2020 Quantum Bang Schedule

Schedule for 2020 Quantum Bang


8/1 Signups Begin for Authors, Artists, Alpha/Beta Readers
10/31 Author Signups Close
11/1 First Author Check-in
12/1 Monthly Author Check-in
1/2 Monthly Author Check-in
2/1 Monthly Author Check-in
2/28 Artist Signups Close (also Alpha/Beta reader signups close)
3/1 Monthly Author Check-in
3/15 Rough Drafts Due
3/18 Anonymized List of Stories Posted
3/21 Art Claims (exact time will be given on the story list)
3/22 Match-up emails sent
4/29 Artist and Author Check-in, Late Story Submission Deadline for 2nd Art Claims
5/2 Late Story Art claims
5/15 Final Art Due from first round claims (may be submitted early)
5/20 Final Art Due from Late Submission Art Claims
5/28 Final day to drop out of challenge. (either submit a story or withdraw)
5/28 Final Stories Due (may be submitted earlier)
5/31 Posting Schedule Published
6/1 Posting Begins
6/15 Posting Ends & Master Post Published

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