Just a Little Twist – 6/6 – Duochanfan

Title: Just a Little Twist
Author: Duochanfan
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Action Adventure, Drama, Pre-Relationship, Romance, Slash
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley/Viktor Krum
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Hate Crimes/Hate Speech, Major Character Death, Torture, Violence – Graphic, Violence – Domestic and/or Against Children, Discussions of Abuse, Murder, Torture. Murder. Character Death. Kidnapping.
Word Count: 166,650
Summary: Remus remembers to take the Wolfsbane potion before he heads off to confront Sirius and Peter Pettigrew. This one thing helps to give Harry something he had wished for in the dark days of living with the Dursley, a family. It all kicks off a ripple of events that take place over Harry’s Fourth and Fifth year that will change everything.
Artist: SpencnerTibbsLuvr

Chapter Seventy-Six

Harry looked around, there were so many of the students that Umbridge had basically tortured in the stands now. Each of them wanting to know what her sentence was going to be. Muggle parents were also sitting there, faces white as the court went through the list of charges. Detailing what each of the students had gone through at the hand of Madam Umbridge. Harry knew that a lot of the parents were new to the Wizarding World. New to learning that their child was a little different than they thought. Though they had all let their children attend Hogwarts.

He wondered how many of them now wished to pull their child out of the school. Harry hoped they would be able to talk them out of it. Any child that didn’t attend one of the magical schools around the Uk, would have their magic locked away. It would only be freed at the ages of thirteen for three weeks either side of their birthday, and three weeks before the age of Seventeen, when the child would be given the choice to study magic once again. If the child themselves refuses then the core is permanently locked away to avoid any accidently magic as they live their life in the Muggle World. Harry learned that there had been only two cases of such things in the last fifty years. He had been glad that his Aunt didn’t have that option with him since his parents’ wishes were the ones that were to be followed and not his Aunt’s.

“You all right?” Sirius asked him, a hand on his shoulder.

“Was thinking about the other kids, that their parents might try and pull them from Hogwarts,” he murmured, glancing towards a few of the children around them.

“It’s a worry, I know a few of them are talking about it. We’re trying to smooth all that over,” he winced, glancing at one father that had a tight hold of his son. The boy was tiny compared to his year mates. “He’s seriously considering it, so far the kid doesn’t want to, and he’s listening to him somewhat.”

“Good,” Harry sighed, “I don’t want to see any of them having to leave,” he murmured. He jolted as a loud bang went through the room.

“Dolores Jane Umbridge,” Minister Bones’ voice rang clearly throughout the room, “after going through the evidence present, and your own testament we have come to a verdict,” she said.

“Dolores Jane Umbridge please stand,” a voice intoned in the room. “Do you have anything else that you would like to add?” he asked of her.

The woman nodded, still glaring at everyone that was gathered. “I do, I was doing as I was ordered, to make sure that Hogwarts wasn’t trying to raise people against the Ministry, and that is exactly what I found. Potter rallied the children of the school to question the dictates of the Ministry and their stance on anything and everything. I was doing my job!” she snapped.

“The former Minister, Cornelius Fudge, is going to be facing an inquiry as to what he has ordered over the last few years. Since a number of things have come to light concerning his conduct,” Minister Bones said, doing her best to keep the smirk from appearing on her face. “The Verdict that has been reached was Guilty of all charges.”

“I was following orders!” Umbridge yelled out once more.

“Quiet!” Minister Bones told her, “Your sentence has also been decided, for the torture of 42 students at Hogwarts, for the use of a controlled dark object, for the use of an interrogation device that requires specific Ministry and Wizengamot permission to use. You have been sentenced to 40 years in Azkaban Prison. You will be taken to the Prison tomorrow morning for the start of your sentence, you will be placed in medium security. Dementors will be guarding your block for eight hours a day,” she finished, reading out the punishment that she was to be given.

Umbridge began to yell, only for a silencing spell to be used on her. She glared at everyone, looking directly at Harry Potter from where he was sitting in the crowd. It wasn’t hard for him to be able to tell what she was saying, or trying to say.

“Good,” Harry said, “she’ll… she deserves it,” he sighed, a pleased smile on his face.

Sirius nodded, “Took us too long in getting her out of there, but now we’ve another battle when it comes to the former Minister. We’ve found that he’s been accepting a few things from people that we know of. Thankfully Lucius hasn’t been one of them, but I’ve no doubt that he would have done it if he was still following his family dictates.”

“Hmm,” he’s keeping his nose clean,” he snorted, looking at his godfather and then at Draco who was sitting on his other side.

“Mother’s got him by the short and curlies, he doesn’t even jump without her saying so now,” Draco smirked, laughing.

“Right,” Harry laughed lightly as he got up. The two of them took each other’s hands as they started to head out as Madam Umbridge was taken back down to the cells to await her transport to the prison in the morning. “It’s over and they… we can all heal from what she’s done. Siri, make sure the Fudge pays,” he added, glancing back towards his godfather.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got a good case against him for negligence and bribery and a few other things. While he might not see any prison time like Umbridge, he’ll still face something,” he promised the two of them as he took them back to Hogwarts. A couple of the Professors were also there to help take all the students back to the school and then the parents back home as well.


Harry smiled as he and the others all sat around large tables in the Great Hall. It was the 30th of April and they were all making their flower crowns for Beltane the next day. The shadows that had distracted the students over the last couple of weeks, especially those that had to testify against Umbridge were now full of smiles and laughter as they healed. A mind healer was also coming in three times a week to talk to all of the students. Including Harry, which he had found helpful.

“Does it really not matter what flowers you use?” a third-year asked, as they put another flower into their crown they were making.

“No, not for this,” Draco said softly, “If you were making it for someone else then you would have to take into account the flowers and their colours. Say I wanted to make one for Harry,” he began, “I would choose something like Roses, but the colour would have to be special as well, something that means something, so for roses, I would most likely use a lavender colour, coral as well, and putting red and white roses together as well.”

“Hmm, what does all that mean though?” he then asked, pausing to look at the older student.

