know him. So we need your opinion of him. We can’t do anything until William says the soldiers are ready, so we might as well get as much information as possible.”

Xander finally slumped down in a chair behind the lobby counter. “You really want to take your life into your own hands don’t you. This is Cordelia’s space and we are intruding on it. Before we start, let’s go to the kitchen. Cordy will be heading here any minute now to make some calls.” Xander stood up and heard as one Master Vampire and one Army Colonel scrambled to pack up their files and follow him into the kitchen.


“Looks like you enjoyed yourself,” Xander observed as Spike sauntered back upstairs. The sun was setting and the blonde was grinning.

“Angel said he wanted my opinion by sunset. Where is he?”

“Right here, William,” Angel said, coming out of the kitchen, carrying a warm mug. He handed it to Spike who drank it quickly, after a sweet thank you. “And? What do you think?” Angel asked after running his hand over Spike’s neck.

Spike shrugged, and ducked his head, giving Angel a shy smile. Angel grinned back then gave Spike a gentle push and Spike walked over to lean against Xander, who was sitting on the reception desk. “They’re soldier boys. Probably better trained than the usual, but, nothin’ special. They take orders well though.”

“Spike, just curious, but ah, where are they? And before Colonel Casey asks, are they still alive?” Xander asked after shifting enough so his legs dangled either side of Spike.

“Alive and feeling sorry for ‘emselves.” Spike smirked, pulling a cigarette packet out of a pocket and tapping one out. He flipped it over his fingers then wrapped his lips around it.

“Should I call an ambulance?” Xander asked.

“If they need an ambulance, then they’re useless to us. They’ll be fine. They’ll pull ‘emselves together and crawl back up here in a few minutes or so.” Spike answered, looking closely at his black painted fingernails.

“What’s your opinion of them?” Angel asked, taking the cigarette out of Spike’s mouth. He slipped a hand into the pocket Spike had replaced the cigarette packet in and pulled it out. He slipped the cigarette back in and moved right into Spike’s personal space. Slowly he slipped the cigarette packet into Spike’s back pocket, squeezing Spike’s ass with his free hand.

“Much as I absolutely love the show, I don’t think Colonel Casey is ready to watch the two of you just yet,” Xander grinned at his lovers.

“Oh, gentlemen, don’t mind me,” Casey said.

Xander looked up to see the man leaning on a column and watching them grinning.

“Well Colonel, I didn’t realise you liked to watch,” Xander teased, brows arching.

“Beautiful is beautiful, kid. And I never say no to beautiful. I’m a Military man, not an idiot.”

“Isn’t there this whole homosexuality is bad thing in the Military?” Xander asked.

Casey shrugged. “You gotta get caught first kid and I have enough women in my history, an ex wife even, that no one looks at me to see if they can catch me at anything. Besides, the government spent way too much money on my training to waste it all on a court martial for who I may or may not invite into my bed.”

“An enlightened military man,” Cordelia said, standing from behind her reception desk and grabbing her coffee cup.

“Why thank you mam,” Casey said, effecting a western drawl.

She grinned at him then threw him a wink as she walked on over through to the kitchen.

“Well Casey, I’m not inviting you into our bed room and especially not our bed, but it’s good to know you find us beautiful,” Angel said grinning. “Now William, tell us at you think of Casey’s people.”

“I think they need some more training. If I work them hard and if they’re willing to learn, then I’m going to need at least a month before they’re not an embarrassment. And I sure as hell won’t trust them with Xander and our other humans’ safety until then,” Spike said, voice adamant and Cockney accent missing, showing his actual educated background.

Angel nodded. “Fine, you have four weeks to whip them into shape. And I want you to up your training of Xander, Gunn, Wesley and Cordelia. If the family is in danger we have to be ready.”

“Ready for what?” Another voice asked.

Looking to the front door Xander saw Gunn and Wesley walk through the doors.

“Yes, what’s going on?” The second voice was very posh and very English.

“Gunn, Wes! You’re back!” Xander exclaimed.

“Hey, kid,” Gunn walked over and high fived Xander from over Spike’s shoulder. Accepting a soft shoulder punch from Spike when he was close enough. “Cordy told us to high tail it back. What’s going on?”

