Artist Showcase: PickingupEllen for Saving Captain Holland

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I'm a writer and artist across a wide range of fandoms, check out my website for more of my work.


  1. Your art is always so appealing. It just captures the attention. I like them all individually, but they’re very evocative as a group. Thank you for participating in the challenge!

  2. Amazing art that really complements the story and highlights specific points. I especially love the poignancy of the last pic. Gorgeous.

  3. Your art is delightful and fits the story really well. It’s great!

  4. I am beyond amazed by this artwork; it’s so seamless that it looks like you took a picture of an actual event. And with the realism, it’s so very evocative of emotions. Well done!

  5. beautiful art hon

  6. Great artwork! I especially like the first one and how well it all blends together.

  7. Thank you so much for your amazing art. The last one almost brought me to tears.

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