Artist Showcase: Bibbity88 for Lion Inside by HarleyJQuin

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Note: Some art may contain spoilers for the story. Please be aware before scrolling down to see the gallery.






  1. I love the mood boards you’ve created. They really do capture a…mood.LOL. I guess the name is apropos. Thanks for sharing your talent with us this year.

  2. Oh, I love the mood boards. They are so very pretty! They make me excited to read the story. Lovely fucking job on these!

  3. Just… I love everything xD

  4. Lovely ❤️

  5. Gorgeous art. I particularly like the topless Stiles and Derek.

  6. I love how your art is really cohesive and tied together. I <3 the chapter headers, especially the little embossed kitsune!

  7. Lovely art!

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