“The Initiative decided they’re coming after Spike. Angel called a General, probably from the Pentagon, I don’t know the full story there yet, but I will. Now we have a group of army guys and a Colonel here that answers to Angel. Spike has beating the crap out of them in the basement, because he has four weeks to train them to Angel’s satisfaction. You, me, Wes and Cordy have to double up our training for our protection. When Angel and Spike think we’re all ready were probably gonna head down to Sunnydale and clean some clocks, kick some asses, fix some problems and teach a few lessons. How was your trip?” Xander said grinning like a loon at the flabbergasted look on Gunn’s face.

The darker man slowly slipped a gym bag off his shoulder and placed it carefully on the desk beside Xander, he snapped his fingers and took the bag a stunned Wesley offered him, placing it beside the other one. Then he snagged Wesley’s shirt sleeve and pulled him along. “Cordelia girl. You gotta explain to Wes and me what the hell is going on. We’ve only been gone three days for crying out loud.” He called out as they headed to the kitchen area.

“The loud guy is Gunn. The nerdy guy is Wesley,” Xander said, retroactively introducing the other men to Casey.

The Colonel nodded and watched as the two men walked through the doorway.

“Aha! They’re finally crawlin’ their way up stairs,” Spike smirked.

Nodding once Casey stood up and walked over to where his people would emerge. He stood straight and tall, arms behind his back and legs spread. An army man at attention, ramrod straight and hard as steel.

As the first men and women came out of the doorway, they blinked at him and painfully assembled themselves properly. He stayed silent until they were all there. They stayed silent in front of him, barely daring to breathe and trying hard not to groan.

“Well, well, well. Aren’t you sorry lot. We have four weeks to turn into something that our two commanders won’t be ashamed of. You will work your asses off to make them and me proud of you. To make sure that you can be trusted with the safety of the civilians involved. We have four weeks and we will be ready! Do you understand me?” Colonel Casey snapped out at them, voice hard and loud.

“Sir, yes, sir!” They answered him just as sharp and just as loud.

“Good. Now listen up. Any issues you have either leave them at the door or head on back to base. If you have a problem with homosexual relationships, head back to base. If you have a problem taking orders from Civilians, head back to base. If you have a problem being under the command of a Master Vampire head back to base. This will be your only warning, because if these issues show up after today, you won’t make it back to base. Master Angel or Master Spike will kill you for the insult. Do you understand?”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“Good. Now drag your asses upstairs and find your rooms. I’ve got your room assignments here. Jackson, let everyone know where they’re sleeping,” Casey said and handed the other man a folded sheet of paper.

“Thank you, Sir,” Jackson snapped out as he took it then faced the troops and started calling out names and room numbers.

The lobby was clear within five minutes.

Casey turned to Angel. “I’d better go make my report to my superiors. I’ll let them know we’ll be moving out in four weeks or less, if my people and me shape up faster. Thank you for accepting the help offered and for offering help in return. I know this can’t be an easy decision for you. We’re essentially intruding on your family and that’s never an easy thing to allow to happen. We’ll try to stay out of your way and learn as fast as possible. We won’t be a liability.” Then with a nod he headed for the stairs and his own room.

“Well I like him,” Xander said decisively. Two Vampires turned to look at him. Two sets of eyes narrowed.

“Ye’d better mean that in a ‘he’s a good lad but I don’t wanna bed him kinda way’ me boy,” Angel growled.

“Cause if ya think I’m havin’ you or Angelus inviting’ soldier boy int’ our bed, yer bonkers,” Spike practically squealed indignantly.

“I’ll invite anyone I want into our bed, me boy,” Angel said, voice hard. “But I’ll not be invitin’ anyone else for a long time t’come. Understand?”

“Oh. My. God. You guys are possessive and quite possibly stupid. As if I could handled someone else in bed with us. Geez. I just meant think he’s a good guy, not I want to jump his bones. Sheesh,” Xander explained. “And no extra invites you. Just no.”

Angel smiled gently. “No, mhuirnín, no one but us,” then he walked forward and kissed Xander softly but insistently until he’d worked Xander into his arms and started carrying him to the staircase. He stopped mid stride to arrange Xander so the young man had his legs wrapped around Angel’s waist, while Angel held him with one arm. The other arm sought our Spike and then laced their fingers together. They slowly walked upstairs to their bedroom.

“I love when you talk Irish,” Xander sighed as he nuzzled into Angel’s neck.

Spike let out a bark of laughter. “He’s speaking’ Gaelic, love, not Irish. But yeah, it’s sexy as hell. Makes you wanna lie back and let him ravish ya, don’t it.”