“Coral is for desire, I desire Harry,” he blushed a little, “the lavender is love at first sight, and I did like him a damn lot when I first saw Harry in Madam Malkins. He was so tiny,” he laughed lightly, “and I wanted to be his friend before knowing who he was so I started bragging about anything and everything I could think of. He… wasn’t impressed,” he snorted.

“No I wasn’t, but I wanted to ask you so many questions,” Harry said, shaking his head, picking up another flower to weave it into the crown he was making.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “now, as for the red and the white, they would be weaved together, so they would give a message of unity, that we are stronger together than apart. That we will take all steps together,” he added, glancing over at Harry.

Harry smiled softly, quickly leaning closer for a kiss, “Good to know you feel the same,” he told him.

“I do,” Draco replied.

Some of the Muggleborns giggles, “I do,” one of them repeated.

“What?” Draco puzzled at the behaviour.

“In a Muggle marriage ceremony, the bride and groom are both asked if they want to marry basically. Their reply is always ‘I do’ so since everyone here knows that we are planning to marry, they are giggling about that,” Harry grinned at him.

“Oh, well… it’s a little different for us,” Draco said, “We’re asking for the Blessing of Magic during a wedding, taking a lock of our hair and asking Mother Magic to transform it into a ribbon,” he told them

“Wow,” the nearby first-year said, her eyes wide, “We aren’t learning about that yet,” she said.

“You won’t do until the end of third year from what I’ve learned,” Draco told her, “we’ve been having to play catch up on the lessons,” he added, “It might be a while before you will learn certain things. You’ll be learning about flowers and their meaning as well since sometimes bouquets can be given as courting gift as well,” he added.

“It’s all so fascinating, I know my grandmother would go on about her own grandmother who was around in the Victorian times. She would often tell me about the language of flowers, are they the same?” another asked.

“They might be, I’ll have to see and get a reference,” Draco told him.

“I think I can ask my mum to send me a copy of the book my Nana showed me,” he said, nodding, eager to learn if there was any difference between the two different cultures.

“It would be fascinating to find out,” Draco smiled at him, “We’ve been in contact and a lot of things have gone back and forth between the Muggle and Magical Worlds over the centuries. Though we’re hidden for good reason, we don’t want another witch hunt after all. A lot of innocent Muggles were killed because of it all. While a lot of Magicals survived, though those too young to be able to trigger their magic wasn’t always so lucky.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, somberly.

“So what are you going to wish for tomorrow?” Ron asked the two, looking up from his own crown. He wanted a change from the depressing turn the conversation had taken.

“Hm,” Harry hummed, “I don’t know what I want to wish for. I could wish for love, but I already have that, maybe family health,” he said softly, thinking of what he would be writing onto his paper to throw into the fire.

“I’m thinking the same,” Draco nodded, “What about you Ron?”

“I… I think the same,” he nodded agreeing with them. it was the most common wish after wishing for love or money.

“It’s a good wish,” Draco smiled, “I often did so as a child, and… and sometimes I wished for someone that would love me and not the name that I held,” he murmured softly.

“I think I would have wished for money normally, but… I’ve been thinking that…” Ron began, trailing off a little, “I realise just what I have,” he said, thinking about his family.

“Aww, ickle Ronniekins is all grown up!” came twin voices from behind the redhead.

“Leave me alone,” Ron complained as they ruffled his hair. He did his best to fight the two off.

“But we’re having fun,” they said, sitting either side of him, “It’s good to know,” Fred began.

“That you’re realizing exactly what you have now,” George finished, looking proudly at his brother.

“Just wish mum felt the same,” Ron gave a dark mutter.

“We’re trying,” Fred said, putting an arm around Ron.

“As long as she just ignores me, maybe it’ll be fine. I hate it when she singles me out over any little thing,” he sighed, shaking his head, “Right, I should finish this off,” he said, forcing a smile on his face.

The twins looked at their younger brother, sighing a little. Ron was always the odd one out in the family, one that Molly Weasley would single out for any little mistake. The verbal tirades she would yell at him often left the youngest boy in the family feeling unwanted and unloved. Harry and Draco smiled at their friend, they knew what was going on. And Harry had even seen a little of the neglect that Molly did when it came to his best friend. She knew that the twins faced the same type of neglect and forgetfulness as Ron at times.

Chapter Seventy-Seven

Beltane had gone well, wishes were made and thrown into the fire. They danced, sang and ate around it, spending time with their friends. It had been a fun day, their flower crowns had been preserved and hung at the bottom of their beds in the dorms. They would keep them for the year when Beltane came around once more they would be thrown into the fire right at the start of the night. A thank you for the year that they just had. Harry stood at the bottom of his bed, touching the velvety petals.

“Come on Harry, we need to go,” Ron told him, “We’ve got revision to do,” he said, almost panicked at the thought of the exams that were starting to approach. School had been quiet over the last month. With June starting and the exams also starting in a few days those in fifth and seventh year all worry even more about their exams. The only exam that every year really had to worry about was Traditions, as they had to pass that to be able to advance the year.

“I know Ron,” he said, shaking his head as he grabbed his bag and followed his friend.

“Can’t believe this year is almost over,” Ron said softly as they headed out of the common room and towards the study rooms that were set aside for the fifth and seventh years. Though this was more to stop first and second years from getting yelled at by overly stressed O.W.L and N.E.W.T students.

“I know, it feels like it’s been a lot longer,” Harry mused, “What with Umbridge and that.”

“Yeah, glad that Fudge is going to be locked away in minimum security for the next ten years,” Harry grinned, glad that he was being held accountable for what had happened. Sirius had told him that there might be no prison time, but some of the things they found out made them all change their mind. “They’ve also managed to get a few of the Death Eaters a well,” he added.

“That was beautiful news,” Ron snorted as they reached the study room. Walking in, Draco waved them over from the table where the other fifth-year Gryffindor boys and Blaize were sitting waiting for them. “Sorry for taking so long, someone was stuck in his memories again,” he chuckled lightly as he took a seat.

“What were you thinking about this time?” Draco asked him as Harry sat down beside him.

“Just last month and Beltane, how much fun it was,” he smiled, giving Draco a soft kiss before pulling his work out.

