Fail. Try Again. Fail Better. – 3/3 – DarkJediQueen

Title: Fail. Try Again. Fail Better.
Author: DarkJediQueen
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Drama, First Time, Slash, Time Travel, Slow Burn
Relationship(s): Derek Hale/Stiles Stininski
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Major Character Death, Violence – Graphic, Temporary Major Character Death On-Screen Non-Violent Abuse of Child Canon Statutory Rape/Non-Con
Author Notes: I want to thank my two lovely people who helped make this story what it is: Starkindler and ScarsLikeVelvet. Also to Sunryder who made me such an awesome piece of art for this. I love it so fucking much.
Beta: Alpha-Starkindler Beta-ScarsLikeVelvet
Word Count: 78,220
Summary: Ten years after the Hale fire, the Nemeton reaches out in a moment of desperation. It has enough power to save itself and after years of watching, it’s picked the perfect person to send back in time to do it.
Artist: Sunryder


Chapter 9-July 2016

There was no warning at all in Stiles’ magic. Not in his wards and not even in the system that told him when someone entered his bedroom. There was just sleep, and then there was a body landing on him. If it wasn’t for years of it happening to him, Stiles worried about what he would have done.

Isaac buried himself into Stiles’ chest like he wanted to sink down into him and just live there. It was something that Isaac had done every single time that he had ever been away from Stiles for longer than a night, and it had just got worse after he had been bitten after freshman year of college. It was something that no one had ever felt like they needed to feel upset about. Allison just sometimes crawled into bed with them at a more sedate pace.

There was no third person in the room this time, though, which meant that Isaac had gone for him instead of his girlfriend.

“You are lucky that she knows you don’t love me like that.”

“Ally is wonderful,” the lump on Stiles’ chest muttered into his chest.

Stiles laughed and just wrapped his arms around his beta and held him tight. Stiles checked on every single one of his betas and found that almost everyone was awake. Jackson was the only one that wasn’t, but then he had been the one to run the town to check on the perimeter before they had gone to bed. Boyd had taken the middle of the night shift, but he never let himself get more sleep after that. Malia had been on the first thing in the morning one.

The checks on the perimeter were upped because of the presence of the Hales. Stiles was shocked that it had been over a month, and Talia herself hadn’t shown up yet. In fact, there had been little from the Hales other than Peter and Spencer. Cora and Derek stayed as far away as they could, but Derek’s eyes were always on Stiles when they were in public.

Stiles couldn’t get the feel of Derek’s eyes on his body out of his mind. Hell, Stiles was pretty sure that the last time they had been around each other, Derek couldn’t have missed Stiles arousal at the sight of him. Stiles’ formative years had been shaped by everyone at the station, and despite his father being in the uniform, Stiles was pretty sure that he had a uniform kink. Though there was a lot of that which was a Derek kink.

“You are thinking about him,” Isaac said. He pushed himself up to his elbows to look down at Stiles’ face. His hair was mussed like he hadn’t slept well at all. He had taken a night flight so that he could sleep while flying. A direct flight from New York to California and then a shorter hop down home to the airstrip in Beacon City where he probably had shifted and ran the entire way home. Stiles wouldn’t put that past him. Isaac loved to run.

“I was.”

“I hate how you smell when you think about him. Either him.” Isaac whined a little and lowered his head to where he could rub his nose across Stiles’ neck. Scenting him but also making sure that if Derek came around at all, Derek would know that he was claimed. Not the way that Stiles had wanted Derek to claim him for years but claimed all the same.

“I regret ever telling you anything,” Stiles said.

Isaac just huffed and lowered his head to where it was resting over Stiles’ heart. Stiles went limp under his third’s body and just resigned himself that he was stuck like that until he was allowed to move.

“Stiles,” Noah said as he popped his head into the room. He took a single glance at the second body in the bed and sighed. He was long used to how Isaac was and how big of a cuddler he was. Everyone who sat on the couch long enough got an armful of him. Even Chris before Isaac had fessed up to his crush on Allison.

Stiles knew that Chris had wanted to be upset about someone liking his little girl, but there were few people that could deny Isaac what he wanted. Even when it came to Chris’ only daughter.

“Breakfast is nearly ready. I’ve sent Danny over to get Jackson up.”

Stiles saluted his father as best he could and closed his eyes. Isaac wanted to talk, and it was the only reason he hadn’t jumped up when breakfast had been mentioned.

“How different is he?” Isaac asked after Noah had shut the door to Stiles’ bedroom.

“Very different, and it’s a little hard to mesh the two of them. I thought that he would be less angry.”

Stiles had told Isaac everything about his time travel after Stiles’ magic had manifested in a strange dream that even Stiles hadn’t been able to figure out if it was real or not. He had counted his fingers, he could read, everything that seemed to be real, but the way that Derek had been in it when Derek wasn’t even in Beacon Hills had made Stiles question everything. Isaac had been woken up too many times with Stiles screaming while his father was on a nightshift when they were teenagers for him to do anything but tell Isaac everything.

“Why is he angry?”

“I’m not sure. Peter tells me that he wasn’t this angry before coming back to Beacon Hills and was angry before meeting me here. I don’t wonder if he can feel the shift in the power and the allegiance of the area but doesn’t understand what it means. I couldn’t be shocked. The Nemeton abandoned the Hales just as much as they had abandoned it.”

“And Cora?”

“She’s avoided all of us like the plague. Peter tells me that she does all of her shopping in Beacon City instead of Beacon Hills. I really don’t give a fuck if she drives three hours away. As long as she doesn’t attack anyone, everything will be fine.” Stiles rolled his shoulder and bounced it a little, making Isaac groan. He sat up in what would look like an intimate position, but to them, it was just normal. “Show me.”

Isaac laughed a little, but his eyes flared Beta yellow, and Stiles felt his own flare Alpha red. It was something that Stiles didn’t really show off that much, but he had been gone too long from Isaac. Despite the fact that they had been human, other than his father, Isaac was his first. He could be deadly when needed, but he wasn’t what Stiles required in a second. That was why Malia was that. Even without Peter’s training and education in that, Malia had been shaped by her time with the coyotes and her genetics. She was perfectly what Stiles needed.

“I’m hungry,” Stiles said.

Isaac huffed and made like it was the hardest thing in the world for him to slip off of Stiles’ body and walk to the door. Stiles figured that when they got downstairs to the large dining room that fit everyone in the pack as well as a few extras, there would be a spot on either side of Stiles for Isaac. No one in the pack ever felt like Isaac got too much attention. Every single person knew exactly what he had gone through and that Stiles had pretty much saved him.

Everyone got what they needed in Stiles’ pack. Jackson and Danny were the trainers and made sure that all of the wolves learned how to fight. Hell, Danny had spent college taking every single form of combat training that he could get away with. It was the joke on campus that he did it to make sure that someone could pay the checks that Jackson’s mouth wrote or that he was too worried about someone going after Lydia. They let those rumors fly around as it helped them more than hinder them. Danny was the best trained in that while Chris learned the ones that took the kinds of connections that he had. It wasn’t hard to have Chris train the wolves either.

Lydia could fight well, using her scream when she needed it. Stiles knew how to fight with and without his magic. Despite what his father and his pack wanted, Stiles had even learned how to use the blood lost during a fight after someone had drawn first blood to amp himself up, sacrificing that blood to give himself a push. It had helped save their life one time.

“Jackson was a little off today.”

“Yeah, I know. Tomorrow is his birthday,” Stiles said in an off-handed way.


“His parents were killed in an accident the day before he was born. So he loves his birthday, but he hates that. He will be a little off today, just don’t push him, no matter how much of an ass he is.”

“His birth parents, right?”

“Yes. It’s why he was a Kanima in the first timeline. I never meant to have him take the bite in this go around, but whatever issues he had that had caused that were gone. I couldn’t not save his life when he was in that car accident. The local LA Alpha had been more than willing to do it, even though all he gained was an ally and not another Beta. There was enough mention of the Alpha for the pack even before everything that no one was upset about meeting me instead of some big and bulking Alpha.”

“You have so much in your head,” Isaac said.

“Yeah,” Stiles said as he sat up in bed and moved over to get dressed. Isaac didn’t bat an eye at Stiles stripping naked. Hell, Stiles had seen his pack naked more than anyone else in his life, and that included his father and Chris in the pack. The basement was a good workout room in all three houses, and they were connected. Each house had a different kind of set up so that it was easy for everyone to get what they needed. There was also a bathroom between each house in the hall that connected them. Everyone went to whichever wasn’t the fullest, and there were no partitions at all. It was just a large open area with showerheads. There was a hot tub in one and a whirlpool in the other for more serious human injuries.

The trek down to the kitchen, and then the dining room was silent. It felt good for them all to be there. Stiles saw that there were three spots empty, Stiles’ seat in the middle and then one on either side of him. He frowned until he felt the fact that there were two more people in the house than there should be. The spot that was open between Noah and Chris wasn’t a shock when he heard Peter’s laughter from somewhere in the living room. That meant that it was probably Spencer in there with him. There was just one other spot that was left open for a reason, and it was the head of the table. Stiles sat there when they were holding a meeting, but with strangers around and that it was mealtime, it was just meant to be empty to give the appearance that their Alpha was absent from the meal.

“Ready to dig in?” Chris called out as he came in with what looked like an entire ten-pound bag of potatoes fried. He set the platter down on the table and then took his seat. Everyone else filed in from various places, which included Peter and Spencer coming in with Lydia and Danny behind them. No one else came from where they had been.

Stiles looked at his pack, all with a raised eyebrow. The wolves just shrugged while Chris smirked. That one of the few humans, no matter if he could protect himself, was in the living room with a wolf-like Peter Hale meant that the pack trusted him more than Stiles thought that they did. That Jackson had left his two mates alone with him meant that there was something else going on there. Jackson didn’t even leave Danny and Lydia alone with Satomi when she came over for visits since their packs areas butted against each other. Satomi had been the one to change every single one of Stiles’ pack into a wolf outside of Jackson. There was an innate trust there as she had given up so many Betas to Stiles just as a courtesy. She never asked why Stiles’ Alpha didn’t change anyone, but then she had also never questioned why she never met the Alpha. Stiles was pretty sure that she knew that their Alpha wasn’t a typical Alpha.

“Peter, I have the DNA results that you wanted,” Stiles said before he walked over to the folder that was on the table in the corner. He handed the folder to the older wolf as he passed. It was the results of the DNA test that had been done on Malia so that Peter had the perfect proof for Talia.

“Thank you, Stiles.” Peter took the file and nodded his head in thanks. He didn’t even look at it, just tucked it under his leg as he sat down.

Before anyone else could say a thing, Spencer’s stomach growled in hunger. That made Malia laugh, and she started to dish up her food. It wasn’t long before everyone was digging in. The discussion was varied as Stiles listened to his pack talking. Peter and Spencer were not forgotten, and it was easy to slip in and out of every single conversation as he wanted. Stiles was enjoying just listening, though. He ate enough that his pack wasn’t going to worry but not too much. There was something just under his skin, and he had no clue what it was. He wasn’t sure if there was something more, something horrible coming.

“Dad,” Stiles said about three seconds before both of their cell phones went off. Stiles picked his up to see that it was a text telling him the location that he needed to go to. Stiles listened to his father as his face swapped from open and free to closed off that was the Sheriff persona that he had.

“We have a body. Wilcox already texted you according to Roberts as it’s very much supernatural, and they have no clue what it is.”

“So, you and I are going to go like this?” Stiles asked.

“We are both dressed enough that everyone will believe that we were out and about, and I didn’t have time to drop you off.”

“Isaac, Erica, you two follow at a discrete distance in Isaac’s car. Stay well away enough just in case Deputy Hale is there but not too far just in case whatever it is comes back.”

“Yes.” Isaac and Erica said at the same time.

Spencer was looking at Stiles with wide eyes, and then he ducked his head. Stiles looked at everyone and gave them a look that asked them to stay where they were. Even if what Stiles wanted to talk to Spencer about could be heard from where he was going to take him.

The kitchen still smelled of food even though it was long gone from the room. Spencer had his glass in hand and grabbed more milk from the fridge.

“What did you figure out there, Spencer?”

“I’ve always thought you were a little weird, and I understood Uncle Peter’s reasons behind never telling Mom. He was always vocal that leaving was not in the best interest of the Hale pack, and he told her that someone else would move into the area and take over what is ours. Even that one time you were drunk, you never mentioned the name of your Alpha, and even Malia and Isaac don’t question you at all. Which, don’t’ get me wrong, you are fucking awesome, but you are human, and they are not. Malia is a born wolf, and Isaac was turned first, according to Uncle Peter.”

“And?” Stiles was pretty sure he knew where that was going, but he wasn’t going to give it up to him at all. He wanted Spencer to say the words.

“You are the Alpha.”


“How?” Spencer was looking at him with wide eyes, and there was nothing about the way that he was standing, his demeanor, or anything about him at all that said that he didn’t believe it. He had probably been thinking something like it for a long time and kept on pushing it to be that he didn’t ever think it was possible.

The Supernatural world as a whole was rather static, and it made Stiles laugh. There were people who turned into wolves, coyotes, and all manner of animals, and yet they didn’t believe half of the things that were true about their own world.

“That’s a story for another time,” Stiles said. He knew that Spencer wouldn’t tell anyone about what he figured out unless he knew that it was something that was allowed. Spencer kept secrets well if he was a wolf, Stiles could see Peter training him to replace him one day. Though with magic, Stiles could train him in that, and Peter could train the rest to make him just as deadly. Stiles and his humans of the pack were sometimes more dangerous than the wolf and coyote counterparts. It was something that Stiles made sure was beneficial. Many of the supernatural creatures that had slipped into the area had ignored the humans, and it had been their downfall.

“Sure. I’ll stay here until it’s safe to go out. I don’t want you to worry.”

Stiles nodded his head. He looked up as he heard steps. It was his father who nodded his head.

“Do we know who is on the scene?”

“Wilcox didn’t give me that. I think he’s a little freaked out about it all, really. I think it’s pretty horrible.”

Stiles nodded his head and grabbed his messenger bag from the stand at the front door. It wasn’t something that he carried around all that much, but it was something that he did carry. He held everything that he would need to cast pretty much anything that he would need.

The town was quiet even for a morning. It wasn’t hard to see that the police presence on the edge of a part of the preserve was a little larger than usual. There were also EMTs on hand, and one of them was treating one of his father’s deputies. He didn’t look injured, so Stiles figured that it was something to do with the body and probably throwing up. As much as they saw, there were always those things that tripped someone over that line.

Parrish was standing at the back of a cruiser with a phone pressed to his ear. He looked at Stiles and waggled his eyebrows. That meant that Derek was on the scene.

“Sheriff,” Derek said when Noah got close to him. The scene was barely visible from the road. There were a few who were slowing down to gawk at it all. “What is he doing here?”

“We were having breakfast, and it would have taken me longer to get here if I had dropped him off at home.”

Stiles watched Derek’s face as he tried to find the lie in that. Noah had been trained by Chris and Peter how to fool a werewolf with lies.

“And he’s near the scene for?”

“Stiles is our paid consultant on everything like this, Deputy Hale. He’s probably forgotten more about attacks from every single kind of Supernatural creature on record than most know. So I want him to look at everything and see what is going on before I start a hunt into something.”

“You have wolves on the force, we can take whatever this is.”

“Yeah, and the last time that let a werewolf in my employ convince me of that, he died after taking on a wendigo alone after telling me that he was the best at taking them out. So keep your opinions to yourself on that. If Stiles feels that you alone can handle it on your own, I’ll let that happen. If not, you’ll go in with Wilcox, Roberts, or Parrish. I know you are the first on the scene and that this is yours, but you will follow my orders when you are on the job, no matter what your Alpha tells you. Push me on that, and you’ll find yourself out of a job.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Stiles watched as Derek glared at him like it was Stiles’ fault that Derek had got reamed. It was stupid as fuck for him to think that Stiles could control his father when it came to that. Noah was just as hard on him as he was anyone else in his life.

