Artist Showcase: SilverCircuit for Life’s Final Star Is Brotherhood by Duochanfan

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I am a Mobile Ads Designer by day, Artist and Video Gamer by night. On AO3, my other pseud is SilverCircuit. You can find my personal art on


  1. Nice art! I like how you have the bunnies multiplying as chapters pass; I assume that corresponds to what’s happening in the story. The cover art is very well done.

  2. The chapter header bunnies are so cute and I adore how they increase over time. The picture with the 3 sworn brothers keeps drawing back to look and I can’t say why but it is good. I wonder if the notes on the table are real words and if they are part of the story. Thanks for the art.

    • Thank you! 😁
      The wording is real Chinese but they were machine translated via Google translate.
      If I remember my ideas correctly it was supposed to be something like, messenger bird, messenger bunny hahah

  3. those little multiplying bunnies just give me life. Your chapter banners are always so inspired, and the cover art is gorgeous.

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