Artist Showcase: IDreamofAvalon for Taking the Moment

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Lover of fanfiction, avid reader, and sometimes writer. Slash is my jam, Tony DiNozzo is my magical unicorn, and Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett is my OTP.


  1. So very, very pretty!

  2. I enjoy reading all those lovely stories very much, but you wonderful artists deserve all the recognition too. Beautiful work. Thank you

  3. Thank you again for my beautiful art! I enjoyed working with you very much.

  4. All your art for this was great. I particularly like the one with the arc reactor in the background. Tony is looking down and Dom looking over his shoulder and down. You managed to make it look as if they were both looking at the same thing, and the lighting works for being in the same shot, too. Excellent work.

  5. Great art! I really like the chapter headers especially chapter two (it’s the colors I think :)).

  6. I love the mood that the art sets. It really complements the story.

  7. These are beautiful and perfectly accompanied the story.

  8. I love all the art. You did a wonderful job of matching the art with the story. Bravo!!

  9. Thank you all for the lovely, encouraging comments!

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