What the Hell is an Imprint – 2/2 – gypsysue

Reading Time: 129 Minutes

Title: What the Hell is an Imprint?
Author: gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter, Twilight
Genre: Action Adventure, Crossover, Drama, Family, Male Pregnancy, Paranormal/Supernatural, Slash
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Jacob Black
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Major Character Death, Violence – Graphic, Violence – Domestic and/or Against Children , Canon violence against children. Main character death for a blink and you miss it moment.
Beta: achavalj
Word Count: 53,788
Summary: Sirius has had plenty of time to examine Harry’s life while trapped in his old house. What he sees, he doesn’t like. His near death in the DoM gives him the opportunity he needs to free his godson and maybe save himself.
Artist: ringspells

Opening Communication

Monday morning, Harry woke up in Jake’s arms as usual. But things had changed since last night in the Black house. There were now two other wolves at their house at all times.

The Pack was so concerned with Victoria and her bringing more vampires to Forks that Sirius was given extra security, much to his amusement. Remus was overprotective enough, but he seemed to have calmed down some having extra wolves there.

At the moment, Seth and Paul were staying and had taken over two of the spare rooms, and Winky was beside herself with all the food she needed to prepare with all the wolves staying close.

Pack meetings were also now held at Black Mansion, not only to protect Sirius, but because it had way more room, too, or that’s what they told him.

Dobby spends his time taking care of Harry and Jake and popping back and forth between Black Mansion and the res taking care of the Pack. He had expanded beds and rooms and made sure things were clean and repaired after any roughhousing.

He made their family’s lives a lot easier as well and they loved having him around. Currently, he was building fences around each of the Pack’s properties, because he said it would look nicer for the gardens he was planning.

Both elves were thrilled with the new baby coming, even Kreacher was happy a new Black was being born, though he still complained about Remus. But they only had to put up with that once a month when he came in to give his report on the properties and what they needed. It was worth it to watch Winky dress him down for his behaviour.

“You can take my car after you drop me off and then come pick me up after school,” Harry said to Jake after they had gotten up and ready for school, and made their way down the stairs for breakfast.

“That sounds fine,” Jake said, holding his hand as they walked.

“What are you going to do with Bella’s bike? She gave you the second one right?”

“Yeah,” Jake said as they entered the kitchen and Jake pulled out a stool for Harry as they sat down at the island where they usually ate breakfast.

“You should give it to me,” Paul said, as he put some pancakes on his plate and added some sausage, egg, and bacon.

“You know Sirius got extra transport for the Pack to use, right?” Harry said to Paul. “In the garage.”

“I had no idea,” Paul said, “when did that happen?”

“Like a couple of months ago,” Harry said. “No one told you?”

“No one told me,” Jake said, laughing. “Maybe Sirius just forgot to mention it.”

“Mention what?” Sirius said as he entered the kitchen.

“The extra transport you got for the Pack to use,” Harry said.

“Huh, maybe I did,” Sirius said. “It’s about the time I found out about the baby, so I could have forgotten,” Sirius added, before turning to Paul. “There are a couple of bikes and a few cars in the garage that are for Pack use, help yourself,” he said before digging into breakfast.

“Nice,” Paul said, “Thanks, Sirius. It will make getting around town easier, not that I need to go for anything other than entertainment anymore. Dobby keeps the food stocked and the place spotless. Dad’s beside himself, he’s never been so nice. He’s asked me not to move out ‘cause he doesn’t want to lose Dobby’s help.”

“Well, you can tell your dad that Dobby helps everyone on the res that knows about him, so it would be fine if you wanted to move out,” Sirius said.

“You can move in here if you like, we have plenty of room,” Harry said, knowing how volatile Paul’s relationship with his dad was.

Paul nodded, unable to speak for the moment.

“I want to move in, anything to get away from Leah,” Seth said, causing everyone to laugh.

“You all need to get to school,” Remus said as he entered the kitchen. “Paul, can you take Seth, while Jake goes with Harry?”

“Sure,” Paul said, as he finished his breakfast and moved off to get his stuff.

Before he left the room, Remus added, “Use one of the cars from the garage.”

“We should go, too, you are already going to be late for school,” Harry said as they finished up.

“Fine, let’s go,” Jake said, going to grab their bags.


“Are you sure the necklaces will work?” Jake asked as they drove to the school. “We have so much information we don’t want the Cullens to know.”

“Yes, they will work, stop worrying,” Harry said, as he pulled into the school parking lot and noticed the Cullens’ car.

Alice and Edward were waiting for them, along with Bella.

“Let’s just get this over with, then,” Jake said as he got out of the car. Harry followed and threw the keys to Jake so he could take the car when he left.

“Hello, Harry, Jacob,” Alice said as they moved over to meet the little group, drawing a lot of attention from the other students.

“Let’s be quick,” Jake said, frowning slightly at the smell. “Sam is willing to talk to share any information you can about Victoria. After what happened on Saturday…” Jake was cut off by Bella.

“What happened?” Bella asked, gasping.

“Nothing, it was nothing really,” Edward said to calm her, “just a little misunderstanding between Paul and Emmett.”

Jake just grunted while Harry rolled his eyes.

“Really?” Harry questioned Alice, “He didn’t say anything to her?”

“It’s none of your concern,” Edward said, moving forward slightly causing Jacob to growl and move to protect Harry.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself to make you feel better,” Harry said, ignoring Edward from then on and focusing on Alice.

“Here,” Harry said, handing his number to Alice. “You can call me to exchange any news you have, including any updates you get about what sort of vampire nonsense is going on in Seattle,” Harry said.

“If you give me your number, I will call you if we discover anything. And if you have any more of those visions about Victoria attacking, call. We can coordinate an attack to stop any ‘misunderstandings’,” Harry said using air quotes.

“Sure, but I will have to work around the wolves,” Alice said, quietly. “I can’t see them when they are too close,” she added, sounding annoyed.

“I can’t read Jacob anymore either,” Edward said. “What did you do?”

“That,” Harry said, “is none of your business. How about you keep your nose out of the Pack’s business and we will keep our noses out of your business. Including you planning on breaking the treaty and biting Bella?”

“How did you know?” Bella asked.

“Would have to be an idiot not to figure it out. You two can’t stay together if you stay human, it’s not safe for anyone. The only logical thing to do is change you.”

“There’s no rush,” Edwards said, frowning.

“What’s the problem, you love her, she loves you, get with the bitey bitey and it will solve all our problems. It would definitely make this mess a lot easier,” Harry said, causing Jake to laugh.

“You don’t care?” Edward asked Jacob. “I thought you loved her?”

“Eh, things change,” Jake said, grabbing hold of Harry’s hand with a smile.

“I see,” Edward said, glancing at Bella, while Alice seemed to squeal in delight. What she was so happy about, he had no idea.

“She made her choice, I made mine,” Jake said, “and it seems we are both happy with those choices.”

Edward nodded to the two of them and moved away with Bella, while Alice waited behind.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Jake heard Edward ask Bella and looked at Alice.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Victoria?” Bella counted, causing Jake to smirk.

“What’s that about?” Jake asked Alice.

“What?” Harry asked.

“Edward didn’t know about us, Bella never told him, I just heard him ask her why,” Jake said.

“I don’t know,” Alice said. “I think she might be a little jealous of the two of you.”

“That’s stupid, she loves Edward. She went crazy after he left,” Harry said.

“Girls,” Jakes said, like it answered the question, causing Harry to shove him softly, so he didn’t hurt himself.

“Whatever, it’s not our problem, it’s his,” Jake added. “So we good?” Jake asked Alice before Harry could answer.

“Yes, I will let Carlisle know when I get home that all communication will go through me and Harry,” Alice said.

“Okay, I have to get going,” Jake said, kissing Harry on the head and moving off to the car, “I’ll be back to pick you up.”

“Later,” Harry said, waving goodbye, and watching Jake get into the car and drive away. “Careful,” he shouted, causing Jake to laugh and plant his foot.

“Asshole,” Harry called out after him with a laugh of his own.

“We have our first period together, walk with me?” Alice asked.

“Sure, why not,” Harry said. Alice linked their arms together causing him to shiver and led him inside. “You are freezing,” he complained causing her to giggle.

The rest of the month was rather quiet, much to everyone’s surprise. No signs of Victoria, though Alice did let Harry know what everyone was thinking, since there was talk of the Cullens going to Seattle to check on the situation there.

Sirius’ baby was doing well, and they were going to find out the sex soon, which had both Sirius and Harry bouncing around in anticipation.

For Harry it was work, school, spending time with Jacob and the Pack, studying for his magical exams and his muggle ones, since graduation was coming quickly, and spending a lot of time with Sirius.

It was a few days from finals starting that things went pear-shaped.

Harry received a call from Alice about an unknown vampire who had been in town and specifically in Bella’s house. Jacob, Harry, Sam, and Jared went down to Bella’s to check it out.

“We didn’t see anyone when we were on lookout,” Sam said when Edward opened the door.

“They must have come when Charlie was at the res and Bella was with us, so no one was on guard,” Edward said, letting the wolves in.

“Well, let’s get a whiff so we can see if we can track the scent or recognise it, at least,” Sam said, as they made their way up the stairs.

“You sure it wasn’t Victoria?” Jared asked.

“We’re sure,” Alice said as they entered Bella’s room, where Alice was standing with Bella.

“Cute room,” Harry said, while the wolves scented the room.

“I’m planning a graduation party,” Alice said, trying to break the tension in the room. “You’re invited,” she added.

“Who?” Harry asked.

“You and Jake and whoever else wants to come,” Alice said, gesturing to the other wolves.

“Wow, um thanks, but I’m celebrating with my dad,” Harry said, smiling.

“You could come later,” Alice said.

“I could, but my dad and Remus are throwing a surprise party for me,” Harry said, causing Jake to stare at him in surprise. “Which I’m not supposed to know about,” he added in an exaggerated whisper.

“How did you find out?” Jake asked.

“It’s Dad, he celebrates if I get a good grade,” Harry said. “Besides, I overheard him talking about the cake with W… with our chef,” Harry said, quickly correcting himself. Don’t worry, I’ll act surprised,” he added, causing Sam and Jared to laugh.

“Come on, we have the scent now,” Sam said, herding them out of the room and out the house.

“We’ve never come across it before, but if we do in the future we will let you know,” Sam said and they all got into the car.

“See you later, Alice,” Harry said as he got in and they drove away.

“It’s got to be connected to Victoria,” Harry said as they made their way back to La Push.

“It would seem so,” Sam said. “Which is not a good thing, especially if they are coming to Forks without us knowing.”

“I wonder why there was one in her room, what do you think they were doing?” Jared asked.

“Well, there are only a few reasons for one to come,” Harry said. “Either to check out a way to get through, which means Victoria knows about Alice’s visions, or to grab something for the other vampires to scent,” Harry said gravely.

“Shit,” Jared said.

“Yeah, especially with everything Alice was telling me about newborn armies. It would seem like Victoria has made herself one to get to Bella,” Harry said, his voice lilted slightly trying to hide his fear.

Sam pulled the car over at that statement and took a couple of deep breaths. “That is not good for anyone, especially if they come here,” Sam said, before pulling himself together and pulling back out onto the road.

Harry pulled out his phone as soon as he got home and called Alice, while Jake and Sam explained everything to Sirius and Remus.

“Harry?” Alice asked as she answered the phone.

“Hi, Alice. We were just talking about what a new vampire would be doing hanging around Bella’s house, and well. You know how you told me Jasper thinks it’s a newborn army in Seattle.”

“Yes,” Alice said, her voice slightly agitated.

“Well, we were talking and they seem to be connected. Victoria is after Bella but can’t get through our defences. Now a strange vampire is coming to check out Bella’s house. You should ask her to check and see if she is missing anything.”

“Why?” Alice asked.

“We figured there are only two reasons why a vampire was in her house. One, to see if they could get past us, which means they know about your visions, which points to Victoria since she was in touch with that other vampire that the Pack killed, or…”


“Or they took something with Bella’s scent to be passed around,” Harry said. He heard something breaking and then whispering.

“We are headed back now to check if anything is missing, I will call you back,” Alice said and hung up.

“Well, that went well,” Harry said as he hung up the phone and turned to look at all the people sitting around the kitchen counter.

“It will be fine, pup,” Remus said, moving to hug Harry.

“Does magic even work on vampires?” Harry asked.

“Yes,” Sirius said, “and you know that, you are just worrying. So stop.”

“Right. It’s just, that we have no idea what we are facing with a newborn army. How many are in a newborn army?” Harry questioned getting agitated.

“It won’t matter, they are vampires, after all, so we can use magic and it doesn’t break the Statute even if they don’t know about it, since they are not muggles,” Sirius said. “I know, I checked.”

“Okay then,” Harry said as Jake moved to his side to comfort him. “So that’s a plan, depending on how many we use magic.”

The phone rang then and Harry answered, “Alice?”

“They took a shirt and one of her pillows,” Alice said. “If they are coming for her, they haven’t decided yet,” she added, “but I will know when they do.”

“Everything okay over there?” Harry asked.

“Not really,” Alice said.

“Well, just remember the Pack will help,” Harry said.

“We know. Thank you, Harry, that really helps a lot. See you at school.”


Between his worry about when the vampires would attack and studying for finals, Harry was a little testy, which everyone picked up on. Though Edward and Bella seemed to cop the brunt of his snark.

He couldn’t help but blame them for everything that was happening that put his family and Pack in the line of fire.

Harry did make it through finals with the help of Sirius, Remus, and Jake and was looking forward to graduation the next day.

But today he was planning on relaxing and spending the day working on his animagus transformation. He had been working so hard on it in secret to surprise Jake and he could finally tell he was ready to meet his inner animal. He just hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

Harry sat down in front of the fire and threw in the floo powder, “Transfiguration Office,” he called out. “Professor McGonagall,” he added once the fires connected.

It took a moment before he saw her head enter the fire and he smiled brightly at her.

“Ah, Mr Potter, right on time,” Professor McGonagall said as she settled herself down and began their lesson. “How is the mediation going?”

“Great, I think I’m ready to meet my inner animal,” Harry said, smiling. “I’m so glad they updated the way to become an animagus, I can’t imagine having to hold a mandrake leaf in my mouth for a month,” Harry added, shivering at the thought.

“It is amazing what one can accomplish when groups of people work together,” Professor McGonagall said, smiling. “The things we have learned from integrating the school have been eye-opening.”

“I’m glad it’s working out so well,” Harry said.

“Get comfortable, Mr Potter, and I will talk you through your meditation for today,” Professor McGonagall said, starting the lesson.

Once his lesson had ended, he was still a little disgruntled he hadn’t figured out what he was. He was sure he was close, he could feel it, but nothing came of his meditation.

He spent the rest of the day hanging out with family and putting up some new photographs he had taken.

He particularly liked the one of Jake in wolf form with Hedwig perched on his head, grooming him. The magical photo took pride of place on his nightstand.

Hedwig had been loving living around the woods, she had also been enjoying the wolf pack, and could often be seen riding around on one of them, much to the amusement of everyone. She had taken quite well to pack life it seems.

The next morning Harry was woken up by a rather enthusiastic Sirius. “It’s graduation day,” he said as he came into Harry’s bedroom and popped some party poppers.

Unfortunately for Harry, they were from the twins, and Harry tried to hide under the pillow as loud obnoxious noises and colours filled the air, including a rather hideous smell.

Harry grabbed his wand off of the side table and waved it around, clearing the air so he could breathe again.

“That was terrible,” Harry said, as he sat up, frowning. “The twins are getting worse.”

“Your non-verbal spells are coming along nicely, Harry,” Sirius said, with a proud smile on his face.

