Only Miss the Sun When It Starts to Snow – Glitterfics

Title: Only Miss the Sun When It Starts to Snow
Author: Glitterfics
Fandom: X-Men Movies (Original Trilogy)
Genre: Action Adventure, First Time, Romance, Science Fiction, Slash
Relationship(s): Bobby Drake/John Allerdyce
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Hate Crimes/Hate Speech, Mention of previous violence against a character when they were a child, homophobic language, death of a minor character, Infidelity, Violence – Canon-level, brief references to underage sex. Rogue-bashing
Beta: lazydazy
Word Count: 54,060
Summary: When Bobby chased his girlfriend, Rogue, to New York City, he ran into his former best friend and suddenly realised why he never could get over John leaving the way he had and why things with Rogue were definitely not working out. But can two people on opposite sides ever make it work? Especially when having to contend with the government’s new mutant ‘cure’, an energy-sucking monster masquerading as a dead loved one, and the years of hurt and confusion which lay between them.
Artist: Ringspells



Bobby, John and Rogue are all eighteen and over the age of consent. I have made a few changes from canon – the main one being that, rather than Phoenix being Jean’s split personality, I’ve made it a separate entity using her form. Also, although this story is based in the original trilogy, I’ve used the prequels’ idea of Charles and Raven growing up together because I really like it. A massive virtual hug to my beta, lazydazy, because she talked me into signing up for this, talked me out of dropping out when my original story stalled, and then beta-ed this for me too. And all the thank yous to my lovely artist, Ringspells, for her help and the absolutely amazing art she’s created; I absolutely love it.


I am a Welsh girl, living in England with one husband and three cats. I've been writing fanfic, on and off, for close to 10 years. I tend to write slash and romance from whatever fandom I'm obsessing over at the time.

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