Xander tightened his legs around Angel and reached over to pull Spike over to him. He felt Angel stop and then was between his two lovers. His legs wrapped around Angel with Spike at his back. Xander leaned into the blonde Vampire’s chest, craning his neck and begging for a kiss.

Spike didn’t leave him hanging. He slid his hands under Xander’s ass, over his hips and under his T-shirt, lightly scratching his fingernails over the sculpted stomach beneath. When he pulled back he licked at Xander’s neck then slowly sank his teeth into luscious skin. Xander felt the slow pierce, felt Spike’s mouth seal over his skin and then suck gently. He felt his blood rise languidly out of him. The sensation making Xander’s breath catch and a moan coming from deep in his throat.

He heard Angel groan then another set of teeth enter his neck on either side of the hollow in his throat and Angel slowly draw his own mouthfuls of blood from him. Xander stopped breathing for seconds. His mind in a spiral. He could feel blood leaving him, but blood was also rushing to his cock. Sending it from happy to achingly hard in the blink of an eye. He moved his hips trying to find some type of relief from the pressure.

Spike moved his hands from Xander’s stomach and cradled his ass. He pulled his teeth from Xander’s neck at the same time Angel did. The licking did nothing to change how turned on Xander was. Actually making him harder. He was panting and moving his hips restlessly.

“What do you want Xan. Tell Sire and me what you want,” Spike whispered into his ear.

“No fair. No fair. Angel talks Gaelic. Makes me hard. You talk real posh English. Just makes me want you to fuck me blind. Yeah that’s it fuck me blind. Please.” Xander begged.

“I like that plan. What do ye say William, d’ye like that plan?” Angel asked.

“Love that plan Sire. Great plan.” Spike said, voice husky and they were moving again.

Xander wrapped his arms around Angel’s neck as he was carried off. He glanced around and saw Colonel Casey just watching them from his doorway. Well they had been standing on the staircase, practically making love in public, so Xander couldn’t begrudge the man enjoying the show. Casey’s cheeks were pink and his lips parted as he obviously panted for breath, chest rising and falling quickly. Xander gave the soldier a contented smile and let himself be carried to the bedroom he shared with his lovers.

The first rooms Xander had renovated at the Hyperion hotel had been the rooms he shared with Angel and Spike. Of coarse he hadn’t planned on starting there but Cordelia have insisted. She had demanded he sound insulate the rooms, had even told him where to get the acoustic quality sound insulation from. Not being an idiot and wanting to wake up to none of them being castrated, he had done as he was told. The sex life had not suffered and Spike’s inventiveness had only magnified. The blonde Vampire had taken it as a challenge to make one of them scream so loud that Cordelia could hear it from downstairs.

So Xander was thoroughly blaming Cordelia for the predicament he found himself in. He was currently tied to the posts of the massive four poster bed Angel and bought them. He was standing at the foot of the bed and tied spread eagle, arms and legs each bound to a post. He had limited movement beyond swaying slightly. He wasn’t uncomfortable beyond the fact that he as feeling like a cross between jelly and molten lava. He was moaning and panting, sweating and begging all at once. And he loved it.

He loved it as Spike tormented him with his agile tongue. As it moved smoothly in and out of his ass hole. He loved it as Angel left little nips along his chest while his fingers slid along his ribs. He groaned when Spike’s finger nails traced their way from ankle of knee and back again. Xander was a mass of sensation. The soft and smooth, the hard and sharp, the gentle and forceful all tangling together in his sex addled brain until all he could do was throw his head back and scream, an orgasm crashing through him without anyone ever touching his cock.

Then he watched as Angel grabbed Spike viciously and threw him on the bed. Spike landed on his front and in a second had one knee pulled up to his chest. Xander heard him beg and whine then Angel was pushing into him, hard and fast. There was no gentleness in it. It was hard and rough, vicious and dominant and exactly what his two Vampires needed and wanted at that time. It was as if they had used all of their patience on him and had nothing left over for each other. As Angel thrust himself forward, he pulled at Spike’s hips, then quickly pushed him away only to do it all over again. Angel’s face had morphed, his brow ridges prominent, teeth elongated and eyes yellow. His unneeded breathes coming in gasps and grunts. His fingers clenched in Spike’s hips, digging in and holding tight.

