The Peculiar Nature (of Identity) by Startabby

Title: The Peculiar Nature (of Identity)
Author: Startabby
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Genre: Action Adventure, Drama, Dystopian, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Relationship(s): Tony Stark & JARVIS, Tony Stark/Kaecilius
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Death-Minor Character, Discussion-Torture, Kidnapping, Violence-Canon-level, Hate Crimes/Hate Speech (referenced), Non-con/Dub-con (offscreen/referenced).
Author Notes: This is a direct sequel to my Quantum Bang from last year, The Insidious Growth (of Betrayal). It picks up right where that story left off, with Master Sorcerer Loki and his Apprentice Tony escaping from SHIELD’s unlawful custody.
While Tony is still the main character for the series, and his fix-it is still a key goal for the overarching story, this part will not fully resolve that tension. Instead, this story’s primary ‘fix-it’ surrounds characters from a couple of other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely the Black Panther and Doctor Strange (though not the films’ namesake characters).
Word Count: 73,770
Summary: What truly defines a man, the scope of his tragedies, the strength of his convictions, or perhaps, the impact that he has on the lives of others? As Tony Stark faces life after an escape from unjust betrayal, he must find the answer to this question. Will his need for vengeance color everything in his life, or will new passions, new allies, and even new love help him grow into a better man?
Artist: SpencnerTibbsLuvr


Prolific lifetime reader in my 30s with a fondness for science fiction and fantasy, I fell down the rabbit hole of fan fiction a few years back. More recently, this has led me to write fiction of my own. Rough Trade and the Quantum Bang have given me a wonderful outlet to explore this hobby and its value as an escape from the challenges that we all face IRL.


  1. I’m intrigued with the pairing as well as the summary. I look forward to reading this.

  2. This is an awesome story. I cannot wait to read more!!! You are a wonderful writer.

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