2023 Signup

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If you are asking a question about the site or if you have a general concern, please use the Contact Form. This page is for 2023 participant sign-ups only.

If you are interested in participating in the 2023 Quantum Bang as an Author, Artist, or both, please select the appropriate link below and fill out the form. Membership is for participants ONLY. Readers can not sign up for site accounts.

If you have additional concerns or questions about your membership, please use the contact form.



Vital Note: it is cirtical for returning participants to keep their email address current on the site in order to get challenge emails! Please check your profile after you’re signed in to ensure your email address is correct on the site! Additional information below.

After you’ve signed up, please head on over to the Quantum Entanglement on Fixer and read what’s new for 2023! There are some changes afoot.


  • You do not need a Google account to use these forms. We’ve had people report in prior years that it wouldn’t accept their non-Google email address. We’ve tested this extensively and cannot replicate these issues, so we can only conclude this is user error.
  • The option to receive an “anonymous” account has been removed from this form due to repeated misunderstandings about what anonymous participation means. If you’re using your fandom name, it’s not considered anonymous. If you feel you need to participate anonymously, please use the Contact Form to explain the circumstances and request that an anonymous account be created for you.
  • Why you must check your own site email? We do not validate the signup address you provide on the sign-up form against the address connected to your QB site account. These are not connected systems. There are usually over 100 signups in any given year, and cross checking to ensure everyone’s email address is current is a moderation burden we can’t carry. Validating your email address at the start of the challenge by clicking the profile link above is a best practice to keep you properly in the loop.

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