Artist Showcase: penumbria for Becoming by Sibyl Moon

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I write and make art for multiple fandoms.


  1. Your art is just awesome and I’m thrilled with every single thing about it. Thank you so much for adding to my story in such a wonderful way. You’re a rockstar and you leave very much a fan of you & your work.

    Thank you again,

  2. Penumbria, once again your art is amazing. I knew you were talented, as both an author and an artist, but you really bring the story to life in a great way. Awesome job!

  3. Great art! It’s all really lovely, but I like the graveyard scene the best. I don’t know, it just works so well all together. 🙂

  4. Nice art. Great job.

  5. wow! the cover art is wonderful, but I find the quote banners you did to be incredibly compelling. Great work.

  6. Beautiful work.

  7. Awesome job!

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