“Huh,” Harry said, looking at his wand. “Didn’t even realise I did it.”

“Well, up you get, time to get ready for your big day,” Sirius said, smiling brightly. “You, too, Jake.”

“Who could sleep through that,” Jake mumbled as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

“Grumpy this morning,” Sirius said, laughing.

“Grumpy every morning when he has to get up before he’s ready,” Harry replied.

“Okay, get ready and come down for breakfast, Winky made all your favourites.”

“Okay, Dad,” Harry said, smiling. It was going to be a great day.


Harry was lined up waiting for his name to be called and listening to Jessica babble on about missing everyone and didn’t they have such fun and they should keep in touch.

The only thing entertaining about it was the look on Bella’s face as Jessica hugged her and told her she would miss her. Jessica had barely talked to Bella in a long time.

Harry waved at Angela, who was further back down the line and then turned to wave to Ben, who was chatting politely to Edward and Alice Cullen.

He waved back and smiled brightly at Harry. They had already exchanged goodbyes and gifts since Harry wouldn’t be at the Cullens’ party later. He would miss Ben and Angela the most, he thought, surprised at how sad it made him to think he wouldn’t see them most days anymore. He was glad that he had a while before they left for college.

“Harry Potter.” Harry startled at his name, as he had been lost in thought. He hadn’t even noticed he had been shuffled along when the line moved.

He walked up the steps and smiled brightly at the sounds his family was making as he shook the Principal’s hand and took his placeholder.

Harry waved at them and stopped for a couple of pictures before rushing down the steps to take his seat for the rest of the ceremony.

Eric gave a pretty good speech as valedictorian and received a loud round of applause when he was done.

When it was finally over and their caps had been thrown in the air, Harry made his way to his family, slowly, as he was stopped every few steps by someone saying goodbye.

“I’m so proud of you, pup,” Sirius said when Harry reached him and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Thanks, Dad,” Harry said, trying to hold back his tears.

“Well done, cub,” Remus said as he moved behind Harry and hugged him, sandwiching him between himself and Sirius.

“Thanks, Papa,” Harry said, calling Remus that for the first time. Remus squeezed him tighter and Harry could hear the slight snuffling coming from both his parents. It was a great moment.

“Congrats, Harry,” Jake said, smiling at the family.

“Yes, congratulations, Harry,” Billy said as he stood with his arm around Jake.

“Thanks,” Harry said, pulling back from Sirius slightly and nudging Remus back so they could move. “Let’s go home.”

When they got home, Harry was expecting the rest of the Pack to be there, as well as a few others, like Sue and Harry Clearwater. What he was not expecting was Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Hagrid, Ragnok, Mia, Ironfist, the twins, and Bill and Charlie Weasley.

“Surprise,” they shouted as he entered the kitchen and Harry jumped a little and clutched his chest pretending surprise until he noticed the extras and his eyes widened in shock.

“What are you all doing here?” he asked.

“We wanted to be here to help you celebrate such a wonderful achievement, Mr Potter,” Professor McGonagall said, smiling at him.

“And bring gifts from everyone who couldn’t make it,” Charlie Weasley said. “They are still in school studying and getting ready to take their exams.”

“I bet Hermione is driving everyone crazy,” Harry said.

“She seems to be a little calmer this year,” Professor McGonagall said, though her lips twitched as she said it.

“Right,” Harry said, laughing.

“When are you taking your N.E.W.T.s Mr Potter?” Professor McGonagall asked.

“Oh, I’m not,” Harry said, but before Professor McGonagall could reply he added, “I’m taking my H.A.R.E.s, I already took my E.A.G.L.E.s during the summer so Remus has been preparing me for my H.A.R.E.s and I will continue to study during the summer until he thinks I’m ready.”

“I am rather pleased, Mr Potter,” Professor McGonagall said. “Though the standards at Hogwarts are much higher than before, you didn’t get to see that. A lot of Hogwarts students have been studying to retake their O.W.L.s since they are in line with the E.A.G.L.E.s now.”

“I know, it was one of my demands, that Hogwarts be on par with the rest of the world since it had slipped so far,” Harry said, rather pleased.

Professor McGonagall gave him a sharp nod and small smile before moving on to talk to Sirius. Harry watched her for a moment as she fussed over his belly. He couldn’t be held accountable if he gawked a little at her response to Sirius’ belly.

“So,” Fred and George said as they cornered Harry. “We hear you have a boyfriend,” they said, leering at him, causing Harry to push their faces back and laugh.

“Yes, would you like to meet him? We can go outside so you can meet him in his wolf form,” Harry said, with a twinkle in his eye.

“YES!,” both twins shouted together.

“Do you want me to maul them?” Jake asked as he came up behind Harry and wrapped his arms around him.

“Only a little,” Harry said, causing the twins to splutter in response.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that,” Charlie said as he entered the conversation. “I was informed that the Pack shifted into gigantic wolves, I would love to see that.”

“Charlie here is a dragon tamer,” Harry said, causing Seth to look at him with wide eyes.

“Really? Could you show me a dragon?” Seth asked. “Maybe he could tame Leah,” Seth added under his breath, causing the wolves nearby to laugh.

“If you like dragons, you should see some of Hagrid’s pets,” Charlie said looking over at the big man.

“I could introduce you to Fluffy,” Hagrid said. “He’s been a bit lonely lately,” he added, wiping his eyes.

Harry smiled at Hagrid, before asking, “Where is Leah? And Embry?”

“On patrol, Paul and Jared will be taking over for them soon,” Jake said.

“He drew the short straw, did he?” Harry asked about Embry teaming with Leah.

“Yes,” Jake said.

“Poor Leah,” Harry said, “you guys need to treat her better. I know, I know,” Harry added at the look on their faces, “but still, it really sucks for her.”

“I know,” Jakes said, frowning.

“Okay, enough of that, let’s head outside and scare the twins,” Harry said, rubbing his hands together.

Everyone followed them outside and Winky and Dobby provided extra chairs and expanded the table so everyone could fit, while Professor Flitwick cast a weather charm to keep the area warm and dry.

“Magic is so cool,” Seth said.

“Okay,” Fred said, “let’s see how scary they are.”

Paul, Sam, Jared, Quil, Seth, and Jacob all moved to the clearing and shifted as one, causing a gasp to run through the group of magicals.

“Wow,” Charlie said as he moved forward towards the pack. Jacob walked up to him, towering over him in wolf form and sat next to Charlie so he could get a good look at him.

Paul, however, charged the twins, causing them to shriek like girls and run to hide behind Remus, causing everyone to laugh as Paul growled at them menacingly.

“That was awesome,” Harry said as he moved over to Paul and scratched him behind the ear, causing a satisfying rumble to leave him. Jake moved over to them and nudged Paul out the way, causing a scuffle that had the two of them moving into the woods as they roughhoused.

After the play fight, Paul and Jared took off into the woods, while Charlie resumed his study of Jacob and Seth moved over to join them.

“He’s smaller than you?” Charlie asked, forgetting he couldn’t get a response from the wolves so Harry took over.

“Yes, Jacob is the biggest wolf, the only one closest is Sam,” Harry answered for his boyfriend.”

“Why?” Charlie asked.

“Well, even though wolves in the wild don’t have Alphas, shifters, much like werewolves, do. Sam is the current Alpha, but since Jacob is a Black, he is supposed to be Alpha. Sam is happy to continue until Jake is ready to take over, but the Pack works more like a council now.”

“That’s since Harry and Remus joined,” Sam said after he shifted back to join the conversation. “We don’t really need an Alpha anymore; the magic from Remus, Sirius, and Harry seemed to solidify our unity. It’s hard to explain, but we tend to work flawlessly together now.

“We are more settled, less temperamental. Paul could have never played around like that without losing control before, but he seems to be more at peace.”

“I never knew that,” Harry said. “Why didn’t you say?” Harry asked Jacob.

“I didn’t really notice, it just seemed so natural to me,” Jake said after he changed back leaving Charlie to examine Seth. “Remember you joined the Pack before I did,” he added with a laugh.

“Oh, right,” Harry said, blushing slightly as Jake moved over to him and wrapped his arm around Harry’s shoulder.

“You shift with your clothes?” Charlie asked as he continued to pet Seth.

“Yes, Harry got us these great bracelets from Ragnok. They have runes to keep our clothes and shoes as we shift,” Paul said, touching his bracelet.

“You got dimensional stores from Ragnok?” Bill asked in surprise.

“Sure,” Harry said, “he got them for all of us, see,” he added, holding up his own hand to show his off and then pointing to Remus and Sirius.

“Wow,” Bill said. “I’m still waiting to get approval to get one,” he added, looking at Harry and tilting his head.

“You want me to get you one?” Harry asked with a chuckle, before looking over at Ragnok.

“I suppose we could make that happen,” Ragnok said, sounding put out before he chuckled at the look on Bill’s face.

“I would like to see Remus shift,” Professor McGonagall said. “See the difference this new potion formula you talked about makes.”

Remus smiled, kissed Sirius on the forehead, and moved over to the clearing to shift.

“Merlin,” half the magicals said as one, causing a small ripple of laughter.

“Magnificent,” Professor Flitwick said as he moved over to examine Remus himself, almost able to walk under the man. “He is as big as the other wolves and has almost the same colouring as Jacob.”

“I knew,” Professor McGonagall said, “but to see it,” she added, placing her hand over her heart. “This may help get the bill passed through the Wizengamot, though maybe not. There are still a lot of bigots in the heart of the government.”

“They can always go to Gringotts, they have the cure there since they helped develop it,” Remus said after shifting back. “So just send anyone who wants the help but can’t get it there.”

At that moment Leah and Embry broke through the trees in wolf form, before Embry shifted back effortlessly, while Leah remained in wolf form, staring at Charlie with Seth.

“Oh crap,” Harry said, “is she going to attack Charlie?”

The rest of the wolves shifted back to their human form, including Seth in their shock and looked between Lean and Charlie.

“Wow,” Quil said while blinking rapidly. “That was weird to witness.”

“Did she just?” Harry asked, causing Quil to look at him and nod, before looking back to Leah as she moved to Charlie, still in wolf form and seemed to wrap around him like a cat would, brushing against him and scenting him, almost knocking him to the ground.

“What’s going on?” Charlie asked, confused as to why he was being nudged around by a large wolf.

“It would seem that Leah has imprinted,” Sam said, smiling brightly as Emily came to join him.

“Hey, Charlie?” Harry asked, “how do you feel about taking a vacation from work and studying muggle wildlife for a while?”

“Huh?” Charlie asked, still staring at the wolf, who shifted into the most stunning woman Charlie had ever seen. “Wow,” he whispered, “you’re beautiful.”

Leah blushed brightly and Seth smiled, “Yes!” he said, “I get a dragon tamer as a brother in law,” he added, causing everyone to laugh at his enthusiasm.

“Let’s give them some privacy,” Remus said, moving over to the couple and guiding them inside, so they could talk and get to know each other, while the others explained to the twins and Bill what was happening.

They could hear the howls from Paul and Jared and knew both of them had witnessed what had happened through the mind link the wolves shared and were happy for Leah if their yipping was anything to go by.

Harry could see the relief in Sam and Emily’s eyes and the unknown tension released from both their shoulders and Harry couldn’t help but thank his dad for inviting Charlie Weasley.

“Who wants cake?” Sirius asked, causing a cheer to go up among the wolves. They loved Winky’s cakes.

Jake was finishing his third piece of cake when Harry’s phone rang. He looked down to see it was Alice calling.

“What’s happened?” Harry asked, instead of saying hello.

“They’ve made a decision, they will be here in three days,” Alice said.

“How many?”

“Nineteen, twenty, the numbers keep fluctuating,” Alice said.

“They are killing each other?” Harry asked.

“Yes, newborns are very volatile,” Alice said.

“Well, we need to meet up to discuss a plan,” Harry said. “We can’t have that many newborns so close to the res and Forks.”

“Can you meet us tonight, after the party?” Alice asked, seemingly more alert.

“Yes, just go to where you want to meet and the wolves will follow your scent. Message when you leave and we will meet you then,” Harry said, before hanging up.

“Nineteen newborns,” Sam said, “that is a lot of vampires.”

“Yes, let’s see what the Cullens have to say and we can plan from there,” Remus said, pulling Sirius to him.

“What’s going on?” Bill asked.

“We have vampires in town, the Cullens,” Harry said as he looked at everyone around the table they were sitting at. Hagrid looked very comfortable in the chair Dobby had conjured for him, causing Harry to smile slightly at the sight.

“They call themselves vegetarian vampires,” Jake said, frowning before adding, “which is stupid cause they drink from animals.

“They don’t bite people, they survive off of animal blood,” Harry said, nudging Jake with a smile at him. “Before we got here, the Sheriff’s daughter, Bella Swan, started to date one of the vampires, Edward. They met some rouge vampires, and well, long story short, they killed one of them called James who was targeting Bella.

“His mate, Victoria, took offence and now has created a newborn army of vampires who are coming to Forks in three days to attack the Cullens so Victoria can get to Bella.”

“A vampire is dating a human?” Bill said. “That can’t be good.”

“Well they had this whole thing where Edward thought Bella was dead and went to Italy to get the Volturi to kill him, but Bella and Alice saved him. Alice was saying that the Volturi insist Bella be changed so there is that, too.”

“The Volturi?” Ragnok asked. “As in the rulers of all muggle vampires?”

“I guess so. Alice didn’t go into much detail, she just mentioned them being in charge and they had a lot of supercharged vampires. Like one that can cause pain with a thought,” Harry said. “I really don’t want to meet them.”

“The Volturi tend to stay away from magicals,” Professor McGonagall said. “One of their leaders is a power-hungry one, he tries to amass as many gifted people as he can. We have been learning about them in one of the classes taught by Sanguini.

“Everything we knew about vampires was apparently wrong, a misdirect by the vampire community. They have no fear of garlic, actually, they don’t really have much to fear, except the werewolf thing is true. It can make school interesting at times.”

“Wow, I was wondering why these ones were so hard and cold and glittered in the sunlight,” Harry said. “Do they all do that?”

“Apparently only the muggle ones, the magical ones have runes to stop that,” Professor McGonagall said. “Though I did ask Sanguini if I could see that, and he did show me. It was quite the sight.”

“I bet,” Harry said, “like a human disco ball,” he added with a chuckle.

“Sanguini said it is the most annoying part about being a vampire, but he wouldn’t trade it since it is a part of what makes their skin impenetrable, like a diamond,” Professor McGonagall said. “He’s just glad they found a way to shield that part.”

“So what else do you know?” Remus asked, fascinated. He never knew any of this either.

“Not much, they are still rather secretive, which we can’t really blame them with the way the Ministry behaves, but the Volturi only rule over muggle vampires, they tend to steer clear of the magical ones,” Professor McGonagall said.

“But I thought they lost their magic when they were changed?” Harry asked.

“Apparently not, much like werewolves keep their magic, so do vampires,” the Professor said, “which was quite the shock to us all.”

“Do you think that muggle vampires with a gift might have been squibs?” Harry asked.

“Interesting thought, I will have to ask Sanguini about it and see if he knows anything,” Professor McGonagall said.

“Could be,” Sirius said, “the more magic the squib has the more powerful the gift.”

“Something to consider,” Professor Flitwick said. “I’m sure it will make a wonderful debate topic for Sanguini’s class.”

“We should get going,” Professor McGonagall said, standing up. “Congratulations again, Mr Potter, I hope you will come to visit Hogwarts soon.”

“Thanks for coming, Professors, Hagrid, it was great to see you all again,” Harry said. He got up and shook their hands before they moved over to the clearing and activated their portkey.

“Would you like us to stick around for the meeting?” Ragnok asked.

