Welcome to the Quantum Big Bang

This Site is in Beta!

There will be shenanigans and things moving around. We may even break everything.

The site will be open for signups on the 1st of August. Between now and then, check out all the pages under the FAQ section for how the challenge will run and the rules for participation.

If you want to help, ask questions early as it helps us refine the FAQs where needed.

To subscribe to site updates, use the box on the right side of the screen. Communication with challenge participants is primarily done through our internal comms system and the members’ forum, so posts to the site will mostly be story content. Meaning, there will be a flood in June every year, but you won’t hear much from us otherwise. So feel free to subscribe without worrying about your inbox getting full.

Note: If you subscribe while we’re still in beta, you may get test posts. Deal. Or wait until 8/1 to subscribe.

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