me wa kokoro no kagami by BoyGirlBothNoneImTheUniverse

Title: me wa kokoro no kagami; the eyes are the window to the soul
Author: BoyGirlBothNoneImTheUniverse
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Relationship, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Gen; Referenced/Implied: SasuSakuNaru, ItaSasu, NaruHina, ItaIzu, JiraOro
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence – Graphic, Implied/Mentioned Incestuous Feelings
Author Notes: this is part 1 of a series, though this fic can stand on its own as a fix-it.
Beta: MielleBikker
Word Count: 50,025
Summary: “We’re going to send someone back,” Naruto said with confidence, his voice holding strong at their incredulous looks. “Far enough back that we can change things.” “Send someone back?” Kakashi asked, bewildered. “Time travel?” Sasuke asked, just as shocked. Surely that hadn’t been what Naruto meant? Naruto nodded enthusiastically, a blinding grin gracing his face, making it into a once more familiar sight. “Time travel!”
Artist: tpena19


I'm on ao3 under the same handle and Grilled Cheesby over on I mainly write in the Naruto fandom, with the occasional detour into the Bleach fandom.


  1. Naruto makes for such fun time travel opportunities, and your cast/pairings sound epic!

  2. This looks intriguing!

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