King’s Cross Redux by penumbria

Title: King’s Cross Redux
Author: penumbria
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Fix-It (obviously), Slash, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Harry Potter & Severus Snape, Harry Potter/Orion Black
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Abuse – Child, Character Bashing, Dark Themes, Death – Major Character, Death – Minor Character, Discussion – Child Abuse, Discussion – Muggleborn Slavery Marriage Laws, Discussion – Rape (Love Potions), Explicit Sex, Hate Speech, Murder, Violence – Canon Level, Violent Bullying
Author Notes: Many of the warnings are for canon-type actions on the part of Voldemort and the Death Eaters (Dark Themes, Death – Major Character [mostly], Death – Minor Character, Hate Speech, Murder). The main relationship is Harry & Severus. The sexual relationship between Harry/Orion isn’t a romance, it is friends, so don’t expect true love.
Beta: Ztivokreb
Word Count: 50,644
Summary: Harry died – again – and woke up in King’s Cross – again. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. But his next great adventure wasn’t onward, it was backward, and Harry found a new destiny and a world to save – one child at a time.
Artist: helva2260



Thank you to my beta, Ztivokreb, for their help.

And thank you to helva2260 for the beautiful banner.

Timeline Issues:

Voldemort cursed the DADA position in winter 1968 so the teachers for 1968/69, 1969/70, 1970/71 only last a year each.

Bellatrix Black graduated June 1969

Severus né Snape, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew began attending Hogwarts in September 1971

Narcissa Black graduated June 1972

Lucius Malfoy graduated June 1972

Regulus Black began attending Hogwarts in September 1972

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I write and make art for multiple fandoms.

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