“Which reminds me, what do you think we’ll need to know for the exam?” Blaize asked, looking at the notes he had taken in traditions class. Most of the Slytherins and Ravenclaws already knew most of the traditions. They wouldn’t mind needing to know what was going to be on the exam since they had to cram five years of learning into the two years.

“I’ve no idea,” Dean huffed, “Do you think we should talk to Professor Galen?” he suggested.

Draco shook his head, “Don’t think it would help, there’s so much we’ve had to cover. Didn’t you notice that the exam for traditions takes over two days and each exam in two and a half hours? Last year we had two years of work to cover, this year we had three. I’ve got a feeling we will be covering everything. Last year we only had to pass with a low grade, and we weren’t penalised if we didn’t, this year we will be because they are now starting to make sure we understand everything. I feel bad for the upper years, they’ve had five, six and even seven years crammed into the last two years of learning.”

“Damn,” Ron groaned, banging his head against the table.

“We need to pass with an A at the least to be able to go next year. If we don’t, we’re repeating the year until we pass.” Harry sighed, hoping that he wouldn’t fail.

“Why would this one lesson hold us back?” Dean asked, looking confused, “I can understand repeating the lessons for the year, but why the whole year? Which includes the other subject?”

“Because if you don’t understand the basics of our world, you’re not ready to move up,” Draco said softly.

“Don’t you mean it’s because you’re discriminating against those that want nothing to do with the archaic traditions of a world that is dying!” Hermione yelled out from where she was sitting on the next table. She was sitting alone, as she had done for most of the year. No one wanted to be near her these days with the constant tirades and over the last couple of weeks, she had been trying to get everyone to follow her idea of a study guide, which allowed for nothing else but to study.

“Miss Granger,” came the voice of Professor Babbling, who was overseeing the study room that day. “You’ve been told to keep that opinion to yourself, one more warning while you are here and you will have detention again.”

“Professor,” Hermione said looking at her, “I’m able to speak my mind without censor.”

“That you are Miss Granger, but when you are degrading the beliefs of others that is called discrimination,” she reminded her, “Not only that, but would you do the same thing to someone who is Muslim? Sikh? Christian? Would you tell them that their beliefs are archaic and outdated?” she asked her.

“Of course I wouldn’t do that… that’s wrong!” Hermione blinked, still refusing the see the connection between the two behaviours.

“Then why do you do the same thing here. In the Muggle World, you are required to learn about the different religions of the world, you would not be required to follow them. But you would learn about them,” she pointed out, “It’s the same here, you need to know about them, you need to pass the exam to make sure that you will be able to avoid insulting someone, which is all you have done over the last two years. You passed last year by the skin of your teeth for the Traditions class, I suggest that you start revising.”


“Give it up Granger,” a Ravenclaw piped up, “We all have to learn how to tolerate everything, why can’t you do the same?” he asked her, rolling his eyes at the girl.

Hermione sat down with a huff once again as she started revising, ignoring the glares that were now aimed at her.

“She never wants to give in that she might be wrong about something,” Ron said, shaking his head and looking down at his work, “Ugh, I really hate revising,” he muttered.

“I think we all do,” Harry snorted, “Okay, what shall we work on first?” he asked the group.

“Let’s pick from the pot,” Blaise said, causing confusion in the others.

“He means,” Pansy said as she walked over and sat with them, “That we put the subjects we want to revise in a hat or a container of some kind and draw one out, spend forty minutes going over it before taking a small break, and then repeating it for however long we plan to review,” she smiled, “Sorry I’m late, needed to talk to Professor McGonagall about transfiguration, I was lost on some of the human transfigurations we’re learning,” she told them, pulling her things out.

“Okay,” Harry said as he quickly began to make a list and ripping it up. They mixed them up in a conjured container before pulling one out, “Charms,” he grinned, “Let’s start,” he told them all as they organised their notes and began to revise.


“Right, come with me!” Remus demanded as he waved them all towards him, “This week we’re going to be testing your abilities with the spells. So you have a nice little gauntlet to get through. Now, some of you must remember your third year. It’ll be much like my exam for that year. I’m going to be grading you on your speed, your spell strength and your ability with the spell. When I call your name, you’ll go through, when you finish, you are to not speak of what you have gone through inside. The first one that does will get points off and a detention,” he wanted them. “This is a secret test to gauge your abilities and to see where you are weakest.”

They started going through one by one, each of them being quiet as they came out. The only one that tried to break the rules was Hermione, asking everyone what they had to do, none of them spoke, and it wasn’t until after she had her run and tried to talk did she fall silent after she received a 30 point deduction and a detention. As soon as the last one finished and settled down Remus took to the front of the room.

“Well done to you all, I’ve made some notes for all of you to take under advisement,” he said as he began to hand out his observations to everyone.

“Why do I need some work!” Hermione asked as soon as she received hers.

“Your spells were constantly underpowered and you had to cast most of them at least twice for them to work. You need to work on your casting speed and proficiency. Accuracy wise you were decent. I wouldn’t recommend you become an Auror at the level you are at the moment,” he told her bluntly.

“But my-”

“Miss Granger, take what I’ve said under advisement, at the moment with the level you are working at you’re aiming for a very low EE maybe even an A. If you work on practising the spells and powering them, you should be able to scrap a low O, but most likely a high EE. You know the theory behind everything, that isn’t in question. What’s in question is your practical application of the spells that you’ve learned,” he cut her off, “The other teachers have also reminded you that you need to practice the spells. The O.W.L’s are to show that you have the capability to cast the spells without problems up to this point, it’s a N.E.W.T level that you really need to get most of the theory down.”

“Your theory is separate from your spell work, you could know every single thing about the spells that you’re casting,” Draco began, “But still fail because you don’t know how to cast it correctly and consistently.”

“Exactly, at O.W.L level you’ll be showing a lot of spell work, it’s one of the first times that you will be assessed by the Ministry to make sure that you are safe basically to be allowed to continue to have your wand,” Remus told her, “It does mean as well, that passing all with an overall A in all subjects, and two of them at least with an EE for the practicals in all main wand subjects, Charms, Transfiguration and DADA, that you’ll be able to use your wand outside of the school in areas like your home and Diagon Alley. And yes, that does include in Muggle homes. For anyone that doesn’t get those A and the two EE’s they are not able to use their wand outside of school and are on probation for the following year to get those grades up to that point. If not then they are to repeat the year.”

