The Heir and a Spare – SASundance

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Title: The Heir and a Spare
Author: SASundance
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy
Relationship(s): Gen
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Hate Crimes/Hate Speech, Incest, Torture, Violence – Graphic, Violence – Domestic and/or Against Children, Cousin Incest, Discussion of canon related under-aged sex and pregnancies, Suicidality of a character, Insanity, Infertility issues, Linebreeding, Very dark themes, Rape and torture of victims, Child abuse, Bigotry and ignorance, War and cults, misogyny, dubcon, misunderstanding of genetics.
Author Note: Please see the Notes tab, particularly in regards to the expansion of warnings. Author uses British spellling.
Word Count: 177,000
Summary: It was clear to Lord Arcturus Black, Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Black that the most powerful pureblood family in Britain faced the prospect of line extinction within the next few generation. Unless the decline in birth rates, fertility, magic, and longevity wasn’t arrested soon, it would be too late. He came up with a unique solution to his problem, never realising that it would make it possible for the House of Black to defeat an existential threat to the magical and muggle world. But that victory would come at considerable cost to the family, in particular to his heir and the spare.
Artist: librarycat9



If you are likely to be triggered, please take warnings seriously. There is a lot of dark content in this one. It is a story of war, hate and vengeance.

To clarify the cousin incest warning – it takes place between first cousins, which in the UK and other countries is perfectly legal and not considered to be incest, but I recently discovered that was not the case in the USA and potentially other countries may be the same, hence the warning.

This story starts out in mid 1950’s Britain, and the views of the patriarchal characters are very much in keeping with the time, that is to say, they are bigoted and very offensive at times.

This story, although it is complete, has left the way open for a possible sequel. Like most of my fics, I like to tie up loose ends but deliberately leave some unresolved in case I have the time or inclination to write a sequel.

Story contains Original Characters (children). Regulus Black’s birthday has been pushed back a year intentionally.

Finally, I need to acknowledge the invaluable resources of the Harry Potter Lexicon and the Harry Potter Wiki which I used while writing for a quick reference source for many of the little details in the story and the Black Family tree which I’ve spent way too many hours pouring over during the writing of this story.

My thanks go to my Artist librarycat9 for the lovely banner, headers and cast pictures.

Cast Pictures

The Blacks Actor
Orion Nigel Hawthorne
Walburga Patricia Routledge
Regulus Ben Barnes
Arcturus Pierce Brosnan
Melania Lindsay Wagner
Sirius David Tennant
Cassiopeia Daryl Hannah
Alphard Matthew Fox
The Potters Actor
Euphemia Mary Beth Peil
Fleamont Jeff Bridges
James Lewis Rainer
Lily Evans Emma Stone
Dorea Andi MacDowell
Pegasus Michelle Tranchtenberg
Archer Charles Vanderaart
Charlus Robby Benson
General Actor
Callisto Abbott Gillian Anderson
Pandora Abbot Emilie de Raven
Saul Croaker Dick Van Dyke
Remus Lupin Jesse Spencer
Peter Pettigrew Jonah Hill
Gideon and Fabian Prewitt Rock Anthony
Frank Longbottom Jake Abel
Alice Wellborn/Longbottom Holly Marie Combs
Gemini Prewitt Annalise Busso

Character Bios

Ankle Biters 

Date of Birth


Sirius Orion Black 5th November 1959 Orion and Walburga Black

Biological: Arcturus and Dorea

Pegasus Iola Potter (Pip)* 27th-12-1960 Dorea and Charlus Potter

Biological: Arcturus and Dorea

Regulus Arcturus Black # 26th Feb 1962 Orion and Walburga Black

Biological: Arcturus and Dorea

Archer Sage Potter* 28th August 1964 Dorea and Charlus Potter
Aries and Aaron Prewitt* 18th July 1960 Lucretia and Ignatius Prewitt
Gemini Aurora Prewitt* 8th June 1963 Lucretia and Ignatius Prewitt
Phineas Orion Greengrass* 20th April 1961 Lycoris and Tolliver Greengrass
Pandora Opal Abbott* 2nd March 1961 Callisto and Titus Abbott

The Marauders 

Date of Birth


James Henry Potter 27th March 1960 Fleamont and Euphemia Potter
Remus Lupin 10th March 1960 Lyall and Hope Lupin
Sirius Orion Black 5th November 1959 Orion and Walburga Black

Biological: Arcturus and Dorea

Peter Pettigrew Circa 1960 Unknown


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  1. Arcturus is becoming a favorite character of mine so I’m really excited to read this.

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  4. Helengloucester

    This was a fabulous read. Brilliant story. Thanks for sharing Hxx

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