Artist Showcase: Starkindler for My Sun Sets to Rise Again

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I work from home and spend a lot of quality time writing fan fiction in a variety of fandoms, including The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and Teen Wolf. If you're looking for my other fiction that's online, you'll find it up on Wild Hare.


  1. I love all of this. It’s all so well put together and the composition is lovely. And I adore the two script fonts you use. Particularly the one on the cover art. I sort of want to know what they are! Okay, not sorta. 😉

    They’re all beautiful, though I’m really drawn to the cover with the quote.

    • Thanks, hon! I really was happy with the way they came out. The font on the smaller pieces is Black Chancery, and the font on the ebook cover is Vampire Calligraphy.

  2. Oh this are all just beautiful! They make me wanna read this story even more than just story itself makes me want to read it!

  3. These are all lovely. I especially like the one with the quote on it.

  4. Kristin Matherly

    The artwork is amazing and so suited to the story.

  5. Your art is lovely! I love you colors and dreamy quality of it.

  6. I’m so glad your art is getting the love it deserves! It really is perfection.

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