“I…” she went quiet once more.

“Well,” Harry said as he looked at his own, “It doesn’t seem that bad,” he noted that he needed to work on his power levels a little more, he was often overpowering spells.

“Taking out a hat, nah, take out the stand and the wall behind it,” Ron rolled his eyes.

“That… okay it was a little more powerful than I expected,” Harry sulked.

Draco patted him on the back, “there there, at least you can go into demolition really easily.”

“Be careful Draco, or I will be demolishing you,” he bit back, a playful tone in his voice.

“Right, well done to you all, and if you need any help with the spell work, don’t forget that my door is open to you all,” Remus reminded them, “except Thursday and Friday, I won’t be in Professor Black will,” he added, since the full moon was going to be at the end of the week and he’d need the day before and the day after off to prepare and recover.

“See you, Professor,” Harry grinned at him, giving him a wave, “I may come by and see about asking for help on powering spells,” he told him.

“It would be a good idea, we don’t want you to destroy the house when you’re trying something,” he teased him.

“Hey, I have enough of them teasing me about that,” he muttered, rolling his eyes as he pointed towards his boyfriend and best friend. He gave a huff, but they all could see he was amused by the teasing as he walked out of the classroom. The others quickly followed behind him. They had lunch and then Potions afterwards.

Chapter Seventy-Eight

“Quills down,” intoned the voice of their examination proctor. This was their last examination of the year, no more having to review their notes. No more having to mentally prepare themselves for the quiet and stillness of a room as they answered a million and one questions that the answers fled their minds. “Turn your papers over and wait for them to be collected,” he added, as everyone did as they were told and sat there. It didn’t take long as one by one the papers were lifted up by magic and set into a box ready to be taken to the ministry examination board to be graded.

“You are all free to go,” the other examination proctor said with a smile on her face.

Harry sighed in relief, “So glad that’s over with,” he said, meeting up with Draco and Ron as they headed out of the room.

“Same,” Ron nodded, “No more exams.”

“Until next year,” Draco smirked as Ron slumped.

Glaring at the blond, “Did you really have to remind me, we’ve just finished those exams, why in the world would I want to be reminded that I have to do it all again next year,” he huffed.

“Because it’s fun,” Draco laughed.

“Come on, we’re meeting the others aren’t we,” Harry said, “Even Viktor has stopped by to celebrate the last of the exams with us,” he grinned. The Quidditch star had been able to get permission from the Headmaster to visit for dinner after Ron’s last exam.

“Hey,” Luna smiled as she walked over to them, “The Miaps are circling, you should be careful,” she warned, looking mainly at Harry, the smile gone from her face for a moment.

The three of them stopped to look at her, each of them knew that when she spoke of things, she was often unaware of exactly why she was saying them. A touch of clairvoyance was around her, not that they would tell anyone that. It was better for people to think her a little odd than for people trying to see what she knew.

“Okay, we’ll be careful Luna,” Ron told him, patting her shoulder, “coming to join us?” he then asked.

“Of course, for all of it,” she smiled again and almost skipped beside them as they headed towards the hall. Neville and Ginny, along with Krum, were waiting for them.

They headed down one of the corridors leading towards the Great Hall when Ron yelped as two redheads assailed him, almost tripping him up.

“Did our ickle Ronniekins…” one began.

As the other finished, “finish his ikkle owlies?”

“What do you think, bloody menaces,” Ron huffed as he was able to dislodge the two of them.

“How were they?” Fred asked him, generally curious as to how his brother thought he did.

“They were… okay, I think I messed up a lot,” he shrugged, he was the most academic of his brothers. He’d leave that to Percy and Bill.

“You’ll be fine,” George reassured him, patting him on the back, “come on, Lee’s saving us all a space at the table, even loverboy here is welcome,” he added, glancing back at Viktor.

“Thank you,” Viktor smiled at the two of them, Ron quickly went back to him after the twins had dragged him away and took his boyfriend’s hand, “And don’t put yourself down, I know you will have done well,” he admonished gently.

They were stopped before they reached the hall as someone threw something at Draco. Draco acting on instinct let go of Harry’s hands and as soon as they clasped around the object he disappeared. The only thing left behind was his wand and bag.

“What the hell did you do Bletchly!” Harry roared, heading towards the Slytherin, Ron picking up Draco’s wand.

“I have my orders since you weren’t letting your mind be open,” he sneered, “Now,” he added, holding something up, “if you want your little boyfriend back in one piece, you’re going to have to get him,” he chuckled darkly.

“Where did you send him?” Harry asked, fear striking his heart.

“Where do you think,” he snorted, “The Dark Lord has been trying to get you to the Ministry, to a certain place in there for the last few months. But you closed your mind against him, wouldn’t listen to his suggestions,” he added.

“Would you want that bastard in your head?” he rolled his eyes, knowing now that Draco had been sent to the Ministry.

“He’ll be waiting there for you, and he’ll make sure that you’ll pay for your insolence,” he sneered, “as for how you’re going to get there,” he held up the object he was playing around with early. “This portkey takes you to the Ministry entrance, you know where Draco will be, so you should be able to find them,” he smirked, “You have ten seconds to decide if you’re going,” he said, throwing it and walking away.

Harry caught it, “I’m going,” he said.

They all nodded, reaching a hand out towards him, “We’re going as well,” they said, though George raised his wand and sent a message to Lee, “Telling him what’s going on and to tell the Headmaster and Lupin,” he said.

“Thanks,” Harry said, they all dropped their bags, since they wouldn’t need them as the portkey activated and they were away from Hogwarts.


Harry looked around as soon as they landed, they were near the phonebox entrance of the ministry, “Come on,” he said, quickly leading the way. The others followed. Rushing into the phone box that expanded around them to fit them all. They quickly gave their business.

“Rescue mission,” Ron snorted, but just tucked the badge away into his pocket, there was no need for them to wear them.

“We need to go towards the department of mysteries,” Harry told them.