“He’s one of the two Pack Elders,” Stiles hissed as he walked past Derek.

The look of shock on Derek’s face was worth the glare that he got from his father when he didn’t follow him all the way.

Stiles looked at the scene as he finally got close enough to it. He now understood why the deputy had thrown up. At least he hadn’t thrown up on the scene. Stiles’ stomach rolled, and he had to roll up his sleeve and use the corner of his belt to split his skin and smear it over a tattoo on his wrist. It wasn’t visible at all, which was what he wanted for all of his tattoos on his skin. It was a blacklight tattoo, something that he had used magic to create. He had used this as his test tattoo. It suppressed his gag reflex and the ability to throw up. The blood and viscera that was everywhere were worse than anything that Stiles had seen in a long time. Without the tattoo, Stiles would have been following the deputy to throw up on the edge of the woods.

“Stiles?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, I’m good, Daddio. I’m good.”


“Stiles can’t handle scenes like this. Blood in general, really. It’s really the main reason why he is not a cop. The first time that he came across a shooting victim as a kid, he threw up for two hours. Claudia berated me for hours, but I wasn’t expecting to come across a shooting victim in the theater. There had been no reports of gunfire, so it was assumed that everyone thought it was from a movie, and the sound was turned up too loud. A few witnesses did step up that they had heard it, but there was a big scene happening at the time in the main theater with car crashes and gunfire.”

“I didn’t sleep for three days without joining Dad and Mom in bed.” Stiles crouched down beside the body, or what seemed like it had once been a body. “Is there an ID?”

“Mattie Hawkins,” Parrish said as he walked up to them from behind.

Stiles felt him on the edge of his magic.


“I was able to get a print off of her finger, and it matches the ID in the car found on the edge of the preserve parking lot,” Derek said.

“Good. Parrish, you and Hale take care of notifying the family,” Noah ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Dad, she’s human.” Stiles knew every single supernatural in town, and Mattie was not one of them. She was as human as they come and one of the sweetest ladies who worked at the local library. She had worked there since she had graduated from college and came home. “She lived alone with two cats and a small-”

“Dog. I’ll pick up Puddle and take him to yours,” Parrish said.

“Parrish?” Noah asked.

“That dog likes two people in the world. That’s Mattie and Scott. Scotts gonna be the only one that is going to be able to take in the dog. I’ll drop the cats at the station, and someone there will find a home.”

Stiles nodded his head in agreement there. Kira and Puddles barely got along. Scott watched Puddles when Mattie went on her week vacation back home to Florida to see her aging parents. “Have one of the locals do the notification in Florida,” Stiles offered.

“I think that’s a good idea.” Noah sighed. “Take your time. I’ll be around, Stiles.”

Stiles knew that no one was going to question him being around at the moment. He didn’t even think about that as he took in the body and tried to figure out what had done this. He looked around for prints that were not cop issued boots, which were also what Stiles was wearing. Everyone on the force wore the same kind of boot, and that was because his father wanted an ace up his sleeve after some issues when Stiles had been in high school. It wasn’t just the same kind of boot. Every single one had a mark in the sole in the exact same spot, put there by Noah when they were ordered in. Someone had tried to frame a cop for a bunch of murders, so Stiles had brought up that. The UnSub had then started to wear that boot, and when it was found without the mark, they were able to push to find the UnSub.

Derek didn’t leave until Stiles was mostly done with what he was doing. He then moved to look around the area. He stopped when he saw a set of prints that looked like human feet. There were indents where the toes would be that looked like claws.

“Fucking hell,” Stiles said.

“Stiles?” Noah called out. He walked over to where Stiles was.

“Deputy Hale, come back,” Stiles called out loud enough to where hopefully the wolf heard it.

It was but a minute before Derek was trotting over to them.

“Were there impressions made from these?”

“Yes, I just can’t figure out what it is.”

“It’s a werecreature of some kind walking around barefoot with claws out. I’ve seen it before during the full moon, and I was being taught tracking by Chris. If there is someone in my area and I don’t know it, they are being hidden by an emissary of large power. Has anyone of your family came to Beacon Hills that were not already here?”

“Not that I know of, but no one in my family would do this.”

“No, I know that but either the shifted werecreature did this, or someone came across and shifted before running away.”

“I’ll put Roberts on checking in with every shifter in town,” Noah said.

“I’ll go to the Nemeton and check in with it.”

“Not so good anymore, are you?” Derek asked.

Stiles looked at Derek with a frown on his lips. He wondered just what Derek thought was going to happen, pushing him like that.

“Magic is fallible. I know that more than anyone else. That’s why even with my area being protected, I still have my pack run the lines as much as possible. My Alpha agrees to everything that I do, and he will not be happy about this. I just need to make sure everyone in my extended pack is fine before I check-in.”

“You know, a good Alpha doesn’t have their emissary doing what they should be doing.”

“I’m well aware, Beta Hale, but have you wondered if maybe I’m protecting my Alpha at the moment. I don’t trust you at all with my Alpha, and I don’t feel like he needs your shit added on top of what he already has to deal with.”

“Deal with? Beacon Hills is like a vacation from the shit that we had to deal with when we were here.”

“Really?” Stiles asked. He heard the way that his tone was, and he didn’t really care.

Derek took a step back like he was a little afraid of him.

“Go and talk to my father. Ask him about the vacation that we all had here after you guys left. He has files, hidden ones that are used to send off to the FBI about everything going on here so that no one not in the know doesn’t show up and try to remove my father from the position that he is in due to the fact that most of the cases are unsolved as there is no way to resolve it in a fashion that could fly with the public. You find out everything that we have fucking dealt with over the years that your family stopped being what they should have been, and then you tell me that my fucking Alpha isn’t the best god damned fucking Alpha in the world.”

Stiles spun around on his heel and left there. He was pissed off, and he knew it, but he didn’t care about what Derek thought of him.

The day dragged on and on while Stiles tried to research anything and everything about the wounds that were inflicted on Mattie. It was going to be easy to set it up as an animal attack, but there was something off about it. Something that Stiles just couldn’t put his finger on, and it was making his magic crawl on his skin.

“Stiles,” Parrish said as he entered Stiles’ office in the house.

Stiles turned around in his chair and looked at the Hellhound.

“The ME finished up with the body cleaning and sent this to your father.”

“Well, that’s never good. He doesn’t release a damned thing until he’s done.”

Parrish snorted and handed over an image.

“Well, it looks like we have a new player in the area.” Stiles eyed the Alpha Pack symbol and sighed. He thought that he had kind of nipped that in the bud with the way that he had made sure that certain members never made it. The prints in the woods made more sense now. Kali never liked to put up her claws. Stiles wanted to scream. Deucalion was supposed to be dead. He had never come for Beacon Hills because there was no pack in the area until recently, according to what most people knew. The twins had been taken care of early and never pushed into the path of the pack. They had joined up to a larger pack that the Alphas would never touch. Not with how small the pack was.

“Should we contact Peter?”

“Not yet.” Stiles knew that the moment that Peter knew the Alpha pack was coming here, all of their carefully laid plans were going to be going up in smoke. There was no way to hide who Stiles was anymore. Last time it had been a few months of the Alphas playing with them, but they had been teenagers back then, and the wolves had all been newly turned.

“What does that symbol mean?”

“It means a full pack meeting. Everyone.”

“Stiles?” Parrish asked.

“I’ll explain it all after I finish up the research into this. I just need to make sure before I am done that the freak out that I have coming is worth it. No one moves around without someone else with them, even you guys on the force. I’m afraid that someone is now gunning for us.”

“I see. We’ve hidden pretty well here. Even Wilcox tells me that we should have been contacted by others to make alliances at the minimum. So I’m not shocked at all.”

“Yeah, I’ve kept things pretty tight around here with using magic to make sure that most that I meet can’t talk about us. However, I am not going to take this lying down. They opened a salvo by killing a human who is not pack, that means they are a threat no matter what they say.”

Parrish nodded his head. “I’ll head back to meet up with Wilcox and Roberts and talk to your father about this. Just be safe yourself, Stiles.”

“I will. I’ll be as safe as I can be. I’ll call Malia and Isaac, and they can tell the rest of the pack what is going on. This is going to sound odd but put a private pack BOLO out on a blind man.”

“Blind man?” Parrish asked.

“I’ve seen this symbol, and I know who uses it, and the leader is a blind werewolf. Do not approach, just surveil, and report back to me.”

“You got it.”

Stiles waited for Parrish to leave before he started to head down into the kitchen of the house with his journal as well as his computer. He had been watching, and there had been no killings of packs that he knew of. Grabbing an apple, Stiles settled down in front of his laptop and clicked the link to the messaging board that was full of people that were supernatural. If a human came on the site, it was very evident that it was a role-playing game of some kind. They never lasted long.

The area about packs checking in was sparse as it usually was, but Stiles wanted to head back further than that. He looked at every single pack that had joined the boards. He grabbed a fresh stack of papers that was always sitting in the middle of the island and started to write them down. Every single pack name for every single pack that was on the boards. He wrote them down and then began to comb through the rest of the boards to figure out when the last time that anyone talked from that pack was. Usually, it was one or two members that used the board from each pack, so sometimes it was weeks before they said something somewhere.

By the end of it, Stiles had the name of seven packs that had been silent on the boards. Then he started to research those packs. He found that all seven of them were dead, and instead of coming for them like they had before, the Alpha pack had been darting around the country. The last attack had been in Virginia. It was strange to see Deucalion being so careful. He had been a force to attack before. Yet, it seemed that he had been focused on the opposite coast. Stiles wondered if he had been heading after the Hales and then changed his mind because of Stiles and his pack.

There were a lot of things that needed to happen to make sure that the pack was ready for this, and the first thing was that Stiles needed to figure out who from each of the packs had been added to the Alphas.

“Stiles?” Scott asked as he entered the kitchen.

“Hey,” Stiles said.

“Parrish said that something big is happening and we aren’t supposed to be alone. Isaac worked on pairings, and Chris is hanging with your father at the station tonight. It wasn’t until after it was all said and done that we realized that you were alone. Allison is out in the living room. Did you want to watch a movie? Isaac and Kira are sparring in the backyard.”

“I need to look this stuff up to figure out what we are facing. You guys go ahead and watch. Then you can go to sleep. I need to talk to Peter, so I’m going to call him over.”

“He’s not pack.”

“No, but he’s got what I need, and part of that is the knowledge that if someone is coming here, Derek, Cora, and Spencer are under threat as well. He’ll protect his family.”

“I don’t like him.”

“You don’t like that he removes threats by getting rid of them instead of asking them to leave nicely.” Stiles knew that Scott’s weight in everything was lesser this time around. He was human, fallible, and so fragile, but Stiles knew that he didn’t want the bite unless he was dying. Every single human in the pack, even the ones on the edge that knew everything, like Melissa, had agreed to the bite if they were dying. Satomi was more than willing to help with that as long as the pack stayed in their borders outside of full moons where they all ran free in the woods.

Stiles knew that he was going to be doing a lot of research into these packs over the next few weeks. Deucalion wasn’t going to attack until he knew that he was going to win, but hopefully, Stiles would be able to keep a few aces up his sleeve.

Chapter 10-August 2016

Stiles felt the pull of the moon and allowed it to drag him forward to an area of the Preserve that none of them ever really went. He knew that Jackson was up in front of him, and he was chasing him. It was a game that the pack played. They tried to run and hide from him and see if their wolf could evade Stiles’ link to them with magic. It had never worked, but it did help train the pack on evasion tactics. The Sturgeon Moon was high in the sky, and just like every other full moon, Stiles felt like he was high.

It wasn’t until they were both tripping over the invisible line that they never crossed that Stiles realized that something was wrong. He stopped and started to look around just as pale eyes reflected in the moon. It wasn’t wolf eyes. Before he could draw his daggers to fight, something crashed into him from behind. Stiles screamed as he felt his skin ripping, and the eyes in front of him disappeared. A supernatural creature that used magic to mimic that it was somewhere else.

There was a howl from somewhere to his side and then echoing calls back.

Stiles knew that he was severely injured, but he could also feel his magic calling to him and healing him as fast as it could get. It was nowhere near Alpha werewolf speeds of healing, not with only a single member of the pack around him, but it was enough to make sure that he didn’t die. He watched as Jackson came into the clearing in his Beta form before it started to shift. Stiles was afraid of whatever Jackson was fighting. It was changing Jackson.

There was a ripple to Jackson’s skin, and it was a shock to see it as Stiles tried to fight his magic. It wasn’t working. He hated his Spark sometimes as it was at his will, but sometimes it was his subconscious mind’s will and not his conscious once. Stiles knew that he was healed enough to where he wasn’t going to die, but the creature could kill Jackson.

The howls were getting closer, so Jackson just had to hold on. A growl filled the clearing they were in, and then Stiles felt his world shift on its axis as Jackson leaped onto the back of the creature and clawed so deep and hard into it’s back that Stiles was pretty sure that he saw the other sides of organs. Then powerful jaws clamped around the neck and then tore. The head came off as the wolf on it’s back dropped the head and then howled to show that it had won. There were a few answering howls around the area, getting closer, which made the wolf’s hackles rise.

Stiles groaned as he watched Jackson prowling around, waiting to see if something else attacked. When nothing came, Jackson moved over to Stiles. He nuzzled at Stiles’ face before starting to lay down beside him. As soon as crashing through the underbrush hit Stiles’ ears, Jackson was up again. He was straddling Stiles’ body, protecting him.

Malia was the first into the clearing, coyote from in full show. She stopped, and the rest of the pack slowly filled the area.

“Fuck,” Wilcox said as soon as he was on two feet instead of four, shifting easily from beta to human form.

“Everyone down,” Stiles said.

Every single person dropped down to sit on their asses in the dirt. Jackson growled a little, stalking forward until he realized that no one was moving closer to Stiles.

“No one wants to hurt me,” Stiles said.

“Stiles, why is there a Hale here?” Wilcox asked.

Jackson growled at Wilcox, and the man moved back.

“That’s got to be Derek,” Isaac said.

“Why?” Allison asked.

“He can’t keep his eyes off of Stiles, no matter how much he hates Stiles for keeping who the Alpha is from him. I’ve heard rumors that Derek gained the full transformation while protecting Spencer a few years ago. It’s never been confirmed.”

“Well, you are wrong about at least one thing, Wilcox,” Stiles said as Jackson started to lay down on Stiles’ back.


“Derek probably can do the transformation, but this is not Derek.” Stiles tried to roll over, but Jackson just growled before he started to lick the wounds on Stiles’ back. “Ugh. Now I’m going to smell like a dog.”

There were a few playful growls from the wolves that were still in Beta form. Malia was in human form, her body covered in a little bit of dirt from where she had been playing with the rest of the Betas.

“You are going to be so pissed if someone records this. Danny’s going to be jealous, and Lydia will be just pissed.”

“Oh, fuck,” Chris said.

“Jackson?” several voices asked at the same time.

“So it looks like I’m going into full research mode.” Stiles groaned as he felt that the wounds on his back were fully healed, and he wasn’t sure if it was just his magic or Jackson’s licking as well. At this point, Jackson was getting rid of the blood to make sure that he was okay to move.

“What happened?” Isaac asked.

“We were playing, and then I saw eyes in the trees in front of me. Not wolf or human eyes. Before I could even attempt to fight, it attacked from behind. It could use magic.”

“It’s like nothing I’ve seen,” Wilcox said.

There was a groan, and then Jackson was there at Stiles’ side, naked. He looked around before passing out.

“How many hidden Hale children are there?” Erica asked.

“I would say two too many,” Stiles said. He rolled over to sit up a little easier and then turned to Jackson. He pressed a hand to his throat before counting. He was just out cold, probably from shock as much as the transformation of his body. “Someone carry him. Let’s go back home. We can let Lydia and Danny fawn over their mate, and we can see what we can find.”