“No, that’s fine, but I would love to be able to call on you if we need you,” Harry said.

“Of course, and remember, the Sword of Gryffindor will cut through a vampire like butter,” Ragnok said, with a smile. “Basilisk venom does wonderful things to goblin forged metal.”

“Really?” Harry asked, shocked.

“Really,” Ragnok said with a smile. “Let me know if you need any more blades,” he added with a wink.

The goblins left, leaving the twins and Bill, while Charlie was still inside getting to know Leah.

“You want to stay the night?” Harry asked them.

“We may have to,” Bill said with a chuckle.

“Do you all know Occlumency?” Harry asked. “They have a mind-reading vampire, so if you are staying and coming to the meeting?”

“I do,” Bill said.

“We do, we had to learn to keep our pranks a secret,” the twins said.

“I know Charlie does too,” Bill said. “Do you want us to attend the meeting?”

“Only if you want to,” Harry said.

“YES!” the twins shouted, causing Harry to laugh.

“Any reason to cause mayhem, hey,” Harry said to the twins, causing them to nod along and Bill to laugh.

Information and Training

It was close to one in the morning before Alice called, so after a few Pepper Up potions for the humans, the Pack, plus Sirius, Remus, Harry, the twins, Bill, and Charlie, went to meet the Cullens.

Each wolf took a human passenger. The twins were thrilled to be riding a wolf, they were lucky they had Seth and Jared, two of the more tolerant wolves of the pack.

When they got close to the clearing, the wizards jumped off the back of the wolves and followed them into the clearing, with Sam and Jacob shifting to human form when they arrived.

“Hello,” Harry said, as he moved forward, Jacob and Sam flanking him.

“Hi, Harry,” Alice said as she moved forward to meet him with Jasper and Emmett flanking her.

Harry smiled as he reached out to shake her hand when he heard a growl from behind him. He turned to see Remus, low to the ground growling gently, with Sirius sitting down leaning against his side, shushing him.

“It’s ok,” Harry reassured, “Alice is the nice Cullen, we like her.”

“Even if she smells bad,” Jake added, smirking at the short vampire, causing her to laugh.

“Merlin,” Harry heard and turned to see the Weasleys staring at Edward Cullen.

“I know, right,” Harry said, pointing at the vampire. “Nearly gave me a heart attack when I first saw him.”

“So weird,” Fred said, moving closer with George at his side. They walked right up to him and at the same time poked his face. “He’s identical,” he said at the same time.

Edward stepped back and glared at the twins, causing them to laugh softly. “Settle down, we won’t hurt you, you just look exactly like someone we lost.”

“Cedric,” Edward said, looking at Harry, understanding settling on his face.

“Right,” the twins said, looking back and forth between Harry and Edward.

“You two troublemakers should get back over here,” Bill called out, giving the twins a stern look.

“Right you are, big brother,” Fred said.

“Just curious, old chap, that’s all. Nothing to worry about,” George added, as they both moved back to Bill’s side.

“Who are they?” Alice asked, smiling.

“That’s Fred and George, they are like family,” Harry said.

“We should get on with this,” Jasper said, shifting by Alice’s side.

“Why are there more humans here,” Rosalie asked, annoyed.

“None of your business,” Harry said, before ignoring the blonde woman. “Alice, this is Sam and Jacob, as you know. The rest of the pack is going to stay in wolf form, just in case. But they are Jared, Paul, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, and Remus. The ‘humans’ are Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Sirius, and me,” he finished with a flourish.

“We have Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and me and the human is Bella,” Alice said, smirking at Harry.

“What can you see?” Harry asked, curiously.

“Not much, as you know the wolves block my sight, so a lot of it is dark once they get here. But they will arrive in three days, coming through this clearing.”

“Is that why you picked it?” Harry asked, “and have Bella here, so her scent will lead them in?”

“No, but that is a good idea,” Jasper said.

“No,” Edward growled.

“It was just a thought, Edward,” Jasper said, exasperated.

“Don’t you get sick of him looking into your mind without consent?” Harry asked.

“Yes,” all the vampires but Carlisle and Esme said.

“Maybe I can help you out with that,” Harry said.

“The same way you protect everyone else’s?” Alice asked. “Edward has been complaining he can’t read the wolves anymore and he can’t read anyone here,” she added.

“We all have our secrets,” Harry said. “We should get started, what do we need to know?”

“Newborns are not like us, they are stronger,” Jasper said.

“Why?” Harry asked.

“Because they still retain their human blood. Our kind are never more powerful than in their first year of life.”

“Strong, but not experienced,” Harry said. “Probably explains the strength, to give them an advantage to help their survival,” he added.

“We thought we could share a few tips with you on how to deal with vampires,” Alice said. “As I said, Jasper has a lot of experience with newborns, he trained them not long after he was turned.”

“Okay, so how do you want to do this?” Harry asked.

“We thought you could sit and watch as we showed you and discuss the differences,” Jasper said.

“Okay, sounds good,” Harry said, and moved off with the other two and sat down to watch.

The wolves and wizards studied the vampire’s every move as they watched them battle each other. Alice was the most surprising as she sensed every move Jasper was making.

“Alice?” Harry called out after she finished her turn with Jasper.

“Yes?” She asked as she skipped over to him.

“How could you see what Jasper was going to do when the wolves were this close?” Harry asked.

“They were far enough away for me to focus on just Jasper,” Alice answered.

“So, what would you do with a wolf right beside you while you were fighting?” Harry asked. He was worried for the little vampire.

“I don’t know,” Alice said.


“Sure,” Jake said as he got up and shifted. He moved over to Alice and nudged her to move her over to Jasper.

It was a completely different story when Jake was right there with Alice, she was completely blind and had to work on skill alone.

“Well,” Harry said. “That’s not good.”

“We will just have to give her a wide berth, or watch her flank,” Jake said. He had already shifted back and was standing next to Harry again.

“That’s sweet,” Alice said, “but I can look after myself.”

“Why should you have to,” Harry said. “Isn’t the point of this so none of us have to work alone?” he added.

“Okay, I think that’s enough for tonight, we can meet up tomorrow night to finish up and make plans,” Sam said, moving forward.

“You’re pregnant,” Edward blurted out, looking straight at Sirius.

The Pack immediately moved to shield Sirius and growled loudly as Sam and Jacob shifted and moved towards Edward, snarling.

Harry held up his hand, as he looked between the vampires and his dad. “You didn’t use the silencing charm on our stomach?” Harry asked, rolling his eyes at his dad.

“That’s not possible,” the blonde vampire, Rosalie said, though she moved forward slightly looking at Sirius. Her face held fascination and a kind of hope.

“All things are possible if you know how,” Harry said. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag now,” he added.

“Sorry,” Sirius said, looking rather annoyed at himself.

“It’s fine, they would have found out eventually, especially when we showed up for the fight,” Harry said.

He turned and looked at the Cullens and then opened his hand producing a fireball.

“Holy shit,” Emmett said as he leaned forward slightly. He went to touch it and Harry quickly doused the flame.

“It’s elemental fire,” Harry said, “unlike normal fire, this would burn you quickly and efficiently.”

“We should move to a more comfortable setting to discuss this, but Dad needs his sleep, so how about you come to Black Manor after some sleep, and we can discuss it.”

“All of us?” Alice asked, looking at Edward and Bella.

“Sure, why not,” Harry said as the wolves turned to leave ushering the humans between them.

“Dad,” Harry said, as they climbed on top of their wolves.

“I know,” he said as they took off for home.

Everyone was exhausted by the time they made it back to Black Manor, so they all crashed there. Leah was sticking to Charlie like glue, though the dragon tamer didn’t seem to mind.

They were woken up by a knock on the door, and Harry groaned as he got up, peed, brushed his teeth and dressed, before making his way downstairs.

He was sure someone else would have answered the door, or Winky or Dobby would have, which would be a whole other conversation.

“Move, Jake,” Harry said, as he left the room, chuckling at the grunting sound his wolf made.

“Hello, Cullens,” Harry said as he entered the kitchen and sat down, Winky putting a plate of food and a cup of tea in front of him. “Morning, Papa,” he said to Remus as he picked up his teacup.

“Should Winky be getting visitors something to eat?” Winky asked.

“Do you know what to feed vampires?” Harry asked Winky curiously.

“Winky be thinking they be liking some blood pops,” Winky replied with a smile.

“Oh, great idea,” Harry said. “I wouldn’t have thought of that. Sure, Winky, if you can get some, grab some.”

“Winky had Dobby grab some when she heard vampys be in the area. Master Harry always making friends with different peoples.”

A box popped onto the table and Harry picked it up to read it. “Oh, these are magical creature blood,” Harry said and handed one to Alice. “Try it.”

“These are lovely,” Alice said as she sucked on the lollipop. “Jasper, you have to try it,” she added, handing one to her husband.

Jasper seemed to relax entirely when he sucked on the lollipop and Edward seemed to raise his eyebrow in shock and took one for himself.

By the time the rest of the house was up and joined them, the Cullens were all enjoying the joys of blood pops. Even Rosalie.

“So, let’s just get down to it, shall we,” Harry said. “We are wizards,” he added.

“I had heard rumours when I was staying with the Volturi, about a society rising up full of magic,” Carlisle said,” but they never really believed it. The Volturi wrote it off as fantasy and rarely spoke of it again.”

“The Volturi know about magic. They only rule the muggle vampires, magicals wouldn’t put up with their nonsense,” Harry said. “We have a magical vampire teaching at my school, he has been teaching a class of the Volturi.”

“Fascinating,” Carlisle said.

“We have our own hidden sections of the world, where we have our own government, banks, schools, shops, and anything else you can think of. Winky here is a magical species called a house-elf.”

“She’s adorable,” Alice said, smiling at Winky who was puttering around the kitchen, making enough food for an army.

“What are magical vampires like?” Esme asked.

“Well, exactly like you, but they still have magic. There is talk that muggle vampires with gifts are squibs. Born of magical families but not enough of a magical core to use magic. Hence their gifts. We actually think Bella might be a squib,” he added.

“Is that why her mind is blocked?” Edward asked, while Bella just looked fascinated.

“Yes, it would seem like she has a natural form of Occlumency, which is the power to block the mind. There might be more to it when she turns since turning seems to amplify your powers,” Remus said.

“How do you know that?” Harry asked.

“Sanguini sent a few books over last night, I was reading them this morning,” Remus said, smiling at Harry.

“What does that mean for the newborn army?” Jasper asked.

“It means it changes what we were going to do. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can essentially put Bella in a shield in the centre of the clearing, and lead the vampires right to her while we eliminate them,” Remus said.

Edward started to growl, so Harry demonstrated. He placed a shield around Bella. “Try and touch her,” he said to Edward, who had moved away from her when he growled.

They watched as Edward tried to push his way through Harry’s shield, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t.

“I still don’t like it,” he muttered.

“She could stay here,” Harry said. “Sirius is going to be here with a full goblin guard and a shifter. You can even stay with her if you like. But I would ask for her to lay her scent in the clearing, maybe a few drops of blood too.”

“A full goblin guard?” Sirius asked, incredulously.

“Yes, it’s not just you who we are protecting,” Harry said, glancing at his belly.

“Yes, about that,” Rosalie said, “how is he pregnant?”

“Magic,” Harry said. “A lot of things are possible with magic, such as men creating an artificial womb and carrying a child.”

“Can magical vampires get pregnant?” Rosalie asked.

“No, you have no blood, only venom. It would kill any foetus, or change them into vampire babies, never growing, never learning,” Remus said. “I asked,” he added when Harry looked at him, “since she seemed so interested.”

“Apparently Bella could, though, while human. There are books about a vampire experimenting with human women. The birth killed the mothers because what he created were halfbreeds. Sanguini was a part of the hunting party that caught the vampire and executed him.

“He managed to make mostly daughters, who were unable to change humans, they had no venom and one son who did have venom. He changed his Aunt, who raised him. He lives in South America with her, apparently he is around one hundred and fifty.”

“Wow,” Harry said, “I really want to read that book. And you two should probably not knock boots until she is changed, unless you want to kill her,” he added looking at a pale Bella and shocked Edward.

“Do magicals not mind vampires walking around in the sun?” Carlisle asked.

“Oh, we have spells and runes that can hide that,” Harry said. “Our vampires use them so they don’t sparkle. They use them for many things, like ageing runes so they can live in the muggle world if they want, and smell blockers so they don’t worry about bloodlust or the smell of wolves,” Harry added.

“They would come in handy,” Jasper murmured.

“Having trouble there?” Harry asked. He hadn’t been around when Jasper was at school, so had never seen the vampire struggle.

“Jasper is the newest of us to this life. He still struggles with the smell of blood,” Carlisle said.

“How’s the magical blood?” Remus asked, “does it entice you?”

Jasper took a deep breath and blew it out, “no, it smells like lightning, a rainstorm and electricity all rolled into one, but not like human blood,” Jasper said.

“I thought so,” Remus said. “Magical vampires say the same thing, they don’t crave magical blood, the magic makes it unappealing.”

“You really want a child?” Harry asked Rosalie, who had not stopped staring at Sirius.

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted,” Rosalie said.

“Why not adopt?” Harry asked, and then added when Rosalie frowned at him. “You can adopt a magical baby, they smell the same as us. It would be quite safe, we are quite resilient.”

“Vampires can adopt in the magical world?” Rosalie asked.

“I’m not sure, but we can look into it,” Harry said. “After we get done with this newborn thing, I can take you to visit the magical world. We can go visit the orphanage then.”

“You would do that?” Rosalie asked, while her family watched on.

“Sure, better raised by a loving vampire than what I was raised by in my early years. I would have loved that,” Harry said, a matter of factly.

“Should we train some more?” Jasper asked, changing the subject since he could feel the sadness and regret coming off of some of the people in the room.

“Sure, it will help us understand how the vampires fight,” Sam said. “Last night was very informative.”

“Would you mind if I looked at your library?” Carlisle asked while Sam and Jasper huddled together to discuss fighting tactics.

“Sure,” Remus said, as he led Carlisle from the room.

“Looks like those two found each other,” Sirius said.

“What do you mean?” Esme asked.

“Two academics,” Harry said.

“Two bookworms,” Sirius said at the exact same time, causing Harry to give him the stink eye.

At that everyone started to break off with different people in the room. The most obvious was Rosalie who stayed close to Sirius, discussing pregnancy in a male.

The twins had Emmett with them, showing them their prank items from their shop. “I wouldn’t eat anything they give you,” Harry warned, causing laughter from all three.

Esme joined Rosalie and Sirius, and the wolves and the rest of the wizards joined Sam and Jasper in strategizing, leaving Harry and Jake with Edward and Bella.

Vampires and wolves bonding, Harry thought it was great and a little funny.

“You’re a wizard?” Bella asked.

“You’re vampire bait,” Harry responded, causing a growl from Edward and a laugh from Jacob. “Sorry, that was uncalled for,” Harry added, with a shrug.

“Why do you hate me?” Bella asked, looking confused.

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t particularly like you,” Harry said. Rosalie burst out laughing from the other side of the room causing Bella to blanch slightly. “Something I said?” Harry asked.

“Something I said,” Rosalie said from Sirius’ side.

“Okay then,” Harry said. “Anyway, since we first met you have been nothing but dismissive of me, either sending me dark looks or ignoring me completely. Why would that make me like you?” Harry asked.

“I haven’t ignored you,” Bella said.

“Really? What do you call sitting at the table asking everyone to movie night but me?” Harry asked. “You excluded me on purpose. Angela invited me, which you gave her a disgruntled look for. And that is just one example of you being an asshole.”

“That’s probably our fault,” Alice said. “There has been a lot of talk and fascination about you in the Cullen house. From Edward not being able to read you, to trying to figure out who Cedric was.”

