2021 Quantum Bang Posting Schedule

Welcome to the 2021 Quantum Bang! Our authors were super busy this past year, and we bring you 2.7 Million words of fix-its. This is our biggest year so far, and we had to add an extra day of posting to handle everything.

Despite the incredible real-life challenge that was the last year, 25 authors and 21 artists pulled it out and completed the challenge.

We start with a story called Pull Me from the Dark and end with The Thousand-Mile Road. It feels fucking poetic considering how the last year has gone. We hope the epic fix-its coming over the next couple of weeks provides some escapism.

We made a few changes over prior years. We added the option for people to write a series of related works. Five authors have turned in series with 2-3 novel-length works. We also adjusted how we display the art showcases to only show unique art pieces.

We adjusted our browse menus, and you can find the new format on the menu. Series are listed with Fandoms/Genres/Relationships/Series.

As we get ready to kick off the final leg of the 2021 QB, we ask that you remember that we don’t allow concrit on this site. If you don’t like something, please nope out and read something else. The admin team does not read every submission, so if something is in violation of our rules, we might not know about it. If this is the case, please do not leave a comment on the story; use the contact form on upper menu to reach out to an admin.

– The QB Moderation Team (Jilly James, Keira Marcos, desertpoet, Claire Watson, & DarkJediQueen)

Quantum Bang 2021 Posting Schedule

* All listed times are based on our server clock, which is Central Time Zone (UTC -5)

6/1 – 12 AM Pull Me from the Dark – Jilly James (Book 1 of So Far) – art by Halestrom
6/1 – 12 PM The Power of One Word – Meyari McFarland – art by Dazeventura6
6/2 – 12 AM Lion Inside – HarleyJQuin (Book 1 of Werewolves of London) – art by Bibbity88
6/2 – 12 PM Breaking the Faith – Saydria Wolfe – art by Greeneyesblue
6/3 – 12 AM Stealing Time – Bythia (Book 1 of The Time Given to Us) – art by Izzy Hound
6/3 – 8 AM Becoming – Sibyl Moon – art by penumbria
6/3 – 4 PM What About Us? – penumbria – art by FaeAnthea
6/4 – 12 AM Rider on the Storm – SpencnerTibbsLuvr – Spuddoc
6/4 – 12 PM Home is Where the Heart Is – DarkJediQueen (Book 1 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/5 – 12 AM Only Miss the Sun When It Starts to Snow – glitterfics – art by ringspells
6/5 – 8 AM Earthbound Misfit – Claire Watson – art by Sunryder
6/5 – 4 PM Felix Felicis – Izzy Hound – art by CoCo
6/6 – 12 AM Rewriting Time – Bythia (Book 2 of The Time Given to Us) – art by Izzy Hound
6/6 – 12 PM A Lot of Hope – LJ Summers – art by Krani
6/7 – 12 AM Born for This – HarleyJQuin (Book 2 of Werewolves of London) – art by Bibbity88
6/7 – 12 PM Life’s Final Star Is Brotherhood – Duochanfan – art by SilverCircuit
6/8 – 12 AM Take My Hand – Jilly James (Book 2 of So Far) – art by Halestrom
6/8 – 12 PM Stronger At the Broken Places – enigmaticblue – art by germankitty
6/9 – 12 AM A Better Man – Keira Marcos (Book 1 of Gra’tua) – art by Mizu Sage
6/9 – 12 PM Amicus Curiae – Sunryder – art by Tintalle
6/10 – 12 AM Following Time – Bythia (Book 3 of The Time Given to Us)- art by Izzy Hound
6/10 – 12 PM It’s the Education That Matters – DarkJediQueen (Book 2 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/11 – 12 AM The Radical Stark Equation – Rivermoon1970 – art by penumbria
6/11 – 12 PM The Heir and a Spare – SASundance – art by librarycat9
6/12 – 12 AM No Absolutes – Eff_Dragonkiller – art by Tpena19
6/12 – 12 PM When the Levee Breaks – Halestrom – art by SpencnerTibbsLuvr
6/13 – 12 AM Unleashed – Maia – art by ringspells
6/13 – 12 PM The Four Y’s – Duochanfan – art by SpencnerTibbsLuvr
6/14 – 12 AM You Always Return Home – DarkJediQueen (Book 3 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/14 – 12 PM A Fair Wind Homeward – Daisy May – art by Kirlika
6/15 – 12 AM Premonitions – Chimera01 – art by CoCo
6/15 – 12 PM The Thousand-Mile Road – Keira Marcos (Book 2 of Gra’tua) – art by Mizu Sage

Jilly James

Admin for the Bang and participating author. Sleep-deprived lunatic half the time.


  1. Thank you so much to everyone for all the hard work put into these works. I look forward to reading these each year and rereading them over the years, sometimes multiple times. 🙂 I am in awe of your ability to craft words into works of art, and, for the visual artists, to make art reflect someone else’s vision.

    Thank you. For your time, your artistry, your vision, your works, which allow me to have my escapism from the “real” world.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for adding the indexes for browsing past fic. I have wanted a fandom index to help find things.

    BTW I think all fandom challenge moderators could qualify as “sleep deprived lunatics,” but thanks for thinking of and running this one. I adore seeing long stories with lots of art. All your contributors deserve thanks.

  3. So excited!

  4. You guys are all sooo amazing! Thanks for letting us into all your amazing works of art and fanfictions! I would say everyone whos into fanfictions is a bit addicted to sleep deprivation…I find works worth staying up all night all the time thanks to ppl like you guys haha

  5. A huge thank you to all the authors on here. So many fandoms that I have never seen a single episode of because I love the fix it’s and alternates that you write. Thank you.

  6. I have had days of super enjoyable reading, thank you so much. All the stories I read were incredible and show the labor of love that they are. Thank you Quantum Bang and the authors for bringing this to us readers.

  7. Thank you for all the lovely stories, which have kept me enthralled through a couple of painful patches.
    I love the different ways people have fixed things and the depth of the stories.

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