Welcome to the Quantum Big Bang

2019 QB Posting is 6/1 – 6/14

Story Summary Posts will go out the last two weeks of May! Watch your inbox for sneakpeaks of the 2019 Quantum Bang lineup.

The QB site got a minor visual makeover to a dark background, which is easier for most people to read. If you’re someone who needs a light background, Keira has done some research to help you out.

Signups are closed until 1 August 2019.

If you did not participate this year but would like to next year, please check back in August.

Please check the FAQ section for common questions. You can leave additional questions on those pages.

To subscribe to site updates, use the subscription widget on the bottom right. Communication with challenge participants is primarily done through our internal comms system and the members’ forum, so posts to the site will primarily be story content.

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