“Why there?” Ginny asked him, glancing over.

“It’s where the Hall of Prophecy is,” Harry said softly, “Look, there is something out there that tells me that it’s going to be me and Voldemort at the end of it all,” he said, “We’ve done everything we needed to make that a reality,” he added.

“So we’re going to the hall,” Luna said, her eyes going sharper for a moment, “Do not touch them, touching an orb when you aren’t part of the prophecy it contains can send you mad,” she warned them.

“You’ve been there before haven’t you?” Ron asked her.

She nodded, “No… no one else knows that I’ve given a few,” she said softly, “I don’t remember them at all, but some of the things I see and still aware.”

“Is what you tell us some of the things that you remember?” Harry asked, getting a nod, “Thank you, for the warnings,” he smiled at her.

“We won’t tell anyone either,” Ginny reassured her friend.

Luna smiled warmly, “My mother was the same, and people found out, they hounded her all the time. In the end, she took to working as a spell crafter at home, so that people wouldn’t come up and ask her anything whenever she went out. She didn’t like to see the future, all she wanted was to live in the present,” she added wistfully as they reached the Ministry Atrium.

“Then we’ll respect what you want,” Harry told her, “Right, this way.”

Luna took the lead, as she knew where the Hall of Prophecy, “You know what he’s after?” she asked him.

“Yeah, he wants us both to know of the prophecy, the thing is,” he whispered, “It’s a fake, the real one was taken and destroyed last year during the summer,” he told them. In the lift, they went down wands out and ready for whatever they might face. Taking a cautious step out. Luna and Harry took the lead to the Hall of Prophecy, Harry now recognising where he was because of the dreams he had been having about it. “Be careful of everything you come across in here, a lot of the stuff they hold down here is deadly to people,” he warned them all, hearing a lot of it from Sirius.

Luna opened the door, “He might be waiting for you, where yours is being held,” she told him.

Harry nodded, “Yeah, I think I remember where it should be, Sirius mentioned it,” he agreed, as he began to walk down the row upon row of brightly lit orbs. Each one containing a prophecy, each on real. He shuddered to think that so much of life is predicted in such a way. “keep alert,” he said as they rushed down the rows. Harry’s heart went into his throat as he heard Draco’s screams.

“Keep your head in the game,” Ron told him, though even he was scared at the sound.

“I know,” he nodded, letting what Remus and Sirius had been drilling into him for the last year settle into his mind.

Harry stopped them from going any further as they caught sight of people. Kneeling down, he gazed, seeing Draco on the floor, shaking from whatever it was that they had done to him. Harry wanted nothing more than to go in wands blasting but that could get Draco killed. “Plan,” he said, “Fred, Ron, Viktor, I want you guys to go that way, get to the end. The others remain with me, I want you three to blast the ground near the furthest wizard from us at the moment, so they’ll be the nearest one to you. Do so as soon as you get there. You take them out permanently, cutting hexes and blasting hexes. Don’t piss around, you stun them they are going to get up. Break their wand arms, their legs, hell chop them off,” he added, ”But if you just leave them stunned, they will get up and bite us in the ass when we are trying to leave.”

“Right,” they nodded, getting up and moving.

“Luna,” he said turning to her, “I know you have some healing skills, so would you be able to grab Draco while Ginny and Neville help me in protecting your retreat?” he asked her.

“I will,” she smiled, nodding.

“Great,” they knelt and waited, a blast finally came and they moved as the Death Eaters left Draco on the ground. Luna went straight to Draco as Harry, Ginny and Neville blasted the three that were nearest to them in the back, knocking them out. The others do the same on the other side of the row. “Okay,” he said as soon as they were all down. He and Ron tied them all up, making sure that they weren’t going to be going anywhere any time soon and pocketed their wands. He rushed over to where Luna was, Draco now sitting up.

“How are you feeling?” he asked him, kneeling down beside his fiance.

“Shaky and in pain,” he admitted, “We should get out of here, they said something about him coming here soon, I’d rather we be gone b-” he cut off as he stared behind them all.

Harry and the others turned, wands at the ready and a spell on its way to those that had sneaked upon them.

“Well, Potty is a fast one,” Belatirx cackled as she easily batted the spell away, along with the other five wizards that were with her.

“Lestrange,” Neville growled, they knew why he reacted as such. A restraining hand on his arm stopped him from doing anything else.

“Aww baby Longbottom, how’s the parents?” she mocked, before cackling once more.

“Enough Bella,” the man beside her ordered, “All we want is that orb, and then you can go,” he told him.

“Well, only Potter might be able to leave, little Mr Malfoy, well, he has to pay for his daddy leaving us,” she said, a smirk on her face as he wand came up and pointed straight at the shaking blond as he was helped to his feet.

Harry shared a look with Ron, the redhead nodded minutely as the two of them used a blasting curse at the group as Harry yelled out, “Skatter,” grabbing Draco and doing his best to help the other wizard to get them away. He could hear the others blasting the bastards around them. He could hear cackling behind him and knew that it was Lestrange that was chasing him. He hoped Neville would be able to keep his head on straight when he was faced with those that had driven his parents to madness.

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Harry pulled Draco to the side as he felt the tingling of a spell heading towards him. Covering his fiance, his wand was out and ready to fight. Giving Draco a few moments to gather himself. Ron still had Draco’s wand, so he was defenceless at that moment in time. Harry used a cutting hex this time, tossing it towards the witch that was chasing the two of them.

“Oh, close Potty!” Bellatrix cackled as she danced around the spell. She shot a few back, getting a few returned towards her.

“Harry,” Draco whispered, “We need to retreat, call the others,” he told him.

“I know,” Harry said, they were no true match against the Death Eaters, but he couldn’t see a way for them to have called the others and get there before Draco would be too hurt to recover.

There was a blast nearby and some of the shelves started to fall, the orbs crashing to the floor as the others came running towards them. “Come on,” Ginny said, a grin on her face as she sent a few cutting hexes towards Bellatrix, “Ron took out one and Viktor another, don’t know if they are still alive,” she told them as she sped past them.

