Artist Showcase: SpencnerTibbsLuvr for Coming Home

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Writing is my stress relief. Art calms my mind. I use both to save lives. Without them both I'd need more body bags. I started writing in high school making up stories about the hot guys in school. I didn't start writing fanfic until I got unto the WWE. These days Tony DiNozzo is my unicorn.


  1. Thanks again for my beautiful art. Every piece is wonderful. You captured the story so well.

  2. Oh those are just fucking fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading the story even more now!

  3. Gorgeous work! I love it all!

  4. Wow, your art is great! You’ve chosen some lovely images, and your banners are vibrant and inviting. I love it!

  5. The cover art is lovely, and the chapter banners just make this art package. I love seeing them all together. The epilogue is my favorite banner, but they’re all gorgeous. Wonderful work.

  6. I love the vibrant colors in all of these! They really give that lovely tropical island feel. I also like how they are all different yet follow the same theme.

  7. Oh, these are all so pretty! Gorgeous and matching!

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