Artist Showcase: Halestrom for Pull Me From the Dark by Jilly James

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  1. I loved every single bit of this art. Thank you so much for bringing the story to life in such a beautiful fashion. I’m truly awed by your talent.

  2. Your art is awesome. I especially loved the Time cover.

  3. Great art! I love your composition and color balance! I also like how you have the split cities, it’s cool. Awesome job!

  4. The art is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful art. Great job.

  6. Lovely work!

  7. Knocked it OUT of the park.

  8. Halestrom, you are truly exceptionally talented! I love your writing style and the stories you’ve done, but until now I honestly didn’t realize you were so talented in art as well! Like Jilly said, your work brought the story alive to me. And I’m seriously just in awe. Thank you for sharing your talent. Bella’s right, you knocked it OUT of the park….heck I think you might have achieved atmosphere and breaking the sound barrier with the art!

  9. Beautiful art!

  10. Your art is stunning and it was such a perfect complement to Jilly’s story. <3 <3 <3

  11. You did a truly fantastic job with your art! I’m kind of awed by your blending skills. 🙂

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