Stiles had Jackson’s DNA on file, but he had never looked at it. He had debated trying to find more family that way for him so that he could know his birth parents, but he never had. He hadn’t wanted to invade Jackson’s life like that. He had a good relationship with his father and mother, and Stiles didn’t want to damage that. Once Jackson had accepted that his birth parents didn’t care if he was the best at anything and that they wanted him to be happy, he had changed a lot. This was going to fuck him up even more. There was another Hale running around, and given that Talia would never give up a child, it had to be either Peter’s or Daniel’s. Unless the whole Hale family had a hidden older person who no one knew about.

Putting a stop to those thoughts, Stiles focused on the pack around him. “Back to the house. We need to make sure that everyone is accounted for.”

“And the body?”

“Come back in the morning and bury it. If it was human at any point in time, it should have changed back, so either it’s not, or it takes something else. We can get enough stuff to get a DNA sample to match against anything in the system.”

“Sure.” Wilcox bobbed his head, used to this kind of stuff. They kept files on everything that they killed so that if someone came later for them, they could match them up. Usually, there wasn’t a lot of killing as things were peaceful outside of the pure human chaos that was living.

Stiles hated to kill things, but he would always pick the life of a pack member over someone attacking. He refused to feel bad about it, even if Scott tried. There were a lot of people, supernatural or not, that shouldn’t live to try and attack again. Stiles knew that it wasn’t the best stance to have, but given that everything that attacked tried to kill them all, he wasn’t ever going to feel bad about it.

It didn’t take long at all for the pack to get back to the houses. Everyone spread out to clean up, and Stiles just went to the kitchen where he had set up his research things on the island while waiting for the pull of the moon to get to be too much. Stiles woke his laptop up and brought up the DNA results from Jackson before he pulled up what he had on Peter as well. He felt someone behind him but didn’t care to look or even feel who it was. He just waited for the program to load that he used to compare DNA. He had been using it for plants while he worked on a few potions to help with wolfsbane, using the burned ashes of several varieties. Stiles hoped to make a single bit of a potion to burn out all types of wolfsbane from his betas.

“Fuck,” the voice behind him said, and it took a few seconds to place it as Lydia. “Uncle Creeper really got around, didn’t he?”

Stiles laughed because anything else was going to make him cry. He now had two Hale Betas in his pack and nearly had another and a human. It wasn’t going to be long before Talia made her way back to Beacon Hills, no matter how much Peter stalled her. Now he had the Alpha pack and the Hale pack that he had to deal with.

Deucalion had been a thorn in Stiles’ side over the past month. There had been no attacks, but there was the scent of strange wolves all over town. Stiles had seen Ennis just once and Kali twice, but it had always been in public. The other Alphas in the pack hadn’t been noticed at all, and Deucalion hadn’t been sighted at all. Yet, Stiles felt like he was being played with. Isaac and Malia had been attacked once each by wolves in beta form but never enough to kill them. It was like the Alphas were trying to draw out the real Alpha of the pack, but all of the Betas had arrived to beat them off. That had been something that Stiles figured had thrown a wrench into the plan. Attack the second and third; get the Alpha was the way that it worked in most packs, but Stiles’ pack wasn’t like any other pack.

Stiles had no want to run his pack like others. He wanted to make sure that his pack was safe, and that was it. It was getting to be known that the Alpha of the Beacon Hills pack was just a human, was asking for something bad to happen.

“Well, it looks like we have a minor issue to deal with as soon as possible. I’ll see about the DNA on file for his mother at the hospital. Just to make sure that Jackson really is the child that he’s supposed to be.”

“I’ll look into anything about when Peter and her crossed paths. I mean, according to what we know about Jackson’s parents, they were happily married at that point in time.”

Lydia sighed and left the room. She was back with her laptop a few minutes later, and then Danny came in next. There was a lot to do.

“He asleep?”

“Yeah. Isaac called Peter and asked about sudden and violent shifts into full transformation, talking about how he is looking into Malia’s file and how that worked because he was interested. Peter was a fountain of information and how it all goes down. Jackson could sleep for an hour or sometimes even more than that.” Danny didn’t sound worried, so Stiles pushed that away from him as well. He needed to focus on this, and then he could worry about Jackson and his waking up.

The night air was strong as it whipped around Stiles’ body. He could feel the ill deeds on the wind. The Alpha packs’ reign was going to be coming to a close that night. Stiles had them trapped, and they had no clue. He could feel the eyes on him, and it wasn’t just his pack’s eyes this time.

“Emissary Stilinski,” a smooth, cultured voice said on the wind.

Stiles turned around, acting shocked to see Deucalion there. He already had his glasses off, but his eyes weren’t red yet.

“Your town had been on the map as the town that took down the Argents the human way. You are a veritable minefield of actions happening all around you. Your Alpha is powerful.”

Stiles felt the hand wrap around his neck, claws digging into the front. He smiled inside, not giving away anything.

“Who are you?”

“You may call me Deucalion. I have a vested interest in your Alpha. He’s pretty good at staying hidden, but I have his Emissary in my hands. Do you think he’s going to care about you being in my hands enough to come and meet me on his own?”

“I don’t know. It depends on exactly how you have me.”

Stiles wasn’t shocked that the cane that Deucalion used to move around whipped out and cracked him across the face. Stiles felt his skin split and the warmth of his blood trickling down his face. He made sure that his body didn’t heal the wound. He heard the chuckle of Kali behind him.

“That’s just a little bit mean,” Stiles said, not able to help the way that he wanted to mouth off to this man.

“Your pack has killed four Alphas, and yet, there are no new Alphas running around,” Ennis said from somewhere behind Stiles.

“That’s because my Alpha killed them. The betas brought them to him for sacrifice.”

There was a hiss behind Stiles from Kali, and her hand tightened enough that her claws bit into his neck. Stiles didn’t move, he barely breathed until she loosened the hold. The sound of several growls alerted Stiles to the fact that the opening salvo of his pack had arrived, right on time.

“Oh look, the pitiful pack has arrived,” Kali said.

“Kali,” Deucalion threatened.

“Let him go,” Isaac said.

“Mister Lahey, Miss Tate, please step forward and give yourself over to us, and we will let your Emissary go.” Deucalion’s words sounded sincere, but Stiles knew that he wasn’t. The pack knew that as well.

“Stand down,” Stiles ordered, and he felt Kali’s anger like it was another person in the room.

“You are cocky, aren’t you?” Deucalion asked.

“Pretty much, yeah. Though there is a saying about stones and glass houses that maybe you should look up.” Stiles moved a little, wrapping his arms around his chest to where he could reach the dagger had hidden on his arm. It was cloaked in magic. He had been patted down, but they hadn’t touched his arms. Stiles was in a T-shirt with no overshirt for the first time in a long time, just to make them not pat down his arm.

The sound of the whoop of a siren had Stiles stopping what he was doing, and then a cruiser was pulling down the alley where they were. Stiles cursed as he watched Derek park and then get out. He was dressed in his deputy outfit, but Stiles knew that he should have been off shift as of an hour before. Derek’s eyes darted across the area before settling on Stiles. Stiles watched as Derek nearly jumped forward, jumping into the fray, but he stopped when Peter dropped down from where he had been up above them, waiting to see what he was needed to do. This wasn’t part of the plan, and if Derek Fucking Hale messed this up, Stiles was going to put him in traction himself.

“Peter?” Derek asked.

“I told you to go home.”

“Welcome to the party, Derek and Peter Hale.” Deucalion wasn’t all that shocked to see them.

That was very evident, but it seemed that Deucalion hadn’t figured out yet what was going on. Stiles was glad of that.

“There is a lot going on in Beacon Hills. We never felt like we needed to check things out because the Alpha who took over after Talia left was content to hide. It wasn’t until I noticed that things were stable there that I really started to look. An Alpha who is never seen and yet his betas are all loyal. Then the word of the humans who ran with the pack started to circulate. So there is a pack of wolves who are following a leader who doesn’t even step out of the shadows. So that got me thinking.” Deucalion stepped closer to Kali and Stiles. He used his cane to tip up Stiles’ face to where they were eye to eye. He flashed his eyes at Stiles, but Stiles made sure that his eyes didn’t do a damned thing. “So that meant that it was subterfuge. Talia Hale would one day come back and take what was hers so the Alpha was hiding and making sure that no one could come after them as an Alpha.”

“Aren’t you a smart cookie,” Stiles said.

Kali’s hand tightened, and the claws dug in more. Stiles just grinned, and he could feel even more blood seeping out. It was a good thing. This was going to rock the world of all of them, and Deucalion was just playing right into Stiles’ hand.

“I am the Alpha of Alpha’s,” Deucalion roared into Stiles’ face.

“You are just pissed that even knowing all of that, you still have no clue who the Alpha of the pack is.”

“Aiden,” Deucalion said.

For a few seconds, Stiles was worried that Deucalion had still ended up with the twins, but the man who stepped closer to Peter from a doorway that Stiles hadn’t noticed was even open, he knew that it wasn’t that Aiden. Aiden grabbed Peter and threw him forward.

“Talia would never suffer for her brother to be an Alpha while she is also an Alpha. It just made sense when I stepped back and looked at everything, Mister Stilinski. He’s been around more than he should have to check on the area for Talia and always is around you. You have two of his children in your pack.”

Stiles watched as Peter’s face stayed the same. Peter had been gone since the night that Stiles had been attacked, and finding out that he had a child with a woman and it had spawned a child was not something that one gave over in a text or even a phone call. Stiles hadn’t known that Peter was back yet. He was three days early from his trip to New York to talk to his sister about Beacon Hills. The attacks by the Alpha pack had slowed down on the regular citizens of the city, but it was gaining a little attention. The BAU had arrived four days before, and Stiles was running Agent Aaron and Doctor Reid around like they were puppets of his own making, and he knew that they both knew that he was doing it. They stayed in the public’s face so that Stiles and his pack could end this.

“And you think that this will get you what you want? You think that I’ll kill all of my betas, two of my children included, and just join up with you?”

“The first thing you are going to do is gut your Emissary here and now. Your betas have an affection for him that is unrivaled. He’s a threat to you. He could easily turn one of them to his favor and then have them kill you to take the Alpha spark. You are saving your own life with this.”

“You fucking bastard,” Stiles spat at Deucalion.

There was the sound of movement all around, and the rest of the pack started to emerge from where Stiles had cloaked them before. Aiden dropped the hold that he had on Peter, and even the sound of Ennis moving had Stiles grinning even wider.

“You see, there are reasons that quotes are as popular as they are. Like no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

Deucalion’s eyes turned to Stiles, they were bleeding red again so that he could see.

“The world is stupid, and they never see what is right in front of them. Peter is still bound to the Hale pack. Do you really think that Talia is so stupid that she wouldn’t notice that? I thought you were smart, Deucalion.”

“Shut up,” Kali hissed, and her claws dug in just a little more.

Stiles felt the pull of the blood now, there was just enough. He pushed out with his will. He wanted just a single thing in the world at the moment, and that was to heal Deucalion’s eyes.

“You think I’m a Druid of some kind because that is what most Alpha’s use as their Emissary, but you are stupid to not look into that. I’m a Spark.”

Deucalion’s eyes widened, and then he screamed as the magic finally started to heal his eyes. Kali dropped Stiles, and he fell down, willingly. Ennis roared, and there was a stalemate as they tried to figure out what was happening to Deucalion.

“You are also stupid as hell to attack me without taking out my pack.” Stiles moved so fast that not even Kali was able to stop him before he had Deucalion on his back in the alley. There was a moment as Kali and Ennis moved to take him out, but they were stopped by the pack. “Hold them.”

There were no words as Stiles let his claws grow as his fingers wrapped around Deucalion’s throat. He raised up his other hand to show Deucalion his claws on that hand.

“Bits of fun, these are.” Stiles grinned before he ripped into Deucalion’s throat. Blood sprayed everywhere before the veins started to heal.

Stiles felt the blood all over him start to burn. Then the other Alphas started to scream. Kali dropped to the ground just on the other side of him, he glanced at her before looking at Deucalion again.

“Your pack is gone. I bet you felt every single one of those bonds snap. You’ve left a wake of dead bodies behind you and never cared to worry about DNA. So now you get to deal with the fact that you are going to jail, and the FBI is going to make sure that you stay there.”

“No prison can hold me.”

“I wasn’t talking about you.” Stiles pulled the dagger free of its sheath and plunged it down into Deucalion’s heart. He felt the way that the body jerked from the pain, and then Deucalion’s body started to shake as the wolfsbane began to kill him faster than his body could heal him.

Stiles stood up and looked at the now humans who were on the ground.

“What did you do?”

“I wished hard enough and used enough blood to make sure that you are not wolves anymore. You desecrated what being a werewolf means. The bite is a gift, and you squandered yours for more power. You killed off your families and everything that loved you for power. You were never good Alphas.” Stiles started to strip off his clothes and handed them to Boyd when he stepped up with a new change of the exact same outfit. People had seen him going into the alley, and they had seen what he was wearing, there were cameras as well. Stiles rubbed at his neck, feeling the tackiness of the blood. He looked at Derek to see that Derek looked shocked.

“Everyone leave. Deputy Hale, you are going to be needed to make this real.”

“And if I don’t?” Derek asked.

“I have Alpha claws, I’ll rob you of the memory of all of this and plant another that you came into his alley and found me surrounded by killers, one of which had a weird claw thing at my neck.”

Stiles had already snagged a few claws from a wolf in a neighboring state, finding the carcass in the woods and getting what he needed. It would work and help what kind of weapon was used in the killings all over the country that the Alpha pack was going to be going down for. It was about time that they had answered for all that they had done.

“You are the Alpha, how?” Derek asked.

“That’s something for another time. I was supposed to go running out of the alley covered in blood, talking about how someone tried to kill me, and I got away when they had been fighting, but now I think you’ll help me subdue them after a large fight between them. It’s not that out of the normal realm for packs of serial killers to turn on each other at some point.”

Stiles wasn’t sure that Derek would actually go for it. He had a very narrow view of what was right and good, but this was bigger than that. He knew precisely how the Alpha pack was and what they did. With the help of Boyd and Isaac, Stiles was covered in blood from his neck wounds as well as blood from Deucalion. More cops arrived as well as the FBI while the pack all faded out.

It was a day from hell as Stiles was questioned on why he was picked as a victim when the others made no sense. How he got away. What Deputy Hale was doing, then Stiles ran up to him. There were a million questions, and Stiles was ready for his, but he wasn’t sure how Derek was doing with it all.

The undercurrent of fear from Stiles also didn’t help. He knew that Derek was going to tell his mother as soon as he could about Stiles being the Alpha. Hell, he could have texted anyone at that point. They were not ready for a visit from the Hales. Hell, Stiles wasn’t sure what would happen if they did show up. He wanted it all over with, but he was dealing with too much otherwise.

“Bacon cheeseburger with two orders of curly fries,” Doctor Reid said as he settled down at the table across from Stiles, who was dressed in a pair of sweats that had been offered up from Parrish as soon as his clothes had been taken for evidence.

“Thanks, Doc,” Stiles said as he ripped into the bag and grabbed a handful of curly fries.

“Do you remember me?”

“Yes. You were here helping with a case when I was younger. You and Agent Hotchner.”

“Yes, that’s correct. We’ve been hunting this group across the country, and when they landed here, we got here as soon as it was evident that it was them. Now you were talking to Agent Prentiss about what happened, and I just wanted to make sure that you are fine.”

“Yeah. I mean, I’m not, but I’m as fine as I am going to get.” Stiles reached up with his free hand and rubbed at his neck and the bandages that were there. He had been checked out by EMTs and then cleaned up. None of the wounds were bad enough to need medical attention of any kind.

“WHERE IS HE!” Lydia yelled at the top of her lungs, pushing a little bit of Banshee into it.

“Friend of yours?” Doctor Reid asked.

“My father calls her my soulmate, platonic soulmate but still. If she’s here, then the rest of my friends are.”

“Yes, I’ve seen the housing you guys live in. A little bit of communal living never hurt anyone, but that’s a little above and beyond the normal.”