Spike was moaning and begging. A new swear word with every gasp. Leaving Xander amazed that he even had the brain power for words. “Come on ya ponce,” he gasped. “Nail me right.” He groaned again. “Please, Angel, please,” he begged. Then started he cycle all over again, a gasp, an insult, a demand followed by a beg. His words coming faster as Angel increased his own speed and Xander watched it all. Mouth open. His breathing matching Spike’s gasped unnecessary breaths. His own hands wrapped and fisted into the silk scarves that tied him to the bed posts. Those flimsy ties the only things keeping him upright and off the bed. Then Spike was biting back a scream, unsuccessfully as it rang around their room, and Angel bit through his own lip as he grunted and groaned his own relief, and Xander whimpered wanting desperately to get to his lovers.

Spike and Angel collapsed on the bed, eyes closed for a few seconds, then as one they crawled over to Xander and used sharp claws to cut the scarves, quickly pulling Xander onto the bed and into their arms. Somehow getting the three of them under the sheets and tangled together. Xander had been pushed onto Angel’s chest while Spike was plastered to his back and feeling safely sandwiched between his lovers he fell asleep.


“Spike you fucking cheater!” Xander growled as he threw himself to the right, landing on his side, rolling and getting back to his feet in a second and spinning to kick Angel in the solar plexus and using that momentum to ram his shoulder into an advancing Spike. Angel doubled up and took a small step back. Spike folded over and tried to grab Xander but Xander snaked himself out of the hold and raised a knee to slam it into Spike’s nose, causing him to howl. Then Xander was throwing himself into a baseball slide and taking out Angels legs as he slid across the floor.

Quickly getting back to his feet he took a sharp breath in and accessed the situation. Gunn was now struggling with Angel, just barely holding his own as the two traded blows, but Spike was back up and stalking him. His face bloody from his nose, a smear on his cheek where he had wiped it, his eyes yellow and brows raised. Yep, Spike definitely meant business. So Xander set his feet, crouched a little and readied himself to fight down and dirty. Just the way Spike had taught him.

He didn’t wait for Spike to get too close. If he let Spike control the situation, then he’d find himself flat on his back in less than a second. So Xander took in a sharp breath and struck. He took two quick steps then moved right, just as Spike moved to intercept him, Xander bent himself double into a rolling somersault that only ended after he had taken Spike’s legs out from under him, while the vampire was on the floor he quickly straddled him and punched him, making his nose bleed again. A second later he was on his feet again, aiming a few hard kicks at Spike’s midsection and moving away again.

He kept a weather eye out for Angel. He knew Gunn wouldn’t be able to keep the Master Vampire out for long, so Angel was somewhere, ready to pounce. A slight breeze was all the warning he got before he was off his feet and flailing in the air as Angel lifted him off the ground. Xander struggled. Throwing himself left to right back and forth until he had no breath left. He was up in the air, he had no leverage, but he kept going, fighting, struggling. He couldn’t give up, wouldn’t give up. Angel and Spike would kick his ass completely if he gave up. So he tried to escape, already knowing it would be impossible, Angel was far too strong for him and his hold on Xander was too secure.

“Enough,” Angel finally said and Xander stopped immediately, just sagging in Angel’s arms and feeling himself draped draped over Angel’s shoulder. Then he was sliding down Angel’s chest until he could stand on his feet. Xander was breathing hard and his legs were jelly, so he leant on Angel even when he was standing, thankful for the arms wrapped securely around his waist.

Spike was helping Gunn off the floor where the man was sprawled, gasping for breath and not looking happy about it.

“Like the boy said, Spike, you’re a fuckin’ cheater,” Gunn grumbled.

“All Vampires are cheaters, mate. Hell, we cheated death by bein’ turned didn’t we?” Spike said, shrugging. Then he turned to Angel who was still holding Xander. “You good, luv?” He asked softly.

Xander grinned and nodded. “I’m fine Spike. I need a shower, but I’m fine.”

“Right then! You lot!” Spike called as he turned to face the military folks that had been watching the sparring session. “Xander there and Gunn here are as human and mortal as all of you, and they lasted longer than any of you did yesterday, and yesterday you only had me to best. Xander and Gunn held their own in a two on two battle against two Master Vampires. If Angel and me were normal fledges, we’d be dust by now. But you lot, you lot couldn’t even dust a fledge. By the end of the week, I expect ya to be able to be at least half as good as my boy there,” he pointed at Xander.

Xander gave a sheepish grin and a quick wave.

A woman Xander didn’t know raised a hand. Spike scowled at her before nodding once.