“And that made her upset at me because?”

“She was jealous,” Jasper said from part of the house. “She thought she was special, but when you came it turned out she wasn’t and Edward wasn’t as focused on her anymore.”

“How is that any of my fault?”

“I think when Jacob abandoned her for you, it just made it worse,” Alice added.

Bella was sitting there getting redder and redder as they discussed her like she wasn’t in the room. A part of Harry felt vindication because it was how she treated him in social situations, but most of him felt sorry for her.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore, it seems like a private matter between her and Edward,” Harry said, frowning slightly at his contrast of thoughts.

“Who was Cedric?” Edward asked, changing the subject, and Harry noticed him squeezing Bella’s hand gently in support.


“You said he looked exactly like me,” Edward said. “I was wondering if maybe we could have been related.”

“Oh, hang on,” Harry said. He got up and headed to his room, grabbed his photo album and came back downstairs. “Here,” he said, showing Edward the photo.

“Oh, my God, Edward, that could be you,” Alice squealed, bringing all the other vampires into the room.

“What was his last name?” Carlisle asked as he looked at the photo.

“Diggory, Cedric Diggory,” Harry answered, smiling.

“You liked him?” Jasper said. “More than a friend?”

Bella glanced at him sharply at Jasper’s remark.

“He was my first crush,” Harry answered. Jacob rubbed his back in support, they had discussed this and a lot more since they started dating. “He died when I was fourteen.”

“You could always ask the Diggorys for a family tree to see if you have relatives on it,” Sirius said. “You couldn’t get one done yourself since it takes blood.”

“Okay,” Sam said. “Let’s get some practice in. We can use the yard here,” he added, smiling at Sirius who just grunted in approval.

“Let’s get some drinks and snacks and watch,” Sirius said. “Winky.”

The rest of the day was spent watching wolves and vampires wrestle on the lawn. It was a lot easier for them to do with the scent blockers in place. Jasper even relaxed around Bella enough that he actually smiled. The early evening was spent patching up wolves, while the vampires healed.

Most of the wizards freaked out when Emmett lost a few fingers in one of the skirmishes. Then watched fascinated as Carlisle reattached them to his hand and they seemed to melt back on. It was just freaky. It also made Harry realise why they burnt the pieces.

“Let’s call it a night,” Remus said. “We can meet in the clearing early in the morning and Bella can lay her scent, then Edward and Seth will bring her back here to be watched over with Sirius while we take on the vampires.

“Actually,” Harry said. “I have a better idea.”

“I am not going to like this,” Jake said, by the look on his boyfriend’s face.

“Probably not, but it will keep Bella out of the field and safe,” Harry said.

“What is it?” Edward asked.

“I can use polyjuice and become Bella,” Harry said, causing an outburst across the room from the wizards.

“Why would you do that for me?” Bella asked.

“I’m not doing it for you,” Harry said. “I’m suggesting it because it will be a sure way to get Victoria. There is no guarantee that she will come to the clearing if she can’t spot Bella, so let’s give her Bella.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Alice said. “She is not making any decisions that I can see. It’s like she is hiding behind the others.”

“So I look like Bella, make sure you surround me like you are protecting me. Edward will have to be there, we can’t polyjuice the dead, and she wouldn’t believe you would leave her unprotected. Bella can stay here, safe.”

The debate about Harry being Bella went on for longer than expected but it was decided that Bella would stay at the Manor and Harry would take her place.

And Jacob would be right next to Harry the whole time.

There was to be no discussion about that apparently, though Harry didn’t mind.

The Fight

“Bella wants me to stay with her,” Edward said before they had even sat down. They had just arrived to get ready for the events of the day.

“That’s too bad for Bella, she needs to quit being selfish because we have a plan that will work putting the least amount of people in danger,” Remus said with a growl. “You can pander to your girlfriend once we all survive the mess you got us into.”

Harry looked at Remus with wide eyes. It was very rare for him to lose his patience with anyone, but Harry understood why.

Not only was Harry going to be in the thick of things, he was going to be out fighting as well instead of staying to protect Sirius and his baby, so he could protect Harry.

He watched as Edward and Remus glared at each other before he stepped in to break up the tension.

“You are not the only one with loved ones at risk here,” Harry said. “My whole family is at risk because of what you brought to Forks. So making Bella comfortable or giving in to her demands are really low on everyone’s list.”

“It’s not much to ask,” Edward said.

“Sure it’s not, till Victoria tracks you right to Bella and my dad, who happens to be pregnant. I won’t risk my family for her comfort.”

“He’s right Edward,” Alice said as she moved to his side.

“We could always sit out and leave you to it,” Charlie said, as he wrapped his arm around Leah.

He was not overly thrilled with the situation himself. The imprint had hit him hard and he was constantly glued to Leah’s side, not that she minded. He was not happy she was going to fight.

“Then I should be there,” Bella said.

“Sure, if you want to die,” Harry said. “Because I won’t be risking my life to save you from your own stupidity or selfishness. What is your problem anyway?”

“Edward and I never do well apart,” Bella said defiantly.

“So your comfort is more important than people’s lives? Is that what you are saying?” Charlie asked, moving into her personal space.

“Edward,” Carlisle said in soft rebuke when Edward growled at Charlie. “We made a good plan last night and we need to stick to it.”

“No, let’s use her plan,” Harry said. “Dad you can go down to the res, stay at Billy’s with the guards. Bella can sit in the middle of the clearing as bait, and you all can fight.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Wait for Bella to get dead and then take care of any leftovers,” Harry said. “I am not putting my family at risk for yours.”

“You would do that?” Bella asked.

“Of course. You mean nothing to me. The Cullens, I like most of them, especially Alice, but I am not going to risk my life and my family because you want to make decisions that aren’t for you to make.

“So, Alice, the wolves and magicals are out, how’s the fighting turn out?” Harry asked.

Alice and Edward both grimaced.

“Not so well,” she said.

“Who dies?”

“Bella, Edward, Esme, me,” she said. “People in Forks, it’s a massacre.”

Jasper growled as Alice spoke and moved to her side, wrapping his arms around her.

“Fine, I’ll stay here,” Bella said, causing Alice to frown.

“Yeah, you don’t need to be psychic to figure out she plans to sneak away,” Harry said. “Has she always been this,” Harry broke off not knowing what to call it.

Was it careless, obsessive, or just plain selfish?

“Yes,” Rosalie said. “We are always working around her wants and needs. It’s tiresome.”

“I could obliviate her and send her back to Phoenix,” Harry suggested, causing Rosalie to laugh and nod.

“How about this instead,” Sirius said, having had enough of the bullshit. “Stupefy,” he called, pointing his wand at Bella and causing her to fall unconscious.

Jasper and Emmett moved to Edward and held him tightly as he moved to attack Sirius.

“Relax, she is just unconscious, now she can’t cause any trouble. We can keep her safe and get on with what we have to,” Sirius said.

“Where are you going to put her?” Edward asked as he stopped struggling.

“Gringotts,” Sirius said. “We will put her in the infirmary in goblin territory. They are a species of warriors, it’s the safest place for her. Besides, Victoria and her army have no idea about the Magical World.”

“I’ll take her there now,” Bill said. “Ragnok and Sirius’ guards will probably come back with me.”

“Make sure they get me her hair and some blood, so we can spread that around the clearing and in the paths leading to it so we can lead them right in,” Harry said.

“Will do,” Bill said, as he picked up Bella and left to go to floo to Gringotts.

“Are you calm now?” Remus asked Edward. “Because, if you even think about touching my mate, I will end you,” he added with a menacing growl.

“Would you really have left us to fight alone?” Jasper asked.

“Of course not, Alice is too adorable to die,” Harry said, winking at Alice. “And Rosalie is growing on me,” he added.

“How long until the army gets here?” George asked Alice.

“We have a few hours,” Alice said.

“Then let’s get organised,” Fred said. “Our biggest factor is going to be speed. We have to anticipate the vampire’s moves to land the spells.”

“Usually a blanket spell would be okay, but it could knock out an ally so that’s not going to work. We have some prank products that might be helpful,” Fred said.

They spend the next few minutes brainstorming until Bill returned with Ragnok and his guards.

“I bring gifts,” Ragnok said as he placed a small trunk on the ground and resized it.

“Goblin blades,” Bill said, smiling brightly. “No basilisk venom on them though. Harry is the only one immune so it’s safer if we don’t have it on ours.”

“How’s Bella?” Edward asked.

“She’s fine, still unconscious in the infirmary. It was decided to keep her that way until she is brought back here,” Irongut said.

“We have one more thing, we wish to try,” Ragnok said. “Alice, would you put this on for us, and have your vampire bite you. We believe it is impenetrable to the bite but want to make sure.”

“How about I put it on and she bites me,” Jasper said.

“That would be fine,” Ragnok said as he examined all the bites on the male vampire.

Jasper removed his top and pulled on the dragonhide top. Alice moved to bite him, putting more and more pressure till her bite was at full capacity.

“Nothing,” Jasper said, looking impressed.

“Excellent,” Ragnok said as Irongut passed out the dragonhide outfits for everyone, including the vampires. “It will help with spell damage as well, just in case.”

“This stuff stops spells?” Rosalie asked.

“Some, not all, some spells simply can not be blocked and you best just move out the way unless you wish to die.”

“What about the killing curse?” Harry asked. “Would that kill a vampire?”

“Yes, as it is a soul violator spell. Anything with a soul will be killed by it, including vampires,” Ragnok said

“Are you sure?” Carlisle asked.


“That we have souls?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, indeed. If you had no soul you could not love, love comes from the soul. You would be mindless killing machines if you did not have one.”

“Do you feel compassion, remorse, empathy?” Harry asked.

“Of course,” Carlisle said.

“Where did you think those emotions came from?”

“We can debate the effects of a soul later,” Remus said. “We need to get moving.”

“Seth, Jared, you two stay with Sirius and his guards,” Sam said.

“Sure,” both wolves said as they moved to the front of the house and shifted into wolf form and began to walk the perimeter.

“Remember, we have just under an hour left,” Alice said, “ so let’s go and get set up.”

Fred and George placed the blood through the forest leading into the clearing and then smeared a good amount on Harry.

Twenty minutes before the vampires were due, Harry downed the polyjuice and shifted into Bella, his dragonhide remodelling itself to his new form.

The wolves were on one side of the clearing and the vampires were on the other, leaving the wizards in the middle, surrounding Harry, Jake and Edward at his side.

The newborns split down the middle, half going towards the wolves the other towards the Cullens and the fighting began. The sound of granite being torn echoed throughout the clearing causing Harry to grit his teeth. It was a horrible sound, like nails on a chalkboard.

Harry watched on as his family fought. A few of the vampires would slip through, taking the attention of the wizards around Harry and they would have to go on the defensive, moving away from him, leaving gaps in the defence. Just like they had planned.

Eventually, they all moved away, leaving only Edward at Harry’s side. Harry knew Jacob was close by and paying attention even though he was fighting off vampires. It worried him that his boyfriend was splitting his focus.

Victoria jumped over the crowd and landed in front of Harry and Edward, another vampire at her side.

“Riley, you don’t want to do this,” Edward said as he moved in front of Harry. “Victoria is using you, she doesn’t love you. In fact, she would be happy to never have to see you again. James is her real love. She is using you to get vengeance for him, her real mate.”

“Don’t listen to him Riley, I told you about their mind tricks,” Victoria said. Harry was surprised by her voice, it didn’t really match the menacing figure in front of him.

“Think about it, Riley, you’re from Forks,” Edward said.

“There is only you,” Victoria said. “I love you.”

“You’re dead,” Riley said and moved to take out Edward.

As they fought, Victoria made her move and so did Harry. As soon as she leapt, Harry pulled his sword and swung. He saw her dismiss the sword since she had no idea this could harm her and lunged at him.

Harry’s sword swung true and Harry watched her eyes widen as her head fell from her body. Harry lit a fireball in his hand and threw it at the head and body to burn the pieces.

“Well, that was fun,” he said as he turned to enter the fray.

There were none left by the time he had taken out Victoria and Edward had dispatched Riley. The group were gathering up the pieces of vampire and throwing them onto the fires that were lit, and dotted around the clearing.

“Check the clearing, make sure they are all gone,” Bill said as he moved over to Harry. The fighting had taken less than thirty minutes, so Harry still had another ten as Bella before he switched back.

“Why is she still alive?” Harry asked as he saw a young girl digging into the ground and moaning as if in pain. She was trying to reach him, he realised, so he cast a quick cleansing spell to get rid of Bella’s blood and watched her relax.

“She surrendered,” Esme said.

“What are you going to do with her?”

“They are coming,” Alice said, interrupting Esme’s answer.

“Who?” Harry asked.

“Jane, Demitri, Felix, and an array of guards,” Alice said. “They will be here soon, the wolves and wizards should go.”

“You need to get rid of her,” Harry said, pointing to the girl, “she could give us away, we don’t want that.”

Jasper moved quickly and dispatched the girl and added her to the nearest fire. It was so quick that no one had time to question him.

“We are not leaving you,” Remus said, as all the wolves shifted to humans once the girl was taken care of.

“Then use the Disillusionment Charm on everyone, don’t forget the scent and sound blockers and hide in the treeline,” Harry said watching as the wizards moved to do just that.

It wasn’t long before the Volturi guards walked into the clearing and examined the Cullens.

“Aro hoped we would get this far to see you, Carlisle,” Jane said, staring at the man. “He sends his regards.”

“I would appreciate it if you would convey mine to him,” Carlisle answered.

“Of course,” Jane answered, looking around. “It would seem you have done our work for us. Just out of curiosity, how many were there?”

“Twenty,” Edward answered, including their creator.

“And you got them all?” Jane asked.

“Yes,” Edward answered.

“Well, I can’t say I’m not impressed. I’ve not seen a coven escape an attack of this magnitude and survive intact. Do you know who created the army and what caused this?”

“Victoria created the army, she held a grudge against Bella.”

“She does seem to bring out a strong reaction in our kind,” Jane said with a laugh as she turned to look at Bella.

Harry felt the moment the attack began and glared at Jane as he brushed it off. He was half tempted to send it back to her and see how she liked it, but that would give him away.

“Would you not do that please,” Edward asked in a tight voice.

“Just checking. No harm done, apparently,” Jane said.

“Well it appears we have nothing to do, it is not often we find ourselves rendered unnecessary,” Jane said. “It’s too bad we missed the fight, it might have been fun to watch.”

“Yes, it’s a shame you didn’t arrive half an hour earlier, you might have fulfilled your purpose,” Edward said with a sharp tone.

“Yes, quite a pity how things turned out, isn’t it?”

Edward just nodded, a strange look on his face. Harry wondered what he was hearing in their minds. By the look on his face, it couldn’t be good.

“Caius will be interested to see that Bella is still human,” Jane said. “Perhaps he will decide to visit.”

“The date has been set,” Alice said. “Perhaps we will come to visit you in a few months.”

Jane just nodded. “It was nice to meet you, Carlisle. I thought Aro was exaggerating. Until we meet again…”

Carlisle nodded, his expression pained.

“Come,” Jane said and the Voturi guard turned as one and disappeared into the trees.

Alice held up her hand and they waited for her to give the word.

“Okay they are gone,” she said and everyone merged back into the clearing, the spells being lifted.

“They were creepy,” Jake said as he moved to Harry just as the polyjuice started to wear off. “Oh, thank God,” Jake said as Harry became himself again, and kissed him on the cheek.

“That Jane has an interesting power,” Harry said. “I could feel the pain she wanted me to be in and the malice behind it, but my shields held up nicely. There was a moment I wanted to throw it back at her, she is not nice at all.”

