An Aurelian Court by T.K. Benjamin

Title: An Aurelian Court
Author: T. K. Benjamin 
Fandom: Angel/BTVS
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Slash, First Time, Paranormal/Supernatural
Relationship(s): Angel/Xander Harris/Spike 
Content Rating: NC17
Warnings: Canon Level Violence, Vampires 
Author Notes: A huge thanks to my amazing artist. She’s incredible. 
Beta: none
Word Count: 51,400(ish)
Summary: When Xander gets the chance to make something right he grabs it and runs. Straight to LA. 
Artist: MIZU SAGE 


I’m an Author. I’m a Chef. I’m a mum to multiple fur kids. And on weekends I corrupt young women into thinking for themselves and asking multiple questions.


  1. Michelle Freeman

    I was just scrolling through AO3 the other day hoping for a new story featuring Xander Harris, and lo! your story summary appeared in my inbox. I’m so excited that my wish is coming true, and I look forward to reading what you post.

  2. I’m so happy I found this. I love Xander to bits. It’s hard to find good fic nowadays with him though. I absolutely am 100% your fan now and cannot wait to read this fics continuance.

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