Harry pulled Draco to his feet once more as they headed towards the exit of the hall of prophecy. “Did you have to destroy everything,” he asked the red-headed witch.

“Where’s the fun in letting people know what the future holds,” she shrugged as they reached the exit.

Viktor, Ron and the twins were behind them, occasionally shooting spells back to the two wizards and the witch that were still standing and chasing them. Harry let Draco go, turning to show a basting hex with all the power he could. It caused some major damage to the floor, almost punching through it to the floor below. They exited the room, coming to a large round room. More Death Eaters were waiting for them. Sharing a quick look they began to fight.

“Harry,” came the voice of Sirius.

Harry didn’t say anything as he blasted a masked Death Eater into the wall. “Finally arrived then, a little later to the party Siri!” he yelled at him, moving out of the way of a few curses before returning with a cutting hex to lop off an arm.

“Well, you’re not taking prisoners,” Sirius snorted.

“A dead Death Eater is a good one!” he called back, not taking his eyes off the battle.

“Brilliantly said, Potter!” Moody called out as he took down one, others began to enter the room, taking out the Death Eaters that had surrounded the teens.

“You’ve done well,” a tall dark wizard nodded to him.

“But we’re taking over now, so get yourself and the others out of here,” a bubblegum pink-haired woman told him.

“Listen to them Bambi, get out, we’ll see you later,” Sirius promised, as he took over the duel with the wizard that Harry had been facing.

Harry nodded, as the others had all been told the same. He saw the others, and they rushed towards the doors that the Order members had run in from. “Come on, let’s get o-” he was cut off as he quickly brought up a shield along with the others as spells fired quickly at them.

“Hello Harry,” came the sinister voice of Voldemort.

“We’ve got the bitch,” Nevile said, as he glanced towards Ron and Viktor, both of them nodded.

“We have the brothers,” the twins said.

“Luna and I have the rear and healing,” Ginny said, getting a nod from the blond. Though she looked towards the twins, as they began to fire spells at the Lestrange brothers.

“I’ll help,” Draco said to Harry as Ron handed him his wand as soon as they had regrouped.

Harry nodded, as they split up, corralling their targets away from the others. Harry moved swiftly, like he had been taught, not bothering with the kiddie hexes he went straight for the ones that would maim and kill his target. Draco quickly did the same. He may not be a Death Eater, but he had been trained by one for most of his life to serving the mad man before him.

“Hmm, you’re better than last year,” Voldemort praised him, as the blond and brunette began to move around each other as they fought. “Enough!” he yelled out as he finally caught Draco and blasted him away and into a wall.

Harry could barely spare a glance as Luna rushed towards him, and a spell aimed for his head. Ducking Harry moved quickly and started to cast a blasting curse back. Harry couldn’t think of Draco, no matter how much he wanted to run to him and make sure he was all right. He would have to trust the others to do that for him. Dodging another spell he got Voldemort turned around, so none of the man’s spells could hit anyone else. Blasting hex met blasting hex and the golden dome began to form around them, just as it had done in the Graveyard a year ago.

Voldemort laughed as he pulled out a second wand and before Harry could disconnect their wands and defend himself, he was flying backwards. Rolling on the floor, he gasped for breath. He saw Voldemort walk over to him, as he smirked down at him, “How weak you really are Harry.”

Harry ignored the taunt, doing his best to try and get to his feet as the doors to the atrium blasted open with Auror’s, Minister Bones and some of the order rushed inside. Before anyone could send a spell towards Voldemort, he cast one at Harry.


“Hello,” came a hissing whispered in his mind. Harry looked around, he was no longer in the atrium but in the fairground that he had made his mindscape. They were in his mind. He brought up his defences, as he had been taught. Trying to push the wizard out of his mind.

“Get out!” he ordered, getting his teeth as he tried again.

“Not going to work Harry, I can feel the connection between us growing stronger, you won’t be able to fight it,” he laughed as he then appeared in front of Harry.

Harry looked up, stared at him, pulling his wand he shot spell after spell at the wizard. But nothing worked, nothing was able to hit the wizard.

“We’re in your mind, I have to say, a Muggle theme park,” he chuckled, “Never went, seemed a little frivolous in my youth,” he said as he looked to some of the rides that were working.

Harry said nothing, there was nothing he wanted to speak to this wizard about. This man had killed so many, and so, even more, had died on his orders.

“Nothing to say to me?” he asked him, head tilted, “Oh Harry Harry,” he said with a shake of his head, “When are you going to learn. You don’t stand a chance against me,” he said.

Harry looked away, his mind slowly realising that with Voldemort trapped in here, he was the one in charge. He might not be able to fight against him, but he could use what was around him to destroy him. Destroy the mind and the body will follow. Brain death. He looked around at the rides, there were some that he hadn’t posted his memories into. He would have to destroy, kill, the manifestation in his mind. but it might work. There was no reason for him not to try. “I’m that master in this place,” he said, turning towards Voldemort.

“So, that means-” he began, cutting off as he felt straps wrap around him. He went to fight them, but so many of them just pinned him down. Pulling him up and up and strapping him to a ride.

Harry grinned as the roller coaster began to move, speeding along the track as Voldemort struggled to try and get out of it. He put objects on the path, to harm Voldemort. Each and every single thing ploughed into the wizard. Harry winced as the last thing that the roller coaster went into was a solid brick wall. He went over, to see the mangled mess that was now Voldemort. The man was still moving, and he was now free to leave.

Damn it!” Harry yelled out as Voldemort vanished from in front of him. Concentrating, he pulled himself out of his mind, hoping what he had done had at least weakened Voldemort enough that he would be able to do something against him.


Harry opened his eyes to see Voldemort staggering back away from him. Harry jumped to his feet and before anyone could say or do anything, he used a cutting hex. Voldemort’s head separated from his body and rolled on the floor. The body soon crashed after it. The next thing he did as soon as he stood up straight, was send a burning curse towards it, “Burn the body, don’t want to chance someone trying to fuck this up and end up letting him come back again,” he said before any of the wizards nearby could say anything.

Luna and Draco, who was now standing up did the same, sending two more burning curses towards the body. The flames were getting higher and hotter.

