Artist Showcase: Madley for Unleash Your Demons

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Expert lurker, amateur artist.


  1. I love this art so much. It’s been such a pleasure to see this as I’ve worked behind the scenes with art and the galleries. Thank you for participating in the QB!

    • Thank you! And thank you for creating this bang too, I think you did a wonderful job organizing this whole thing and I’m really glad to be a part of it)))

  2. I love this. You did excellent with the likenesses. I also really like how the light from the stones is reflected on the characters and matches the stone’s color. And it’s great to see Nebula with hair.

  3. I really love this art! I really enjoyed seeing Nebula like this.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece!

  4. That is a beautiful banner!

  5. This art is so beautiful! I love the colors!

  6. I really love the art, and the colors you used, very amazing 🙂

  7. Your banner is absolutely lovely. I just love the color coordination and I love your art style.

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