“Could you do that?” Alice asked.

“I felt like I could at the time it was happening so yes, I think I could. I think Jasper could too. He feels others’ emotions, makes them feel what he wants, I’m sure if he focused he could throw any mental attack back at the attacker.”

“Let’s get home, I want to see Sirius,” Remus said, nudging Harry to get moving.

“Alright,” Harry said, laughing as he was pushed gently forward. “Let’s go.”

When they got back to the house, Seth and Jared greeted them in human form.

“Nothing happened here, we didn’t even catch a scent, but we did keep Sirius updated. He was a nervous wreck, I thought the healer was going to sedate him,” Jared said.

Remus rushed inside with Harry and surrounded Sirius hugging him tightly to reassure him they were safe.

“That was horrible,” Sirius said. “I have never felt more helpless in my entire life.”

“It was a rather quick battle,” Harry said. “I barely did anything besides behead Victoria. Everyone else had to do the work.”

“Jared and Seth kept me informed. What happened with the Volturi guard afterwards?”

“Yes, Edward. What was all that about?” Harry asked.

“Aro was hoping we would lose some members,” Edward said. “He thinks Carlisle has too much power with us in his coven.”

“We should talk to Sanguini about sending someone to let them know the Cullens are under magical protection,” Harry said to Sirius, who nodded.

“We have to head to Hogwarts soon so you can open the family section for Ragnok to check over. And you want to visit the orphanage in Godric Hollow, so we can do it then.”

“Where is Ragnok?” Harry asked as he looked and saw all the goblins were gone.

“Jared let them know the danger was over so they went back to Gringotts to get Bella.”

“You might want to take her home before you wake her up,” Harry said. “I’m not going to be thrilled if she gets angry.”

“Fine,” Edward said.

“Also, I won’t be bringing her to the Magical World, so if you want to visit you are going to have to stash her somewhere,” Harry added, “or stay here.”

“Why not?” Edward asked.

“Why should I?” Harry counted. “She has never been nice to me, I don’t feel the need to include her in my world. You could always choose that time to change her.”

“We want to get married first,” Edward said.

“Why?” Harry asked, then added, “no never mind, I don’t care. Good luck with that, I’m sure she will invite everyone but me.”

“She does seem to not like you,” Rosalie said. “I can’t see why.”

“It’s her problem,” Harry said. “Hey, where are the twins and Emmett?”

“That can’t be good,” Remus said.

“No, it can’t,” Edward added, frowning. “Especially since I can’t hear his thoughts anymore.”

“Merlin,” Harry said, chuckling. “It sucks to be you.”


“The only reason the twins would have blocked Emmett is if they were planning to prank you,” Harry said, smirking at the suddenly worried-looking vampire.

“They should have blocked Alice too,” Jasper said. “She will see it coming and Edward could just get it from her.”

“Aww, didn’t think of that,” Emmett said, his voice drifting down from upstairs.

“Stop planning till you do it then,” Harry called up.

Bella came floating into the room, followed by Ragnok at that moment and Harry nodded to him.

“Okay, I’m going to cast the counter-spell, then you run fast ‘cause she will wake up quickly.”

“Okay,” Edward said and he watched as Harry cast the counter-spell and took off, his family following along.

After the Cullens left, everyone relaxed, too tired to celebrate.

“Let’s have a BBQ tomorrow,” Harry said. “Make sure you call Harry Clearwater for his Fish Fry.”

Going Home

Harry and his family spent the rest of the week just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Sirius had found out the sex of the baby and everyone was excited to be bringing a baby girl into the family.

“Are you happy?” Harry had asked.

“Yes, I already have a son, now I’m having a daughter. I couldn’t ask for more,” Sirius had said, hugging Harry to him.

During that week of rest, Alice and Jasper spent a lot of time with Harry and his family and so did Rosalie and Emmett.

Emmett was always asking about the twins, which had them visiting more often. They had the excuse since Charlie had moved in. Leah and Seth were semi-permanent residents as well. The Black Mansion pretty much became a Pack House, as they spend more time there than at their homes, even Emily and Sam.

Other wonderful news was that Emily was expecting her first child with Sam. They had asked to have Mia as their Healer for her pregnancy.

Emily and Leah were as close as ever now, and Leah was thrilled that her cousin was pregnant. Leah was equally thrilled to discover she could get pregnant herself now that she had imprinted, though she and Charlie were far from ready for parenthood.

“Alice,” Harry greeted as the littlest vampire came through the door. She didn’t knock anymore, just entered. She and Emmett often did, though Jasper and Rosalie still knocked.

“Harry,” Alice greeted and hugged him, causing Jake to growl at her like he always did when Alice hugged Harry. It was a routine now, that started two days after the fight.

“We bring invitations,” Rosalie said, putting them down on the island in the kitchen.

“Let me guess, everyone got invited but me,” Harry said.

“Almost, but Bella quickly changed her mind when she heard Esme call her petty,” Rosalie said with a giggle.

“She complained to Edward for twenty minutes about Harry corrupting our family and then agreed to invite you,” Emmett said.

“She’s such a bitch,” Harry groaned, “I don’t get why more people don’t see it.”

“She’s just extremely jealous of you, Harry,” Jasper said.


“First because of Jake, then because you were the main topic of conversation at the Cullen house. And now because you fought with Edward and she couldn’t. It makes no sense to anyone but her,” Jasper said.

“That can’t be helping family dynamics,” Remus said.

“No, it’s not. Especially when Esme talks about how wonderful you are, Harry, and how adorable she thinks you are,” Rosalie said, with a smirk.

“Oh, you really don’t like her, do you?” Harry asked.

“No, she has caused a lot of trouble for us since Edward decided she was his. I’m convinced it’s just blood lust,” she added.

“It very well could be, but it’s his mistake to make,” Harry said. “Maybe I will go to the wedding, just to annoy her on her special day. Maybe dance with Rose.”

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t talk him into sex before she’s changed,” Remus said. “The last thing we need is her to get knocked up and die on him.”

“Oh, they were going to, but after what you said about that, they decided to wait until she was changed. They plan to get married and go to Esme Isle for their honeymoon. It’s isolated so she can hunt without worry.”

“At least there’s that,” Harry said. “Though I wouldn’t trust her to keep that deal.”

“Carlisle is going with them to make sure everything goes alright. She will be bit once they get to the island and, once she has changed, Carlisle will come home.”

“That’s a relief. She can be rather headstrong,” Sirius said.

“You’ll probably want to keep her away from Harry till she is in control of herself,” Jasper said.

“We could wait until then before we head to Hogwarts, so Carlisle can come,” Harry said.

“He would appreciate that,” Alice said. “I can’t wait, myself.”

“Hey, Emmett, what pranks were you working on with the twins?” Harry asked.

“The canary creams. They wanted to see if they work on vampires. Yes, they do,” Emmett said, his booming laughter following his statement.

“Have they been testing all their products on you?” Harry asked.

“Yes, some work, some don’t, so they are tweaking them. It’s a lot of fun,” Emmett said. “And if I left a few around the house that Bella might eat, well, it’s not my fault.”

“You didn’t?”

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” Emmett said, laughing.

“Brilliant!” Harry exclaimed, high fiving Emmett.

“I’m sure we will hear about it if she does,” Rosalie said with a roll of her eyes.

“Rosalie, she’s not that bad,” Alice said.

“Really, you think so,” Rosalie said. “I think Edward is still recovering from the lecture he got for letting her get stunned and removed from the fight.”

“Seriously?” Harry said. “What did she expect him to do?”

“No idea, but she has since calmed down and is now concentrating on the wedding she never wanted,” Rosalie said scathingly.

Harry was really coming to love Rosalie, she was the first one to see how annoying Bella could be. Harry didn’t even feel bad anymore about how he felt about her. She was horrible to him for no reason.

Harry had often wondered what would have happened between the three of them if he had never come to Forks. He was pretty sure Jacob would have been used and abused and left while she went off and lived happily ever after with her vampire.

“Well, I won’t be going,” Sirius said, rubbing his belly. He actually looked like he had a beer belly. It was rather adorable.

“That is probably a good idea since our family from Denali will be coming for the wedding.”

“Is Irina coming?” Harry asked. “I know she is upset with the wolves about Laurent and refuses to listen to reason.”

“She will be there,” Alice said. “Carlisle said she was coming to try and make amends.”

“You might not want the wolves there then,” Harry said, “it might antagonise her.”

“Then she can leave,” Rosalie said. “You stood with us and helped where they, family, abandoned us in a time of need. I know who I would choose.”

“You’ve come a long way babe,” Emmett said, as he hugged his wife from behind.

“Yes, well,” Rosalie said, her nose in the air.

“How are you going to live as a family if you don’t like her?” Harry asked Rosalie. He knew the others didn’t care. Alice was quite close with Bella or had been in the beginning. And Carlisle and Esme just wanted Edward happy.

“We’ve been renovating a house for Edward and Bella, away from the family home,” Alice answered for Rose. “They will live there.”

“Are you all staying in Forks?” Harry asked.

“Yes, we like it here. It’s quiet and Carlisle loves working at the hospital. Even more, now that he seems to be ageing,” Alice said, smiling brightly.

“It was an easy thing to do,” Harry said, waving his hand in dismissal.

“Everything you have done for us is fantastic,” Rosalie said. “Jasper can walk among humans and not feel his bloodlust, Carlisle and Esme can work in the same place for more than a few years. We can walk in the sun,” she added.

“Well, not too bright, you still look like a ghost when you get hit by the sun. You are so damn pale,” Harry said laughing at the look on her face.

“So you plan to stay in Forks?” Remus asked again, to change the subject, even though the question had already been asked.

“Yes, as I said before, only like five minutes ago,” Alice said, sarcasm dripping from her voice even as she smiled brightly. “It will be our home base. We will still travel, but Forks can be home for a long time now.”

“We need to go shopping,” Alice added after a moment of silence. “Get you all dressed for the wedding.”

“Oh, right, I don’t have muggle dress-up clothes,” Harry said, frowning, “and neither does the Pack.”

“Change of plans,” Sirius said as he stood up. “First I check with Mia to see if she will let me travel. If so, then we go to England for a few weeks. The wedding isn’t for a month, so we can go shopping on Savile Row and buy some excellent suits. And you can do the Hogwarts thing and check the orphanage.”

“That sounds awesome!” Harry said, “but what if you can’t travel?”

“Then we will hire a private jet and fly,” Sirius said. “I’ve always wanted to fly in a private jet. Lily took us to the movies often and we would see them on the big screen,” Sirius said with a fond smile.

“It’s a plan. We just need to know who’s coming,” Harry said.

Harry grabbed a pen and paper and started to write down names, while muttering, “Obviously, Sirius, Remus, me, Jake. Charlie, are you coming?”

“I would love to introduce Leah to my dad, so yes,” Charlie said, causing Leah to blush.

“Okay, Charlie and Leah. Alice? Which vampires do you think will come?”

“Well, Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper, me, and I’ll talk to Carlisle and Esme tonight. Do you want to invite Edward and Bella?”

“Not really, but if I have to,” Harry said. “Maybe they could take their own flight,” he added with a scowl, as he wrote their names down. “Sam?”

“Who wants to go?” Sam asked. “We will need to keep a few wolves here to man the boundaries. I will stay and go next time.”

“Seth, how about you?” Harry asked. He continued to ask each wolf and in the end, it was decided that Leah, Seth, Quil, Paul, and Embry would accompany Jake and the rest on the trip.

Sam and Jared would stay behind with their imprints, and keep a watch on the reservation.

“We should head home and talk to Carlisle,” Alice said, “and pack.”

“Yes, we will be leaving in a couple of days, I need to talk to Billy since he will probably want to come too,” Sirius said.

“We will be flying,” Remus said as he came back into the room, “I just got off the floo with Mia, she would prefer it if you went the muggle way.”

“Flying it is. Get your passports organised and get packing,” Sirius said.

“The Pack don’t have passports,” Jake said.

“Don’t worry, I have Ragnok working on that. He will be by later to get the necessary information and have your travel documents ready by tomorrow. Plenty of time to just relax and have fun.”

“We could just take a portkey and let you travel by jet,” Harry said, smirking at his dad.

“Of course, you could, but you won’t,” Sirius said. “Not if you love me,” he added, fluttering his eyelashes.

“Fine,” Harry huffed, then chuckled at the look his dad was giving him.

“Where are we going to stay?” Jake asked.

“I was thinking we could stay in the family quarters at Hogwarts,” Harry said. “That way Sirius can relax and hang out with the teachers and cause trouble at his old school and we can get shopping done and show you around.

“How are we getting to Hogwarts from the airport?”

“Floo,” Remus said, looking at Harry like he was crazy.

“But we are travelling by plane because Sirius can’t use magical travel,” Harry said.

“That’s international magical travel, Harry. Sirius will be fine for another month or so travelling in the same country. We will fly into Heathrow, rent a car, and drive to The Leaky Caldron, park in the magical parking lot, go to Gringotts, and Floo from there.”

“I’d rather fly,” Jake said, putting his hand up. “I still remember the trip to Gringotts,” he added, frowning at the thought of doing that again.

“Well that makes things easier, and also reminds me how much I still have to learn about the magical world,” Harry said.

“You are learning, Harry, and doing great. Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Sirius said, throwing his arm around Harry. “We need to explain things better it seems.”

The next few days were rather frantic, getting everyone organised. Billy decided to stay behind with the Pack that were staying to help out. In truth, he was afraid to fly, but nobody mentioned that.

Carlisle and Esme also decided to stay behind with Edward and Bella to continue planning the wedding. Alice was going to help from England, so she could buy things for the wedding there that they couldn’t find in Forks. Or that was her excuse.

The group arrived at the William R. Fairchild International Airport (CLM) in Port Angeles in two limousines, courtesy of the Cullens, and boarded the plane.

The time of the flight was eight hours and forty-three minutes non-stop to Heathrow Airport, and many planned to sleep most of the way there.

“Are you excited?” Harry asked Jake as they strapped in for takeoff.

“Sure, I’ve never been on a plane before. This is beyond what I expected.”

“It’s pretty fancy,” Harry said, looking around. “I think the only ones that are comfortable with this level of fancy are Sirius and the vampires,” Harry added with a smile.

Harry slept most of the way and before he knew it he was being shaken awake as they landed.

It was decided instead of hiring cars and trying to drive around London, the Cullens had hired limousines again, to take them to Charing Cross Road, and from there, the large and strange group entered the Leaky Cauldron.

“Well, bless my socks, it’s Harry Potter,” Tom said as he spotted Harry and his group.

“Hello, Tom, just stepping through to get to Gringotts,” Harry said as Sirius and Remus corralled them through the pub and to the back entrance.

“It’s good to have you back, Mr Potter,” Tom said, as others moved to try and greet him. It reminded him of his first time coming to the Leaky Cauldron. It also reminded him why he was glad he had left.

“Thanks, Tom, see you later,” Harry said as Sirius got him through the door and out into the alley. Remus had already tapped the bricks and they quickly hurried down the street to Gringotts, aware that they were being followed.

“Same old,” Sirius said, as he had the group surround Harry while they hurried along.

“You would think they would have calmed down since I left,” Harry said, disgruntled by the attention. He was not used to this anymore.

“You would think there would be fewer people out and about at this time of night. Let’s just get to Gringotts so they can deal with the crowd,” Sirius said.

They were greeted by Ironfist as they walked through the doors.

“You bring quite the crowd,” Ironfist said, smirking at Harry. Harry’s bitchface was the only answer he received.

They were ushered back to Ragnok’s office much to the dismay of the crowds, and Harry sighed in relief as the door closed behind them.

“Is it going to be the same at Hogwarts?” Harry asked.