“We got used to it in college. I mean, we all shared because that saved a lot of money, and that meant that someone was always around. So when Danny got that big payoff for an app, he offered up to work on finding a set of houses we could use. Besides, it’s nice during summer when there is always someone around. I can be alone in my bedroom if I want or I can stay with someone else. Nightmare about the shit that happened in high school? I can crawl into bed with someone, usually more than one. No one cares. We all have skeletons in the closet, and not being alone is great.”

“I understand that. Now one of the other officers here has put forth that you and Deputy Hale are a couple.”

“Huh, I wish. Have you seen him? If he gets much more ripped and doesn’t get a new uniform, he’s going to rip what he’s got as soon as he flexes. He’s hot, and that uniform does a lot for him, but no, there is nothing going on between us.”

“Really?” Doctor Reid asked.

“Yes. I mean, I lust after him, but I have no clue what is going on in his head.”

“Well, the deputy did just say Hale. Is there another Hale that they could be talking about?”

“Well, there are four in town at the moment. Derek Hale is the eldest of the three kids who live here. Then there is his younger sister Cora who is in college and the youngest boy, Spencer. I am close to him. He has ADHD like me. It’s how I got to know the Hales. I met Peter when he stopped me from beating up a boy who was bigger than me when I was younger. He lifted me up off of him, and when he came back to town for his sister to check on the old Hale house, he stopped by and talked with me.”

“So, are you in a relationship with him?”

“Oh!” Stiles shot forward, making Doctor Reid jump a little. “Did they Stiles or Stilinski?”


“Well, my father is in a relationship with Chris Argent, and when I got back from college in June, I found out that they had been inviting Peter into their bed, so they are in a triad or threesome of some kind. I’ve not got a single one of them to admit which it is. I mean, I’m okay with Peter hanging around. He’s like the uncle I never had, and making him stay here instead of New York would be awesome. So if they said that Stilinski is in a relationship with Hale, I can see where you would think it’s Deputy Hale and me, but they are probably talking about my dad and Uncle Peter.”

“No, they said Deputy Hale and Stiles.”

“Well, I wish I was tapping that, but at the moment, I’m as single as they come. Hell, I’ve not even gone trolling at the Jungle for a hook up since I’ve come home. I’ve been busy getting my office set up at home to get my business going.”

“Which is?”

“Consultant to local area cops, beyond just Beacon County. I’ve already worked on a few smaller cases while I was in college in LA. Weird knowledge that is hard to Google. It’s like your analyst that sits back in Quantico, I can’t remember the name of the one that was working back when you guys were here for the Argent case. Oh, you do remember that Deputy Hale is that same guy, right?” Stiles watched as the smirk broke out on Doctor Reid’s face. Stiles knew that he was doing exactly what he needed to be doing. Spitting out anything and everything to show that he was himself but also that he wasn’t lying because he would have slipped up about something if he was.

“I do remember that. Deputy Hale and Hotch have been talking in the other room. You finish up your food, and then one of the deputies is going to drive you home. Stay there, please. We have to make sure that we have all of the pack that attacked you and has been killing. Deputy Parrish is already at your house with your father as he’s been asked to step back from this case, given you are now entangled in it. Around the clock watch. Two others have stepped up to help.”

“Wilcox and Roberts. Dad’s three favorite deputies. They’ll do anything for him that he wants, as long as it’s legal.”

Stiles knew that Doctor Reid wanted to laugh, but he wasn’t able to with whoever was on the other side of the two-way mirror watching them.

“You haven’t changed much, have you?” Doctor Reid asked.

“Not really. Got older, smarter, wiser, and handsome but not changed all that much in personality.”

It took an hour for Stiles to get out of the station with every single person who worked there wanting to talk to him for just a few minutes, some of them even hugging him. It made for a good show. By the time that Stiles got outside, it was full-on dark, and he was worn out. He stopped when he saw that there was just a black Camaro waiting on him outside with Derek sitting behind the wheel. He knew that he would have to have that out, but he really hoped that Derek didn’t think they were going to talk about it while he was driving.

Derek jerked his head toward the passenger side of the car, so Stiles walked around to get inside. The car was pulled out of the parking spot, and then they were off.

“How are you feeling?” Derek asked.

“Good.” Stiles wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but he was a little freaked out at how calm Derek was.

“Do you need more food? I heard Doctor Reid got you some, but I know that you burned a lot of magic today, and even if you gave up your blood and even Deucalion’s blood, it can take a lot out of you.”

“Allison is making pasta, and yes, I’m hungry. You are more than welcome to stay for dinner. We have a lot to talk about.”

“Yes, we do. I was pissed as hell that you were able to hide that from me for so long. I followed you for two weeks in June and July, and never once did you slip up. You trained with the betas, and still, there was no hint of any of that.”

“Just like there is no hint of anger in you right now?” Stiles looked at Derek and saw that he was more relaxed than Stiles had ever seen him, both set of timelines together.

“You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but you understand someone better when you are put at odds with them. Anger is easy to project and control if you are good at it. Peter taught me that after the Argents set their sights on us. He put me into so much therapy that I’m pretty sure I could make a killing if I went through school for it.”

“So, you’ve been fooling us all along?” Stiles asked.

The smirk on Derek’s lips told Stiles that it was the truth. He laughed. Stiles turned to the side a little and leaned against the door, looking at Derek as he drove them back to the houses. There was a spot open right beside Roscoe in the driveway. He wondered what everyone inside was doing. He could feel his betas and how content they were at the moment. The danger was gone, and they didn’t fear the Hales if they came down on everyone.

“My mom made a mistake sending the four of us,” Derek said.

“Why?” Stiles asked.

“Because Cora and I have been restless with the pack and life in New York for a while. It’s why Cora changed schools like she did.”

“Why were you restless?”

“None of us wanted to leave here. Mom wanted that. Then there were the fights between her, father, and Peter after we got to New York. How Peter kept on demanding to be allowed to do something about how withdrawn, I had become that summer and then how secretive. He had been stopped from doing his job. It was just a lot of little things that showed me that moving to New York wasn’t mom just getting us away from the pain that we had nearly become a victim too. It wasn’t her healing the family, it was hiding. New York is bigger, and there are a lot of packs, so it’s harder for Hunters to do shit like the Argents were trying to do here. We let Hunters run us out of Beacon Hills, and a pack of wolves took over that’s now run by a human Spark. If that’s not a slap in the face, I don’t know what is.”

“The Nemeton needed someone to protect it. I was on hand after what I had done to Kate, and I think it likes me.”

“You are someone who draws people in. While we were on the scene and I was supposedly on the phone with contacts of mine in New York, I was listening to Peter tell me exactly what was going to happen to me if I betrayed you in word or deed. I refuse to betray my birth pack, but I can’t lie and say that I don’t feel as strong of a connection to them anymore. My pack has pretty much dropped to Peter, Cora, and Spencer.”

“It happens.”

“Yeah, when packs are ready to break apart due to size. Some packs stay large, but the distance means that the magic that rules us thinks that someone else is ready to be an Alpha. Peter, at one point, wanted that, but I don’t think he does anymore.”

The door opened, and Stiles looked up at his father standing in the doorway. There was no way that every single shifter in the house hadn’t been listening in on them.

“Dinner’s just about on the table. If you want food, you two had better get in here.” Noah turned on his heel and entered the house again, leaving the door open.

“We can talk later, right?” Derek asked.

“My door is always open. My betas will be heading back to school soon, so I might have stuff with them, but I can always squeeze in some time for you.”

Derek nodded his head and looked at the house again before he got out of the Camaro. Stiles stayed where he was as he watched him walk into the house. Spencer met Derek at the door and hugged him before they both were gone. Stiles had no clue what was going to happen now, but for the first time in a long time, the Nemeton felt like it was calm. The magic-user who had been helping the Alpha pack would be found. Stiles would know the moment they crossed the lines, but for now, his pack was safe, and everything was going well. Or at least as well as it ever did.

Chapter 11-September 2016

Stiles dropped his napkin to the table and leaned his head back to look up at the tiles above the booth he was sitting in. He was hungry, but it had taken him too long to decide what he wanted to eat for dinner, so now it was the dinner rush, so the food was taking longer than he would like. It was his first meal out after his around the clock watching by the FBI and deputies at the station. The Alpha Pack was considered fully taken out now, and Stiles was glad of it. He was also just glad to have the time to do anything that he wanted to do. The diner was hopping, and Stiles knew that he was lucky to have got a table at all.

The sound of the scraping of something on the table had Stiles looking to see what it was. He frowned as he saw Derek sitting across from him. The wolf had a plate of curly fries sitting in front of him and a milkshake sitting beside that. Stiles glared at Derek until the wolf laughed at him.

“Take your food and go.”

“Nope,” Derek said with a grin. He scooted the plate over to where it was in the middle of the table.

“I don’t need babysitting anymore. I didn’t need it, to begin with. I was never in danger.”

“Not babysitting you. Saving you from hunger. I could hear your stomach growling from over there. I got these as an appetizer, and I’m willing to share so I can eat in peace.”

Stiles glared at Derek as he reached out and grabbed a large spiral of fry. He shoved it into his mouth before Derek could reach out and grab it. All Derek did was reach out and grab a few to shove into his mouth.

The waitress brought over Stiles’ milkshake and then trotted off again.

“Like it was bothering you that much?” Stiles asked.

“I guess you’ll never know.”

Stiles really wanted the other Derek back. That one didn’t joke with him. His father had been more than happy to give Stiles Derek as his guard when he was out and about doing things, especially after the rest of the pack had gone back to school. Stiles had spent three days in a town a hundred miles away helping with an issue that had popped up that was supernatural in origin two weeks back, and he had been stuck with Derek the entire time. Stiles wasn’t all that his father wasn’t trying to set him up with Derek.

“You are an asshole.”

“You say that like you aren’t one as well.” Derek grabbed a few more fries and then turned his head to watch the people around them.

Stiles watched Derek more than he did the people. Though the people were entertaining as well. Derek was watching them like he was learning more about humans than he had before. Derek was good at human interaction, much better than he had been before.

“I was seventeen when Peter took me to a lady. I never understood why I was taken there, but I was. She read futures but not like the hokey things done for tourists but real ones, according to Peter. She told me that I would marry an Alpha. That was all she ever said. She looked almost afraid. I never thought much about it until recently.”

“Why?” Stiles asked.

“Because I had never met a single Alpha that I was more than willing to talk to at all. The last two were idiots who used their power to rule more than their brains. I would never submit to an Alpha like that.”

“So you are thinking what? I’m that Alpha?” Stiles asked.

Derek shrugged. Stiles narrowed his eyes at Derek. He wanted to think that he had no clue who this man in front of him was, but he knew that deep down, Derek was mostly the same. He wasn’t nearly as angry at the world after not losing his family. He wasn’t pissed off at his uncle anymore but unwilling to let him leave because he was the only family he had left. Derek had all of his family, and even if he really only preferred three of them, the rest were there and alive.

“What’s got you scared?” Stiles asked. He reached out with his lips to try and find the straw of his drink. He kept on trying while looking at Derek, unwilling to look away. Derek reached out and moved the cup closer to him, and the straw bumped his lips. Stiles hummed thanks as he took a drink. Derek’s eyes were riveted on Stiles’ lips. So that part wasn’t the problem. Stiles wondered if it was that Derek was afraid that Stiles wasn’t bisexual or at least willing to have sex with a man. Or a wolf. That could be part of it as well. There were ways to not be attracted to them while not hating them. It wasn’t like Stiles was like that, but the two of them had very shallow conversations over the last while.

Derek just gave Stiles a glare. It was the same kind of glare that usually was followed with the comment about Derek wanting to rip his throat out with his teeth. It made Stiles giggle a little. He finished off the drink that he wanted before grabbing more fries. It wasn’t hard to see Derek’s eyes following his fingers down to the fries and then back up. His attention focused on Stiles’ lips next.

“So the rooms in the station are soundproofed. There is one that is not, and the deputies all know when to stick someone in there because they are needed to be listened to by the supernaturals that work there. You and I were stuck into rooms to talk about things that were soundproofed. Magic is kind of awesome. Just like making a house out of rowan and then shutting the door means that the whole place is protected. Nearly everyone at the station already thinks that we are dating, even before all of this. They told the FBI that.”

Derek looked a little shocked at that, but he recovered very quickly. Hell, Stiles was still shocked at that. It had to have been things overheard by the deputies that Peter and Stiles’ father said.

“And that’s something that doesn’t upset you?”

“Dude, being attached to someone who looks like you? Even with the murder brows, it is something that few who like dick wouldn’t care to be attached to. Hell, I figured that with all of the anger and everything that you were putting off at some point, you and I were going to end up having hate sex or angry sex, probably both. Your uncle kept on threatening to spray me with Febreeze after you and I have a confrontation.”

Derek smiled, and his eyes darted away only to come back to Stiles before he leaned back in his chair as the waitress dropped off a plate in front of him. Stiles looked at the burger and fries that were there. His stomach growled, and he was pretty sure that the whole place heard him. Before Stiles could reach out for the last few fries on the appetizer plate, the waitress was back with his food. He groaned and tried to pick up the burger before she got the plate fully down.

“So, what’s your favorite color?” Derek asked

Stiles looked at Derek with a raised eyebrow. The burger was wedged fully in his mouth, and he hadn’t bitten off his first bite yet. Derek was just grinning at him.

Deciding that he was going to take the longest time to chew just for Derek’s cheek, Stiles started to do just that. It was a few seconds later that Derek seemed to catch onto what he was doing and glared. Stiles just gave him a grin.

“Red, sometimes green. Never together unless it’s Christmas.” Stiles grabbed one of the sweet potato fries on his plate, grateful that he was well known enough that the waitress swapped his side as soon as she saw him eating the curly fries off of Derek’s. Or Derek had told her. It seemed that Derek had learned to be a sneaky wolf from Peter well enough over the years. “You?”

“Varies depending on what mood I am in.”

“That is so much a you answer, Sourwolf,” Stiles said.


“Well, it fit the person you were acting to be before and well, when you chased down that perp last week. So the name is going to stick. You are forever now Sourwolf to me.”

“I see. And you aren’t going to retract that?”

Stiles shook his head back and forth, grinning even wider at Derek as he did it. Derek shifted in his seat, and before he stood up and dropped down onto the edge of the booth that was open. He shoved, and Stiles was pushed in toward the wall. Derek took the time to adjust all of their food and drinks before he just stayed where he was. Stiles looked at him, trying to figure out exactly what the wolf’s plans were. Derek just started to eat, though, so Stiles had to either eat or let his food get cold.

Derek devoured his burger, ignoring the other sides on the plate with it, and when he was done with it, he wiped down his fingers. Stiles tensed, but Derek didn’t do anything. Stiles tried to focus on his food, taking another bite of his burger before dropping a hand to grab a few more fries. His vegetables were getting cold, but Stiles didn’t want to let go of the burger long enough to dig out his fork and start to eat them. He would just settle to eat them next. Stiles was halfway through chewing his latest bite of fries when he felt the hand on his thigh.

Stiles jerked, his other leg banging into the table. Thankfully, nothing fell over, and Stiles looked at Derek, who was looking forward, a smirk on his face. Stiles ducked his head and focused on his food for a few seconds to get control of his magic. He could feel it thrumming under his skin. He finished off his burger as quickly as he could, forsaking his fries. He didn’t mind sweet potato fries getting cold. Those were great even cold as long as they were cooked well, and the diner always did them perfectly.

When Stiles was down to just his fries and his vegetables, he worked on getting his silverware unwrapped. He could feel the nervous twitch that was in Derek’s hand on his thigh. There was nothing more fun than fucking with Derek. Stiles used his left hand to hold the fork and then draped his other arm around Derek’s shoulders, letting his hand rest right on the side of Derek’s neck. Stiles could hear the sound of the exhale that Derek made while trying to control his reaction to his neck being touched. Stiles knew from his wolves that it was a very erogenous spot for most wolves. He had never figured out in the other timeline if it was for Derek, but given the squeezing that Stiles’ thigh was getting, he was pretty sure that it was.

