Fighting Chance by Vamprav

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Title: Fighting Chance
Author: Vamprav
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: Romance, Paranormal/Supernatural, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Castiel/Dean Winchester, Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester
Content Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Death-Major Character, Death-Minor Character, Explicit Sex, Violence-Canon Levels
Author Notes: Also a mild gore warning for Lucifer’s former vessel.
Beta: N/A
Word Count: 57,916
Summary: Dean dies in the days leading up to the finally showdown. Lucifer has almost worn completely through Nick’s body. Michael walks the Earth in the forgotten brother. Castiel blew his brains out all over Bobby’s living room. Flying by the seat of their pants has never been humanity’s strength but when the opportunity comes for Sam to fix it all he takes it, even if it makes him a little less than human.
Artist: darian


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My name is vamprav, also known as Margaret Couplet, a pantser with a mild... okay it's not mild, stop laughing, with fix its and time travel. I also have an issue with finishing works because I have, what i refer to as, "Ooooh shiny!" and tend to upload incomplete works because I get bored. Some of my older stuff needs to get rewriten because I started writting fan fic at 14? 15? I honestly can't remember.


  1. I haven’t read SPN fic in a long time but Sam fixing stuff sounds awesome. I can’t wait.

  2. Eagerly waiting for it..

  3. Excellent story. Very imaginative way of fixing the problem. I would never have thought so something like this. You even gave Dean and Cas a kiss, something that they have ever had on the show. Great Job!

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