“Probably, except for your friends and the teachers,” Sirius said, smiling. “Don’t worry, it’s late, there will probably be very few people walking the halls and Jake will keep any that are away.”

“I think the whole group will keep them away,” Remus said.

Harry turned to look at everyone and found stunned expressions on their faces. They had barely had a chance to see anything before they were rushed into Gringotts, but it was enough.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to see more. Once everyone is settled you can go out in groups with Sirius or Remus and have a good look around,” Harry said.

“Let’s get to Hogwarts and get settled, then we can make plans,” Sirius said. “Let me call Andromeda and make sure she has the floo open for travel.”

“You might be better off taking a portkey, while Sirius floos,” Ragnok said, “since you have people who have never travelled by floo before.”

“That is a good idea,” Harry said. “Jake and I can go with Sirius and Remus can portkey with the rest,” he added, smiling.

“Fine,” Remus said, smiling at Harry. “Meet us at the castle entrance.”

“Yes,” Harry said, hugging Remus before pulling Jake over to the floo. “See you there,” Harry added, as he watched Sirius disappear and then followed with Jake.

“Harry, it’s good to see you,” Andromeda said as he and Jake exited the floo.

“I’m good,” Harry was cut off by the trilling of Fawkes. “Why is Dumbledore’s phoenix here?” Harry asked.

“He doesn’t belong to Dumbledore, he belongs to Hogwarts,” Andromeda said. “He is supposed to guide the Headmasters of the school and protect them.”

“What happened with Dumbledore then?” Harry asked as he moved over to pet Fawkes.

“He wouldn’t listen, no matter how hard Fawkes tried. Fawkes believes it’s because he was never really fully in charge of the wards, they were too damaged. He had that problem with a lot of previous Headmasters.”

“How do they know he is called Fawkes?” Harry asked, fascinated. He really should read the Founder’s journals.

“Besides the fact it’s written on his stand there,” Andromeda pointed out. “It’s in the Headmaster’s guide to being Headmaster book.”

Harry laughed at the name of the book, and then gave Fawkes one last pat asking, “How do you like the school now?”

“He said he likes it a lot,” Andromeda answered, causing Harry to look at her strangely.

“He said it’s about bloody time,” Harry replied. “I can understand him, I always have been able to.”

“I had no idea,” Andromeda said. “But it does explain why he gave his tears for you, Founder’s Heir and all.”

“We best go meet Remus,” Harry said, looking and realising Sirius had already left.

“Let me walk with you, since classes are out for the day, but it’s not quite curfew yet,” Andromeda said and followed Harry and Jake out of the office.

They really didn’t see many people on their way to the castle entrance, since it was rather late. Jake held onto his hand as his head swung back and forth trying to take everything in, from the castle itself to the students and paintings.

“This place is awesome,” Jake said, squeezing Harry’s hand as they made their way to the castle doors.

“It was my first home. The first place I ever felt like I was at home until Dumbledore took that away from me,” Harry said.

They met up with the others and Harry turned to Andromeda, “Do you know where the family quarters are located?”

“No, but the Head Elf will,” Andromeda said. “Do you mind if I accompany you?”

“Not at all,” Harry answered. “What’s the Head Elf’s name?”

“Binky,” Andromeda called, and a rather old elf appeared in front of her.

“What can Binky be doing for Headmistress?”

“Binky, Harry Potter is here and would like you to take him and his family to the family quarters.”

The elf reached out her hand and touched Harry’s and magic sparked between them before Binky bowed and turned.

“Follow, Master, Binky taking you home.”

Harry turned to look at his dad before shrugging and following Binky through the corridors of Hogwarts until they entered a dead end. Blinky touched the wall causing it to shimmer and a door appeared.

“Master must be touching the door with magic,” Binky said and waited.

Harry reached out and grabbed hold of the door handle and blinked rapidly and knowledge and the awareness of everyone and everything in the castle filled his mind. He blinked rapidly trying to clear the light from his eyes as the door released his hand and opened.

“What a rush,” Harry said as he stood there, head in his hands as Jake rubbed his back.

“What was that?” Sirius asked in concern.

“That was the castle welcoming me home and letting me know what’s going on in my castle. It was a head rush.”

“Come,” Blinky said, leading them through the entrance into what looked like a family room. “Sit, Blinky get refreshments so you can rest before Blinky give you tour.”

“This place is awesome,” Emmett said as he took a seat on the couch next to his wife.

“It really is,” Alice said. “I can’t wait to look around.”

“Let’s let Harry rest a bit and then we can have a look around,” Remus said, looking at Harry in concern.

“I’ll be fine, it’s just a lot of information at once,” Harry said. “Let’s rest and let the information settle and then I will show you around, since I know where everything is now, or will once my occlumency helps me organise this stuff.”

The group spent a few hours talking about what they had seen so far and Harry fell asleep, so Sirius had Blinky show everyone their rooms so they could rest and start again in the morning.


Harry woke up the next morning with a warm feeling in his chest and a lot of knowledge in his brain. He snuggled into the warmth next to him and smiled when Jake’s grip on him tightened.

“Morning, sweetheart, how are you feeling?” Jake asked, his voice rough from sleep.

“Great,” Harry said. “And ready to get a look around. This place is huge, and there is a sanctuary on the grounds here. We even have a family of dragons that come back every year to lay and raise their young. Charlie is going to go nuts.”

“Let’s get showered and dressed and go meet everyone for breakfast,” Jake said, pulling Harry up with him as he sat up. Then he pulled Harry into a kiss, smiling at the sounds he dragged out of his mate.

“Keep that up and we won’t be leaving the bed,” Harry said, sounding breathless.

Jake chuckled and pulled them both from the bed and pushed Harry into the extremely large bathroom. He stopped dead in his tracks and he looked around the room.

The room was huge. The bathtub was the size of a swimming pool and the shower could fit ten people in it. Harry nudged Jake in the stomach and moved over to the shower, started it, and undressed before getting in.

“Join me,” Harry said, smiling at Jake.

“Sure,” Jake said, and moved to the other side of the shower and started the second showerhead. The boys would peek at each other but never touched until they had finished and both had towels wrapped around their waists.

“I could get used to that,” Jake said, holding Harry from behind, and nuzzling his neck.

“Me too,” Harry said. “Think of how much fun this shower will be when we move on from just kissing,” he added, wiggling his arse against Jake.

Jake growled and gently bit his neck, before resuming his nuzzling, “I love it when you tease me,” he said, kissing and sucking on Harry’s neck causing the boy in front of him to wriggle and squirm, moaning at the feeling.

Harry turned around and pulled Jake in for a toe-curling kiss before looking him in the eyes with a sappy smile on his face.

“I think I love you,” Harry said, then blushed and buried his face in Jake’s chest.

“I know I love you,” Jake said, kissing Harry’s wet hair and squeezing him tightly.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before deciding they had better get dressed and leave to meet the others before someone came looking for them. Both boys couldn’t keep the smiles from their faces.

“What did you lot get up to last night?” Harry asked the vampires as they sat down for breakfast.

“This family section is huge,” Emmett said. “And did you know there are all kinds of creatures outside? Blinky showed us a safe place to hunt and not get attacked by dragons.”

“Dragons?” Charlie asked as he walked in with Leah.

“Yeah,” Harry said, smiling brightly at Charlie. “We have a family of dragons that nest and raise their young here before heading off to find a mate.”

“Really?” Charlie asked as he froze in the middle of sitting down.

“Yes, I will show you after breakfast,” Harry said as Leah pushed Charlie into his seat with a smile.

“Where did you hunt?” Charlie asked the vampires.

“Blinky showed us how to get on and off of the grounds so we could hunt muggle animals,” Alice said. “We didn’t want to hunt magical ones since we didn’t know which ones could hunt us back,” she added with a little giggle.

“Smart move. The dragons could have roasted you to ash in seconds,” Charlie said.

“Plus there are some magical animals that are toxic to vampires,” Remus said from his place at the table. “It’s in the books on vampires in the library.”

“Yes, I read that last night,” Jasper said. “The library is fascinating. The histories are so detailed.”

“What’s the plan for today?” Seth asked.

“Well, I was going to give you all a tour of the family area and the school. I thought today could be a Hogwarts day, and tomorrow we can go check out other parts of the magical world.”

“I suggest we start with the dragons,” Charlie said, causing laughter to ripple around the table.

“Where is dad?” Harry asked Remus.

“He ate already and is talking with Andromeda in her office. She had some questions. He is flooing Ragnok from there so he and his team can come and check out the family area for anything untoward,” Remus said. “I actually think they just want to be nosy and see what’s here.”

“Then let’s head out into the school first and I can show you around and check out the grounds. Then we can come back here and look at the dragons,” Harry said looking at Charlie.

“Fine,” Charlie huffed.

“Are your brothers coming?” Leah asked.

“Yes, I invited them. Told them we would arrive yesterday and to come visit today,” Charlie said. “I’m looking forward to introducing you to dad. He should be coming with them.”

“Just keep her away from Ron, since he is already in the castle,” Harry said, screwing up his nose.

Blinky popped in with a box of blood pops and placed them on the table for the vampires and popped out again. Each vampire took one to place in their mouth and grabbed a handful for their pockets. They like to keep some on them at all times now, they were just so good.

“Okay, let’s face the hordes,” Remus said getting up. Everyone at the table followed and they exited the family area into the school.

“Harry, I was just coming to meet you,” Sirius said as he hurried down the hall with Ragnok and his team behind him. “Ragnok wants to check out the family section if that’s alright?”

“Sure,” Harry said. “We were just going to check out the school,” Harry added, turning to Ragnok. “There are magical creatures on the grounds. The grounds themselves are massive. It’s like an animal sanctuary out there, I think there are even a few extinct animals.”

“That sounds exciting,” Ragnok said, rubbing his hands together.

“I guess we could head back,” Harry said, looking at his group.

“Or some could go back and others could go look at the school,” Jake said, squeezing Harry’s hand. He knew his boyfriend wanted to check out the school and see his old friends.

“I choose Ragnok’s group,” Charlie said, to no one’s surprise.

In the end, Remus, Harry, Jake, Embry, Quil, Rosalie, and Alice joined Harry while the rest went dragon spotting, as Charlie called it.

“What do you want to see first?” Harry asked as they walked down the corridor and headed towards the front entrance.

They saw a few students along the way, those that were running late for breakfast.

“Let’s start with the grounds,” Alice said. “Then the school. You can show us where you took your classes and I would love to see the Room of Requirement,” Alice added with enthusiasm as they headed outside.

They met up with Hagrid and he showed them around the Forbidden Forest and showed them all the animals he took care of, except the unicorns, they were nowhere to be found.

They had a brief run-in with the centaurs until they realised it was Harry and then ignored the group traipsing through the forest.

“Still as grumpy as ever I see,” Harry said as the last of the centaur disappeared into the trees.

“A lot easier to deal with since you took over,” Hagrid said, “but yup, still grumpy.”

As they made their way out of the forest after a few hours of sightseeing and back towards the castle, Harry glanced at Alice and had to do a double-take as he watched little fairies playing in her hair.

“Adorable, right,” Alice said as looked at the little one sitting on her finger.

“Completely,” Harry said, smiling. “I’ve only ever seen them do that with one person, and that’s Luna.”

“Let’s be thankful that’s the only thing that followed us out of the forest. There are rather large spiders in there,” Rosalie said, screwing up her nose.

“Ah, yes, Aragog and his family,” Harry said, a shiver going down his spine.

“Aragog passed away,” Hagrid said, sniffling slightly.

“When?” Harry asked as they stopped outside of Hagrid’s hut.

“A few months back,” Hagrid said.

“I’m sorry,” Harry told the man, patting his arm.

“Thanks, Harry. Off ya go now, you best be off and finish your tour,” Hagrid said as he moved off to his vegetable garden.

“Those are some large pumpkins,” Rosalie said as they walked away, heading for the castle doors.

Harry just laughed.

When they got to the entrance, Harry was surprised to see Neville, Hermione, and Luna waiting for him.

“Harry!” Hermione squealed as she ran for him and hugged him tightly.

“I need to breathe, Hermione,” Harry managed to get out, causing her to laugh but loosen her grip.

“I missed you,” Hermione said, tears filling her eyes when she released him to look him in the eye.

“I missed you, too,” he said, rubbing her arms in comfort.

“Hey, Harry,” Neville said as Hermione moved so the others could say hello.

“Neville,” Harry said, pulling him into a quick hug. “How are you?”

“Doing great, thanks for asking,” Neville said. “Um, Harry,” Neville whispered, sounding nervous.


“Why is that boy staring?” Neville asked, looking nervous.

Harry turned to see Embry staring at Neville in fascination. He knew that look.

“Oh, boy,” Harry said, turning to Jake who was sniggering at the look on his best friend’s face. He had teased Jake enough times, so Harry just smiled at his boyfriend’s response.

“Hey, Jake, can you shift?” Harry asked.

“Sure, why?”

“Well, you haven’t since we got here and I want to know if you can still talk to Sam, even this far away.”

“Oh, that’s a brilliant idea, Harry,” Jake said and quickly shifted. Meanwhile, Harry watched as Embry walked to Neville and picked up his hand.

“Hi, I’m Embry,” he said, smiling brightly at Neville, who looked to Harry for support.

“Remember in my letter, I told you about imprinting?” Harry asked.

“Oh,” Neville said, his eyes widening in shock. “Hi,” Neville said to Embry and smiled back, albeit a little nervously. “Gran’s going to throw a fit.”

“Well, lucky for us we are of age next month so she can be as upset as she wants,” Harry said, reassuring Neville by adding himself with him. “How do you feel about coming back to America?”

“Oh, boy,” Neville said as Embry continued to stare at him.

“I guess you will be spending the day with us,” Harry said. “Do you have any classes left?”

“No, I finished my last test this morning,” Neville said. “Just a week left before we head home.”

“Blinky,” Harry called and the elf popped into place.

“What can Blinky be doing for Lord Gryffindor?”

“Can you find all of Neville’s things, pack them, and move them to the family quarters? He will be staying with us,” Harry said, turning to Neville to see if he was okay with Harry taking over. Neville nodded his consent and Harry smiled in relief.

“I know I need to stay close because of the imprint,” Neville said. “I did some research after you wrote about it.”

“I remember,” Harry said, remembering all the letters they had exchanged and all of Neville’s support. He had been wonderful.

“I wonder how many of you will find your other half here?” Rosalie asked.

“That’s a good question. Maybe they were pulled to come because of that reason,” Harry said. “They really wanted to come visit. They were almost antsy about it.” Harry recalled.

The wolves had been rather energetic about the idea of coming to England. He had just put it down to the hype of something new.

“Hi, Harry,” Luna said, reminding him that she was still there.

“Luna, hi, I’m so sorry,” Harry said, hugging the girl to him. “I should have paid more attention.”

“It’s okay, it’s rather fascinating to watch the process happen to someone else. It will be my turn soon,” she added.

“Oh boy,” Harry said. “Should we get your stuff moved too?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yes,” Luna said. “But that’s all for now. The other two will have to wait a little while,” she added, smiling brightly at Quil.

“But it will happen, right?” Quil asked the strange girl.

“Oh, certainly,” Luna said with a kind smile. “Though I don’t think Jacob is going to be happy about the other boy’s imprint,” she added, her eyes going misty.

“What!” Jake exclaimed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll see,” Luna said. “Call your elf, Harry,” Luna added, ignoring Jake’s spluttering.

“Could you hear Sam and the others?” Harry asked, pulling Jake’s attention away from Luna, who had moved over to talk to Alice.

“What, oh, yeah,” Jake said. “It was rather awesome,” Jake added. “They know about Embry, Sam is thrilled so many of his pack are finding their mates.”

