Following Time – Bythia

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Title: Following Time
Series: The Time Given to Us
Series Order: 3
Author: Bythia
Fandom: Torchwood
Genre: Science Fiction, Slash, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Major Character Death, Canon Typical Violence; the aftermath of Miracle Day; Discussion of: murder (during the Miracle), miscarriage (during the Miracle)
Author Notes: Please remember that Miracle Day resembled a global illness and there are certain similarities to our current situation. I did change the focus of this story a little bit because of that, but it remains a topic in the background. Any discussions of events during the Miracle are brief. The Major Character Death is again of old age and peacefully. Many thanks to my beta reader of this part as well, who pitched in with very little time!
Beta: AngelNDarkness
Word Count: 60,000
Summary: They got through the Miracle as planned. Now they have to deal with getting rid of what is left of the Three Families and rebuilding their world, all the while Ianto needs to get used to his immortality, and Jack has – for the first time in nearly fifty years – no idea what the future will bring them.
Artist: Izzy Hound


I've been writing since I was able to put the letters on paper, and if the stories of my family are to be trusted, I told stories long before that. Starting to write in English has been an adventure, but I found that I crave the environment Rough Trade and Quantum Bang are creating.

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