“Don’t play gay chicken if you don’t plan on following through,” Stiles whispered as he leaned close. He let his lips brush Derek’s ear at the end of his words. “I’m damned good at every game of chicken.”

“Really?” Derek asked.

“Yes, really. You’ll have to break out a lot more than that to get me to blush.”

“You brought up hate and angry sex. Those are kind of off the table, but is sex totally off?” Derek asked as his hand slipped up further on Stiles’ thigh.

Stiles inhaled slowly, trying not to react more than was needed in public. He was doing damned good at it until he felt just the hints of claws on drawing a line up the tender part of his thigh, closer to his balls and cock than should make him feel safe. Yet, all it did was arouse him. He was pretty sure that Derek would be able to smell him in a few seconds.

“Still hungry?” Derek asked.

“Not for food,” Stiles answered. He knew that it was a stupid idea at the moment, but he had wanted this for so long, and while the memories of how much he wanted it was mostly dulled, there were still a few there that made Stiles crave this now that it was being offered. Things had been good between them after Derek had finally dropped the asshole persona he had kept up as he tried to figure out who the Alpha was for his mother. “Your place or mine?”

“Mine. You have too many people in and out, and my family is all at school or work at the moment.”

“Then let’s go.” Derek grabbed the check that Stiles hadn’t even noticed had been dropped down onto the table and then drank down what was left of his milkshake. Stiles downed his milkshake and dropped money on the table for a tip. Stiles knew for a fact that Derek was going to pay for the food, he had every single time they ate out, even if Derek was on the clock protecting him. Stiles had fought that first time to leave a tip, and so he didn’t figure this would be any different.

Stiles slipped out of the diner as Derek stopped at the register to pay. It was warm for September, with a little bit of humidity in the air. Stiles took a deep breath as he looked around. Derek’s Camaro was not there. There was no cruiser, either. Stiles wondered if Derek had walked, or possibly even ran.

Stiles had seen him in his beta form running with a backpack on his shoulders on some mornings when Stiles knew he was working the morning shift. There was a small alcove where others went to change into their human skin and clothes. Still, it was strange to think that he had done that to get here.

Derek exited the diner with nothing on his shoulder, but he did have a set of keys in his hand. He slipped them down into his pocket and then locked eyes with Stiles before he started to walk toward the Jeep. Derek got into the passenger seat, looking at home in there. Stiles rushed to get into Roscoe so that he could drive them to Derek’s house. Derek’s hand dropped right back down onto Stiles’ thigh, and he tried not to jerk them off the road.

Stiles focused on driving and not the hand on his thigh. Which he was glad for as he passed not one but three deputies on patrol or heading into work, as well as his father. The look from Noah at the fact that Derek was in the Jeep was something that Stiles knew he would have to talk to his father about just much, much later.

“He’s not turning around, is he?” Stiles asked. He was too scared to look in the rearview mirror. There was no way that Roscoe would survive a high-speed chase through Beacon Hills.

“No. He is heading to the station. I did hear him saying something about Hales being crack.”

Stiles snorted and then groaned about the mental image that was brought up. He shuddered in disgust. “I could have done without ever knowing that.”

“I heard it, so I had to share.”

“Thanks,” Stiles said. He knew that it was dripping with sarcasm, but then he didn’t figure that Derek cared that much about it. The hand on his thigh inched up a little more, fingers brushing his cock. “That thing had better not get pointy or higher, or we will wreck.”

“Are you telling me that you are getting distracted by me?” Derek asked.

“I’ll not feed your ego unless we are naked.”

“There is a rumor around the station that you are a virgin. Your father laughed the last time that it was brought up.”

“Yes, well, that ship sailed a long time ago. I have never had a boyfriend or anyone that I would consider serious at all. School was too important for anything other than a hook-up here and there. Thankfully, the science track people are more than willing to share orgasms whenever they feel like it and are pulled out of their experiments.”


“Yeah. Dude, you want casual sex with people without attachments, hit up the sciences. They are more than willing to even get into kinky shit in the name of science. I was part of a sexuality and sexual dynamics study that became part of a Ph.D. thesis for one of the girls who was getting her Ph.D. my last year. That was something that was fun.”

There was a low growl from Derek, and Stiles shut his mouth. Talking about sex with others around a werewolf wasn’t the best thing that he could have been doing. He knew that, but he hadn’t been able to stop himself. Stiles wasn’t really built for casual sex, but he at least liked his partners in college enough that the friendship bond that he had with them was enough emotionally that he hadn’t felt empty afterward, not like his first time with a woman. It had sucked a lot, but Stiles had learned that he had changed. Yeah, he could do sex with a female, but he didn’t like it nearly as much as he did with a guy. He wondered if that was something that had been true the first time around, but he hadn’t got there yet, or he had changed that much.

The Camaro was in the driveway of Derek’s house, and there was no other vehicle there, which Stiles was glad of. He put the Jeep in park and turned it off before slipping out the door. He followed behind Derek up to the door. He really wanted to push Derek into the door, but his father had spies everywhere, and there was no way that someone wasn’t watching this house. His father might trust Peter and Spencer, but Derek and Cora were unknowns for the most part, and they were a danger to the pack in Noah’s eyes. Hell, Stiles was pretty sure that Peter didn’t even trust his own nieces and nephews when it came to Stiles’ pack.

“Show me your bedroom?” Stiles asked as he slipped in the door behind Derek. It was shut with a bang, and Derek reached around him to turn the locks. Stiles knew that he was safe. There wasn’t anything that was in the house that could contain him. Stiles had learned that he could blow out windows with a wish and enough blood. He could probably put Derek though the wall of the house as well, though that would be hard to explain, both in how he did it and how Derek survived it.

“Why don’t you see if you can find it?”

“And my prize?”

“I’ll think of something depending on how long it takes you and how many times you screw up beforehand.”

Stiles laughed.

“You can’t go inside, and all of the doors are shut up on the second floor.” Derek wrapped his hand around the back of Stiles’ neck and pulled him forward to where he could get behind him. The hold changed from neck to a hand on each shoulder. Stiles closed his eyes and allowed Derek to push him along to get them up to the second floor. Even if Stiles tripped, Derek wasn’t going to let him fall. Hell, even if he did, it wasn’t like the bruise wouldn’t be gone in seconds. Stiles healing was pretty fast, not nearly as fast as a regular Alpha shifter but faster than Betas. The other thing that Stiles had figured out was that unlike others where the wounds from an Alpha took longer to heal, Stiles healed the same no matter who injured him, human, Beta, Omega, or Alpha. Stiles was pretty sure that even other things hurting him healed the same. It was for everything that had ever injured him.

Stiles didn’t even use his magic. He opened his eyes and looked at the doors and the layout of what he could see. There were five doors. One at the end of the hall and then two on either side. He knew that the room at the end was Peter’s. There was no way that he wasn’t in the master bedroom. Then one of the two closest doors to that was Spencer’s. Probably the one on the left. Most people went right when checking out things, so that door had to be Cora’s. The two rooms to either side of him were the last ones. Right seemed like a good choice if Derek wanted to catch the intruders right off the bat, but Stiles figured that left was his. It would mean he would hear the right one being opened and give him time to get set up to attack as soon as his door was opened.

Reaching out, Stiles opened up the left-hand door before he stepped into it. He saw the books by the bed as well as the gun safe that was sitting on the dresser to the side of the closet.

“Your father said that you were being wasted where you were and that you should be in the FBI but that he understood with the pack that you couldn’t do that,” Derek said.

“Yes, it had been a dream, but then magic and wolves changed that. I can’t say that I don’t hope that one day I might be able to do something to consult with the FBI in the area, but my pack needs me, and I need them.”

“You are smart, and you don’t show it well.”

“It’s better to hide all of that away and make them think you weak and stupid. The ADHD helped a lot with that growing up. I was the spastic kid who no one really paid attention to. Dad’s deputies learned that the hard way. I got into so much trouble all the time here. Especially after mom died.” Stiles turned around to face Derek. “Has he ever told the story about how I solved a three murder spree just by looking at a case file for a few seconds?”

“He talked about someone doing better than his deputies at the time. One of the other newer guys asked who it was that had done that and why they weren’t working for you, and he said it was a fifteen-year-old kid who had snuck a file.”

“Yeah, I was grounded for fighting pixies alone, but the rest of my pack needed to study, and so I went out. I took Peter, but I couldn’t tell Dad that as things were still rocky with him and everything after your mother took the pack and ran.”

“And now they are…more than that.”

Stiles stepped forward and cupped the back of Derek’s head and pulled him in. He really didn’t want to talk anymore, at least not about that. There were a few seconds of them fumbling a little as they both got used to kissing each other, but then it was utterly perfect in Stiles’ eyes. Derek held onto Stiles by his hips, pushing him back toward the bed but not letting their bodies get too far away from each other. Stiles groaned as his legs hit the bed, pushing their bodies perfectly together. Stiles was half-hard, and Derek felt like he was fully. His cock felt huge in the jeans he was wearing.

Breaking the kiss, Stiles opened his mouth to talk but stopped when he felt like a bucket of ice water was drenched over him. He clutched at Derek to stop himself from dropping to his knees, he felt his claws ripping into Derek as he tried to hold on.

“Stiles, Stiles, what’s wrong?”

“Wards, broken. Danger. Fuck, get someone to Spencer, now!” Stiles let go of Derek, falling to his knees. He listened as Derek placed a call to dispatch to get Wilcox and Roberts to the school to get Spencer into protective custody. The local college was more than enough for Spencer as he didn’t want to be away from Derek and Peter any more than he had to be. Spencer also had no clue what he wanted to do for work afterward, so the closer and cheaper college was a much better idea.

“Stiles?” Derek asked.

“Where is Cora?”

“She’s fine and staying on campus for the day. I already have someone going to check on her. She’s calling the pack and making sure that all of them are fine. Lydia is still in LA shopping for her new job.”

Stiles nodded. He was trying to figure out precisely what the fuck was going on. His wards had never been broken before. Especially not without him knowing before they were broken. The only one that was left was telling him that those were coming for them were not friendly.

“Peter is on his way home. The group chat kind of exploded.”

“How long?”

“Fifteen minutes since you broke the kiss.”

Stiles pushed his mind to the front, and he found that he was on the floor, but he was in the V of Derek’s legs. Derek’s arms were around him, and he could see the phone in front of him. There was a massive group chat that had everyone who was in the pack but also one who had everyone that was in on the supernatural in town. The Hales had been added to that one. Stiles let his eyes dart over the screen as Derek scrolled, showing him that everyone was fine.

“Jackson, Isaac, and Malia are on their way back here. They are being driven back by the FBI. Agents Hotchner and Reid are still in LA on a case, so one of them is doing it. I have no clue which one. That was a speedy conversation, and then it dropped off.”

“Malia will explain more once they are on their way. I’m glad the others are staying where they are for now.”

“What do you need to do?”

“I need to get to my house. I can’t drive, though.”

“I’ll drive the Jeep.” Derek started to stand, helping Stiles get up as well. The day had been going so well so far. September was barely begun, and yet they were dealing with shit already.

The drive took nearly everything out of Stiles as he tried to figure out what was going on. He wasn’t sure if something was coming to attack, or they were just invading and waiting to see what was going to happen. It was barely after one. Even with the escort, it would be hours before the pack got there.

Stiles was on the couch with a notebook in his lap as Derek paced when Peter, Chris, and Stiles’ father entered the house.

“I have patrols out on the street. They are looking around for anyone out of place or acting strangely. What do we know?”

“My wards around the town are broken, and whoever did it is powerful. I’m working on a spell that will put them back up. I’ll need a lot of blood to make it happen from here. The Nemeton is acting strange, and I can barely feel it. It’s fucking scared. I know that whoever is here can be dangerous, but it’s outright that way. They are still here to fuck up shit. If they wanted peace, they would have left my wards alone.”

“I’ll see if I can find anyone around,” Peter said. He walked over to Stiles and dropped down beside him on the couch. “You’ll be safe, Little One.”

“Yes. I’ll not run away from Derek or Chris, or whoever is on me. Malia, Jackson, and Isaac are on their way here with an escort of the know FBI members. I would rather not confront anyone until they are here.”

“Someone thinks they can push you guys even after hearing about the pack here taking out the Alpha Pack. My contacts, even on the East Coast, have spoken about it. We can easily find who it is with a little magic. You told me that you had set that up.”

“Yeah, and it was one of the first things that were broken. They took sledgehammers to it all, Chris.” Stiles looked up at him. The Hunter looked pissed off with those words.

“Even if someone is around and notices someone, Dad, make sure they know to just get a picture and then disengage.”

Chapter 12-September 2016

Waiting was the worst part of anything, but after the trio arrived with Doctor Reid with them, Stiles made sure that they headed out. His magic couldn’t pinpoint them like they had the Hales when he had arrived home at the beginning of summer, but it was enough to feel like he knew roughly where they were going. As soon as they hit the edge of town, Stiles laid a hand on Derek’s hand that was on the gear shift. The Jeep was pulled off the side of the road, and then the three cars behind did the same.

Stiles was the first out, and he looked at Peter. Peter’s eyes were on an area deep in the woods.

“She didn’t tell you,” Stiles said.

And even though it was a statement instead of a question, Peter still answered.

“It’s Talia,” Chris said.


“Then how are we going to play this?” Derek asked.

“I guess that depends on what you want to do about this. She came in here with her family here and dropped wards. She made sure that this town was vulnerable to anything. I got a few back up that would help stop anything too horrible from getting through again.”

“I renounce my ties to the pack led by Talia Hale and my birthright in the line of Alphas for the pack,” Derek said.

“Derek,” Stiles said. He looked at him. Stiles felt it. The magic that was tying Derek to his family snapped and Peter flinched.

“That’s just going to piss her off,” Peter said.

“I don’t give a fucking shit. You don’t come into a place full of humans and drop wards. Especially not around a Nemeton. I’ve done my research into it over the past months, Uncle. I’ve looked into everything that Stiles has told me. I looked into the last time that a human became an Alpha. It’s happened once.”

“Really?” Peter asked. He looked intrigued by it, but Stiles also knew that Peter knew when it had last happened. Peter had researched it to death, and the books where he learned about it were probably the same ones that Derek had read. The Hale library that Peter had built since he had been a child was massive, and Stiles knew that it was housed in Beacon Hills. He had never taken it away from there. It was probably still in the vault under the school. A place that Stiles had warded to protect the books contained inside.

“The first Hale matriarch was a Spark, and she married a man. When she bit him after defending the land from a demon, her husband turned into the first wolf. Their children were all werewolves. Our line came from a human Alpha and a werewolf beta. That is why it’s passed down like it is. Yes, the women are favored for it, but it’s never always the eldest female. Lately, I found that it is, but that’s probably why the Hales have shrunk like they have.”

Stiles would have been hard in his pants if Derek had dropped that at any other point than where he had. It was not the time or the place, but it was going to be something they visited at another time.

“So, what are we going to do?” Chris asked.

“They invaded our space without a by your leave, we will do the same. We can see who the bigger asshole is. Derek, Peter, Spencer, you three hang back in the last SUV. Your scent won’t leave it. Chris’s main SUV is rather protected from anything escaping it. The window will also make sure that you aren’t seen, really. Your faces will be unrecognizable by your family. You will be able to listen. I know that it bites to be shoved back, but all they know is that Derek broke with the pack. Let’s see what they think of that.” Stiles looked at the three who were to the left. His father, as well as the two deputies. Wilcox looked at Stiles with a grin on his face. The man was more than willing to show that he was no longer in the pack. The bonds had been broken long ago, but Wilcox had never told her that he was staying in Beacon Hills.

Stiles hadn’t controlled what Wilcox and Roberts did as soon as the pack started to form, it had been full of humans for a long while, well besides Stiles, Lydia, and Malia. After high school, things changed, and there started to be more wolves in the pack.

