Face to Face by Ladynero

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Title: Face to Face
Author: Ladynero
Fandom: Vampire Hunter D, Castlevania (Netflix)
Genre: Action Adventure, BDSM, Het, Horror, Menage or more, Paranormal/Supernatural, Slash
Relationship(s): Meier Link/Charlotte Elbourne/Vampire Hunter D, Alan Elbourne/Ten Heart (OFC), Ten Heart (OFC)/Jack Heart(OMC)
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, Major Character Death, Violence – Graphic, Negotiated non-con in a BDSM relationship, Murder, Blood play, Blood drinking
Author Notes: See notes tab on Summary Post for warnings related to specific chapters and other author notes.
Word Count: 81,930
Summary: A twist of fate, or perhaps an act of compassion, has the vampire Noble Meier Link and his human love, Charlotte Elbourne, whisked off to a new life where they will be free to love each other without fear or persecution. Yet family is not so easily denied, and Alan Elbourne wants to know the fate of his sister, unsatisfied with the story he was told. Falling in with the Royal Heart family, a group of con artists, thieves, and murderers, he hunts for Charlotte, determined to bring her home one way or another. Standing between the lovers and the crooks is the enigmatic Vampire Hunter known only as D, but it is not only bodies but hearts on the line when they all come face to face.
Artist: Izzy Hound


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Author Notes

This is a story 20 years in the making, and it is one version of the story I started back after watching “Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust”. I still have the other version in a notebook to finish one day. A few things here:

  1. Castlevania characters were used to “fill out the cast”. The Carmilla talked about in this story is the one from Vampire Hunter D.
  2. “Dunpeal” was a mistranslation for what D is. In the novels, he’s referred to as a dhampir and that is what I am going to use here.
  3. Meier Link’s name. Again, another mistranslation as in “Demon Deathchase” the third Vampire Hunter D novel that the plot of Bloodlust was based off of, he was Mayerling. I have offered up a reasonable explanation for the name change.
  4. Incest between siblings is talked about, but nothing is shown on screen. It’s all in the past or in a person’s desires.
  5. In Chapter 13 is negotiated non-con. The characters in question talked about it, set guidelines, and show a healthy BDSM encounter between two consenting adults. It’s a bit of character development in showing how these two act with each other despite their start. There is also some blood play in this chapter.
  6. There is cold blooded murder in here, blood, and violence. Some injuries are described while others are given broad strokes. It depends on the circumstances.
  7. They’re vampires so there’s going to be some blood drinking. There is also going to be some vampire biochemistry explained that is pretty much made up by me so if it doesn’t make any sense, that’s why.
  8. The novels referenced in this are “Dark Road”, “Pale Fallen Angel”, and “Twin-Shadowed Knight”. No real spoilers for the overall plot of those novels, but if you read them, that’s where certain details came from. This story is dedicated to three people: Wargoddess for “Instincts”, the first ever D/Meier Link story I ever read that remains my favorite to this day. NonbinaryFairy for the idea of vampire biochemistry and venom glands. Icka M Chif for the interesting discussion in the safe and proper way for a vampire to bite someone without killing them accidentally.

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