“Ugh,” Draco said, his nose twitching at the smell, with another spell the smell of burnt flesh disappeared and was contained only around the body.

Harry looked at it, “That… that was it,” he snorted to himself, not believing that it was over. Several death eaters were being detained. Bellatrix Lestrange was dead along with her husband and brother in law. A number more Death Eaters were dead inside the Hall of Prophecy and antechamber.

“You all right?” Draco asked as he limped over, taking his fiance’s hand.

Harry looked at him, “I think so, apart from a killer headache,” he muttered, moving around and turning to him, he wrapped his arms around Draco and held him for a bit. Wanting the comfort that he could give him. His body shuddering as he realised just what he had done.

Draco shook his head as the others all started to walk over. He pulled back, to look at the smaller wizard, “You’re bleeding,” he said, placing a finger near the cut that was on his cheek.

“It’s fine,” Harry brushed it off, “Is everyone else okay?” he asked, glancing around as the others all reached them.

“We’re okay,” Ron grinned, looking worn out, hair in a total mess and a little blood on his top.

“A little cut up, but nothing that Madam Pomfrey won’t be able to cure in a microsecond,” the twins grinned at the two of them.

“Harry,” Sirius yelled out as soon as he ran in, rushing over to him and grabbing him, “Are you all right Bambi?” he asked, checking him over as Remus ran over to them.

“I’m okay, he’s gone Siri,” he grinned, wrapping his arms around him, relieved that it was finally over. Almost letting the tears fall, but he was still aware of where he was.

“Mr Potter,” came the stern voice of Minister Bones.

“Minister Bones,” he greeted, letting Sirius go, standing up straight as she walked over to them.

The Headmaster quickly walked over as well, eyes going to the body of Voldemort. “Harry,” he greeted him.

“Headmaster,” he greeted him, “Sorry to bring the fight here,” he said, tiredly.

“It’s fine,” Minister Bones said, “He’s really gone, no chance of him coming back?” she asked the two of them, looking from the Headmaster to Harry and back again.

“He’s gone for good this time,” Albus said, “That which kept him tied to this world have all been destroyed,” he finished, looking at Harry, “Want to head back to the school?” he asked him.

“Would rather I could,” Harry said, blinking as there were some flashes from light bulbs going on near him.

“Ah, yes,” he smiled, nodding quickly he took off his hat and turned it into a portkey, “Here, it will take you all back to the school, I’ll see you there later, and Harry, congratulations and well done,” he told him, a proud smile on his face. “Also Miles Bletchly was taken into custody and will be expelled from the school to face a trial.”

“Good,” Draco muttered.

“I’ll go with them, send for their parents as well,” Sirius added, not wanting to let his godson out of his sight.

Albus nodded, handing the portkey over as they students and Viktor, along with Sirius and Remus. As soon as their hands were all gripping the hat tightly, they were wished away from the ministry and back to Hogwarts, where they could be treated and rest, as well as tell everyone what had happened.

Chapter Eighty

Harry smiled as he leaned against Draco, two weeks after the battle at the Ministry and things were finally starting to calm down. He had been talking to the mind healer that was still coming to the school, she was helping him come to terms with what he had done. Harry was happy about going home in two days. The trials would be starting up a week after that for the Death Eaters that had been caught in the Ministry. While they were still arresting some of them. Viktor had been allowed to remain at the school for a couple of days before he had to return to school himself, though he too had finished his exams. Now that it was quiet, and there were no more reporters trying to sneak into the school. Though Rita Skeeter had been caught in her Animagus form and carted off to the Ministry to face charges.

“You seem happy,” Ginny said as he looked up from the book she was reading.

“I am,” he said, a soft smile on his face as Draco leaned down and kissed him, “How can I not be, the year is almost over. I’m engaged to be married as soon as I finish school and after I turn eighteen,” he grinned.

“Which we still need to talk to mother and Uncle Sirius about. They want to start planning things. It’s going to be a big wedding you know that don’t you,” he warned him, “My mother always dreamed of me having a big wedding for me,” he added, not looking happy about it.

“I know, though I wouldn’t mind something that would be more us, smaller that only certain people would be able to attend,” Harry grumbled a little as he had heard a few whispers from Nariccisa when he saw her.

“What if you had something small for the ceremony but have a larger reception?” Neville suggested as he looked over, “Harry doesn’t really like lots of people around,” he said quietly.

“I know, I plan to talk with my mother about making the guest list a lot smaller,” he added, “She wants to invite anyone who’s anyone,” he rolled his eyes, looking down at Harry.

“If we can cut it down I would be thankful,” he hopped.

“I’ll try Harry,” Draco promised him.

“Hey,” Ron said as he walked over to them, “Sorry I’m late, just sent a letter off to Viktor,” he grinned, “We’re planning on meeting up during the summer.”

“Well it has passed your one year, so have you decided what you’re going to be doing?” Harry asked him, grinning.

Ron Blushed, “I know, he’s already planning about what he should say to my dad. And yeah, I’m going to accept, you already knew that. We’re… we’re really getting along and I do like him a lot, I think it might be love, but… I don’t know,” he shrugged.

“Well, how does it feel when you’re away from him?” Harry asked him.

“Like there’s something missing, that here is this void where I know he should be there,” Ron admitted quietly, looking down at the top of the table. A finger tracing the patterns in the wood.

“Then yeah, it’s love,” Harry smiled at him, “it’s what I feel when Draco isn’t nearby.”

Ron looked up and nodded, a soft smile on his face. “So, do you have any plans for the summer?” he asked, changing the subject before Ginny could start teasing him. He could see that smirk on her face, and he wanted to avoid having to put up with it.

“Sirius said something about going away for a couple of weeks when the trials start. So we don’t have to be around for them. The only ones we might have to come back for are the ones caught in the Ministry, but it looks like they have plenty of witnesses for that already,” Harry answered him, “I don’t know where he wants us to go through,” he added.

“Somewhere abroad,” Draco answered him, “he was talking about the both of us going away,” he smiled.

“Good,” Harry grinned, “I wouldn’t want to be without you,” he told him, taking his hand and holding it..

They sat there and talked for a little longer before curfew was upon them and they had to head back to their dorms.


