Artist Showcase: DarkJediQueen for Alchemical Currents

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You can call me Becca. I am a barista in my day to day life. My free time is spent writing fics as well as a few original stories. My current fandom obsession is Criminal Minds, James Bond, and Teen Wolf. You can follow me on my website or on Archive of Our Own under the name DarkJediQueen.


  1. I think you’ve chosen some great images that really encapsulate the story. It looks great!

  2. Great picture choices! These all work together really well to tell a story.

  3. You chose some beautiful images to capture the story with. I loved it!

  4. You made really great picture choices for the collage. They really fit the story.

  5. Thank you so much for making me such amazing art! I love that new details grab me each time I look at it. The melding of past and present in the images was perfect for the journey these two end up traveling. Thanks for gracing my story with your talents!

  6. These are look amazing, I really liked how the banners and chapter images match together! 🙂

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