Artist Showcase: Halestrom for Take My Hand by Jilly James

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  1. I love the whole vibe of the art for the the second story. The polaroid thing was inspired. Thank you so much for bringing the story to life this way. It’s incredible.

  2. These are just so lovely! I love them so much!

  3. Great art. Such a family theme in the snapshots. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous art for the whole series. Just lovely.

  5. This art is lovely and it captures the theme of the story so well.

  6. Really love your art. Fits the story and world Jilly build so well. Great job.

  7. Great job! The photos all seem so authentic and fit together really well.

  8. The art just so perfectly complements the story, and is so gorgeous. I’m just blown away.

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