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Author Signups Closed
Artist Signups Open until 2/28

Artist and Alpha/Beta reader signups will remain open at least through the end of February.

Go here to signup as an artist. Or here to signup as an alpha/beta reader. Note: If you signup as an author or artist, you can alpha/beta read without a separate signup.

It may take us a few days to process new memberships, but if you haven’t received your login credentials within 7 days, please check your spam folder and then contact us.

We are current on signup processing as of 10-Dec. If you signed up but did not get your welcome email, please use the contact form to reach an admin.

Please check the FAQ section for common questions. You can leave additional questions on those pages.

Total Signups Artists Authors Alpha/Beta
117* 32 102 39

as of 10-Dec-2018

*Some participants are signed up as Author and Artist. Alpha/beta reader signups are not included in participant total. Signup total includes 13 Anonymous users.

To subscribe to site updates, use the box on the right side of the screen. Communication with challenge participants is primarily done through our internal comms system and the members’ forum, so posts to the site will primarily be story content. Meaning, there will be a flood in June every year, but you won’t hear much from us otherwise. So feel free to subscribe without worrying about your inbox getting full.

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