When The Levee Breaks – halestrom

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Title: When The Levee Breaks
Author: halestrom
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Genre: Drama, Episode Related
Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: * No Mandatory Warnings Apply
Author Notes: A huge thank you to Daisy May for helping me with this story, and SpencnerTibbsLover for the gorgeous art.
Word Count: 83,540
Summary: Six months after the events of Doranda, John receives a wake-up call that changes the course of events in Atlantis for everyone involved, for better or for worse. While John deals with his rude awakening, some friendships are made stronger, and some are broken. He just hoped he woke up in time for him to fix mistakes before he loses the one thing he can finally admit he wants.
Artist: SpencnerTibbsLover


  1. Gorgeous art and the story description has me drooling. Double win!

  2. Love me some Atlantis!
    I never liked thr doranda part of the series so looking forward to your spin on it 🙂 happy writting!

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