“How do you want to play it?” Noah asked.

“Well, I thought that Chris could join me in Roscoe, and we could be the first people that are seen. There is no way that Talia won’t know what he looks like, and then we can make a choice from there. Isaac, Malia, you two in the backseat. Jackson, you can be in the SUV with Dad and the deputies.”

“Sure,” Jackson said.

“Everyone good with that?”


Stiles looked at Parrish to make sure that he was in control of himself. His tie to the Nemeton and the want to protect it made him a bit of a loose cannon, but unlike the last time, the Nemeton allowed for Parrish to have a connection to himself even if he was in Hellhound form. It wasn’t hard to understand that the Nemeton had been too injured the first time, so the Hellhound took over. Parrish nodded back that he was fine. He had a pair of flame retardant shorts on under his deputy outfit, something that had been made and then reinforced with Stiles’ magic. Stiles had charmed fourteen pairs of them so that Parrish didn’t have to worry about laundry all that much for at least that. He wore them over his underwear as they were not the most comfortable things in the world on cock and balls. Stiles had been a little freaked the first time that Parrish had talked to him about it. Parrish was a close friend, but still, Stiles didn’t need to know about that kind of stuff.

“Then let’s get going.” Stiles used a little blood and his Spark to make sure that the scents of the Hales were wiped from them before they got into their respective vehicles.

Talia and her husband were standing on the porch. The rest of the family had to be in the house, probably inside of the living room, watching through the windows. The curtains that Stiles could see were moving.

“You are trespassing,” Talia said as soon as Stiles got out of the Jeep.

“You are the trespassers. This land is no longer under the control of the Hale family. Not after they left it to nothing.”

“Who are you to dare tell me what I can and cannot do?” Talia demanded as she took a few steps and ended up at the bottom of the porch steps. Her eyes flashed red.

“Mieczyslaw Stilinski, Spark of the Nemeton,” Stiles said.

That looked like it made Gregory pause for a few seconds before he followed his wife down to stand behind her. The front door opened, and a woman stepped out. Stiles assumed it was Laura.

“It was your wards that blocked us from entering the city?” Laura demanded.

“The only reason it would have blocked you from entering was if you came with the intention to harm the Alpha or the pack of the area.”

Stiles looked at Chris and nodded at him and then Malia, followed by Isaac.

“I would like to introduce my friend Chris Argent and the second and third of the pack, Malia Tate and Isaac Lahey,” Stiles said. He watched the way that Talia flinched at the last name of Tate. Stiles was glad that she knew exactly who they were.

“And the rest of your friends?” Gregory asked.

“My father, Sheriff of Beacon County as well as three of his deputies and another pack member, Jackson Whittemore.” Stiles waited for the doors of the SUV to open before he turned to look. Wilcox and Roberts needed no introduction. “You know two of them, but the third is Jordan Parrish.”

“Where is your Alpha?” Laura demanded.

“Where is your second and third, your left and right hands? Normally the packs meet on a little more even terms.”

“They are back home,” Talia said dismissively.

“Lie,” Stiles said, and he enjoyed the look of shock on Talia’s face.

“What do you mean?” Talia asked.

“They are not back home unless you mean at their home here in Beacon Hills. I know that they were sent here to figure out what was going on. You left Beacon Hills, Alpha Talia Hale, and you broke the covenant that was set down when your family started to protect this area since the Nemeton is a Beacon for all things supernatural, and it doesn’t discriminate on whether that being is good or bad. It’s a force for neutrality, true neutrality, which is chaos. You left, and the Nemeton chose someone else to take over. Your pet Emissary broke the wards that the Nemeton uses to protect the town. I will have to spend hours out there, setting them up again and making sure that nothing else came through.”

“You are just a child.”

“You have children in your pack that are vulnerable here. You brought your whole family. I can feel them through the house. Even your Emissary whose heart is racing at the moment. He’s scared shitless and wants to drop to his knees and beg that I not kill him.” Stiles looked at Laura. “I don’t think that your Emissary lover is going to last here in this town. He and I know who has the bigger access to magic, and he’s never going to win a single fight with me. If I told him to leave now and never come back, he would. He’d break his engagement to you if you stayed.”

“Who are you to talk to us like this? Where the fuck is your Alpha?” Talia demanded. She took another few steps toward Stiles, but no one behind Stiles moved at all. Stiles could hear the sound of Derek getting ready to do something stupid.

“I am the Emissary for this pack, and I have been chosen to be the one to talk to you. That is who I am. Who are you? You are a mother who focused so much on her heir child that she missed that a Hunter was seducing your fifteen-year-old son to use him to kill your entire family. You are just fucking lucky that I had seen her and how she was around him and decided that since no one else gave a fuck, I was going to make sure that the cops did. I all but stalked your son to get concrete proof that she had done something that did need to have charges pressed for. I made sure that you didn’t have to do a damned thing, really. Yet, you left. You ran from the only place that all of your children knew as home. You rooted them up and then never really talked to them. Do you know how I know? I was told that. By Spencer.”

Talia growled, and she took off toward Stiles. Stiles dug his foot into the ground. Talia bounced off of a bit of hard air that rushed out to meet her as soon as she got close. She flew backward with a push from Stiles to where she landed at the feet of her husband.

“You don’t want to mess with me, Talia Hale. I’ve killed more dangerous werewolves than you. Deucalion met the end of his life at my hands. His pack was destroyed because they wanted to make my pack be fodder for their path of finding power in the most grotesque way possible. The death of a Beta at the hands of the Alpha is only supposed to be at the end of a good life, a way to help the pack by making the Alpha stronger. It’s not to be used to cull an entire pack to nothing. He was a perversion who used ill deeds in the name of good.”

“You are a stuffed up child who is playing at games,” Talia spat. She stood up and wiped at the blood that had trailed down her face when the shield had hit her.

“I’m an Alpha in my own right, Alpha Hale,” Stiles said. He was done with this. He wanted all of the Hales that he didn’t like out of Beacon Hills. He wanted them to just leave and never come back. He not only flashed his eyes but let his magic change him into his own version of a Beta form with glowing red eyes and the presence that went along with it. Magic had not given him a full transition form yet, but he figured that one day he just might.”

The sound of feet behind him told Stiles that two of the pack had moved closer. He felt the brush of skin on his neck, and then there was fur at his sides. Talia’s eyes were drawn down to where Jackson and Malia were both in full shift forms at his sides.

“I’m sure that your family is well aware of what this means. You made a grave mistake when you gave a human family a werecoyote cub to raise, Alpha Hale. She was attacked by her mother and ended up killing her adopted mother and sister after she shifted to this form for protection. You can’t tell me that it’s something that a human should have their hand in. In my eyes, you are responsible for those deaths and not Malia here, but she still carries the guilt while your eyes do not. On my other side is Jackson Whittemore, beloved son of his adopted parents. His relationship was rocky with them for a while, he had so much anger at not being able to know who his parents were, to know that they loved him. They died, you see, and he was given up. The thing was that his mother was his mother, but his father wasn’t. Shock to us when he changed into the form of a wolf to protect me one day. The bitten werewolf that he is. It seems that the Hale genetics was strong with him, and he did something that no one has ever been able to do. I already have two Hales in my pack. If you are not careful, it will be four.”

“You are threatening what? My children are loyal, my brother is loyal.”

“Your brother is loyal to Beacon Hills and the land that the Hales should be protecting. He brought Spencer to me to help him get control of his urges with his ADHD and help him get settled in the medication that he was taking for it. You are the one that sent Derek and Peter here to watch the area, and Cora and Spencer followed. You really should have thought better about all of that. They are loyal to the family legacy, unlike you.” Stiles turned his head to look at the last SUV. The doors opened, and Peter was the first one to step out, Derek was next and then Spencer. Spencer tucked himself into Derek’s side, and they stayed there at the back, not getting any closer to the rest of them.

“I told you that you would not like what happened when you gave up Beacon Hills,” Peter said. He looked at Derek and Spencer, and they both nodded. Peter walked up to stand behind Stiles, each of his hands finding the heads of his children. “You took the memories of my child from me. Hell, you ended up making sure that I never knew the woman that I had been seeing before she went back to her husband had died. You kept me away from Beacon Hills enough that I never noticed what Derek was going through after the death of Paige. You isolated that boy from the only family he was close to.”

“He made his choice to have someone bit without their agreement.”

“He was a child, and you treated him like an adult,” Stiles said. He looked at Gregory to see that both he and Laura looked steadfast in their following of Talia. Stiles wondered if that went for the rest of the Hales in the house. Both of the twins were looking out at them. They were wolves, and the bond between them was strong, and it was something that Stiles hoped kept them from doing anything too stupid. He hadn’t had any contact with them, but Peter did, and he made sure to keep Stiles appraised of everything that he could.

“He made an adult decision.”

“An adult decision is having sex before you are ready. An adult decision is keeping a child that you have made with a woman. He made an emotional decision. Did you know that teenagers aren’t classified as anything on the scale between normal and sociopath or psychopath? I found that interesting, but then it’s like younger children. They are still more involved with themselves. What they want, their minds color everything to that. There is a reason that unless a teenager is tried as an adult, they are released when they turn eighteen years old. Not even the FBI will actually give them a designation. You raised your children as spoiled and don’t teach them everything that they need. What would you have done if Laura had been killed in a freak accident? Yeah, it takes a lot to kill a wolf in a car accident, but it happens a lot more than you think. She could die, and then who are you training to take her place?”

“You have no understanding of anything,” Gregory said.

Laura looked frozen in her spot. She looked pissed off and ready to attack. Stiles ignored her as much as he could. He knew that Jackson, Malia, and Peter would never let anything happen to him.

“I’ve read every single book that has been put out about shifter packs, from wolves to coyotes, to bears and jaguars. You might think me a stupid child, but I’ve probably read more about packs than you have ever learned. You want to act like this is some big thing, but it’s really not. This land is not yours. It’s not been since the Nemeton granted me an Alpha spark.”

The door to the house opened up, and a woman exited. Stiles didn’t recognize her off the bat, but as he knew that there was only one other female in the pack according to Peter’s last run down, it had to be Melissa Brewster-Hale. She had kept her last name when she had married in as she had a few degrees behind it and a reputation before marrying Talia’s brother Daniel. Stiles could understand that one and making sure that everything one gained was still there.

“Do you understand what that means?” Melissa asked.

“I do. I’m just not sure that many others understand it. The first Alpha in the Hale line was a human Spark, and she was gifted the Alpha Spark that was passed onto her child when it was time for her to step down. All of her children were wolves, and it was the start of the Hale line. So yes, I’m well aware of what it means. I guess there will be a Stilinski pack and then dynasty in Beacon Hills from here on out.” Stiles felt a hand on his shoulder, and then Peter was moving to stand beside Jackson. Stiles wanted to turn, but he didn’t. He knew that feeling. He knew it was Derek.

“You refuse to give up this land to us?” Talia asked.

“There is nothing to do about it. Even if I did leave, the Nemeton would pick someone else. You broke faith with the land, and the land knows it. It knows what you have done, what you have not done. You used to be a wonderful Alpha. Fair and understanding. Things changed, and you allowed your haughtiness to shape the future of your family.”

“I bled for this land,” Talia demanded, and she sounded like a spoiled, petulant child.

“I gave up my life for this land. I’m forever bound to Beacon Hills. I would have to break my promise to it, and I would lose my magic if I left Beacon Hills, maybe even my life. I was the only one around to protect it after you fled. I made sure that the Argents paid for what they had tried to do to you. What they did to others. You never cared about that, did you? That Kate Argent had done that to other kids. There was a string of kids left behind with dead families after a Hunter took advantage of them. Derek didn’t even have the training to understand what a Hunter smelled or acted like. You are the reason he was left alone to have to figure that part out on his own. If he had training of any kind, he would have known what she was. He would have at least understood that someone like her, an adult who wanted to be a teenager, is someone who isn’t right in the head. So yes, Talia, you might have bled for this land, but you are no longer wanted by it.”

Stiles waved his hand, and he heard a few of the others start to get into their cars.

“Spencer,” Talia said, and the sound of a broken voice was enough to make Stiles’ heart break a little if he hadn’t known that it was a ploy to get her baby back to her. All of the vehicles started to pull away, taking everyone but the six of them away. Stiles could hear Isaac behind him, breathing deep enough that Stiles knew that he was pissed. Stiles had never told anyone other than his father what he had known about what had happened with Derek before. There was going to be a discussion about everything, but Stiles was okay with that, and maybe one day further down the road when things were settled, and Derek wasn’t so angry at his family, Stiles would tell him about what had happened in the other timeline.

“Beacon Hills and the Hales that live here are no longer yours. Go back to New York and find a pack that will grant you land to call your own and build a new pack. This is not yours anymore,” Derek said.

“Peter?” Talia asked.

“I’m sure that Cora will make her own will known, but I renounce myself as your hand. I will make sure to let everyone knows to talk to you from now on if anyone contacts me.”

“You’ll give up your family for this pack?” Talia demanded.

“For my children that I was not in the life of because of you? Yes. Jackson, I can forgive, you probably didn’t know about him at all but Malia, you left her with a human family with a deranged killer hunting her because she thought that Malia had stolen her power. You took the memories of my child from me. Why would I want to stay with you?” Peter rubbed at Jackson’s head and then turned to head to the Jeep.

Stiles heard the subtle shift as Jackson, and then Malia turned back into human form and started to get dressed. Derek was still there behind him, and Isaac stepped up to Stiles’ side.

“And you, Derek?”

“You didn’t feel me renouncing you before this? I’m already out of the Hale pack forever. I’ve seen Stiles care more about his pack in the months I have been here than I have seen you care for your pack in the years that I have lived with you.”

“You are going to regret this,” Talia said.

“I regret ever leaving Beacon Hills,” Derek said.

Stiles grabbed Derek’s arm and turned him away from his family. They walked to the Jeep. Isaac climbed into the back and settled in the middle between Peter’s legs. It looked weird as hell, but it would at least get them home. Derek slipped into the passenger seat.

“Anyone who wants to come and visit Derek, Cora, or Spencer can. I need to be informed of who is coming and how long they are staying. This house will always be here for any Hale who wants to come. No one can show up unannounced and be allowed in. I will go the more formal route. I can bring in other pack leaders if needed.”

“Oh, you’ll see that no matter what,” Talia said.

Stiles just ignored her and started up the Jeep. He turned around and then headed away from the Hale house. The rest of the pack was at the edge of the road that led to the main road to this area of the preserve. Stiles followed at the back of the grouping as they headed home for now. Stiles wasn’t going to go out to the Nemeton until the Hales that were not part of his pack was gone. Stiles ignored the tension in the Jeep. There was a lot that had gone one, a lot that had been spoken about in the heat of the moment.

“I never thanked you,” Derek said when Stiles parked the Jeep in his spot in the driveway.

“For what?”

“Saving me from her. How did you know?”

“She creeped me out. I was there at the school for a thing, and I saw the way that she was watching the basketball team. I didn’t even realize that you were on it, but she was watching too closely. It wasn’t something that I thought an adult should be doing. So I watched. I watched, and I acted, and I made sure. I didn’t want anyone hurt. I didn’t know about the rest until after. She was screaming about werewolves, and it got me thinking. I mean, I knew that people become insane. Delusions that they think are real. It’s a very big disorder spectrum, but there was something that made me think she wasn’t crazy. Then I just started to dig. I have no clue what I was getting myself into, but I couldn’t stop, and then I found Malia, and I proved myself right. The world was bigger than I thought.”

“All the while, he was doing a one-man crusade to fix the lives of the kids around him. He got Lydia Martin to stop hiding her intelligence. He saved Isaac from the abuse at the hands of his father. He even got Jackson to embrace his family and the love that they had for him as compared to parents who were dead and would never be able to give him what he wanted.” Peter sounded smug.

Everyone piled out of the SUV and then into the house, Derek was on Stiles heels, his hand on his shoulder. Stiles felt the weight of it and wondered how Derek was feeling at the moment.

