Artist Showcase: ringspells for Unleashed by Maia

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Sometimes I make art, and seldomly I write.


  1. I love the art for this. I think it’s stunning.

  2. I love your art. It’s so pretty and well done and all the colors and pictures work perfectly together.

  3. I really love the art for this story. It conveys the story and the characters very well. Thank you for sharing

  4. this was such a fun read. thanks for sharing!

  5. Your art is gorgeous! I love the color schemes and the compositions. You have some obvious skill with photo-manipulations! They really go along with the story and illustrate scenes so well, too.

  6. I really enjoyed the art for this story! The expressions on Severus’s face, the references to events, all worked for an emotional impact.

  7. The art is absolutely stunning, it fits the story so wonderfully.

  8. The art fit throughout the flow of the story beautifully. I found myself pausing to pick out the details and relations each time one came up.

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