“Hansen, Sir. May I ask how long you’ve been training with Mr. Harris?” She asked.

“Mr. Harris? God please no. That’s totally my dad and he’s a loser like no-one else. So it’s just Xander,” Xander laughed out before Spike could answer.

A growl came from booth Vampires at the mention of old man Harris. “We’ll no be discussin’ tha’ man,” Angel said, voice soft a liltingly Irish.

Xander swallowed and rubbed the back of his head against Angel’s chest. “Pull your demon in Angel, we don’t want to terrify the baby soldiers. My dad is permanently off the discussion table. Okay, Spike. What’s next?” He called.

Spike shook his shoulders out. “Next? Next these would be wanna bes get to ask questions that we may or may not answer. They’re gonna need to have some idea of what they’re getting in to. I know Casey there,” he said cocking his chin to the Colonel. “He told you yesterday to decide if you were in or out. Today is the beginning of your schoolin’. See my boy over there?” He asked now pointing at Xander, who felt his face warming up. “Ya asked how long I been training him? Answer? A few weeks. Did I make him as good as he is? Short answer is, probably not. Xander here grew up on a Hellmouth. The same Hellmouth were about to go visiting soon. He’s been fighting Vampires ‘n Demons most of his life. In Sunnydale you fight or you’re a happy meal. Casey! His much have your lot been told about how things stand in Sunnydale?”

Colonel Casey stepped forward. Arms behind his back. “We’ve been given the basics. We have knowledge of the Slayer and the bare basics of the Vampire and Demon problem.”

“Sire?” Spike turned to Angel and asked.

With a sigh Angel nodded. “I’ll make the history of Aurelius available after training. They have to understand what we were to understand where we stand now.” Angel ran a hand over the back of Xander’s head then walked around him to stand beside Spike. He pointed at Xander and then at Gunn. “These two young men have grown up on a battleground. Fighting for their lives every night. They haven’t had a childhood. They are as much soldiers and warriors as you are, if not more so. So understand us now. These young men can and will break you if step out of line. Annoy Xander and if he doesn’t put you down hard then Spike or I will and we won’t show any mercy, then we’ll punish him, because his safety is our primary concern. However, you will spar with Xander, and you will not take it easy on him, just as he will not take it easy on you. All of your survival will depend on it. A Vampire or Demon will not fight fair, so neither will you. They will not fight clean, so expect to fight dirty. Expect to take advantage of everything and anything in your environment.” Angel stopped and looked at a young man who raised his hand.

“Sir, you mentioned Gunn?”

Angel turned to Gunn who’d been standing propped against a wall. He stood straight up now and walked forward. “What you wanna know white bread? Me and mine have been fighting the fang boys for years. My crew kept peace on the streets around here until Angel came, then he scared the others away. Now I fight the good fight with him. Stop the big bad, Apocalypse, the crazy gods and nuttier humans that want the crazy gods and demons. So yeah, I grew up a lot on the street. Had my friends and family turned or killed. I ain’t no friend of the monsters and things that go bump in the night. I fight and fight hard and dirty. No prisoners. Xan and me train and train hard. We all know Spike and Angel are gonna have you train against me and Xander so don’t expect us to play fair. Believe me, the bad guys don’t pay fair, so we won’t either.just like Spike said. Now Xan and me are gonna hit the kitchens. I’m starving. Come on kiddo.” Gunn turned his back on the soldiers assembled and headed to the door.

Xander shrugged, looked at Angel and Spike, he grinned and waved off their attention. “Don’t break the toy soldiers. Cordy will skin you both if she has to clean blood off the floor and walls.”

“Go eat” Angel growled.

Xander winked at him then grinned again. He watched for a few seconds as Angel and Spike started to stalk the room. He was still grinning as he walked through the door, he saw Gunn waiting for him.

“They started on scaring the soldiers yet?”

“Yep, doing that stalking thing they do. I’m pretty sure they want to scare them into running or peeing themselves.”

“Can’t say I blame them, Xander. I mean those guys are going to be our back up. Angel and Spike are going to have to trust that those soldiers are going to have your back when your Vamps are busy. This thing in Sunnydale, it has them worried. This Initiative, from what my sources can find out, it’s basically a rogue element. No one really knows what they’re up to. So Angel and Spike are going to train and research and make sure we’re as ready as we can all be when the time comes. Okay,” he said, clapping his hands together. “Let’s hit the kitchen. I’m more than starving.”