Stiles wasn’t shocked when he was shoved down onto the couch, and the pack surrounded him, Spencer tucked into his side. The rest of the pack touched Stiles as much as they could, even just curling a hand under his pants leg. It felt right. It felt good. Even if the wards around the town were still aching from their mistreatment, it felt good.

Chapter 13-October 2016

Stiles pulled his head up out of the file that he was reading over for a case in Ohio. His consulting business had grown by leaps and bounds over the past month. It was like something had broken in the world, and Stiles was the only person who could fix it all. Stiles was actually pretty sure that when LEOs from across the country needed help from the BAU, and it was something supernatural, Agent Hotchner or Doctor Reid were shuffling that case to him. The website that Danny had built for him was running smoothly, and there was even a forum where people could ask for help from other people. Stiles helped push people where they needed to go for small issues or contacted them privately if something more was needed.

The case was interesting but nothing too big really, and Stiles knew precisely what the creature was that was killing the livestock around the area in a brutal manner and only eating half. It wasn’t the strangest thing in the world really as Stiles had seen worse in his studies during college, but it was enough to turn his stomach. He pulled his laptop closer and started to type away at it. Filling out all that he needed to send to the FBI to have them come in and take care of it, or at least find a supernatural person in the area to do it. The spell was simple, and it was just a simple cleansing ritual, and then the Faery that was causing the issues would be taken care of and allowed to go back to life the way that it had known it before it had been cursed.

Stretching, Stiles let his eyes close in bliss as he finished off the last of what he needed to do for the day. The night was bringing along the Hunter’s Moon, and the pack was all there for it. Even the pack that was at college was taking the day, even Cora and her studies were being put on hold. It had been over a month since the rest of the Hales had left Beacon Hills. The first full moon after that had still been too much for Stiles. He hadn’t been able to set up the protections around the town again, and he didn’t trust the pack running without them, so they stayed up all night watching movies. It hadn’t been the best, but it had been enough.

Hands settled on Stiles’ shoulder as he settled down into the chair again and sighed as the fingers found every single sore spot on his back. He figured it was Danny, Danny gave some of the best back rubs, having learned how to do it well after years of friendship with Jackson and the various injuries that Jackson had given himself trying to be the best. After a few minutes, Stiles slumped forward when he was pushed to do so, and then he felt hands under his shirt, pushing it up. It took only a few seconds for Stiles to realize that the calluses on the hands were not from Danny and his work but from gun handling. He knew the feel of them from years of feeling his father’s hands on his neck and arms when he was too wound up to settle.

“Derek,” Stiles said. His voice was not much more than a sigh, but it was enough for Derek to chuckle.

“Come on, let’s go get you laid down. Your father said you’ve been camped in here for a week pretty much working on an influx of cases for the FBI.”

“I hate them.”

“You like the BAU. You just hate that they keep giving you stuff that intrigues you so you can’t, so no.”

Stiles grumbled the entire trip from his office to his bedroom. There was a door that was between the two so that he didn’t have to go out into the main hallway at all. It was nice, it especially helped when he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t have to worry about waking someone up by walking down the hall. Derek directed Stiles to the bed. Stiles hadn’t even gotten dressed from his sleep clothes that day. He had just grabbed breakfast and then holed himself up in his office. It was the work of nothing for Derek to get the shirt off of Stiles and then help him lay down on the bed. Derek straddled his thighs, and his hands rubbed at Stiles’ back. Derek had never done this before. Hell, they had a few heavy make-out sessions that had ended with orgasms, but they hadn’t even gotten naked in front of each other unless Derek was changing out of his clothes if they were at the Hale house inside of the city proper.

They had been on seven dates so far, and it had been wonderful to Stiles. There were pieces of the old Derek there, the parts that Stiles had fallen in love with the first time. The parts of Derek that were intrinsic to who he was. The parts that had been set before Derek had been warped by Kate and what she had done.

“You look like you could fall asleep right now.”

“That’s because I can. I always sleep for shit the night before the full moon. Which kind of sucks given that I don’t usually sleep at all the night of it. Tomorrow I’ll probably sleep all day. Last time we were worried about an attack, so I don’t think you paid attention to that.” Stiles groaned as Derek found one of the worst knots in his muscles. It was always there, and no matter what, it never fully went away and hadn’t for months. Stiles was pretty sure it was stress-related than actually anything else that he could take care of with a little working out.

Derek’s fingers dug into that spot, and Stiles felt the sharp dig of pain in his body before it started to go away. He felt like a puddle of water on the bed and closed his eyes. Derek’s hands worked him over, and Stiles was pretty sure that he was on a knife’s edge between falling asleep and getting hard. His body and his mind didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“You look fucked out,” Derek whispered into Stiles’ ear.

“I don’t feel it.” Stiles felt the way that Derek’s body wasn’t touching him outside of where it was on his thighs. Derek was holding himself up from that position.

“Do you want to?” Derek asked.

Stiles could only let out a whine as Derek’s words were followed by the feel of his hips dipping down, pressing his erection into Stiles’ ass. Stiles could also feel that Derek was still pretty much dressed from work. His belt, with everything that was needed, was still there. Stiles reached back and was glad that at least the gun was gone, but the taser was not.

“Yes,” Stiles hissed as he pushed himself up into Derek’s body as much as he could. It felt good, feeling the warmth of Derek’s body as he was slowly pushed down into the bed. Derek draped his entire weight onto Stiles’ body. Stiles turned to where he could watch Derek’s arm as he held his weight up on it as he rocked his hips into Stiles’ body next. It was good, the feel of being surrounded by Derek. Stiles grabbed the sheets when Derek rocked into him hard on his next thrust.

“Like this or more?”

“Like this but more naked,” Stiles said. He wanted to feel the hot press of skin on him. “Is there anyone home?”

“No, I left a sock on the front door, so I think that everyone went to other houses. I could kind of hear the beats of their hearts before I shut your office door.”

“Good. Good. Naked.” Stiles pushed up, getting his arms under him even though his body was still riding the high of the massage that Derek had given him. Stiles would have to ask where he learned that because it was sinful as fuck, and Stiles was jealous of everyone who had been under Derek’s hands before.

Derek chuckled and got to his knees before he started to strip off his work shirt. The undershirt was next, followed by the belt. That was draped carefully over a chair by Stiles’ bed before the rest of Derek’s clothes followed. Stiles worked his sleep pants off and then his boxers. He had been sockless all day long. “My gun is in the safe you have in your office. You didn’t even hear me moving around in there.”

“You are safe. I don’t freak out when others come in either. Even Uncle Creeper.”

Derek laughed as he knelt on the edge of the bed and waited for Stiles to flop down onto the bed and spread his legs. Stiles crooked a finger at him to get Derek to come closer. Derek moved up like he was going to do what Stiles wanted, but he stopped with his knees brushing at Stiles’ inner thighs.

“You know he wears that name with a badge almost.”

“The first time I met him, he was pulling me off of where I was beating the shit out of Jackson for never telling anyone that Isaac was being abused by his father. I called him Creeperwolf. He was shocked that I knew he was a werewolf. The name just slipped out, and I was shocked to see him. Then he was there all the time. He was there when I turned around. Giving me books to learn about my magic and then even more after he realized that I was collecting a human pack with a werecoyote in it. If it was anything other than what it had been, I would have thought that Peter was grooming me to be in his pack, but he never once took charge of anything unless I asked for it. I became what I am because of him.”

“Finding out about Kate and what she did changed him. I loved my uncle, sometimes I thought more than I loved my mom and dad. I hated the changes in him for a while, but then I realized that just like me, he changed from that event, from what could have ended with the death of every single Hale except for me.” Derek ran his hands up and down Stiles’ legs before he rubbed them all the way up to Stiles’ neck. They were face to face then. Stiles had been so focused on the fact that he was being touched that he hadn’t realized how close Derek was to him. “You irked me that day in the coffee shop. You were so damned sure of yourself and not afraid at all. You knew you were poking a werewolf, and you didn’t care.”

“I don’t fear things that I know what they are. It’s not that hard to know a wolf on sight. There are a lot of them around here. I’ve been in the desert where the coyotes are, and if you learn them well enough, you can see the difference between you and Malia really easily.”

“Still, you irked me, and I wanted to know more.”

“That’s why you pulled my pigtails as much as possible. I wasn’t sure if it was that or something else. You really suck at flirting.”

“I suck at angry flirting.” Derek grinned as he lowered himself the rest of the way, using an arm to wrap one of Stiles’ legs around his waist before slipping the other under Stiles’ head to tip his face up enough to where they could kiss. There was no subtle seduction, Derek just went for rutting right away. Stiles was more than okay with that. The feel of Derek’s body rubbing against his, the sweat slicking their way as they rutted, was something that Stiles was finding that he liked. This felt so much better than anything else that he had ever done, and he knew that it wasn’t even going to get that hot and heavy.

Stiles didn’t want to talk anymore, even if he loved that they could do that while being naked together. He grabbed Derek’s head by the back of his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. The hand on Stiles’ hip, helping to rut them together, felt good, and Stiles wanted to feel it pressed into him more. He used his free hand to do just that, curling Derek’s hand to where his fingers were gripping tight enough to bruise. Derek curled his fingers more, and right when it nearly became too much, Derek relaxed them just a little bit more.

Time lost meaning to Stiles as he felt their cocks rub together, as the scent of them together filled his nose, and the sounds of them echoed around the room. They could have been like that for ten minutes or ten hours, he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure that even Derek could tell him how long they had been like that before Derek buried his face in Stiles’ neck and cried out his orgasm, teeth scraping along skin before he nipped just a little.

Stiles came a few thrusts later, his black ink teeth sinking into Derek’s neck and holding tight. He felt the blood on his lips and tasted it on his tongue. Stiles jerked away from Derek, seeing that his lover was still a little limp from orgasm and didn’t seem to be that upset about the mark that was on his neck.

“Derek, it’s not healing. Even like slow from an Alpha healing.”

“It’s fine,” Derek said as he turned his face away from Stiles’ neck and lifted it up enough to where Stiles could see his face. “I probably started that, and then you finished it. You’ll find that even though I didn’t actually break your skin, you’ll have a scar the shape of my teeth on your neck.”

“What?” Stiles wasn’t even going to try and not toss Derek off of him. His strength wasn’t anywhere near a werewolf, but he was stronger than someone his size would be in a human. He ran to the mirror that was over his dresser and saw the scar that Derek was talking about. It looked stark on his pale skin. He knew that Derek loved the smell of his neck from that spot, but he hadn’t thought that there was anything more to it than that. “What is this?”

“Mates. It’s rare, and it has to do with a lot of things. Sometimes mates can be together for years before the bond forms between them. Sometimes people know the moment that they meet.” Derek was lying on his side on Stiles’ bed, looking at him. His eyes taking in Stiles’ naked body.

“I’ve never read about it at all in any of the books that Peter has let me read or given me.”

“It’s covered in a single book that has been around for a long time. It was oral history at one point, but then when the printing press was created, it was made. More recently, it was made into a digital file and shared around to packs like that for the younger ones to read. I’m sure that Peter shared it with everyone else and probably figured that they would share it with you.”

“I’ve heard some of them call each other mates but never something like this.”

“The bite location isn’t the same on everyone. Mom and Dad’s are on their arms, where it’s normally hidden by shirts. I’ve seen where Peter-”

Stiles took off, running across the room and jumped onto the bed to cover up Derek’s mouth. Derek’s eyes were crinkled to tell Stiles that he started that on purpose and was laughing.

“You don’t even tell me where the hell Peter has marked anyone. EVER!” Stiles pushed down on Derek’s face making the bed dip.

Derek reached out and grabbed Stiles by the hips and flipped them on the bed. He settled between Stiles’ legs and braced his arms on the bed, looking down at Stiles. “You don’t understand, Stiles. Peter never agreed to get married to anyone. He slept around more than most drunk college students before and after he was in college. He never wanted to settle down. You did that. You turned him into the man he is now.”

“No,” Stiles shook his head.

“Yes.” Derek gave Stiles a glare. Stiles stuck his tongue out at him. Derek sighed with a smile on his lips. “You started it. It might have been your father and Chris that made him want a relationship that lasted longer than a single night, but you are the reason he is even here, to begin with.” Derek dropped down, kissing Stiles before he started to move again.

Stiles was on his side with Derek wrapped around him in seconds. Stiles had kind of figured that Derek was a forcible cuddler. Stiles didn’t mind it at all.

“He was so different, even when I was younger. He loved all of us, I knew that. I never questioned that he would burn the world down to protect the family. That’s why he was in the position that he was in. I’m sure that he’s a little happier now to not have to do that anymore. He’s doing well with teaching Isaac and Malia what they need to know. He’s good at all of that.”

“Who did you replace?” Stiles asked. He knew that with Derek being the third, someone else had to be it before Derek had been old enough. Was it one of the wolves they had left behind?

“Peter did both roles for a long time. Mom didn’t trust easily after we left Beacon Hills, and the pack’s third had been left behind. He’s not around anymore. Mom looked him up, according to Peter, before we moved back, and he was gone.”

“Ah.” Stiles knew a few wolves who had left wanting to have a standard pack and a normal way of life for a pack. He hadn’t been upset at all, and Satomi Ito had been more than happy to help them find packs. She was a wonderful Alpha, and Stiles had learned a lot from her after a few of the kids in her pack who played lacrosse against Beacon Hills realized what was going on with a small pack of humans and a werecoyote. She was one of the few people that Stiles trusted with the identity of who he was before this. Now that the Alpha Pack and the Hale pack had been dealt with, Stiles felt like he could scream it to the world that he was the Alpha now.

“It wasn’t the best as it put a lot on Peter, but he took it all. He did his job.”

“He told me that he was setting the pack up to survive without him. He said he was training someone else in private to take his place as second. I just hope it wasn’t Cora.”

“No. It wasn’t. It wasn’t Cora at all. She didn’t want that kind of responsibility, and mom didn’t want her to be that either. I think she was fine with me being third but didn’t want any of her kids to take Peter’s spot. Which I never understood. There is nothing wrong with that position.”

“I’ve learned a lot about the world around me and how they look at those who do the kind of work that the left-hand needs to do. I don’t look at it as anything other than what it is, the person who watches the shadows for anything that might be off. Whether that’s the real shadows of the world or the shadows between words. The looks that mean a lot more than it seemed that they did. No pack can function without the jaded asshole, who tells the Alpha how it is. Malia is perfect for that, while Isaac is good as my third. He is diplomatic as fuck and can easily step in for me when needed. He’s done it when dealing with the pack we are under the protection of in LA. They adore him and have tried to steal him a few times, but no one can compare to Allison in his life.”

“Your pack has stronger bonds than even family packs do.”

“We were tested a lot when we were in high school. We had the world to fight against, and while the sheriff’s office was good and very helpful, there were times when it was just us who kept each other alive. We had to protect each other when the adults in the school failed us. The only ones who never did were the cops. Well, and Scott’s dad. He came at a time where he would have been a hindrance if he hadn’t been pulled into the knowledge of the supernatural. FBI agents are only read in when they need to be, and he kind of took over something and was put in way over his head. He came here thinking that he was going to root out a cop who was failing the area around then by not solving a single crime to learn that his world had vastly changed.”

“I bet you took great delight in teaching him the worst things first, didn’t you?”

Stiles snorted and tugged on Derek’s arm, getting the man to wrap around him more. He knew they needed to get up and get cleaned, change the blanket on top of the bed, but right now, with Derek wrapped around him, the world was quiet for a little bit. Derek nuzzled at Stiles’ neck and seemed content to let the world be silent for a little bit. It wasn’t going to last. There was still dinner for Stiles to eat. He had no clue what time it was and if dinner was long gone or not yet served. Peter was the one who was doing the cooking, and usually, his food made the entire house smell, so Stiles was pretty sure that it hadn’t been cooked yet.

“How do you feel about a weekend away? After that meeting, you and the pack need to keep in LA next Thursday. Your dad gave me the weekend as long as I didn’t come back looking smug as he called it.”

