2022 Signup

If you are asking a question about the site or if you have a general concern, please use the Contact Form. The form below is for 2022 participant sign-ups only.

If you are interested in participating in the 2022 Quantum Bang as an Artist, please fill out the form below. Membership is for participants ONLY. Readers can not sign up. Author signups are closed for 2022.

If you have additional concerns or questions about your membership, please use the box provided at the bottom of the form.

We usually process signups within 96 hours, but things can lag a bit early in August or if life lands on someone. If you haven’t received a signup confirmation within 7 days, please check your spam folder and then use the contact form to reach out to an admin.


Please note: The option to receive an “anonymous” account has been removed from this form due to repeated misunderstandings about what anonymous participation means. If you’re using your fandom name, it’s not considered anonymous. If you feel you need to participate anonymously, please use the Contact Form to explain the circumstances and request that an anonymous account be created for you.

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