Harry watched as the last of the food for the leaving breakfast left the table. It had been full of ups and downs, plenty of downs. Thankfully none of the children that had been targeted by Umbridge had left the school, though for three of them it had been a very near thing. Sirius and Remus along with the Headmaster and Minister Bones had been the ones that had to talk to the parents to make sure that their child was allowed back to the school. Though for the first month after returning they were allowed home each weekend, their parents needed the reassurance that they were really all right and fine.

“Another year has gone, this one has been a hard one for many of us, and one that a lot of us thought it might be the end of this wonderful school with the interference of a Minister that was overstepping his bounds,” the Headmaster said as he took centre stage once more. “I will be sad to see some of you go,” he said looking towards the seventh years that would be leaving.

“Now, end of year announcements,” he began, clapping his hands together, “First the house points, It was a tie this year, the first in a very very long time,” he said, a large smile on shi face, “In third place, Ravenclaw with 326 points, in Second place is Hufflepuff with 395 points. And in joint first,” he said as the crests changed and alternated between the two winning houses, “Slytherin and Gryffindor with 432 points, “Well done to both houses,” he said as he looked to the two in turn.

“I can’t believe the tie remained,” Harry snorted, “I thought for sure that something would happen and someone would lose points,” he said, glancing towards Hermione, who had been their biggest loss of points that year.

“Same here,” Ron nodded, “Well, at least there is no chance of it changing now,” he grinned.

“Now, for our last announcement,” he began, “Professor Remus Lupin, will be remaining on as our Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher next year, once more he will be letting Professor Sirius Black take over when he has to be away for the full moon. Now I do hope that you will all enjoy the time you will be spending with your families, and I hope to see you all again next year!” he said.

“I can’t believe it’s really over,” Ron grinned, “Summer fun here I come!” he yelled out, as there were a few cheers going on around the table, joining in as they all started to get up.

Making their way with the rest of the school towards the entrance they were all lined up, getting into the carriages that would take them to the station. “I can’t wait to get home,” Harry said softly, while the reporters had been kept outside of the castle. The students had all taken to asking those that had gone to the Ministry as to what happened. The twins in the ever loving wisdom took it as open season and started pranking them when they got too pushy. Within a few days, most of the student body had learned not to ask questions if you didn’t want to become a target.

“No more idiots,” Draco nodded, laughing lightly. A few curious looks aimed towards them, but none dared to talk with them.

“Exactly, and maybe we can go out a little, being stuck inside a lot over the last couple of weeks,” Harry said, smiling at his fiance.

“A date in the Muggle World with no dementors maybe?” Draco suggested, laughing lightly when Harry pouted at him.

“I didn’t ask for them to spoil things,” he pointed out, glad that they had been able to find out that it was Umbridge that had sent them after him.

“I know,” he said, kissing him, “But we’ll go and do something fun tomorrow?” he suggested.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Harry agreed easily. They got into the carriage and watched as Hogwarts began to fade into the distance.


Harry got off the train, seeing a load of people around the station, waiting for the children, security had been beefed up with them arriving and only those that had a child at Hogwarts were allowed onto the platform. Harry hadn’t wanted to be swamped with reporters as soon as he was off school grounds.

“Harry,” came a joyful voice as Sirius grabbed his godson and picked him up, almost swinging the teen around.

“Sirius Black put me down!” he yelled out as Draco stood there and watched, laughing as his mother walked over to them.

“Sirius put him down,” she admonished, shaking her head at her cousin, “I’ve missed you Draco,” she said softly, as she held her son. She had seen him for a few hours after he had returned from the battle at the ministry. her heart had been in her throat when she learned what happened, even Lucius had been steaming at what had happened. She had held him for a long time after he had been treated.

“Missed you as well mum,” he said, closing his eyes and holding her just as tightly.

“We’ll see you later,” Ron said, patting his friend on the back as he went past.

“Will do Ron!” Harry called out, still in the air and glaring down at his godfather.

“Shall we?” Sirius said as he put Harry down and rustled his hair.

“Seriously Sirius,” Harry huffed, neatening his hair again, “can’t you behave,” he muttered, “can’t take you anywhere,” he added.

“Hey!” Sirius told him, messing up Harry’s hair again.

“I will hurt you!” he warned him.

Sirius laughed, “If you say so Bambi, now, let’s go home. Remus is already waiting for us, Draco and Cissa are having dinner with us,” he told him.

“Great, at least there’ll be something edible for dinner,” he laughed as Sirius turned a betrayed look at him.

“We’re going via portkey back to the Den, don’t want to go out into the Muggle World, there are a few reports hanging around out there,” Sirius told him.

“They still haven’t given up fully,” Harry sighed, as he felt a hand in his.

“Until you do an interview, I doubt they will, but at least the main thing is over,” Draco reassured him.

“Going to ask Luna then, I know she won’t try and twist my words,” Harry suggested, looking at his fiance as they headed towards a quiet area that was set aside for those using portkeys.

“It’s a good idea, you should do it,” Draco agreed, “I think we all should, to be honest with you. That way none of us can be cornered about it. I know the twins are trying to set up their shop this summer, and it would also help them with that. They are afraid that rumours that are going around could damage their business before it even opens,” he added.

“Forgot about that,” Harry snorted, “They’ve got some really good ideas,” he smiled, thinking back on some of the prank items that they had.

“You can check it out when it opens,” Sirius said, “Remus and I want to see what they can do as well. Seen some of them while working at the school, but if they’re opening a shop, then they must have a lot more than what we’ve seen so far,” he pointed out, as it came to their turn on the portkey pad.

“Yeah, they have loads of items and ideas, I’ve seen a lot of what they have,” Harry grinned, and he had given them a few ideas as well.

“Good, now, you know the drill,” Sirius said as he pulled out the rope he was using. The four of them grabbed hold and the world spun around them. Moments later they landed in the receiving room of the Den.

Harry was home. Voldemort was finally gone, and all he had to worry about now was talking Narcissa down to a small guestlist for their wedding in just over two years and making sure he passed his O.W.L and N.E.W.T’s. Just like every other teenager out there.


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