“Hotel?” Stiles asked. He turned his head a little and felt Derek’s lips on his cheek.

“Yeah. Or we can drive closer to the woods and find a cabin. Where I don’t have to share with anyone.”

“You don’t have to share me right now.”

“But I will in a little bit.” Derek pressed a kiss to Stiles’ shoulder and then moved back a little, pushing Stiles to where he was on his back. “We live in a very small bubble. Between my job and you being Noah’s son, it makes it hard for us to do anything in this town.”

“The novelty will wear off. Though I think that Dad will be happy when it does. There are still people who think that I’m underage even though I have graduated from college, and I didn’t go there early.” Stiles pouted a little. He hated that he still looked like a teenager even though he was several years out of being called that.

Derek laughed and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Stiles looked up at him. Derek had calmed down a lot, even outside of not acting like an angry asshole anymore. There was something inside of Derek that had changed when he had moved from the Hale pack to Stiles’. It was a lot to take in, the way that the pack felt with all four Hales in it. Stiles had been shocked at how deep it all felt now.

Peter’s relationship with the pack was still a little iffy. He held himself back a lot more than what Stiles wanted him to, but he was his own man, he could make those choices for himself. It wasn’t up to Stiles to force him. Jackson wasn’t sure what to feel about thinking for years that his biological parents were dead only to find that not only was his father alive, he had a half-sister.

Spencer had taken to having two cousins instead of one with a lot of happiness. There were already plans to move him to LA, where the rest of the pack was going to be the next year, working on degrees beyond the end of their standard four years there. Cora was probably going to be heading that way for her degree now that she had finally settled on what exactly she wanted to do. Beacon Hills needed a good doctor who was educated enough to do more than the simple bits that Melissa had learned. It had been simple when she had laid it out enough. There was a trust fund with her name on it from her grandparents, as there had been for each of the Hales that was supposed to be used for education. Derek hadn’t touched his, and he wouldn’t be able to for anything big until he was thirty.

Stiles had no clue what Derek was going to do with that money. The house that they were living in was Peter’s, and Stiles was pretty sure that once Spencer was out of the area, Peter was going to sell it and live with them. Derek spent more time at Stiles’ and work than anywhere else. Cora slept over in whichever house she was closest to when it was nighttime.

Everything was moving too fast, even for Stiles, who hated to sit on his thumbs. He wanted to have Derek with him all of the time, but he was afraid that he was doing that just because he wanted Derek for who he was. Derek didn’t seem to be able to stay away, so that helped Stiles’ thoughts on that, but he still had a lot of fear in him.

“DINNER!” Peter yelled loud enough for all of the humans in the house to hear. There was the sound of Spencer’s feet on the floor as he took off running down the hall.

“I didn’t smell anything,” Derek said. His nose was crinkled up, and Stiles thought that he was adorable when he was confused.

“Same.” Stiles stood up and looked around to find something to clean himself off with. He knew that almost no one in the house showered after sex every single time, and Stiles was hungry. Even if they showered, the shifters would know exactly what they had done as the scent wasn’t going to go away that quickly. They might as well both embrace the fact that they were going to get looks.

The sound of heels on the hardwood had Stiles laughing. Lydia had been in the library, it seemed. He had no clue how long she had been in the house. The nice thing about the pack bonds being magical more than instinct like it was for the wolves, Stiles could push them away if there was nothing wrong. No one was worried, no one was upset. That meant that he could focus on his work without the feel of his pack moving closer and further from him, keeping his mind half focused on that.

Stiles got dressed, laughing as he watched Derek picking out something from the bag he had brought over with him. Derek settled for a pair of jeans and maroon Henley. Stiles wasn’t sure what Derek was thinking at the moment, but the blush on his cheeks was only going to get worse.

The smell of garlic and shrimp filled Stiles’ nose as soon as he entered the kitchen, yet he hadn’t smelled it before he had got that close. Stiles looked around and found that Spencer was nearly bouncing on his feet enough to vibrate through the wall.

“What did you do?” Stiles asked.

“I found one of your spell books, and I found one that muffled scents. It was meant to be used on someone to allow them to sneak up on someone, but I thought it would be fun to not have to smell when anyone burns dinner if needed, so Uncle Peter let me put it up today before he started dinner and it worked. Surprise dinner without wolves coming in and bothering him because they want to add their two scents. I used that weird magnet to make up part of it, so all we have to do is move that from the metal plate in the wall, and it can be turned on or off.”

“No more burnt cookie smell.”

“I burned the cookies once!” Stiles yelled as he turned to look at his father. Noah was laughing. Stiles felt like flipping him off, but that never ended well for him, so he just stuck his tongue out. Derek wrapped his arms around him and pulled Stiles back to his chest. He grabbed both of Stiles’ arms like he knew precisely what Stiles wanted to do.

“Is it safe?” Derek asked.

“The spell? Yes.” Stiles looked at where Spencer said it was. It was one of the safer spells. There was no chance of backlash if it had been done wrong. Spencer picked a good spell to try out for the first time.

“I thought that someone had to have magic already inside of them to do anything like that.”

“Everyone has magic, it’s a matter of how much. Simple spells like this use the air around them to give them life. They take the heat from the air. There are whole books of them for those who don’t have enough to be considered a Spark, Witch, or Druid. Small spells are easy. He wouldn’t have been able to do more after that. Magic is finite, but it rebuilds. I have more and can do more.”

The sound of the front door opening up had all of them looking. Derek was moving first, going for the door. Stiles couldn’t feel anything, but then his wards had been off since the man who was to marry Laura had ripped them all down. Stiles saw a man there for a few seconds before Derek rushed at him, knocking out onto the front porch.

“Derek?” Stiles demanded.

Derek snarled, and Stiles heard more in that snarl than just a simple pissed-off werewolf. It sounded like his snarl when he was giving in to the beast inside of him when fighting. Giving in to the Alpha.

“Stiles?” Noah asked.

“Stay back.”

Watching Derek fight whatever it was that had come into the house was like watching an animal fight. Derek wasn’t shifted outside of claw and fangs. There was no extra fur on his face, nothing. He was beautiful to Stiles, fighting like that. Derek rolled the other person down to the ground and pushed.

Stiles had no clue who this man was. He didn’t know the face at all, he didn’t even know the smell.

“Holy shit,” Peter said. He walked over to stand at Derek’s side as Derek just stared at the man below him. “Fuck.”


“How did you become the Alpha?” the man demanded.

“I’m not an Alpha,” Derek said as he stood up.

“No, Derek, you are.” Stiles looked into Derek’s red eyes as he stepped up to him as Derek stood up. Peter was handling the man that was on the ground. Derek’s eyes were vibrant in their red, and Stiles was shocked.

“How did you find us?” Peter asked.

“I heard word of the Hale pack splintering and that three of Talia’s four kids left her for another Alpha. I guess that was wrong.”

“No.” Stiles turned to look at the man, letting his claws and fangs protrude on his face as well as the blackness that was the fur that grew on regular wolves. He knew what he looked like in this form. He had Peter take pictures of him after he had fully learned to control it. He looked like any other Beta form wolf.

“You aren’t a wolf,” the man said.

“No, he’s not, but he’s been our Alpha for a long time,” Noah said. He stepped up and held out his hand for the man to shake it.

“Dad?” Stiles looked at the smile that was on his father’s face.

“Son, meet Robert Hale, Talia’s older brother. He left town the day he turned eighteen. I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Wolf or human?”

“Human,” Peter answered as he pulled in his brother for a hug.

“What the hell happened? I never thought that the Hales would leave Beacon Hills.” Robert looked shocked.

“There is a lot that happened. What the hell were you doing entering that house like that?” Derek demanded.

“I felt that this place was warded, but I didn’t know that anyone was inside. Actually, right until my nephew tackled me, I didn’t know anyone was inside.” Robert looked at everyone who was behind Stiles. Which wasn’t a lot considering that most of the pack was still at school. “I think you guys have a long story to tell.”

“We do,” Peter said. He cupped the sides of Robert’s face and hugged him again. “You have one as well. Father told me two years after you left that he was notified that you were dead.”

“I changed my name. I had two Hunters come after me to try and get me to give up information on the family. I mailed a letter home that told everyone that I was fine, and then I changed my name. I never told anyone from my old life what my new name was.”

“You have magic,” Stiles said. He finally figured out what he was feeling from the man. It was a lot. He wasn’t a Spark, but he wasn’t a druid either.

“I’m a witch. I wasn’t tested as a child, but I came into it late in life, while on the run from the last Hunter to find me. It’s low, but I can feel wards anywhere. It’s part of why I broke in here. It just threw me a little when the wards kind of let me in.”

“That would be the part I have for Hales that means my pack no harm,” Stiles said. He held out his hand, and Robert walked over to take it. Stiles let his magic wrap around Robert and pulled him. He could feel the goodness of him and how he disliked his sister but had stayed away from the family he loved and missed as to not have her kill him.

“Mom’s not welcome in Beacon Hills. Most of the pack isn’t. I have no clue if we will get some of them trying to sneak in or not.” Derek sounded pissed at the thought, but Stiles that it was possible. He also wouldn’t put it past a single one of them to try it.

“What about Daniel and his family?”

“I have no clue about them. If they want to come home, I won’t stop them as long as they promise to bend the knee and not attack anyone.”

“Bend the knee? BEND THE KNEE?!” Stiles demanded as he looked at Derek. Derek just gave him a grin. “You asshole.”

“I’m your asshole.”

“Enough with the foreplay,” Peter said. He gave a chuckle. “We were just sitting down to dinner. Join us. We can talk and figure things out.”

Stiles wasn’t sure what to make of Robert. None of the wolves seemed to think that he was lying, but Robert didn’t exactly tell the whole truth a few times, even Stiles knew that. He wasn’t shocked when Robert wanted to talk to him and Derek alone after dinner.

“You are the Alpha pair, and from what I could gather, Derek being an Alpha is new?” Robert asked when he sat down in the library with his glass of scotch. Stiles had a glass of wine, and Derek was just drinking lemonade. He hadn’t developed a taste for alcohol even though it didn’t bother him.

“Like today new,” Stiles said. He knew that they would have to talk about that alone. “But why are you here?”

“My magic has been going a little wonky for a few months. It takes too much thinking to do simple things, or hard things happen too easily. I can’t control it. I went to see the coven I fell in with. They scryed an answer, and the only thing that they could see was the sign for Beacon Hills. So I started to look into it. I haven’t been home since I left. I knew that something had happened, and the Argents had been nearly destroyed by the human law enforcement for crimes against the family, and I watched to make sure that they were safe, sent a few spells their way to protect them. I kept tabs even though I figured that most had thought me dead.”

“Well, you are lucky that you didn’t get a response from me,” Stiles said.

Robert raised an eyebrow.

“When you broke in. Last time someone shocked me like that, I broke half of the bones in their body. He was a wolf, though, so they healed, slowly but they still healed.”

“So, just like a regular Alpha, what you do to someone who takes longer to heal?”

“Yes. Outside of a few small things, I’ve found that I am no different than a regular pack Alpha.” Stiles took a sip of his wine and smiled into the drink when he saw the way that Robert was looking at him.

“The magic in the town feels off.”

“Laura’s intended broke most of the wards I had in the town. I’m putting up more and changing a few things. It feels weird because the Nemeton doesn’t like it, but I’m winning that battle slowly.”

“The Nemeton was damaged many years before I left town. It’s awake?”

“There was an accident that woke it up. Not long after that was when Kate Argent came to town, and I put a stop to her.”

“You did?” Robert asked.

“Well, I saw her with someone I knew she shouldn’t be with and then stalked them until I got enough evidence to put her in jail then gave it all to my dad.”

“Who is Sheriff?”

“Yup,” Stiles said, popping the P. He gave Robert a grin. “Don’t worry, I have a pack member primer set up and ready to go for new people. Part of the pack is actually still in college, so you will meet them when they come home for a visit if you decide to stay. You don’t have to bend the knee, as Derek said until you make your decision. You can stay in Beacon Hills as long as you don’t do anything stupid, even if you are not part of the pack.”

“I miss being in a pack. I miss my family. Even if this isn’t all of my family, I would rather be here. I’ll bend the knee now.” Robert said as he stood up and walked over to where Stiles was sitting on the couch. His eyes darted between the two of them. Stiles scooted forward on the couch, and Robert dropped down to his knees.

Derek recited the words that Robert needed to say. It was something that Peter and Stiles had developed long before the other Hales joined. It wasn’t the same as the standard pack binding that the Hales had, but there was enough that was close enough but also added in the protection of the Nemeton to the duties.

When Robert said the last word, Stiles leaned forward and bit him on the neck. The wound would heal and disappear in seconds, but the blinding to the pack would last. Stiles pulled back, and he saw that Derek’s hand was on Robert’s neck, right over the mirror of where Stiles had bitten him. Stiles hated the taste of the blood in his mouth, but he didn’t react to it like he had the first time. He drank the wine down to flush his mouth out after licking the last of the blood off of his lips.

“That’s…” Robert swayed and tried to not fall, but Derek had to hold onto him to keep him there. “This pack…this feels nothing like the pack that I grew up in.”

“No, no, it doesn’t,” Derek said.

The door to the library opened, and Peter walked in with Chris and Noah on his heels.

“The kiddies all felt it, and phones are blowing up. I have Parrish handling that part of it. I’ll get Robert settled into the guest room for the night, and then we can talk things over in the morning, maybe send Chris with him back to where he lived to pack up everything to move here.”

“Sounds good.” Stiles felt the headiness that usually came from getting drunk. He had only the single glass of wine after dinner and none with it, so he shouldn’t be feeling drunk like he was.

“Let’s go, brother,” Peter said as he helped Robert to his feet.

Robert’s head turned to take in Chris and Noah. “You really are the prettiest Argent I have ever seen.”

“And he’s drunk,” Peter said with a laugh. “Been a while since I put you to bed drunk.”

Stiles laughed and settled down into Derek’s side. His father’s eyes looked at his neck, and Stiles knew that they would be talking about that later, but then Stiles had the feeling that his father had been marked Mate as well, so it wasn’t like he had a leg to stand on. The pack was settling and now growing by leaps and bounds. Stiles could feel the difference that having the Hales in the pack was making. How connected to the land, he felt even though the Hales hadn’t been taking care of the land like they should.

“I’m drunk too,” Stiles said when they were alone again.

“I know. I can feel it. I can feel the bonds that have formed and how you feel about it. I forgot what it was like to have bonds like this. It was like this before, but after Kate, they started to fray, and I thought it was my doing, but it was mom, wasn’t it? Leaving here?”

“I can’t say for sure that it was leaving here, but I am pretty sure that it was your mom. It probably felt different for your uncles as well, but time slipped away, and you think it’s you remembering the past. It’s not gonna get like that here. We aren’t going to let it become that, ever again.” Stiles buried his face in Derek’s neck. He felt Derek lifting him and pulling him into his lap. “No funny stuff in the library. Too many super sniffers. Sex anywhere, but bedrooms are off-limits.”

Derek laughed and wrapped his arms around him tightly. It felt good, much better than things had for a long time to Stiles. He should be freaked out by the mate thing, but he really wasn’t. They had probably been in the other timeline as well, but Derek had been so messed up by the death of his family. Kate’s continued torture of him, Jennifer Blake messing with him. It wasn’t a wonder that he didn’t want it. Stiles had felt drawn to him and had been in love with him. That love paled to what he felt for this Derek, though.

“We will be a good pack,” Derek murmured.

Stiles made a noise that he was pretty sure was agreeing to it. He was tired now with the new bond pressing on him, the feel of being with Derek, and the wine. He felt like he could fall asleep right then and there.

“Sleep,” Derek whispered.

“Don’t wanna. Not here.”

“I’ll carry you up to our room.”

“Our,” Stiles said.

“Always.” It sounded like a promise, and it was one that Stiles wanted to have kept for the rest of his life. The rest of his life with his pack and his mate.

The End


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