“No argument from me, we’re already late for lunch. Come on. I’m sure I saw some cold meats in there yesterday,” Xander said starting to walk faster.

“Ahha, and I heard Cordelia calling in an order to the local market this morning. I don’t know what she’s organised for meals but at least we can keep ourselves in sandwiches. Let’s move white bread,” Gunn grinned as he pushed past Xander and entered the kitchen first.

In quick time the two men had thick cold chicken and salad sandwiches in front of them paired with crisps and soda.

Xander was starting his second sandwich before he spoke again. He whipped his lips. “Why do you call me white bread?”

Gunn chuckled and ruffled Xander’s hair before standing and going to the sink with his empty plate. He rinsed it quickly and set it to drain. “If you don’t know kid, then I ain’t telling you,” Gunn said still chuckling.

“Did-did I say or do something to upset you? Cause I never mean that shit, it’s just foot in mouth, you know? Buffy and Willow always said I said the wrong thing, my mouth sorta runs away with my brain and-”

“Xander.” Gunn cut him off sharply. “Xan, man. Relax. You haven’t said or done anything. We are cool man. It’s just an expression, with you anyway. And you look all shocked and shit, like a puppy, every time I call you that. We, are, fine. Those soldiers though, they gotta prove themselves. When I call them white bread, I mean it. Even if some of them ain’t white. Okay, I gotta hit the streets and see what’s up. Talk to my boys, make sure they’re all good, you know? Tell Angel when he asks. See ya.” And Gunn was gone sweeping right out the door.

Xander shook his head and returned his attention to his sandwich.

“Can I say Daddy Issues?” A voice asked and Xander looked up to see Colonel Casey leaning in the doorway Gunn had just left through.

Xander chewed his mouthful and gestured to the seat across from him on the table. He watched as Casey strolled over and lifted an eyebrow when the Colonel took the last half of sandwich off his plate, taking a bite out of it then grinning. Xander swallowed his mouthful and chased it down with a gulp of soda.

“Daddy issues? Dude we all got Daddy issues. Especially in this place. Angel has them, Gunn, Cordelia, Wesley, me definitely. Actually the best adjusted of us all is probably Spike. I think he’s the only one without real Daddy issues. He does have Sire issues though, so, you know, six of one, half a dozen of the other? You know what that means, yeah?” Xander asked then stuffed another bite of sandwich into his mouth, chewed and swallowed.

Casey stared at him. “Spike? He’s the most adjusted? That scares me. Definitely scares me. Spike just comprehensively handed me my ass then kicked me out of training. Apparently Angel is going to take over my training, while Spike deals with my people. Angel also said he’d tell about the clan. Why would he decide to tell me about the clan. And what clan is he talking about. And while I’m at it, why are they going to make the history of Aurelius available to us all?”

“Wow, you don’t ask easy questions do you?” Xander said, dusting his hands of sandwich crumbs. “Not sure why. Not really. I think, well, Angel and Spike haven’t been clan in over a hundred years. Ever since the curse hit Angel really. So they’ve both been drifting on their own. Now they’ve come back together, they want to do it right. The Demon community put a lot of emphasis on the strength of their clans, family units that sort of thing.

“Technically Angel and Spike are only two vampires so they shouldn’t hold much power, but, they’re Master Vampires and everyone in the Demon community knows it. They have a reputation, even with the soul, Angel is one scary asshole when he wants to be. Then there’s the fact that the majority of their clan members are human. Which should again be a sign of weakness. But everyone knows that Gunn is a badass. Wesley is the magic man around here. And Cordy is just damned scary, no matter what. You and your guys are going to be connected to the Aurelius Clan, even if its tangential or for a limited time. Angel can’t afford for you to make the clan look weak.

“So Spike will kick your asses until you don’t embarrass him anymore and he knows you’re not going to be, what’s the word, oh yeah, canon fodder for the bad guys. And the bad guys might be the Initiative, but they might also be the latest monster of the week, you know. Anyway that’s what I figured that might all be about. The history and stuff, well I guess that’s pride. Angel and Spike want you to know who you are following.

