Artist Showcase: amakave for Vortex

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Personal motto: never write your own bio. Kat is known for talking to herself like a crazy person, playing with paint, and petting dogs indiscriminately. She is allergic to cats or would also make herself a pest to them as well. She specializes in grumpy. She does not love hockey, but her bff is doing their best to make her grudgingly tolerate it.


  1. I really love the art work!

  2. Your art is gorgeous. I particularly like the portraits.

  3. Brilliant work on the art! It’s great!

  4. Great work. Your art is beautiful.

  5. Thank you for your amazing artwork, I love every piece of it and I thank you so much for making it for me!! You really are amazing!

  6. Great job on the art!

  7. Everything looks amazing, you have such a versatile skill in art and graphics, great job!

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