“Yeah, just Paul, Quil, and Seth to go, but if Luna is moving into our quarters, it means Seth is probably going to be imprinting soon,” Harry added with a chuckle, before calling Blinky to get Luna moved in.

“It will be fun studying with you and Neville, Harry,” Luna said as they started to make their way inside. “Neville may have a little trouble but daddy will be fascinated by all the reports I send back about muggle animals.”

“This is so fascinating,” Hermione said, and Harry turned to her as they walked.

“What is?” Harry asked.

“The imprinting thing, it’s fascinating to watch,” Hermione said. “I must ask mum and dad if I can visit over the summer. Oh, can I visit over the summer?”

“Of course you can, you know you are welcome anytime,” Harry said, throwing his arm around her shoulder and smiling brightly. This was one of the things he missed about Hogwarts. Seeing Hermione and his friends everyday.

The one thing he didn’t miss was heading straight towards him and he pulled Hermione closer as he spotted Ron coming down the corridor.

“Crap,” he said, as Jake moved to walk behind him in support.

“What are you doing back, Potter,” Ron spat out as he stopped in front of him. “And why are you touching Hermione?”

“Go away, Ronald,” Hermione said, frowning at the boy. “Nobody is interested in what you have to say.”

“Shut up, I wasn’t talking to you,” Ron said.

“I own this place, Ron, in case you have forgotten.”

“Of course not, how could I forget? You’ve turned this place into a freak show. Of course, I should have known you would, considering what a freak you are,” Ron said, smirking as he watched Harry flinch at the remark.

“Watch your mouth,” Jake growled, “before I rip it from your face.”

Ron paled as he noticed the huge boys standing with Harry and then he turned and ran when he saw the vampires.

“Coward,” Neville yelled down the corridor, as he laughed at Ron’s retreating form.

“What a dick,” Embry said, causing Harry to laugh slightly.

“He probably has to look really hard to find it,” Quil added, which caused Hermione to splutter a laugh.

“Oh Merlin,” she managed to get out in between bouts of laughter.

“Oh, Neville, just a heads up, we have a heap of greenhouses on the property in the family area. Apparently, there are some thought to be extinct plants there,” Harry said, watching the boy’s face light up. “Along with the extinct animals that are there also, Luna.”

“Can I come?” Hermione asked.

“Sure, if you don’t have any exams,” Harry said.

“Oh, shoot, I have one in ten minutes,” Hermione muttered.

“Don’t worry, when you are finished, call for Blinky and she can bring you,” Harry said, “I will let her know.”

“Thanks, Harry,” Hermione said, hugging him before rushing off. “Bye,“ she said over her shoulder to the others as she rushed away.

“Hermione, everyone,” Harry said, smiling at his friend’s retreating form.

“She never changes,” Neville said. “Now, about those greenhouses?”

When they arrived back at the family quarters, Harry had to call Blinky to take him to the others and wasn’t at all surprised to see Charlie still with the dragons, while the others were separated around the grounds checking out things that interested them.

“Hey Charlie, how are you getting on,” Harry asked as he watched the man retrieve some dragon scales that were scattered around the ground.

“This is awesome, Harry. The dragons are so friendly here, they even let me approach and pat them.”

“That’s great, Charlie. They are used to humans here and know that they are safe, so I think that plays into it.”

“This one smells like Godric,” one of the dragons said, causing Harry to turn to it in shock.

You speak parseltongue?” Harry asked.

“We are reptiles, are we not?” the dragon scoffed. “Stupid humans, thinking it’s snake language.”

“You can talk to them?” Charlie asked, shock and joy coating his voice.

“They speak parseltongue. Apparently, it’s not snake language. It can be used to talk to all reptiles that speak.”

“Not all,” the dragon said. “My name is Alcide. This is my family, Saphria, Rowan, Fernen, and Attor. Dragons, snakes, lizards, some alligators, I have even spoken to a turtle once,” Alcide. “Never a toad.”

Harry repeated what Alcide said and smiled at the look of fascination on Charlie’s face.

“Wow, I wish I could speak to them,” Charlie said.

Harry spent some time translating between the dragons and Charlie before he got bored and went off to see what everyone else was up to.

He told Charlie they could understand English just fine and he should just ask yes or no questions for a while.

Harry was astounded by the animals they came across. There were animals from all over the world here and he could hear Luna’s excited ranting as she made the rounds.

“Is that a diricawl?” Harry heard Luna say and did a double take when he noticed she was being followed around by Seth.

“I guess that’s what she meant,” Harry said to Jake, who just smiled at his mate.

Harry was in one of the greenhouses listening to Neville go on about plants when Hermione made it to the family area, the twins, Bill, and Arthur with her.

Leah was a hit with Arthur, especially when he saw her wolf form. He was fascinated. The group let the Weasleys get to know each other while they continued to explore. Harry was still amazed at how huge this part of Hogwarts was.

The next morning, Rosalie was a bundle of nerves while she waited for the group to finish breakfast. There were too many of them for everyone to go to the orphanage since they didn’t want to overwhelm the children staying there.

Charlie took most of them for a trip to Diagon Alley, the first stop was to be the twins shop, while Harry, Jake, Sirius, Remus, and the vampires were going to Godric’s Hollow.

Neville and Luna were going with Charlie’s group, having managed to get permission due to the imprinting, much to Hermione’s annoyance.

“Mrs Diggory?” Harry questioned when they were greeted by the woman after flooing into the nursery.

“Mr Potter, it’s good to see you,” Primrose Diggory said, greeting Harry.

“I had no idea you were running things,” Harry said, still surprised at seeing Cedric’s mother.

“Mrs Diggory was one of the best applicants we received,” Sirius said. “I guess you haven’t read through all the information you have been getting.”

“Sorry,” Harry said, sheepishly. “With both muggle and magical school and all the drama, I haven’t really had the time. It’s why I have a team running things for me,” Harry added.

“Well,” Primrose said, smiling at Harry, “things have been running very smoothly here. We have four babies aged between two to five months. Six toddlers, aged between two and five, and twelve children between the ages of seven and ten. The other fifteen are at Hogwarts.”

“How are the adoptions coming?” Sirius asked as they were led to the family room where the kids were playing.

“In the time since we have opened, we have adopted out six babies, four toddlers, and two children, seven and nine.”

“Have you had any mixed children?” Remus asked.

“We have had a few but they tend to be snapped up by their counterparts very quickly. We had two Veela children come in and they were adopted by a Veela couple the next day. They were the seven and nine year old. “

“Do you allow vampires to adopt?” Rosalie asked.

“Yes,” Primrose said. “One of the toddlers and one of the babies were adopted by a vampire couple. They were siblings so they were kept together.”

“Rosalie and her husband Emmett would love to adopt a baby,” Harry said. “They actually don’t drink human blood, only animals.”

“That is fascinating. I have never come across a vampire that doesn’t drink human blood,” Primrose said. “How about we go meet the children and you can see if you feel a certain pull to any.”

“Is that usually the case?” Alice asked.

“With magical children, it tends to be. The child’s magic seems to decide who is the right parent to take them. Sometimes it can be highly reactive since they have come from less than ideal circumstances.”

Rosalie had a hard time leaving the orphanage that day, it was only the knowledge that she would be back to collect her baby that made it possible. She had felt the pull to a two-month-old little boy.

The thing no one expected was Jasper’s pull to a five-year-old little girl, who latched on to him and didn’t want to let go. Alice was overjoyed by the outcome and couldn’t wait to get their new daughter home.

Two Weddings and a Joint Birthday

The rest of the trip was exciting for the group. Alice and Jasper had their little girl with them and Rosalie was glowing, along with a befuddled Emmett, who was terrified he was going to break his new son.

The amount of shopping the two couples did was astronomical. They had collected all the magical things they could for their kids. It was only Harry’s reminder that he could bring them back anytime that had calmed that shopping storm.

Harry and Jake were having a hard time keeping their hands off of each other after seeing each other in suits, which caused all sorts of teasing from the rest of them.

All too soon it was time to leave, which caused a few problems for Neville. His Gran put up a fuss, so Harry had Neville go and try to claim his Lordship. When it worked, he had set Bill Weasley as his proxy, much to the shock of a lot of people. He had taken all his plants and had them carefully packed up and shrunk down to take with him.

He had then said goodbye to his Gran, told her he would write and not to worry about him as she could visit whenever she wanted, and that was that. Neville was pretty sure his Gran was rather proud of the strong stance he had taken.

Sirius had told him there was plenty of room for him to set up his greenhouses and for him to plant in nature. He was going to take his final exams with Harry and start work on his plant business, with Ironfist’s help.

Luna was good to go even before they had arrived and she and Alice got on like a house on fire, both being seers. What Alice couldn’t see, Luna could, including the wolves.

They were met at the airport by an excited Esme and Carlisle, both eager to meet the new additions to the family. Rosalie and Emmett had named their son Henry and Alice and Jasper had named their daughter Cynthia.

The best part was Harry spent the rest of the trip without any more unwanted Weasley sightings. No Ron, Ginny, or Molly to have a go at him. It wasn’t till later he found out they had been sent home early after Hermione had reported the first run-in.

“I still feel a little guilty about Mrs Diggory,” Harry said as they settled down in the kitchen and Winky placed some tea in front of them.

“Why?” Jake asked.

“For not telling her about Edward. I guess it was just nice to see her happy and content with all the children, I didn’t want to cause her any pain.”

“Well you can invite her to the wedding when Remus and I get married and she can see for herself then,” Sirius said.

“Dad, a little warning for her might be nice before she is confronted with the spitting image of her dead son,” Harry said, shaking his head.

“Right,” Sirius said, rubbing his belly. “I need a nap,” he added before getting up and going to his room.

“Have a good nap, Dad,” Harry said.

“A nap sounds like a good idea,” Jake said, squeezing Harry’s hand as he stood up, pulling Harry slightly.

“It really does,” Harry said, jumping up and joining him.

July was all about two things. Esme and Alice were getting ready for Bella and Edward’s wedding, while Sirius, Remus, and Jake were planning Harry and Neville’s seventeenth birthday party, which happened to be two weeks after the wedding.

Neville had his greenhouses set up and spent a lot of time teaching Embry how to garden. It was rather comical to watch Embry stare at Neville while he explained what plant was what and what it was used for.

Neville would blush when he looked at Embry and then smile shyly at the boy before continuing his lecture. They were incredibly cute together.

Luna, on the other hand, spent a lot of time with Seth whether he was in wolf form or not, looking for creatures in the forest. Seth had the same fascination with animals as Luna thanks to Harry lending him all the magical animal books.

They were a perfect pair and Seth was always seen with a smile on his face. Even when Luna was talking nonsense, he would nod along with a grin.

The day of the wedding, Sirius and Remus spent the day on the reservation, while the rest of them went to the wedding. It was quite the sight, eight giant Native Americans with their dates. Well, all had dates but Paul and Quil. Jake was still trying to get Luna to tell him who Paul’s imprint was. Harry had already guessed it would be his sister Rachel. It was the only thing that would annoy Jake.

She was coming home soon as she had just graduated from college.

Harry was more interested in Quil and who he would be imprinting on. He knew it wasn’t anyone from Forks High since they had been down to First Beach often enough.

He put the thought out of his mind as they were seated for the wedding, on Edward’s side. Harry had laughed at that. He figured Bella would have wanted the wolves on her side.

Edward looked very handsome in his suit, Harry thought, and then turned to watch as Charlie led Bella down the aisle. She looked nervous and had a tight grip on Charlie’s arm. The grip seemed to change as she saw Edward and almost tried to run up the aisle to get to him, which made Harry and many others chuckle.

The actual wedding was beautiful, Harry had to admit that Alice and Esme had done a wonderful job. He spotted the other vampires as they lined up to greet the bride and groom.

One of them was glaring at the wolves and Harry would hazard a guess that was Irina. She seemed to be arguing with her sisters, who were trying to calm her down.

“What are they saying?” Harry asked Jacob, who seemed to be annoyed by the whole thing.

“The one they call Irina is upset because we are here. She is mad that we killed Laurent and doesn’t believe that he was trying to kill Bella. She believes that he loved her and wouldn’t do that.”

“But he did do that and it wasn’t his first. You even said his eyes were red, which means that, when he was tracking Bella for Victoria, he had already killed someone or many someones along the way,” Harry said. He didn’t notice that the vampires were staring at him.

“I’m not one to defend Bella, she’s an awful person as far as I’m concerned, and if anyone is to blame for Laurent’s death, it’s her for wandering around in the woods alone.

“But Laurent did try to kill her. You even heard him say that he cheats from time to time when you were approaching. Surely they could tell he cheated, human blood smells different from animals. Is she just in denial?”

“I have no idea, but love does tend to make some people stupid. Look at how Bella behaved when Edward left,” Jake said.

“Maybe I should introduce her to Sanguini, he’s still single and looking,” Harry said blandly, before moving forward for his turn to greet the bride and groom.

“Congratulations, Bella,” Harry said, shaking her hand before moving over to Edward. “Congratulations,” he said, shaking his hand and moving on.

“Congrats, Bells, I hope you are as happy as I am,” Jake said, shaking her hand and moving on to Edward. “Congrats, Eddie,” Jakes said, nudging the vampire and laughing before moving on.

“Eddie?” Harry asked as Jake led him to the table they had been assigned.

“Why not?” Jake said, still chuckling, causing Harry to roll his eyes. “Huh,” Jake added.


“I guess she decided to stay,” Jake said, pointing to the other vampires.

“I wonder why?” Harry asked. He picked up his glass and took a sip of water while looking around. “There are a lot of people here,” he added.

“Look at Rosalie,” Jake said. Harry turned to look and saw the woman scowling at Esme who was showing off Henry. They could see the twinkle in her eyes to show she wasn’t actually annoyed, but it was expected of her.

Meanwhile, Cynthia was running around the place followed by a smiling Jasper, which caused a lot of gossip. Not the child, the smile on Jasper’s face.

The reception was fun, with funny speeches and excellent food, and Harry was rather tired when the bride and groom finally left. Carlisle would be leaving after the reception and probably beat them there.

Harry was just about to get up to say his goodbyes when he was joined at the table by Irina and her family.

“Is it true?” Irina asked. They could all see the desperation on her face.

“Yes,” Harry said simply, causing the woman to cave in on herself.

“Can you tell us what happened?” Tanya asked while Irina tried to get a hold of herself.

“Short story, Bella was attacked by a tracker named James who tried to kill her. He damaged her pretty good. Broke her leg, gave her a concussion, and bit her hand. Edward had to suck the venom out of her to stop the change.

“The Cullens ended up killing James to save Bella and his mate Victoria decided to get vengeance. But instead of going after Edward, she targeted Bella. I ended up killing Victoria after she led a newborn army here to kill the Cullens so she could get Bella.

“Before she got that far, she sent Laurent here to find out where the Cullens were and how protected Bella was, but instead, Laurent decided to feed on Bella himself. That was when Jake and the Pack stepped in.”

“We were made to defend humans from vampires,” Jake said. “That is our purpose. If he had meant no harm, we would not have attacked him.”

“How did you kill a vampire?” Tanya asked Harry.

“Magic,” Harry said. The cat was already out of the bag with the Cullens so he saw no reason to hide it.


“Yes, I’m a wizard,” Harry said. “A part of a hidden world where witches and wizards live, raise our young, have our own schools and shops and government.”

“I have heard rumours when I was with the Volturi,” Eleazar said. “Aro was very secretive about it, but I had overheard him talking about magic and how dangerous it was to our kind. There was not much information available, but he was terrified.”

“Well, the Volturi only rule the muggle vampires, not the magical ones. We have vampires that live and work in the magical world. One, Sanguini works as a teacher at my school.”

