Artist Showcase: Syble for Janus Two Step

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Mother of Drawing Dragons. I've been in fandom longer than I am willing to admit to . I Draw and paint, do photo manipulation, music videos and anything else that touches my fancy. At one time I wrote too, but mainly in BSG TOS and Beauty and the Beast fandoms. My writing mojo left when my husband passed away, and it has not returned. Thankfully, I can still do art. :)


  1. Your art is excellent and the characters are all very easily recognizable (though I did do a double check to see why Bilbo was on Atlantis, lol, that’s who I always think of first for that actor). The composition and colors for the pic are great.

  2. That illustration is gorgeous! Wow!

  3. Woman, I’m always in awe of your mad skills. You’re AMAZING. Thank you for joining the challenge.

  4. Your art is amazing. This story was on my list to do art for but now I saw your I could not do it justice.

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