“The Aurelius Clan is one of the original Clans. From what I read, it basically ran Europe for hundreds of years and they were powerful here in the States too. Until the Master got himself trapped on top of the Hellmouth, and then Buffy came along and dusted him. Since then the clan took a nap. The only ones strong enough and in line to be the new Master were Angel and after him probably Drusilla or Spike. But Angel wasn’t interested he only wanted to hide, from himself and everyone else. Dru? Well she’s nuts and Spike was too busy looking after Dru. So, you know, no Clan. I can’t really get how come they’re building it back up now, but, well as long as they’re safe and happy, it’s cool by me.” Xander blinked at the confused look on Casey’s face. “Damn did I lose you somewhere? I do that when I try to explain something. Maybe I can get Angel to explain?”

“No, no kid. I get it. You didn’t confuse me. I’m just surprised you don’t know why they’re so adamant about building the clan now?” Casey chuckled, his blue eyes crinkling in a friendly way.

Xander just finished his soda and shrugged.

“Kid, they’re building the clan and their strength to make sure you’re safe and protected. Everything those two men, Vampires do is to keep you safe. Safe and happy. Trust me. This is all about you. They’re only taking on the Initiative because it’s in your hometown and you want to be sure no one comes after Spike. So they’ll take down anyone that makes you feel unsafe, or probably gets in your way too come to think of it. Those two, they adore you. Love you like crazy. I’ve rarely seen that in anyone.” Casey stood from the table and went to the refrigerator, opening it he pulled out two sodas and handed one to Xander, keeping the other for himself.

Xander took it, he was blushing and he knew it. “They- they’re really important to me too,” he mumbled, looking at his soda.

“Oh, that’s obvious too. The way you look at them. Like they set the sun and moon. And you know, they’ll give them to you if you ever asked for them. Some of my men were discussing it last night. No don’t get upset about it. They were just jealous as hell, is all. Can’t say I blame them. We all want to feel adored by someone we adore. Hey, can I ask you some really personal questions?”

Xander was still blushing but nodded, after all he couldn’t get any more embarrassed.

Casey fiddled with his own soda. Eventually he looked back up and sucked in a deep breath. “I assume you’ve sucked them off before? What do they taste like?”

Xander choked on his own breath. “Damn Casey. That’s-that’s. I don’t even-”

“I’m actually serious. I’ve given head more than a few times. I like it, a lot more than I should admit too. I like the way a man tastes, the way he feels in my mouth. But I, the taste of him when he comes, that’s. I’m freaking you out, I know, but I can’t help it.” Casey floundered through his explanation.

Xander grinned. “I thought I was the only one that couldn’t talk right,” he chuckled, patting the soldier in the shoulder. “I can’t really compare. I’d never been with a guy before Angel and Spike, so I don’t know what other men taste like, but Angel is a little on the sweet and iron side, where Spike is definitely salty and irony. Irony? Is that even a word? Well crap, it is now I guess.” Xander shrugged. He knew his face was making itself weird, but heck, he’d never had this discussion with anyone before. Even Spike, who could and did make him blush on a damned near daily basis, had never asked him how he and Angel tasted, so Xander cut his face making some slack. He was confused and embarrassed and sorts of weirdly aroused by the whole thing.
“So, you interested in finding out?” Xander asked, grinning as Colonel John Casey turned the bright red of embarrassment.

“N-I’m not-I wouldn’t-” he started to splutter.

“Try not t’kill the Army Colonel, pet,” Spike said as he sauntered through the doorway, cigarette held lazily in his teeth and thumbs hooked into his belt.

Xander bit his lips almost bloody as he tried not to laugh at the expression on the human man’s face. He smiled right into the kiss Spike gave him before the Vampire pulled out a chair from the table, flipped it around then straddled it.

“So army man. You interested in somethin’ or what?” Spike drawled lazily. “Angel ‘n me are exclusive with our boy here, but we can probably hook ya up,” he said then took the unlit cigarette from his mouth to tap it lightly against the table.

Casey looked like a dear in headlights. His mouth open. His eyes wide. His cheeks crimson. “N-n-n-no. I d-d-d-don’t think so.”

Spike shrugged. “Your loss, mate.” He turned to Xander then. “Pet, Gunn’s takin’ the Watcher to the demon library. He wants to look somethin’ up. Angel thought you might like to go along. They’re holding a market of sorts there today. There might be somethin’ you’d like.”

Xander grinned. “Sounds cool. I’m all for the shopping and libraries. Especially the non school related variety. When is Gunn leaving?”

“As soon as you’re ready,” Spike told him.

Xander was up from table and through the door before either man or Vampire could say another word


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    Awesome to see Xander taken seriously and appreciated. So glad he saved Spike. Watching the army squirm is just hilarious.
    Thank you

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