“Is that why the children smell like you?” Carmen asked.

“Henry and Cynthia?” Harry asked.


“Yes, they are magical children. Rosalie and Emmett adopted Henry and Jasper and Alice adopted Cynthia from a magical orphanage. I took them on a trip to England to visit the orphanage and the school.”

“That is fascinating,” Eleazar said.

Harry and Jake spend a few hours talking to the Denali Clan as he had come to know them and even Irina seemed to warm to him as they talked.

“Can I ask you a question?” Harry asked Tanya as they were getting ready to say goodbye.

“Sure,” Tanya said. “After all the ones we have asked you,” she added with a laugh.

“Are you part succubus?” Harry asked, causing Tanya to lean back slightly.

“I have no idea, what is a succubus?” Tanya asked.

“In the magical world, a succubus is someone that has sex with men and feeds on their energy,” Harry said. “They are extremely beautiful, and well, you are extremely beautiful, even for a vampire.”

“She could be part Veela,” Jake said, looking at Tanya, “since they are really attractive too. I mean, they all are beautiful but Tanya just seems to have something else,” Jake added. “If I wasn’t with Harry I know I would be feeling a pull.”

“All the single men and half the women felt a pull to Tanya,” Harry said with a smile.

“Well I don’t think I’m a succubus since I don’t feel any energy exchange when I have sex,” Tanya said, with a smirk.

“Probably part Veela then,” Harry mused. “Her vampire traits probably enhance her allure,” he added.

“Now we have a word for it,” Eleazar said with a smile. “I had always wondered since men seem unusually strongly attracted to you and even some women.”

“Do you all have gifts?” Harry asked. “We have recently been debating if muggle vampires with gifts are actually squibs,” Harry added and went on to explain squibs.

“Eleazar can tell if people have gifts,” Carmen said. “Kate can electrocute people with a touch and it seems Tanya has allure.”

“Really,” Harry said, looking at Kate and holding out his hand. “Can you try it on me, I want to see if I can block it like Jane’s gift.”

Kate touched him and frowned when nothing happened, upping the voltage to full.

“Don’t worry, I think it probably doesn’t work on most magicals who have perfected Occlumency.”

“It explains why Aro is so afraid of magicals, he has nothing that can work against them,” Eleazar said.

“Are you headed back to Alaska or staying with the Cullens for a while?” Harry asked as Jake yawned beside him.

“We have decided to stick around for a while,” Tanya said.

“Excellent, then we will be seeing more of you, but right now I need to get this one home before he passes out,” Harry said, standing up with Jake.

The lead up to Harry and Neville’s birthday celebration was filled with the Denali Clan learning more about the magical world and falling in love with Luna.

They had taken to the girl instantly, especially Irina, who spent most of her time with her chasing various mysterious animals. Luna seemed to bring the spark back into Irina’s eyes the more time they spent together, even with Seth in tow.

The only downside to more vampires in the area was a sudden shift of wolves in the tribe. Boys as young as thirteen shifted, causing a lot of work for Sam and Remus.

“Happy birthday,” Jake murmured to Harry on the morning of his birthday.

“Thanks,” Harry answered, stretching and rolling over to lay on Jake. He tapped both their mouths with his finger, cleaning and freshening their breath and then kissed his boyfriend.

“We’ve only been together six months,” Harry said, smiling at Jake,“but it feels like years.”

“I know what you mean,” Jake said, pulling Harry tight. “Welcome to seventeen,” he added, kissing Harry’s forehead.

“Thanks, it’s a pity we missed your birthday, since you wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence back then,” Harry said, laughing at the look on his boyfriend’s face.

There was a knock on the door then and Sirius called out, “Time to get up, Winky made a special breakfast.”

“Coming, Dad,” Harry answered.

“I hope not,” Sirius called through the door before they heard him being pulled away by a laughing Remus.

Harry blushed brightly and buried his head in Jake’s chest. “Oh, Merlin,” he muttered as Jake stroked his back and laughed.

“We should get ready,” Jake said.

“Yeah, okay,” Harry said, as he moved to kiss Jake, their bodies brushing together as the kiss intensified.

Jake widened his legs and Harry fell in between them, rocking his hips against Jacob’s as he wiggled into place, causing both boys to gasp into each other’s mouths.

Needless to say, the boys took longer to get to breakfast than they had originally planned and came to breakfast with rather large smiles on their faces.

“Happy birthday to me,” Harry said as he took a seat and picked up his teacup, saluting his dad with it, causing Sirius to frown at him. Remus nudged him and leaned over to whisper something in his ear, causing Sirius to pout and Jake to burst out laughing.

Jake leaned in and whispered to Harry, “Remus just reminded Sirius that they did much more than we did and at a younger age so he should be grateful you waited till you were seventeen to even start to explore.”

Harry laughed and blushed at the same time, as the others slowly started to trickle into the room.

“Happy birthday, Neville,” Harry said when Nev walked in with Embry at his side.

“Thanks, Harry, happy birthday to you, too,” Neville said, smiling brightly at his friend.

Guests started to arrive throughout the day. Since most were coming in from England, they had to figure in the time change.

Harry had invited Sanguini and the vampire had been a big hit and a fountain of information for the Cullens and the Denali Clan. They spent most of their time discussing the Volturi and how the magical Clans thought they were just tyrants and bullies who threatened anyone who wouldn’t do as they said.

Carlisle had asked them how to deal with them after the threats about Bella and Sanguini had smiled at the man and offered to pay a visit to Aro and let him know the Cullens and the Denali Clan were now under his protection.

“Technically,” Sagniuni said, since some of you are squibs, as we have discovered, you fall under our protection anyway. If he wants to push, I could relieve him of all of his vampires with gifts.”

“You really should get the word out among the muggle vampires,” Harry said, “so they can have a choice about where they want to fit.”

“They do a good job of keeping the muggle vampires hidden, Harry. They just sometimes forget their purpose and go outside their perimeters. They just need a little reminder to keep them in check. We have been rather lax lately with all that has been going on in the Wizarding World.”

“Okay, but something should be done about Jane, she is a psycho. She uses her powers for no other reason than she enjoys hurting people,” Harry said.

“I will let Aro know to keep her leash tightened or he will lose her. That will surely keep him scared for a few hundred years.”

“Harry,” he heard called and turned to see Hermione had finally arrived, along with her trunk.

“Hey, Hermione, how long can you stay?”

“Mum and dad are going to France for a few weeks, so they said I could stay here since I didn’t want to go,” Hermione said.

“Great,” Harry said, moving to hug his friend.

The rest of the night was enjoyable for everyone. Winky outdid herself with cakes for both Neville and Harry and the Denali Clan was introduced to the joys of blood pops.

Wedding plans for Sirius and Remus begin over the next few days in August. Sirius was five months along and looking happy and very pampered.

Harry couldn’t wait to be best man for his dad and Remus had surprised everyone including the one he asked when he asked Sam to be his best man.

The wedding was planned for August sixteenth, so they had just over two weeks to get it done, which was rather easy when you had a group of vampires willing to help and magic thrown in.

Bella and Edward had returned from their honeymoon, a week into wedding preparations, but Harry had still not seen her. But Alice had told him that she was taking to being a vampire with an ease that annoyed Jasper.

She still wasn’t allowed to touch Henry or Cynthia, though, since she was still trying to control her strength and apparently had broken quite a lot of furniture and doors.

Invitations had gone out and everyone who was invited had accepted. The biggest bit of news had been that the Denali Clan had moved with Sangiuni to the magical world and were exploring the world there. Harry had found out when Sanguini had flooed and asked his permission for them to stay at Hogwarts, which he had agreed to.

The happiest news was that Irina had finally found her true mate and was very happy. The not so surprising news was that Tanya and Sanguini were dating as well, now they just needed to find someone for Kate.

When the wedding day finally arrived, Harry spent most of the morning with his dad, helping him get ready and calming his nerves. He only managed to see his papa a few times before the start of the ceremony, but it had been enough to calm him.

The backyard had been turned into a wonderland for the ceremony and reception. Everything looked perfect as Harry walked his dad down the aisle to marry his papa. And if a few tears escaped, no one said anything.

It was a beautiful wedding and things were going wonderfully, until the reception. Nobody saw it coming, not even Alice or Luna, so when newly turned Bella Swan attacked Hermione Granger, all hell broke loose.

Screaming echoed off the trees as Bella leapt at Hermione. Her magic lashed out quickly and managed to knock the vampire back, but not before Bella had managed to get her hand around Hermione’s wrist, snapping it.

Bella jumped back onto her feet and threw Kate away when she went to electrocute her, brushing it off as if it were nothing and leapt at Hermione again, but Harry got in the way.

The vampire managed to get her hands around Harry’s neck before his magic reacted, as he was distracted by Hermione’s screams, and Bella managed to twist before she was blown off of him.

Jacob’s roar could be heard as Harry dropped to the group, neck snapped from the force of Bella’s twist, causing instant death.

Harry had no idea what was happening as he opened his eyes and found himself standing in the family section of Hogwarts, all three Deathly Hallows floating in front of him. They seemed to be spinning and melding into each other before they flew at him and seemed to disappear into his very soul.

“Is this what they meant when they talked about the Deathly Hallows?” Harry asked the man that appeared in the room the moment the Hallows disappeared.

“Yes, now you have taken on my Hallows, only you can decide when you wish to die,” the spectral image said.

“Are you Death?” Harry asked.


“Is my dad affected by this?” Harry asked, remembering the light show in the bank.

“Whoever you want to be affected will be,” Death answered.


“Unless I disagree, then yes, anyone of your choosing.”

Harry wanted to ask more questions but instead found himself back in his body, his neck twisting itself back into place, causing him to groan.

Everything stopped at the noise Harry made.

“Jake? What happened? I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.”

Jake pulled Harry onto his lap and held him tightly, his hands moving over his body and face touching every part of his boyfriend he could reach, not quite understanding what was happening.

“Oh, crap,” Harry said as he tried to sit up, “I died.”

“Yes, you did,” Sirius said, kneeling beside his son, tears in his eyes.

“I met Death,” Harry said, leaning forward in Jake’s grip and looking at his dad. “He told me that I could only die when I wanted to and I could keep others alive too,” Harry said, falling back into Jake, exhausted.

Apparently, dying was tiring.

“Is Hermione ok?” Harry asked.

“Yes, she is being healed as we speak, you were only down for a few seconds,” Remus said from next to Sirius.

“Where’s Bella?” Harry asked.

“Emmett and Edward grabbed her and took off,” Sirius said.

“Jake?” Harry asked, turning to his mate, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t,” Jake stopped talking as his eyes filled with tears and he choked on his own voice.

Harry turned in Jake’s arms and grabbed his face in his hands, “I’m here, I’m fine,” he said then placed kissing all over Jake’s face.

Harry and Jake were surrounded by family as Alice ushered everyone else out, to give them privacy after what had happened.

Harry ended up spending the night in the family room, surrounded by Jake, his parents, and his Pack, Neville and Luna who were now Pack, and Hermione.

Though Jake and Harry’s parents had been the most affected, Harry could see the devastation on the faces of the members of the Pack as well as they tried to assimilate the fact that he was alive and not dead.

It was almost a month before the Pack would let any vampires near Harry, and he could understand it, though he did miss Alice and Rosalie.

When they were finally allowed to visit, after a bit of whining from Harry, they had learnt that Edward and Bella had moved back to Esme Isle for a while.

It seemed that Hermione was Bella’s singer and she had lost complete control of herself. Everyone was beyond surprised since Bella was the only vampire known to have had a magical as her singer.

Hermione was mortified that her blood had caused Harry to get hurt and had apologised a million times for accidentally cutting herself, but he had just told her that it was a one in a million thing and he was fine.

Jake was the biggest issue, he was glued to Harry’s side and would follow him everywhere. Harry understood of course, but it was becoming a little bit stifling.

They had a long conversation about what had happened and how to deal with Jake’s feelings about it and eventually Jake had eased up some.

Between studying for exams and taking them, Harry and his family spent time trying to discover more information about the Deathly Hallows and what it meant for Harry besides what Death had told him.

They came up with rather limited information and not much that they didn’t already know, so Harry decided to just let it go and focus on his family and live his life.

Harry had a lot to be grateful for and he didn’t want to spend it worrying about the what ifs.


“Are you ready?” Sirius asked Lily as they stood on Platform nine and three quarters.

“Yes, Dad, between you, Papa, and Harry, I’ve been ready for ages,” Lily said as patiently as she could when it came to her dad’s worry.

Sirius and Remus hadn’t had any more children after Lily was born. Sirius had had a few complications during the birth and so they decided that Harry and Lily would be enough and they would make do with plenty of grandchildren.

Harry and Jake were more than willing to comply with that since they already had three and Harry was currently pregnant again.

The population of Forks, Washington, had grown exponentially over the last eleven years, with a baby boom of mass proportion, especially on the reservation.

Neville had three kids so far with Embry, but there were talks for more. Luna and Seth were on their first pregnancy and Leah and Charlie were currently on child number four. Every member of the pack had at least one child, and the tribe was thriving.

Henry was standing next to Lily, with Rosalie and Emmett at his side. He was just as excited as Lily to start Hogwarts. They had visited many times over the years. Alice and Jasper had even stayed in the family suite the first year Cynthia had attended.

She was currently going into her final year of Hogwarts and was looking forward to graduating. She was hoping to become a teacher herself and Hogwarts was her first choice.

Dumbledore had been long forgotten by most of the magical population. Just a footnote in most books as a warning of what courting power could do to you. He had died a nobody in prison five years back and there had been a little passage on the back of the newspaper acknowledging his death.

“Come on, Lily, let’s go,” Henry said, grabbing her hand after he had said a final goodbye to his parents.

“Bye, Dad. Bye, Papa,” Lily said, as Henry pulled her towards the train. “Tell Harry and Jake I will miss them and James, Ephriam, and Billy Junior.”

“I will, bye, sweetheart, we love you,” Sirius said, waving.

“Love you, too,” Lily managed just before Henry got her onto the train.

“He is so much like you, Emmett,” Remus said as they watched the train pull away, the kids leaning out the window waving.

“Cynthia already gone?” Sirius asked Alice.

“Yes, she had the Prefect meeting.” Becoming Head Girl was all she could talk about until school started back up.

“Let’s get home to Harry and the grandkids,” Sirius said, taking hold of Remus’ hand. “See you there,” he said to Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice and all three couples activated their portkeys.

“How did it go?” Harry asked as soon as they got settled. The time difference was a pain in the ass having to figure out when to be up and get to the station on time.

But the group had perfected it by the time Lily and Henry left for Hogwarts thanks to Cynthia.

“Went well. Henry was extra excited and pulled Lily along. She said to tell you all she loves you,” Sirius said, yawning.

Harry couldn’t blame him, it was currently four in the morning and they had been up for a few hours.

“I’m going back to bed,” Harry said, rubbing his belly as he got up. “Just wanted to see how she went. I hated not being able to go for her first train ride,” Harry added and then padded out of the room.

He got back into bed and curled up into Jake’s warmth, smiling brightly when Jake’s arm came around him and pulled him tight.

He had had to deal with a lot in his youth, but if it had to happen to get him where he was today, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

He had never been more grateful to Sirius and Remus for rescuing him and giving him the most wonderful life he could have asked for. Everyone was happier than he had ever expected, including Bella and Edward, though he didn’t see them much, which he was grateful for.

Edward had connected with Primrose and Amos Diggory and discovered they had a family connection way back on Primrose’s side.

“I love you, Jake,” Harry said, kissing his husband’s chest.

“I love you, too, sweetheart, now go to sleep,” Jake answered with a chuckle.

“Whatever you say, dear.”

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