Artist Showcase: krani for Fortuitous

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I am a flight attendant with a math degree whose love of travel is only eclipsed by her love of reading. Before the internet was a common thing I used to live in the library, and was the only one in school who did not mind the mandatory reading in literature class.


  1. I’ve been waiting to tell you how gorgeous your art is. It’s amazing and you are extremely talented.

  2. Your art gallery is totally next level. I love it all. And the cover is gorgeous.

  3. These are lovely. I like how the pictures were made to look like they were painted as well. The chapter header pics are very intriguing and make me want to read the story even more. Excellent job.

  4. I love your original artwork, it’s just gorgeous! I love it all. Best, The Nut.

  5. The art is just gorgeous.

  6. Lovely art. It’s all so great, but I think Fawkes is my favorite!

  7. I love your artwork! The chapter banners were nicely detailed and the cover was lovely!

  8. Your cover art is marvellous. Thank you!

  9. I really liked your chapter art! Thank you!

  10. Your art is really beautiful. I love it so much!

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